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Hey guys!

I am a composer and a guitar player and a bronze league enthusiast and i thought i'd share my creativity with the Starcraft 2 Community with a composition and a machinema video which i call "the Marshal" it's influenced by Jim raynor and the Terrans in general, hope you enjoy it !

Ok the link doesn't seem to work automatically, can someone shed some light on this ?
A damn nice piece. aside from the little bit of talking from jim, that would be awesome as terran gameplay music.

The only links that work are the ones to other pages on the SC website.
Very nice! That was some real artwork!
Thanks guys !

And theres a version without the dialog here -
Love it. Simply love it man. Very well done, I agree with Warhawk that small bit of Raynor talking isn't the greatest thing in it, but its still good. I enjoyed it very much.

Keep up the good work and you'll get more subscribers, and even better. Get silver!
Thanks man, The talking was to put an emphasis on raynor's tragedy, it fit the video very well but i left it out of the soundcloud version for pure musical pleasure :)

I'm working on silver, the only thing i know is 4gate push :P

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