Wins Counting as Losses 4v4

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Hey blizzard, 4v4 is broke. Please fix soon. Thanks.
Maybe we should bring in Chuck Norris on this one.
I miss 4v4....:( Why Blizzard?
[Blizzard] has gone AFK.
this BUG still happen today!!!
How soon are you gonna fix that bastard bug....very annoying won so many games and result was loss.......................
Jeeze- three days and still no fix, or hell even a suspension of 4v4 play. These 4v4 games take 45mins at their best. I for one, and I'm sure everyone here feels the same, do not want to spend 45 mins to just be left with a blank score screen and no victory points! This is a MAJOR problem with 4v4 play and my game experience is SIGNIFICANTLY affected. Fix this. Please.
I would just like to add to the topic that I recently had a 8 Player FFA, myself vs 7 Elite AI, where I won, but it registered as a loss. This happened about 3-4 days ago, and I am curious if it could be a part of the same 4v4 "win as loss" bug due to 8 registered players.
I wonder if anyone else has encountered this recently.
faleSAUCE, I feel your pain. 4v4 diamond is no picnic and wins are well earned. This may be related to your problem- your guesses are as good as anyone else, including Blizzard apparently -.-
Didn't this issue start soon after last week's patch?
It's been going on for a while with what I have experienced, and read in the forums. Apparently it got worse in the recent weeks.
Dear Blizzard,
I have noticed the issue with the with the drops at the beginning of the 4v4s and they happen after the "your account has been locked error" even while connected to the internet and blizzard the player is still able to read the messages in the drop chat and when dropped they are taken to the score screen saying they have left the game. The issue with the game counting as a loss happens when the teams are loaded with a certain race, example: TTTZ vs TTTP : PPTZ : PPTT and going past the ten minuet mark. All of this you guys more than likely already know and are working on it. My question and a lot of other players is are the fake losses going to be reversed and when?

NA MrShadow

PS. I know you guys don't hear it enough but thank you for a sweet game and and doing the best you can to fix crap like this.
They still haven't solved the problem. I cannot believe this.
Please fix it Y_Y
I don't like to whine about stuff... but for me starcraft2 was 95% 4v4 =/

it's my favorite mode to play =( i miss it. it's not fun to win and lose points =(
blizzard ALLO ?????
Its been months now that this has not been fixed.
100% agree .
I don't like to whine about stuff... but for me starcraft2 was 95% 4v4 =/it's my favorite mode to play =( i miss it. it's not fun to win and lose points =(



Fix it... until then... Dota2
wtf how has this not been fixed? how many weeks does it take?

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