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Aug 13, 2012 Fall of Twilight: Nightmare ((Sign-ups/OOC)) (TL;DR and explanations at the bottom) The Maelstrom, at the battle with Deathwing Thrall gritted his teeth as he focused all of his power into the Dragon Soul, barely keeping himself intact as the four Aspects threw their entire power, their entire being, into the the glowing orb held in his hands. Around him, a veritable army of Azeroth's greatest heroes battled the mutant, horrific spawn and appendages of the one who was once the defender of Azeroth. He felt almost powerless despite the fire coursing through his veins as he saw the brave warriors begin to be overwhelmed by the fury of the Destroyer. He saw one brave shaman channel a great bolt of lightning with the last breath he took, as one of the burning tentacles dashed him against the unforgiving rocks and let him sink into the roiling waters of the Maelstrom. To his left, a warrior, standing over a fallen comrade, swung his great axe in wrathful arcs as he screamed his war-cry. Alas, one of his six foes managed to flank him and brought him down to one knee with a slash to the back of his knee. The courageous warrior swung to the last breath, but it was not enough to save him or his comrade from Deathwing's mutant blood and flesh. "We will avenge the fallen! Fight on, brothers!" Yelled Thrall as burning tears pricked at his eyes. How could they ever continue the fight against this seemingly all powerful monster? The very land burned and twisted under his touch, the waters turned to poison and the air to fire. He dimly heard the Aspects behind him over the sounds of clashing metal and pounding waves. Alextrasza said, "Aspects! We must give everything we have to stop this monster, our brother! Every spark that burns within my heart, I give to destroy the Destroyer!" Immediately, a scorching lance of fire leapt at him and did not consume, but renewed. It was the very essence of life that burned within him and the Dragon Soul, a perseverance against all odds, a indomitable will to survive and rebuild in the face of tragedy and hardship. The dragonfire burned away his tears and left him resolute against the ravages of fear, leaving only stubborn determination and a furious, vengeful anger. Kalecgos, the Aspect of Magic, yelled, "I shall throw all my arcane might behind the Dragon Soul! Together, we can defeat him!" Thrall threw back his head and almost screamed as the uncontrollable, electrifying force ripped through his body and centered on the Dragon Soul. Magic never could be bound, despite the mages and their incantations. The great orb was flashing in bursts of fire and pure magical energy now, and it took all his power and experience to keep it held in. "Hurry!" Screamed Thrall as the titanic energy threatened to rip him apart, again. He refused to give up, though. Seeing the heroes of Azeroth fall around him, it only increased his desire to end the hideous fiend in front of him. He slowly pushed the Dragon Soul forward, and leveled it right at the behemoth's molten heart. "You shall die today for all the death you have caused, Destroyer!" The ethereal Ysera raised her hand, and cried, "The unknowable, transcendent power of the Emerald Dream, I now give unto the Dragon Soul!" The flowing green force wove around and bound the wild forces of Life and Magic to work together, a soothing force that yet threatened to wreak a terrible vengeance on that which would seek to make it tame and submissive. Now, instead of ripping each other apart, each of the forces were only seeking to be channeled in one direction- at Deathwing. Thrall now focused all of his might at the orb in his hands, and at the fiend's demise. Nozdormu yelled, "It is time! I will expend EVERYTHING to bind every thread here, now, around the Dragon Soul. What comes to pass will never be undone!" A sense of certainty and purpose descended on Thrall, and as he bellowed, "Then let Deathwing, once Neltharion, now Destroyer, be ended. For Azeroth!" Thrall released all the power of the Dragon Soul towards Deathwing, and all sounds seemed to cease and time to slow as the multicolored beam screamed its way through the air towards the Aspect of Death. There was not even time for a bellow as the once proud being was put down. (Deathwing cutscene)Ruok208 Aug 13, 2012
Aug 13, 2012 Trolls: Mate for Life? I know that a /flirt emote is the only thing supporting the theory, but I also know a couple people in my guild who took that idea and ran with it. When trolls mate, they mate for life like eagles and wolves. Period. End of statement. I'd imagine that they'd be intensely loyal to their mate and wouldn't even think about mating with anyone else. And if the mate died before they did, they still wouldn't mate with anyone else, since they'd know that their mate was waiting for them in the afterlife. However, I also heard from other sources that some troll relationships are actually polygamous in nature, which kinda contradicts the whole "mate for life" thing. Maybe trolls would be loyal to their mates, but wouldn't think ill to move on to another mate if that relationship didn't go well or if the other party died? Just asking, as I'm genuinely curious.Jakkø10 Aug 13, 2012
Aug 13, 2012 LFM [H] RP Leveling/Reroll Guild TAUREN ONLY Hello all! Below I have quoted the current recruitment post for <The Skyfury Tribe> on the Cenarion Circle RP Realm. We are a unique RP guild in that we are a TAUREN ONLY Tribe. Some have made new characters, some use current, but contact me in-game for any information! Here is a link to the active post: Thanks for reading! ... *edit1:added linkMurahwana0 Aug 13, 2012
Aug 13, 2012 Baron Revilgaz Armor What is the armor he wears? I have the rapier, but I still cannot find other things. I have an Admiral's Hat and a Monocle, so I still need to try to find a vest and pants.Fairaday1 Aug 13, 2012
Aug 13, 2012 The Ebon Ghost (Story) It was a quiet night in Stormwind City, or at least as quiet as it could be. The evening breeze wafted through the various districts, alleyways, and water canals briskly, carrying with it the aromas of a hard day’s work mixed in with the various goods that had been bought and sold within the city proper. As the Selune moon started its slow rise into the night sky, anyone looking up could have sworn they saw a dark shape flitter by overhead only to vanish seconds later. None really paid the dark shape much mind however, especially not the two robbers who had just finished mugging a hapless human merchant in an alley behind the miner’s guild in the city’s Dwarven District. The merchant lay slumped down on the ground, the guild building’s wall the only thing keeping him from toppling over completely. The first robber, an ugly ferret of a man named Crag, grinned and chuckled as he felt the weight of the coin pouch him and his partner Kes, a night elf with a penchant for pretty knives, had “liberated” from the now unconscious merchant. “I’d says it’s a hun’ed coins at least…Maybe one fifte’…” Crag said as Kes slipped his blackjack back into the loop on his belt. “I’ll count it later just to be sure….” Kes muttered as he turned to look up and down the alley, making sure nobody had witnessed their crime. “Wha? You don’ trust me?” Crag looked at his partner with a suspicious look on his face. “Ha, of course I trust you my friend…But I think we can both agree your counting skills aren’t exactly…reliable.” Kes flashed a grin as he said the last word and, after a few tense seconds, Crag couldn’t help but flash a grin of his own as he secured the pouch to his belt. “Now, let’s get going before somebody finds our new “business partner”…” Kes began to skulk down the opposite end of the alley, Crag in tow. “Too late….” A hollow, metallic voice said. Crag and Kes both froze and pivoted back around in the direction of the voice, daggers suddenly appearing in both their hands. Crag, who was closer to the voice’s origin, could have sworn he saw a pair of small icy orbs glowing in the nearby gloom, but after giving his eyes a quick rub the orbs were gone. He turned to give Kes a worried look to which Kes could only shrug and motion for Crag to follow him.Valdrec5 Aug 13, 2012
Aug 12, 2012 Written a 30 pg short on Jaina, how to post? I made a fanfic of the events that are about to happen, and it is 30 pages. What would be the best way to share this with you guys?Ellemaynne3 Aug 12, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 MoP-War is coming..... ((MoP is getting closer now. Figured I would do something fun for it)) Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 Looking for a strong RP server Greetings, I am planning on creating a character on an RP server, my question is, though, which RP server should i look for...I did try Moonguard for about ten minutes and deleted my human paladin. What i am really looking for is a good Faction RP realm, which...It doesn't matter. I really just want to find a great realm with a strong guild on it, one that will adventure and etc together...Twïtch7 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 Rage of the Blade Song (Story) Gathering the Chorus (1/2) —— Ouroboros Bladesong sat in front of the campfire before him - or, rather, he was a single figure amid the circle gathered around it - yet, only he still remained sitting, for the rest of the men had drifted off to sleep. He eyed the flickering flames with mistrust; for somewhere, deep within those golden-lit eyes of his, the flame of fear also burned. As one of the Kaldorei, the esteemed protectors of the great Well of Eternity, his had been a place of comfort and superiority. Drawing from the power of their precious Well, the Night Elven race had been allowed to grow fat from their absolute authority over Kalimdor; as a result their egos swelled to match their society. Pampered and vain like the rest of his society, Ouroboros complacent in his life-style of overzealous guard officer chasing down crime wherever the Elven swordsman saw it. He, just any other Kaldorei guard, was trained to punish the coward. Thus, when the Burning Legion invaded Kalimdor through the Night Elves glorified Well of Eternity, they were ill-prepared to face such a demonic host. Their hateful, burning evil left nothing in its wake, and a path of destruction lit the land aflame wherever they touched. Brought together through strife and devastation, the Kaldorei banded together in a desperate drive to stay alive; a great Elven army formed to push back against the Legion invaders. Their continued success against the Burning Legion in the field eventually spread through all corners of Kalimdor, and the Elven army amassed into a single coalition with one goal: save Azeroth from total destruction. During those final days of that war against the vile demons of the Burning Legion, it seemed that victory would be utterly assured. Still, as if the Elves of the night didn’t have reason to disdain light already, fire now held a new meaning for the Kaldorei people; for it’s often difficult to erase the horror of seeing one’s ancestral home burn into ash. Ouroboros Bladesong wasn’t entirely sure how he managed to survive until now himself, not when so many of those he once knew had already perished. Staring at the tongues of flame licking at the cool night air, the Elven swordsman couldn’t take his mind off the legions of demon hordes that the coalition’s host had gone to battle against. There were so many moments where he could have sword death would come for him, but always fate showed that it had other plans in store for the Elf warrior. He’d always notice some flaw in how the enemy stood or charged, an ally would come to his side, or, it was simply that an archer would release an arrow at just the right time. Thus far, he told himself that luck had been on his side. However, he knew that luck doesn’t last forever, and dreaded every upcoming foray into the demon tainted lands, such as the operation he now faced. With the main body of the host moving forward in a charge against the Burning Legion’s primary force, Ouroboros was lucky enough to have been grouped with a squad meant to stay behind the Elven Offensive. As of late, the swordsman and the soldiers he accompanied were assigned to camps skirting the edges of the lands retaken by the host, serving as a border of safety for refugees, and a barrier of death for the enemy. Yet, just earlier that morning, Ouroboros’ lieutenant told his squad that a raven had been sent with orders for them to push into the city of Suramar, and begin reclaiming it for the Kaldorei people. The men would have been more enthusiastic about fighting to save their homes, if not for the green haze which settled over all that the Burning Legion touched. A green haze which now shrouded Suramar and hid it behind foul mist. The men were unnerved about making a patrol through such an eerie place, and they even recalled hearing word that the human mage Rhonin had discovered a coven of warlocks working to raise the dead. He stopped the foul sorcerers from completing their work, but what if some had managed to survive?Ghoriba1 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 ISO All-Hunter RP Guild I know of WHU, but they're a niche PvE guild. I was wondering if anyone knew of an All-Hunter RP guild (PVP mixed in would be nice, but not needed). I haven't found any and don't know if I just suck at tracking one down, being a horrible huntard, or if they're just not there. If there is one that you know of, could you let me know what server and faction they are? I would roll in a hot minute. Hot. Minute.Aitle1 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Fel Magic Where does it come from? If I'm right, arcane comes from the ley lines in the world. So where does Fel come from?Ogias25 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Fall of Twilight: Nightmare ((Closed/IC)) ((OOC: )) Cerelas Shadowclaw Raynewood Retreat was not the carefree sanctuary he had last remembered it to be, its lush grasses marred with cart tracks and tamped down by the boots of the legions of reinforcements that poured up to the front daily. The clearing echoed with the sound of hammering metal and soldiers laughing, drinking, boasting, and cursing... those that were heading up to the front, anyways. The ones returning were few and far between, and spent their time staring into campfires and wondering that they were still alive. Raynewood had changed, and not for the better, by the virtue of being the last established "town" on the marching path towards the Ashenvale Forward Bulwark. Here, one could see Elves of all colors standing side by side, Draenei and Orc not glaring too noticeably at each other, and gnomes and goblins... screaming in each others' faces. Some things never change. Conspicuously absent, however, were the Dryads, Sons of Cenarius, and their Druidic Protectors. Cerelas guessed the shy Dryads had retreated into the forest or the great tree in the center of the clearing, and stepped off the path from the Bulwark to head there himself. The Elf's imposing frame, taller than most of the races present, when also coupled with his stern look gave most of the wandering soldiers pause when thinking about interrogating the stranger. Quite fortunate for them, as Cerelas was in no mood to entertain fools with the gravity of his mission. Cerelas entered the cool interior of the still living tree that had been repurposed as a habitat. He laid a hand on the smooth heartwood, releasing a small amount of soothing power into the tree and thanking it for for its long service. Politeness satisfied, he said to the two Cenarion Protectors guarding the winding staircase to the upper levels, "Ishnu-dal-dieb. Blessings upon your family. I have come to-" He was interrupted by a voice above. "We know why you have come, Cerelas. The guards know who to admit. Please, join me in the uppermost room." The Protectors stepped aside, and Cerelas ascended to the highest chamber. There, 5 druids were channeling their power into a quick-growing, swirling emerald nova of power. One of them spoke up, saying, "We understand you will be fully entering the dream. The portal is almost ready, as you can see, but we will need a little more time to make it fully strong enough to transport so many. You can take the time to familiarize yourself with the expedition members... the room directly below us should be large enough, and we have taken the liberty of clearing out the unnecessary items to make room and asking the guards to escort the other members directly there." Cerelas thanked the Druids, and then retraced his steps out to the balcony and down the stairs to the larger room. This room, like all the rooms, was formed from the tree itself. Lighter marks showed where furniture had sat, undisturbed, for centuries before its hasty removal, but now the floor was mostly covered in an odd mix of high quality wooden chairs and a jumble of simple cushions when they had run out of chairs. Cerelas elected to stand at the back, brushing the top of the wooden room with his head, and leaned his thorn-topped staff within easy reach against the wall behind him as he ran over the names and races of the expedition members he had memorized. They had representation from quite a few races, even one of the undead aberrations, whom Cerelas disliked on principle. Apparently they had even put him in charge as the Horde liaison, a mistake in the Druid's mind. They were born of darkness, and almost as tainted as the demons themselves... ah well. His was not to question why, but to do his duty. It always had been. He then stood there, waiting for the arrivals, as his eyes followed the smoke drifting down from the north. Damn demons. Just as were almost done eradicating the last of them, too. Ruok57 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 The Red Mug Tavern ((Open RP)) {{Im new to RP and wanted to try it out and I love seeing these in the forums so thought I'd make one on my own. The tavern is placed in Dalaran by the Sunreaver area, alliance and horde are welcome along with any other affiliations (scarlet crusade, argent crusade, etc. Enjoy!}} Rendoron Blackrage walked the streets of Dalaran with the hood of his cloak over his face. the tal Damn mages can't cook anything right here... He put a hand over his stomach and sighed. He then passed a sign that read "The Red Mug Tavern" and stopped. "Lets hope this place can cook." he grumbled to himself as he walked in. The barkeep was an orc, a young one, maybe just finished his apprentice stage and welcomed Rendoron with a hearty "Good evening!" Rendoron looked at the barkeep with cold eyes and said abruptly "You got anything to eat?" The barkeep looked through the menu as if he'd forgotten to memorize it. "Yes, in fact we do! What'll you have?" Rendoron took the menu from the seat next too him and looked through the food. "I'll have the Talbuk steak, rare. Along with some ale, I don't care which kind." The barkeep nodded and called went in the back to tell the chef the order. Rendoron pulled back his hood reaveling his graying hair and blackish eyes. He took his staff and placed it next to him in case something were to go wrong. He closed his eyes and waited for his order. His peace was interuppted by the sound of the barkeep slamming the mug of ale beside him. "So, what's your story brother?" he asked kindly. Rendoron chuckled "Boy, if you knew my story you'd kick me out of your tavern and call the guards to fling me to the dungeons." The barkeep laughed and said "Come now, we all have regrets, I promise you by the soul of my father I'll understand." Rendoron sighed and began. "My name is Rendoron Blackrage, I'm a warlock for the Horde and veteran of the Scourge War, although I wasn't always... you see boy, I'm one of the last of the Stormreaver Clan. I was with Gul'dan in trying to find the Tomb of Sargeras. I was with Gul'dan in betraying Doomhammer. I saw my brother casters torn to sunders by the tomb... I got away but my brother, Sal'dosh, died in the process. I'm now haunted by his ghost along with many others of my clan. I'm trying to find ways to seek redemption and honor among my fellow orcs. Yet, I cannot find it." His order comes when he finishes and he takes a bite out of the steak. "Well, it's about time someone got it right." he says as he continues eating. The barkeep puts a hand on his shoulder and smiles "You will find it one day brother. I promise you that." Rendoron nods and continues his meal.Rendoron45 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Why Play a Draenei? (Lost on Lore) So if there's one thing that I've been debating on for the longest time now is to make an Alliance character, while I've played all the Warcraft games obviously my decision was coming to Human. I do how ever REALLY want to like Draenei, but from playing the past three expansions the Draenei seem to fall short to me when it comes to lore or even influencing the world. -During BC the biggest thing was Velen playing a huge role in purifying the Sunwell, inevitability "saving" the Blood Elves, the same people who tried to kill them, and even now still fight for the Horde. (To me that's awesome.) Sadly though that seemed to be it. -Wrath, mind you not playing Alliance, but I did read on anything going on with them and really didn't see anything involving the Draenei at all, even with the Argent Crusade their influence seemed to just fall flat off the face of the Azeroth. -Cata, save for one quest that I've read dealing with Velen that's it. Mind you we get some nods at Nobondu and of course the one Broken shaman who assists you with the Naga. Now I have read the lore on them, and it fascinates me, but then seeing them in game it's disappointing to see their lack of involvement. While reading the books such as Wolfheart we all see that everyone respects Velen and places his wisdom in such high regards (hell even the Nightelves), but then we go to the recent leader story about his vision of Anduin leading an army of light and just made me more so disappointed that the race who is trying to unify people aren't the ones helping to lead it. Honestly I'm just trying to find some sort of justification on making a Draenei paladin (since racials mean nothing to me, but lore/story does) and when it comes down to it I keep looking back at "Of Blood and Honor" and remembering Tirion is still one of my favorite WoW characters.Roamingstorm6 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 ...How ya doing, mon? Truth be told I've been a troll in warcraft as long as I remember. Trolls are...too cool. I've been one for so long I have been rediculed before cataclysm for roling a troll warrior, even been kicked from raids or groups because of dis. But now that trolls can be druids, everyting is fine. I've been play since day one, I be needing more Respect then anyone else who be playing a warlock or druid troll dat's for damn sure. Being on a PvP don't help much, but it was the only opening at the time I started playing and made quite a few friends. Trolls have always been my favorite, followed by orcs and then tauren. They are one of the oldest in Azeroth one the few who have survived for so long. Da point i am trying to make is why should a Troll be rediculed for taking up the blade or the bow or the dark magics of the Loa? How can I asume respect in no one respects your skill? "Blades for Vol'Jin" - Zala'Jin of Sen'JinZalajin9 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 At a impasse yet again. [Revised] EDIT: I've taken out a lot of unnecessary junk, like the part about warlocks. +2 Clarity!! So I'm at a bit of an impasse when it comes to my RP character and kind of feel the need to rant at myself, and also hope there might be someone who can understand where I'm coming from and offer advice. Thanks in advance if you read through it. (There's a tl;dr.) I suppose it's driven by introversion or some deep underlying psychology, but I'm very much a one-character type of player. I like my character to be an extension of myself in this alternate world. Self-expression is a major thing for me. I've been in martial arts for most of my life, and I've always gone for ninja-like characters in any game I've played. Rogue was an obvious choice here, and stealth has become an integral part of my being. I've essentially never been able to play without it. It's not so much being cowardly, murdering from the shadows, or any of those traditional reasons. Rather, I suppose deep down what motivates me is the control over when and where I'm seen; avoiding people and enemies entirely, entering scenes at precise moments, learning about others before acting... But recently I happened to see some details on Monks, about the same time I had become inspired by a kung-fu based contact juggler. It really brought me back into the spirit of martial arts. Monks are in many ways what I had wanted from rogues; a character relatively similar to a martial artist; agile and savvy, and they even have that nice Asian feel to them at that. And both classes in MoP will even satisfy another character aspect I look for; some connection to darkness or the Void (Rogues with the +shadow damage buff, Monks with their Sha attacks). They seem just right for me, except... I don't know whether I can even play a character without stealth. Stealth has become an integral part of my inner being, and as Monks don't have even some form of camouflage or anything, I'll be completely without it. I suppose ultimately, the real question is whether I could handle that long enough to enjoy the class itself, or if I could manage to still use rogue while maintaining that monk feeling to it, but I'm afraid that will end up feeling "fake". Also, I'm not quite sure where I want to go with race. As I prefer to play a mediator and cross-factional character, I have played a High Elf for some time and it seems to have worked out. Alternatively, Pandas would be the next most obvious choice, being -actual- cross-faction characters. But that gets down into whether I would prefer to be from Azeroth discovering Pandaria, or from Pandaria and discovering Azeroth. To teach Monk wisdom, or to learn it. TL;DR/Summary: Do you think it feels "fake" to play a non-standard character class? (IE: Using TRP2 to rename/recolor my rogue to fit something more monk-like) Do you have a hard time roleplaying a character because of game mechanics? (Separation anxiety from lack of stealth...) How do you personally find the race and class that suits you most?Nemox12 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Need Help Choosing a Witch Doctor Spec! So I'm trying to roleplay a troll witch doctor. He's going to be from the Shatterspear tribe and since he is a witch doctor he is a shaman and an alchemist. The problem is, I don't know what spec a witch doctor would be! It could be enhancement because they call on the spirits to improve their concoctions, (at least I think calling on spirits would be enhancement) but it could be restoration because their potions are more potent, or it could be elemental because they might improve their brews using elements! Could someone please help me?Worgemanizer4 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Picking a RP server. Why hullo thar. I am currently somewhat frusterated on which server to create some new characters on. For the character I am about to create, the name is taken on both Emerald Dream and Moon Guard, and I am unable to get a Game Master to unlock it for me, so I have to start fresh on another server. But which server is just as good? RP-PVP is the type I love, both PvP and RP elements in a server, yet all the other servers besides my home server is pretty much dead. Even though it is the pre-expansion low, I would of thought to see more activity on any of them. I also am attracted to servers with a medium-high population, a good amount of World PvP activity, and good raid progression, although I really doubt any of the other RP-PVP servers can compare. While I perfer RP-PVP, I will play a regular RP server if I can find a good enough RP-PVP guild, yet I have no experience outside of Moon Guard and ED on the other server's activity/population/etc. Anyone experienced with RP-PVP servers or RP servers besides the two I mentioned give me some good details concerning what I am looking for?Gilaras11 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 resemble my character I want to pick a race/class that is most like myself in a hope that I will actually play with some dedication this time round as opposed to a constant stream of new characters that I quickly lose interest in. If I am satisfied that I am playing a character close or similar to myself I find I can play a game longer and with more ease as I get fully invested in that character. I am about 185cm, I am vain, slim (69kg, though I am a perfectionist and will never be happy with my weight), I work-out everyday and take pride in my appearance (pathetic I know...), I have an intellect quotient of 142 (though I have very big commitment issues with work sometimes, If I enjoy what I'm learning however I can excel at any lesson or subject, literature is by far my favorite subject), I have dim moments (who doesn't), I can be arrogant, though I try not to be and loathe people with any form of superiority over me... I am very biased so anyone wishing to comment on what they think my class/race should be would be greatly appreciated, as well as any commentary from people who feel they need to invest themselves in their character (birds of a feather) :P thanksDanteyye15 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Why not include Specs in RP? I'm curious as to why one's class spec shouldn't be played up in RP. Yes, I am aware that in lore, characters aren't described as being of a given spec for a given class... but then one usually doesn't say those things in rp either. More often than not, many lore characters show abilities consistant with a given spec... Jaena Proudmore (sp?) tends to use spells consistant with a Frost spec'ed mage. You don't say that "I'm a Demonology Warlock", but rather you would say something like "I focus on summoning demons", or something to that effect. Some say that specs are purely game mechanics, and thus shouldn't be rp'ed... but won't this lead to some very powerful characters even staying within their class? Doesn't a warlock who can transform into a demonic form and summon a Felguard (Demonology specific abilities), cast unstable mutation and Haunt (Affliction exclusive) and cast Confligration and Chaos Bolt (Destruction only abilities) sound a little over-powered? Wouldn't such a character be considered a Mary Sue because they are the idealized Warlock (can cast every warlock spell)? What is wrong with playing up one's spec in rp? It would mean that not every Priest is good at healing. It would mean that some druids are better at fighting in some forms than they are at spell casting or healing. I think it adds a unique dimension to how one plays their character (not necessarily their personality, but definitely their abilities). Classes have a wide arange of abilities and styles, which tend to be indicators of a specialized field of study. No mage can know every spell ever created... so why not focus on a smaller number of spells... say Fire Spells, or Arcane? Warriors chan choose to fight with a weapon and shield, two weapons or a two-handed weapon... each style fitting with one of their specs. I'm not saying to come out and say that you are a Frost Mage, Demonology Warlock or Fury Warrior IC, but to play up one's abilities as such a spec in character and avoid abilities exclusive to other specs as one avoids abilities of a different class. Is this really so wrong?Sulumor39 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Do Night Elves' eyes glow? Do they glow enough in the dark to give away their position? I'm getting a lot of conflicting answers on this, so I'm really looking for some proof in lore of whether they do or do not. Would a Night Elf have to close his/her eyes to remain unseen, and hence rely on hearing to track whoever s/he was stalking? A friend proposed the idea that the Kaldorei innately shadowmeld at night due to a boon granted by their Goddess, and hence virtually cannot be seen regardless of whether they are actively trying to hide their eyes, but that moving or hiding in unnatural darkness (i.e. in a dark basement during the daytime, not at night) would risk being seen. Thoughts?Koukuei17 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Role Play In Real Life - Helping A Single Mom I know this is the role playing forum, but I figured if I could spread this to anyone with a heart it would be this forum over any other. The role playing community host some of the most mature players World of Warcraft has to offer so I'm hoping this will do some good. A friend of mine is a single mother, she gets no help. She works hard, she goes to college, she takes care of her kids with medical issues and keeps them active in life. She bends over backwards for these children. However things aren't always smooth for her financially, again she is a single mother. However there is a contest going on and we can all help her. I know she isn't your friend but paying it forward in life and good karma is what life is really about right? Besides it will literally take two clicks of your mouse and one login. A pathetic 30 seconds of your life to help someone else out. All you need to do is simply click like on a facebook picture, that is all. The prize isnt huge but everything is helpful to this family. Believe me. So if you can do it, I appreciate it with all my heart. She has no knowledge of this post and I'd like to keep it that way. Blues & Mods - Please do not close or delete this, I can deal with the community trolls coming in and being heartless monsters. However I know there are some diamonds in the hearts of the RP players here who will help out. It is a harmless link to a facebook picture, that is all. It is a clean link, and they dont have to install nothing on their computer. No threat of security issues or anything. Thank you. Here is the picture, simply login to your facebook and click like if you could spare the time out of life. Do it while on a flight path, waiting for a BG queue, waiting for a dung queue, while the auction house is scanning or anything. It makes a difference.!/photo.php?fbid=255054154597876&id=186235311479761&set=a.254888731281085.37056.186235311479761 & before the trolls come in saying this is my link, no it isn't. I believe it or not like majority of the wow community on female characters am a male, male gnomes are just fugly! Again, thank you all!Dontsquishme10 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Playing a diametrically opposed character. So I was walking through town one day and saw a straight character letting a lesbian flirt with her for giggles. But it got me thinking. How often and how well do some people play characters who are almost alien to one's self? Many of us are guilty of making characters who we are aware of their being a little more Mary-Sue than we'd admit, but putting a part of one's self into a character is a common thing. This can even be expressed in things we find admirable; I love how cute gnomes are so I played one once, long ago I made guild leaders who represented the things I found significant to each faction in a bi-factional guild. But when it comes to something like romantic orientation, I wonder whether a person can play a character with an orientation dramatically different from one's own; a male playing a gay male character and the like. (Male-playing-lesbian wouldn't count so much.) In other subjects, perhaps a hippie playing a Death Knight genuinely well. Maybe an atheist playing a deeply faithful and devout Paladin. Have you ever played a character who has no particular qualities you can relate to? How did it turn out?Nemö61 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Forsaken mind How do forsaken maintain their sentience if their brains are rotting?Ogias7 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Strength and Size, are they relative? I'm thinking about starting a goblin warrior, but most people I've run into think its a stupid idea because of their stature. Broxigar in The war of the ancients said that they were much stronger than their size would indicate. I'm thinking of making a fury warrior (smf), who uses his fast reflexes and small-ish size to his advantage, but it wont help if he doesn't have the strength to use his weapons efficiently. It wouldn't be that stupid of an idea would it? If this doesn't feel right I'll probably make a troll instead.Torrig18 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Where does Stormwind get its resources from? Where??Talef11 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 Good Roleplaying Realm/Guild? All I am looking for is a good RP realm or even a good guild. I used to RP with the Crown of Aeriel back on SoE but they switched realms and who knows where they are now. But, anywho just looking for a fun place where I could RP(:Sharppanther6 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 Night elf DK RP How do they act? How do they tie into becoming a death knight? Can he a force of good, but being forced to kill to stay sane? Or would he have to neglect his culture and go a bit evil? I plan to role a death knight male night elf, and I don't know what his backstory could be. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.Tightron29 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 Warping Time We all know of the spell "time warp," but my question is this; can an experienced mage really alter the flow of time, even to a small degree? From WoWpedia, the transmutation school of magic: A transmuter is a spellcaster who specializes in the magic school of transmutation. Transmuters manipulate time and space to turn something - or someone - into something else, or to transport themselves to another location.Kelsior6 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 Economic Diasaster Muradin Bronzebear: Thank you for coming. Velen: What's so important that we had to come here ASAP Tyrande: Really! What's this all about? Muradin Bronzebear: Deathwing may be dead now, but each of our capital cities is in economic peril. Velen: Yes, I have felt the unrest among my people. Tyrande: Same here, even the soothing minds of the priestesses can only contain the frustration of our merchants for so long. Muradin Bronzebear: Ever since Stormwind got those portals, just north of the castle, our economies have been slowly spiraling down and we're on the verge of a depression as are your capital cities. I need some ideas on how we can get this rectified before we each become this third-world back-water city. ... ...Necrophobia8 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 Insults Does anyone have any good insults relating to WoW that can be used ICly?Wit25 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 Moon Guard [H] Guild for Heavy RP Alts The Lysergic Immersion Institute Dr. R.S. Puddingstone, Director Speaker Korihor, Glass-looker It is my pleasure to thank you personally for your interest in The Lysergic Immersion Institute. As you have no doubt gathered from the diverse contents of this information kit, a variety of esoteric disciplines are represented in our organization. Despite changes in our structure over the years, we remain committed to our original principles: Mission To encourage the Horde's academic and artistic pursuits through charitable donations and public recognition To preserve Azeroth's natural, archaeological, and modern wonders and artifacts during wartime through interdisciplinary expeditions and our measured, strategic approach to the art of combat To prepare Institute members for receiving the signs, tokens, and ceremonies necessary to receive the fullness of the Institute's hermetic transcendental doctrines To promote the use of of psychoactive intoxicants to bring about mystical/spiritual revelation and creative inspiration, to increase combat effectiveness, and for recreation We hope you will consider applying for one of our many scholarship programs. While I am unavailable for direct questions, please contact one of our many ambassadors for more information. Thank you for your continued interest in the cultural enrichment of Azeroth! Sincerely yours, R.S. Puddingstone, DirectorKorihor2 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 7, 2012 Night Elf Lore Questions Hi there! I've been looking to get into RP in WoW for far too long (over 2 years!) but I've always been too nervous to jump in, until now. I've finally decided to transfer one of my Alts to an RP realm and begin my adventures! My issue, however, is that the alt I'm looking to transfer is a Night Elf, a race I've never really studied the lore for. I had a character idea fleshed out, but to my dismay I've discovered that Night Elves have only recently been "rediscovered" by the playable races of Azeroth, and that their society is based far more heavily on Druidism than I had initially thought. I've begun reading more about their lore and working on a new backstory. The character is a rogue and my intention was for him to be a duelist type, master of the sword and dagger who has been training for much of his long lifespan, however from what I've gathered about Night Elves, females were the prominent warriors and it wasn't until fairly recently that the two genders began training in the arts of the other, so my questions are as follows: 1) Is it possible that my character has been trained as a swordsman for his entire life? (I intend for him to be quite old) 2) Is it possible that he isn't very intune with Night Elf culture, and has traveled to other areas of Kalimdor, and trained with other races, like the Tauren, perhaps? 3) Were there any humans on Kalimdor before the Third War that may have been in contact with elves? Thank you for reading and helping :) Anything you can tell me about Night Elf lore is helpful, so feel free to post general tidbits as well, if you feel like it.Battleyawn13 Aug 7, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Druid Shape-Shifting I was wondering if druids could transform specific body-parts. For example...instead of shape shifting into a cat, I decide to adapt a pair of feline ears in order briefly increase my sense of hearing, or maybe a storm crow's eyes to allow better sight? Also, how does the whole shape-shifting process work? Is it an instant transformation, like in the game, or is it more of a slow process; limbs changing, hair growing, etc.Rulin72 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 6, 2012 Can someone help me with? Hello everybody! Recently I have been getting into Roleplay, and want to get MRP. Can someone please explain to me how to download it? I know about, and I know where to find the add-on, but I only need help about the downloading.Aulauyina3 Aug 6, 2012
Aug 5, 2012 Into the Nether: Genocidal Genesis (Sign-Ups) Please note that at the moment sign-ups are CLOSED. I do appreciate all the interest in the thread and hope you enjoy the story that will unfold, but unless you're already accepted or on reserve I won't be adding more characters at this time. However, in threads like this people will occasionally lose interest or have a conflict arise, so if you'd like you may still submit an application for consideration if a spot does open. There will also be parts of the story (larger battles, big events) where minor secondary characters will appear for a moderate amount of time. If you would like to control one of those characters when they appear, please let me know here in the thread. Both of these opportunities are first come, first serve. The main idea behind this thread is venturing out into the other worlds floating in the Nether to discover the darkest secrets of the Legion and their machinations. There will be betrayal, death, plotting villains, big confrontations, and lots of different locales! Even a bit of time travel will pop in at some point. I won't reveal too much here, but if you've ever wanted to take a twisted ride into the heart of demonic corruption and combating it the entire way, this might satisfy you. It's up for you to decide! Basic Thread Information: 1. This thread will continue as long as there is at least one other willing participant. It can always be re-opened for new members, though they'll need to be imaginative as to why they're on another planet if they join later in the story. 2. There will be some rather dark elements at times. If you don't like grim events or rather grisly death, this may not be for you. This is the Legion after all. 3. Both Horde and Alliance are welcome, as are all personality types. I'm rather flexible as to more unique and fantastic characters, but don't go overboard into the realm of "I'm amazing at everything, bow down." Remember, the best characters have flaws that make them all the much more real, whether they admit it or not. 4. The main premise for you to work with is that my dark ranger, Inali Ashfeather, is sent by the Forsaken to further investigate how necromancy and thus undeath came to be. The mission will yield valuable information on multiple fronts: a possible solution to the declining population of Sylvanas's people, and more insight on those ever-looming villains, the demons of the Burning Legion. The likely progression so far is Azeroth -> Draenor -> Xoroth and onward. Rules: 1. No one liners. I'm very willing to work with new roleplayers, but anyone can manage at least one to two paragraphs. You can always add more description if your post is lacking. Feel free to ask questions if you have them, but if you can't be bothered to spend a bit of time writing a quality post, I'd ask that you not in turn waste my and the other participants' time. 2. I'm rather lenient in terms of post time, but know that my threads tend to move fast for whatever reason so that's something you may have to deal with if you're a slower poster. If you're going to be gone for 4 days or more however, please let us know here in the OOC thread. Otherwise I think up rather inventive ways for your character to leave the thread. This goes for causing constant trouble and strife as well. My favorite resolution was having an abyssal stomp on two such characters in a past thread, leaving nothing but a magma-filled crater with charred bones and bits of slag floating inside. 3. Please try to honor a post that came before yours if it affects anything you're posting. First come first serve in that respect. 4. Please use spellcheck and proper formatting. It's a little hard to immerse into the imagery you're trying to create if we're too busy trying to figure out what you've written. Template: Name: Race: Gender: Age (Relative or Actual): Class or Profession: Brief Physical Description (Equipment included if you wish): Special Talents: Brief Background or History: Accepted Characters: 1. Ghak Svavo- Female Orc Shaman 2. Crom Skullcrusher- Male Orc Berserker 3. Inali Ashfeather- Female Dark Ranger 4. Neyarra Darkstorm- Female Blood Elf Battlemage 5. Kara Flameheart- Female Tauren Shaman 6. Kumon Iceshade- Male Forsaken Death Knight 7. Sammuroth Stormfury- Male Night Elf Druid 8. Daedhel Dawnstrider- Female Blood Elf Rogue 9. Draxus, the Crimson Blade- Male Worgen Hemoshade 10. Maine Foster- Male Human Tracker 11. Ahsok Longshadow- Male Human Holy Warrior 12. Alania Barros- Female Human Hemomancer 13. The Librarian- Male Human Assassin 14. Istella Kincaid- Female Human Paladin 15. Dristis Octavian- Male Human Death Knight 16. Miles Varen- Male Human BattlemageTynrael232 Aug 5, 2012
Aug 5, 2012 Filler lore created by a long-time fan. I know fan-fics aren't generally the best written or best review things in the world, and I know its probly presumptuous of me to write up lore for another author who probly has their own ideas about the history and development of Azeroth. But I've been knocking this stuff around in my head for quite some time, and I want to finally dispel my fears and share it. I try to be as faithful to canon as I can, and I use what I look at what's already known, the other prevailing factors, and then I build the most logical model I can from there. I also use the official Timeline to frame it. Since I have ALOT of filler lore in my head, I decided to start these posts with the filler lore I came up with first. The reconstruction and development of Stormwind from Year 8, the end of the Second War in Azeroth, and Year 25, the launch of WoW. To set the frame, let's look at the factors. The Orcish Horde has been defeated in Lordaeron, and is being pushed back through the Dark Portal in Azeroth (The Continent). Forces linger in Lordaeron and have a strong bastion in the Burning Steppes, but their power is minimal in comparison. However, all isn't well for the nations of Lordaeron. In the span of two years, the continent has been devastated. Hillsbrad, the bread basket of Lordaeron, was ravaged in the early stages of the Second War. Alterac is under occupation by the forces of Lordaeron, and its people face harsh occupation at home or persecution and possible bodily harm outside of it. Gilneas' embitterment is leading it to isolation. Kul Tiras' navy is in shambles from the Horde's assault. Dalaran's capital was sacked. The vast majority of the civilian population is likely starving and stricken with illness from the harsh warfare. Basicly, it's not a good time to be a rank and file citizen, for any nation. This is all that is known to us in the canon. Kul Tiras and Alterac are obviously not accompanying the expedition into Draenor, and its likely Gilneas' tastes have soured to an extent as to keep them from coming as well. Leaving us Stromgarde, Lordaeron, and Dalaran who are the likely ones who continued the war to the Orc's home. But my focus isn't on them; it's on the condition of Stormwind. The conditions above are all factors into it. From the years of resettlement and beyond. I'll begin with the end of the war in Lordaeron and the route of the orcs. The rush to re-settle would be spurred by a number of factors, the main one for the first few years being the war in Draenor. Many people would also be looking for a new start after the devastation of the Lordaeron continent, and many refugees from the former "Kingdom of Azeroth" (Stormwind) would be seeking to return to their lands. This would go hand in hand with the war effort, as workers would be needed to support it. The vast majority, if not all, of the shipments of soldiers, supplies, and citizens back to the continent of Azeroth would come by sea. Land routes being largely ineffective with the Burning Steppes still heavily in the grasp of the Horde, and the conflict still on-going involving the Horde, Alliance, and the Dark Iron Nation. With Kul Tiras's navy in shambles, the sea lanes would be prowled aggressively by opportunistic pirates and remnants of the Horde's navy. Priority in this situation would go to the ships bearing supplies and soldiers, due to the need for them in the war effort in Draenor. The military would quickly take control of what would become the "Old Town" section of Stormwind, as it would initially be the only part of the city relatively intact after the Orcish occupation. It would become the center of war planning and development, as well as the main housing area for the troops and the Nobles who came back early to attempt to gain acclaim and draw land lines. The war would eat up many of the resources coming to Stormwind, with minimal reconstruction occurring during the time the Dark Portal would be open and the fact farmland and mines would not have been re-established yet. Civilians would eat the blunt of the misery at this time. Civilian ships would likely be heavily preyed upon by these pirates, who would rob them of everything but the clothes of their backs if they did not kill them. This would leave many civilians destitute when they were dropped off at the ruined harbor of Stormwind, and faced with only ruins to occupy and little in the way to eat. The Harbor sector would build up into a miserable slum, occupied by those who were not subscripted into the military. A great need for workers would also be a factor, and unemployment would likely be low. However, PAYMENT for these workers would be an issue. Food would be an issue until the harvest grew to term, and payment of coin would also be a problem due to the pillaging of the orcs and the preying of pirates stifling the flow of coins from Lordaeron. Thus, many workers would likely be paid in bonds to be redeemed for coin at a future time. (Continued next post)Dexller3 Aug 5, 2012
Aug 5, 2012 Birds of a Feather (Open-Rp! Semi-Literate.) (Just a quick note before I start the backstory of this rp. I'm relatively new around here, but I am not a complete new fish when it comes to Forum RP or IG-Rp. If you feel the need to interject your opinion, I ask that you do it in whispers. While this free for anyone to join, I simply ask the common courtesy of good sense and literacy. An orc is not usually prone to prancing through a 'fld f mgik flwers' for instance. Thanks for your time! :D) When one thinks of the Barrens, the first imagine in your head is the wilderness. Huge trees dot the landscape with wide open vistas and short mountains. In truth, it would seem to go on for as far as the eye could see. The wildlife has remained as a thriving fixture despite everything that has happened in Azeroth. Home to some of the plainer animals on Azeroth, it is never-the-less one of the more dangerous places on Azeroth. A good example would be the gigantic valley of jagged lava and annoyed elementals stretching from one side to the next. This was where the story recorded here begins. Whether you are a Theramore Marine or an adventuring entrepuner out on making every last copper you can from some poor schmuck's misfortune, the pair standing and flapping at the edge of the canyon was an odd sight. The larger was an orc, fully armored save for his helm, wearing the tabard of his Clan proudly. He lacks all facial hair save for the short top-knot on his dome for combat reasons. In stark contrast is the almost scandilously bare harpy currently taking a rest on his raised arm. Unlike most of her kind, she could be considered beautiful by most sentient beings. Long and suprisingly clean auburn hair and feathers match a slightly tanned yet soft skin. Of the two of them, it was hard to tell who was the more frustrated. Roghatsu, the orc, was currently kicking pebbles into the hissing abyss below. Cleanfeather, the harpy, was fussing busily about herself, trying to think of a way to cross the gorge while keeping as clean as possible for her companion's benefit. Though the orc seemed oblivious, the harpy was obviously primping herself so that she could look good to him. If you had ever met him, it would be somewhat obvious that he didn't think of any female in a romantic view save one, his mate. Eventually the two started to chat about what they should do. "Rog no like gorge...," the harpy said in broken Orcish. "Him think Cleanfeather stupid..." This drew a sigh from the orc, who shook his head. This instantly sent Cleanfeather into a fit, and Rog had to brush her hair back and look at her sternly before she would stop. "No Cleanfeather, I don't think you are stupid. You can fly and I cannot. Of course you wouldn't think about it when you had to fly so far just to find me. All we need to do is get across or around the gorge. Unfortunately, either way we go around there is heavy fighting. You sure you can't-" Cleanfeather was instantly crying and clinging to him. "Noooo! Cleanfeather no go ahead. Rog not find Swiftwing if Cleanfeather leave." It took several more minutes of coaxing to calm the emotional harpy enough to speak again. "Alright Cleanfeather," Roghatsu sighed in defeat. "We shall simply have to go back and ask the shamans if the elements can aid us." The Harpy seemed a little frightened by the prospect of returning to town, but leaving Roghatsu would be far worse. In the end the two of them returned to the Crossroads to talk to the local shamans. It seemed endless, the going back and forth of negotiations. Roghatsu knew that the elements did not work on demand, but it seemed rediculous to demand so much to get across the gorge. One thing he did not know was a recent peace agreement between the forces of the Alliance and the Horde in the Barrens. While fighting continued elsewhere and the peace was fragile, the situation was becoming so bad in the Barrens that both sides agreed that they should put aside their differences for the time being, and go back to hitting each other when the disaster was over. It is also worth mentioning to those involved: Due to the influence of the Orc Shaman Mok'so'lan, the Swiftwing Tribe of harpies had begun to reform itself into a less savage and clean version of itself. While complicated, the Swiftwing's had ceased to attack both the Alliance and the Horde, instead hunting wild beasts for food. In an unusual show of diplomacy, both factions decided seperately that the Swiftwing's should be left alone, only to be annihalted if they caused more trouble. On the other spectrum, and mysterious orc woman has been raising tensions between both factions and harpies as a whole. While the influence of Swiftwing is becoming more popular, the whole affair may destroy itself and total war erupt again should she not be stopped. Which is why Roghatsu and Cleanfeather are there at all and not killing each other.Roghatsu0 Aug 5, 2012
Aug 5, 2012 Why is Everyone so Mean ICly? I walk around cities and towns, and every person I see RPing is either bullying someone or being bullied. Every time I try to start RP in character with someone who's "looking for contact", they spaz at me ICly. So I was just wondering, why does everyone need to be such an explitive when they're in-character? It just doesn't seem right.Keclox12 Aug 5, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Threat in Dalaran ((Open RP)) In the North continent Northrend, sits a grand city floating above the land of Crystal Song, a sanctuary for Alliance and Horde alike. Dalaran. It's an average chilly day in Dalaran. The vendors are out promoting their sales, citizens and heroes alike are walking about doing they're daily needs. Then it starts snowing. Everyone starts running out and trying to catch snowflakes on their tongue, catching snow to make the first snowball to throw at someone, and one guard is already on the ground starting to make a snow angel. The snow from the sky starts to turn grey and black. Everyone is curious as to what is happening. "ROOAAAARRRR". A might dragon's roar erupts from towards the Silver Enclave. Everyone looks up at a dark figure which has blocked the sun. "ROOOAAARRRR", the flying dark figure erupts blue flames and swoops down towards the citizens. Now out of the sun's rays and distinguishable, the figure is a giant Frostwyrm. As it flies over diving citizens, it emits a stream of bright blue particles from it's wings. As it flies over Dalaran, it's whole shadow covers the whole of the Sunreaver's Sanctuary, only missing the highest points of the buildings with its wings. It flies past the Sanctuary and glides into a left turn and flaps vigorously back towards Runeweaver Square, charging at it emiting a mighty roar, "ROOOAAARRRR ". Citizens are screaming for help from the sudden attack. A patrol leader yells out at the top of it's lungs to his troops, "We have to lead it away from here!". [Rules to this RP thread: 1. Dalaran must not be damaged in anyway. Protect Dalaran and it's citizens. 2. You and other adventures must find a way to stop it from charging into Runeweaver Square and somehow lead the Frostwyrm away from Dalaran. 3. The Wyrm is to giant to be killed by a single blow or by one person. Other than these rules, have fun and help each other out ^^.] (This is my first time at this so tell me if I've done something wrong or missing something)Tightron55 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Beastmasters Is it considered mary sue to role play a beast master? I know that RPing as a demon hunter or other abnormal class is frowned upon, but does the same apply for this class?Kelsior9 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Night elf mages So the highborne just recently returned to night elven society. Does this mean that all non-highborne elves are really, really new to magic? And if the kaldorei are scared of the arcane arts, what would lead one to just pick it up?Gorec5 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Worgen/Deathknight Questions Hey folks! Pardon my noobish ways, but I've been looking in the lore for worgen and I'm used to the starting area it seems strange to act like a former worgen of Arugal. I also divided it up since it'll mostly be on behaving or something. Anyway, I have a few questions. 1. Didn't Arugal unleash the curse on the Gilneans of Pyrewood Village? If it's true, would I still be considered Gilnean or just a "pet" of the former archmage. 2. How does a DK usually dress up? Do they keep their armor on or have casual wear too? 3. How different are "regular" Gilnean worgens from the worgens of Pyrewood? Are the Pyrewood usually sophisticated or did they lose their manners to the Curse and new life? 4. Are specs usually involve with the output of the character? I may go blood for tanking, but I don't know how one may act in terms of being this deathknight who specializes in such. 5. I'll be roleplaying a female worgen deathknight. Since the worgen were aggressive, should I be able to have her controlling of her temper, but a bit snarky? Since Arthas had betrayed her in the end of the starting area, should I have her a bit suspicious, but secretly afraid of being alone and unloved because she isn't entirely a living human/wolf? I don't know if it's realistic, but hey, it's a fantasy game.Solarbeam12 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Tattoo Parlor Korrzair Wildblade, a battlemage is also into his professions and he was always interested in art. So now, he is a body artist. He has finally opened his own business, in the neutral city of Dalaran. He was right next to the barber shop, his shop had a bright sign with the words, "Azeroth Ink" glowing brightly. Korrzair is the main tattoo artist, but he has two apprentices who are also well in this art. He and his apprentices have their own personal work space. The two starters can take one patient at once, Korrzair, however, could take two at a time. Korrzair's shop was open 24 hours each day, wanting to get as many customers as possible. ((First time starting RP like this on Forums))Korrzair2 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 RP question for a bit of a nooby. I'm looking to start an RP character on Wyrmrest Accord. Probably will be making a maniacal goblin named Dizzar. Probably a shaman, I love the totems :). My question is, are there any guilds out there that are helping people new to Warcraft role playing ? I've read the stickies, and I do know the basics of role playing. Just trying to create a back story as of right now and read a little more into Warcraft lore! I will be starting from level 1, will be new to the server... So yeah... *If any guilds are willing to recruit that do HEAVY amounts of RP, I am very willing to join and add to the story :)Cilyndil10 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Noob question about RP... So, I've been thinking about RP lately and I would really like to try and get into... I've been reading the forums and came to the realization that... I'd have no idea what I was even doing. So.. question... How do I go about RPing? Besides going to an RP server to level and find a strictly RP guild.Haidyn6 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 3, 2012 LF reliable and dedicated Dungeoneers. My name is Boltthorn. I along with my female partner, Rhoegarys (Night Elf, Hunter), travel Azeroth seeking adventure and loot. We have searched many dungeons and slayed the evil Hordes minions and more of those who would seek to defile our cherished world. We however are only two alone in the world.... and we seek out you adventurer. We travel in Eitrigg realm of Azeroth and are looking for fellow adventurers to explore dungeons with. We have a easy pace to our questing and enjoy good laughs and loot drops! Eventually looking to get into raiding and heroics once our levels are high enough to attain the honor. What say you adventurer, care to join us? Boltthorn & RhoegarysBoltthorn2 Aug 3, 2012
Aug 3, 2012 Paladins - arrogance, humility, lawful stupid Was advised by another poster that this topic might be relevant to the Tavern. :) Disclaimer: The first post is my personal take on paladins, which I didn't clarify very well. Apologies in advance for that. I also deliberately took a more DnD'ish example of a paladin to illustrate my point. Why is clarified in the later posts so please don't get hung up on that. It gets clearer and more Azeroth-oriented, promise. ;) Aug 3, 2012
Aug 3, 2012 Left my corner... ....and went to General chat. I came running back, please don't let me venture over there again =pKyrhyraeth2 Aug 3, 2012
Aug 3, 2012 Hi! Uhm... Hi! Hello! How are you?! My name is Uhm... Uhm... Ziggy! Yus... Ziggy "Scum" Belina! I was born and raised in Gilneas with my mom, Jessica Anne Belina, and my dad, Zackary Louise Belina! Oh, and I had a baby sister, Rosa! Me and Rosa ALWAYS travel together! She say's she is the brains, and I'm the uh... Uhm... Stupid! No, wait... Brawn! yeah, that's it. I'm a warrior! I wanna be a knight, though (Miss Alexstrasza says if I keep helping her she'll make me her champion! Yay!). I'm very strong, but I don't like hurting people! Unless you're a meanie cultists or just a jerk! Then you get smashed! But I really, really like helping people, because helping is good, and so are knights (that's what I wanna be!). Oh! I'm a Worgen, to! I don't think it's bad, but a lotta people think it is! Uhm... That's all I can think of right now! Bye everyone! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ((OOC information)) Realm: Emerald Dream Level: 85 Home: Stormwind CityScùm1 Aug 3, 2012