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Looking for an old friend who used to play WC3 and wow with me back in TBC days. I played a pally named Hatorade, he played a warrior named Escobar, and we had a rogue in our 3s named Eternities.

He very likely goes by the handle Escobar or some variant of and is or was at the time a resident in Birmingham Alabama.

I know it's a long shot but I know he was playing this game last, and does anyone know a player who fits this description?
Wrong forum. Try in the Warcraft and WoW forums. That, or he probably moved on from games.
Nah, these are the proper forums because I know he was playing SC2 last. He hasn't touched wow since quitting back in TBC.
Then you'll want to check the other sections of the SC2 forums. This was the off-topic section, but it's become the RP section.
Escobar has never been mentioned on the forums ever - until you spoke his name here.
I did a search.
Is there any way to search for profiles named Escobar or contact players with that name?
sc2 ranks and do a search there?

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