Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXXI

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I shrug and smile.
IC: "so...... what now?"
IC: "well lest you listen to that part." Sam says returning the kisses before shutting down his computer.
I shrug and stand up. "Not sure about you but I'm going to go check on Aurora ... she's been left to her own devices long enough. Who knows what in the void she has been working on."
IC: I shrug "alright" i say as my PDA begins to blink. "what the hell? A job request for- holy mother of god that's a lot of money" i get up and pack up my equipment. "it seems like an old friend of mine needs a little help and he's willing to pay good cash. Well i'll see you later"
I frown slightly but nod. "OK ... be careful and I'll see you when you get back."

I smile and sit up. "You know me so well."
IC: "I won't make any promises i can't keep. But i'll try" i say slinging my rifle and pocketing my combat knife. "you wanna walk down together? cause i have to take my wraith anyways"
"You better come back and sure."
IC: "what? i'm just infiltrating an ultramax security prison with high tech technology and weaponry, i do that all the time" i say walking out the door. I get another message in my suit as i clip my helmet on "looks like i don't have much time, i'll talk with you when i get back ok!" i say as i make a bolt sprint for the hangar. I get into the cockpit of my wraith, strapping myself in and lifting off. "just like old times" i mutter as i engage hyperdrive.....
IC: "And you know me. Ok so what do you want to do now?"
I sigh frowning before heading toward the hangar myself. "Dante ..."

I get up cautiously and stretch. "How about we go for a walk and make our way down to the ecosystems and the lake?" My stomach grumbles and I sigh rubbing it gently. "And maybe get something to eat on the way ..."
IC: "Sounds like fun. Here lets pick up some grub and have a lunch at the lake." Sams say putting his arm around her as they walk.

Dani laughs into the mic.
{{You're probably right. He's just jealous that, despite all that he tries to do, he still can't let himself be happy. He's bitter and curmudgeony. Or that could be that he's in his 90s, and his only relationship partner prefers teaching to being with him. I've talked to the guy seriously a LOT more recently than you have. He's bitter and depressed, and afraid that everything he's done has been a massive mistake.}} A click can be heard over the microphone. She's obviously turned it away from her face, but the conversation can be heard anyway. {{Hey, how's it been? . . . Oh, that's great. Just talking to Flint. . . . No, I won't give him a hello from you! . . . You know damned well why!}} Dani turns back to the microphone. {{I've got a friend over. Talk later.}} She hangs up.

I sigh and shake my head. It sounded like Shadow needed someone to talk to. Maybe before I leave for the expedition I can talk to him.
I finish my packing and have it sent off to KLR9 and look around my office one more time. What was left was going to Jessica with the room so she could continue my projects and help keep things going smoothly when it can to the mechanical issues that pop up from time to time. With that I reset the security consul to default so she can program it as she wills and exit my former office.

I make my way to the hanger bay to say farewell to Jessica one more time then I was going to be off on my way to KLR9.
I smile and lean my head against Sam. "OK ... sounds nice."
IC: "So what are you in the mood to eat?" Sam asks as they enter to get food.
Korzis sighs and sends a message back. Pick a damn room then.
After Razortooth starts to strike a second time his eyes suddenly go blank, he was unconcious, yet he then walked unsteadily towards me and my chest compartment opens and he crawls in and they quickly close. "You do not think that I didn't plan a way to fight those with the power to seize anothers mind?" I say to Arianna. I then went and looked over Miranda, gathering as much information as I could by looking her over and listening to her.
"I could easily render you under my control right now, beast. I have already infiltrated your mind. You're about as bad as that Jukebox thing, if not worse with all that spying. I would be doing everyone here a service I were to kill you." Arianna says casually while inspecting her fingernails.
"What's this about spying?" I ask Arianna. "I don't take kindly to spies."
Terran, I will kindly ask you to exit my mind, otherwise I will force you out. I have not violated your privacy so you should not violate mine."
I then turn my head to Miranda and say "I am like a Terran bird watcher, not a spy. I simply like to watch others, not find information for my own personal gain."

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