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Oct 10, 2013 Subraces please I for one wish that my dwarf warlock could be a dark iron. I would also love to play a taunka shaman, and leper gnome rogue. In my opinion subraces would be a dream come true. Here i my ideas: Human: Gilnean human (human in worgen starting area that does not turn) Dwarf: Dark iron (I must have this) Gnome: Leper Gnome Night elf: High elf Draenei: Broken Worgen: Night elf worgen (starts in teldrassil) Orc: Mag'har makes the most sense but I would rather play a fel orc. Troll: Revantusk Forest trolls Tauren: Taunka (I must have this) Undead: undead elf (like sylvanis) Blood elf: IDK Goblin: Gilblin I recommend checking out this forum post: I strongly agree with Sparrow there.Ulkley28 Oct 10, 2013
Oct 10, 2013 We need to lose I was checking the blue posts today on MMO-Champ, and saw this thread over on the EU Forums. You can read Vaneras' post yourself if you like, but considering I don't have an EU account, I decided to post my thought here. The title says it all, I agree with others that say we're dropping big bads left and right, and it feels sometimes like it's just a given we're going to steamroll whoever the end boss of an expac is. We need an expac where we get to the end, cinematic rolls, and we lose. If it's Azshara, Sargeras, Kil'jaeden, whomever. I want to get to the end of the expac fully expecting to win like every other, and on the final battle, when everything is going according to plan, things just go to squat and I have my face get roflstomped. Maybe an NPC steps in to teleport the raid out, maybe the end of the encounter is the raid escaping, but I want that twist in WoW. We fight against whatever the forces are for an entire expansion, we think we're winning, and at the last minute we lose, and the world is changed forever. I'd love to see something along these lines with Azshara attempting to summon KJ / Sarg into Azeroth. We defeat her, but not before she finishes the portal and the Burning Legion begins marching in while we duck and run.Dein41 Oct 10, 2013
Oct 10, 2013 garrosh's fate is anyone else a bit unsatisfied with it? it was yet another thing that made him seem less epic than all of the other expansion bosses. could you picture someone slapping the cuffs on the lich king or kil'jaeden and hauling them off to prison?Xarreda20 Oct 10, 2013
Oct 10, 2013 What could we gain, or lose? While chatting about lore among my fellow guildies, and interesting train of thought occured. We were discussing the marriage of Tyrande, and Malfurion (I didn't care for it, blizz unintentionally Christianized what could have been something exotic). It lead us to question how the various cultures of Azeroth view marriage, and relationships; in addition to observing that there are other 'mature' aspects of these cultures that don't have a in-game presence. I for one am curious to know why everyone in Azeroth seems so healthy? Walk though Stormwind, and you will not see a single veteran that was maimed, or who lost and entire arm or leg, as one of the faceless NPCs that helped us fight mobs in the various environments our respective factions have been engaged in. For lore-junkies such as myself; these questions make an interesting foundation, as side-quests. Small interesting stories that pull you away from the action of killing the newest pixel-dragon, and flesh-out the universe as a living breathing thing. Do orcs honor their crippled soldiers, or label them as burdens to society? Do trolls have their own concept of marriage? What is considered a traditional Draenei Funeral? Do Dwarves have a rite of passage? What is the conventional opinion of Drug use to Azeroth's various societies? I understand that tackling this material could push the game into more mature territory, but it also stands to enrich the stories we experience while questing in Azeroth; for those among us who read the quest text anyway.Davoren24 Oct 10, 2013
Oct 10, 2013 End of MOP Wasn't able to see another thread but is SoO the last raid of MOP or there is going to be some more content. In case yes, what are your speculations about the last boss?Kocky10 Oct 10, 2013
Oct 10, 2013 Ny'alotha and the Black Forest Anyone care to share their thoughts on Ny'alotha and the Black Forest? Personally, I believe Ny'alotha is somewhere near the Maelstrom, and that N'Zoth is there. The Black Forest, I think might be Deadwind Pass, where another Old God might be.Wolvigar7 Oct 10, 2013
Oct 10, 2013 Containing the Forsaken Since Varian simply wants to contain the Forsaken instead of eradicating them, let's have a look at how the Alliance should do it in order to truly secure it's borders. All they need to do in order to succeed is to secure four key points. Gilneas Obviously, the Alliance needs to get one of it's kingdoms back and secure it to contain the Forsaken on the western side of Lordaeron. Maybe they could try snatching Shadowfang Keep as a forward keep in order to truly be able to repell a potential assault of the Forsaken. Stromgarde This is THE key point to secure in order to have control over Lordaeron. It may not look like much other than a really awesome kingdom but if you hold Stromgarde, you have a stable supply line to your dwarven allies in Aerie Peak, wich means the place can hardly fall and you are protected by a big wall. Dun Garok and Durnholde Keep Following the Gilneas and Stromgarde catches, the Alliance should call back the Stormpike Clan from Alterac and have them secure Dun Garok. Then have some Dalaran High Elves and mages move to Durnholde Keep. That way, the Alliance will have two strong outposts in Hillsbrad and will be able to have some control over what happens there. Alterac Mountains With the Stormpikes gone from the area, the Alliance will still need to have some sort of "control" in there. And the solution to this is the Syndicate. They could promise the Syndicate to spare them and give them Alterac once the Forsaken will be gone. They could equip them and do things like that to allow the Syndicate to be a thorn in the Forsaken's flank. That is how the Alliance should contain the Forsaken.Cobble289 Oct 10, 2013
Oct 10, 2013 Dark Below xpac ideas Title: The Dark Below Description: Queen Azshara is trying to raise N’zoth. she is amassing an army of Naga. New Race: Murloc (can join alliance or horde) New Class: Bard New Role: Support New class matchups: Human: Bard Dwarf: Bard Gnome: Bard Night Elf: Bard Draenei: Bard Worgen: Bard, monk, paladin Orc: Bard Troll: Bard Undead: Bard Tauren: Bard Blood Elf: Bard Goblin: Bard, monk Pandaren: Bard Murloc: Hunter, warrior, shaman, rogue, Death Knight, Bard Features: Subraces: Dwarf: dark iron Troll: forest trolls gnomes: leper gnomes Tauren: Taunka Human: gilnean human Orc: mag'har Murloc: deep sea murloc New weapon sub type: thrown: grenade Allow hunters to use ranged and melee weapons at the same time (like they originally could), bring back totems, and introduce instruments (for Bards) Bard Class features: Role- Main- support (mainly buffs and debuffs, with some heals and damage) Secondary- damage Tertiary- healing Armor class- leather, shield Weapon class- one handed mace, one handed sword, one handed axe, one dagger, staves Instruments (these give stats and possibly an ability). Specialization: Hymn- (specializes in healing. Does holy damage) Ballad- (specializes in support. Does arcane and nature damage?) Warcry- (Specializes in damage. Does fire and shadow damage?) Level cap raised to 95. New feature: hunter pet breeding: You take two hunter pets in your stable, drag their icons to the breeding tab, then hit breed. After twenty four hours real time you have a level 1 hunter pet with a special ability only obtainable by breeding (each breeding special ability is species specific). You can only breed two pets of the same species. New feature: mount taming: Pay: a high amount of gold to learn the mount riding skill. You can only tame mounts that your character meets the requirements for. New PvP: Sea battles (teams commandeer warships (one as captain, some manning cannons) and fight the other faction’s ships. They can also board ships and battle. New hunter pet types: hydra, stag (this includes shovel tusks), Pterrordax, hawkstriders, mana worm. Allow hunters to tame aquatic beasts (frenzies, eels, sharks, orcas) New hunter pet models and sub categories: Turtle- stone (like Tortos), riding turtle model Goats- talbuk Snake- imperial python model wind serpent- skeletal wind serpent worm- maggot model New secondary profession: repairing. Characters with repairing can repair gear rather than going to a NPC to do so. Higher level gear requires higher skill in repairing in order to repair. New Archaeology field: naga New Zones: Kul’Tiras, Nazjatar, Mak’aru, Kezan (revisited and redone). Murloc racials ideas: Amphibious: Breath underwater increased by 5%, swim speed increased by 5% Hungry: Gains 5% primary stat + 10% movement speed when well fed. Tribal Community: All raid or party members gain 15% primary stat for 15 seconds. Instant cast. 1 min. cooldown.* Rending fangs: Passive: Gains 5% attack power. Cast: generates threat and does 15% weapon damage for 10 seconds. Instant cast. 1 min cooldown.* *Murlocs get one but not both. New Reputations: The Riverscale Murlocs (alliance) The Duskwater Murlocs (horde) Kul’Tiras (various factions throughout?) (some faction made up of Neptulon’s disciples?) New Content: Rescue Neptulon Fight Naga Forces Adventure on the high seas more sea battles (alliance vs horde) I got some major inspiration from Nobbel87’s video here: Oct 10, 2013
Oct 10, 2013 visual guide: illidan <sargeras, manifested> purchased the ultimate visual guide. i don't suggest you look at the visual guide... from a quick look at what interested me, i believe that illidan is the physical manifestation of sargeras (who is a part of the twisting nether).Heap3 Oct 10, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 Next Hero Class Prediction Dragonsworn. For those of you unfamiliar with what Dragonsworn are, I recommend taking a quick look at the wiki. It's not a bad read. The class would likely be a utility class, with each of its specializations reflecting a different dragonflight. The Red Dragons would be the healing spec, Blue Dragons would be arcane magic users. Green Dragons would be either melee DPS spec or tank spec, using the ability to travel through the Emerald Dream to move through space or mitigate damage. I'm not sure what Bronze Dragons would do...Velithielyne13 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 Ji Firepaw The first time I did Siege of Orgrimmar I was surprised when I saw Ji being beaten and almost executed, this got me wondering what did he do to deserve such fate? Now my highest level Horde character is level 53 so she's a long way from the MoP story. So what's the desk with Ji? Did he betray the 'True Horde'?Zhôu21 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 Fel or dire-oc option Greetings! For a bit flavor and theme adjustments: -For this toon It'd be be nice to have the option to be a fel-orc, blood craze and all. -For lots of flavor as well as variety I don't understand why DKs can't get back to being able to tank or DPS from w/e tree they happen to prefer. For example I'd like the option tank from Unholy. Even if net mitigation wasn't noticably better than blood.Cedartusk13 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 New Races. High Elves: Highly likely to be a playable race in my opinion. For a couple of reasons. One they hav been a member of the alliance far longer that Worgen, Draenei , or even gnomes. Two it would give the alliance a race that actually has sex appeal. For in game content i see them starting wither in Northshire Abbey or with the Night Elves, the more likely being Northshire. I think High Eleves would make a great playable race. For anyone saying that they are an exact carbon copy for both factions, or that it would be confusing on battle grounds, I have on word for you, Pandarean. And of course there could be slight cosmetic changes like hair style differences, lighter skin tone, lighter hair color, and of coarse blue eyes. Also like the high elves in Dalaran you would get a more peaceful less arrogant/harsh voice tone with several more phrases such as Hail The Quel'dori or For the Alliance. Naga: I see them as a fan favorite, I've personally wanted to play as a Naga since BC but that might just be me. As to which Faction as to which they'd join that's a harder question to answer than High Elves because on the Alliance The Nigh Elves hate them and on the Horde the Trolls hate them. Not lets say we are dealing with Azshara's Naga that would put the bulk of the grudge against the Night Elves not the Trolls, and also the Blood Elves have allied themselves with the naga out of desperation before even though that highly hurt their race it did happen so it has to be seen as a supporting factor. a Final point for me is that the Naga like many other races on the horde are malicious and hateful and would only be members if it would help them while the alliance is as stated a alliance a strong strategical bond backed by trust between the membered races. So I see f anything the Naga would be a race of the Horde. This is of course not factoring the chance of Vol'jin as the next Warchief which in this case the Naga would definitely not be welcome. Anyway i see their starting zone being with the Blood Elves (them being the most welcoming race and welcoming i understand is an extremely generous word.) Maybe we could see some powerful magic causing the Naga the ability to momentarily switch to their former Highborne state? I don't know as for classes I see Warrior, Mage, Warlock, Rouge, Hunter, Monk, DK, and Priest. Speculate with me what would be some racial mounts or racials specs? Would u want to play as these races? correct my flaws in lore or speculation. I'm looking for a clean discussion not to be shut down so lets discuss.Juliantia87 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 Gnome Lore So, I somehow ended up back in time while trying to check the forums to read a thread on gnomes from a few months ago and wanted to add to it or at least revive the discussion. Anyway, I've always felt it is a travesty they get shunted off to be comic relief for the game without any real development or stories with them. If Gnomes appear in game they tend to be in Gnomebliteration or Wilfred Fizzlebang getting stomped by Jaraxxus, even though the few times the Gnomes have been taken seriously its been pretty awesome by my standards. Basically I'd just like more in the line of the Gelbin Mekkatorque short story or at least more mention of GNomes being the powerhouse of Alliance technology.Hishmar13 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 If plot armor didn't exist... If plot armor didn't exist for characters (except for the universe), how would Azeroth look today?Delurk76 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 This makes no sence I am a worgen DEATH KNIGHT yet for some reason I have seem to become a magnet for night elf chicks. What is the deal?Dàrkàn30 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 So apparently the Horde suck at border patrol ....Because the Alliance is in pretty much EVERY one of their starting zones. Orcs/trolls: Tiragarde / agents of Northwatch that live in a little crevice with the Durotar attack plans. Also, the three boats outside. Forsaken: Worgen running rampant through Brill. Blood Elves: The scout dwarf in Eversong Woods working for the Alliance, not to mention Night Elves. Goblins: After their home was COMPLETELY DESTROYED (Gineans don't have crap to whine about because of this), their new island was under a brutal assault conducted by the SI:7. Also, how the hell did they not notice Alliance and Horde boats amassing near Kezan? Tauren are the only race that isn't being directly invaded by the Alliance, and even then they were besieged at the Great Gate for an entire expansion. Now let's look at the Alliance side: Draenei: Blood Elves are harvesting energy in a colorless dump the Exodar crashed into. WHAT AN ATROCITY! In short: The Alliance is more pro-active than you think, or perhaps are afraid to admit. At this rate, it's a miracle none of the Horde leaders have been assasinated.Delurk149 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 World of warcraft population I mean lorewise, not player population. I've read many of the books and the parts about the second war, where they stated orcs loosing thousands at a time. So by this, I can assume the orcs back then were in the six figure range. I don't know why, but I'm really detailed in numbers and I like to know what the story numbers are. So far the only place I've found any numbers of races is World Of Warcraft wiki, where I gathered the sum of mostly horde races among Azeroth. Granted this is before MOP Orcs: 50,000+ Tauren(After adding their numbers from every region): 60,000+ Darkspear: 8,000+ Blood elf: No number was given for homeland and other regions beside ashara, which stated 3,000 of them there. Goblins: 50,000 at Ashara alone. Humans: 250,000+ Night Elves: 60,000 + Dwaft(I didn't look for this race, but judging by all the numbers I found) 80,000+ gnomes: Not much found on them Draenei: Again, not much found on them Worgen: Again not much information This is all the numbers I found from looking through the World of Warcraft wiki and most of the areas. Do anyone have any theories to what their numbers are in figures? Like four figure range, five figure range. I don't know if these numbers are even accurate, especially not now.Seszhomaru8 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Suggested next xpac's story. Everyone that I know who plays has already concluded that the next xpac is related to the Burning Legion. Wrathion pretty much confirms it to me personally what with his lines on the legendary cloak chain. The fact that the Draenei are the single least-explored race is another indication because of how tied to the Burning Legion that they are (Draenei have the least amount of quests involving them of all playable races and they were pretty much ignored from WotLK onward). We "know" this much like we knew that Garrosh was the final MoP boss around the start of MoP what with the Troll starting area's vision from Vol'jin, but then again, the next xpac may not be Burning Legion-related after all and Wrathion's dialogue could be meaningless--although I doubt it. So, if it is, here is something to consider as an arc, Blizzard. I say Blizzard because gaming forums have been pretty much 95% "THIS IDEA IS STUPID" and 5% agreement consistently in the ~20 years that I have been on them, so I am not really looking to tell other players what I think. I am woefully familiar with the nature of gaming forums, yet I think that this may have a higher chance of being read by a Blizzard employee than the faceless in-game suggestion box. Blizzard, you should consider the following idea, even if you also shoot it down: The Draenei grow dissatisfied with how King Wrynn is much more concerned with finishing the Horde off in their weakened state than he is with the looming threat of the Burning Legion that Velen has been warning him about, the same threat that players were warned about by Wrathion in MoP. Wrynn has an insatiable bloodlust for eliminating what he feels is a lifelong enemy, and his bloodlust ends up placing the entire world at risk. If anything, is Wrynn not somewhat parallel to pre-Sha Garrosh in terms of personality and mindset? Knowing that the Draenei can no longer fully rely on Wrynn to defend against the Burning Legion, Velen decides to seek help elsewhere. And so Draenei become the next both-faction race because not all Draenei agree with Velen. Existing Draenei players are given a quest to meet in Stormwind and pledge allegiance to the Alliance or secede and support the Horde, and new Draenei players receive this quest at, say, level 10. I understand that this makes the race count unequal for Alliance and Horde if Draenei goes the way of Pandaren, but I am confident that Blizzard would be able to come up with a viable solution for it, if they wanted a solution at all. Maybe a race-count imbalance would help really drive home the expansion-long story of Wrynn being too rage-filled to care about his own faction, and how even the humans (who stay Alliance) ultimately stop supporting him as the de facto leader of the Alliance. Only the Draenei would have the option of leaving because to me they joined out of convenience and definitely not because they felt akin to the humans, but the other races' stories would absolutely reflect an underlying unease about being dragged into war just because the most bloodthirsty human says so. This is NOT saying that Wrynn would be the final boss, at all, because we JUST did that--this is just creating the justification for the Draenei to be a race of individuals with the freedom choice instead of one subset of the Alliance that goes where the Alliance goes as a whole. Sometime around the beginning of WotLK, I suggested on the forums that the Ethereals become the first neutral race and people unanimously HATED that idea. The most common reasons on that thread were "neutral race is dumb" and hit boxes in PvP, but Pandaren have shown that players really are not confused with this alleged meta-game "problem." I never had any story contrived for them as ETHEREAL MAN, C'MON, LOOK AT 'EM is not story, but they would certainly tie into this xpac proposal, too. Now we have a neutral race, and we should do it again, imo--it worked the first time. Anyway, it is time for a return to existing, ignored story instead of fabricating some new story entirely, if you ask me. There is already so much in WoW that is begging to be explored and concluded that 100% new story inventions are at this point something to hold off on. This is my suggestion on what the next xpac should be. tl;dr version: We fight Burning Legion, Draenei secede and become both-faction.Necrosís18 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Is the race: Undead or Forsaken? Hi all, Although the topic at hand originated from a completely different issue, my question is fairly simple: When talking about their race should they be referred as Undead or Forsaken?Micropriest11 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Does Lor'themar have a robotic eye? .... Because it looks like he has a robotic eye.Veloran30 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Is necromancy and fel magic really that bad? Necromancy and fel magic seemed to be some of the biggest taboos when concerning magic. We have seen our big brown warchief actually take a stance on this. The execution of practitioners of the demonic arts. The Horde "was" almost a haven to followers of this type of magic. The Alliance would seem to have the most against these magics however they seem to be completely fine with enlisting death knights and warlocks. I am just curious to what are your thoughts on this topic. I don't want this to start a faction forum war but I can't very well really stop that now can I?Xoroth38 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 What if Kalimdor hadn't happened? I had a thought just now, would things have actually been better if Thrall's Horde hadn't left the Eastern Kingdoms? What we know for a fact is that the Darkspears would be pretty much extinct, so would the Taurens unless they turned to the Night Elves. In theory, they'd have been entirely wiped out by the Scourge, but there's a part of me that wonders how it would have actually played with them having to deal with Stormwind instead of leaving the continent.Mugtha16 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 WOW=Post-Nuclear Fallout Greetings, and thank you for entering this thread. As the title suggests, what if the world of Warcraft was cause of a mass nuclear conflict which encompassed the entirety of planet Earth (Azeroth) and Mars/the moon (Outland) in a distant future? Millions of years following the Nuclear war, after the radiation altered all life big and small, radiation leakage into the earth's core, tectonic shifting, and the near obliteration of what is known as Outland. Obviously this is highly unlikely. Most people know radiation doesn't work this way (spoiler to all you Marvel fan). Let us just pretend. If you have any suggestions or corrections feel free to comment. [Most creative control goes out Pedleton Ward and his creation of the children's show "Adventure Time", for giving us this idea] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters, races, and Possible concepts: This section will discuss where the creatures, structures, and phenominas which occurs in wow may have come from. Races: Burning Legion: Life on other planets, including the Draenai, mutated and corrupted by Sargaras and his vast radioactive power. Draenai: Extra-terestrials mutated continiously by Sargaras. Fled his corruption to our solar system. Fleeing mid-way through the forced evolutionary process causes un-equal mutation amongst the Eredar, resulting in the Draenai, Broken, Lost Ones, Curse Lost ones. Those who chose to stay and join Sargaras became the new Eredar and wrathguard's. Elemental's: Al'Akir, Neptulon, Ragnaros, Therazane, and all the other elemental's are cause of radiation seeping into the earth's core and atmosphere, bringing life to the planet itself. Old God's: Micro-organisms or complex life heavily altered, mutated to such high extent that they became these near unstoppable forces. Think C'thun used to be a ameba. Naaru: Windchimes infused w/ vast radioactive energy. Silithid & Klaxxi: Insects and other bug life, altered by radiation. Tauren: Cows + radiation = Minotaurs. Titans: Possibly former humans, exposed to such high levels of ration that they became, God's... think Dr. Manhattan. Undead & Forsaken: the corpses and near survivors from our generation, re-animated. ------------------------------------------------TBC------------------------------------------------------ Phenomina: Curse of Flesh: Humans whose height was altered (Dwarves & Gnomes) by lighter exposure. Those exposed to slightly heavier radiation became troggs. Those who became ventured out bond to stone and steel when in close contact to the elementals who thrived in a higher radiated area, creating the Earthen. Mechno-gnomes were later creations of the Gnomes. Magic (Arcane, Divine, Fel, Rune, Elemental): Each School of magic comes from different schools of radiation and how people use it.Slauterhouse27 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Orcs and the Blood of Mannoroth Okay, I was just wondering about the lore and warcraft 3. In the Warcraft games Orcs are already green skinned, yet in Warcraft 3 before fighting Cenarius Grom and the orcs of the Hellscream Clan drink the Blood of Mannoroth which was supposed to be the cause of their skin turning Green. Is this just a retcon or did the orcs drink some blood before they walked through the dark portal? I should know this but I can't find anymore info on it sadly, maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.Grokgar24 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 My theory on Jaina Ok well I've been doing a lot of thinking about Jaina and how her character is evolving into this hate driven, anti Horde monster. She has completely changed from her old self in Warcraft 3, so I came up with a theory about where they might take her story. All of this is speculation but is backed by the lore. So without further ado... I present how I see Jaina's story going down. The Kirin'tor: Ok we all know of Krasus' prophecy is that Jaina is the future for the Kirin'tor, but he never said it was a good future. I believe that Jiana's hate for the horde will start tearing the kirin'tor apart form the neutral beacon of hope it once was. Soon I feel that she will eventual brake of completely from the Alliance(more than she has already) and make the Kirin'tor a powerful force. She still hates the horde, and to a greater extent the Sin'dorei. Jaina still demands retribution of Theramore. The end of the siege of Orgrimar shows us he will not break the cycle as she promised. This would cause the kirin'tor become a warmongering powerhouse. She will NOT release the Sin'dorei form violet hold and most likely execute them maliciously. This would hit the moral of the Kirin'tor hard since they have lived with the Sin'dorei for along time. The War: Jaina's not acting on her promise to our Regent Lord Lor'themar Theron on the Isle of Thunder. This would end in a all out war of the Sunreavers and the Kirin'tor. She would move Dalaran to silver moon for and all out assault on the Elven City, and lets be honest our Regent Lord is not a push over and would gladly defend his people. Some of the Kirin'tor would not follow Jiana to the war that she is planning. This assault on Silvermoon would cause a divide in the kirin'tor causing something in the vein of the Darkspear rebellion but not as drastic as we saw with Garrosh. Yet none the less there will be backlash to her actions... The Sides: Pro Jaina; - Lead by Jiana Proudemoore and Vereesa Windrunner - The Quel'dorei(not much explanation needed) - Some Kirin'tor forces who are loyal to Jaina. - Alliance soldiers who seek revenge for the death of Captain Wymor and the terror at Northwatch. - Some Shattered sun Draenei searching for revenge for the death of General Tiras'alan who was killed at Theromoure. Anti-Jaina; - Lead by Lor'themar Theron and Grand Magister Rommath. - The Sunreavers and the Blood magi - Remnants of the Scryers - Horde forces to protect their people(showcasing Voljin as a leader) - Various Horde leaders(Baine, Thrall, Sylvannas ect.) - Kirin'tor Magi against jaina's war path. - Kelecgos(owing a great deal to Lor'themar due to the whole Aviana thing) - Aethas Sunreaver - Alliance soldiers in the interest of peace - and Varrian Wyrnn wishing to save Jaina from the hate he once felt for the horde and the pain it brings. How it would go down: Jaina, after the splitting of the Kirin'tor would be pressured into Executing the Sin'dorei in Violet hold, and to march on Silvermoon. Some of the Kirin'tor would go and Warn Lor'themar and thus give them time to prepare for war. At this point the council of six would try to convince Jaina not to march on Silvermoon but she wouldn't listen demanding Retribution for Theromoure and Rhonin's death. Then she would dismiss the council as weak and storm off and removing the council as the Head of HER Kirin'tor. At this point she would go off and take the focusing Iris to ensure her Victory. Kelecgos would soon catch word of this and heads straight to her demanding her to answer for what she is about to do. Kelecgos would try to talk her down like he did in Tides of War but she would not even try to listen to Kelecgos, and just put it simply as she has already made up her mind and that he isn't going to stop her this time. Kelecgos would "try" to stop her. Holding back because he loves her still, yet Jaina would give no quarter! She would eventually over power him with the power of the focusing Iris and he would be captured and sent to violet hold. As Jaina is Preparing to strike as is Lor'themar. He would head straight to Vol'jin for the hordes aid in the matter. Vol'jin as a newly named warchief would not be so hasty to aid in another war considering they just over threw Garrosh. Baine on the other hand would listen to Lor'themars plea for help and give him the the aid of the Sunwakers Lead by Dezco(cause why not hes awesome). Having a feeling this will not be enough to defend against the might of the Kirin'tor and Jaina for that matter, Baine suggests to ask for aid from the Alliance and sends Hamuul as an ambassador to Darnassus for the aid of the Nightelven druids. They will ultimately refuse by the orders of Tyrande, and Hamuul would understand and send word back to Baine much to Baine's dismay. At this point Jaina would head to the Alliance to recruit people for her cause. Varrrian is frazzled at this and demand's her as High King of the Alliance not to march on Silvermoon, because any such action would surely cause a war. Jaina would coldly tell him she is no longer part of his weak alliance and takes what soldiers she can rally together and bring them back to Dalaran. Appalled at this Varrian consults the only person he knows who could help in this situation, Anduin. Anduin would suggest to him that Jaina could still be saved from this dark path. Anduin would also suggest he warn Lor'themar(keeping in mind Varrian and Lor'themar are friends) and consider to aid as peace keepers. Varrian would go and call a meeting of the leaders of the Alliance. They would debate the possibility of aiding the Sin'dorei in this attack. Eventually Tyrande would speak against this and mention Hamuul asked for aid and they already refused. The rest of the leaders would sit on the fence until Varrian explains this attack could start a war! Then in the best interest of the Alliance, the other leaders would reluctantly agree to send aid with the exception of Tyranade. Varrian would then ask for council with Lor'themar(which we know from the Dominance Offensive they were having meetings previously) . They would discuss that the Alliance would aid them on one condition. They DON'T kill Jaina. Lor'themar would agree saying he doesn't want anymore bloodshed. On Jaina's side she learns that Varrian is thinking of aiding the Sin'dorei. She then pushes her plan to attack forward so the reinforcements won't reach Silvermoon in time. The Battle: Jaina would press the attack as soon as she could with the magi raining hell from Dalaran and the Rangers and infantry men would press the attack on the ground. The battle would rage on until the Varrian and lor'themar would arrive to see the battle leaning in favor of Jaina and the Quel'dorei. Rolmath and Aethas would plan and assault from inside Dalaran but would not be able to enter due to Jaina's magic force field rendering any attempt to enter the city null and void. Then the council of six would arrive using their combined power opening a portal to Dalaran. On the ground Dezco and Halduron would be gaining ground slowly. A small team would be sent up to capture Jaina and the kirin'tor forces. Upton fighting their way through the sewers of Dalaran they would reach the violet hold where Lor'themar would TEAR DOWN THE GATES! Upon entering Lor'themar sees horrors that would only rivial what Arthas did to his people so long ago. His entire people would be slaughtered and hung up as if it were a display. Then they would hear sobbing, frozen in terror Lor'themar wouldn't move. Varrian would go off and find search for any survivors and only find Kelecgos in a cell. Kelecgos after being free would see Lor'themar kneeling in utter shock and run over to him. Lor'themar would not move blaming himself as tears would run down his face. He would order Varrian and Rolmath to press on as him and Kelecgos would sit there in silence until Lor'themar would rise and ask his friend to aid him in burning the bodies. THE SIEGE: Varrian and Rommath would reach Jaina and begin to fight, Jaina overpowering them easily. At this point The ground team would have won the battle and captured the enemy and head up to aid the battle. With the combined power of the Horde and Alliance leaders they would defeat Jaina and capture her, shattering the focusing Iris in the process. Varrian would demand her to answer for he crimes but she would just laugh and hurling a bolt of magic at Varrian rendering him nearly dead. At this Point Rolmath and her would end up in a wizard duel, Rommath eventually killing her(why Rommath and not Aethas? because Aethas only ever wanted the Kirin'tor to be whole and doen't have it in him to kill her). The Aftermath: THE KIRIN"TOR: The council of six would arrive looking at the terrors of what Jaina did to Dalaran. Then Aethas arrives and they ask if he would lead the Kirin'tor. Aethas would explain he can't because of he had a feeling that Thalen Songweaver was up to somthing but he didn't act on his feeling due to the Sunreavers fragile state in the Kirin'tor and any accusation would result in the Kirin'tor kicking them out, and he feels responsible for not taking action. The council discusses a bit and explain that it was not his fault that Thelen did what he did but he made the right choice in trying to keep the Kirin'tor whole and offered him the position again, yet he declines and tells them that the Kirin'tor should be lead by the council as to avoid any other tragedy as this, they agree and start to rebuild Dalaran placing it back in Tirisfall. THE ALLIANCE: Varrian would be rushed to Velen for healing, but he is in critical condition. In his stead Anduin would act as High King. The Alliance would head back to Stormwind and try to recuperate from the blow they took loosing Jaina. Anduin would be devastated losing the only sister/mother figure he ever had. He would hold a funeral for his lost friend and erect a memorial to her in the Magic district of Stormwind. THE HORDE: Thrall would hear of the death of Jaina and head straight to Silvermoon to find out what happened. After hearing of what she had done Thrall would go off and take some time to accept what happened to his old friend, visiting thermoure and refecting on the Jaina he once knew. Vol'jin and the rest of the horde would head back to Orgrimar knowing that Varrian really meant what he said when he wanted to end the cycle. THE SIN'DOREI: Lor'themar would eventually get himself together and head back to Silvermoon to address his people. Lor'themar would take the Quel'dorei as prisoners for what they had done. He would gather what was left of the Sin'dorei and declare himself as their King, and he would not let anything else happen to his city or his people. He would name Hulduron as Regent Lord and name Rommath and Scout Captain Elsia as his council. He would put the Quel'dorei to work rebuilding Silvermoon and agreed to release them after they had done as such, but no sooner. King Lor'themar would then head to Stormwind to create a peace treaty between the Sin'dorei and the Alliance as a sign of his gratitude. Vereesa: She would be kept as a prisoner of the Sin'dorei being guarded by Hulduron and the farstriders to prevent anymore plotting against the Sin'Dorei. Now this is where the theory get good. Keeping in mind that I chose Jaina for this as she is the most unlikely choice for this roll I will explain later... JAINA: After her death Thrall, Anduin and others go to theromoure and erect a grave for Jiana. They would give her a heroes funeral and would remember as she once was, before Theromoure. They would also Build a tombstone with the Staff of Antonidas firmly placed in her hand. They would celebrate all of Jaina's victories and how she brought a world together. Soon after everyone is gone Sylvanas would go to Jaina's grave and order her Valkyrie to resurrect her as a forsaken(why because Sylvanas wants to survive and what better way than to have the GREAT JAINA at her side). Jaina would awaken fuled by more hatred than she ever knew possible. Sylvanas would order her into service of the forsaken and any attempts of faulting on her duty she would wish she could die. Jaina still hating the Horde would try to sway Sylvanas into leaving the Horde and taking Silvermoon for the forsaken and retaking her Farstiders from Lor'themar. But try as she might Sylvanas wouldn't leave the Horde as she still needs thier protection. Jaina not being able to stand the fact of being part of the "Horde" would escape Undercity and head for the frozen shores of Northrend. From there she would go to Icecrown and confront Bulvar, and challenge him for leadership of the Scourge. After she has slain Bulvar she would assume the position of the Lich Queen plotting her revenge on not only the Horde but the Alliance aswell.... Well that's my theory on how the whole Jaina Lor'themar quarrel will end. Now why would I chose Jaina as the Lich queen over Sylvanas? Well it's because i feel Sylvanas is the obvious choice and I feel Sylvanas can serve a better purpose in a better story arc. Also we see Jaina changing more and more and I feel that he ending up like her old Lover Arthas is just poetic justice. Just my thought what do you all think? Sincerely: Sunreaver AriusdireAriusdire119 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 WoW Baby Books.... Many parents play the game, I am one of them, and wouldn't it be GREAT if we introduced our world to our youngsters? You know, like ABC's with Sylvanas. A is for Arthas, B is for Banshee Queen, etc blah blah. but make it more G rated...some of the quest lines are really adorable and if they were turned into an infant, toddler, and children format I think it would be a really big hit. Add some lore into it and tah dah Azeroth history lesson!Shindaleria12 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Gamon for Warlord I think blizzard should make gamon a general or at least a lieutenant in the horde. He has put up with a lot of crap, even helped kill General nazgrim in the SoO. He even says "You fought with honor. Gamon will ensure that your legacy lives on. For the Horde, my friend." cmon, blizzard, make him a General, Lt. , warlord, or something after the siege. Who else is with me?Khlorós34 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 bolvar what do you think will happen with him in the next 7 years?Devyn13 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Thrall's a little racist by the way Just wondering if anyone else caught that not-so-subtle-but-kind-of-glossed-over trait about him. His experience being raised as a slave gave him a prejudice against humans. .....And the Elves of Quel'thalas(it was Elves who called him a monster as they healed him, and I think Blizzard had that carry over a bit in the Blood Elf starting experience back when he was Warchief). See, he hates the idea of being a slave again. That hatred was re-ignited in Cataclysm when the humans.....put him in a cage again(Goblin starting area). That's also why Thrall gives Varian that look of contempt in the end cinematic for the Siege. He doesn't want Varian to take Garrosh and throw him in a cage. That's right: Thrall would rather kill Garrosh than let him be a prisoner to humans. It's a notable character flaw for him because, hey, I've noticed since Cataclysm some people think he's some sort of Mary Sue just because he has comic book like super powers(not a rarity in this setting) and was the focal point for that expansion. But he is most definitely not a Mary Sue. He has multiple flaws. They're just not addressed very often in-game, with the exception of Garrosh being a huge jerk.Draile159 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Lore question: Emerald Dream Regarding the Emerald Dream: since Ysera's loss of her Aspect powers, has the Emerald Dream changed in any significant way? Does it still exist? And do druids still go into slumbers where they visit it? For that matter, did druids return to long sleeps in the Dream after their "rude awakening" in the Third War?Darov5 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Anyone else feel like.. ... There's too many ''world endangering threats?'' I mean honestly, if you have a ''world endangerer'' every expansion, it really cheapens the feeling, thus takes away from the epic moment and true gravity of the situation. I know they tried to vamp it down with Garrosh, but by the end of the expansion... well, Blank Scrolls happened. I had the bright idea (as all my ideas are bright) for the Venture Co to step it up. Perhaps they find a way to con the Explorer's League, the gnomes, the goblins, and the Relinquary, and they sell the artifacts they've stolen for a sum great enough to raise up an army? This army would pretty much defend the company as they deplete Azeroth's resources, and the Champions of Azeroth must destroy the company once and for all before they're robbed blind out of their territory's provisions. Thoughts? Share 'em.Delurk47 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Garrosh's future... I know many hate Garrosh and his actions, but at the most they simply don't understand what his intentions truly are. While never revealed on the why's and why nots, we have to understand his past. Garrosh has only relied on himself, and his belief in his own people. He grows deeply depressed after not being able to help his legendary father in the invasion of Azeroth. With Wrath of the Lich King we saw a reinvigorated pride within Garrosh due to Thrall and Grom's noble sacrifice to free his race of the demons' influence. His heroism in Northrend gains the attention and respect of the Warchief Thrall, but enemies within the Horde due to his stubbornness. Thrall was like a brother to Grom, and sees Garrosh as a wonderfully potential leader. Others do not... His evolution as a character has been a downward spiral to many, but I think his brutality and prideful tendencies is what is necessary to bring the Horde and Alliance together. (Which is why the Celestials don't interfere and welcome both Horde and Alliance, because they foresee the future of Pandaria and Azeroth) I believe Garrosh sees the same future as the likes of Wrathion and Velen. His apparent killing of Warlocks shows his hatred of the "old ways" with demon worshiping is like spitting on his father's grave, and that he desired the power of the Old Gods to prevent a future in which the Burning Legion invades Azeroth to destroy it for a final time. (Remember Sargeras fears the Old Gods more than he does anything else on Azeroth...). Garrosh relies solely on himself and gets beaten by all the races that joined together to beat him. Garrosh sees no worth in himself if he cannot beat the likes of mere mortals, empowered by an Old God. How will he even manage to crush the Burning Legion with said power? That's where Anduin Wrynn steps in and shows him the value of allies, friends, and the need to rely on each other. Garrosh at first is impugned by the boy's ideals and is against him because he is human. However he comes to understand him as Anduin visits him further. Then the Burning Legion invades and they try to kill Anduin Wrynn and in a strike of heroism Garrosh breaks his bonds and saves the young boy. Receiving a grievous blow he falters, but defends Azeroth's future in Anduin. The factions unite under a force of light and go up against the likes of the Burning Legion.Shiida68 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Algalon How long is he just gonna float around Azeroth pondering his actions? I wanna see more of him.Unggoy5 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 My Jewel The emerald... It is missing! My dreamcatcher has been damaged! There is a band of Gnarlpine mystics located to the north of Starbreeze. I have heard reports that their leader, Ferocitas the Dream Eater, has been wearing a necklace that glows green in the night. Now seeing my dreamcatcher, I am sure that he has stolen my emerald... He would never realize that its power is useless to him. Find this missing jewel, adventurer. And, while you're there, clear out some of the corrupted mystics as well. Do this and I will give you some gold and a pair of shoes!Tallonkai6 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Who has the Horde's largest military? Since the Orcs have been pretty much decimated, what race holds the Horde's largest military? I can't imagine the Darkspear have a large enough army to be the Horde's main military force unless they start absorbing other troll tribes. Tauren seem to be in the same boat. Blood Elves might with the addition of the Sunreavers, but this seems unlikley The Forsaken seem to be the only race that have gained power and troops in the Horde from this war, they seem to be the most powerful faction within it at the moment Goblins seem to have numbers, but I can't picture them as the Horde main force What do you think?Mephelis29 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Why do the old gods want Sargeras to come I remember in the Well of Eternity, when Deathwing tried to get the Dragon Soul back the Old Gods threw him away from it. The Dragon Soul was used to try to bring Sargeras to Azeroth. Why would the Old Gods want Sargeras to come to Azeroth? This is a very good questionBluesagee32 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 kor'kron survivors With the Garrosh defeated what will happen to his surviving supporters and the kor'kron. I don't see Vol'jin having them all executed but i don't see them getting off scot free or just assimilating back into the Horde. With Garrosh still alive (for now) I don't see them just laying down there arms and walking a way the are more likely to become like the black rock orcs just making ever one have a bad day.Gaunt23 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 Warlord Zaela.. going to have Garrosh's kid.Lemon54 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 New MoP player - seeking main storyline order Good morning! I am playing MOP for the first time (a year late, yep) and looking for some help as to the order of zones that I should go to to follow the 'main' story line of this expansion. Right now I am at the Jade Forest; what are the zones/locations that I need to follow after this to reach the ultimate conclusion of the expansion? I am ok skipping side quests at this moment - I'll revisit them with an alt later. Thank you for your help!Naelex3 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 Is this possible... Would it be possible to free a satyr of its demonic influence either making good or even completely transforming it back to a night elf?Ulkley9 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 State of the Elemental Planes Been thinking about the states of the Elemental Planes after the defeat of Ragnaros and Al'akir and was wondering just how this might affect the current storyline. Given our recent foray in the Firelands and the death of Ragnaros, one can only assume that the Fire Elementals have been greatly weakened. One of his lieutenants might rise up to take back his place, but given the way Rag ran his ship, I think it might take a while before a successor is chosen. The elementals of Skywall recently lost Al'akir and a number of his most powerful lieutenant. Siamat is apparently the only member of the Conclave of the Four Winds still alive and the logical successor to Al'akir, though it remains to be seen whether power vacuum will settle. In terms of logistics, Skywall didn't commit so much of their forces to the conflict, so I think Skywall might be doing marginally better than the Firelands. In theory, the Abyssal Maw might be realm that benefited the most from the Cataclysm, with Neptulon technically being under the control of the Old Gods or Azshara. It remains to be seen whether or not the Naga's encroachment upon the Water Elemental Plane had any impact upon their realm's relative power level... Therazane, while technically suffered a lot at the hand of Deathwing and his minions, is likely the most powerful elemental lord of the moment, having mostly relied on mortals to do her bidding. This is worrisome, as she made no secret of her resentment toward Theradras' murderers. Though even that is not entirely clear, as Theradras may have just been returned to Deepholm after her defeat. So, moving forward, it would seem that Theradras and Neptulon might be the most likely to take advantage of the current power-struggle within the Elemental Planes, so what will happen now? Will Therazana try to carry out her vengeance on Azeroth or will Neptulon end up as one of N'zoth's lieutenant? Frankly it's hard to say as the boundaries between the elemental planes and Azeroth are back to normal, though it is likely that Deepholm's World Pillar might be used as a mean to access Azeroth directly. What do you think?Mugtha1 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 Misc. Speculation Old God Speculation As of Mists of Pandaria, we know of four named Old Gods, and their locations. 1. C'Thun - Southern Kalimdor 2. Yogg-Saron - Northrend 3. N'Zoth - Maelstrom 4. Y'Shaarj - Pandaria -Safe Assumptions- 1. Yogg-Saron was imprisoned within Ulduar, which also served as an observation center for Azeroth. 2. C'Thun was not imprisoned, though Ahn'Qiraj's distance from Uldum is notable. 3. N'Zoth was responsible for most of Deathwing's corruption, as well as the creation of the Naga, and the corruption within the Emerald Dream. 4. Y'Shaarj's body was destroyed, which most likely showed the Titans the symbiotic connection between Azeroth itself and the Old Gods. 5. Y'Shaarj's heart was imprisoned beneath the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. It is worth noting that the prison chamber for Y'Shaarj's heart is not far from the Mogu'shan Vaults, which was another Titan complex. -Theories (May or may not be backed up by lore.)- 1. There may be an Old God underneath Karazhan. 2. There may be an Old God underneath Uldaman. 3. There may be an Old God underneath the Stonetalon Mountains. 4. Aspect Mirror Theory (Basically states for every aspect, there is an Old God to mirror it.) -Theories proven wrong- 1. Star Theory (Stated that lines which connected the locations of the Old Gods would make a star/pentagram. Proven wrong, as Y'Shaarj's location makes a pentagram/star impossible.) 2. Old God dead in Darkshore (Proven wrong, as the dead creature at the Master's Glaive in Darkshore was Soggoth the Slitherer, a mere minion of the Old Gods.) 3. Old Gods are on other planets as well (Most likely proven wrong, as while Harbinger Skyriss in the Arcatraz states they span the stars, it must be realized that Skyriss was a Qiraji, and the Qiraji were C'Thun's creation, making it very unlikely that Skyriss' statement is true.) Troll Speculation As of Mists of Pandaria, we know of five major Troll tribes and their locations. (I do not include the Darkspear, as they are a part of the Horde, rather than a stand-alone tribe.) 1. Zandalar - Near the Maelstrom 2. Zul'Farrak - Southern Kalimdor 3. Zul'Drak - Northrend 4. Zul'Aman - Northern Eastern Kingdoms 5. Zul'Gurub - Southern Eastern Kingdoms -Safe Assumptions- 1. Zandalar has been almost completely destroyed by the Cataclysm. 2. The Troll tribes (except for the Darkspear) united under the Zandalari. 3. The Troll Empire pre-sundering was allied with the Mogu. 4. The Troll Empire pre-sundering was at war with, and defeated, the Aqir. -Theories (May or may not be backed up by lore.)- 1. There may have been a troll tribe where Pandaria would have been pre-sundering, as the Mogu were united at that location, and the Troll Empire was allied with the Mogu. Aqir/Aqir Sub-Species Speculation As of Mists of Pandaria, we know of three sub-species of the Aqir, and their locations. 1. The Mantid - Pandaria 2. The Nerubians - Northrend 3. The Qiraji - Southern Kalimdor -Safe Assumptions- 1. The Mantid, Qiraji, and Nerubians were all originally Aqir, before their defeat at the hands of the Troll Empire pre-sundering. 2. The Aqir's defeat split their Empire. 3. The Mantid serve the Old Gods. 4. The Qiraji serve the Old Gods. 5. The Nerubians do not serve the Old Gods. (This is somewhat safe to assume, as it is stated in-game that when the Nerubians dug to escape from the Scourge, they unleashed the Faceless, who the Nerubians then had to fight against.) -Theories (May or may not be backed up by lore.)- If there is an Old God in the Eastern Kingdoms, this means that there is a possibility of a fourth Aqir sub-species that inhabits/inhabited the Eastern Kingdoms. Titan Artifacts/Complexes Speculation As of Mists of Pandaria, we know of six major titan artifacts/complexes and their locations. 1. The Well of Eternity - Maelstrom 2. Uldum - Southern Kalimdor 3. Uldaman - Eastern Kingdoms 4. Ulduar - Northrend 5. Vault of Y'Shaarj - Pandaria 6. Mogu'shan Vaults - Pandaria -Safe Assumptions- 1. Ulduar served as both an observation center for Azeroth, and as a prison for Yogg-Saron. 2. Uldum served as a laboratory of sorts, and as the location of the Halls or Origination, a Titan device meant for re-originating the planet. 3. The Vault of Y'Shaarj is a prison for Y'Shaarj's heart. 4. The Mogu'shan Vaults served as a device which created the Mogu. -Theories (May or may not be backed up by lore.)- 1. If there is an Old God in the Eastern Kingdoms, it is possible that Uldaman might serve as a prison for it. 2. There may be a sunken Titan complex near/in the Maelstrom, which might possibly be a prison for N'Zoth. 3. If lore eventually ret-cons C'Thun's non-imprisonment, Uldum may also serve as a prison for C'Thun.Wolvigar13 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 Why is Chi ji the healing celestial? From what I got from monk talent specs, Yu'lon should be the healing celestial. Those cape dragon wings are so much cooler.Taejin11 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 Odd observations in the novels So I have been working my way through the publication works in the chronological order wonderfully provided here: I have recently made it about a third of the way through Day of the Dragon and have been hit with a stark contrast in the Alliance atmosphere. 1. Having just come out of Tides of Darkness and Beyond the Dark Portal where Khadgar as our main mage with which to interact, I understood that mages were respected and even revered by their fellow comrades in arms. However, Day of the Dragon paints a much bleaker picture, such that Rhonin, as our main mage, it pretty much disdained at every turn simply for wielding magic. 2. Another aspect to this is that the dwarves do not appear to be fans of the humans in this book, though in the previous two, the humans and dwarves warmly set up their Alliance and fought readily side by side as brothers. Now, I understand that Day of the Dragon was the first Warcraft publication (as far as I'm aware) and came several years before either Tides of Darkness and Beyond the Dark Portal were published. I'm not going to try and argue that these differences set up for lore contradictions, for it could be explained that enough time has passed that opinions and relationships have shifted such, especially with a certain manipulative, conniving individual in the picture (trying not to provide spoilers). However, I am curious if other have picked up on this and wonder if Rosenberg and Golden had reasons for painting a brighter light of the Alliance relative to the depiction put forth by Knaak years prior?Mornash29 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 alliance shaman I dont think either class really makes sense I know broken draenei turned to shamanism and they were cut off from the light but they weren't allowed in draenei cities until recently and I dont know how well they are even trusted so I dont know how many traditional draenei would be shaman as for dwarves only the wildhammer were shaman and they didn't really have contact with ironforge until recently I would think if you want to roll a shaman you should be broken or wildhammerBluehorns13 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 5, 2013 Alchemy- A class Idea! I know we have alchemists in the game and its a profession...but what IF it was a class? I'd be the happiest undead warrior alive! Here is my layout of what I have been working on as an idea. This is what I do when I do in some of my spare time. Class name: Alchemist Class Roles: Dps, Healer Armor types: Cloth, Shield Priamary Stats: Intellect Weapon Types: Daggers, 1 handed Swords, 1 Handed Maces, and Wands. Class Description: Alchemists are the masters of crafting volatile combination of potions. They utilize these potions to deal damage, heal allies, and even disorientate and distract their opponents. They also have some crafty skills the arts of illusion magics. How this class works: You use mana as a resource and use your mana to conjure damage dealing, healing, or buff/debuffing potions to hurl at your enemies or allies. Such potions are instant cast, or have a cast time. Others are channeled or mixed through other spells and abilities. For example: Firebomb potion- You conjure a firebomb potion that explodes on impact dealing 256 fire damage to your enemy. Instant cast, Cost 50 mana. 3 Second cooldown. Elixir of life- You conjure a Elixir of life that is used to bring back a player from the dead. 8 second cast time, Cost 186 mana. No cooldown. Backfire potion- You mix through an unstable concoction that knocks back all enemies who are within 10 yards of you. If they persist to re-group within your unstable concoction a second time they will be stunned for 2 seconds. Channeled 5 seconds. Cost 80 mana. 45 second cooldown. Overload Mixtures- Passive. When you create and use a potion spell on an enemy or Ally you gain a stack of Overload Mixtures that can stack up to 5 times. When at 5 stacks, your next damaging or healing potion will deal 50% more damage or healing and your potions will take a new form and gain some new features for 10 seconds. This effect has a 20 second in between cooldown. Potion of Elements- You create a potion of all elements in the world of Azeroth that will deal 890 elemental damage and go off the element thats most volatile to the opponents weaknesses. 2 Second cast. Cost 120 mana. 45 second cooldown. Of course there will be potions that buff yourself, and heal your allies and or groups of allies. Also area effect damaging potions as well! Illusion Magic examples: This magic is used as a defense and a offense to mix and match your alchemist skills. Clone- You clone yourself splitting yourself in two and between the two of yourself, you both have the same amount of health divided amongst yourselves and copying the same attacks but dealing 60% of your normal damage. When either yourself or the clone is killed, you return back into one form with 75% of your health. This can be used when stunned, feared, and incapacitated. Lasts 30 seconds Instant cast, 300 mana cost. 3 minute cooldown. Hypnotic Gaze- You gaze into your targets eyes and slowly put them to sleep over a 3 second period. The first 2 seconds the enemy's movement, attack, and casting speeds are slowed by 50% until the spell is finished then your enemy will be put to sleep for 5 seconds. Any damage will awaken the Target. 3 second channeled. 45 mana. 25 second cooldown. Shadowlapse- You cast a shadowy haze that deals shadow damage over 10 seconds to all enemies within 30 yards and decreases their stats by 10% and increases any allies within the area by 10% and increases their movement speed by 8%. 300 mana cost. instant cast. 1.5 min cooldown. Sedative concoctions- Causes your damaging and offensive potions a 40% chancep to slow your enemies movement speeds by 20% for 2 seconds. 3 second cast. no mana cost. Lasts for 1 hour. The talent tiers will be based off the 3 arch-types. Fortification(healing tree), Concoctions (Damaging/debuffing), Illusion (Illusion Magic). First tier is the healing tier. (15) Refreshing fumes- Your damaging potions fumes refresh your mind and body when used and heal you for 10% of the damage caused. Resonating mixtures- Your experiments with your potions has caused a reaction that miraculously increases healing done to you by 10% and you regenerate 2.5% of your total health every 12 seconds. Reactive Chemicals- When you heal or do damage with a potion spell your healing spell power will be increased by 5% of the amount of healing or damage done for 15 seconds with a 30 second internal cooldown. Second Tier is called the movement tier. (30) Potion of Speed- Increases your movement speed by 100% for 8 seconds and allows you to leave behind a blur of yourself. Cost 80 mana. 1 mintue cooldown. Anti-Gravity- When you are struck by an movement imparing effect you gain Anti-Gravity effect allowing you to jump up to 40 yards in the air at a fast pace and you fall at a slow pace. (passive) Distort- You distort your image in the enemy's eyes and you are temporarily untargetable by all attacks for 6 seconds. 35 mana cost. 1.75 min cooldown. The Third Tier is the Illusion Tier. (45) Dusk until Dawn- You reverse the area around you within 10 yards causing everything to go black for all enemies an allies, stopping all actions. This effect lasts 4 seconds and when the 4 seconds are up all enemies will be damaged for 10% of their health and allies healed for 10% for their health. (Replaces Shadowlapse.) Nightshade- You cause a illusional cloak of darkness around you making you unseen and untragetable by everything within 12 yards and while unseen you cannot be targeted by aoe spells or abilities. You are able to move around and cast spells within the 12 yard radius of your own nightshade but leaving the spells range cancels the effect. Lasts 20 seconds. 3 minute cooldown. Cost 15% of your base mana. Shirnk- Casts and illusional spell on the targets mind that causes them to see everything around them much larger then they are and deacreases their attack power, spell power, and healing by 10% for 8 seconds (4 seconds in PvP). 1.5 second cast, 18 second cooldown. costs 40 mana. The Fourth Tier is called the Potion Tier. (60) Remix- Your healing potions now deal damage to all enemies within 8 yards of the target affected by your healing effects from your potions for 150% of the healing done. This effect only can occure every 4 seconds and only is affected by non- healing over time effects. Your Damage potions now heal all allies within 15 yards of the target affected by your damage potions for 200% of the damage caused. This effect can only occur every 6 seconds and can only be used off of non- damage over time effects. Chemistry- (Passive) Your potion spells now have a 1 second global cooldown. You can now move while casting or channeling potion spells. When activated your potion spells have no cooldown and their effects are 30% more effective for the next 10 seconds. 2 mintue cooldown. Trial and Error- Your potion spells have a 20% chance to cause you to gain the trial and error effect. This causes the effectiveness of your potion spells by 5% and can stack up to 5 times. After the 5th stack your next potion spell with a base cast of 3 seconds or less will be an instant cast spell and have a 30% increased effect. The next Tier is called the Defensive Tier. Coax- You passively gain a 60% increased armor value on all cloth and shield items. And when you gain an additonal 7% chance to block if wearing a shield. If you are not using a shield you gain a 5% reduced damage to all sources instead. Elemental Overdose- Your mana recovery is increased by 300% and your healing abilities cause you to reduce damage taken by 10% of the amount healed to yourself for the next 10 seconds. 3 mintue cooldown. Transmute- You transmute your skin into a resistant element that reduces all damage by 45% and causes 15% of the damage to be reflected back your attackers for the next 12 seconds. 2.5 minute cooldown. The last Tier is the Damage dealing/booster Tier. (90) Catastrophy- You mix your potions and cause catastrophic reaction that deals 35,000 fire damage over 3 seconds to all enemies within 20 yards and stuns them for 4 seconds. 45 second cooldown. Empowered Alchemist -Your damage potions and damage spells are empowered and all damage caused by them is increased by 100% and all enemies are able to bypass any damage, magical, or other effects which they may be normally immune to for the next 8 seconds. 1.5 minute cooldown. Lingering Side Effects- (Passive) Your damaging spells now cause an addtional 30% of their damage to the enemy over 3 seconds and each time damage is done this effect will stack up to 3 times and the amount of which the damage is dealt will increase by 3 seconds per stack.Gotek10 Oct 5, 2013
Oct 5, 2013 Is the war over? I just saw the end cinematic for siege of Orgrimmar and I was shocked by what Varian said. Is he saying that he is willing to end the war once and for all, peacefully?Maraph42 Oct 5, 2013
Oct 5, 2013 (DFD) What should the future hold? ... Starting this series lets dive into a topic of actual use to the developers. Lets talk about the next expansion. Now, the next expansion has already been planned and is already being worked on, I know nothing at all about it yet but the WoW team is certainly already hard at work. So, they're not going to change the concept, they're not going to change the final boss, they're probably not even going to change the name of Varian Wrynn's cat, but that doesn't mean there still isn't advice to be given. Question 1. What would you most like to see in the next expansion? This can be a character, an event, even something as esoteric as a theme. Just so long as it's not so all encompassing that it would devour the expansion entirely. Question 2. If what you most want to see would only primarily involve a specific race or faction, is there any way it can be expanded to include others, and if so, how? Question 3. What would you most hate to see happen in the next expansion? Again, this can be a character, an event, a theme. Question 4. If there is a significant enough portion of the player population who want what you would hate the most, can you think of a way to mollify or satisfy that group, and if so, how? Question 5. What is your favorite color? Structure and context for the discussion. Answer 1. I'd like to see the thing I've been talking about seeing for awhile. I'd like to see the Orcs in their original Warcraft 3 role of uniters, protectors and defenders of the weak and downtrodden. I'd like Orc quest texts to talk more about how they're protecting their allies, friends, family, even the planet itself. Answer 2. Well, availability to the Horde, even those same themes being expanded to the entirety of the Horde would be pretty easy. I guess one or two Orcs as neutral quest givers would allow the Alliance to participate in this as well. Answer 3. I guess I'd hate to see an immediate and senseless return to hostilities. If the war must start up again, and I acknowledge it's a wealth of potential story and conflict, then much later and with just cause. Answer 4. I don't know, if we're to have a period of peace than maybe the warmongers could be satisfied with a few things to hint at reigniting hostilities. Or perhaps some more 'cavern of time' style dungeons to retell some of the gorier parts of the first war. A dungeon that sacks Stormwind for the Horde warmongers and for the Alliance Warmongers, some sort of epic charge to end Warcraft 2 with.Dorcy20 Oct 5, 2013
Oct 5, 2013 Paragons of the Klaxxi vs Shado-pan Elite Who do you think would win? Legendary heroes of the mantid from various eras or the current Shado-pan champions? Single match ups and as a group. Korven the Prime vs Taran Zhu Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver vs Taoshi Hisek the Swarmkeeper vs Hawkmaster Nurong Iyyokuk the Lucid vs Fei Li the Firecracker Ka'roz the Locust vs Tenwu of the Red Smoke Kaz'tik the Manipulator vs Protector Yi Malik the Unscathed vs Lao-Chin the Iron Belly Rik'kal the Dissector vs Snow Blossom Skeer the Bloodseeker vs Chao the Voice Xaril the Poisoned Mind vs Yalia SagewhisperBionìx1 Oct 5, 2013