The Gate Project I

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Valdis begins to wander off, and settles in when he finds a suitable dorm. He sets up some stuffed animals in very particular positions, and sets everything up, before playing with some of the toys he bought with.


I grab the first dorm I see, not really caring too much which I get. I set up all my stuff, guns and armor against the wall, and start working out, as I'm not tired in the slightest, but don't feel much like socializing quite yet.
I pull a cover off of one of the consoles and set up my computer as the others clear off the other consoles. We get to work figuring out what each thing does.

A security force member walks up to Aya. "Dr Zareese we located the medical facilities and a room for you and your husband."

The door opened for Enifin before he could knock revealing a hall.

The lights turn on as Blake goes.
IC: Aya still hadnt gotten used to being called Dr. Zareese but she nodded. "Ok take that duffy bag to my room please and help me get the equipment to the medical facilities. I take it is near other sciences labs?" She says grabbing her backpack and motioning to two crates full of medical supplies and equipment plus a little lab equipment.
Enifin goes through the doorway, settling into the second door, a fairly spacious dorm with three small rooms. "Here we are." He said, setting down his spare items, and resting his sword on a counter.
"Near? Damn thing is pretty much its own lab." He says picking up the duffle and motioning for the crates to be brought with as a small group of security and medical personnel pick them up and follow. The guy that picked up the duffle leads Aya and the other personnel down a couple halls to a large open medical room with numerous exam beds and plenty of ancient lab equipment that still worked but would take some time to figure out.
IC: "Do we have anyone really good with figuring out Alien technology?" Aya asks looking at the equipment.
"Huh. Interesting..."
Blake mutters to himself as he contines to wander, ever alert.
I get up and do a final check on all my equipment and get my space breakfast which consisted of space eggs and donuts with instaspace coffee. Now having had the space coffee he reports to the colonel just before the door closes "Irroan reporting for duty. Where's the training area sir?"
I go up to where the Colonel is, and, seeing another recruit, simply wait a little ways from where he is for the other recruit to disperse.
Holstering one of my SMGs so I can aim more effeiciently witb the other, I head down a side hall, glyphs all along the walls. A room to sleep in could wait. For now, a secure living and working area were more important in my mind.
"Femiix, Your husband and most of the other scientists we brought as far as I know." The man crosses the hall and opens another door to a nice looking room and sets the duffle just inside and to the side. "That's your room by the way ma'am."

Blake finds lots of halls and empty rooms. Several seem to just be empty work rooms or bedrooms. Eventually he comes to a stairway leading up and down.

Irroan is being delusional and just standing in the middle of the gate room like an idiot.

Several monitors come on information scrolling across them in a strange language. A large shape appears on one of them looking like a large snow flake. "Holy sh!t ... we gated into a damn city ..." A number of red blips appear on the screen denoting life signs and where they are located. All of them were located in the same central spire.

Colonel Jones turns to the young assault specialist. "What do you want miss?"
I walk up to the Colonel and salute him.

"Do you have anything for me to do, sir?" I ask in a polite but firm voice.
IC: Aya takes off her helmet to replace it with a pair of square glasses as she looks around the room. "Thank you. I wonder when my husband will be done with the colonel." She says looking around the room berfore testing the bed. "Wow this one is really soft"
"Not sure ma'am he's helping to get the control room ready as far as I know right now." He looks around. "Sorry ma'am but I need to go." with that he leaves.

The Colonel nods and waves a small four person Squad up. "You're on recon with this squad. I want to know what is above us."
IC: Aya unpacks a little bit before grabbing some sheets and blankets from medlab and returning to do the bed. She puts two pictures on the nightstand on her side of the bed. "Just want to make sure we have a nice place to rest tonight when we get time." She says to herself before leaving to get medbay ready incase something happens.
"Yes sir." I say, nodding at the squad, and following them, maintaining combat readiness.
{Blake here. Found myself a Stairway.}
He says over the comm line, sending the coordinates and the path he'd taken to get there.
I love how we're all acting like mercs but Dac and Galv XD

IC: Coming to the end of the hall, I find mself looking at a door with large glyphs on it. I decide to radio it in. {Colnel, this is Rave. Got a door with what looks like a warning on it. Of course, I could be wrong about warning.}
"Whoa!" Ms Braun exclaims as she makes her way onto a balcony to see the full extent of the city and land a good distance away but only in one direction.

I finish getting our computers interfaced with the ancient technology and figuring out what the consoles do. I help make sure the people that would be manning the control room mainly knew how to work everything but I knew I'd still end up explaining later.

{Leave it till we can get someone down there to check it out} The Colonel replies to Rave over the radio before switching channels to Blake. {OK feel free to explore.}

OOC: you forget Steel
IC: Aya lets the other medical memebers unpack and set up as she heads back to the control room to find Jack.

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