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Apr 21, 2013 Background story help I am writing this in the most humble way possible.... Now I'm not really trying to actively role play, I think I'd freeze up if it came right down to it. I've been reading about role play for the last few weeks. Stories that others have written, back stories, and blogs about HOW to role play effectively. I just really want to write a back story about Cassabea here. I've found tons of good information but her background story has me a little bit stumped, so here's my big question: How in the world would a young female human become a monk?? (I didn't know I'd really want to develop this story when I made the character.) I want to stay away from "she was orphaned when very young and adopted by monks" because well.... that seems like an easy-out. Thanks in advance!!!Cassabea8 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 How much does class matter? When creating and developing a character, just how much does the class you rolled really matter? Must everyone be a valiant and courageous <insert class here>? Or does everyone who plays a rogue, DK, or warlock have to be disturbed and sinister and twisted in some way? Is it acceptable for your character's class to either not play into their story or just be vaguely in the background rather than at the forefront of importance? Can your character's class be left to pve and not play so much into their story ICly? Is there such a thing as playing a character just as a normal citizen? I'm curious what people think regarding this issue.Wren15 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Goblin Backstory? Hi all! So, I've fallen in love with the goblin race and would absolutely love to RP one! I'm just curious what classifies as an acceptable backstory to a goblin? Maybe a tale about plans I've had for an mechanical invention? I'd appreciate some pointers.. Thanks, Spoiled.Spoíled15 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 20, 2013 Worgen backstory/RP I'm not new to the RP scene, but I am new to the WOW RP scene. it's been a long time since I have RPed, and I tend to keep up with the lore somewhat. Last time I was on an RP server it was on Rift, which was a tad bit more lax because the game is relatively new. So my question for you today is how would I want to RP citizen of Gilneas? I'd like to lean more toward a beast-like mentality, but sophisticated as well. Oh and I'm playing a rogue, would Gilneas have had any ties to SI:7 beforehand?Windrider2 Apr 20, 2013
Apr 20, 2013 Grazz'bek's Rage Grazz'bek kneeled over the recently slain Lei Shen; the moss covering his bulky body seemed to bristle with the fury radiating from him. He had only managed to break in at the last few moments in the fight; nowhere near long enough for the rage at the Mogu for how the tyrant used his fellow Trolls. He gripped a ritual dagger in his left hand. The blessings of Loa and Voodoo swirled around the carved blade. "Ya used my Troll brethren as cannon fodda while ju sat back and watched. I'll not be lettin' ya see ya body go dis much unpunished for it. Da Zandalari be fools ta go against da Horde and not join deir broddas of Revantusk, Darkspear, Shatterspear, and Twilight 'ighlands against the comin' fight against Garrosh, but dat don't mean I can't use ya body as an example for dose who would view da Trolls as da way ju did." He twirled the ritual dagger to face down at the Mogu's body and thrust it deep into his right pec, and carved an M shape through the flesh. He yanked the dagger out and licked the black crimson blood off it's enchanted blade, savoring it's bitter taste. After cleaning the blade he thrust the blade right next to where he had carved the M, and this time carved a circular O into the pale blue flesh. He did this routine with several other letters: L, T, H, O, R--Until the name Molthor was freshly carved into the Thunder King's chest. Grazz'bek grinned at the blood oozing from the carving, but he wasn't done yet. He continued to carve other names into the corpse--Ra'sha, Al'tabim, Jin'rokh, Mar'li, Kazra'jin, Malakk, Sul, Jor'guva--He kept doing this till every significant Troll that had lost their lives on the Isle of Thunder's name lay on the bloodied corpse of Lei Shen... This is just an idea I had in my head once Lei Shen is canonically dead. Grazz'bek is a Revantusk Troll who by seeing how the Horde has made his own tribe stronger and expand it's territory believes that a new Troll Empire can be reborn in the Horde-Once Garrosh is overthrown that is. He loathed fighting against his Troll Brethren in the Isle of Thunder, but he will continue to fight for a reborn HORDE Troll Empire; hopefully with more than just Jungle and Forest Trolls left to reap the benefits. I fight for Zandalari, Sand, Ice, and Dark Trolls to be in the Horde and saved in the forums. This character just carries on that mission IClyGrazzbek3 Apr 20, 2013
Apr 20, 2013 /scribble ~ thanks for replies but this was a mess!D:Darkeekee7 Apr 20, 2013
Apr 20, 2013 Lore question! I was told during some casual RP that we are currently in the Third War. While the events that happened during WC3 was the 2nd war. I was under the impression that the Third war was when Arthas turned into the Lich King and all that buzz, which happened in WC3. My head hurts. Help.Degno15 Apr 20, 2013
Apr 20, 2013 The Godslayer. In the days of old, a drake named Thulizz was hatched. He was weak. His eldest siblings made fun of him. He was not even of their dragonflight. He was not of their dragonflight, for he was white, and his siblings were of the red dragonflight. Thulizz was not any drake, but a drake that is humanoid. It walks without using it's arms. Thulizz craved power. When he grew, he wanted power. He flew to the ruins of Coldarra, and frowned. "This shall all be MINE." he raised his hands, and harnessed the power, and he was no longer weak. He smiled wickedly. "They will know of my power...THEY WILL KNOW, I SHALL NOT BE TOYED WITH!" Thulizz wore a white cloak around him, and traveled. He sighed. "This world is too....oh what is the word? Warlike. I require one of my kind to become my consort..." He starts to think and think, and flies around. He hears a cry, and flies to the source of the cry....Blackrock Mountain. Thulizz slew many orcs, until he found the source: A female white drake, a rare dragon. "My dear, they took you for you are different. The chromatics however, are not of our dragonflight. Come. I will show you the true way." They escaped...all of the orcs slain. They were exhausted, and fell down...but were captured by the trolls of Zul'Gurub. Thulizz was imprisoned for 10 years, and Nalorakk "I had enough of this." Thulizz grew angry, until his cage was destroyed by rage. He pounced on Nalorakk, and used every basic element to end him. Fire to burn him, water to slice him, earth to pound him, and air to push him to a great force. The trolls saw this. They dared not to attack Thulizz. "BACK, YOU FOOLS! THIS IS A LESSON FOR ALL OF YOU TROLLS. YOU SHALL NOT ATTACK THULIZZ, AND THIS FEMALE! I. AM. THE GODSLAYER. HIS DEATH WILL NOT BE THE ONLY ONE!" A year later, Thulizz, and the female white drake, named Lehinaza, created the White Dragonflight. With the Twilight Hammer withered, and Neltharion slain, a new evil arises...more fearful than Lei Shen.Talakuu16 Apr 20, 2013
Apr 20, 2013 Runes and Rogues Okay, um please don't eat me alive for asking this question. Would a rogue be gmoding if she could do electromancy. I mean I know it would be out there but with if you are familiar with the people you rp with would it be okay? What about Shadowmancy? Or Fel-magic? My backstory was going to be that my character's grandmother was an electromancer while the characters mom was a shadow priest who lost her mind to the shadow. Thus, she would have the power to control both electricity and shadow. I know its far-fetched and that's why Im asking. I don't ususally rp with people outside my guild and its understood that this is okay. Atleast, in our circle of friends it is. I didn't mean to offend anyone when I posted this and Im just asking because I am unsure. Thank you for your time.Faoiltiama3 Apr 20, 2013
Apr 19, 2013 Whispers in the Mist. "They betray you...." "You befriend liars.." "They laugh at your great achievements..." A Pandaren walked in the Jade Forest. The voices in his head plague him. He went to his little house, and sighed. His Horde allies aided him in everything...yet he felt no peace. The whispers grew more and more aggressive. "....End them all....NOW.." "The Warchief is maddened....and they are his puppets.." Tang Su just rested. The mists had to lie, they had to! He doesn't believe the whispers. He didn't believe that Gorrak, Kerizz, Onhoke, and Mellisa were his true enemies. Were they? The voices were not of the Sha....but Mantid. Tang starts to remember. A mantid named Sar'thik battled Tang Su. Tang was about to end the bug..but the mantid begged for his life. "Please let me live! I will aid you and your possible allies! Please! I offer you this gift." A sonic communicator. The monk dismisses the theory. "What could a mantid have to do with all these....accusations?.."Talakuu0 Apr 19, 2013
Apr 19, 2013 My Tip To Draenei Roleplayers This morning I was talking to some guildies about one of their half-elf characters (she was technically quarter-elf, but bah details), they were concerned about how much of the elven part of the character to show, and I said this: (taken from gchat): "Half-elves are plausible, and suddenly very popular, but I would advise against making her parentage the entirety of the character's RP. Personality is key to an engaging character." This went on to talk about draenei, and the difficulty some players have playing them, and they wanted some help. I understand, the lack of lore for Draenei makes it difficult for some roleplayers to really get into the race enough to play them. So I want to share with you my thoughts on how I turned Alkrenon into my favorite roleplaying character, and what worked for me. I hope this helps you as well with your potential draenei character, or any other race you were skeptical to roll at first. What helps me when I first start out is is that I pretend the character I play is human, a normal human (not WoW human, RL human), so I don't worry about "acting my race" all the time. That set aside, I work on personality first, really find out the inner clicks, until it becomes natural for the character to be this way. It should be natural enough whereas I could race-change my character to any other race, and still act relatively the same, with some changes to history. When that's settled, I bring in tid-bits of their race into play. I had a problem with a lack of personality in my characters, especially with my Night Elf, who was really serious. I then realized if I were a Night Elf, would I really focus on how Night Elf-y I was? Not really, because being a Night Elf for the character would be as natural as us being human, and we don't bring up how human we are all the time. We just are. We talk and do things naturally. With Alkrenon (after having more experience, learning from my Night Elf), I worked on his personality first. Then started adding tid-bits with colloquial terms and body language, just hints that he was a draenei, but being draenei wasn't part of his entire RP. That's why he's probably my most engaging, down-to-earth, character despite him being a draenei. You may not have the lore, but you can make the character.Alkrenon3 Apr 19, 2013
Apr 19, 2013 Roleplaying an IC class change Ok, so by IC class change, i mean like not actually paying for an actual one., but roleplaying one. Now, if i was to RP a change from warrior to shaman, what changes would i have to make? What training would i have to do? Etc., etc.... Thanks guys :)Vamokk6 Apr 19, 2013
Apr 19, 2013 Best superhero name Must be original (not superman/batman) & brief background on the character Mine is Elixir..using variety of concoction that provide different powerful abilitiesPopcornchikn1 Apr 19, 2013
Apr 19, 2013 Tänn is now recruiting! Tänn stands for " Trust & Nimble Networking", It is quite basic really, We shall be nimble in the gathering of any goods you order and in the services we perform (ie escort). And you can always trust us to deliver on that! We are an all Goblin Guild looking to recruit new members. Yes we are in our infant stage but there are big things on the horizon! We are currently orchestrating an event that will take place sometime shortly after the launch of the new patch( and no we aren't giving hints). So if you are a money loving Goblin ( and really there is no other kind), then come over and join us! Tänn, working for you so you have time for the important things. May I help you with that heavy coin purse?Smaragd0 Apr 19, 2013
Apr 19, 2013 The Second War.... I've fought in the second war. I was stationed in a Gnomish submarine off the coast off Booty Bay, conducting routine patrols along the coast to sink as many Horde Destroyers as possible! my friend makes these, thought i'd share! Warcraft: Invasion Warcraft: Second War for more check out Opposing Forces channel a lot of people on this forum ask about WC2 and WC1 a lot, so ill continue to share as i find, you filthy dogs! keep up the fighting.Butcherr6 Apr 19, 2013
Apr 18, 2013 The Ministry (IC) The old elf circled the boy, dagger in hand, leveled at the boy's chest. “You have come to the wrong part of the city, lad. I trust you weren't followed?” “A plague on you, old timer!” shouted the boy, eyes fixated on the tip of the knife. “No,” said the elf to himself, continuing to circle. “You weren't followed. I've been watching you for a little while, and you're a lone wolf, aren't you lad? Don't have a lot of friends around these parts. You're mother is a !@#$%, and even though she's pretty enough to be a bar wench, she likes her job too much to quit it now. She never spends any time with you. Never has at all, I'm guessing. Learned to get by on your own since before you can remember. Doing favors for the rich, or even the traders if you're desperate. Run missives between shop keepers and bootleggers, unless I'm mistaken, which I rarely am. Been doing this a long time, you see.” “Get out of my head, long ears.” The elf chuckled, but the knife never wavered, even as he shook his head. “Such bravado for one so close to death's door. I wonder if you've even stopped to consider why I bothered letting you follow me?” The boy gulped. Obviously he hadn't. “Come on. Did you really think I'd let you see me lift that young lady – your obvious mark – and not expect you to follow me here? We're thieves, lad. Plan and simple. We see the world in a different way than the rest of them. You're just newer to it than I am.” “I've seen you before!” the boy exclaimed suddenly. “You were in the alley three night ago. You killed Master Heningen.” The old elf nodded sadly. “Indeed, a regrettable occurrence. The good Master was a bit behind on his payments. And yet, he found sufficient coin enough to indulge your mother. Not a lot, mind you. But enough that she can eat. She wasn't the only visitor to his room that night.” “That's enough!” shouted the boy, tears welling up. “You want to kill me, fine! But I'd rather run myself up your blade than hear you dishonor my mother with one more foul word.” “This dishonor is her own doing, lad. Think you're the only one to have been raised the way you have? The mothers and fathers of this world have little by way of honor anymore. They see themselves as worthless, and they fall into the traps of disillusionment, of self-reproach. They hope the best life for their children, but they smoke and drink away any hopes that they might have for themselves. You speak to me of honor. Killing yourself, fast or slow, is not honor, lad. It's cowardice.” “And what about those who skulk in the shadows like you? Aren't they cowards?” The elf lashed out and caught the boy across the jaw with the back of his gloved hand. Warm leather split the child's lip and he cried out, hitting the floor of the small room. “Such an expert in cowardice, are we? Just because we slink about from alleyway to rooftop, you think that we are fearful, unwilling to face the world like the true heroes of the bedtime stories you've heard outside the open window of a happier child's room? What if I told you that courage isn't foolishness? That death is very real, and face it head on or from the side, dead is dead. Think a hero's death can inspire a nation to greatness? All it does is inspire a nation to expose itself all the more readily to death. You don't win wars by fighting them, you ignorant son of a ^-*!@. You win wars by trying to find out why they're even being fought in the first place.” “My father died fighting to protect his lands from bandits.” “End of story, huh? Never once considered why the bandits might have targeted him in the first place, did you? Never wondered at how readily mommy spread her legs for another man – any other man? Bandits are men and women too, lad. Just because in your stories they're villains and thieves, doesn't make them any less mortal. Life dealt them a rough hand in one way or another. They look for ways to deal those rough hands back. When what they do eventually proves to be ineffectual, they can start to get bitter. They start to lash out at anyone who crosses them. It's a scant few of our kind that make it through the ringer unscathed, with morals intact, and ideals in place. You're what, nine, ten?” “Eleven,” the boy said indignantly. “Oh ho, eleven, my apologies. You must have seen your fair share of unfairness already. I'm surprised that even you might be so naïve as to think that your parents were able to avoid any of it. It's a noble thought, lad, but it's unrealistic. Time to take your head out of those clouds. Get up.”Manehiro1 Apr 18, 2013
Apr 18, 2013 NEW to Roleplay - Advice, tips, realms? Hello there, all! I've been pretty hesitant to try roleplaying. I've avoided it even though for a long while I played on a RP server. I've never even tested the waters. I'm brand new to it! I'm wanting to make a new character on a server but I'm unsure which is best for the type of character I wish to portray. I'm thinking a Blood Elf Mage, and into the Blood Elf RP. Any suggestions on a server that would be best for this? Also, any tips or advice so I do not completely embarass myself? :p I do not know a single thing about roleplay so anything would be of great help! Thank you so much :)Mysavior5 Apr 18, 2013
Apr 18, 2013 Trust from Thunder Bluff (old story) "Nechi ich towateke ki hale chi, Uthan." Friends, Uthan and Ayasuletu of the Stillwater tribe. He, Uthan, would be described as middle-aged to his people. She, Ayasuletu, would be described as young to her people. Though they were of the same Tribe, they were not of the same people. The Shu'halo did not know how to judge the age of an elf. She had greeted him formally, though the smile on her face gave away her wish to jump and hug him; Uthan was the one to have accepted her right from the start, teaching her the language on long fishing trips where he witnessed the darkening and reddening of elven skin. She didn't let into her wish of an embrace. They were to go on another fishing trip now, and this time there was a scent of oil and herbs coming from her skin. "Pawene ichnee pawene, Ayasuletu." Wide brimmed hats, rolled pants, comfortable tunics, and warm vests dressed both as they prepared to go fishing. Ayasuletu looked like a child sitting there with how small she was compared to the traditional sized canoe, but she didn't seem bothered at all by it. Uthan pushed off the shore, climbed in opposite of Ayasuletu, and silently used the paddle to get them silently to the reeds where the fish would be plentiful. Mist still clung to the waters and land, but the two knew the shores of the lake well. Soon both were fishing in friendly silence, enjoying the company as they hoped to catch breakfast and lunch. -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- --Moriurya6 Apr 18, 2013
Apr 18, 2013 Forum Class Creation/Blending On the forums, where does the community feel the boundary is for class creation? I've been toying around with the idea of a character like a Reaver from Rift, a warrior who supplements martial prowess with psychic magic, turning foes against each other through mental domination before running them through. Is there an agreed-upon "boundary" for forum RP classes?Calvix9 Apr 18, 2013
Apr 18, 2013 My Toon's History MrP (Is It Possible?) I'm just wondering if my characters History is possible and or if it's interesting. thanks for reading if you do and thanks for your imput. (I posted this in the Stories Section and was directed here. Just letting it be known I'm not trying to double post.) 25 years ago Jun Wei's mother Li Ming was pregnant with her first child, the father, a sworn monk, abandoned her and her would be son. Left all alone in the wilderness of the Krasarang wilds, the woman came upon the wall that separated Krasarang from the Dread Wastes. Hungry and thirsty, and all alone the mother did the best she could at setting up a small shelter next to creek were she would spend the next few months holding in the fear of what is to come, the hate of the man she loved for leaving them and the despair she felt for her and her unborn child, all of these negitive emotions settled in her heart. Soon she fell ill and a traveling monk had wondered upon the makeshift home the woman had put together, when he discovered the pregnant pandaren it was too late, she had been possessed by the Sha and it had been feeding off of her negativity for months, the Monk unknowing that this woman was pregnant thought it was much to late to save her and decided to put her out of her misery. When the battle was done the Sha seemed to have left the woman to die and seeped back into the ground before the monk could finish it. When his attention was brought back to the woman, he had seen what damage he had done on the poor woman and whats more...that she was pregnant. She said only two words, a name. "Jun Wei" before she disappeared.. her physical form had gone and left behind upon the soft soil was a baby boy. The Monk had picked him up and named him after his mothers dying breath, and took him to the monastery to be raised a monk. It wasn't long after the Monk had taken the baby back to the monastery that he had learned that the baby he had brought back with him was different from other babies, and after priest after priest had examined him, it was discovered that the baby was kept in the womb of the mother too long while she was possessed by Sha...when the baby was angry the baby would grow to nearly the size of a full grown pandaren and with the strength of ten. With Sha apart of the child and the child being innocent, the monks decided they could raise this child and he could use his curse for the better of their people and so they did. Jun Wei became a great monk and his anger was no longer an issue nor would the Sha part of him be any threat against them. Jun Wei battled many Sha and banished them to the Dread Wastes, where many Sha had taken up residence. Though the Sha that dwelled within Jun Wei's very essence was not gone...Jun would loose control of his anger and would unleash it on those who had caused it, many Sha were banished this way...However, one day the monk who had saved Jun from the forest told him what had happened to him and why he is what he is and how it came to be, but the monk did not stop there, he went on to tell Jun that he was in fact his father and that being a monk to the monastery he had no choice but to leave his mother...and him...alone. Anger swallowed Jun Wei and his Sha energy unleashed itself, he destroyed the monastery and many monks lost their lives, his father fought hard to save him and the other monks, but Jun Wei's anger was out of control and he could not be talked down, so his father fled the monastery knowing that Jun's rage would follow and in the wilderness of Krasarang Wilds their fists clashed. The battle could be heard from the monastery that was now burning to the ground... After the third day and peace fell back over the land the surviving monks had discovered the body of a monk at the great wall and the words "I am sorry" written on the wall over the body. The monks took the body back to the monastery to be buried and all record of Jun wei to be wiped from the pages of the monastery's history with the belief....and hopes....that he had Parrished and would never again be seen.Junwei3 Apr 18, 2013
Apr 17, 2013 RPPvP Reroll <Bloodshield Warband> I would like to make an RPPvP reroll guild based on the old-school Horde. Kalimdor based, warband themed, perhaps not fully excluding but seriously biased against including Forsaken, Blood Elves, Warlocks and Death Knights. Players joining the cause would be expected to reach level 13 before becoming members. This allows Goblins and Pandaren to get out of their starting zones, as well as any orc, tauren or troll to wrap up their starting zone quests and begin working out of Ratchet/Crossroads/Azshara. We would focus on Kalimdor questing alone. Why Kalimdor? The story hook is straightforward - the guild is unhappy with the present state of the Horde. The inclusion of the Forsaken and the Blood Elves are seen as nothing more than desperate attempts at staying even with the growing Alliance, perpetuating a war that looks as though it might go on indefinitely. Our guild despises this show of "weak-minded thinking" in the way of allowing corruption and puppet politics a place where strength and honor has always ruled. Kalimdor's people may not have been strong in the face of the full might of the Alliance, but resorting to pandering to the needs and whims of the East is not making the Horde stronger, and the longer it persists, the deeper the dividing lines are being drawn. Notwithstanding, it's becoming clear that our present Warchief cannot be seen as fit to rule, any longer. Why Goblins? We are not fools, we Horde. We see the efforts being made to displace us, down in Theramore. We recognize the wrongs we have caused in Ashenvale and do not support our campaigns of deforestation and pollution. While we permit Goblins in our ranks, we do not condone their unchecked expansion and subsequent environmental abuses visited upon once beautiful Azshara, but we respect that everyone deserves their place in the world, and Deathwing has since displaced them from theirs. We will fight to the bitter end to ensure that the Goblins are not displaced for a second time. Why Pandaren? The Pandaren who follow the way of Huojin are our spiritual kindred. Even so, their arrival to Orgrimmar, their so-called "testing" of loyalties to our war-hungry Warchief, is an offense to any true member of the Horde. The Pandaren do not follow blindly the whims of another, and many are not happy at the feeling having been "duped" into joining the fractious Horde. They are searching for the honor, and the strength in action that was promised them. We do not wish for their choice to have been made in vain. Why Horde? At the beginning of this expansion, we were curtly asked to make a decision "Ask not why we fight. Instead ask, what is worth fighting for?" The Horde way of life, the common bond that was found when Thrall - his people worn and exhausted from years of slavery and many days at sea - still rallied to aid the beleaguered Tauren, the centaur having driven them almost to the edge of extinction. That is the spirit of the Horde we seek to exemplify. The Horde where a proud leader of a troll tribe can bend knee when he should, to a ruler whom he trusts, rather than be forced to bide his time and wait for a Warchief to make a mistake before displacing him, because he doesn't respect him. That is what being Horde implies. Listen to the ancestor spirits. Fight with honor. This is worth fighting for. Will blood elves and forsaken, warlocks and death knights be permitted to join this guild? On an individual basis, perhaps. Warlocks - never again will the lure of fel magic and the consorting with demons be tolerated. Gul'dan taught us this. As did Kael'thas. But we do acknowledge those who honor the way of the Horde. Why RPPvP? Because, sadly, we are at war, and those whom we are at war with do not always have the best intentions. We may not respect the choices made by others in our faction, but our people we will protect. Our lands we will defend. We understand the blurred line between retribution and naked aggression, and we will not cross it, however, we are prepared in the understanding that our enemies may, at any time. We will always be there to drive them back and destroy them, if need be. Where are our battlefields? Wherever foes exist that wish to destroy us. Kalimdor is large enough for those who inhabit it, but we understand that to keep it this way, there may be blood. Our Warchief has brought war and hardship to our people. We have need to protect them now more than ever before. Our enemies have many years of wrongdoing they may seek to exact vengeance for. It is our responsibility to ensure that the vengeance they seek is kept away from our gates, our lands. If a hand is raised against us, we expect it. If an army is raised against us, we will destroy it. This is our pledge. This is the pledge of the Bloodshield Warband.Denadrian1 Apr 17, 2013
Apr 17, 2013 Crackling jade lightning questions I love this spell. I love it so much. I want to incorporate it more into my character. But I am wondering how much I can do with this spell and what effects it can have. For example when a mage gets angry they might accidently shoot fire into the ground. Could the same happen to monks and their cracklin lightning. Can I use a sword to focus it. Or focus it onto someone's weapons. Do monks need to maintain a stance to summon the lightning or can it be built up and discharged through their body? Please help :)Minglina4 Apr 17, 2013
Apr 17, 2013 Why did your Pandaren join the Horde? Hello all, im having much trouble building some backstory as to why my Pandaren joined the Horde, I find myself having trouble justifying it. During my time in Pandaria I find myself pretty discouraged, and kinda regretting my decision. The idea of conquering Pandaria for the Horde, stealing ancient artifacts to obliterate more Alliance, and crushing any and all who oppose just doesnt sit well with my Pandaren. I dont like what the Horde have done to Krasarang Wilds, especially the Goblins with the oil rigs. I dont like Garrosh's view towards Pandaria or its ancient lore at all, and I cant help but think Pandaren just werent a solid fit for the Horde after all. So im wondering, why did your Pandaren choose Horde? Do you support their advances in 5.1? Im hoping hearing some of your stories will help put things in perspective for me, and perhaps re-instill that pride I had for the Horde back in the day.Shendao12 Apr 17, 2013
Apr 17, 2013 Paladin Battle Pet What are some good battle pets that fit a paladin.Punkt3 Apr 17, 2013
Apr 17, 2013 In game journal Is there an add on or some type of item that would allow me to keep an in game journal of experiences or travel that my character has in game? It would be amazing if I could have some type of way to keep one, it would really add to my immersion factor if I could write my thoughts about particular events that happened to my character when it happened. I probably could just write it in a macro and save it, but If there is such an addon or item I would love to hear about it and how to get it! This seems like somewhat of a ridiculous question, but I just want to know how others feel about this idea if there isn't one already. It might be fun to document my characters travels in game!Subman3 Apr 17, 2013
Apr 17, 2013 LF Somone Interested in Editing Guild Lore The draft the new website can be found on guildlaunch by searching my guild name. The guild lore is located on the second tab. It's two full chapters and the third is yet to come out til the end of the week but i'd really appreciate some feedback :) -Assertive Guild Leader, Crazy NinetyNineAssertive5 Apr 17, 2013
Apr 17, 2013 MRP question I recently switched from TRP to MRP due to the lack of support, and I've got one question. Is there any way to not display guild information in the tooltip? In case you happen to be a masked rogue who doesn't want to be identified, or something like that. On TRP you could make it practically empty... as it is, all I need is to get rid of "(X of <x>)" and the reiteration of my character's name (not the name RP name in MRP) underneath. I suspect this is imposed to prevent it from being abused, but in case it's not so... Can anybody give some advice?Vindus1 Apr 17, 2013
Apr 17, 2013 New Paladin seeking advice for RP. Hey guys, Im completely new to the idea of role playing and Im having some trouble getting started. I have a back story and "path" for my Paladin to follow but struggle really getting into character when Im approached in game. I figure it would be best to just go with the average, helpful, light following Paladin till I get more comfortable role playing. Would love to hear from some Paladin's on their stories/experiences. If anyone had any "tips" or advice on where a new role player should start it would be much appreciated.Vanrothe15 Apr 17, 2013
Apr 16, 2013 Looking for a RP home. Hello there fellow RPers, I figured I should ask around and see about getting bites. I currently am looking to join a guild, on any RP server, who wouldn't mind taking me in. I'm willing to start a new character on any RP server, provided the names I want aren't taken. I'm willing to be any of the following (Preferred is italicized); Horde: Blood Elf Warlock/DK/Monk/Rogue, Troll Warlock/Hunter/DK/Monk/Druid, Pandaren Monk/Shaman/Rogue. Alliance: Worgen Druid/Rogue/Warlock, Draenei Paladin/Hunter/Shaman/Monk, Night Elf Druid, Pandaren same as Horde. I prefer straight PvE, but a RP-PvP server would be okay, provided that I get help gearing up to stand a better chance. Thus far I've developed enough of a backstory for any of the choices to start off with, and I welcome help in fine-tuning. Feel free to contact me here or in-game (Nikki#1465). Thank you very much in advance.Vriska2 Apr 16, 2013
Apr 16, 2013 Into The Nothing Okay, There will be the use of fire runes by a rogue in this story as well as the use of shadowmancy. This is merely a story recounting the adventures of a guild and no god moding was intended. If this offends anyone I am sorry. "Do it! " she screeched at the mage. "Do it!" She wanted him to burn her. A crazed depraved smile could see on her scarred face until she realized her was casting a spell. It only took a few seconds for her to realize that it was a timed ice explosion. Large fragments of the ice orb went into the air and a grunt was heard as a large ice shard pierced the rogue in the stomach. She was pushed backwards , her feet making deep trenches in the ground. She stood ,dumbfounded. However, with adrenaline pumping through her veins she hardly felt any pain. "What's going on here?" a voice said. It was the mage's wife, the druid. Suddenly, the rogue felt weak in the knees, realizing what she had done. Summoning her gryphon, the rogue jumped onto his back and delivered a sharp kick to his sides. The creature screeched in surprise and in a few seconds they were in the air. Ignoring the calling from the comms, the woman flew into the night. Lemme know how this is. Once again, I didn't mean to gmod or offend anyone. Thank you for your time and more will be posted later.Otsania0 Apr 16, 2013
Apr 16, 2013 The Singing Lady ((Open RP)) ((I decided to make this while waiting to see if my closed RP gets started.)) The Singing Lady is a tavern, set on the coast of Dragonblight. The owner, a beautiful Blood Elf, a red dragon, whose name is never known by the patrons of the inn, is usually not around. The barkeep is a battle hardened Night Elf warrior who has not been in battle for years. His daughter works in the evenings as a waitress. The two chefs are a young Human female, and a Tauren male, both experienced in cooking. Upon seeing the tavern, one sees a stone building, windows boarded up and seemingly a cold building. As you get closer you can see firelight through the spaces between boards. As you approach the doorway, a sign stands above the door, nailed lopsided into the cracks of the stone building. It reads, The Singing Lady. Upon entering a sign against a nearby table reads, "No fighting!" in all capitals. There are booths and tables all over the room, several braziers around the room in strategic places, so even if it's crowded, no one could trip or knock them over. There is a fireplace next to a flight of stairs, and over the fireplace is the head of one of the many stags the roam Dragonblight. On the other side of the stairs is a heavy wooden door, with a sign saying, "Do not enter!" On another wall rests a counter, with glasses, dishes, a small open window, and casks of ale, beer, and wine. The tavern also has one floor of rooms. The rooms have a simple bed, warm blankets, a bedside table, a dresser, and extra blankets. An unlit lantern sits on the dresser and a candle sits on the table alongside a box of matches. ~~~~~~~~~~ Aliaa sipped a small glass of Pinot Noir, one of the wines they served at The Singing Lady. She smiled at her father as he cleaned a glass, and he smiled back, without looking up. It was creepy when he did that. She looked around the room, then went to stoke the fire in the fireplace. She sighed, hoping it wouldn't be too busy this evening. Aliaa looked towards the door as it opened, watching someone enter. . . ((And just in case it isn't clear, im the barkeeps daughter. :P Ok so anyways. . . Open to anyone. . . .))Elderhunter112 Apr 16, 2013
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Apr 15, 2013 Just wanted to say thanks.... Just wanted to say thank you for all those who read my article that was recently posted in WoWInsider. Your insight has helped me re-evaluate things, for those who have yet to read it please do! I am open to all manner of questions or suggestions. Apr 15, 2013
Apr 15, 2013 Better for MMOs to be story driven? Syl hits the nail on the head for me here. She lays this point out better than I ever could. Do we want to be lead by the nose by a main story? Or does that put limits on our imagination and personal experience? Would you not rather have your own story to tell when you're talking to people about x mmo you play all the time? Mmorpg players are certainly a different breed when it comes to story, imo. So lets hear it! Would you rather have a big story to play alongside, or would you rather have your mmo be sculpted by experiences and SMALLER stories scattered about your favorite mmo? More left to the mind, or more left to a story team?Voidin2 Apr 15, 2013
Apr 15, 2013 arcane monk can it work? Okay world's end so I have been thinking about this for awhile and I want some opinions. I made a night elf monk but I kind of don't want him to be a monk that uses Chi. I was thinking of making him an arcanist that is experimenting with using arcane magic to amplify his speed and strength and instead of using monk powers like chi blast he would instead be throwing an arcane barrage in place of it. The pros are it is possible based on the fact arcanist often experiment and develop spells on their own all the time and often have their own individual methods of using magic. The con is the fact there is no real reference in WoW lore of a spell caster using this method which is why I am going to say he is simply experimenting with it. One of the main characters I Rp is actually a mage and looking at what I have read about mages and the spell book in game I have found many ways to make a more mage version of each individual spell/ability in the monk spell book. Examples Chi blast=arcane barrage. Blackout kick=a kick with arcane elemental power behind it like fire or ice. Tiger's palm equals ice lance paunch. ect. What really want to know is how the rp community will react to it questions comments concerns please send them my way?Walegar5 Apr 15, 2013
Apr 15, 2013 CRZ brings RP civil war? WrA and MG are two of the biggest RP realms, and we share the same CRZs with eachother, along with Cenarion Circle, Sisters of Elune, and I think I've seen a few others running around...I can care less what happens in Elwynn Forest as my main RP areas tend to hang around are Darnassus, Teldrassil, and Moonglade. I'm finding it more and more common that arguments break out in general chat (Most often while in Teldrassil) about which realm is the best for RP...most often between Moon Guarders and Accordians. So why all the hate? RP is probably one the few things that CRZ should be able to make better! With the exception of Stormwind and Org, and Panda Land, you see the same people across all the realms that share CRZ with you, dramatically increasing RP opportunities. So what is with the server-elitism? Only real difference between MG, CC, WrA, SoE, and "other" for CRZ we are in is who's MRP/TRP2 profiles we can read, or use GHI with. Also, does this exist in other CRZ groups?Masayume12 Apr 15, 2013
Apr 15, 2013 Talk to Trixie Holla at cha its me Trixie Turner! I am fairly new to RP and I was wondering if this was a good story: Trixie was just a young little Goblin with her whole life ahead of her, that is, untill Boss Mida spoke to her in her dream. Boss Mida told her that the Horde faction was full of corruption (except for the Goblins, Undead, Trolls, and some Orcs and Blood Elfs) but anyways Boss Mida told her that she was to help Boss Mida become #Warchief 2013. Trixie felt honored that Boss Mida wanted her to do something like this for her, because Boss Mida was her mentor after all. So Trixie is out to help get Boss Mida recoganized as the true Warchief 2013, and she will do so at any cost (even if it means having to assissinate Karen Bloodhoof, Garrosh, and Gallywix herself).Trixìe2 Apr 15, 2013
Apr 15, 2013 Season in the Mist-sign ups-open rp There were many things that Alviira knew as a mage. The mysteries of Time and space were nearly second nature to her. But as a serious student of Arcane she also knew her lack of knowledge was far greater. Many things had tickled her mind as she explored Pandaria. Traveling with Lorewalker Cho was one of her brightest ideas so far. He was a kindly Pandaren and very rotund. Alviira was constantly reminded of her smaller stature when around the Lorewalker. He would offer her treats and tea, often chiding her she was much too thin. Alviira merely smirked and bowed to him with a smile. "I am just fine for a Sindorei, Lorewalker Cho. Would you be so kind as to help me in my research? I want to know more about this land and its people. The history itself only becomes riddled with more puzzles and new information constantly." her tone one of earnest pleading as she looked him in the eyes. Alas, even for all her wiles as a Sindorei, Lorewalker Cho merely shrugged and pointed out the scrolls and hangings that dotted the land. He rumbled on and on that records of the past were everywhere. You simply has to explore and find them. He was kind enough however to give her a special scroll that would help her to decipher these things and put them into their proper perspective. "But I am not Pandaren, how will I know if these scrolls are truth or if someone has altered them to suit their needs? Surely the many races here that make Pandaria home will try to manipulate things to better their position?" her logic was of course typical of a Sindorei noblewoman. She assumed all of them were out to make their particular race dominant. Which may or may not be true. Stroking his chin and contemplating his cup of brew for a very long time, the Lorewalker finally came to a conclusion. "I agree that some things may be similar to the rest of Azeroth in terms of basic politics. But there are things here in Pandaria that are different. The only way you will be able to see this is to travel the land and meet all of its races and beings. Then and only then will you even 'begin' to understand it. You must keep an open mind and spirit to seek the truths that exist. Be patient, be open, be aware of all around you. I have never claimed to know everything, for that is ignorance and pride speaking. I seek knowledge and enlightenment everyday. I suggest you gather a party together and explore Pandaria . May all of the Celestials guide you and help you along the way." Setting her cup of tea back on the table, Alviira rose and bowed deeply to the Lorewalker. "I will do as you suggest, I will seek out a few stalwart companions to aid me and together we shall explore Pandaria. I thank you for the tea and guidance." 1/2Alviira167 Apr 15, 2013
Apr 15, 2013 Season in the Mist-IC There were many things that Alviira knew as a mage. The mysteries of Time and space were nearly second nature to her. But as a serious student of Arcane she also knew her lack of knowledge was far greater. Many things had tickled her mind as she explored Pandaria. Traveling with Lorewalker Cho was one of her brightest ideas so far. He was a kindly Pandaren and very rotund. Alviira was constantly reminded of her smaller stature when around the Lorewalker. He would offer her treats and tea, often chiding her she was much too thin. Alviira merely smirked and bowed to him with a smile. "I am just fine for a Sindorei, Lorewalker Cho. Would you be so kind as to help me in my research? I want to know more about this land and its people. The history itself only becomes riddled with more puzzles and new information constantly." her tone one of earnest pleading as she looked him in the eyes. Alas, even for all her wiles as a Sindorei, Lorewalker Cho merely shrugged and pointed out the scrolls and hangings that dotted the land. He rumbled on and on that records of the past were everywhere. You simply has to explore and find them. He was kind enough however to give her a special scroll that would help her to decipher these things and put them into their proper perspective. "But I am not Pandaren, how will I know if these scrolls are truth or if someone has altered them to suit their needs? Surely the many races here that make Pandaria home will try to manipulate things to better their position?" her logic was of course typical of a Sindorei noblewoman. She assumed all of them were out to make their particular race dominant. Which may or may not be true. Stroking his chin and contemplating his cup of brew for a very long time, the Lorewalker finally came to a conclusion. "I agree that some things may be similar to the rest of Azeroth in terms of basic politics. But there are things here in Pandaria that are different. The only way you will be able to see this is to travel the land and meet all of its races and beings. Then and only then will you even 'begin' to understand it. You must keep an open mind and spirit to seek the truths that exist. Be patient, be open, be aware of all around you. I have never claimed to know everything, for that is ignorance and pride speaking. I seek knowledge and enlightenment everyday. I suggest you gather a party together and explore Pandaria . May all of the Celestials guide you and help you along the way." Setting her cup of tea back on the table, Alviira rose and bowed deeply to the Lorewalker. "I will do as you suggest, I will seek out a few stalwart companions to aid me and together we shall explore Pandaria. I thank you for the tea and guidance."Alviira57 Apr 15, 2013
Apr 14, 2013 Looking for the right RP server for me! Hello everyone! I've recently returned the World of Warcraft after a small hiatus, and I have been looking for an experience that will make the game fresh for me. I've always had an interest in RP and now it's time for me to pursue it. I want to transfer to an RP server, but I'm having a real tough time choosing where. Could someone give me a rundown of the really popular RP servers? I have a Pandaren that I'd like to bring to one of them, but I'm not sure if I want to be Horde or Alliance/which server would be best. I'm on EST time, but that wouldn't be a factor if the server is nice enough! I'm also looking to make connections with people in these servers, so I don't just transfer blindly and lose interest. With much appreciation, ThespisThespis2 Apr 14, 2013
Apr 14, 2013 Meet Magitha! Holla erebody! Me name is Magitha, Maggie fer short, and I would like to introduce me to yaselves. (I'm new to RP so hello!) NAME: Magitha Grimtotem Realm: Kel'Thuzad Level: 90 Age: Immortal Magatha Grimtotem was originally a evil tauren witch of the grimtotem clan. A dwarf who was once named Roxanne stumbled upon this powerful witch in Mulgore. She took off her hairband and used it to strangle the old tauren. After the vicious attack, Roxanne cut open the tauren's chest and consumed the heart. However- Magatha Grimtotem's heart was cursed, and her soul took over the helpless dwarf's body. Roxanne's spirit was lost forever, and her body is now instead being used by Magatha Grimtotem's soul.Magitha27 Apr 14, 2013
Apr 14, 2013 Fallen Hero- (My Toon's Story) "Slowly. In every way fear can get to you. To your heart. To your soul..."Drusana25 Apr 14, 2013
Apr 13, 2013 A new home Hello I only ask this after many hours of wondering through server after server. I am looking for an RP server. I prefer rp-pvp BUT Im willing to give up the pvp side. I have checked out a lot of servers rolling alts on most of them and checking out the major cities. Im disappointed to see that only Moon Guard has a world where the RP can be seen. I mean granted its funny to see so many character descriptions telling me what Im attracted to or how I feel about them but at least it is there. I would rather be around people with believable (within WOW) characters. However this has left me wondering if the RP on other servers hiding away or is it all done on chat? I have read post after post of people saying that there is RP on their server but when I get there it looks like any other PVE server. After wondering through a lot of servers I would never had guessed they were RP servers. It is like it does not exist. What Im interested in is during free time, being able to socialize and interact with other characters at cities, interesting locations, and guild RP if I am accepted. I like the idea that RP is around making Azeroth seem a little more real and alive. I remember once making an alt on an RP server many years ago and walking into the Inn's kitchen RPer: Are you a cook? Me: ... No maam I am not RPer: THEN GET OUT! I laughed so hard. I would like to find that again. Any help with finding a new home?Leashbreaker14 Apr 13, 2013
Apr 13, 2013 My friends have left WoW Well obvious to the name, my friends have left WoW. I've tried to get them back into the game but they refuse. I've tried to continue to play but im starting to see why they left. I know that WoW's story has more to offer but its just no fun without friends. So i'm trying to find some friends to just be on with so I wont have to cancel my subscription. I hope i can find a few, so if you are looking for a friend to talk to in WoW look for me on my realm Thorium Brotherhood.Bruti1 Apr 13, 2013
Apr 13, 2013 Looking for a Troll RP name (Sandfury), help! Hey everyone. I'm rolling up a new Troll Hunter (my third!) and I'd like to find a nice RP name to go with him. He has no backstory yet, but he's a Sandfury Troll of the Farakki tribe. On the server I'm rolling on (this toon is just a placeholder elsewhere), the names I had in mind were already taken - Sandtusk Oasis Drybreeze So I'm turning to you guys for help! Any Troll based names that go well with the desert, being a Sandfury troll belonging to the Farakki tribe and all? Thanks!Sandtusk4 Apr 13, 2013
Apr 13, 2013 Not sure where to post this. Little advice? So I'm looking to do a serious RP reroll however I know nothing about which servers are good which aren't and so on. I'm looking for a server with a good RP community obviously, but also a server that is friendly to new Roleplayers. Maybe helpful guilds and such. I would prefer Rolling Alliance however I will go Horde if anyone can recommend a good guild. I have always avoided RP due to my lack of imagination. I have always wanted to give it a proper chance though since it seems like something I would really enjoy. Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place but I was not sure where else to post this.Ilmatar3 Apr 13, 2013
Apr 13, 2013 Wildhammer war paint w/ new Character models. What do you guys think? My backstory involves alot of Wildhammer in me and I use TRP2's "War paint" since I wear the warpaint proud. ( I wear this mog because I was born a Bronzebeard and spent time with the Wildhammer after the Third war and I came back to join the Ironforge Military, wearing my old armor that was still stashed away.) Whew. ANYWAY! What are the thoughts about having war paint available at the character creation screeen? For now the Dwarves that we play are suppose to be Bronzebeard, however, since we have that Council of Three Hammers, I feel its only fitting that we are allowed aspects of Dark Iron and Wildhammer alike. I do feel that the sort of clammy skin of the Dark Iron is already there, so why not the war paint?Degno11 Apr 13, 2013
Apr 13, 2013 Why had Goldshire not been banned? Pretty straightforward question.. Why has Blizzard allowed the people running around in Goldshire (at least on Moonguard), to go unchecked? It makes our entire realm, and role-playing in general within WoW look bad.. Can't say how many times I've been in a BG, only to be shrugged off or trash talked for apparently being an "ERPer". Not to mention I'm relatively sure that some of the things they're doing there violate the TOS on multiple occasions. So, why is no action being taken against them? You can't tell me that Blizz doesn't know about this...Xintross41 Apr 13, 2013
Apr 13, 2013 Would a... Would a rp guild focused on claiming northrend from the scourge?Fairmir16 Apr 13, 2013
Apr 12, 2013 So, where's the party at? I missed out on all the big cross realm gatherings that happened in the past month or so due to work and I was wondering, where is the next big shin dig? What is it? when is it? go ahead advertise your get togethers!Smaragd4 Apr 12, 2013