What happened in my bar

Joeyray's Bar
Joeyray:I leave you guys here for 5 mins and look what you did..

Say what happened......
I ate toast. It was yummy.
The toast left many crumbs on the floor.
Which I moved to sweep up.
"Your bar?"
However, the toast was made of toasted creep. Therefore, it was alive, and the crumbs began crawling around and hissing when Zanon tried to sweep them up.
I thought it was a dartboard... I promise!
Your bar?
"Your bar?"

05/27/2013 12:07 AMPosted by ThaneKrios
Your bar?

You don't get it.
Zillion zerglings run in oh no !
"I was asking because while he was gone I took over. I even stole the deed from him while he was gone." I hold up a deed, and a threatening and evil looking weapon in the other hand.
I came in with a Protoss zealot but unfortunately, he continuously slashed his psi-blade to imaginative zerg life who were in reality, my Terran folk! I swear to god, it wasn't me!

*gunshots echo throughout the bar and a thump is heard*
"I assure you, that nuclear device under the table is totally not armed at all." I lean over to a guy sitting at the table, and whisper in his ear. "It's not armed... is it?"
Stupid Zergling:I wonder what this red button must do?BOOM...
Get out of my bar! This ain't your bar!

What's that in your hand? *grabs and opens hand by force*

hallucinogenic berries!? WOW! You are berry nuts! *throws sharshooter out of bar into mud*
Well it's not yours anymore".
Pulls out gun shoots five times first one skims and hits tv the rest of the bullets killed UncleTouchy but the creep infested him.Tosh mind blasts him
Say hello to new body guard Tosh and his spectres also some undercover ghosts working for me.Shawdowfury can take over when I'm out on vacation in the other sectors or something
Several revolver shots are heard and and Sharpshooter's men begin to fall dead ad they scramble for cover, smoke filling the bar. As the smoke clears, I can be seen standing over a cringing Sharpshooter, my revolver an inch from his forehead. "Say hello to Satan for me." A single gunshot is then heard and Sharpshooter falls to the ground, his lifeless eyes staring out the door as I walk towards it, my spurs jangling the only sound in the deathly silent establishment. "This is Zanon's bar," I stop and look over everyone as I holster my revolver, duster blowing in the wind allowed in by the open door, "Best y'all remember that." With the grim reminder laying in the pool of blood made by Sharpshooter and his dead men lays on the floor of the bar, a Harley starting up and driving off can be heard, leaving behind an eery silence.
I begin slowly clapping to break the silence. It then returns after I stop before shaking my head and returning to my drink.
Sharpshooter Was psionic so he deflected shot but zarkun tryed to dump body then throws zarkun in dumpster and Sarum went dumpster diving.

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