The Gate Project I

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I continue moving and unloading the crates in the armory with more ease than some people.
{Thank you I'll send Mr. Zareese up as soon as he is done in the command room.} The Colonel replies to Alvara.

I stand up, hug and kiss Aya even though I should be working but I was a good deal ahead of the others for the most part. "Yeah that is good. Everything seems to be going pretty quickly so I should be able to be done soon. I'm sure you could go ahead and go take a nap. especially since the medical stuff all seems well taken care of if you are here."
IC: "You better be done soon" Aya says to Jack with a smile before looking at the Colonel and asking. "Is it safe enough to take off this combat armor. Its a little tight around my stomach."
The Colonel nods. "Yes there have been no reports of hostiles. Mr. Zareese when you are done here you are needed a floor up. Alvara reports strange ships."

I sigh and nod. "Yes sir." I get back to finishing the translation program for the others.
IC: "Ok. Try not to work my Husband too hard today." Aya says with a joking tone before hugging Jack. "I'm going to go change into some normal clothes before taking a nap. You be careful around this place. Once your done meet us in our room" She waits for Jack's responce before leaving to their room.
The Colonel just chuckles and goes back to chatting with Ms Braun. "Yes ma'am." I say with a half joking smile still typing away.
{Rooger that.} Closing the channel, I head back towards one of the other rooms, beginning a sweep and clear.
Sentry arrives at the level that the power source is, and moves toward it, constantly scanning the surrounding area, keeping an eye out. It arrives at the room of the power source, and scans the area.
Finish unloading the crates that I was told to unload and then proceed to wander about the area. I wasn't exactly a fan of the close quarters or lack of wilderness, the lack of much happening was also rather problematic. I'm not like the egg heads that are so fascinated by where we are, I preferred being in the wild or on a battlefield where I could actually do what I do best.
IC: Aya enters her room and changes into a simple long and baggy night gown. She leaves her armor in an easy to reach location just in case something happens. She puts a bottle of water on the nightstand before letting her long hair down. "You're such a handful and you're not even born yet." Aya says to herself laying down rubbing her stomach.
Me and the squad simply check the other ships and secure a perimeter, and wait for the damn scientists.
As I walk through the halls of the area I hear a woman speaking. I look around and see and open door and decide to check and make sure who ever it was ok. I couldn't really hear the details of what was said so I wanted to be sure everything was fine.
"Everything ok in there?" I ask as I knock on the door.
IC: Aya looks up at he knocks on the door. She puts her legs over the bed to get up. "yes yes sorry was just talking to my well I don't know how to say it.. my unborn child I guess. Do you need anything Mr...?"
I finish the program and upload it to the other computers before unhooking my own and heading up the stairs at the rear of the command room appearing just outside the hangar. I grumble momentarily deeply wanting to be with my wife.

A strange looking podium sits in the middle of a rather large room surrounded by consoles. the power reading was coming from the middle of the podium and scans showed there were three dead power sources and the city was running on emergency power.

Every room is empty and in pristine condition.
I connect my vox to the general channel and ask "Does anyone need help?"
"Freidman, My name is Jerrold Freidman. And not I do not need anything I just heard your voice and wanted to make sure everything was fine." I remain out side of the room just in the edge of her view.
IC: "Ok well you can come in if you want. I'm Dr. Aya Zareese head of the medical team for this mission." Aya says getting back into the bed pulling the covers over her legs. "If you ever need anything please come and find me... so if you don't mind me asking what do you do?"
Seeing the scientist outside the hangar, I go out and greet him.

"'Bout time you arrived. Everything's in there." I say, gesturing inside.
"Yeah ... right thank you." I sigh clearing my head as I go into the hangar and then almost instantly into one of the ships.

{Who ever this is get off the com and go find your room or something.}
{I got my room in order sir. Is there anything I can help with. Perhaps a patrol in need of another member or backup?}

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