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blizzard not able to fix it, they will remove 4V4 !!!
I'm sorry, but am I reading this right??

Blizzard updated this response on May 15th 2013... and it's STILL an on-going issue? I'm a drop dead loyal customer of all Blizzard products but we need this to be fixed; I can't even count how many "bugged" wins ended up counting as losses...

i just won a 4v4 game but its still telling me that i lost they still have not fixed it.
yeh same just won an unranked 4v4
still same! Blizzard?!
This has been happening to 4v4 game even before the 2.0.10 patch. Its been months now that 4v4 for Ranked, Unranked, Custom and Arcade games error somehow, with Bnet match history.
im locked in my rank position because of this damn bug. 7 damn games straight of this bull !@#$, AND my points still get taken. and why wouldn't they give credit for the losses? my whole season is jacked cause of this one bug....i understand that giving the wins would make the league crazy as hell, but they should at least refund the points lost during this nightmare
no news no solution,
sad its holidays blizzzz
allo ?
Dear Blizzard, this has been a problem for a while now, can we get some kind of an official update? if not, can we get some progress report from time to time (every other day), maybe put a separate update sticky?
That's great. 31st and Aug 1 for an issue that's been going on for more than 2 months and which they have made worse (now they say ALL matches end in a loss).
Close off 4v4 ranked since it's pointless and leave open unranked. Don't just let people stumble into this crap bug and have to hunt for information in these bloody threads which I do my very best never to visit.

Why check them now? Because I'm wondering if they moved Jay Wilson to bug control with SC2.
never happened before (at least i didn't realised). Now it has happened at least 30 matches of 33, after the patch
STOP PLAYING SC2!!!!! If they are not going to fix it stop playing it. Start going to games outside of the Blizzard label. No customers = no revenue.. maybe they will actually try and make their products usable.
Alright so am I getting my 500k+ xp and wins I earned when this is fixed??
I don't recall them ever fixing xp and win/loss before so likely not a chance.
I am submitting this issue to all gaming websites to expose how weve been cheated of our money for a broken multiplayer game. Blizzard is ridiculous for not responding to this issue. Blizzard might as well take our money for a broken product that is not clearly not addressed after multiple patches.
I must say - no announcement on this in-game? You expect everyone to come check the "known bugs" forum?

If it's a confirm bug that ALL 4v4 RESULTS IN A LOSS - then disable 4v4 mode! Seriously, what are you guys thinking? At least disabled RANKED games, some of us actually care about our ladder points.

Wow. I'm shocked that Blizzard is not going out of their way to make this issue known ><
Just buy a dictionnary that only contains the language you want, that way you are certain that it's gonna be good.

Now you guys are complaining about a sub category in a game that was, since it's debut, focused on 1v1, pro scene and use map setting.

ok give me a version of sc that only have 4v4 please...

oh !@#$ it doesnt exist, oh %^-* thats broken...major problem now?


use your head
08/06/2013 03:28 PMPosted by ksx
Blizzard is ridiculous for not responding to this issue.


sad, i realize how blizzard dont care about 4V4.........
for a lot of people, 4V4 is the main play mode,
do you realize they are not happy ?
no news, no solution.
and this bug began 3 month ago

For more than a week, a significant percentage of my rated wins have been counted as losses even though I go to the victory screen. Many other players are posting in the groups in the game that the same is happening to them. Having most of my efforts wasted makes me lose any motivation to play the version I have, let alone upgrade. Normally, I would wait and not post; however when such a rank-system-breaking flaw goes without an emergency patch for more than a week, I wonder whether the developers even know.

So, well, maybe now you know.

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