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Just had a game work for me. We won, but it disconnected us all as the victory screen came up. The score screen loaded except for the fact that it said the game was still in progress. Everything else was functional.

08/15/2013 07:14 AMPosted by MaVericK
what i find suprising is that, Blizzard knows there is bug with 4vs4 for over 3 months now. Why don't they block 4vs4 games, RATHER THEN WAITING A LOT OF POEPLES TIME

Yea i really don't like checking the forums every few days when i get leisure time to see if this has been fixed. If it hasn't been fixed then it shouldn't be a option. Then I would choose the mult that I most enjoy and not be angry that the problem still isn't fixed. Less annoyed anway.
Yeah, we all have this same problem and hope a solution come out soon, Thanks
3v3 just isn't the same. I noticed someone pointed out before that if this were happening on the 1v1 ladders this would have been fixed 2 days after happening. I don't like 1v1, I prefer a team dynamic to playing....
Hey yall, quit playing the last two weeks and been going up to the practice space to play guitar every day instead. LULZ @ blizz still trying to get their thumbs out of their asses in regards to this bug.

This game is dead, when complete crap games like LoL and whatever the eff the other one is called outperform it in popularity.... lulz.

Activision killed Blizzard. Pour one out for a dead homie.
Any chance at getting an update on the fix status? Is the previously mentioned fix still being QA tested or was the group forced to start over?

Also when this is finally fixed, would it be possible to make a big announcement so people know it is fixed? A lot of people have stopped playing 4v4 and I'd prefer if when it was fixed they knew to come back.
My gaming mates stopped playing arcade as well cause of this bug. Please fix this now!
4v4 still does not work. Do not play it. Blizzard is currently playing a competitors game and not working. If they fix it, feel free to post here. Otherwise keep posting each day letting people know it does not work so they will not have a bad experience trying 4v4.
Complete trash that 4v4 ranked is still open.
This is killing HotS for many many people.
Hello everybody, i like to play 4v4, i get used to the win= loss in the match history, but somehow i have other problem: When i finish the game and the stats screen loading the results if i click on the X in the right corner there is a message where is said "your status is locked " and i cant play 4v4 because of this message. Than i must disconnect and reconnect if i want to play again in 4v4. Casually if i wait to load the stats screen which takes about 1-2 minutes, i can see all the stats normally and i dont have this message "status locked ". Also i have observed that if u make fast rush and u win under 10 minutes(approx) than the game is considered as win.I wanted to ask if its only me who receives this message "status locked", If that helps i play in EU server.

Let's suppose u play a game and really u win it, the win is considered correctly. if u play a second game with the same guys does the problem occurs ?
wowww blizzard, fix nowww
Still not fixed? I keep checking every few weeks.

Just another example of a company who is sliding further and further out of touch with their customers. WoW has turned into a joke, D3 was a disaster and SC2 was never as good as it's predecessor....well done Blizzard, well done.
I think starcraft 2 is the best rts game ever made. I just wish they fix the problem with any games 8 players or more games.
Do someone in Blizzard could at least explain the nature of the bug ? Servers, bnet, client ? Or there just cheaping out on 200x8 units ...
If you would check my match history from about a month ago when i first started getting back into HotS, you will notice that my 4v4 games were recorded and logged correctly 99 % of the time. I believe that the BONUS POOL

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