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I would much rather have Daybreak back than Whirlwind
THANK GOODNESS!! No more Korhal Sky Island!
Only 7 maps now? I like it.
As a map maker I feel I'm obliged to give my input here.

Please reduce the map pool to 7-8 maps. I see too many complaints about people not being able to veto all the ones they don't want partially due to the fact there are currently SO many bad or imbalanced maps in the pool.

As for the returnee's; all of those maps are good except for Derelict Watcher. It's a heavily Zerg favoured map, that's also broken for Blink All In's (I can't remember ever losing when I Blink All-In on it lol). The map is extremely boring, the middle is unimaginative, the sides of the map with the watch towers are very poorly designed. The third base is also the most stale I've seen in ALL of SC2. Please get rid of this map.

New maps; Yeonsu is a great, fresh, and interesting map and a worthy winner of the contest.
Frost on the other hand isn't nearly as good. There are too few bases for the massive size of the map so taking a 5th makes the game harder for TvZ and PvZ due to Zerg having far more mobile armies. All-Inning really isn't much of an option either because of the absurd chokes leading to the outer bases.
I can't comment on Polar Night, although I'm assuming that since it's a Korean made map for pro's it's probably got some glaring problems masked by a layer of standard lay outs to please all the Meta game hugging try hards.
sick maps bro
All new maps are winter....ah, that's why Blizzard.
Pics of these maps would be appreciated.
No Star Station? :(
Frost is a great addition!

Any chance we can get rid of Belshir Vestige and add Neo Planet S back?
I think there should be more than 7 maps in the pool because it adds more variety and if someone vetoes three maps they don't like, then they will get bored of 4 maps a lot faster.

I'm glad that neo planent s is gone, that was a terrible map IMO, also I'm excited to try out frost. I saw it in the red bull training grounds and it looked interesting, although ill have to play on it before I know if I'll like it.

Yeonsu looks interesting, and as log as the third isn't too hard to take I think I will like it a lot. Apperently polar night can't be viewed anywhere so that one will be a mystery.

Also if you do make the pool larger than 7 I would suggest adding new maps rather than keeping old ones. New maps keep things fresh for players.

Also while I don't think that whirlwind is the best map, I'm glad you left in in over daybreak or any of the older maps that where in the pool for ages. I ended up vetoing daybreak the last season it was in because I had gotten so bored of it.
Can you replace Whirlwind with Neo Planet S? Whirlwind is like a less inspired version of TDA. Playing on maps that big is boring and they produce boring games.
BTW, oh my god.
I always have at least 50% win rate in Neo planet S, Newkirk Precinct TE, Korhal Sky Island LE, Red City.
But these maps would be gone. No way....Blizzard....
It'd be great tp keep star Station and get rid of whirlwind. That map is awful.
HELL YEAH !! All my bad maps are gone, except maybe Akilon...
The returning maps are a great pick. You left only the near perfectly balanced maps.
However a picture of the new maps would be really nice.
Polar Night:
i think neo planet s is such a good map, would love if this map would be in the pool again next season
gogo for gwangalli beach.moving on the beach, in the water is just too awesome.
The returning maps are a great pick. You left only the near perfectly balanced maps.
However a picture of the new maps would be really nice.

Derelict is pretty Zerg favored, given the massive open spaces and spread out third/fourth. You also expand away from your opponent up until the 5th base.

Whirlwind is also arguably Zerg favored, again given the massive open spaces and spread out bases... Though fourths are easier to hold for T/P.

But out of the maps we have now, those four are probably the best/most balanced. So if we HAVE to keep some, then those would be the ones I'd like to keep. Sky Island is just stupid or fine based on the spawns, Star Station is obviously terrible. Red City is just awkward to take more than 3 bases on for any race.

To be honest, I think scrapping the entire pool and bringing in entirely new maps would be the best idea.
- Gwangalli Beach
- Anaconda
- Icarus
- Naro Station

Plenty of great maps... Annoying to see the ladder pool stay so static/tired out.
Good choices.

Yeonsu can be found here:

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