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Here are some trace routes to give you an idea of what I'm talking about:

Tracert to LoL streaming server

Tracert to SC2 streaming server

So here's my problem:

I took a month long hiatus from SC2 to try out League of Legends (boooo me) and recently came back. However, since my return, I've noticed a fairly large increase in latency when playing SC2 as opposed to prior to the hiatus. Just to keep a scope on things, I used to play SC2 with about 80 ping.

When I play LoL, my ping averages about 90. Regardless of the time of day. When I play SC2, my ping ranges from 120 - 180 during afternoons and evenings. However, my SC2 ping when I play during mornings (prior to noon) is also roughly 80-90 (which is great, but I don't normally game during mornings).

Now, under normal circumstances, I would blame this increase in latency on my ISP. However, my LoL client does not lag no matter what time of day it is, which led me to conclude that SC2 was the problem.

Next, I did some research. I noticed that the server address my SC2 client streams info ( was located in Signal Hill, CA. Then I looked at the server address for my LoL client ( and reversed-looked upped its location to be Santa Monica, CA. Both are within a few miles of each other. Therefore, it does not follow suit that one lags and the other does not, based purely on geographic location.

The trace routes I provided explain the discrepancy. Everything goes fine for my SC2 packets as the travel across the continent via cogentco peering nodes. Then WHAM, they carry over to AT&T peering nodes and suddenly, there is a huge gap in latency. These AT&T peering servers are all located in the LA area, which means this increase in latency is attributable to congestion, not location.

Now I understand that Blizzard struck a deal with AT&T to host their servers and whatnot, so it follows that they'd use their services to route bnet traffic. What I'd to know is if others have observed this trend (AT&T sucking) and if this is not just me, to speak up so Blizzard can contact AT&T and have them upgrade their installations.

Playing with 150+ ping is not great for competitive play, I'd like my 90 ping back...

Also, as a side not, why is my game data being routed all the way to LA? Doesn't blizzard have servers on the east coast as well? My pings are so high now that I actually have lower latency to EU than I do to NA...(California is pretty far from where I live)

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