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Dota, LOL

So I want to try out one of these games, but do not know which one would suit me best. I know almost nothing about these games besides that they are competitive.

So can you help me out with some facts, like which one is hardest, and which one has the most viewers and why are there these two similar games. So if you have something wise to describe the two games please let me know. Ty :)
Though I think this should be on another forum, I'll try to answer your questions since I've played LOL causally for about the last 8 months and Dota for about 2 years now.

Dota is by far in my own experience the hardest as it has many more game mechanics that can shift the gameplay dramatically that seperates the pros from the hardcore pub (public match) player.

LOL on the other hand is very easy to pick up but I don't like how you have to buy yeah champion as they are called individually in order to play them. LOL currently has the most player and most viewers because of the huge playerbase and well endorsed e-sports scene that's funded by Riot the company.

I hold no grudges toward either one but I heavily recommend Dota if you're up for a real challenge.

I'll post more later.
Ty very much, would like to hear your additions when u have time but tbh i think i am allready convinced to play dota when you say it is the hardest game
Realize that you will suffer extreme backlash in both games. The community isn't too great right now in either so you should try to play with friends if possible. You should also add me on SC2 so I can maybe find you a Dota 2 key if you're really that interested.
I have some spare keys.
06/03/2013 10:15 AMPosted by Galvian
The community isn't too great right now in either so you should try to play with friends if possible.

Leagues community is probably more harsh.
^ Agreed but it feels like typical level Dota players are drunk or on drugs when they play^
Well it depends. DoTA is for the more competetive and hardcore player as it requires substantially more skill. As for LoL, its for the more casual player. I reccomend DoTA though ,its a lot more fun.

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