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The Spiderfang Clan (Custom Orc Clan) OOC Purpose As a huge fan of sub cultures in role play and coming from a LARP background where every state had it's own game and variation of cultures behind the same races in the same ruleset, I wanted to build my own custom orc clan for WoW. So here is the full details about my Orc clan for anyone interested in playing them, or just interested in a relatively fun read. I as well am kinda not good at grammar and spelling so if anyone wants to point out mistakes so I can fix them or toss in ideas. Go ahead I'll keep this updated. I also would love a better name. Purpose The Clan exists as a close nit group of hunters who believe that fate is weaved by they themselves. This is central to the teachings of the great spider spirit. They are hunters and trappers and work closely with their spider companions. Ruling Powers The Clan has some of the similar basic structures of most clans, however there is some variation. The clan has a Grand Matron, whom is considered to be the absolute word on all things. The clan then has a Shaman, for spiritual matters, and a Chieftain, for all others. Though most of the time, leadership is done by the chieftain himself, the words of the shaman or grand matron are seen as equally important. In rare cases a single orc may represent both positions. Second in line of power is the Clan Champion. Who before one could even challenge to be one of the higher ranking leaders, they must be able to defeat the Clan Champion. Rites of Adulthood There are a series of tests each member of the clan must undergo to be considered a ‘warrior’ of the clan or an adult. The first, is the most bizarre considering the clans reverence for Spiders. The hunter must undergo a journey into the spider infested jungle, caverns, and canyons of the area. Here they must manage to slay a spider of medium size beast or greater---and return with it’s exoskeleton after consuming a portion of the spider. A ritual ensues where the spider’s remains are put on display and a savage dance thanking the beast for it’s flesh and teachings. It is believed that this ritual binds the spirit of the spider slain to the warrior. Following this ritual, those who pass are sent on a major hunt. Usually the hunt is against something large that they could not take on, directly with pure strength alone. The intention of this ritual is to force them to use tactics and team work to take down the beast. Initiation Rites / Rites of Passage In the past, prior to the Dark Portal and the Horde clan initiation was a different kind of monster. First the orc who was seeking to join the clan had to prove themselves in strength. This was done through three means. First, they had to challenge a member of the clan to a fight. Though it’s never explained that the fight does not need to be won, the truth of the challenge is to see if one is willing to test themselves. Challenging and winning against a tailor would likely keep the orc from joining the clan. However challenging the clan champion and losing miserably---but fighting with all their might would impress the clan and the orc would begin the initiation process. Once the challenge was passed they would be pitted into a tunnel through the underground caverns of their home. This tunnel would be designed with traps and trip wires that in all truth would be somewhat obvious to an observant person. This is intended to test their perception and mind, a dumb orc would rush through this tunnel and likely die of being impaled. A smart orc would take their time, find the wires and traps and make it out thusly with ease if not a few scratches. If both tests are completed, the initiate is considered a New Blood, and sent to test themselves in the Rite of Adulthood rituals. Once completed on this journey it is considered a spiritual awakening and the orc is brought into the clan. As of now, post Dark Portal the rituals have been dumbed down until a time that the clan has regained numbers. It simply requires that a number of tasks are accomplished, given by various members of the clan to earn their blessing. Bitáh5
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(Luthen) From Darkness, a gift of The Light From the shadows in the corner of the room the paladin steps forward. He pulls his mighty war hammer from his side and slaps it down, arcing holy light in all directions. There would be no ill effect on anyone nearby, as this time it was merely a show to grab the attention of everyone in the room. Good afternoon my friends. I am Saiylen Lightruner, the Silver Crusader. I fight for peace between the factions as I know there is a darker power coming. I know that we will need the full might of the combined forces of Azeroth once again to stave off total destruction. I seek out paragons of the Light to aide in my cause. I believe in a true balance in all things. Where there is Light, there must also be darkness. This brings me to my point here. Recently I sensed a great shift in the balance of power in the world. It has been leaning towards the darkness for some time, but just recently something happened. From a small corner of our world, among a group of people who are.......less inclined towards the Light... came something amazing. So amazing that I was able to feel her presence from across continents. I digress. The following will be a chronicle, and maybe even a few stories here and there, of a small child. One born of tragedy to a family who has long since turned their backs on the Light. Yet still, within her resides the purest form of the Holy Light. I believe that she may one day play a pivotal role in whatever is coming from the other side of the known universe.. Allow me to take a side step, for no one could start this tale better than the little ones' parents. Ladies and gentlemen of the World's End Tavern, I present you.... Luna and Regan Luthen. **Clears throat......motioning for one of them to start the tale** Sicilianhero33
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A Gnomish Clone Theory. There are three ideas that I love, gnomes, clone armies, and fallout vaults. As I doubt we are going to see gnomish titan vaults popping up all around Azeroth, I'd like to focus on clone armies in this theorycraft. I see Gelbin Mekkatorque as a gnome who is grieved by his friend's betrayal and wants two things, revenge and a bright future for his people. The lore now states that gnomes lost 80% of their people when Gnomeregan fell. Now why would Gelbin focus on retaking Gnomeregan for so long? Even if the 20% left were entirely soldiers it would have been easier to simply quarantined Gnomeregan and build a new home. Instead of allowing the gnomes to fan out and secure multiple small settlements, he should have brought them all together and focused on creating a new stable home for them all. But as we have seen, he decided to use what was left of his forces and wage war on Sicco Thermaplugg. Now gnomes tend to be a very logical race. How would Gelbin rationalize risking the rest of his people to take back a dying city? This is where the subject of cloning comes into play. If there was a facility in Gnomeregan that would allow Geblin to clone more gnomes it would make sense to risk the lives of the survivors. Harsh to look at the lives of gnomes simply as numbers but again, gnomes are very logical. With a cloning facility under true gnomish control cleaning and rebuilding Gnomeregan would be relatively simple. It would also allow Gelbin to help the Alliance, creating more troops, engineers, medics, bodies in general. They secure a place in the world as a true faction of power. Now there is already evidence of clones in WoW. The prime example being in Toshley's Station. Unfortunately it is clear with gnomes being spread so thin, resources so scarce that mass cloning would be impossible. This would all point to a facility already inside Gnomeregan and why it would be so important to retake it. The main problem that stands in Gelbin's way is his former advisor Sicco Thermaplugg. And I believe that Sicco has managed to use the cloning facility. In the Gnomeregan dungeon instance Gelbin sent a small team of assassins to find and kill Sicco. The assassins returned speaking of Sicco's death. It was later found out that it was a clever trick (retcon that wasn't really explained) that he survived. The way I see it, Sicco used a clone as a body double. Of course you would think you killed your target when you see his death with your own eyes. No smoke and mirrors, just a simple clone. Further evidence of Sicco using cloning, comes from the actual leper gnomes. Using the instance of the Gnomeregan dungeon again, the lepers are explained as sick, their minds and eyes clouded. They believed they were still defending their city from troggs. These gnomes are clearly viewed as driven mad. During Operation Gnomeregan and the gnome starting zone, the lepers are incredibly efficient. Trained in combat, engineering, and loyal to Sicco. How would Sicco have been able to survive so long in a dying city, cut off from resources and surrounded by troggs? Somehow he has managed to not only to live on but militarize the leper population. He has thrived in the siege of a dying radioactive city. He has enough trained troops to stop Gelbin's forces and later, the forces of the Alliance. These lepers must be new clones trained to believe whatever lies Sicco has told them. Another problem that Sicco would face with his new army would be food. Three solutions become apparent to me. One, Sicco has a Soylent Green scenario going on. Any leper killed would be converted into a food substance for the rest of the army or just eaten. (Also I enjoy the soylent green pun because they are lepers.) Two, a more likely scenario, the lepers hunt the troggs still in Gnomeregan. Not a good meal by any standard and it would be irradiated still. Three, Sicco has managed to create his own Clean Zone beneath the radiation line. If this is the case, he would be able to sustain an army with underground farms. (Not sure where he'd get the seeds for this but still possible he had his ways.) It would also allow him to use the radiation as a way to halt enemy movement into his cleaner city below. It is also possible that a combination of all three options would prove effective enough to sustain his army. With Sicco in control of cloning technology Gelbin couldn't afford to allow Sicco to escape from the depths of the city. He couldn't focus on a new home because a gnomish clone army would be too dangerous to chance getting out. If this is the case, why wouldn't Gelbin not tell his allies about it? Well with all the threats facing Azeroth he may not want to take troops away from the Alliance army. There is precedence for this as he refused to ask for help when the troggs invaded. I believe Gelbin would fear the reaction of the Alliance forces if he told them the whole truth. He couldn't risk that before he had control of it and an army. Omtay2
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Culture clash and your character(s) One thing that has been fun about RPing is that a lot of the time you are not only playing a character in a strange situation, you are effectively playing a fantasy archetype in a fantasy sub-genre that archetype might not always fit into. Questing in Northrend, I've sort of had to either skip over or act OOC with certain quests given that by Wei's timeline the Scourge and Lich King have long been dealt with. (Or at least the former isn't actively threatening the rest of the world enough to justify a full scale pre-emptive invasion and two pronged crusade in response.) So I've had to really limit my RP to things like the Tuskarr, the Vrykul, and Titan related things. Thus, Wei Yu Summerstep, a character who is intentionally (by me) meant to be the sort of Li Mubai-esque martial hero you'd see in Wuxia tales such as House of Flying Daggers or Su Qi-er, is spending a large potion of his time paling around and fighting figures straight out of the Poetica Edda; Thanes, a place called "Jotunheim" peopled by giants, warriors fighting in "Valhalas" to prove themselves. (Admittedly that's a twist on the myth as Valhalla was the reward for already having proven one's self.) So it's been an interesting exploration of genre and culture with having my particular character and his archetype bumming around in a place he never would have been in a pre-modern fantasy world. Has anyone else ever found this to be the case with them and their character? Not everyone has a fantasy archetype as a major part of their character but for those that do, what sort of weird cross cultural/genre situations have you been in? What made your character stick out? What made them blend in? Weiyu3
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World of Warcraft: Annihilation World of Warcraft: Annihilation By Nelson Amador Chapter 1: Rise of the Gnome Druid. Sample Outline full Story Coming soon. During the war of Gnomeregan the gnomish race are fighting a losing battle not against vile troggs and treacherous Thermaplugg. A battle that is consuming the very essence and purity of the once beautiful Gnomeregan, High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque along with his gnomish consuls left with very little choices, realized that any further conflict under current conditions will turn the once gnomish capital into an inhabitable desolate wasteland in desperation to change the flow of events, Gelbin seeks direct consul from Malfurion Stormrage. A team of night elf druids is sent to intervene in the gnome’s war as it becomes apparent that the war is causing a dangerous rift in the natural balance as observed by a night elf druid liaison that was sent to observe the events prior to the Druid/ Night Elf intervention. The fighting left a deep scare, a taint, one that has not been seen since the dead scares appeared in wake of Arthas and his Undead Scourge Army during the Third War. As the gnomes learn the ways the druid and learn to balance natural environment, they begin to add their2. unique aspect and will into their shifts in the form of mechanized anamorphic beasts with this new found power and respect for their natural environment they were able to take control of Gnomeregan and recolonize it. The age of the techno-naturalist is now! Chapter 2 Rise of the Highborn Chapter 3 Great Deceit Chapter 3 Fall of Stormwind City Chapter 4 Nation Reborn Chapter 5 New Alliance Chapter 6 Total War Chapter 7 faces of Evil Chapter 8 enemy of my enemy is my friend. Chapter 9 Grand Collective Chapter 10 Cult of the Blood Gods Chapter 11 Blood Dance Chapter 12 Blood Feast Chapter 13 Great Awakening Chapter 14 Fire and Brimstone Full Story coming soon. Cyraaxt0
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Asaria's (long !@#) Story Chapter 1,2&3 Asaria’s Story Chapter 1 Not a lot was known about Asaria before the fall of illidan on top of the Black Temple but she was alive to see “The Burning Legions” first attack 10,000 years ago. Recent events have bought the truth about her dark and sad past. Years ago she had a sister named Iyura who was a loyal demon hunter of illidari. Asaria and Iyura were loyal to illidan. but Asaria knew that the “great” illidan was not the honourable elf he once was. The fight with “The Lich King” had ripped his mind part so illidan was as bad as the demons he enslaved. Bu Iyura didn’t much care about Asaria’s opinion. As the glaive marks will prove that Iyura was lost and the Demon hunter had killed her when Iyura abosored a demon soul within her own soul. But Asaria preferred to enslave demons to her will and overpower demons. So she didn’t become a full demon hunter but she used Warglavies After an argument with Asaria and Iyura about illidans state of mind. The argument angered the demon hunter and she grabbed her warglavies struck Asaria with fel energy leaving her near death. But Asaria managed to barely escape black temple and into the corrupted plains of Shadowmoon. Illidan was furious with Iyura but gave her a chance to be forgiven for spilling another hunter’s blood without illidans orders. She hunted Asaria for days to the Greenland’s of Nagrand, She knew where Asaria was trying to go. She was trying to go to another demon hunter who had left the illidari years before. But Iyura didn’t come to Nagrand to kill two Night elves. In truth she didn’t want to kill her sister but illidan commanded it. She a cave in Nagrand where Asaria was waiting for Iyura they both battled but this wasn’t training like when they were kids it was a fight to the death. They battled for five hours both not losing ground but in the end Iyura got a deadly blow to Asaria’s left leg and toke her warglavies and left her to die once again. But this time she left a camp fire out front of the cave letting any wild animals or ogres in the area have a meal. A wolf found the camp fire and smelt blood she howled to her pack and went to investigate the camp site when they entered they found Asaria near death then the wolves shapeshifted into their true forms. Five Troll Shamans, one approached and said “Don’t be worrying mon we be friends not foes”. Before she passed out she heard a whisper in her mind it said “Ana'doreini talah” it also sounded like a troll saying it she didn’t know what it mean and at the moment she didn’t give a dam. She awoke 5 days later in a Darkspear encampment when she looked outside of the tent she saw trees green bright trees like the ones in ashenvale but she didn’t worry about it because if they wanted her dead she would be dead right now. one of the five Troll Shamans walked to her as she exited her tent he said “I hope your leg is well elf it toke a lot of strength out of all five of us to heal that scar” she looked at her leg and saw a red mark and asked “where am I Troll?” the Troll looked at the trees and said “Ya be in da forgotten part of Ashenvale a place even your kind have forgotten about” then the Troll looked back at Asaria and said “we don’t know what left that scar on you leg but it was pissed with you, follow me if you wish speak to our commander” Asaria looked at the Troll and said “thanks for healing me Shaman I owe you my life”. as the Troll and Asaria were walking the Troll said “no thanks necessary night elf we Shaman help everything in need” the Troll stopped outside of a tent and said “our commander be in dere and he a great mon if you do well for him and he do well for you Kaldorei” Asarià4
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Playing in RP servers without RPing at all? Hello, I was thinking about posting this here. I don't have any knowledge about RP servers, so bear with me if this question (post title) sounds outrageously stupid or anything. Is it possible to play as a casual/progression raider on a RP server? The reason I ask is because I tend to get immersed while leveling and interacting with the world but I don't roleplay, nor would I appreciate roleplaying interactions with others, but yet I tend to lose immersion when I see people with lame puns or sex jokes or whatever in their aliases on non-RP servers, or guild chat talking about stuff I really don't care (yes, yes, I can turn it off, but you know, there is like, one occasional nice topic I guess). But I do like raiding at high level without being really hardcore or anything. Just a nice balance of what this game has to offer in my opinion. I also heard people on RP servers tend to be friendlier, and the friendliness of others is a very important thing for me to make this game enjoyable and you know, just a nice experience. I'm just looking for players like me but I don't really know if RP servers are too 'RP-ey' for me or not, if we can say that. You may be already like ''of course you can, stupid'' but trust me, I really have no idea how it is on RP servers and I may have some huge misconceptions about them. One of them for instance is thinking that the roleplaying community does not really raid at high level, nor do they like PVP from times to times. Thanks for reading really, just thought some of you could help me out get an idea of where, and not what, I should level my characters for Legion. Will appreciate anything constructive feedback. Penard5
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"She's just so fun, and outgoing." he smiled. Anduin was looking out of a balcony in Stormwind. He first met her during his escapades in Pandaria. He was waiting for her to arrive, he had arranged a dinner, and everything. Velen was in charge of the lighting during the dance they'd share after dinner. "But what if she doesn't like you back?" Tracer asked. Tracer looked at Anduin like a little brother. She had used her time skip one too many times and created a wormhole that took her to a whole different world, she fell in Elwynn Forest just in time to save Anduin from being ganked by an undead rogue. "Well, I don't know. We'll see then." Anduin responded. A guardsman entered the room. "Prince Anduin, your guest has arrived." he barked out and saluted awkwardly. He was new to the guard. "Oh, well, see you later on Tracer!" Anduin said excitedly as he rushed out of the room. He was ready, his finest royal tunic on, his hair combed perfectly. He stopped jsut before the dining hall and did one final check to make sure he looked perfect. He swaggered in, held held high. "Anduin!" Li Li giggled, kicking her legs casually at the table. The feast before her was plentiful. All of the finest quality. Li Li, got out of her chair and approached him, with her hands behind her back. She smiled at him and whipped out what was behind her hands. It was a stein. "I brewed it myself. I hope you like it." Li Li blushed slightly. "I'm sure I will." Anduin smiled, and took it. Just then, the lights dimmed, ballroom music began to play, and a faint spotlight showed on them. "Oh no, this was supposed to happen after dinner." Anduin frowned. "That's okay." Li Li giggled. "I think it's fine as it is." Anduin smiled. "Well, shall we have this dance?" "It would be my pleasure." Li Li responded cheerfully. And they lived happily ever after. *closes book* Yzzami34
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