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Can Scylla join if I enter in a Splitter (would be a Drone)
The sky was grey, black, and red. The harsh white light of the Ch'dosk warpgate facility cut through the darkness a kilometer to the north.

The dark world was lit by a streak of flame cutting through the sky. The captain watched as one of the last pods exploded. Another was luckier, and struck the ground intact. A Ch'dosk warrior, a grotesque figure of metal and shimmering shield, scurried towards the pod.

The captain dashed towards it, opening fire. The mechanoid was much larger than he, but his weapon was powerful. It fell back, the energy blast's concussive force removing its ability to remain standing. It rose and returned fire, but the pod behind it ejected another soldier, who finished it off with a lance of greenish energy.

The man saluted. "Captain Araen."

The captain returned the salute. "Let's move soldier. No time to waste."

The two sprinted across the landscape. To their left, a gun battery exploded. It appeared that the other surviving troops were being productive.

All too human screams rang out from that direction. The victory had been short lived.

The men closed in on the warpgate. They were joined by another soldier. They ran beneath an arch of stone. Araen wasn't sure whether it was artificial or natural.

Suddenly, the ground around them turned to a spray of rock and dust. Two Ch'dosk emerged, shaking earth from their metal shells, as another leapt from the top of the arch. The new soldier angled his weapon upwards, and fired a rocket that disintegrated the third Ch'dosk before it could attack.

A moment later, a spray of nanites coated him and he joined his fallen foe.

Araen squeezed his trigger, spilling a beam of light into the Ch'dosk even as it turned its nanitic weapon on him. It fell backwards and exploded. Nanites ate into Araen's arm, but the damage was minimal. He turned toward the other, sweeping his beam over it and slicing off a leg. The other remaining soldier finished it with a shot to the head.

The facility was just ahead. The two moved.

Suddenly, Araen fell over. Looking down, he realized that his leg had been almost completely destroyed by the nanites. He looked at his comrade.

"Run ahead soldier. Head for the second level and get to the reactor. We need to-"

The rocks behind him gave way to a Ch'dosk. He turned and fired as the soldier ran. The mechanoid crashed onto him, cutting deep with its forelimbs.

The world gave way, not to black as he expected, but white.
I'm considering Apollo for my person's name.
Mecha the answer is still no unless Scylla becomes Swarm zerg. There is no other zerg aside from swarm zerg that Drac will allow.

Oh and KO you might want to save your post for the actual RP. Just so they are actually read.
She would never join the Zerg Swarm so no, sadly I will not join.
I guess no response from Drac as to yay/nay on characters?
Yes it there has been.
He would prefer that you have a another character that is Poltergeist that acts as battle partner and as a representative, although you are accepted none the less.
OK ... Myra is sort of a ranged support ... can modify if drac wishes but would require a specific description of what I need to change.
"You won't join just because you can't do one character?"
Sounds good... Amanda and Apollo... What are you going to do for a middle name, if he has one that is.
I'll consider joining
Morph doesn't need to change anything, just add Myra's partner- unless Morph's cool with ME creating one.

Myra could've actually tried to be part of the PART division- be famous as the only non-human who drives one, you know. But I dunno, maybe not.
ah ... so a second character that fights along side Myra?

mind elaborating on this 'PART division'?
Think advanced mech-unit special forces.
I'm still toying with a middle name, thinking James though.
Sounds good...
Amanda Remington Reaver and Apollo James Reaver...
Now to work out the character sheet...
hmm ... the PART division sounds ... interesting ... what would I need to change for Myra to become a part of PART? would like to keep the bow though ...
Waiting for Drac on that. As for the her representitive and battle partner I guess you could pick one of the Flint Triplets although only one is in the PART division the other two are not.
erm ... no offence but I see a timeline fail with the Flint Triplets ... if they are born AFTER PKASC they shouldn't be 55 ...

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