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Nov 9, 2010 Meet Creative Development What is Creative Development? Creative Development (CDev) is a "hub" within Blizzard, facilitating the development of ancillary products and services that tie into Blizzard's game universes. While there are several different divisions of CDev, this Warcraft Story forum focuses on the efforts of the Publishing division. What does Creative Development's Publishing division have to do with Warcraft's stories and lore? The Publishing division within Creative Development is the driving force behind every published story you've seen outside of the game: short stories, novels, comics, and manga. Who comprises the Publishing division of Creative Development? Publishing is made of two groups: Story Development: This group focuses on story idea creation, story outlining, and story development for licensed fiction, as well as for internally-written stories. Historians: This group is the repository for all Blizzard lore, providing counsel for the game development teams and the CDev Story Development group. What is the Publishing division's usual process for developing a story? Idea Generation & Outline Creation: Working with Chris Metzen and the designers on the respective game's development team, the Story Development team generates an idea and an outline for a story. The writer on the project is typically invited to our offices at this point in the project, so that they can be in on the ground floor of the story's creation. Story Development & Lore Checking: Over the course of the project, the Story Development team talks constantly with the writer, as well as with Chris Metzen and the game developers, in order to help hone the story into a Blizzard-quality tale. At the same time, our Historian team combs through the iterations of the story in order ensure that the story adheres to the universe's established canon. * Please note that the CDev Publishing division has only been fully staffed since early 2009, allowing for more resources and manpower to dedicate to each published product. What does the Publishing division hope to accomplish with this Warcraft Story forum? We'd like to give the community a chance to influence the development of our upcoming stories, so we're trying something new; this forum will serve as a direct line to our story developers. Please note that we're not looking for fully-formed stories - save those for the Global Writing Contest (which we operate and judge) - but rather we're looking for specific examples of what people like, don't like, and what they would like to see (story-wise) from us in the future. Lylirra0 Nov 9, 2010
Nov 9, 2010 Story Starter Guide Looking for more Warcraft information, but don't know where to start? Whether you've played Warcraft I, II, or III, these books will showcase the people and events that have shaped the Warcraft universe over the last few (in-game) decades: Rise of the Horde by Christie Golden - Set before the orcs invade Azeroth for the first time, this story explores what the orc race was like before its clans were forged into a single savage Horde under the influence of the demonic Burning Legion. Part of the novel focuses on the orc Orgrim Doomhammer and his childhood friend, Durotan (who would later become Thrall's father). Other parts of the story depict the aging shaman Ner'zhul; his ambitious apprentice, Gul'dan; the mighty Grommash Hellscream; the wise draenei leader, Velen; and several other significant characters. The Last Guardian by Jeff Grubb - This is a good introduction to older human history in Warcraft, with emphasis on the events of the First War (Warcraft I). Medivh, the Guardian of Tirisfal, decides to take on an apprentice: the young mage Khadgar. As time goes on, Khadgar learns that a half-orc named Garona is acting as a secret emissary to the nation of Stormwind. While he and Garona try to reach an understanding, Khadgar realizes that Medivh's behavior is growing increasingly erratic. Ultimately he and Sir Anduin Lothar, the childhood friend of both Medivh and King Llane Wrynn of Stormwind, reach a terrible realization: Medivh, an incredibly powerful wizard, is under the control of Sargeras, Destroyer of Worlds, creator of the demonic Burning Legion. This novel is also in print as part of the Warcraft Archive. Beyond the Dark Portal by Aaron Rosenberg and Christie Golden – Currently Out of Stock in Blizzard Store, but can be found on here: This is a good introduction to Alliance and Horde history during the events of Warcraft IIx. Instead of starting a new war, the shaman Ner'zhul has decided to open dimensional rifts from the orc homeworld of Draenor into fresh new worlds to conquer. Horrified at the possibility, Sir Lothar's former lieutenant, the human paladin Turalyon, leads an Alliance expedition into Draenor to stop Ner'zhul. With Turalyon are the mage Khadgar and the ranger Alleria Windrunner (the older sister of Sylvanas and Vereesa). Alleria and Turalyon began falling in love with one another in the Second War, but Alleria turned her back on Turalyon after the Horde invaded Quel'Thalas and killed many of her people. In the midst of battle on an alien world, can their relationship be mended? And can the Alliance expedition reach Ner'zhul in time to stop the Horde from bringing death and destruction into new worlds? Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden - This story depicts the life of Warchief Thrall, starting only a short while after Thrall was born. Raised among humans as a slave, Thrall became a master gladiator before deciding that he would escape his slavery. The story depicts Thrall's subsequent friendship with Grom Hellscream, as well as Thrall's journey to rejoin his clan and master the shamanic arts. When a disguised Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer provokes Thrall into a challenge to single combat, Thrall fights his first truly momentous battle: a fight whose consequences will change the course of history. This novel is also in print as part of the Warcraft Archive. Arthas: Rise of the Lich King by Christie Golden - This story explores the life and character of Prince Arthas Menethil leading up to the events of the Third War (Warcraft III) and Warcraft IIIx. As the plague of undeath ravaged Lordaeron, fear and desperation drove the prince to more ruthless measures until he had utterly lost his way. The story also explores the romance he shared with Lady Jaina Proudmoore, in addition to the unrequited love that the high elf prince, Kael'thas Sunstrider, bore for Jaina. The above stories are but the tip of the iceberg. Lylirra0 Nov 9, 2010
Sep 10 Read This Before You Post For whatever reason, this forum is seeing a massive influx of new posters. Whether it's due to the imminent launch of an expansion (and the tidal wave of lore accompanying it) or just a surge of passion, I feel like I need to reiterate some ground rules and common courtesies. 1). Be Objective! Do not come into this forum and make threads that begin with "So and so is such a terrible character" or loaded questions with heavy bias, i.e. "Why is the Horde so evil?" Doing so is just going to incite other posters an inevitably turn the thread into a flame war. On certain occasions this can also be grounds for disciplinary action. Play nice and keep an open mind. We're here to discuss story elements, not argue over opinions. Try to think like a writer. This is especially true for highly controversial topics like the Forsaken. 2). This Forum Is Not For Fan-Made Fiction! Despite what the name may imply, the Story Forum is not for sharing or discussing fan-made material. It is for discussing officially sanctioned lore/stories only. In short, if it doesn't have a Blizzard logo, it doesn't belong here. That doesn't mean you're forbidden from linking any fiction you may have written (it can be useful in explaining your position on a topic, for instance) or posting the odd paragraph; however, copying large amounts of text or creating threads specifically for any fiction you've written will be deleted or moved. If you want to discuss your own material please take it to the fine folks at the World's End Tavern Forum (otherwise known as the RP forum): 3). If You Have A Question, Chances Are Someone Else Has Already Asked It World of Warcraft has a lot of content, and the expanded universe of Warcraft as a whole has even more. However, there are several very popular topics that get addressed again and again. 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Potentially confusing points in the story of Warcraft can seem much more approachable when you realize it's all just part of a larger plan, and many posters on this forum like to reference popular tropes. Be warned, this website will devour countless hours of your time: That said, if there's something that's notably vague or unclear, by all means bring it up! Just avoid questions that can be solved easier and quicker with a search engine than a forum post. 5). Back Up What You Have To Say Be clear and concise with what you're trying to say and provide as much source material as is helpful. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for others to understand and respond to what you are trying to say. This is especially true for potentially obscure in-game quests. 6). This Is A Warcraft Forum Blizzard has many successful franchises with many rich, engaging stories. However, this is a Warcraft forum. 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Just be mindful of the rules and common courtesies, and above all else, have fun geeking out. Oh, and the Like and Dislike buttons exist for a reason!Odok110 Sep 10
Apr 18 On Sale Now! World of Warcraft: Chronicle I'm sure you've seen this by now, but I wanted to make sure since there is so much juicy info in this first volume to sink your teeth into. ... You can read the full blog post and watch the video with Chris Metzen (among others) talk about it here. For those that have it already, we'd love to hear how you're enjoying it.Nethaera18 Apr 18
Sep 15 World of Warcraft: Traveler Book Series Coming soon! We’re pleased to announce a new collaboration with Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books on a new book series for kids ages 8-12 —World of Warcraft: Traveler! Read the blog post (which includes introductory video) here.Nethaera10 Sep 15
1m Warcraft Elimination Game: Adventurers In this thread, the contestants will be the Player Characters, given we have our own class hall/story/all that good stuff. For anyone that is new to this type of thread, you can heal one contestant each turn and damage another. The thread finishes whenever only one person remains. Here is an example: Deathlord - 5 Highlord of the Silver Hand - 5 Heal Deathlord, Hurt Highlord Deathlord - 6 Highlord of the Silver Hand - 4 Here are the rules: 1) Everyone starts at 10 health. However, if I feel the game is moving too slowly I will decrease everybody's health bar by 2 unless it puts someone at 1 or kills them. 2) To prevent favoritism, you can only post once per page. In the case that the game moves slow, if it has been 4 hours since your last post on the page, you can post again, knowing that it resets your 4 hour timer. Furthermore, if you happen to be last on the current page, you cannot be first on the next page unless your 4 hours runs out. 3) Once we get to the final 4, there will be a 40 cap imposed on all characters. Simply meaning, you cannot heal anyone past 40. All characters' health will be decreased appropriately based on the proportion between the character's health and the highest character's health. 4) If I or anyone suspects anyone else of using alts, we can check it by using the ignore feature. If it comes up with other posters on the same page, you're banned from the game. Any further posts you make will be cast aside. All the people you healed will be hurt, and vice versa. Any character you spammed hurt on in this fashion may be brought back depending on how fast people caught it. 5) If you see an error in the score, correct it. Be specific at where you found it so others can see it as well. 6) Please refrain from clogging up the pages with discussion. Deathlord- 10 Slayer (DH) - 10 Archdruid - 10 Huntmaster- 10 Conjuror (mage) - 10 Grandmaster (monk) - 10 Highlord (Pally) - 10 High Priest -10 Shadowblade (rogue)- 10 Netherlord - 10 Skylord (Warrior) - 10 Farseer - 10 Heal Deathlord, hurt Grandmaster Deathlord - 11 Slayer - 10 Archdruid - 10 Huntmaster- 10 Conjuror - 10 Grandmaster - 9 Highlord - 10 High Priest - 10 Shadowblade - 10 Netherlord- 10 Skylord - 10 Farseer - 10Azeár303 1m
2m Superweapons not used against Legion Over the many games we've encountered and neutralized many "superweapons". If there ever was a time to use them, it would be now. Here's a few prominent resources we've just left on the table. -Highkeeper Ra. The leader of all Titan forces protecting our world got depressed when he found the titans were dead. We punched him in the face in TOT, he woke up, and wandered off. -Ra's power. Jaina sucked all the "Thunder King's" power into her staff but has never used it. Maybe give it back to Ra? -The Focusing Iris. Most powerful arcane artifact ever, not being used as an artifact weapon, or for anything. -Ulduar satellilte defenses/Uldum death wave. Both are static, bit if they could be moved to the Broken Isles, they could end it instantly. -Bilgewater Harbor "Big Bertha" cannon. It's already aimed at the Tomb of Sargeras. FIRE IT!Threeslotbag40 2m
4m Did anyone else get a little butthurt... About defending Tarren Mill during the Legion invasion? I'll be honest a few times I refused to go up there, the Legion could have had it for all I care. "If you ever loved Hillsbrad now or in the past, you'll defend it!" Well.... I LOVED SOUTHSHOREOnesia109 4m
12m Warcraft Movie Discussion So i finally got around to watching the movie and quite enjoyed it. According to a quick Google search it looks like its unofficially official thst a number 2 is in the works and might be more focused on current WoW characters. I was just curious what others thought and wanted to get a discussion going about the movie and some theorizing on now they'll move forward -There will be spoilers below- I think the most obvious thing to discuss first, especially on this board would be the fact that the now and future cinematic universe doesn't 100% = the current game / novel lore I did read soemthing about the director and writers making changes to the original draft to basically make it a little easier to digest and understand for non players, new players, and non lore heavy players, and I'm okay with that none of changes were massively story breaking and could pretty easily be smoothed over in a future movie While soemthing were kinda cornball or out of place there was some stuff that they did REALLY well I really liked how the orcs were portrayed. Brutal, merciless, but with a very strong code of honor. They were these brutish invaders coming to kill and conquer but when face with old values of honor vis combat their savagery was put aside. When the booed Guldan for cheating during the MokGora and also saluted Lothar and let him go after he defeated Blackhand. It humanized them from mindless savage killers to honorable brute warriors. As well as the general humility and Valor of the Frostwolf clan I quite liked the way magic was handled as well the effects were awesome. The subtle nod to silence as a thing in the Warcraft universe was nice too. My only complaint was there wasn't more magic used, outside of Medivh's OP Guardian magic I was a bit disappointed that considering the basis for the movie was a class based game with unique roles and flair that we really only saw warrior and mages. Working in some priests throwing out healing spells or some paladins using holy magic offensively would've been cool. Moving forward id really like to see them get more heavily into current game lore, maybe even skip the second war and go straight to the scourge and get into the story of Arthas. Id love to see the tske a page out of Marvel's book and run a main storyline but have branching secondary movies that go deeper into individual characters. Wrath was many people's first WoW experience and arthas is a very well liked character so pushing hard to get that rolling is probably important as movies are fickle and whether or not a new movie gets made is high determinant on the success of the previous one. The biggest issue I see moving forward will be shifting the focus of the main antagonist from Guldan to Sargeras/Burning Legion as that's kind of required to make sense of the events of the third war. They could probably whitewash over some of the details like Nerzhul being the original lich KingGøttlich33 12m
19m Sylvannas have to become some sort of lich If she doesn't gain the ability to raise more undead, blizzard may as well remove the race from the game, because how can you explain they survival?. That, or the new Lichking goes to the horde, and that's not going to happen.Acronius38 19m
31m Totally called it, (7.1 Spoilers) Not sure if this has been discussed before but i'm not sure if anyone noticed the new phase in the dungeon journal for mythic Gul'dan. Lo and Behold, Illidan's body is going to be used as a vessel for Sargeras in a bonus phase. Quote- "When Gul'dan reaches 10% health remaining, Archmage Khadgar attempts to return Illidan's soul to his dormant body. Unbeknownst to Khadgar a dark, outworldly presence was filling Illidan's mortal shell, and the consequences of Khadgar's actions incite deadly consequences." Okay so it might not be Sargeras, but when you think about what kind of power is needed to do that it makes a bit of sense, the nightwell, combined with the Eye of Aman'thul reminds me of the Dragon Soul/Well of Eternity combo that tried to usher the infernal lord in before. Sure the Nightwell isn't as strong as the original well (presumably) but it's still a significant font of power that will likely result in some entity of equal or lesser power than Sargeras coming into the world via Illidan's body.Haldruon14 31m
39m Underwhelming Monk Campaign Reposting from GD because I figured it might get more traction here. SPOILERS BELOW. | | | | | | V We good? Okay. Now, don't get me wrong. A lot of the class order campaigns are great- the Death Knight one in particular. I've only completed 3 of the 12 so far, though as I hear it the priest and paladin campaigns are essentially the same. However, one of those 3 was the monk. The monk has got to have the most underwhelming class campaign. It starts out fantastic, with a full-blown Legion attack at the Peak of Serenity (hence why it's not your order hall), resulting in the death of Grandmaster Hight. You team up with Chen and Li Li, fight some demons, save some trainees, and generally have a butt-kicking good time as a monk. It only goes downhill from here. Following that, you get your artifact. The Brewmaster and Mistweaver quests are good and take you to the Temple of the Jade Serpent and Terrace of Endless Spring to fend off the Legion, but the only saving grace of the Windwalker weapon is that you're accompanied by Li Li. Otherwise, it has absolutely nothing to do with monks. It's not from Pandaria, it's not made for monks, or imbued with the power of an August Celestial or anything like that. You go to Skywall to get some elemental tol'vir handblades. Meanwhile, Elemental shaman go to Pandaria to get the Fist of Ra-den. I digress. That's only a part of it. The worst offender is the main focus of the class hall story itself. Booze. That's it. That's all there is to the monk story. Your main focus through the campaign after rescuing some random trainees (which I'm pretty sure were just added because they didn't want your entire roster to be made up of Pandaren + the Monkey King) is to make magic vrykul booze. Ooohh, ahhhh. You're not discovering the legacy of Kang, Fist of the First Dawn. You aren't gaining the power/blessings of the August Celestials. You aren't even undergoing some trials of self-improvement in an effort to find inner peace. Nope. YOU'RE GONNA GET TIPSY. Because that's what being a kung fu master is all about- getting drunk. When Aegira mentioned "ancient vrykul brewer-kings and queens" my eyes nearly rolled up into the back of my head. As someone else put it, "after the addition of the Demon Hunter, Monks are doomed to be the redheaded stepchild of classes 'til the end of WoW". So far that seems to be the case.Cantaloupe2 39m
50m What if Xe'Ra's just mistaken? Like a Melisandre from Game of Thrones situation. She chose the wrong Chosen One and guilts the heck out of you for it, and ultimately Illidan is going to screw everything up or fail. I feel like that would be the best outcome from this odd and frustrating plot, better and less repetitive than her being secretly corrupt, evil or insane. From my first meeting with her, I assumed she's actually talking about Anduin Wrynn. A hero of light and shadow, or something - in other words, a priest. Illidan doesn't have much light.Zagden31 50m
1h Does anyone actually like Jaina's direction? Does anyone actually like the direction they are going with Jaina? Her character in WC3 was way cooler.Gunnarr88 1h
1h Burning Legion and the Nightmare So I have noticed some inconsistencies concerning the burning legion and the emerald nightmare. At the garden of the moon in Val'Sharah there is a big ole demon boy yelling stuff while satyrs corrupted ancients and bat demons are flying about causing havoc and whatnot. Now in-game satyrs are classified as a demon type, and yet wowpedia says that the emerald nightmare was created by Yogg-Saron and further empowered by N'zoth afterwards. Although both these forces are pretty big meanie pants, they tend to dislike each other as well, as is referenced by the shadow priest weapon whispers and I'm sure other mentions of this rivalry exist as well. With that said, there shouldn't be a reason these two forces would be working together to fight us at the garden of the moon, and i'm sure there's other places in Val'Sharah as well in which corrupted nightmare creatures are fighting alongside demons of the legion. What is that about? Am I missing something, or is this just another "rockstar moment" that the devs wanted?Metroboomkin20 1h
2h Thunder Bluff Destroyed? I played through the Emerald Nightmare today and saw that Thunder Bluff was in ruins thanks to the corruption of the Nightmare. I explained to people in the raid and guild that this meant Thunder Bluff was now gone however they didn't believe me as we were in the Nightmare and that meant only a Nightmare version of Thunder Bluff was destroyed. However from what I know of the Emerald Dream is that it is a blueprint for Azeroth, without the influence of civilization, this means that those buildings can't have possibly been in the Dream. Also to get to Mulgore we take a portal much like the druids to in the Dream Way to get their implying that we aren't in the Dream at the time. So I am inclined to believe that Thunder Bluff has indeed been destroyed by the Nightmare seeping into the physical world. However the fact that it's the Nightmare and not the Dream means our vision could be corrupted and what we saw wasn't entirely real. So what does everyone else think, do you think the destruction of Thunder Bluff we saw wasn't real or do you think the city is no more?Trollmon6 2h
2h Priest Campaign: Disappointing Spoilers Just finished the Priest campaign... and WOW WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT! I'm here to mostly vent about my experience with it, and hopefully others who have seen it might give their input on this. SPOILERS! ... _________________________________ Ending it there. I'm extremely disappointed with this entire campaign. I'm extremely mad that our class was entirely forgotten about later on. Essentially our story was about trying to protect ourselves, only to ask the paladins to do it for us. We don't do anything unique to our class. Our artifacts have no relevance in the story. Even Mariella and the Scarlet Crusade make no notions of Light's Wrath, but that's not even the end of it. Shadow priests are entirely forgotten about in the end. Natalie Seline is the only real connection to them and that's it. She has no input or consult beyond that segment. She's been dead since Warcraft 1, and she has no dialog about how the world changed and her teachings impacted stormwind's priesthood. I'm disappointed big time on the lack of named priests. and the lackluster ending which lacked over half of our champions. Moira is not to be seen anywhere.. The entire campaign is absorbed into the paladin storyline at the last half.Kinria119 2h
3h Nightfallen and the Arcan'dor Just hit exalted with the nightfallen and finished with the arcane/nature tree, and while the fruit cures the magic addiction of the nightborne their bodies are still distorted and frail. Is that something that will be cured in time, or is the magic damage from being withered permanent?Melisanti5 3h
4h Story Forum Community Lounge 123 Link to the Archive: Link to the last lounge: Rules: 1) The thread must be called "Story Forum Community Lounge" followed by its number. 2) No serious lore discussion. 3) No hating, flaming, or serious debates unless all sides wish to engage in the talk. 4) You must post these rules in the Original Post, so all can see the rules in future lounge. We should make a WoW lore drinking game. Depending on how the story goes, we all get really drunk in various ways.Samariyu482 4h
4h The Aldrachi I'd REALLY like it if they weren't really extinct and that there's still a pocket of em out there... and we got to meet em. What would they look like? What would their architecture look like? Reading about them in my research notes for the Warglaives, gives me a very distinct Spartan impression. And I am definitely into the idea of seeing some Spartans in Warcraft. Only I guess instead of shield and spear they have glaives...?Leotheras29 4h
5h Destiny Unfulfilled: "Redemption" Spoilers "when the time is right, I will call upon you to begin the hunt for Illidan's soul" "His Rebirth will be the story of your redemption." I'm sorry what? We are now redeeming ourselves for saving the !@#$ing world, just so Illidan can be whitewashed to the point he's not even remotely likable. Thank you blizzard. I'm getting really sick of Xe'ra and her body pillow telling me i'm a piece of %^-*.Borigrad92 5h
6h Havi's raven(Stormheim Spoilers) I know that Havi is Odyn in disguise but is his raven not liking you a reference to something from Norse mythology I'm not getting?Galenar13 6h
6h On the topic of Warcraft movie Something has been seriously bugging me as of late. I just got done watching the movie again, and something struck a chord with me. How the hell was Garona half human if the orcs had no contact with humans except for Medivh? She can't be his daughter because...well, Med'an. I don't understand why they didn't keep her as half draenei and half orc. Can someone explain this to me (besides saying it's blizzard at it again with bad story telling)? Did I miss something?Arolith14 6h
8h I have another dumb question. Okay, so the Legion's plan is to wipe out all planets in the universe to prevent the Void Lords or Gods (still can't remember which is which) from entering our universe and corrupting it. We want to stop them because we believe that Azeroth's Titan is capable of defeating the Void Lords without requiring all that destruction and death. But, I want to talk about the Legion's plan for a bit. Previously I was told that Sargeras and the Legion plan to wipe out the entire universe's complement of planets, at which point they will consider their job done and... And then what? What's their plan for the rest of their eternal, immortal lives after they succeed in that mission? Obviously they'll double and triple check they're all wiped out and then have a 5-year-long celebration at finally completing their multi-millennia mission, but then they'll... do... what? Don't tell me they've been so focused on their mission they've never given it much thought. They've been at this for tens of thousands of years already, there have undoubtedly been countless moments where each demon has thought about the future and told themselves what they're gonna do once it's all over and done with. Personally, I still like to believe that Sargeras plans to find a way to create life that can thrive without fear of the Void Lords. He's still a Titan, and although his methods in saving the universe are extreme to the infinite degree, I cannot believe he will simply consider life to be a failed experiment and never create anything living ever again.Pouncey9 8h
8h Lengthy Tauren Campaign So Magatha Grimtotem is still out there somewhere with a bunch of ancient Tauren artifacts, the Doomstone, and such. With the Highmountain zone, we've seen that the Bloodtotem share much with the Grimtotems such as their violent nature and dislike of everything that isn't Tauren. What if Magatha somehow convinced whatever was left of the Blood and Feltotems, after our involvement in Highmountain, to join her Grimtotems to help her in dominating the world for the Tauren race? Baine and Mayla would then unite their tribes to counter Magatha's newly formed army of grim, blood, and feltotem taurens. Maybe not in this expansion, but I could see this work for some later patch that could include two or three dungeons and end with Magatha being a final raid boss. What do you guys think?Rosapheldra20 8h
8h illidan's corpse I had a thought, with the reveal of the mythic Nightwell fight, We now know that a being fills Illidan's corpse, Perhaps Sargeras. With the quote from Il'gynoth about the raven turning the key, is it slightly possible that it's N'zoth that could be filling his corpse?Redbob0 8h
11h Illidan Novel already being Retconned When this book was announced i was so excited. I had felt in my gut since the end of BC that Illidan was not over. How could he be, he died such a misunderstood character, it wasnt right. The Book covers the four years he is the Lord of Outland and what he is actually doing. You see in BC we kill him because Akama and Maiev say he is bad because they dont like him and because Illidan had "supposedly gone mad since his defeat by Arthas", which was a bunch of hogwash. I know i am not the only one who felt that was a silly thing to say just for a reason to kill him. This new expansion is finally bringing him back and has a new shot on doing him justice. You see there are a few things in the book that are already being changed in game and I wanna know why. In harbringers video we see Illidan and the Demon Hunters invade a random demon world, fight a pit lord and some famous doom lord is mentioned. For advertising and short video purposes that fit well. However that isnt what happened in the books. The Demon Hunters invaded the very home planet of the Dreadlords and messed them up. Big time. They really thinned the herd if you know what I'm saying. Plus these Dreadlords stay dead due to being killed in the Twisting Nether on their own Planet. Then in legion we see a ton of dreadlords. Sure the famous ones are still around, they werent on their home planet at the time the demon hunters invaded but come on. How many dreadlords are there? And how come none of them mention the destruction of their people by the hands of Illidan and his Illidari? Now I'll talk about the main reason i wanted to write this. In the novel while Illidan is spying on the Legion in his spirit form in the Twisting Nether an Elder Naaru, (possibly the oldest, which tells you somehow they were making more Naaru...and yet now they are going extinct to a point...huh) tells Illidan essentially that he will be a champion of the Light. He shows Illidan a vision of him as a sort of angelic warrior with golden wings purified blades of Azzinoth with him at the front lines of the War against the Void. Before he dies at the Black Temple in the book a vision of the Naaru appears reminding Illidan that someday he will be a great champion, but there will be a price. (It is assumed that price was his initial death, though it could be something else). In game, the vision that pops up is that conversation between him and Cenarius with Malfurion and Tyrande standing in the back. Okay whatever thats fine, it makes for a better cutscene anyway and its essentially the same idea with what Cenarius is telling the young Illidan. Here is my issue, right before Illidan dies in the in game cutscene he whispers, "...Tyrande...". Why does that upset me? Well, whether or not you care Imma tell ya anyways. Illidan has not, since the end of the War of the Ancients, been seeking after Tyrande. He knows she chose Malfurion, he cares about her yes he loves her but he is DONE obsessing over her. This whole Illidan loves her and can't let her go thing seems so overused and forced now its beginning to irritate me. He didn't think of Tyrande more than a split second in the Illidan novel. His focus is his Illidari and the total destruction of the Burning Legion to save Azeroth and all worlds. He is one of the few mortals who have seen the remaining living planets besides Azeroth, (none of them are Titans by the way). See the fact that he whispers Tyrande in that longing I love you kinda thing, it confuses me greatly. First of all that wasnt the point of the vision, the point were the words that Cenarius was speaking to him. They way they wrote that out tells me Illidan doesnt get it still. Even after all he has done as he is dying he still doesnt get that she isnt his. I dont know im just confused. I hate seeing Illidan constantly rejected even as a person by Tyrande and Malfurion, dont replay another one of those please. Fun Fact: in the War of the Ancients Lady Vashj had a large crush on Illidan. Whether or not she maintained those feelings after becoming a naga is a mystery. So these are my thoughts, thanks for your time have a good one. Also i apologise if this pops up more than once, my comp was/is having issues.Lorejunky92 11h
11h Why do Kael'thas and Ragnaros Share a Quote? Just a quick question as to if there's any significance to the fact Kael'thas and Ragnaros share a quote. In Warcraft 3, one of Kael'thas' lines during combat is, "by fire be purged". As many may know, this quote is also said by Ragnaros. Not sure if it's important or not, but it's always bugged me.Zedwed5 11h
16h Jaina Proudmoore is a servant of the Old Gods During the Il'gynoth encounter, one of his whispers is "Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it". Based on the usage of the word crater, referencing what current Theramore looks like, it is likely that Il'gynoth was talking about Jaina. After the Theramore bombing, the Sunreaver's betrayal, the Broken Shore, King Anduin choosing to not go to war with the Horde, and the Kirin Tor allowing the Horde back into Dalaran, Jaina felt mad, confused, and alone, which made her easy prey for the God of the Deep. Looks like Jaina is actually only a servant for N'Zoth and not a Dreadlord like some predicted, unless...Mythelm143 16h
16h The Future of Azeroth and Her Denizens Fellow Adventurers, We solved the Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron and those of us who held Xal'atoh knew of its masters' true powers. Il'gynoth has whispered warnings to us of their coming as Xal'atath did in turn to the few shadow priests capable of wielding her. We've already stopped the Emerald Nightmare and the threat it poses to our world for now. We will soon take up arms against the forces of Helheim, the Nighthold, and Gul'dan himself. It would seem as if our world would soon know peace. I come baring a warning brothers and sisters. Our end time is upon us, but as of yet we have not realized the true threat to our world. Something stirs even deeper within the void. Sargeras is making his final preparations to end all life on Azeroth, to secure a future against those that would bring to our world a chaos that cannot be fathomed. I speak of the Void Lords, and the forces they control. Our future on Azeroth, and all of her denizens for that matter face an old threat. A VERY old threat. This is not a typical N'Zoth speculation thread either. N'Zoth will play his part, of course, and will likely be one of the greatest threats we've ever faced. N'Zoth, however, is a catalyst. I'd like to take a quick second and provide some background. Personal bias (that is probably shared with the vast majority of the community), WoD was a setup for Legion from beginning to end. Cata and MoP are both valuable expansions that drove us to WoD and eventually Legion, I get that. WoD has a very unique role in that it showed us a style of expansion that lends itself very much to the next. I'm sure each expansion has some form of an argument that it lent itself to the next. WoD, however, provided the developers with a LOT of insight on what players don't want. That's a good thing, if put to good use. Legion has proven so far that they certainly have the capacity. WoD also setup the arrival of the burning legion, which I still question the legitimacy of but that's neither here nor there. LEGION. Best. Expansion. Ever? I'm with you so far, but I think Legion was very much designed with the next expansion as the core concept. I'll say it again, I think Blizzard designed the legion story, and trajectory of the raiding content, around its next expansion. Blizzard is making a very blatant and strong effort from a development standpoint, to tie expansions together. WoD to Legion was as clear as day, whereas Cata and MoP maybe didn't have a clear A led to B transition. Which brings me to my point. With Sargeras taking no chances at this point and sending nigh everything we know he can throw at us, it seems to me that Azeroth is at a critical point in her history. Something will happen to Azeroth soon, but of course the Legion is not Azeroth's only threat. I want the Black Empire to return. I said it, and I really do mean it. World of Warcraft is in a good place, the developers know it, Chris Metzen knew it, and most of the fan base says it. Which is why it needs to feel like everything is falling apart. The Legion is a bad thing, I know, and for the most part I'm somewhat concerned. Once again though, it feels like stopping this threat is too easy. Too easy for us anyway. With us facing Odyn, and eventually passing his trials, we’ll have secured a powerful ally. More importantly, we’ll have secured an ally who led the titan forged into battle against the Black Empire before. Without the Titans’ protection though, an invasion of old gods similar to that which Azeroth previously witnessed, could be devastating. As I mentioned previously, N’Zoth alone will be a grave threat to our world and we will likely only catch a glimpse of his immeasurable power. In terms of expansion material, a return of the black empire through new old gods, would potentially provide a means to reshape Azeroth once again. This time, however, we would see the corruption of the old gods take hold. Perhaps with the arrival of new old gods, we would see the rise of new horrors and amalgamations that would plague the world we inhabit. Good timing too, seeing as how the leveling content is so… It gives us reason to hold onto our artifacts, and continue growing their power, perhaps even adapting them to protect us against the Old Gods corruption and maddening whispers. If so, I can’t think of a reason why our class order halls wouldn’t remain available to us as well. They’ve left themselves open to moving away from class order halls and the artifacts, but I imagine they’ve got a good idea on whether or not they’re keeping them next expansion. Which would lead me to believe they are keeping them next expansion, and that they’re unsure how many more expansions will follow suit. I’m interested in everyone’s feedback on this theory, does anyone else share a similar opinion? With Blizzard going on record and saying they do not want to push out expansions quickly now, could this be the direction they’re trying to go in? Edit: TL;DR N'Zoth is only a catalyst for the Black Empire's return. Repent! Repent!Taurentippin4 16h
16h What happens after the Legion kills everythin I've never understood why the big bad guy in stories wants to kill everything. What are they going to do after finish up?Zazonion11 16h
18h Arcandor Background makes no sense So towards the end of the Suramar questline you find out a bit more about the Arcandor and the druid guy who takes care of it. He tells you that the arcandor was created by some special order when the elves first started "playing" with arcane magic, and was created together with the druids (who also joined the order). That obviously makes 0 sense, as the nightelves used arcane magic for centuries if not aoens before Malfurion became the first druid, and he only started teaching people are the sunderring.Korashy12 18h
18h Significance of Bolvar's red fire Long story short, red dragons burped on him after being plagued, then Arthas tortured him, then he ninja looted Tirion. Question being: what's animating him more? The red dragon "life" fire or the OG undeath? Obviously the red dragon flame has had some lasting impact, but I doubt he was reanimated until LK got his hands on him--or did he even ever die? Do they combine influence in some way? I'm just saying there has to be something notable going on there, being that he was cleansed and/or saved by the Reds and still exhibits their touch, yet is clearly by all means the same old Lich King without even a touch of Bolvar's personality. What gives other than rule of cool (tm)?Heradura17 18h
18h 'Sha' possibly connected to Emerald Nightmare One of the major enemies talked about at Blizzcon today were the 'Sha', a race of creatures that are physical manifestations of negative energies. They were described briefly as beings of shadow, which sounds very similar to manifestations of the Emerald Nightmare. Could there possibly be a link?Tommas19 18h
19h Il'gynoth's Cryptic Whispers Far as I can tell there was no datamining previously about what, if anything, Il'gynoth says during the encounter in the Emerald Nightmare, so I can't verify if this is old or new or fake. These are being posted at SoL by user Shadowsong, and he's trustworthy. Anyway, as befitting something Old God-ish, Il'gynoth seems to say some cryptic stuff (apparently when you're waiting to start the encounter). "To find him, drown yourself in a circle of stars. "The boy-king serves at the master's table. Three lies he will offer you." "Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it." "The lord of ravens will turn the key." "The king of diamonds has been made a pawn." 2nd one is pretty clearly about Anduin. 3rd makes me think Sylvanas, but could be someone else perhaps (a part of me thought maybe Azeroth, but I imagine if her heart was "filled", it'd be game over for us already, right?) King of Diamonds being a pawn may sound bad but, well, Magni was pretty upfront about doing Azeroth's will, if memory serves.Cirno217 19h
19h So then, can we get more quests/lore on... I look at the Nightborne, and their thirst for the magic of their Nightwell. Then I look at the history of the Blood Elves. So like, when are we just gonna haul a few of them back home with us and be like "Check it out, it's a Sunwell!" and see the reaction on their faces. More to the point, kind of surprised horde-side didn't have quests for us "examining" Nightborne and Withered and seeing if there's similarities to Blood Elves and Wretched, and whether something can be done.Amejin23 19h
20h Xe'ra vs Med'an Who is the worst character in WoW?Bankaltt26 20h
20h Priest Legendary Ring Why is my legendary ring a reference to a pop song? 20h
20h Titans vs Old gods Throughout World of Warcraft, there have been storylines - or side storylines and mere mentions of the old gods and the titans; things that happened in the beginning. The creation of the Aspects, before they gave it up when Deathwing was defeated. The bugs in Silithis, and in the Pandaria (Dread Wastes? its been awhile since I've been there). If I remember, even mention in Northrend. My question is, why not have an expansion about the beginnings of Azeroth? The fight between the Titans and the old gods? Or even a tie-in game between the two? I realize we're going into Legion in a couple of months, but it would be nice to do some forward thinking for future expac's, or other games. By now, Blizzard may have the final stages of Legion in mind. End game raid bosses and storyline alike, already planned. There may be a way to Segway into this idea, similar to what they did with Pandaria going into WoD, using WarCrimes. For example, the Aspects giving up their powers caused a rip in the ley lines of arcane magic, and a rift in the timeways. A portal has opened, connecting current day Azeroth to the middle of the battle between the Titans and the old gods. I wouldn't mind seeing a storyline develop from this premise. With some research, I could probably come up with the storyline myself. (Blizzard: hint, hint) Blizzard's crack team of writers could make this happen.Damonra4 20h
20h Old God Whisper's In Legion So I fought Il'gynoth earlier this week, and his whispers were very fascinating to speculate about. I talked to a friend of mine about possible lore ideas. Most of them were similar to what was in the video that Nobbel discussed. We concluded that the 5th old could possibly be Azeroth. In C'thulu mythos there is a being called Azathoth. Sounds like Azeroth right? One of Il'gnyoth's whispers is, "Her heart is crater and we have filled it." Some speculate this to be Jaina since Theramore went kaboom. However, what if the crater is the hole where the old gods reside and they now fill Azeroth, are now it? Many of the whisper elude to that the Old Gods will reappear, possibly this expansion. "The King of Diamonds has been made a pawn," and Azeroth told him what was needed to be done. "Five keys, five torches to light our path." Five keys, the pillars of creation, the five keys. Which was said that they have to power to create and destroy. "The Lord of Ravens will turn the key." I thought this was a reference to Malfurion at first, and then I came with the idea that it would make sense if Khadgar did it. Khadgar can turn into a raven. In Heroe's of the Storm, Medivh's mount form is called raven. Khadgar is also the lord of Karazhan, the home of many ravens. Like most expansion, we have a focus character who we, the players experience the story with, as we progress it. Examples: Tirion Fordring (Wrath of the Lich King), Khadgar (WoD), Yrel, Thrall (Cataclysm). It makes sense if he pulls it, if we follow what previous expansions told us. My final point, not being a quote, is that N'zoth, the creator of the Emerald Nightmare, the Old God who supposedly orchestrated the Madness of Deathwing and the Hour of Twilight, the one who possibly controls Azshara, is the only Old God we have yet to see. Having the Naga return this expansion, even seeing Azshara, Xavius, and the Nightmare, makes me hope, we will finally get too see this monstrosity. It makes perfect sense if they do go through this route, however, I would prefer a South Seas expansion which revolves around the Troll Empire, Kul'Tiras, the goblin islands, etc.. Hopefully, this is the case, for I would love to see Blizzard not show all their big gun story ideas in one expansion. Long story shortened, these whispers bring many cool speculations, mainly because Old Gods are so mysterious and it's fascinating. Please share your thoughts. I love theory crafting.Soltharian11 20h
21h Forsaken Lifespan? Do the Forsaken have a "lifespan"? I assume they don't age like normal mortals would, but do they slowly continue to rot overtime? Or do they stay in the same "state" they were in when they were risen? Any lore references?Skeletonpete19 21h
22h Favourite Character in Legion so far? So I finally finished all the zones' main storylines. I have to admit I was a little underwhelmed by the Broken Isles altogether, but great to see some creative storytelling and voice acting. The most exciting part was easily the Gilnean vs Forsaken battle at the opening of Stormheim, Admiral Rogers is easily my favourite character. Honourable mention goes to the death of Ysera, very cinematic. Tyrande & Malfurion were tiresome, and Val'sharah felt very rushed to be honest.Creeks52 22h
1d Final Fantasy XIV vs Wow's Story What do you guys think does a better way of telling your narrative. Personality Final Fantasy XIV, does it better. They have more cutscenes and your character actually feels apart of the world. I think the growing of hero story in 14. WoW has endless and boring faction story, most of the characters have crappy writing. The Npcs actaully have characters that grow in the game unlike WoW and not hidden behind books.Retromax30 1d
1d Character development in legion We have some new characters, and resurfacing characters in legion. Which ones do you hope to see get development the most?Leftybone5 1d
1d Xe'ra's visions Was it pointless?Breakerdevon5 1d
1d The future of the forsaken. So. I'm weird. And you'll know that if you finish this. Anyways, I was doing the stormheim intro, and a thought came across me when she starts going off about how they can't procreate and such. I'm sorry in advance. Basically I got this idea of this creation thing. Much like bees, they have a queen and that ONLY makes other bees. NO I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT SYLVANAS!!!!!! But what if the apothecarium makes a huge "remaking device". Much like a val'kyr, but a device that's mass producing. If you guys have ever seen the movie "9" theres a giant machine that mass produces other machines. Kind of like that, but with corpses. If you've ever been to the apothecarium in the UC...there's a big worm like machine that spews out goo every once in a while. Maybe that could be it? Yeah....I know. However, I don't see any other way of writing the storyline. If we only use the val'kyr there could be issues when Bolvar comes back up. I just have always wanted the undead lore to be MUCH darker. I feel like it is way too PG-13. Maybe now that sylvanas is warchief we'll see a darker side to it.Zubberikan127 1d
1d Final Leyline Feed, Shal'Aran I did the Leyline Bling achieve but there is one pillar that hasn't lit up. This is driving me up the wall. Why isn't it lit up? Would the feed look any different if it was? Is it possible to light it up? Am I dreaming? Am I losing my last marbles? Is it a bug? OR (please god let it be so) Is it important to later storyline? Does anyone know?Vanelm5 1d
1d Really hate my alliance toons after stormheim i played both sides in stormhiem now...the horde gets attacked out of nowhere while following a plan that lets be fair was for syl to take control of already enslaved val from odyn which would keep her forsaken alive for good and would prevent the problem of needing to make more forsaken just to stay in population the alliance side..just randomly attack the horde out of anger slaughtering anyone they want without justification are told at the start they only have orders to engage if things go wrong, not just attack out of nowhere and commit war crimes alliance and horde both agree garrosh mana bombing theramore was bad but almost every alliance player is saying its justified that genn and the racist admiral just kill an entire fleet because they want to and as for horde many quests are spent helping alliance. we even go to the dreanei capital to save them from demons meanwhile any alliance quest involving horde is just kill or do as much harm as possible but ya sorry if this sounds really ranty or annoying its just really annoying to me that alliance is turning into war hungry !@#$%^-s instead of facing the legion feel free to downvote i know anything anti alliance or pro horde gets downvoted to hellZombiespells500 1d
1d High elf eyes are not ALWAYS blue. So, since the new Hearthstone appearance of Lady Liadrin everyone started pointing out her eyes yes, assumptions are everywhere, But friendly reminder that not all High elves had blue eyes : Alleria Wundrunner had Green eyes ( Natural, not fel ): " Alleria's eye color is frequently described as a brilliant emerald-green ". Source Tides of Darkness, pg 167 . Lor´themar Theron had Dark brown eyes: "During his debut in Tides of Darkness, Lor'themar was described as having dark brown eyes and hair the color of corn-silk": Tides of Darkness, pg 228 . Also: "Their eyes are incredibly intense in color, seeming to glow with an inner light." ... " violet and red are not unheard of" However this is from the non cannon RPG So , can people stop claiming that blue eyes is how ALL high elves are supposed to have? Yeah specially all of you , Roleplayers.Missandry39 1d