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My friends and I have all recently gotten into sc2 pretty seriously. I spend a ton of my time watching guides, reading build orders and practicing my macro but i cant seem to get my game tightened down in the 5-15min time frame.

Does anyone know a place to find people who are willing to help eager noobs out? (preferably free)

I do fine in VS ai even up into "harder" difficulty until i start getting early rushes then i get bumped back down to medium. I gave unranked a few tried but out of the 3 i did all 3 were against people who were in their ranked placement matches and they had little to no pity on me lol. (nor would i in a placement match)

Thanks for any advice.
Happy gaming!
Always nice to see newbies getting into the game and eSport.

I'm assuming you're maining Terran since were in the Terran forum. You say you're having trouble in the 5-15 min frame; particularly rushes.

There is definitely a lot to learn, but first of all you should know that 5-15 min is ripe with a lot of "all in" timing attacks. They're meant to be a straight up aggressive push that if they don't do severe damage or end the game outright, they are behind in production, economy, and they likely just lost their army.

The first step is always scouting. Always. Learn what to look for. In competitive play people will always go certain builds if theyre doing something like cheesy play, all-in or a timing attack.

ie, you run up into the protoss base with the SCV that built the barracks, and see both gas mining and a twilight council researching something, toss is doing blink all in. There always a counter.

If you're playing hard AIs they like to do a timing attack off 1 base so you should roughly know when it hits your base. Practice scouting

I'm happy to give pointers but I'm definitely not high lvl. All the same give me your friend code and I'll add you. (Mine is 900 I think)
There's Adopt-a-Newb on the General Forums, as well:

One thing I can tell you is don't focus on scouting, APM, micro, or anything like that. You really don't need a coach, just watch Filtersc's series. This game is very much about building stuff and beating your opponent. Here is the link for the guides:http://www.youtube.com/user/filtersc?feature=watch. gl on ladder
You're in bronze league you need to learn mechanics having a coach is a waste of time for you and for the person coaching. Watch FilterSC

Seriously, this is a very good place to start. Also, the main thing is to just not give up EVER, practice your macro macro macro. Don't think you need a coach, just keep practicing. Even if you don't think your getting better, you are, trust me. Practicing against the computer until you can easily handle elite AI with standard play (no cheap tactics), you'll be in a good spot.

Good luck!

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