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Feb 22, 2013 The Soul Crystals A long time ago, the aspects were formed. The people of Azeroth did know that they were dangerous, and that they were all-mighty beings, but they did not know one thing. The elemental aspects, even Ragnaros, grouped together to talk about the Soul Crystals. The Soul Crystals were not ordinary crystals that can harness magic, but they harnessed a great power, with a choice. Either you have fire bathe the world, and magma streams from everywhere, or you have a freezing tundra, with a climate that is almost uninhabitable. They were each kept in their own prison of crystals. You can tell by the colors, red and blue. The aspects thought and thought where to keep the crystals, when Therazane spoke. "We should keep the crystals in a bastion that no one would know. Many dangerous puzzles, and the key to the bastion was spread apart." The aspects thought of it and agreed. They had a test on which element will guard the bastion. A mere fire elemental, Ariknoth, was strengthened by Ragnaros. Ragnaros knew that with Ariknoth's wit, he could not lose. The champions of the aspects fought in the arena, and Ariknoth emerged victorious. When the elementals of all elements started constructing the temple, Ariknoth thought of something. "Power cannot be embraced if its whereabouts are unknown. I must add some sort of map to it." And so he did, with his magic. When the bastion was complete, it was magnificent. It was buried in the harsh landscape of Mount Hyjal. It featured an armory, a workshop, a labratory, a magical library, a barracks, a meeting room, and a throne. "When they find out, when they know the secret of the elements, they will come, and they will choose a harsh land, for they have no other choice." He slowly chuckled to himself. Mechanic Fritzgerald walked in. He was a regular gnome, but his height was enlarged, and his body streamed with flames. "Master? The tracking device is completed."Talakuu0 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 22, 2013 Am I The Only One ..who bases their transmog off of fanfiction or short stories based on WoW? I'm not that serious of a roleplayer, when I do it it's a rare thing, but yesterday I started writing short stories about my in-game characters, including their background and some events in their "lives." I figured seeing as I'm writing these stories I may as well have them look the part in-game so it feels a little more alive in the personality of the character. I haven't finished this one yet, but I've done my rogue, my warlock, my pally / warrior, and priest if anybody's interested. It may just be me being my strange self, but I'm curious. Does anybody else do this, whether its your own little story or something off of the lore?Mystiecub8 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 22, 2013 (OOC) Recruitment for a themed heavy RP guild Hello all. I'm here to recruit for The Highland Cohort. We're a ReRoll Heavy RP guild. We are in a desparate need for members We are not up and running yet, due to a lack of a members. We are still trying to decide on a server, as well. So far the basis for the back story is the air raid gone wrong in the twilight highlands. As each and every member of the horde was called to battle, Hellscream made a mistake in leaving all of the combatants aboard the air ships all but defenseless. After washing ashore into what was essentially an all out warzone, members gathered together to fight for survival. After the smoke cleared, those still alive decided to stay together and act outside of Hellscream's reckless command. It essentially is much like how the horde came into being itself. Brought together through distress and survival. We have spots open for both officers and regular members. We intend to be involved in PVP and Raids once we get to that point. We have a site up and running for the guild. The address is I realize that this isn't a very promising situtation, but the members we have are very dedicated to making this work. All we need is more people. Thank you for your consideration, i hope to see you with us.Dulhar0 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 22, 2013 A homoncules could it be done? Alright so I'm kind of curiouse about this. Could a creature be created through a combination of magic and alchemy that resembled a mortal being but effectivly had no soul. I am pretty much thinking something like the creatures from Full metal alchmist except they wouldn't have all the ridicules powers and could be killed like any other mortal being. I am sure this would involve a lengthy process and maybe certain types of magics that are frowned upon but could it be done?Walegar17 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 21, 2013 Tales of Being Awesome II So me and my crew get hired on by a squad leader in the Kor'Kron army. This sniveling little orc thought he was hilarious; tried to shaft me on my pay. After a very intense wall-to-wall conversation (I can be VERY serious when it comes to monetary gain), he agreed to pay me in full with the usual "Booze n' Gold" deal I had set up. It was to go to this Alliance fort and just wreck the place, now you gotta realize they got these paladin dudes called Vindicators, draenei idiots and what-not. *sips her ale* Well, we take the HMS Flaming Kamikaze out to scope the place and an idea rang out in my head...we had an old shredder that I retro-fitted with some homing Land Shark missiles, diamond-bladed buzzsaws, and a steam-powered spring-jump system. We got a little antsy after I was doin' some repairs because the Alliance saw us. Sent me falling on top of the old shredder straight to the ground. What did I do next you ask? *downs the rest of her ale* I repaired mid air...yeah no lie! And I got in and landed, hitting the springs forward and launching everything I got to clean the courtyard. After sending up a flare the crew on the zeppelin were using the heavy machine cannons to clear the rest...I had a commanding officer to kill. So I kill and maim my way up to the top and there he of the Vindicators I told you about. Was just me and him in a fair fight...get it? FAIR FIGHT! *laughs loudly* He charges and I jump over him (thank you rocket boot attachments!) and I turn around, hitting him with my grappling launcher. So get this, I swing him over my head like he was some gyrocopter blade and I drop a land mine in front of me. I let the guy go after swinging upwards. Running off the balcony I take a leap, exploding the whole top off the fort and landing on my feet like a damn boss! Now you gonna sit here and gawk or you gonna buy me another drink?Arralin5 Feb 21, 2013
Feb 21, 2013 Ancient Evil Arises-rp sign ups The peace of Darnassus was an illusion. They tried to hide it, but the time of the elves was slowing coming to a close. Many thousands of years they were the Keepers of the land, Guardians of the Ages. Peace and harmony had never been restored to the war torn continents. Darkshore was oblitorated by the horde war machine, the forests of Ashenvale cut and burned. Hyjal remained in the hands of the druids but only because of its importance in the health of the land. The rest of Kalimdor belonged to orcs and trolls and Tauren. Scattered pockets of humanity still held on in stubborn defiance. But they fought a losing battle, even as they fought, their children died from disease and unhealthy inbreeding. The draenei had been forced to abandon the irradiated islands of Azure and Bloodmyst. There was talk of them repairing the Exodar and leaving the planet. Some stubbornly refused to give up and leave the land they had come to love. They retreated to the Eastern Kingdoms. Stubbornly taking over the Wetlands and making it their new home. From there they created a bulwark with the dwarves and held the line between Arathi and the lower Kingdoms. Dun Morogh and the lands below the great divide created by Deathwing held on in stoic stubbornness. There was talk of the trolls making some kind of renewal with the Loa in Stranglethorn, but the goblins in Booty Bay hired more thugs to keep their city neutral. High in the mountains of Northrend the cold managed to force most of the natives to return to their ways that held them so many centuries before the Lich King came. Vyrkul and Tuskarr and Wolvar ruled the lands in tribes that sometimes traded, other times fought over the resources. Humans were here as well, but they were a hardy lot and often as not sided with one of the native tribes and worked as mercenaries. Pandaria managed to control the Sha enough to keep it from spreading to the other continents, but not without cost. Their culture was corrupted by the very allies they welcomed into their land. Both Horde and Alliance had a presence there and war was never far from anyones mind. Into this mix of Cold War and hot skirmishes, a prophet arose. A draenei born into the Land of war and strife, Nakilla grew fast. When she was but a teenager, very young by draenei standards, she predicted the rise of great turmoil in the land. She could not voice her dreams, for fear of the ridicule and anger it would provoke. She told only one person, her mother, Belitta. The elder draenei was fearful after that dream materialized. She did not want her daughter to suffer the anger and insults of a fledgling prophet. Therefore she told no one. Now that things were still happening and Nakilla had dreamt them all and told only her mother, the elder knew it was time to take the young draenei to someone in authority. But Belitta did not know who to approach. Stalling for time and hoping nothing would happen to threaten them in the meantime she kept Nakilla quiet and occupied with her learning in the old ways. But time waits for no one, and so it happened one day that Nakilla fell to a vision of such clarity and import she screamed in terror. The only one who was with her at the time...her close friend Raevien Nightsong did not know what to make of the babbling draenei. Her voice shifted from Common to Draenei in such terror the poor Kaldorei was confused and worried at the same time. Finally the vision faded and Nakilla lay still on the floor of the small apartment in Stormwind. Raevien sat and wrote down what she could remember of the words of the prone draenei. But she did not get it all. Allowing her friend to sleep, Raevien fetched the mother, Belitta and showed her the notes. The cryptic message was clear to the elder draenei. An ancient Evil was about to be unleashed on the whole world. And they had to find brave adventurers to destroy it. 1/2Raevien9 Feb 21, 2013
Feb 21, 2013 The Chronicles of Laers (Newest: Epilogue) Edit: Well, it's been quite an adventure writing this story. I couldn't help but feel a little sad as I was writing the epilogue because I had so much fun writing this :D I want to give special thanks to Brand and Kassalia for helping me make it better and giving me a swift kick in the rear when I needed it. I'm glad you guys were so entertained by the stories! Maybe I'll write a new series about his adventures in Pandaria if I get enough motivation to :) -Laers If I get any positive feedback whatsoever (and negative feedback is wanted so I don't suck at the same thing for every story I write), I'll continue doing these. They will get more in depth and they will all show the important parts of Laers' life as he grows older and the events that helped shape him into the Monk he is at the present day. This one is low-key, shorter, and here to give you a reference point as to how much he changes throughout the stories (if you so choose to follow along with them). This is his earliest story that takes place when he's 14. Enjoy! :D Chapter 1: The Climb “Hurry up! You don’t want a girl to beat you to the top of the mountain, do ya?!” “I’m gonna pummel you when I get up there, Jessica.” “You have to get up here first!” This was their fourth week of their new tradition. Laers and Jessica both decided to try something new and after he pitched the idea of exploring some new area of Dun Morogh every weekend, well, that’s what they’ve been doing because Jessica could’t think of a better idea. They’d been best friends since they were adopted as toddlers, and they’ve learned that Laers was the brains and Jessica was the looks. They finally reached the top of the mountain peak and the view was breathtaking. They could see the gates of Ironforge in the distance, the Amberstill Ranch, and the Gol’bolar Quarry. “So, is this everything you hoped it’d be?” asked Jessica with a mocking tone. He was in awe at the panorama before him, so he hesitated before answering “It’s.. awesome..” “Well, make it better!” She mimicked him playing his flute. “Come on, you said you’d play if I beat you to the top!” “Alright..” Laers sighed as he took out the flute. He had only been playing it for a year, and he wasn’t what you’d call confident in playing in front of people yet. He played a familiar tune, and she sang along the words of “Loch Modan”– an old Dwarven folk song that they both loved. He gazed over the landscape one last time and felt one with himself as he usually did when he was in the wild, then looked at Jessica and he felt his heart sink. He was in the vicious circle that every teenager feared; the predicament of boy loves girl, girl is just friends with boy. The song finished, and Jessica stood up and clapped. Laers was too shy to accept any complement so he just put his flute away. “It’s getting dark, we wouldn’t want the geezers getting mad at us, especially your dad” said Jessica. “What’s he gonna do? Beat me with his beard?” “You’re just jealous you can’t grown one!” Laers held his head down in defeat (she was right, after all) and Jessica laughed and pulled him down the trail. He counted this outing as a success on the count of him not embarrassing himself as much as he was used to. They headed home and went along with their night as usual.Laers143 Feb 21, 2013
Feb 21, 2013 Need help for story for my monk healer I am trying to come up with a story involving my monk mist weaver that use to be a pretty skilled swordsman but now heals. During his travels he somehow broke his arm leaving his tendons unable to manipulate the intricate moves of sword thrusts for long periods of time. He was given an enchanted sword that allows him to manipulate his chi into a healing mist when using his sword as a medium to channel it since his training as a Kujustsu master has allowed him to channel his chi in an offensive manner. Anyone have any ideas on how to enhance or make this seem a bit better?Fomortis4 Feb 21, 2013
Feb 21, 2013 RP Reroll Guild (Updated) UPDATE: I made a basic forum for people to start looking for people to form backstories with, as well as look for people to RAF with if they choose. As well as I made a forum so we can start voting on a guild name and a server to roll onto. Current Website (Name will be changed when finalized): I posted this on the guild recruitment forum but the majority is all people looking for a pve/Pvp guild and doesn't have much to do with RP at all. So I figured I'd post it here as well I've been really wanting to make a full on reroll RP guild, preferably on an rp-Pvp server, but I wasn't sure if something like this was already in the works. So this is a post asking if something like this is already going, or is there an interest? I'm an experienced player who's played since vanilla and I'm a capable guild leader but no reason to try to build something if it is already in the works. I'd like to make a forum so everyone could talk before hand, decide the server we want to roll on, faction, and allow some people to forge a bit of history with their characters before they make them. I think this would add to the depth of characters and make it more interesting leveling to grow with people from the beginning. I think it'd be cool to have deep ties with someone else's character immediately, like have someone roll your brother, father, good friend from the third war, etc. Or already have someone you have a vendetta against that festers or is resolved... If there is decent demand for this I'll start putting things together. Tell me your thoughts, thanks.Grimrune14 Feb 21, 2013
Feb 21, 2013 Tales of Being Awesome Part 1 So there I was, with my crew of idiots. "Two-Toes" Grindgear was our sniper that job, boy that goblin had a good eye. Anyways where was I? OH RIGHT! So there I was, getting hired on to do a job for this rich, smelly undead guy who wanted to buy some land in Northrend, unfortunately, and the bonedaddy didn't tell us this, there was a small nest of dragons there, but one in particular was being a complete jerk to this area. We were gettin' paid in booze and money so I obviously said yes. We took our zeppelin, the HHS "Flaming Kamikaze", and there it was...the biggest damn red dragon I've ever seen, so naturally I had an idea. I drew my axes see? And I ran off the side of the zeppelin, timing the jump to work with my rocket boot attachments to land on its back; I promptly buried both axes into its back! What next you ask? Well, the big red lizard went bonkers and was flying around. Ironically I saw an Alliance vessel, now you know I had to do it. What, don't gimme that look! I flew the dragon STRAIGHT into the balloon of the zeppelin, blowing it and the ship up in one swoop. I pull the string on my Gob-Tek Undercloak Parachute System™ and that is why I'm hired to get jobs done.Arralin9 Feb 21, 2013
Feb 21, 2013 Looking for a server! I want to get into the rp world, and transfer my shammy to one of the servers. but before i do, i would like to figure out which server would be just right. Im going to be horde, and end-game raiding would be nice. I would enjoy it if im not the only one rp'ing, so a decent population of rpers would be nice as well. I highly appreciate any comments / feedback!Hiangmai2 Feb 21, 2013
Feb 21, 2013 Playing An Instrument In-Game? Need help. So, in this character's background he played a few different things and I want him to start again. The main one was a piano. I believe they would have them, with all the other things they have they're bound to have some type of piano made by now. Anyway, I'm not sure how I would really type him playing it. It's not like I can really make the sound of it with the text, and personally I haven't played one more than once or twice before so I am not very good myself. I was thinking of finding some less famous piano songs and have him play them, and link the song to the person he is playing for. Of course he wouldn't say he made it, simply heard it and learned it. But I am not sure if that is a good idea or not.. Thoughts? And if not, what do you suggest doing? Because I really don't want to just type that he is playing. I've also thought of having him learn the lute, but I am not sure I will or not. Just a thought.Malgrain3 Feb 21, 2013
Feb 21, 2013 Not to sure where to post this? Not to sure where to post this? i guess ask this form Role play stand point. [Forever-Lovely Rose], [Vile Fumigator's Mask] need to be TransMogable items blizzard what point of transmogs if you can use the items you really like. Make this Happen!!!! P.S. Transmoging these itmes hurt nothing, and do nothing to unbalance the game in anyway.Moneybaggs4 Feb 21, 2013
Feb 20, 2013 Idea for RP and blog I posted this into General Discussion originally, but after hunting around was hoping to get more input in World's End tavern. Thanks Hi all! I have been mashing around an idea in my head for a while now. I have been playing WoW since about '05. I have come and I have gone, numerous times. Lately, I have been burning out on the daily grind...5 90s could do that to a person...and have been thinking of a new direction to take the game. I started out as Horde and played toons up to 85, and then with life and friend changes my toons soon found themselves changed and fighting for the Alliance. I have had most every type of toon and have played all the starting zones. I need something fresh. So I am thinking about creating a new toon, on a new server and start the game fresh and slow. My thought is to really try and dive into a pure RP role and then blog the experience of my toon. The format would be letters home to a beloved while trying to find my place in this crazy world of WoW. By writing about my experience, it will force me to really dive into the character and the storyline. A curse of having played for so long is you have a tendency to rush, rush, rush. I thought I would try to get to my noob days and get in touch with the game. Initial thoughts are a Tauren hunter of the Thunderhorn clan, around the age of 45. Parents were killed by a band of Barrens Centaurs some 15 years ago and I have using my survival and nature skills to live off the land. During my travels I made it to Mulgore, prior to the Cataclysmic events caused the great wall to be built. While in Mulgore I met a female tauren shaman. Our relationship grew, but I have been called by nature to travel the worlds but vow to return to her one day. I am planning on chronicling his adventures by way of letters home to his beloved talking about the people he met and the dangers he encountered along his way. So for all you hardcore types, I would be interested to hear your thoughts and ideas. Is this something you would follow? Have you seen anything like this?Pluckewe2 Feb 20, 2013
Feb 20, 2013 The EPIC System In RP, we have recognized a small spectrum of roleplaying styles over the years. Light RP is considered entry level, identified by the RP community as those individuals who RP purely for entertainment purposes, but who will go off and raid, visit the AH, chat with friends and everything else besides. These players may not even have the same backstory on any given day, and will RP when it is enjoyable and they have time for it. Medium RP is the nebulous threshold we have always flirted with. This category belongs to those players who have a healthy respect for lore, have some RP experience, but are still equally interested in pursuing regular raids, or PvP, or other non-RP-centric things. These players normally don't deviate from their original backstory (although it may change) and their characters more often than not have had some thought put into their names, and to a lesser extent, the gear that they wear. Heavy RP is that category that involves those players who have developed their character's with RP as their primary focus. They make every effort to remain in character, often times outside the boundaries of normal RP scenarios. At the furthest end of this spectrum, some players will even whisper in character, and will walk through dungeons, and will make deep studies of the lore in order to flesh out their backstories with accurate detail. And then there are the EPIC roleplayers. EPIC is the short form for Extreme Playing In Character, and it is a step beyond Heavy RP. Where a Heavy RP player strives always to remain in character, a player using the EPIC system does not acknowledge the OOC world at all. In other words, an EPIC roleplayer doesn't acknowledge the fact that there is even a "roleplayer" at all ... they are simply the character. How do they accomplish this? The setup is quite simple. You need only play by three easy rules: EPIC Rule #1 - Remove All OOC-Related Streams Of Information You're running through the woods, being chased by a bear, when you turn around and blast it X damage. You're character doesn't see "how much damage" they do but they can see that their attack hurt the bear. Anything you can do to remove numbers from your screen, do it. Remove loot information. Remove data tracking. A good trick is to use the following command /Run UIErrorsFrame:SetAlpha(0) This shuts off all of your error script as well as your quest tracking data. It makes collection quests actually feel random instead of "I need the scalps of 7 hyenas, no, don't ask why, just bring me exactly 7, and don't come back until you have 7". You should also shut off irrelevant chat channels. Essentially, the only chat channels you should leave open are /say, /yell, /emote and anything in-game mobs can do. The reason being is that these are all proximity based communications, and not communications that can be picked up an entire continent away. This concept extends to global channels like /trade and /general. You should also shut off the minimap. Yes hunters, this applies to you, but seriously, when someone gives you a direction, do you really have a magic map that does most of the work for you? Toggle off your minimap. Make use of the right addons as well. TotalRP2 has the benefit of being able to use "relative level display" on mobs and other players. This allows for players to only guess at the approximate strength of a particular unit in-game, and not have a number illustrating exactly how strong they are. Apply this same logic to any other addons you feel might enhance your experience. EPIC Rule #2 - Follow The Story You know that little blurb that accompanies the start-up of a new character? That little blurb is specific to your character. It tells you who you are, where you're from, what you're supposed to do. How you deviate from this path otherwise is up to you, but more strongly than any backstory, that opening sequence is the modis operandi for your character. Take it to heart. You were godmoded by Blizzard. Don't feel restricted by it. Use it to your advantage! But your story doesn't end with that opening segment. There are choices you will need to make, friends that will influence your choices, and a whole score of people who will not make any sense at all. Respond as your character would respond. Help who you would help. Deflect where you would deflect. Fight where you would fight. The important thing is not the quests you might be on or the battleground you might be embroiled in, but rather, the relationships you build, the individuals you are willing to assist. Which brings us to the last rule.Manehiro25 Feb 20, 2013
Feb 20, 2013 What to do? I have been playing wow for quite some time. I have to say that there was a time, there were many times that the game was fun and exciting. Sadly I feel and fear those days are gone. See, i am not an elite player but I do have several 90's. What is so disappointing is that I can be in a group and we never die. I miss the days when even a heroic dungeon could be lost by the inability of one caster, one trapper, or one good tank. Thgese days I can run heroics on any of my toons with little effort, tanking, dps and even healing. On the other hand netflix and other on demand type sites are benefiting. I just wonder though, after 6-7 what am I going to do when my renewal comes up?Evelaa1 Feb 20, 2013
Feb 20, 2013 Too Err Is Human (Part Three) ((To make things a little easier (And so i don't just have a useless OOC post for the OP) I'll add the last post from the old forum into the OP.)) "Well, lets not delay any longer. The sooner we get going, the better." Raniel commented quietly, before following the others out of the citadel. "This won't be easy regardless of how many people we have. Dalaran is a big place. Lots of places the cult can be hiding..." ____________________________ Rrazz shrugged slightly. She didn't have much she could add at this point. She was hardly the stealthy type. So if anyone was going to be going down there it would be Keeneth or Melina. Not her. Melina continued to watch the town silently. She was eager to move, but she wouldn't take any chances by rushing into things. For now at least she would wait until a proper decision was made. "Better you then one of us. You're about the only one that could make it there and back." Karosh admitted after a moment, before falling silent as well. he wasn't about to send anyone off to risk their necks. But he wasn't about to stop them either.Rraazz209 Feb 20, 2013
Feb 20, 2013 Feathermoon and RP So I've been questing around WOW for a while now on the feathermoon server with my first character, and have come to find a complete lack of RP (for an RP server, especially). I've been invited to several guilds and none of them seem interested in RP. Maybe I'm going about things the wrong way, but I was wondering what other players' experiences were with RP on this server.Sidney2 Feb 20, 2013
Feb 20, 2013 Argent Dawn Server I see lots of folks plugging their servers all the time. My server's population is pretty quiet, so I'll talk about my server and why it might be one for you: Argent Dawn: PVE-RP EST. Alliance outnumbers Horde 2-1 (according to wowprogress). One of the original wow servers. AD is one of those servers that has activities other than just RP, such as raiding and PVP. Its is possible to be both a RPer and do progression raiding. We're not the biggest or the best, we're like the (possibly) lovable underdog. Both factions have a RP community communication channel, though it is more active Alliance side. The channel is UnitedAD. We boot/ban trolls and doesn't afraid of anything. Like all RP servers, AD has its good and its bad. From players who want realistic play, to people who are a little silly, to people who might be a little OP. Alliance welcomes pretty much anyone, including me, a OOC Horde spy. :p (Horde isn't opposed to new folks either.) Things like ERP don't seem to be a subject of RP in the channels and active player within them though there may be some people around Pornshire. AD might actually be a squeaky clean server, or darn close. Alliance RP happens at various times, most folks are happy to announce if they are doing something. There are a few RP guilds, but a lot of folks that just are there. Sometimes people hold events, from festival get-togethers to crashing high class parties (RPing your character RPing another character, its like inception), to wandering the desert in search of buried treasure, to trying to put a stop to illegal drug flow. Lack of Silvermoon portal hit Horde RP in the knee in Cata but there is a growing interest. Hordeside RP is often done within guilds but there are a number of people scattered about who just want to play. Who is welcome: Everyone is welcome, new players included. Some of our veterans can help you get set in for some RP. We don't bite unless you're into that sort of thing. Join channel ( /join UnitedAD ), say "Hey, I'm new to the server/to RP" and you'll likely get help (unless you're trying at super odd hours, then you might get to deal with me. /insomnia). Who our dream players are: I can't speak for everyone but I'm willing to speak up (others are welcome to make additions). This is the consensus I've found: Several of us would like to see more players who are interested in playing realistic character and situations rather than over the top types. People looking for meaningful rp, including adventures and getting away from ye olde tavern. Reasonable IC actions yielding fair IC consequences and players having fair representation of their characters' abilities. Yep.Lynet2 Feb 20, 2013
Feb 20, 2013 A slice of priesting (story) (I love random new things, and had the notion to simply queue for a normal heroic run and just write what came after - in quite arguably more colorful terms.) Blue... blue and gold... That's what she saw as she counted out the tiles and rings, staring at the ceiling of the Shrine of Stars. Waiting never came easy to the priest, and it was doubly difficult at times like these. Her contact had offered the contract easily enough, but waiting to meet the other mercenary members of her temporary crew idled away the precious motes of time that make up a life. "Offensive, really" her thoughts sprang holding the crude square of vellum up to her gaze, a dyed number ingrained into the surface. "A number.." her mutters flowed freely as she the endless counts and recounts of the tiles began anew. It was only instinct that saved her as she pondered a quick hopeful sprint to the other side of the shrine... but the priest had learned all too well that her number would be up, if she were not there. The wait continued... The slow creep of a cowl had treacherously snuck onto her face as her number did indeed begin to glow, the time of the gathering beginning. Waiting further for each of the others to respond, the tile count shifted oddly.. Soon after the shrine glimmered into extinction from her view. A howl of white and pain struck at the priest. Even by her namesake, the whips of bitter cold lashing at her face seemed relentless and cruel. The endless screams of white ripping past her lent the storm a dark fury as she approached the gate, turning to see four others around her. Their course was set irrevocably as warm air and the dull thud of the massive monastery door closed, and the priest's eyes began their roaming, sharpened by countless thousands of such dangerous tasks with mercenaries before. Her slender elven nostrils flared amused as each were viewed and evaluated in turn. "The soak.." the priest thought to herself as she looked over the massive musclebound paladin. Scarcely did her head tilt as her gaze traveled past the frowning death knight, the pulsing untamed blade on his back seeming to mimic his demeanor. "How very natural they are.." the priest murmured to herself, glancing down at herself briefly before a pride-slicing chastisement kept her rooted in her surroundings. The two other women did not escape the merciless gaze either. The rogue barely registered, another night elf.. easily forgotten and easily overlooked. Better that way, the priest was sure as she smiled sure the rogue sculpted such an aura. The hooved shaman's glow in stark contrast, the priest's eyebrows raised slowly with a smile. It was time. The thought raced a quicksilver path through all at once, a chorus of glowing light and sound unifying their intent and purpose. None looked about, but the sharing was complete and quiet settled. It was, as it had been in a thousand battles before, the final silence before it all began... and begin quickly it did, the paladin racing towards the assortment of guards, their unkempt and matted black fur the first sign something truly was amiss in the monastery. The death knight's stance grew, ascending to his dark and foul purpose to exist. To lament a murder is but a trifle to the endless falling slumps of humanoids in dark and corrupted fur fell to the floor, the off smell and sure taint of darkness a cruel offset to their at times disarming appearance. The priest took no pleasure in their deaths. How many had been slain by her hand or by her help? She chuckled to think of the impossibility of even knowing such a number. "Legion.." she said with a guilty satisfaction, only her faith in the light keeping her from the nightmare of meeting that legion of souls should the powers of damnation rend her soul into darkness. Time, so uncontrollable and universal in control. The priest waved her hand dismissively at the tank, casting a mild penance upon him for the time it was taking. The creeping scowl had returned to her visage, the pressure of time always on even the seemingly ageless elves. Decades of vicious hate do not temper such a thing, the routine of it only forcing its unbearable angst to fuller view. Her face as cold as her name, even the mild scowl as she had waited earlier seemed of another age. The priest repeated the mantra, her fists ever glowing brighter with light as she chanted the litany of murder. "... with my mind." she ended as the first rays of light broke from the dawn of her hands, assailing the once pandaren and now hate-filled beasts. To smite a thing, righteous judgement and fury must be laid upon it by the gods themselves... and so it was, the pride of Elune and the fury of will casting the pandaren to the floor from which they never again stood. Death, again. All dead. Another set she hoped not to meet past the fiery gates. The priest made a silent nod.Snowfox2 Feb 20, 2013
Feb 20, 2013 I am looking for a Horde RP server. I was on the Earthen ring and it was very absent their excluding a few guilds. Moonguard is nice but it seems to be very alliance favored... and every guild on moonguard/alliance seems to be military themed ohh joy.Darmonic2 Feb 20, 2013
Feb 20, 2013 Cross Fraction? (Closed Rp!!) I am making a completely new thread because I have things more specific now and it seemed like a better idea. The first one was Cross Fraction rp. I do apologize if I am not supposed to do that. Now that's out of the way, I will start with my idea. The Main Idea(s): ~~Horde on the Alliance side~~ A male (or group containing) is a spy for the Horde and has traveled into Alliance territory (the area depends on the race). All is going to plans as they stay out of sight and gather information. However, they are spotted by a young night elf girl (early to mid 20's). Instantly she tries to attack them, however she is not very strong. Thinking they can use her to somehow get their freedom if spotted again, they take her as prisoner. With the information gathers, the Horde decide to head home. At the border they would have let the girl go, or possibly sell her as a slave on Horde territory (<- this can be taken out altogether, but it is an idea for them to have in there head. IT WOULD NOT ACTUALLY HAPPEN IN STORY). However, they come across a group of Scourge who are planning their own attack on both the Horde and Alliance. The group is attacked and in order to live, they must all work together. {or they run into a different common enemy that they must face...] OR ~~Alliance on Horde Side~~ The young Night elf decides to indulge her curiosity and travels into Horde territory. She is supposed to be a spy, however she took the mission simply to learn more about the different races and culture of the Horde, since she has a odd fascination with finding out more about them. However, while in Horde territory, she is spotted and captured by a group of soldiers. She is to be put to death, however one soldier cannot let it happen. His past is full of death of the innocent, and he cannot let this girl die after hearing her story of being innocent and only curious. He decides to help her escape the camp and help her to freedom. However, he will be marked as a traitor and will be wanted himself. Can they survive? What I'm Looking For: * A group of Horde (or possibly traitor Alliance??) characters with at least one male in the group (tragic past preferred) * Characters that are any of the fallowing Horde races: Undead, Troll or Blood Elf (preferred) * Someone dedicated!! I want this rp to last a good while! Please! Also, someone with a flexible schedule. Seriously, I have a 4 month old and I am about to start college in a few months, I understand everyone has their own lives. However I need someone willing to post (at least once)at least every 3-4 days). * Someone who isn't a grammar-!@#$% (because I am not very good at grammar, though I do try!!) and is patient with people who are new to WoW. Not saying I don't know anything, because I have been reading up on it, but I haven't had the time to finish it... Where: Honestly, I prefer forum so times don't conflict. Also, having a 4 month old makes the time I have online VERY sporadic. Ok, I think I covered everything this time. Hopefully I will get a response. Also I an open to all suggestions and ideas!! If you have any questions, comments please post here or message me. Thanks for reading :)Xentala2 Feb 20, 2013
Feb 19, 2013 Alyson Anittle hey guys just wondering if anyone would no anything or have any sights that could help me learn more on Alyson Anittle (one of the 4 possible adds with the Hex lord in ZA), i have found a few sights but they dont go into any great detail :( feel free to comment here or talk to me ingame if u can help out :)Elúné7 Feb 19, 2013
Feb 19, 2013 There Comes a Time-rpers needed In the course of events in my current storyline, things are getting hectic and interesting. We have an opportunity to make things happen on Cenarion Circle, to open up the server for new faces to join in the fun. On every server there are little quirks that make them special. Sometimes it is hard to find a niche. Sometimes you don't know who to ask for rp or how to get involved. We have a channel that invites the regulars to the events they stage and to build friendships. But newcomers often feel overwhelmed with the warmth of welcome and the stories that abound between long running guilds and their friends. ( the channels are allianceooc and hordeooc respectively) They see banter between people they have not met yet and wonder how to fit in. They may be shy and afraid to start anything. They may even assume that since they are low level when they roll here that they cannot join in. Nothing could be further from the truth!! This server is the most fun I have ever had in WOW. And we welcome new rpers and veterans alike to join in the mayhem. Some of us have serious storylines. Others love to sit in the tavern and tell tall tales and flirt. Some are willing to give you some bags and a few gold pieces to get you started. THAT'S RIGHT!! And we have open recruitment on plenty of guilds. Some offer cookies. (No guarantee on that, but I heard it mentioned a few times) You don't even have to bein a guild to find rp! But it helps if you have MyRolePlay. If you are seeking a friendly server with helpful folks who are willing to steer you to the right places and people, then come to Cenarion Circle!Sylviagray0 Feb 19, 2013
Feb 19, 2013 Kor'kron Annihilator Usage In-Character Is it valid? My guild and I were curious about it when we all spontaneously mounted onto them at the same time. It looks a bit silly, but I can't find a reason why it wouldn't be valid. We decided to ask on the forums before appearing goofy, though.Grashgar3 Feb 19, 2013
Feb 19, 2013 Midnight Rose Society. (RP-PVE) Recruiting! If you're looking for a place to make new friends, travel the world and make a profit, you've found it! Midnight Rose Society is going to be a close-knit community that mainly works to sell wares to the public, but also to be our own little traveling community. Right now, we are very small because we are starting over again, but we are a level 25 guild with free repairs, etc. We are still in the founding stage of everything, so any help is appreciated. We allow all experience-levels of RPers, but I really would like people with the common knowledge of Roleplaying. Here are the main things being recruited. -Guards for when we travel and set up shop. (Paid for their work, no set price yet.) -Merchants, the people who will mainly be selling items. -Gatherers (May change that name, may not even keep it.) the ones whose main job is to gather items for merchants that you work for. -Employers, the higher officers or almost officers, that you go to, to hire someone to help you, or to find a job. -Secretaries, those who do the biddings of the Chief, also paid. And really...Anyone is welcome. GHI is fun and I have it, you do not have to have it to join, but it is fun to have.Káthe0 Feb 19, 2013
Feb 19, 2013 Savior of the Damned - IC Open RP (Hi! This is my first attempt at an RP thread sooo don't criticize too harshly lol thinking bout writing down the story if it gets good and if I post it online or possibly publish ill give credit where due.) (The story is starting with Erik Frostblade, a death knight recently liberated from the Lich King, entering the Lion's Pride Inn in Goldshire looking for work as a mercenary, soldier, etc. Death knights are shunned from society, so it's hard for Erik to find work. He has no money and can barely eat or supply armor and weapons for himself. The innkeeper is Danet MacCready, a former soldier.)Elfriouno24 Feb 19, 2013
Feb 19, 2013 looking for good RP guild and server Thought I would try something new. Im looking for a good RP guild that is friendly and active. I dont know much about what an RP guild would consist of or how it would be run. Military oreinted? Internal guild ranking system? Guild events? Send me a message Kilchurn#1441 or reply here if you have any info. I would probably transfer too if I found a really decent guild to join.Kilchurn2 Feb 19, 2013
Feb 18, 2013 No Escape ((OOC/Sign Ups)) #2 Previous thread.Liå301 Feb 18, 2013
Feb 18, 2013 Spells and Incantations I've wondered this for a long time now, and I'm hoping someone here has an answer. Are the spells used in World of Warcraft lore accompanied by some sort of verbal incantation? For example, do mages have to say something to be able to slow fall, or do paladins need to recite a text out loud from their tomes to cast their aid? I've always imagined it this way, but is it correct lore-wise?Veptember16 Feb 18, 2013
Feb 18, 2013 Thoughts on a character concept... So, I'm not sure how many people read this so I will post a link to the comic in question and ask for opinions. So, this is just to give an example of the character idea (the demon). Basically, on my troll warlock, I was thinking of going a route similar. He's a Witch Doctor at the moment and was thinking he'd be the darker sort of Witch Doctor - calling on the darker side of the Loa, using voodoo/juju/hoodoo/youdo, etc. So this character would go out, trying to make deals with people to get their soul - I'm trying to think of a why for the soul... but yeah, the classic 'deal with the devil' motif. They ask for something, he gives them something similar but not exact and takes their full soul or part of their soul. In the part they can keep coming back to him to sell more and more and then... well, there ya have it. And, no, he's not a demon in disguise or something. He was born a troll and everything. He's just making deals for souls.Iraelius4 Feb 18, 2013
Feb 18, 2013 Gnome Druids Gnome druids. Yes. Gnome druids. What is it about a gnome that inspires them to continue despite many temporary setbacks? Perseverance? Don't be daft, its technology! I am not asking for these esteemed brethren to be allowed within the likes of the Cenarion Circle but simply for the ability to exist. Can anyone deny another living being to be? No! Veritable hordes of gnomes work day and night on new amazing technologies yet cannot fathom the thought of becoming a shapeshifter? Ridiculous! Everyone knows those dastardly druids grow into beasts of such toughness and ferocity that they might rival my grandmother's sowing table! Has anyone ever heard of the phrase, "We can rebuild you, we have the technology!" before? If you have, then we might have a lawsuit on our hands. I have reports of gnomes who have been abused by the very technology we control shying away from mechanical endeavours. Can we not grant them some other path in life? I believe I have said enough, but let me leave you wise members of the Alliance with some parting thoughts. "Hyjal Cubs" (Cumbersome Undercover Battlesuit Soldier) parachuting down into Horde encampments, taking the enemy by surprise. The Horde rallies swiftly yet cannot seem to harm the mighty gnomish bears while whispered words emanate from the short shrubbery surrounding them. Mighty, doom sized (knee high) battle moonkin rain a brutal mix of natural magics upon the Horde, all the while unleashing a terrific barrage of quality -Gnomish- explosives upon them. So raise your voices, let us really put the boom in boomkin! Pray to your "omnipotent" gods in the sky that this preventative mind haze be lifted from the gnomish pioneers! A Concerned Gnome. -If any appropriate models are thought to be fitting for a gnomish druid form please leave a message.- Bear: Hyjal Bear Cub Cat: Panther Cub Moonkin: Moonkin Hatchling Travel: Araga's Cub Aquatic: Reins of Poseidus! Tree: Shrub?Tarixi31 Feb 18, 2013
Feb 18, 2013 Hunter Pet help; So, I've decided to start roleplaying my hunter. Shes a nightelf, and I'm trying to think of suitable pets for her. so far I've come up with black or white cats (striped or spotted) and owls... But then I get stuck. Is there anything else she could have that was fitting? Also, I'm never very good at naming pets... I tend to pick random names... but that isnt really going to work very well for a rp character. Any help or suggestions you could give would be wonderfulLucifyr6 Feb 18, 2013
Feb 18, 2013 LF some RP guild help. My guild right now, is in really bad shape. No one's active, and I've kind of lost any ideas that I once had for the guild. So, what I'm looking for is some people to help me come up with some ideas for the guild. Right now I am on WrA and the guild is level 25, so I don't really want to part with it and join another guild. My only idea of what to be is some type of close-knit group, that's what I really want. Quality over Quantity. I am getting a bit bored of my server, so I could possibly go to another RP server, and maybe go horde. It depends, I may also change the guild name to fit the idea if need be. If you are interested either comment on here, find me in-game or email me at: Kalla78@yahoo.comKáthe2 Feb 18, 2013
Feb 18, 2013 The Alliance and Lordaeron Why does the Alliance feel entitled to Lordaeron? I've ssen alot of posts saying something similar to "The Alliance should finally take Lordaeron back! It's ours!" However, many of the people who actually made Lordaeron what it was are now living the Forsaken. What claim do the Alliance think they have compared to the original owners? Why do they want it anyway? If it's about having a city then just go take Stromgarde. Thoughts?Khetep13 Feb 18, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Rogue RP Rogues can be bodyguards in regards to RP right? I don't mean as in a mercenary, but more like dedicating their life to someone through admiration, respect, and love?Totemfiend5 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 RP event! Hi, since there are so many RPers out there, I decided to try and host an in game RP event. I need only four other people, and want some info about your character. Here is some information about the event: -The event will be on Wyrmrest Accord. This might change, depending on who is willing to be on that realm. -I would like the event to be Alliance, but we will see. -This will probably be a low level event, and will not consist of doing quests and RPing at the same time. Most likely we will be in an inn, or such. We will all talk it out in-game OOC. -Characters can be any level, but I would like for them to be lower level. This will take place in the 1-10 area of any race of the current faction. Worgen, Goblin, and Pandaren starting area not going to be one, unless we are all that race, which I cannot RP Goblin or Pandaren well. Now for the information of your character. Depending on the people that sign up, the time is unknown. Hopefully today, or at least this weekend. I also need suggestions. That means faction and race, then what this is about. The sheet(The bold is what I want to know, the regular text is just a little info of what I mean.): Attitude: How your character is most likely to act towards strangers. First Impression: How do people first see your character, or should I say, how your character arranges himself/herself before you know them. Nervous, do they look like a snob? Etc. Appearance: How does your character look besides the in-game hair color, eye color and piercings? Do they have any visible scars? Is their weapons have an engraving, made out of a certain metal? (Nothing to rare, unless you are a higher level character, or you can easily explain how you have it.) Sorry if this seems uninteresting, but I don't want to dictate the idea of it, I want everyone else to decide where and what we are doing. Please do make suggestions and fill out the sheet. I am only looking for 4 other people.Elderhunter2 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Looking for an rp realm Hello RP forums! I've recently decided to make Nynia here an OC that I'd like to write fanfiction and (obviously) rp with. I'd like suggestions on rp or rp-pvp realms! Here are some things I'm looking for: - A kind and helpful community - DECENTLY balanced (a perfect 50-50 ratio will NEVER happen, but I'd like a realm that's no more than 60-40 of either faction) - DECENTLY populated - Limited trolls/griefers (I say LIMITED because I KNOW they're out there and you can't get away from them no matter what, but I want my beginning experience to go fairly smoothly) - Well-established guild that accepts and is welcoming/supportive/helpful to newbie rpers like me. Also, in case you're wondering, no, I'm NOT realm transferring Nyn. I'm 'remaking' her so to speak on the server I will choose. As another note, I have NEVER rped in-game before. I DO have more experience with forum rps or rps over a messenger, though they were about other subjects. But I DO at least have rp experience. I am also reading through all of the guides that have been put to help people like me who want to rp but have never done it in-game, so don't worry about that. And with that, give me your suggestions!Nynia13 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Purple Judgement Set Hey guys. I have recently started to see people walking around with a purple variant of the Judgent set. I was very interested in it, and I was wondering what the pieces are called, head to toe.Fallyan11 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Characters in Forum Roleplays Would it be acceptable to rp as an ethereal or centaur. Any race of Azeroth with enough intellegence to speak at least low common? This would only be for thread roleplays. Like I think it'd be cool to rp as Tuskar or Wolvar. Hell even Gnolls or elementals that aren't bound to anyoneAldiran4 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Dwarf words from outside of WoW! ((OOC)) So, in WoW, we have very few terms that we can use for a race as everyday slang for certain words. Now by this I mean, for example, dwarves are experts when it comes to precious gems and metals and all other such things. So if we take a handful of gold and dump it on a table, maybe to a human or an elf each coin would look the same as the next as far as coloration goes. But maybe dwarves can see the finer details in it... but we don't really have a way of expressing such as Blizzard has not given us such a way as far as dwarf words go. This can translate into other races but I'm focusing on my favorite of fantasy races. Not to mention I have a handy-dandy book on hand. Now, more than just saying 'Here's words! We should use these!' I have to question the forums if it's a good idea to make use of these words - as they are not from WoW. And this is not saying we have to use these, or that you're bad if you play a dwarf and don't use these, but more that here are some words we can use if we want to add a bit of flavour to dwarf RP. Now, the words themselves come from Warhammer dwarves, by far one of the best depictions of the dwarf race imo. Considering the amount of words I'll limit myself to a few - words for different types of gold, ways of calling a person stupid, etc. Ufdi - A dwarf overfond of preening and decorating his beard; a vain dwarf; a dwarf who cannot be trusted to fight. Wanaz - A disreputable dwarf with an unkempt beard; an insult. Wattock - An unsuccessful dwarf prospector; a down at heel dwarf; an insult; a credulous dwarf. Just a few insults, want to keep it limited and if people do want more I can type out the whole list. For gold... Bruz - Gold that has a purplish tinge only visible by twilight. Bryn - Gold that shines strikingly in the sunlight; anything shiny or brilliant. Frorl - Dusty gold with a farinaceous layer obscuring its brilliance. Just a few examples of gold... And there's other words (dongliz being one of my favorite... sound it out), but those are just a few. So basically, what are peoples' thoughts on using these worlds as a dwarf to bring a bit more... life to a dwarf's common?Maoseitun7 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 The Non-Elitist Guide to RP! (silly thread) A silly thread inspired by the Overused Characters thread and many of the other threads in this forum. -- Don't you hate it when those elitist RPers whisper you telling you that 'ur doing it wrong"? Don't they know that they are supposed to find your brooding half-dragon, half-Belf character to be so cool? Want to show them how to REALLY RP, while helping out your fellow RPers? Well, this thread is for you! I'll go first. Want a neat way to make your character stand out? Give them eyes that change color to match their mood! You see, most RPers are stupid, and cannot tell that your character is angry unless the eyes or red, or blue when sad. It also makes it easier for other RPers to see that your character is unique and awesome, and that they should want to RP with you!Kailiang51 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 LF Evil Lair to sit idol in? The title says it itself. I'm looking for a new lair. Somewhere in Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, maybe, MAYBE Northrend. Looking for Open World too, don't really want it to be an instance, but if so i will. Who wants to be the real estate agent?Deathrok17 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 ~LFG& Joining the WoW RP Community~ So, after having been playing WoW since the Vanilla days, I've decided to take a whack at the RP side to one of my favorite MMORPGs. So far, it's been incredible. However! I'd also like to join a nice, friendly, active, RP guild. My guild at the moment is kinda bleh. One active enough so that my character can truly be apart of something. -Background Info- Aloiisa has always been naturally gifted with a blade. It wasn't until her wife, Maybeli, was slaughtered by a group of Orcs that she decided that she'd put her natural talent to use. Thinking that she'd be able to take revenge on the three Orcs that slew her beloved, Aloiisa spent many restless hours making her way into Durotar. Upon arriving, she found herself in a pinch. The Orcs had expected her arrival and trapped her in the cave she'd decided to stay the night in. The three Orcs snarled at her. "Foolish blue sky goat! You thought you could best an Orc's quick thought?! I almost pity you!" Said what appeared to be the leader among the three. He was fully dressed from head to toe in rusted armor that had obviously seen better days. Heck, it didn't even fit him properly, it looked as if it belonged to a male Draenei beforehand. "I'unno Gorak, I think she may be the offspring of a Murloc and a Tauren." Added the Orc to the left of Gorak. This one was extremely thin by Orc standards. He wore a familiar pauldron upon his right shoulder, Aloiisa had noticed it immediatly, it had belonged to Maybeli. The third Orc, the largest of the three, standing 6'0, sat to the right of Gorak and the other Orc. Gnawing on his wooden club. Taking up her blade, Aloiisa held it at eye level at the lead orc. "I shall slit your throats and leave you to the buzzards! Bastards!" Although her stance and face were stern. Her voice had shaken. Gorak let loose a gurgled laughter. "Do you really believe you could kill all three of us?" he mocked, then raised his own blade. Unlike Aloiisa's formal, well kept long sword, Gorak's blade appeared to be made out of bits and pieces of mangled steel and iron. "I do hope you try though, we dislike when our hunt just keels over and gives in. The struggle is what makes it fun. "GRAAAAAH!" Aloiisa screamed in fury. She charged at Gorak, sword at her side. When she was within range, she swung in an upwards arc at him. Despite her natural talent, Gorak quickly dispatched Aloiisa with a swing of his mighty club-sword, sending her across the cave, which resulted in her knocking her unprotected head against the cave wall and she slipped into unconciousness. When she awoke, the relentless Durotar sun bore down upon her. She was in the middle of the Durotar trail and the Orcs were nowhere in sight. But besides her, lying in a puddle of dark ruby blood, was Garok's hand. His blade still clutched tightly in it's grip. Aloiisa got to her feet, her limbs and joints aching with pain, she felt as if she'd been dragged miles. Not suprising, considering the Orcs were a brutal race. She bent down and picked up her own blade, accidently burning herself with the hot steel. Aloiisa then noticed, carved into the hard dirt road was "I love you, Ali." A nickname only Maybeli ever called her. Since then, she has felt weak, and enrolled in the Stormwind Armed Forces to hone her skills. -Notable Physical Attributes- -A small white scar on her left cheek.Aloiisa4 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Worgen Outfits and a Random Question I've recently stumbled into RP, and I'm really enjoying myself so far. I've hit a few roadblocks with my character, though. She's a harvest-witch from Gilneas, and I'm having issues picking out outfits that reflects that. Like most Worgen, she's very proud of Gilneas, and likes to show it. Either there's not a lot of Gilnean clothing, or I'm searching for the wrong things. For an everyday/casual RP outfit, I was looking at this one: I've also considered wearing Knitted Sandals and Plain Robe, or Moonglade Robe and Knitted Sandals. I'd like to reflect her harvest-witch heritage with a Gilnean twist. Anyone have any ideas? For a more proper outfit, I've picked out Simple Black Dress, Lord Walden's Top Hat, and Knitted Sandals. It doesn't feel very Gilnean to me either... Any suggestions? And, as promised, a random question: Where should I draw a line between story and gameplay? Druids get Cat Form at level 8, but I can't think of a single lore reason to justify using it at that level, for example. Thanks a bunch, everyone. :)Corielyn2 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Roleplaying a High Elf, Horde-side. I'm rolling a Blood Elf Hunter, and considering the thought of playing him as a High Elf. There's ways to explain a few things (Contacts that make the eyes looks green, dressing in reds to 'blend in') but other than that is this a good idea? Is there anything else I should be aware of? Or should I just play him off as a Blood Elf hunter who isn't a mana-junkie.Raydian41 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Hey everyone. Hey, my friends and I are looking for some cool houses or Inns to make our new hangout. We already know about Dalaran, and the Pleasure Palace. We just want something new and it has to have either an awesome interior, or an awesome view, or both.Maniåc4 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 LF Forsaken RP guild tried jumping between RP realms to find one, not much luck... I want to transfer this character This is copy-pasted from what I posted on "So 'bout them death knights" thread Died defending Silvermoon from scourge; raised as death knight Wasn't released from the Lich King's control until he died. Upon being freed she had extreme anger to what was done to her, and wanted revenge, but seeing as how Arthas was already defeated she just wondered Northrend slaying any reminents of the scourge she could find. She eventually met up with a group of forsaken whom also where on clean up duty in Northerend, and started fighting along side them. They invited her to join the forsaken along with other ex-scourge who were recently freed from control including a handful of other death knights and valk'yre. Was officially made a member of the forsaken and horde after meeting Sylvanas* ----No she was not hand picked Sylvanas, that just seems to "special case" more like, "see that big group of ex-scourge? yea I'm taking them in" and Reketsu was in that group. So any forsaken RP guilds allow me to join with this backstory supporting why I joined the forsaken?Reiketsu2 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 All of us RP players WERE united.((OOC)) Since blizzard wasn't giving us a strict RP realm, I remember we all agreed to move to one server to combine our community as a whole, That server was Moonguard but now we as Roleplay players are seperating again we have WRA, ED and Earthsong.... We need to all come back together to keep the WoW RP community strong.Alarielle12 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Tired of feeling helpless? ((RP guild)) Are tired of feeling helpless? Perhaps you do not like the state of current affairs around you? The cities are too worried about their own political standings, and therefore overlook the greater good of Azeroth. Shouldn't the cataclysm had been a sign for us? It seems all but forgotten now, and it's up to us to make sure that our very world isn't forsaken. Join us, and be an instrument in that will. ((We are a new RP guild now openly recruiting anyone who is interested after visiting our website. Any level, any RP style, and any skill level. New to RP? No problem. Have mains in another guild and just want to put an alt in? Go ahead. Our officer core all know each other in real life, and we are not elitists. We will help you learn to RP if you're new, and we will let you do your own thing if you're not. The guild backstory is generalized enough to welcome all types of characters, and our GM is a laid back dude with a proven history. We are on emerald dream At this time we seek some core members that want to help us build. Get in early, and move up quick. We have played on this realm for years, and ignore all the BS drama. We just want to enjoy the game and have fun. If you're interested visit the site, then whisper me in game. Thanks for reading!))Sevvin1 Feb 16, 2013