The Gate Project I

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Sentry begins exploring, taking a small sample of the metal to scan. It continues to explore, seeking out an energy source.

Feldraxium holsters his Scarab Launcher, finding no immediate need for it at the moment. He mentally checks his psi-blades, and starts wandering around, waiting to be needed. He starts to follow the probes, going to help unload the equipment.
That's because most of these guys ARE mercs... XD

{Understood. Blake out.}
He replies. Closing the line, Blake continues to explore, but avoids heading to another level as to map out of the current one first.
OOC: I'm not.
I follow the others as we go up, and scout around. We move cautiously, making sure that we're not exposed in case something pops up. I'm in the back, ready to support anyone who needs help.
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I smile at Aya as she comes to the command room and keep working. "Hello Aya."

The sentry detects a faint energy source far below it.

Those still unloading the probes welcome Feldraxium's aid.

Alvara and her squad find a large cylindrical chamber above the gate room with twin hatches. One in the floor leading to the gate room and one in the roof with an unknown destination. Numerous strange cylindrical ships occupy alcoves along the outside of the chamber going all the way up its walls as well.
I open up my radio to the colonel.

{We found something leading up to the next level, should we investigate?}
IC: Aya smiles as she sees Jack. "This place is amazing I wonder who lived here before we came here." She says walking up to him. She was still in her armor her helmet clipped to her side next to her guns. "Still not used to being called Dr.Zareese"
Sentry stops for a brief second, scanning it at the distance it was at. It scans the area between it, trying to find the shortest and safest route to the power source. While scanning, it actives the radio and sends a short message before letting it go idle. {Sentry 193206. Power source detected. Attempting to locate route closest to power signature.}
Irroan is being delusional and just standing in the middle of the gate room like an idiot.


I love how we're all acting like mercs but Dac and Galv XD

OOC: Dude a tank peeler superchef is no mercenary. XD

Finally having realized the "side effects" of the mushrooms I used yesterday in the stew was still making me hallucinating, I find a room and get settled in. I hang a poster and put a few other belongings in place including my lockbox then go to find the colonel.
... *resists urge to terminate Irroan* Irroan remains dumbstruck on the gateroom floor. A passing Protoss whacks him on the back of the head. "Get your head out of the clouds Terran."

I smile and nod. "Agreed and how long have we been married again?" I ask her jokingly while working to access the database of gate addresses.

The sentry receives a data burst in reply {Free to explore. Investigate power source and report findings.} At the same time it locates a nearby stairwell that has an opening between flights large enough for it to go straight down and also ends right next to the power source.

{That is what I sent you do.} The Colonel replies to Alvara somewhat annoyed.
IC: "about 3 months now" Aya says with a light frown before her stomach growls loud enough for Jack to hear it. "Sorry I seem to stay hungry now" she says pulling out a energy bar.
"Sorrry's side effects."

OOC: HOLD THE ELEVATOR NOW.....there's the gate.....i thought we went through it.
OOC We are in the city now and your day dreaming right now medical teams are preping the medbay other people are exploring the city for dorm rooms or other things.
{Orders accepted.} Sentry closes the link, and follows to the Stairwell, hovering slightly above the ground as it goes downward toward the power source.
"Watch my back." I say, as I approach one of the ships. I manually lower a hatch in the back, and cautiously walk in, shotgun raised.
I keep my gear on my back for now and look to help some of the others around here that might need assistance unpacking.
OOC We are in the city now and your day dreaming right now medical teams are preping the medbay other people are exploring the city for dorm rooms or other things.

OOC: thanks steelwolf

I meant that I took one of the dorm rooms dude.
I smile and stop working for a moment. "How are you and your 'cargo' doing?" I ask partially joking but sincerely wanting to know.

The decent is easy for the sentry.

The colonel goes out on the balcony with Ms Braun and talks with her.

The inside of the Jumper is rather spacious. A bench with under seat storage flank both sides of the main compartment. Crash netting could easily be installed above the benches for further storage. A small door that currently stands open, retracted to the side, leads into a cozy cockpit with four chairs two of which were obviously for the pilot and co-pilot. The controls were currently powered off and unfamiliar to Alvara.

Freidman finds work in unloading a bunch of crates into the armory one floor down.
IC: Aya smiles at Jack at that question. "If hunger is anything to go by then very well but I am tired. I could use a nap once we get everything finished." she says finishing her energy bar.
Realizing it was safe, I radioed back to the Colonel.

{There are ships, empty, not sure what they may want some scientists or someone up here more suited to investigating these things, it doesn't appear there's any life.}

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