Wins Counting as Losses 4v4

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I stopped playing because of this. The scoring bug is happening in arcade games as well. I don't see this getting fixed soon. Its been over 3 months.
I have had an issues where all my wins in HOTS are being counted as losses in 4v4. Please help! I'm trying to get to Master's league and this is absurd!
What was the point in paying for this game if not of my games get ranked? At least update us because right now i have been scammed and its not right.
I have never won a game due to this bug.
this problem is going on for a week now,.. last week it worked nicely and the problem is only whit 4v4,.. pls contact me if u want some info billazard
It looks like Blizzard hired Abbott & Costello to now fix their SC2 team issues.
Lol, this is hilarious. Wins counting as losses! LOL

Good thing I already had rank 1 locked up.
Blizzard I just called and had a chat with your employers about the problem.

Your 4v4 games need to be fixed as soon as possible! None of my 4v4 games are being recorded now.
blizzard is not a serious company
capitalism just suck
you pay more than 100 euros, but no care for customers
next time i download, why pay ?
3 month and no fix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on fr forum they say to go here, and then ? NOTHING is done
no news no solution

Dota2 is free.

They don't have these issues.

SC2 I had 2 pay for and cant play cuz I only like team multiplayer with 4 or more on a team.

4v4 is broken, and has been for weeks.

Fix it plz!
Is 4v4 not working in WoL as well?
Why cant you fix this!!! Ridiculous, I might never play the game again. Spend an hour on a game and get a hard fought win only to have it count as a loss!!!! why is this so hard to fix, hire some people who aren't morons maybe
No wonder millions are leaving world of warcraft online, Blizzard is going down in flames. What a crappy company
If you don't have zerg, your going to have a bad time
This has been happening to me for months. To the point where the ladder put me in silver league! Only every 3rd or 4th win is counting as a win. My bonus pool is MASSIVE. 4v4 is unplayable - at the end of each match, it either tells me to surrender or it hangs in the loading score screen in an infinite loop. We (for the most part) appreciate it may be tricky to find the root cause of this given that it involves the settings of 8 players in a match, but it's happening nearly every time. It's time to step up and make this a priority fix blizzard. We're good people, we've paid to play your game as intended but those of us who enjoy 4v4 are being discriminated against in favour of 1v1 and 2v2 players.
We intend to continue to support you and your products, but the strength of our loyalty can only stretch so far before it snaps and we give in. Please address this and let us know where we stand or if there's anything we can do to work around this.
No wonder millions are leaving world of warcraft online, Blizzard is going down in flames. What a crappy company

Blizzard isn't bringing itself down in flames. Activision is bringing Blizzard down. Ever since Activision merged with Blizzard, this company has never been the same. And it's evident in many of Blizzard's decisions and services.

If Blizzard could just separate from Activision, we could have a second golden age of Blizzard.

Oh yeah, and screw Bobby Kotick.
Even after patch, bug still occurs. Just happened to me again. Hard-fought win registering as a loss and all players' races shown as zerg.
Just wanted everyone to know that we’re following this thread very closely, and this is an important issue to us. We’re deeply sorry that players have had an unsatisfactory experience due to this bug.

We’ve been actively working on the 4v4 issue, and we now have a fix for it that is currently in testing. Once we’ve determined that our solution is sound, we’ll be working on pushing the fix out to everyone as soon as we can.

Once again, thank you very much for your patience. We truly appreciate your understanding as we work to squash this one.
It isn't just 4v4, it has affected me on 1v1 ladder as well.

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