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Aug 6 Need an RP reason why my warrior is relevant? I've got a solid story for my warrior so far, describing what he was up to all the way up to the events of Legion. But what I want is a way to sort of "Captain America"-inize my character not making him a superhero but just some sort of some event that would make him a peak of human physical capabilities? I'm not trying to make my character a Mary Sue but just sort of make him, as a warrior, relevant when fighting alongside death knights and demon hunters.Hellard8 Aug 6
Aug 6 The Dragon's Gut Tavern II - NEW and Open RP Note: This is a recreation of a tavern I created in the past which later became inactive due to my subscription ending. I am notifying members in order to settle any confusion. Old dame Trealni started this tavern around 70 moons ago as an escape from the perils of the outside world. The Dragon's Gut is a small, worn down, log inn at the intersection of two major trails, settled right along the bank of the river, Vein, the primary source of water for all the tiny communities and settlements throughout the mountain range. The tavern is small but quaint. There are a few rooms upstairs for guests to rent as well as a pub-like tavern on the first floor. Patrons find themselves here at all times of day and night. All races are welcome, allowing the good and the evil to forget their differences after just a few minutes around the fire with a mug of ale at hand. This is a casual role play with no need to submit a character form. Come and go as you please. All major factions, races, and classes are accepted. Be respectful of other characters, and follow your sense of judgment on whether something is appropriate. Fights are allowed, just as any other acts that may occur in a typical tavern. So come on in, grab a mead and a bowl of dame Trealni's famous gizzard stew, and have a good time.Ariemai17 Aug 6
Aug 6 Alternate timeline...twins? Hold up, so Blizzard has this entire alternate timeline going on. But since it is kinda running the same course as the original timeline, minus the one key event of the orcs refusing the blood, what are the odds of there being a second version of your character (assuming you are an orc or draenei) on the alternate world? If so, I totally would like to do this with somebody!Lumìnescense18 Aug 6
Aug 5 DH roleplay as a "succubus" type? I was wondering if roleplaying my DH as a tempter type of hero, where i ate many succubus hearts and souls at my training. I could use the seduction type of spells to bend my enemies will. I always found the DH to have a similar design visual wise to the succubus. What do you guys think of that back story?Faucheur6 Aug 5
Aug 5 Looking for RP-PVPers! (( Good morning, Roleplay Community! I am an officer of the Midnight Reveries, an RP-focused jack-of-all-trades type guild. We formed in Vanilla, with a break from the end of Cata until now, where we played other games and formed a greater gaming community. Our home is Emerald Dream, because we love the dynamic of RPing on a PVP server. The sense of danger, the true faction rivalry, the need to stand together to survive... Many RPers have slowly drifted to WrA and MG these days, as other RP servers and communities dwindle away. We decided to stand firm on ED (there is a joke there somewhere...), to preserve the PVP nature of the game which we enjoy, and I am reaching out to find others like us who may have given up on the idea of RP-PVP. If you are curious about us, here is our recruitment post. Also find us at Thanks for your time. ))Sailani28 Aug 5
Aug 5 Paladin lore questions I'm putting together a story for a paladin to RP, and I have a few questions along the way. 1) How are paladins trained? 2) Do they use holy symbols to channel the Light, and if not, what do they use instead? 3)Are there any set scriptures in lore, or would I have to make something up should i wish to quote scripture? 4) What sort of things should I avoid in RP, and what abilities besides smiting and healing are generally acceptable? Which spells carry over to lore sort of thing. Thanks in advance!Narasu4 Aug 5
Aug 5 Second Day of Training! (Open RP) Before you jump in, please click on this link and read the rules and guidelines. If you wish to join, sign-up in the same link below! More students are always welcome! Today is the second day of training at the academy! There will be plenty of new students, some which are late, but all are welcome at the Academy of Azeroth's Future. Come join us and explore the days of your character's youth when they were still learning the art of combat. Join us and enjoy the magic, drama, struggles, action and joy one can find in the School of totally-not-Azeroth-Hogwarts-but-pretty-much-is-anyway! (That still has me giggling). I want to thank everyone that has been participating, quietly reading along, and supporting this. My greatest joy is to create things that people can enjoy with me. No matter how many years of experience in RP I get under my belt, I am always learning something new, and this has definitely been one of those large learning curves, something I will take with me when organizing similar events in the future. (That and I totally learned much lore from you awesome people.) Now, without further ado, let day 2 commence! The new day starts just an hour before sunrise. The sky is slowly getting brighter, the birds in the forest are already awake, but the sun was not come out yet. Hopefully everyone had a good night sleep and are ready to rise for a new day of education and training (or another hour of staying in bed). The cooks are in the kitchen preparing breakfast, but will not be ready until sunrise when the bell tolls.Silvanni281 Aug 5
Aug 5 Draenei Mage Just to start off I'm very new to RP and I really enjoy the lore about the draenei. So I know a decent amount of lore about the draenei and they were one of the first races to be using the Arcane magic. My in - game character is arcane spec so I was thinking about the title for her as "Arcanist" , but then I stumbled across on Wowwiki that their are different paths to the Arcane. Examples like Battlemage,Wizard,Sorcerer,Mage,Focused mage ect ect. So my question is what kind of Arcanist would a Draenei most LIKELY be? Here is the WoWWiki link for Arcanist Aug 5
Aug 5 How is this forum now? (OOC question) Hello, World's End Tavern. It's been a very long time since I've been here and I was wondering what kind of scene was around these days. I haven't RP'd in a very long time either and sometimes that itch goes crazy. I left this RP forum towards the end of Wrath with a large migration of other RPers, some of whom I can comfortably say are easily the best writers I've ever read or RP'd with. I can comfortably say that, because I believe they're quite gone from this place - an odd thing to some, compliments. We left when this forum became difficult to write on, but it has been a very long time and I had a few questions. I'm sorry if my initial paragraph hadn't said much except a sad sort of nostalgia - and of course that wasn't to say there aren't or weren't other good writers here or then, I was just a very big fan of the people I was allowed to write with. Mostly I'm wondering whether the technical conditions and community conditions have improved here. Large posts were being deleted, old stories that people had been fond of had simply been erased from Blizzard's logs and things of that nature had been going on. On top of that there'd been a marked decline in the community between Mary Sues and trolls that made it more annoying than anything else to write here. tl;dr: Has the community and technical aspect of these forums improved any? Obviously I'm not just going to sit on this post and wait, but I wanted to hear from the actual community. Thanks for taking the time to read and possibly respond to this kind of pretentious post.Hakanati6 Aug 5
Aug 5 Actually, it does bother me I wish to have a discussion based off of that thread ^. I was looking through my old posts and saw that thread. While I don't fully agree with what the OP said in the post, He does bring up a good point. Basically the OP talks briefly about what RP used to be on WoW and in classic RPGs, and what it has become now. I recommend reading through the thread to get a more in-depth view on what i'm talking about. In short, the OP asks if anybody else is bothered by what most characters are now. He is bothered and a little bit disappointed at what roleplaying has become. "RP used to be more serious, I think it's safe to say. Less light-hearted and less lenient in what is today, but was not back then, widely accepted. I have to ask you all - is this the right way for RP to be headed? Where everyone can be everything?" ~OP Of linked thread I must say I kind of agree with this point. Every single character I run into is a "Half dragon priestess of cthulu" or something of that nature. Roleplaying used to be more about telling a good story instead of just being a huge !@#$%^-*!@ about how awesome our characters are. What do you guys think?Drargrak54 Aug 5
Aug 5 A Guild Pitch: Arise: Loreth'Aran (Posted this to guild recruitment first but on looking at some of the guilds there decided this belonged in the RP section instead.) I have been toying with the idea of creating a Rp guild around the story of Loreth'Aran, the green dragon flight and Night elf culture. There is very little backstory on the city, remnants of which can only be found on Bloodmist Isle in the Draenai starting zones, But it was a Kingdom that existed before the war of the Ancients, over 10,000 years ago that was respected so by the Green dragon flight that they let them ride them in battle. With the Return of the Legion I thought it would be an epic story if this forgotten city could make a resurgance in any number of ways. The core of this guild would be: Following the Traditional Night Elf world views Rekindling the trust between themselves and the Green Dragon flight Rearming and growing a core of Dragon Rider Night Elves to combat the Legion. Rebuilding or Selecting a new Home to call their own. HOW this rekindling takes place is up to debate on varying levels of Mary-Sue-esk theory's. Time travel, Magical Entombment, Or simple ancestry, (Or hell, Since elves are immortal, It could BE a core of the elves that have remained secluded untill the threat of the Legion appeared. What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in building on this?Mennelas0 Aug 5
Aug 5 Return of the King (OOC) Signup so first time ever doing this hopefully the idea draws some of your attentions and apologies for the possible grammatical errors but please signup if you are interested. The frozen throne lay still wind howling and the Litch King silent, Bolvar in a desperate battle againt the presence of Ner'zhul for control of the scourge. with the current Litch King's attention divided Arthas Menethil's body has disappeared from the crypt the Knights of the Ebon Blade locked it in. All of the world hoped that Arthas would be lost to history but another force had different hopes for the fallen king. The Knights desperate to find the corpse have only found an empty crypt the guards frozen in blocks of ice or rotten and falling into a pile of gore, Highlord Darrion looks upon the scene with members of his order in anger and slight horror "what happened here?" he asked angrily as another knight by him spoke up "we don't know Highlord the attack came out of nowhere.... what do we do now?" Darrion just looked at the scene some more before acknowledging "we inform the other leaders of the world, Inovanril go recruit who you can tell them our worst fears may be coming true this day the king is trying to return" he said dismissing the elven deathknight at his side who sprinted to his frostwing mount to begin informing the world. Hidden within an ancient catacomb in the eastern plaguelands forgotten to the world the body of Arthas lay on a stone slab, a giant skeletal figure dressed in robes and chains cold energy billowing from his rib cage the great Kelthuzaad couldn't help but look apon his fallen friend with sadness in his thoughts "I have failed you my king." he said quietly floating about looking at the loyal members of the cult of the damned and some true Deathknights his skeletal visage horrific to see. A older man walked up to the elder Litch "lord Kelthuzaad we still have to prepare the ritual but we require two more components" the necromancer said. Kelthuzaad looked upon the man "and what is it we require?" he asked coldly this caused the necromancer to back away a bit clearing his throat "we require two things my lord for the ritual, first being the shards of frostmourne and water from the sunwell in order to pull our kings soul back into the world." the litched turned away "then awaken all of our sleepers in quel'thalas and our loyal knights here will return to icecrown to retrieve the shards" he said dismissing everyone.Inovanril1 Aug 5
Aug 5 The Endless path The Horizon surrounding your home was a sight to behold as your caravan moved forward slowly into the familiar yet abstract lands you grew up in, it had been at least two years since you set eyes upon it, the war in the alternate reality of Draenor still fresh within your mind. The horrors and blood shed had left a mark upon your very soul, you sensed deep within yourself that you were not the same man you were when you left your family behind to fight for the very fate of the planet, yet the feeling of pride and honor was there within you....somwhere. Your guild, close comrades you had known for many years along with the most powerful hero's of the alliance and horde had fought long and hard to strike down the Iron-fisted masters of Draenor...from the Imperator of the ogre clans to the Demonic masters of the Fel legion, nothing could stop your famed cohorts but as with all life and victory in battle, deaths reach was long and unforgiving, many of your close friends had perished over the course of the two year campaign with the alliance, champions of renowned who no one ever thought would parish did, never to return again. The few that remained went their separate ways after your arrival in the blasted lands, some happy...some distant, but all affected by this war of necessity. The promise of peace and respite did little to calm you, the final events over hell-fire citadel still fresh in your mind, this was not the end but only a brief respite for the coming darkness. The alliance and the Horde would once again depend on each other for the very survival of the precious planet of Azeroth. The sight of your children in the distance finally broke down your callus emotions, however brief this leave was you knew that you would be at peace amongst your family. You set aside your familiar staff along with your cowl, you felt naked and uneasy without compose yourself as the brickwork of your manor catches your eyes....Home, you think to yourself.Stormthump0 Aug 5
Aug 5 Warriors in WoW. Specifically Undead Greetings, so I just have a point of view I would like to make known, and see other peoples opinions on this. I am done some research but no threads like this exist that I have seen outside of really really old ones. But I am thinking about making a new Character, perhaps a Warrior. I have always played Warlock, since Vanilla. But have recently gotten into the Lore of games alot more and would like to perhaps make an Undead Warrior and RP and experience the game from the eyes of questing/adventuring/RPing, instead of my usual "get endgame and pvp hardcore cuz let pwnage" mindset I have always had lol. However, I want a good story for my character, but I also want them to be realistic. And sometimes I have difficult time imagining a "good" undead warrior. Anways, from what I have seen, the Lore of Warriors shows them as, somewhat weak when compared to a magic user, atleast in terms of great magic users. For instance, I imagine the an average magic user vs an average warrior would be pretty evenly matched. The fireball the mage would use (or frost bolt or w/e the case is) would likely be as easily blocked or dodged, as the swing of a sword or mace and likely hit just as hard. Therefore a fireball to the head may be a kill, or devastating but one to a heavily armored chest would,although still hurt like hell, leave on minor injuries (broken ribs) but could go slowdown and stagger, but certainly not kill the warrior. In this scenario, if the warrior could block/dodge/fight through the pain enough they could realistically close the gap and kill the mage. If they had any throw weapons, likely would further put the odds in the warriors favor. However, that is the case for average vs average. I think the "skill cap" on magic is MUCH MUCH higher than on a warrior (lore wise). A GREAT warrior can only become so strong, so fast, and so tough and although significant in its own rights, does not appear to be anything when compared to the power a GREAT magic user. So the GREAT warrior whom now approaches a GREAT mage, would likely be knocked completely off his feet by even a blocked fireball, thus making the liklihood of victory for the warrior unlikely, and perhaps even completely unrealistic. This all considering an even, open playing field and no super special variables such as special enchanted weapons/armor on the warrior. I think this is shown pretty well in the Warcraft movie where Guldan whom is a GREAT warlock (in power) was able to completely drain his enemies w/ laughable ease. Or in the fight between Grom and Thrall (both of which are the best at what they do), at which point Thrall won w/ laughable ease once using his magic capabilities. The above is considering strictly 1v1, open world, everythings even scenarios however. So considering no matter how strong a magic user strike from even the dullest of swords to the stomach or head spells victory for the warrior, regardless of their skill. So that opens up many different options for attack, which does not have to be a direct assault. Would even make victory for magics over rogues likely unrealistic. I bring the above up for discussion purposes and to see peoples opinions. But I am also relating all of the above to my character I wish to create, which is an Undead Warrior. As an Undead I feel like I would be able to stand more of a chance against magic users, even the great ones than any other type of warrior (although mabye only slightly, and perhaps still not enough to make victory at all likely). Reason being is I would not feel pain, I would not relent, I would not tire, and I would not stop. Undead are certainly not even close to unkillable nor unstoppable, but tend to be much more resilient in many areas than any other race, which I think would work to their advantage when fighting some sort of magic user. So what do you think? Would an Undead Warrior be sort of a "mage killer"?Jakarnz6 Aug 5
Aug 4 "Rawhide" Colt Dailor's story part 1 This is the beginning of a story arc explaining how my character came to be mute. I wrote it for my guild who would know more about my character, so for the sake of the story you ought to know: Dailor is mute due to a powerful curse, he was born in alterac and served in the second war then spent the next 11-12 years as a mercenary, he died at the beginning of the scourge invasion as he tried to cross through alterac and froze to death, his body was found during the cataclysm and raised by the Val'kyr, and Dailor's horse is named Lucille. Hope you enjoy. Colt Dailor took a deep draw from the last remnants of his cigar and flicked the smoking butt into the wind. To his right rode Mickey O'Malley, an Arathi kid with a patchy beard and a mop of blonde hair. He was a thief of some rapport and a steady handed duelist when it came down to it, according to the guildmaster. To Mickey's right was Igmond Roales, he was probably in his thirties with short brown hair and a former apprentice of Dalaran. From the way Igmond told it, he had been an top notch student who was kicked out for showing up a professor at his own lesson. From the way everyone else told it, Igmond was full of !@#$ and probably got kicked out for being a prick. Either way, Dailor had worked with Igmond before and, although he was an *** and they didn't always see eye to eye, he was a fairly skilled mage and good to have at your side. Dailor hadn't worked with Mickey before, but he was already getting on his nerves. "What the hell are we doing out here, anyway?" "Damnit, Mickey, shut the hell up." "You've heard all the %^-* that's going on down here! Plagues! Monsters!" "Ok first, that all just rumors, second...." Dailor tried to ignore them. Every few hours on this ride into the countryside, Mickey would complain about all the tall tales he'd heard in the Lordaeron taverns. Plagues sweeping the land, monsters rising from the graves and wiping out whole towns: in other words, some rumor that some bored idiot made up that caught on - or maybe some opportunist made it up trying to sell some goods at a mark up. Prices always go up during wars and disasters. Either way, rumors or not, the Rawhide Roughnecks sent the three of them out to clear out a bandit holdout on the road between Andorhal and Brill. Apparently they had taken up residence in some poor chump's farm and were ambushing travelers and caravans. "-and why aren't the guards taking care of this, anyway? Isn't this what they're paid to do?" "The guards don't go patrol this far between the two towns; they're in the perfect spot to be a real pain in the king's !@#." "I can't believe we got dragged into this. There's supposed to be five or six of these $%^-ers and just the three of us. Couldn't Riley have sent more men? The whole thing is just a *!@# show waiting to happen." "Shut the **** up, Mickey." "For once I agree with Igmond. You need to shut up, Mick." Riley Markas was the leader of the Rawhide Roughnecks, the mercenary guild for which the three of them worked. Riley was a piece of **** and everyone knew it, but he was a damn fine fighter and knew how to manage his resources well so no one said anything. If Riley thought three of his men was enough for six or so highwaymen, he was probably right. Even so, Dailor couldn't help but wonder why the military wasn't taking care of this. Apparently the military had been sent out bit by bit really covertly from Lordaeron city over the last few days. No one was supposed to know, but all it takes is one slip of the tongue in that city and suddenly everyone knows about it. Was the kingdom going to war? Were the rumors true? Who the hell knows. The king would probably make some big announcement in a few days and catch everyone up on it. Hell, he could have already made it and Dailor wouldn't know until he got back to the city - news doesn't reach out here too quickly. The team had been off the road for a while now. They wanted to approach the farmstead from behind. They had two crossbows each - the plan was to have them all pre-loaded, draw their attention, then fire six bolts into them before they knew what was happening, mop up any remainders and then head back to the city for their pay. Easy peasy. As they rode up to the back side of the farm, Dailor pulled his spyglass out of his saddlebag and took a look around from the forest line.Dailor6 Aug 4
Aug 4 Calling all creative minds! Hey guys! So my favorite character died ICly recently and I am ready to lay in the bed that was made for me, even though it is hard to do. This post is about moving on from that, I want to make a new character but I just seem to be struggling and need your help. You see, for my character that died, her story was more or less outside the lore. I made an island known as Bireday that was out in the Forbidden Sea and a wicked aunt that cursed her--blah blah blah. The point is, this time I want to stick closer to the lore that has already been laid out. With my last character, she had a closed end goal: Kill her aunt, break the curse, protect her island. Once those goals were accomplished I could have happily retired my character. But you see, I am having a really hard time thinking about other closed end goals within the WoW universe. I mean, "killing all demons" and "protecting those closest to me" are not close ended. They can never be accomplished. Sylvannis had the goal of revenge, once she completed that, she was pretty much nothing, even tried to kill herself (again?) That is the type of goal I want. "Destroy all demons" = bad character goal "Destroy wicked aunt to break a curse and liberate her people" = good character goal. Help me out guys, what sort of close ended goals does your character have? Remember, the simple goal of marrying and having children somewhere on a mountain is a close ended goal. Simple can be fine, but I want complex.Äshê12 Aug 4
Aug 4 Out of the Frozen North (Sign-Ups/OOC) The worst thing about the coastal city, Alcott had decided, wasn’t the goblins or the way some of them went about trying to scam people, even now. It wasn’t the blasted multi-storied set-up, or the lack of good Stormwind booze, or the constant infighting amongst all of the races who had been forced to settle together into this last refuge. It wasn’t even the constant droning of the undead hordes gathered up just outside the walls, looking for any way into the heavily guarded city. No, the worst thing was the heat. How could anyone stand it? Alcott had managed to make his way here weeks ago, and even now he wasn’t used to it. The tracker had always found himself up in the mountains of Redridge, hunting down some simple beast or minor threat to the nearby settlements, and the refreshing breeze of mountain air was always exactly what he needed. Down here, just on the edge of the jungle, it was nearly unbearable, even with the breeze coming in off the ocean. Yet the numbers of trolls and goblins all didn’t even seem phased. At least, he thought, the dwarves shared in his suffering. If only the whole world hadn’t gone to the void. “Caynelros!” A familiar voice cried out, leading Alcott to cringe. He just wanted to wander the streets of the city, disappear into the crowd. He wasn’t allowed even that small pleasure. Not when the woman found him. “What do you want, Alys?” he asked as she approached. In another life, they might have been friends. Even now some remnants of their old lives would shine through, and the two would find themselves getting along, perhaps even enjoying each other’s company. But that was rare. They had lost too much. Now the two had a strained, professional relationship, making up part of the city’s small force that was willing to brave trips beyond the walls. “Follow me,” she said sternly, and Alcott nodded, falling into step behind her. The two traversed their way up the city, passing by many of the refugees who now found themselves on the streets. A young human boy, Damion, recognized the pair and ran up with smile, and the two sent him off with a few copper pieces. The child skipped away, blissfully unaware of anything wrong around him. Eventually, the pair came to a stop at the top of the walls, overlooking the border of the jungle before them. Below stood the Scourge army, held back thanks to the wonders of gnomish and goblin engineering, albeit with some magical help. Much of the jungle was now covered with the taint of the undead, and Alcott couldn’t help but frown. Such a waste. “What am I looking for?” the tracker asked his companion. Alys remained focused on the army below. “They’re getting restless. Something’s driving them on more than we’ve ever seen.” Her gaze turned back to Alcott. “Their attacks on the wall are more frequent. The pilots report increased numbers of flying creatures in the area. More abominations are showing up around here. I’m worried that they’re building up for something.” Alcott nodded, his expression growing grim. “Might be that it’s just troop movement,” he suggested. “Quel’thalas and Thunder Bluff still stand.” He hesitated for a beat. “Right?” “They do. We’ve been in touch.” Alys sighed and shook her head. “It’s more than that. They’re preparing. Something intelligent is gearing up to drive them forward.” Her expression became dark as she looked back out towards the jungle. “When Gilneas fell, I wouldn’t lose another home. When Stormwind fell, I swore I wouldn’t let them take anyone else.” She turned back to Alcott, determination set in her face. “They won’t have this city.” The tracker locked eyes with her and gave a short nod, then turned back to the army himself, wondering how they could stop it.Caynelros5 Aug 4
Aug 4 What would be IC Contact Info? Sorry if this isn't the correct forum, but I'm kinda new to roleplaying and I was wondering: How would you contact someone? Would you get their name to mail them? Could battletag be used like an ingame number to keep track of each person? Basically, what would you write down and give to someone to hear back from them? Thanks for any help/ideas.Méditation1 Aug 4
Aug 4 Best Vacation Spots in Azeroth? Just a curious question you know with the pending doom on the way with Legion people can get pretty anxious. So where do you go when you're stressed out? Made a count down video to give mine. Feedback is never necessary but always appreciated! Aug 4
Aug 3 Wish-Maker Island (OOC Chatroom) Welcome! If you have questions about the RP or wish to submit a character sheet, please feel free to do so here in this thread! Here is a link to the RP Summery, rules and the RP itself: Aug 3
Aug 3 Help w/ choosing a female orc hunter name! I've been planning on making a female orc hunter, but have been having a difficult time coming up with a lore-friendly name. My current name ideas are: 1)Karrga 2)Kargga 3)Golaka 4)Gorazz Do any of those names seem like a lore friendly choice for a female orc? If not, could you give me some suggestions?Verlius2 Aug 3
Aug 3 A few Demon Hunter Questions Hi! RPing a Demon Hunter in Legion, also maining one on my non-RP server ^^. I just have a few questions about them that I'm unsure about. I've never read any of the books and never really followed Demon Hunter lore in the past. The first thing I want to know is something all players can answer regardless of their knowledge of Demon Hunters. How would your characters react to the presence of a Demon Hunter? This one is mostly out of curiosity rather than a need to know. Is it common for Demon Hunters to change their last names to reflect their DH identities? I know Illidan himself didn't, but with the sheer amount of devotion and sacrifice Demon Hunters make, and how single-minded a lot of them probably are, it would make sense, right? This question could be answered by looking at footage of the Demon Hunter starting zone, but I don't want to spoil it for myself, I'd like to go into it blind (heh). How many things about the training process do we as players know about? The only thing I know for sure is that their eyes are gouged out and replaced by fel instead. Any other rituals that occur? What do they do for training? I'd like to understand this more in-depth. All I have in my head now is "It's traumatizing". I'd like to understand what exactly occurs so that I can create a character who has been impacted in a more fleshed out way.Natsuaga11 Aug 3
Aug 3 need help naming a dark Iron dwarf. Hello all! I am looking to create a Dwarf Fire Mage and most likely a Dark Iron at that. I am having issues with a name. I think Ive sat at the character creation screen so long I cant trust my own judgement any longer. I have no problems with Horde characters but those pesky do-gooders always give me issues. I do have some names to present to you for feedback and/or advice however. Braniir, Volkanyr (a little Volcano sound for the fire mage), Magniir, or Bordinar (my tribute to a game I use to play, Vanguard) What do you all think? Any suggestions? Do you prefer one over another or have a suggestion for me? I truly appreciate any assistance!!Rashikki3 Aug 3
Aug 3 Worgen DK correct naming? Hello all I have a question, I am not an active RPer, however I do like to have an appropriately named character (ignore my mage). My understanding is that the only way the lore would work for a worgen DK is if that worgen was from somewhere other then the Gilneas outbrake? Is that correct? If so: what are some examples of non-gilneas worgen names? I am assuming names from the "wolf Cult" during the search for the legendary Scythe of Elune by Alpha Prime would be more correct? Such as Gervase the leader of the "Wolf Cult" in duskwood? Please let me know if I am off track, And thank you for any example names.Eldritch6 Aug 3
Aug 3 Lawman or "Cowboy" class choice. So I have this character concept for a Westfall farmboy grown up into a world weary bringer of justice. (And before anyone says anything, I created him long before Overwatch came out.) He's a hunter now but I'm wondering if the idea is not better suited to a rogue especially with the new pistol, firing from the hip, thing. Let me be clear, Jereden is not an outlaw or at the very least a black hat. He is a good guy, if he can't be a lawman he'd at least be on the side of right in a less official capacity. So what class better suits the idea of a wandering wild west cowboy in Azeroth? The hunter for its copious use of rifles and point of self-reliance, or the rogue for its admittedly one gun based ability and emphasis on dirty fighting and ends justifies the means mindset?Weiyu11 Aug 3
Aug 3 Advice for "environmental focused" RP guild? Hello all, For the release of Legion, some friends and I decided to form a guild to simplify the raiding process, however I am a very active RPer on my realm and want to incorporate that gameplay into this guild. We landed on "The Denizens" partially because that is the moniker we play music under IRL, but I figured this could be a unique theme for the guild. I imagined, essentially, a collective of horde members who are unhappy with the way the constant war between the Horde and Alliance has affected the native inhabitants and lands of Azeroth. In this, the RP would be more of a neutral "faction" that fights for the greater good of Azeroth's denizens as opposed to fighting for the Horde. Any ideas on how to develop a storyline for this guild would be much appreciated, or if anyone has other ideas on how to make this as fun as possible for our members would be greatly appreciated! I should add, this is my first attempt at creating and leading a guild. TL;DR - Need advice developing an RP storyline for a guild focused on protecting the innocent inhabitants of Azeroth from never-ending wars and conflicts.Zenjiin3 Aug 3
Aug 3 Caverns of Time - ICly? The title says it all, really. How do you handle the Caverns of Time ICly, in particular, the actual instances? We can assume, like with the End Time trio of instances, we were successful, given we defeated Deathwing. Or like with Hyjal. But.. what if someone wanted to just visit them? To learn, to study, etc? Would the Bronze Flight even allow it? And moreso, what if someone wanted to visit them to twist the future? Technically, we're already done with that, so even if they did twist it, it was fixed. But would the Bronze Flight just.. flip the switch back to pre-messing with and allow someone else to do it right?Kilig2 Aug 3
Aug 3 Character Death...cheated? Hey guys, so something tragic happened today. My character of nearly 2 years died. I am aware that only I can accept my characters death, but this thread runs a bit deeper than that. Let me try to explain the situation. So I play the role of a character cursed by a powerful warlock. For simplicity, all you need to know is that the curse makes my character small. There are two ways to remove the curse. Either kill the warlock that cursed me, or die. This was established with all parties involved. Now, for the incident. Keep in mind I could have god modded or stopped the roleplay at any point. However, I let my character die because i believed it was most true to the situation and the information given to me at the time. Long story short, my character's friend tried to forcefully remove the curse from my character (which still seems ooc for them to do anyways, since they knew the rules). During the removal of the curse, my friend said things like, "holy being naturally more powerful than the fel, it would surely begin to work soon," "Ashe would feel hell for pain as the fel was attacked" know, things like that. ICly, I tried to tell my friend to stop, and that she was killing me. She persisted (which was ooc to me). At this point, I have it in my mind that this all powerful holy magic is stronger than the wicked warlock's fel. So, the curse was pulled free and I died. I was fine with it. There was no out besides Godmodding or stopping the RP. I happily left it there. Later, after my funeral and a bunch of crazy events, another friend explains to me that the friend who cleansed me was a novice in holy magic, that holy is not stronger than fel, that they 'like to kill characters', and that the character who cleansed me had tried to assert their prowess over holy magic onto others before. I feel cheated. I accepted the death because it was logical to do so. Now I hear that all the facts that lead me to accept the death were fabricated?! I solidified my death at the funeral (the person who killed me burned my body with holy magic...for some reason), I solidified it with letters to my character's friends and loved ones. And now I have no out besides a retconn that would ruin all the new character arcs that steamed from my death. Help. Me. I just found out that I was misinformed. I know it is still up to me to accept the death or not. Dying isnt the issue. Dying under false reasoning is.Äshê14 Aug 3
Aug 2 Prohibition? So i'm working on a fanfiction dealing with an alternate timeline in which the Alliance enacts a law similar to the United States' Volstead Act, essentially banning alcohol. It's in very early stages, but i'm looking for input as to how it may look and work specifically. How might the products be smuggled across dry counties, and by who? Would magic be involved? What group(s) would be for/against this? My thoughts were somewhere along the lines of a splinter group of Priests, but I think it's a rather fascinating concept and would want to hear everyone's take on it.Soninclaire2 Aug 2
Aug 2 DK RP Backstory (1st time writing one) Hi all, I wrote this for a thread on General, and I wanted to get a opinion on how good of a backstory it would be for a DK! *ahem* In life, he was a young former soldier, about 25 in-game years, fighting to protect his wife and 2 sons, he saw fighting in Outland during the timeline of the BC, fought demons and all sorts of nastys, and he was given a opportunity to settle down after all the fighting was over and done with, so he took it and retired to spend his days providing for his family as a butcher, while raising his 2 sons the proper Orcish way, with values of honour and respect. His life was pretty good while away from all the fighting. Sadly the fighting came back to find him. During the WOTLK pre-launch, the Scourge came for him and his family out of the blue, he fought valiantly, butcher knife in hand, to protect the ones he holds dear, took a few down before they struck the final blow. As the life escaped from him, he saw his family running off towards the saftey of the local garrison, so he was prepared to die happy, knowing his family was safe, so he closed his eyes to await the peace of death. Sadly, the Scourge and huge dicks. He feels his soul be dragged back by a malevolent force, being reunited to his body by necromancy, helpless to stop it. He awoke, eyes pulsating a icy blue, staring at the cold stone ceiling of Acherus: The Ebon Hold, and before he could react, his mind was seized by the will of the LK, his free will taking a back seat to the LK's will, as he could only watch what tragic deeds he would do. Cue the DK starting zone, but when he got to the barracks with all the Argent Dawn reps, instead of a Orc rep, he saw his own family, chained, starved, and broken. The LK's control beckoned his grotesque form to strike them down in cold blood, as he struggled to wrestle control back, to spare his family a death by his own blade. All he could muster was icy tears down his cold cheeks as his runeforged axe striked down his family, leaving there body's to the ghouls. He screamed, screamed like a banshee, begging the LK to end him, to spare him the torment of him striking down his own family, his own blood. He never got it. Soon after, the remaining events of the DK starting zone transpire, and his mind is freed at last, his consciousness returning to his form, and for the first time since his ressurection, he could scream, a scream that echo'd for miles. Soon after he ran, trying to run away from the "thing" he has become, hiding away from prying eyes until he managed to return to his home, found as a smouldering shadow of what it used to be, so he stayed, in a futile attempt to rebuild the life he once had. He began to feel terrible pain, as voices began to echo within his mind, "Kill, Kill, Kill and be sustained", the hanging words repeated endlessly in his mind, driving him to the edge of madness, until he struck down a wild boar in a act of maddened rage, and he felt his mind return to him, his mind clear, and he came to accept what he has become, and vowed to stop the forces that made him become what he is now, and commit the atrocities he had done. He scavanged from the wreck of his home a single photo he took with his family, charred and bent, folded it up and put it inside his armor, gathered his things and left his home for the last time. Now he fights to stop the evil forces of this world, and worlds beyond, from destroying what little he has left, and fights to not only curb the madness that plagues his mind, but to also prevent others from experiencing the same faith he was given. Since his revolution he has gained some emotion back, has remembered to laugh and generally enjoy himself, but the spectres of his past are something that haunts him, and a force that drives him forward, and he looks forward to the day he gets to see his wife and kids again. Phew, that was long, I hope that turned out ok! This was my first time making a backstory for RP purposes, hope is good. Also, my mog to represent him is off, in-game it's different, using the brown dungeon plate set from WOTLK with the Bloody Bandanna.Grimin2 Aug 2
Aug 2 Legion Weapon for my Fel/Wrathguard So just for the irony of it, I would like to go into Legion with my Felguard/Wrathguard weilding/dual weilding weapons that have a famous history of being historic weapons of note in the ongoing battle. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated!! BTW, I don't really have access to current raiding tiers so anything from this expansion's raids are not within my means.Necrotica1 Aug 2
Aug 2 How Would Each Race Celebrate Birth? Going along with Vardarin's questions for "How would each race parent their children?" I'd like to discuss how each race would celebrate the birth of a new child. Every culture is different and that's the beauty of it. The question more so came to my attention during an RP where the new dad asked his father how his new family should "honor the Loa" (Yes, it is a troll family). In the past, I've met at least one troll father who said he bathed his newborn in his blood to bless the child with his strength and power. Typically, I suspect animal sacrifices to the family's respective Loa and a visit to the local Witch Doctor for protective spells, blessings and trinkets to ward off bad spirits would be the most common way of celebrating the birth of a newborn. In a fan fiction I came across before, they made an interesting idea where the family leaves their new child out in the jungle for the night and go to find it in the morning expecting the child to have a visitor in the form of an animal representing the Loa whom chooses to give the child their blessing. Obviously, plenty of babies die this way, mostly eaten. But anyway, by morning it's expected to find some specific animal accompanying the child, which in turn they sacrifice to the respective Loa in thanks for choosing and defining their child's destiny. In the end of fic, the child was visited by a young panther which for some reason is deemed rare and a great destiny for a child to have. In other races, such as humans, Night Elves, Blood elves and Draenei, I suspect another religious approach, especially towards the Light. Probably baptisms or some blessing from the Light/Naaru/Elune. For races like Orcs and Tauren, I bet they consult their ancestors probably for their blessing, guidance, or what not. I think we can exclude Forsaken from this one, seeing as the closest thing to celebrating "birth" can be seen in their starting zone. Though I've once been told by someone that they have their own shadow baptisms they perform for those who wish to be a loyal member of The Cult of Forgotten Shadows of Lordaeron. Dunno about Worgen, but I suspect it's pretty similar to humans. Gnomes and Goblins? I doubt Goblins do anything in particular to "celebrate" passed maybe a drink with friends at the bar for the mom or dad, especially for the unlucky ones that land a bill from the guys that helped during the labor process. Gnomes in particular probably have a family/friend gathering much like a baby shower or something to fawn over the newborn and discuss a life plan for the thing. (Get the learning tube ready, lol) Pandaren probably have a big party in the town with family, friends and neighbors. Biiiiig feast and drinking party. Maybe the Dwarves do the same, ha ha. Did I miss any races? What do y'all think each race does to celebrate the birth of a newborn? Do share and discuss! Give me details! Details are delicious!Silvanni22 Aug 2
Aug 2 Wildkin - Cenarion Outcast (A Story) The beast strained against its shackles. Thick ropes of roots and vines that held it’s clawed half-bear, half-owl arms bound. It hooted in frustration, shaking the walls of the enclosed space with frustration. Clawed feet pushed against the earth of the hovel, and while the room contained no light, the beast could see clearly. It’s golden eyes glowing like twin stars in the pitch black. The room, dug deep into the earth and lined with the roots of an ancient tree brought back memories to the creature. Moonkin, Wildkin, a child of Elune. Voices above, in the tunnel ahead caught the beast’s ears and it stopped struggling for a moment to listen to the elven voices that echoed in gently deep resonance down into his chamber. “It is him... I am sure of it,” the first voice said. A youthful voice, shaking with fear. A huff of irritation, and disbelief followed the younger Kaldorei’s assertion. “How do you know?” a strong female voice responded. Her question left no space for deceit. “We found his staff,” the male responded. There was a pause and then the sound of footsteps. The beast watched the entrance intently, muscles taut as it readied itself for whatever came down the tunnel. Its feather’s bristled, and it’s clawed feet dug into the thick soil beneath its feet. A lithe elven woman entered, dressed in white robes. Carrying a staff of oak, tipped at the end with a rose quartz in the shape of a crescent moon. She looked at him, silently for a moment and then sighed regretfully before speaking. “Adenan... we know it’s you,” she stated. Her words brooking no argument. The Moonkin slumped in its shackles and closed its eyes. In that moment it seemed to vanish into the darkness of the chamber. Then it opened its eyes again and hooted quietly in protest. The priestess signalled and her younger attendant came down the tunnel carrying a long object carried in cloth. The younger elf eyed the Moonkin with a worried, yet compassionate gaze, and then handed the item to the priestess. The priestess took the item, took a step towards the Moonkin, and then crouched down. Laying the item on the ground before slowly unravelling it. It was a staff of intricate details. Crafted from amethyst with lunar symbols etched at the tip, and down the shaft. She stood again, leaving the staff on the ground between the Moonkin and herself. The silence in the barrow stretched for a good two minutes, before the priestess sighed regretfully and turned from the creature still shackled against the far wall. As she reached the entrance to the barrow chamber she heard a voice, quiet and ragged from disuse. “You are right,” the voice said “I am Adenan.” She turned back to the creature... now returned to the form of a Night Elf. Long hair fell over it’s face... white like the light of a full moon. Scars were etched over the man’s body as he cradled the staff in his hands with gentleness. “We need you,” the priestess said simply. “Do you?” Adenan responded, lifting his tear-streaked face to gaze at the priestess.Adenan0 Aug 2
Aug 2 Thoughts on Archaeologist/Explorer character Hello, I am looking a character just for fun to explore and discover artifacts and locations. Think Explorers League. I was thinking a Dwarf Hunter Alliance and maybe a Pandaran Horde side. Any thoughts on the concept. Leaning Horde, but not sure what to pick.Oakmoon2 Aug 2
Aug 2 Looking for a new realm So the wife and I are looking for a new RPPVP realm to level our two Orcs in...We kind of want to bypass Emerald Dream because of the way the Realm has gone over the past couple of years..Any other suggestions for a RPPVP realm that has a decent amount of Horde RP guilds, a fairly decent population, etc?Cellidas7 Aug 2
Aug 2 Odd Lore Coincidence Leading to a Main Choice So I've never been a big RP person but some stuff is being interestingly coincidental in my own 9 year Warcraft adventure and I would love to hear from an RPer's perspective what they would do. When I first started WoW, it was TBC and I was a female B. Elf Warlock. It was obviously a huge learning experience and I played her up until WotLK was soon to be out which is when I made this Warlock and have played her ever since as my main. I never had the opportunity to raid in TBC but I remember being in awe of the idea of fighting Illidan in The Black Temple. In her last moments before I deleted her, I stood at the entrance of The Black Temple and logged out just telling myself she went in and didn't survive the encounter. Fast forward to now and low and behold, we have Illidan returning with his army of B. Elf and N. Elf Demon Hunters in tow. So obviously the first thing that pops in my mind is that I can recreate my original toon as a Demon Hunter and it would make a lot of sense. I'm having a big nostalgia rush but now the questions comes into being; do I go back to my roots to main and fulfill the fantasy or do I just keep her as an alt and just let the days of old remain just that? What would ya'll do?Necrotica3 Aug 2
Aug 2 Grim totem character history Hey guys, first time really hammering out a character's information in MRP for RPing in WoW and was hoping to get some suggestions or tips for my Grimtotem Tauren warrior. I think I'm good on appearance but would love any suggestions or things that may seem missing? Having trouble with history (if anyone has a grimtotem history I could read over for ideas, I'd love to see. )specifically the beginning...where do Grimtotem primarily inhibit? As for his transition to joining the horde I already have that in mind, but any information or ideas to get me started would be greatly appreciated. I enjoy making long history's, just finding it hard to find anything for grimtotems.Tuhkoda2 Aug 2
Aug 2 Arcane Monks I would like to RP as a Arcane Monk who combines Arcane Magic with Martial Ability as I don't really enjoy the Shaolin monk themes of well the monk. How exactly do you think I should roleplay this and how would it work? Thanks in advance! Edit: The character is a Draenei Monk if that makes a difference.Rhivân8 Aug 2
Aug 2 I Have a Confession to Make... About My Armor Paladins are protected by the light. That's why we can get away with wearing dresses and platekinis and still take a blow from Mannoroth's Glaive weapon to our abdomens without dying. Don't tell me my armor isn't effective because it doesn't cover my belly. I have a button on my keyboard that makes me invincible. Our armor is just for show. In fact... more often than not, it's just an illusory transmogrification put onto a plain tee shirt. That's the secret... there is no armor.Trissai3 Aug 2
Aug 2 Connecting Roleplayers So I was walking around Stormwind hoping to run into other role players. Much to my dismay, none seemed to be in the area at the time. At present, my guild is new, with no role players in it. All of those on my friends list are no longer active. I have no connections to other players beyond lurking here in forums or searching/waiting for some kind of in game event between players. A thought struck me! We have a several channels of chat to meet the needs of players, but nothing specifically set for role players. There is the general, trade and local defense for global channels. I suppose general might be used, but there is no guarantee that the people in the on the channel area or are role players. My thought is why not create a separate channel and invite any and all role players to join it, not to role play on, but to provide you with a way to get in touch with other players outside your immediate friends list/guild. This way if you're a lone/new player with no connections you would be able to join this channel and get a shout out and any other players new or otherwise who was interested could respond. What do you guys think? I have set one up on Shadow Council, Alliance Side and would like to invite any role players on that server to join it. The channel has been named Roleplay Axis.Rigathriel3 Aug 2
Aug 1 Leatherworking tents for RP The prepatch made it so all the leatherworking tents from the Garrison are now only usable in Draenor. Is there any alternatives or future items anyone knows about to use a tent outside of Draenor? I miss making myself a nice little encampment in Ashenvale or the Barrens. :(Badgers4 Aug 1
Aug 1 Death Knight Body Temperature I just have one question I can't really find any information on, despite my searches. Are death knights generally cool to the touch? Or do they manage to hold some heat in? And would this change on the specialization of the Death Knight, such as Frost being cooler than the other two?Elrieth16 Aug 1
Aug 1 an urgent message to the King I gotten a letter today from a settlement with a odd problem Was three elves were seen along the wood lines just out side a human farming community, the human inhabitants were frighten not certain what could they want. Guard searches could never find them always eluding them, so the mayor order the black smith to construct 3 mail box 100 yards away from the wood lines, The next marrow early dawn they witiness they lured out 3 elves dancing upon each of the newly constructed mailboxes. They left soon as they seen the villiagers. The men and elder council meet at the town hall, felt that where no harm so ask the guards to stop watching the woods. But instead conctructive a row of chairs front of Mailboxes.... for the men couuncil to as they put it "to observe native cultures to get a better understanding" such is the life of human settlement, they stated "All is well" and for 30 gold coins I can observe the elvan culture just in case I need to for what ever reason I sent a letter back .... I shall attend of our allies, It's perhaps in my interest to learn what our allies, tactics are.... Things havn't change much, though there are now 5 mailboxes, and now a small row of torches to better observe this rituail behavior Women folks didn't seem please with the idea... till money that roll in selling Meats and hot pastery to the "scholars" Short note, it seem this small village has grown in population as more and more drift to witiness this oddity So I write to you King Varien, Perhaps you should come down and coucil this town? Oh, another side note bring gold sign Your Noble Commander Sir SegerSeger0 Aug 1
Aug 1 Dark Iron dwarf lore? So I'm a little confused when it comes to the Dark Iron Clan's life, and would appreciate if someone could shed some light on it. It's particular the timeline that I'm curious about. When did the Thorium brotherhood escape Blackrock Mountain? If my dwarf is 50 years old, where would she have been born? I was thinking I would have her be born in Shadowforge city but I'm not certain if that's possible? The dwarven lore seems a bit spotty to me.Julienne1 Aug 1
Aug 1 [RP] The Dark Lady's Mercy. ((Hey folks, thought I'd share a story with y'all. This one occurred roughly in September of last year, so nothing recent, but it's a worthy topic to write about anyway. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave your thoughts & questions below. Bear in mind that it's not edited. Enjoy!)) ((Play )) Gruff, bony hands dragged Reagan by his arms through the sinister, macabre chambers of the Undercity, his presence gleaning the attention – and scorn – of its denizens. His legs had been broken from the fall he’d endured off his tower, and if that hadn’t been enough to discourage resistance, he knew even Garona herself couldn’t navigate out of the Undercity without being noticed. There would be no escape. He was at the Dark Queen’s mercy. Victor Lyndon, his former mentor, oversaw the escort, his colossal dreg, Boroben matching his stride. The hefty, rusty chains affixed to his sword dragged loosely across dirt caked pavement as they shuffled him through the open markets and streets. Blinking at his surroundings, Reagan shook himself to his senses. It dawned on him that the Deathstalkers had rescued him from Cravas Bastille and his diabolical new love, Akiana Stone. Together, the Voodoomaster and the witch schemed to rip apart his soul with dark magics, to the extent where even the nether wouldn’t restore him, although they’d aptly been foiled by the most unlikely party. Spontaneously, a revelation struck him. Luna. Viscerally, he writhed against his captors, the abruptness of the motion invoking them to release him. He plummeted to the floor with a squishy ‘crack’ as several shattered bone fragments readjusted themselves in his legs. Unremorsefully, he howled his pain, two large hands seizing him as they pinned him against a musty stone wall. Something blunt struck him across the cheek, his head ricocheting as it connected with the wall. Then, everything went black again. Several hours passed before he reawakened, disoriented but too wizened to thrash a second time. He found himself strapped to a table from forehead to shin, completely immobilized. Abysmally, he wouldn’t need to observe his surroundings - he already knew where he was. Abhorrently, he found himself in the Apocetharium, the laboratory where the Forsaken government conducted tasks too abominable for its general populace. Several serrated tools glinted crimson in flickering candles, distant, soft footsteps foreboding. ‘’Did Victor talk with the Queen?’’ queried one. ‘’Yes,’’ replied the other. ‘’I think she made the right decision.’’ ‘’She always does.’’ The barred door heaved open, Boroben at the forefront, with two deathstalkers marching at either side. Lyndon drifted behind them, not of inferiority – quite the contrary. Prudently, the aged undead noted Reagan’s guile. Few successfully disassociated themselves with the Deathstalkers – fewer still without their consent. Despite his shattered legs and immobilizing binds, Reagan Luthen was lethal, and he’d absorb every obscure detail in his presence. Caressing the back of Reagan’s arched table, Victor inhaled his scent, the Kingpin’s pungent cologne lingering on his person. ‘’My greatest pupil, to answer the whim of our most despised enemy,’’ He crowed, repulsion whittled into his fetid features. ‘’It’s a tragedy, honestly – but then again, you were never truly the best, were you?’’ Reagan returned a charismatic, bastardly grin. ‘’Mate, I.. wouldn’t be Forsaken, if I didn’t take every advantage I could get.’’ ‘’That’s right,’’ Lyndon nodded. ‘’The bag. You were never as talented as the other Deathstalkers, and you knew it. You needed to be augmented, bolstered, even. The bag is how you evaded us for so long…’’ Intrigued, Lyndon squinted as he regarded it, examining the leather as if it were ethereal. Curiously, he outstretched a hand to retrieve Reagan’s sack, although the Kingpin managed to rock the table, his pate connecting with his mentor’s as he sent him reeling. A fragmented canine fell between Reagan’s wrist and thigh, and he curled his fingers around it as Victor stirred vindictively.Luthen4 Aug 1
Aug 1 Wasteland [Civilisation RP - IC] Out-Of-Character/Sign-Ups: (always open) Roleplay Map: (up to date) Players: MAZARIUS (The Corporium) Dustwallow Marsh, 75, Ethereals Corporate, Research KNOWLEDGE through Observation and Research PARKER (Taelkahen) Un'Goro Crater/Uldum, 85, Ramkahen Elected Leader, Council SURVIVAL through Diplomacy and Trade NELTRIZ (The Zhintoki Dominion) Desolace, 100, Mixed Alliance (Predominantly Human) Five Principalities, Vague Warband SURVIVAL through Aggressive Military Expansion JERAMAYAN (Light's Vengeance) Thousand-Needles, 40+, Human/Dwarven/High Elven Religious Theocracy, The Purifying Light GLOBAL POWER through Religious Unification and Destruction OLEEM (The Silver Bank) Mulgore, 2, Goblins/Leper Gnomes/Undead Autocratic Bureaucracy, Leader + Council GLOBAL POWER through Influence and Trade VALFREYA (Valheim) Mount Hyjal, 100, Mixed Alliance/Horde (Adventurers) Councils (Civil and Military) with a Lord-Commander GLOBAL POWER through Benevolent Protection and Diplomacy and Destruction RUOK (The Triumvirate) Azshara, ~5, Night Elves/Ogres/Ex-Horde Warband (Orcs, Trolls, Tauren) Tenuous Military Pact (Night Elf Majority (Elunite Theocracy)) BLOOD AND THUNDER. GIDDIS (The Cult of the Legionbane) Felwood, 100, Fel-Mutated Variants of Civilised Races/Demons Theocratic Cult of Personality (Unitists and Dominionists) GLOBAL POWER/THEOCRATIC AGENDA through either Unification or Dominion ZORBAK (Kolkar Khanate) Northern Barrens, 100+, Centaur Nomadic Chiefdom PILGRIMAGE to Holy Maraudon and Unification under the High Khan THORRNN (The Bronze Hammers) Durotar, 100, Dwarves Kingdom (Two Kings) RECAPTURE Ironforge MORDRIME (The Outlander Confederation) Winterspring, 90, Mixed Horde and Alliance Refugees Meritocratic Council EXPLORATION via Expansion, RECLAMATION of Titan-Artefacts, ELIMINATION of Legion Traces STALAIS (The Keepers) Ahn-Qiraj, 100, Mixed Titan (Predominantly Mogu) Council-Based, Titan-Worship PRESERVATION of Azeroth as per Titan Agenda ((1/2))Meep359 Aug 1
Aug 1 Poll Mrp or TRP? This is just to see who is using what. Please dont fight over which is better. Im just curious to how many uses them.Wolfsfäng19 Aug 1
Jul 31 Class Specific Customization Options Death knights and Demon hunters both have their own class unique character customization options. Both get different face, skin, and hair options while DH's get that and more. I really like these options. It makes the classes feel unique. You see those glowing blue eyes or those giant horns and you know who's coming. But why not have these kind of options for all classes? They don't all have to be skin and hair either. They could be small things like different eye colors, one for each spec. Maybe druids could have cat ears or antlers. Priests and paladins could have wings or halos. Warriors could have war paint. Just something that when you see a player in the distance, you can simply glance at them and think "Oh yeah they're that class." I think considering blizzard's dedication to "Class Fantasy" these kind of options would work out very well. Thoughts?Lexalhazred5 Jul 31
Jul 31 Demon Hunters and RP. With the new addition of demon hunters it made me wonder. What would the most common for demon hunters to feel about certain classes? Would a demon hunter hate warlovkd or feel a connection of sorts? So long as your not playing a villain, a protagonist warlock is fighting fire with fire... So would a demon hunter feel like they do the same thing or hate them for using fel energies... Though that might be hypocritical... I'm nearly sure demon hunters would probably dislike death Knights... They are under Illidan in being trained and who they followed so would they hate death Knights initially for the Arthas vs Illidan battle? They might hate Druids too however some classes I have no clue what they would do! What eould most demon hunters say about a rogue? A hunter? A paladin? Ect? What are your thoughts?Pintu10 Jul 31
Jul 31 Please help put my lore-ridden mind to rest Hey everyone. First, please allow me to politely preface: I do not role-play at all. But I am driving myself mad with a very RP/lore-related decision, and I'd love to hear some thoughts from RP folks (as I imagine this would get torn to shreds in the General forum). So, this character, my warrior, is my *new* main, because I dislike the changes made to retribution paladins. My warrior was originally an orc, but my paladin was a blood elf, and the elf size, motion, voice, etc. all became very comfortable to me. Hence, I switched this guy to a blood elf to ease my mind. But alas! It didn't work. The issue is, in my mind, orcs make so much more sense to me as a warrior, than a blood elf. As we know, the blood elves' past involves an addiction to a magical source, so it'd only be logical that blood elf "spellbreakers" must use their control over magic to conquer enemy magic-users. I have tried to "make this work" in my head (which I am guessing is a common RP thing to do), but I just can't get all the way there... - I added a glyph which leaves a trail of fire when I use "Charge." Well, that fire must be made from magic, right? A non-magical being can't create fire just by running. - "Dragon Roar" damages enemies from my literally just yelling. That HAS to be magical, right?! - All of our mounts appear out of thin air. Um... magic! Unfortunately, it all leaves me with the same problem: in a nutshell, on one hand I have the blood elf, a race with characteristics I've grown close to over the span of 10 years. On the other hand, the orc, which just... makes more sense, as a warrior. Bonus insanity: I even race-changed to undead somewhere in there, because they're simply cool. :) But sadly, plate armor looks kind of ridiculous on them. So -- how would you deal with this puzzle, in this corner of the forum? I'd love to hear. Thanks! Edit: I didn't realize how long this post was until after I finished it. Good lord. Maybe I SHOULD role-play. :PKeisotsu4 Jul 31