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Am I the only one who misses the pre-hots map pool? CK/daybreak.. etc..

Those maps were glorious. Akilon is the most comparable these days but !@#$ man, CK SO GOOD
07/29/2013 11:45 AMPosted by Scarecrow
Can you replace Whirlwind with Neo Planet S? Whirlwind is like a less inspired version of TDA. Playing on maps that big is boring and they produce boring games.
YES!!!!!!!!!!! All 3 of the new additions look great. And all of the maps i veto/want to veto are being removed. This is great news
Will Frost be forced cross spawn??
In general, I like the changes, especially the removal of Star Station. But Derelict Watcher is not a very good map, especially compared to the maps that remain. The main-natural-third is quite boring, and the fourth is very difficult to take. The map is very open, and this makes it extremely difficult in PvZ.

Overall, Frost is a very good map, but the fourth looks slightly problematic at the moment (requires too much map control, hurting TvZ and PvZ), and could potentially force 3-base turtle play. But that could also force players to be more active on the map, which is a good thing.
Keep Korhal Sky Island and force the 2 o'clock and 8 o'clock spawning positions and we have ourselves a map pool.
Good maps Dave! But we need more! 7 maps is not enough. 10 at least!

This past season was the first time I didn't veto a map for 1v1. Map pool is solid but we need more maps!
Please don't make this new map pool as bad as it was the last 2 map pools, ever since kontlass mire it gotten worse and worse.
This sounds good! I like the look of the new maps, and I'm fine with all the returning ones. I'll still be vetoing Akilon Wastes and Whirlwind, but that's personal preference. Looking forward to the next season!
No Ravage? :(
Maps are good.
But I'm sure I'll veto polar night.
I'm kind of hoping they add a few more maps, if for no reason other than to balance out the number of ice-themed maps. Have 3/7 of them being covered in snow will get stale pretty fast, regardless of gameplay
Those new maps look pretty cool, the old ones that are being kept are okay with me too. I am excited to try them after the reset. I also wanted to mention I really thought Anaconda and a few of the other GSL/ProLeague map rotations look legit. I think those should be involved in the pool for ladder also, I don't understand why they wouldn't be considered.
don't like this maps
Hello, i just played on the 3 new maps and here are my thoughts:

- Frost: Excellent, both in tectures and layout. I really enjoyed it

- Yeonsu: Textures on this map make it really hard to figure paths. The map is small and feels like playing Neoplanet in the sense that there is no easy 4th/5th base to take. Textures were REALLY distracting.

- Polar Night: The map has unique layout. Really macro focused 2 player map. Hope this map will eventually replace Akilon, since it looks less turtly.
Great selections for the new maps. Don't know why on earth Derelict Watcher is being kept. Nobody likes that map. It's consistently vetoed in pro play and is honestly just boring and very imbalanced for pvz. Frost and Yeonsu look great. Love Frost. Polar Night looks really interesting. Excited to see experimentation on that one.
Am I the only one who thinks that the 3 new maps are terrible ??

Yeonsu will be a nightmare for ZvP, and Frost has a lot of main ground - GL stopping Reapers on it..

Not sure about the Polar-Nights map though.. It's probably good cause it's GSL, but I have the fear that it has island-spawning positions.. (Also terrible for Zerg unless there are minimum of 2 bases on it).. Might be my eye tricking me though
Looks pretty good.

Except Derelict Watcher, that map is really bad, as a lot of people in this thread have been saying. I think a lot of people would be happier with Neo Planet S or even Newkirk Precinct instead of that map.

However, if you do keep Derelict, it will remain veto'd by many protoss players (not sure how the other races like it).
Love the new map pool, save for Derelict. In my own, zergy opinion, it's sort of imba for zerg.
I REALLY wish they had kept Newkirk and Neo Planet; my two favorite maps from the pool! Newkirk could feel pretty dull on two bases, however, so I guess I can get behind that decision.
I don't know why Neo Planet got removed, however. Two rich mineral fields were never used, but it was just a great map! By far the best map that I've played... Besides, of course, Daybreak.
I really look forward to Polar Night, it looks fun to play on.
Oh, and Bliz, I just want to take a moment and thank you for not adding any ridiculous maps, such as Klontas Mire, or Korhal Sky Island. Thanks you!

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