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Aug 16, 2013 Story Forum Yes this will get flagged and deleted and i may be banned for 24 hours Is it me or is the Story Forum feeding the want of a continued faction war, and hatred of factions posters? This is a bash on Horde and Alliance, I am not taking sides We have the ALWAYS defender of light alliance posters that complain everytime an NPC says the word Horde, And complain about everything Blizzard does, for christ sake Metzen can't even fart without someone yelling "HORDE BIAS, THAT FART SOUNDED LIKE IT SAID LOK'TAR OGAR. And then we have the Horde, ADMIT IT, WE DO SCREW UP IN GAME A LOT!!!!!!!!! We can't defend what we do in game all the time, we can't continue to go around thinking we are all innocent we have done some very bad things in this game(not saying the alliance hasn't) This post comes out of a want for AT LEAST 1 constructive post with constructive arguments, not posts that just fuel the fire of hatred, I KNOW some of you posters agree, but i won't here that.Argove36 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 orgrim doomhammer, hero or war monger? I have been reading up on my wow lore lately and I don't know why doomhammer is considered a horde hero, so here me out. While he is a great warrior and brilliant tactician, he thrust the old horde into war and despair when he could have saved them. nerzhul is tricked and starts the burning legion controlled horde and guldan basically takes over. Under guldan doomhammer kills many draenei and starts to wonder about reasons for the war on draenor and shows his sense of morality by pondering this. He does not drink the blood of mannoroth because he does not feel he deserves it, he is unworthy to drink from the same vessel as a warchief. He is showing honor and respect here. He is in the first war and begins to be suspicious of guldan's motives. He then finds out from durotan that guldan is working for the great deceiver kiljaeden and had the orc race drink demonic blood not for their own good but to further guldan's selfish motives of power and to make the orc race rage enduced puppets to the burning legion. With this knowledge he kills guldans warchief puppet blackhand, and then destroys the shadow council and captures guldan. So far so good doomhammer, you just figured out and stopped the greatest atrocity and deceit that befell your orc race. Now to kill or imprision guldan, find a way to get your people off the blood curse of mannoroth and to return your people to the peacefull shamanistic ways prior to this whole mess..... um nope. So instead he decides to be a blood thirsty war monger and attack the continent and peoples of the eastern kindom. Using his brethren's, shall I say for lack a better word disease, to advance their war might and basically thrust his entire race into one of two outcomes. Either destroy the opposition and natives of this new land and take it over, or have most of his orcs killed and hopefully be able to retreat back to draenor. So in full lucidity, he chose to start a war with his race instead of take them home, rule as a benevolent warchief, and try to make sure they would not be deceived again.Darklust47 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 Bloodsail Pirates in the Siege? In the trailer when it shows all the ships you can clearly see what looks to be Bloodsail Pirates ships mixed around wihin the fleet. Why are they here? Did the Alliance hire them? The Rebels?Gollard21 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 Garrosh is considered "evil" but Grom isn't? Being a staunch Garrosh fan, despite his forced villainy in MoP, I've noticed a trend among posters. Garrosh is hated and despised for his war against the Alliance, trying to commit genocide, breaking the Horde, ect. I can definitely see the differing points of view here. Especially since the writers made the forced mantra, "The Horde is family." to make people further hate Garrosh. But my real question is, how can you hate Garrosh, but then praise Grom as a hero of the Horde? I always liked Grom. Always will. But I do not have a skewed outlook on his character. Grom -was- a bloodthirsty, genocidal maniac, who murdered children under Mannoroth's curse. You can call him a "hero" all you want, but, Garrosh was the bigger hero in my eyes. You can bring up his "redemption" and how he saved the Orcish race. Sure. The blood curse sure as hell isn't mind control. Hours before the Thrall captured him, he was attempting to wipe out everything in his path, on another genocidal rampage. Even his death was selfish. "I have freed myself." Grom didn't give a damn about the Orcish race. No, he only cared about him and himself only during his final seconds. Grom fell into corruption -twice- just for his massive ego and pride alone. He is no different than Garrosh. Both are going to be forced into a corner. Both are going to resort to drastic measures to win. Garrosh - Sha. Grom - demon blood, just like he did in Ashenvale. The point of this is to understand why people whitewash Grom into being a saint, but then call Garrosh evil? It does not make sense to me. I like both characters. Garrosh is my all time favorite WoW character. I am unbiased in my views though.Gulaal83 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 The Underdevelopment of Garrosh's Story This is an open letter to the Lore of Mists of Pandaria, specifically relating its climax with the Siege of Orgrimmar Firstly, I want to acknowledge that it many ways this storyline is the retribution for the Horde becoming so dominant in Cataclysm, and in lesser ways Wrath of the Lich King. I truly understand that the Alliance players have felt a warranted sense of disproportionate Horde-bias in the overall WoW Lore in the last few years. The Horde took over a huge section of Kalimdor and basically the majority of the northern Eastern Kingdoms, while the Alliance watched a huge portion of their capital city laid to ruin by Deathwing. King Varian brooded and the other Alliance leaders were preoccupied with their own internal strife while Warchief Garrosh went on the warpath. I have long anticipated a swing of the storyline back to the Alliance, and though I've always been personally Horde-biased, felt that it was well-justified. However, I have to say that the Garrosh Hellscream as the BIG BAD of Mists has been woefully underdeveloped. This is a character that has been slowly and carefully developed since BC, but suddenly, and rather inexplicably has been turned into a sociopathic "Lich King/Deathwing" threat to the world seemingly purely for the needs of having a big finish to an expansion that seemed to desperately lack focus from its onset. I understood that you can't always have a black-and-white good vs. evil fight, and I must admit I kinda thought that was the point of Mists of Pandaria. It wasn't as interesting as previous xpac's, sure. But it seemed like it was a moment in the story to take a breather after we finally wrapped up almost all of the loose ends left over from the RTS games, which we have admittedly been doing since BC. That being said, it feels like Blizzard, who I will note said that Garrosh would be the endgame villain of Mists from press conferences before Mists even launched, threw together this story at the last minute. Yes, we all got to watch Garrosh become more and more brutal in the various patches of this expansion, but we were never told WHY. My biggest problem related to the Stonetalon Mountains quest from Cata, when Garrosh intervenes and kills Krom'gar. He makes an epic speech which basically amounts to him saying that no matter how brutal he may seem, that he learned the lesson from Saurfang back in Warsong Hold. "Honor, Krom'gar, no matter how dire that battle, never forsake it" or something like that. It feels like that was supposed to be a BIG moment in Garrosh's story. It felt like that was a natural progression of his entire story, going back to him being a emo Orc in Nagrand, through getting all teenage angst with Thrall in the Wrath launch event, and then continuing to be so throughout Wrath, only to finally start to learn to true meaning of Honor in Cata. Now it feels like that was all thrown out the window simply because "I WANTZ WEAPONZ!" in Mists. The character took two steps forward, and then inexplicably, fourteen steps back. Granted, this started with razing Theramore. But I feel like Blizzard could have at least had a plot point SOMEWHERE that explained why Garrosh suddenly became so nihilistically bent on destroying every being on Azeroth that wasn't an Orc. Even after Theramore, when he killed Cairne, he felt bad about it and then gave his highest respect to the Tauren when they stayed loyal to him. Now he thinks they are just as bad as everyone else. And we are left to feel WHY? Its not that its a BAD story persay, and the trailer to the next patch is truly awesome. But I feel like someone who watched a tv show for nine seasons, and missed ONE episode that would explain why this one character now hates EVERYONE. A simple fix: have someone Alliance related kill SOMEONE close to Garrosh about a year ago. That would have at least made sense. I feel like this current story missed an important beat a while back, and what we are left with currently is a desperate attempt to provide a focused and climactic conclusion to an expansion whose storyline has been all over the place from the very start.Icion4 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 Where Can I Watch All MOP Cinematics? I'm not a PvE'er, so I never get to see the in-game cinematics and story progression that raiders do. Is there a place where I can catch up on all the MOP plot details leading up to 5.4? Somewhere that has all the story information.Hokku2 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 Idea SoO Would it not have been sweet after you do the first few missions on 5.3 and take Razor Hill, that if one of the Kor'Kron escaped and went back to Garrosh and informed him that you the player "the champion" were on the rebels side, and the Ogrimmar was completely locked down for players until after the SoO. That would honestly make it more real to me and i though it would have worked and been a nice touchArgove11 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 Emerald Dream? Quick silly question, the emerald dream was wrapped up in a book/comic? what was the name of that?Petrah2 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 Just watched SoO trailer. All I can say is.... Well, Garrosh fans, I hope you are happy. I hope you are content, because honestly I was cringing the entire trailer. It was proof-positive that whatever potential Garrosh's character may have had, it has all turned to ash now. Any possible redeeming character traits have deteriorated and all that is left is a whiny, self-inflated, angsty Orc who demonstrates more the attributes of a emotionally-troubled teenager than a Warchief of the Horde. Really? "THEY ARE NO LONGER PART OF MYYYYYY CLUB --- I MEAN HOOOOORDE!!!!!!" "I ANSWER... TO NHERRRRRRRRRRWERRRRRRRRRNNNNN!!!!!!! RAWWWWWR!!!" "ALL WHO CHALLENGE ME WILL BURN IN THE FIRES OF MERRR HERRTRERRRRD!!!!" To be honest, he stole good portions of that line from Deathwing who pound for pound delivered it far better. Poor Garrosh, he's so mad at the world. Did you see how he went ape !@#$ when Taren Zhu was talkin smack about his daddy? That part made me laugh, actually. That was perhaps the first time this whole expansion I actually liked Taren Zhu. He was almost a badass in that cinematic. So to conclude, there you have it, folks. The great and glorious Hellscream, Warchief of [his] Horde. Shameful, positively shameful. But quite funny as well. Oh right, I forgot. I had a question here. What redeeming qualities - if any - does Garrosh still possess by this point?Sanctinius4 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 I like the zones lined up like this How does everyone feel, it seems to make perfect sense, and would allow Kezan to be the next major city hub.Darmonic22 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 "We must Rebuild the final titan", next expac “We have fallen, we must rebuild the final titan.” - An unknown voice thought to be a titan, speaking through Wrathion "Wait! I am... I am not your enemy. You are powerful, more powerful than he was, even... perhaps you are right. Perhaps there is still hope. But there is a yawning chasm of darkness beneath you mortals, vast, endless, and all consuming. I do not believe that you can correct this doomed course. But you have earned the right to try. Farewell." - Ra-den So, short of the next expac being the burning legion expac, here’s how I think the next expac can be significant and go beyond simply going to fight an old god for the umpteenth time. Naturally, this is all a theory. The Pantheon has been at war with the burning legion for some time, and they are losing. The universe as we know it risks falling under Sargeras’ sway. Hence the quote from wrathion. It is known that a titan died on azeroth. This titan is “the final titan” that the pantheon says they must rebuild . Nothing is known about the titan that died on azeroth, but we do know every titan has a theme. One is the master of the arcane, one is the master of time, one is the master of nature, etc, etc. The one “force” that is unaccounted for is that of the light. The titan that died on azeroth is the titan that represents the holy light. This titan died to keep N’zoth sealed beneath azeroth. His presence beneath the planets surface goes to explain the affinity to the light that Azeroths denizens have, and also explains how…inexplicably, races like the draenei have all been drawn here in the end. Ultimately, we need to go to the realm of N’zoth, fight it off and put the titan back together so we can rescue the pantheon and save the universe from darkness. Ra-den himself had the titan device that linked to the pantheon. He knew that they had fallen and that the final titan needed to be rebuilt…but he was scared. This is why upon defeating him he seems so worried about the great chasm below us, he thinks the idea of venturing there is hopeless. We cannot defeat the old god and rebuild the titan, so it is hopeless, Sargeras will win in the end. The thunder king and the mogu, being titan constructs designed to fight old gods believed they were doing the titans work by usurping the cowardly ra-den and using the power to strengthen their army, and indeed, they were. Lei Shen saw Ra-den, scared and hopeless. Being titan constructs and being inclined to do the titans bidding even if they didn’t understand the details,they took the power from Ra-Den and began doing the work that the watcher couldn’t: building up an army to go to war with N’zoth and rebuild the final titan. Our goal in the next expac will be to rebuild the titan of the light, the only one able to stand against the darkness that the legion represent, and in turn become the army of light as Velen prophesized, so that we may liberate the rest of the universe from darkness.Heckscream5 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 Taran Zhu Just a quick question... Is he a Monk or a Warrior? Or is he a hybrid? Like, obviously he knows hand to hand combat and so forth, but he also seems to fit in like a warrior a bit aswellKénji13 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 Why did Lei Shen attack and enslave Ra-den? "I sought only to finish the work of the gods..." If this is true, why did Lei Shen attack, enslave, and then sap the energies of Ra-Den? Ra-Den is a titan watcher, so I have to guess that both he and Lei Shen would be on the same page. Did Lei Shen think Ra-Den wasn't doing good enough of a job or something?Byniri3 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 Faction Heroes. The Alleria being Alliance or Neutral or Horde thread got me thinking about Alliance and Horde heroes and their status. I'd like to construct a list of Alliance and Horde Heroes, and their status as Alive, Dead, or Went Neutral (the worst fate of them all). Please help me add to the list as well as correct me if I'm wrong about anything. Any suggestions are welcome. Alive: Alive and serving said faction. Dead: Deceased, characters who die neutral go to their former faction's dead. (Ex: Arthas) Neutral: Was once part of said faction but has gone neutral. Villain: Becomes a Villain. Unknown: Status is Unknown but presumed Alive. -Alliance- Alive Varian Wrynn Anduin Wrynn Jaina Proudmoore Muradin Bronzebeard Moira Bronzebeard Kurdran Wildhammer Falstad Wildhammer Tyrande Whisperwind Shandris Feathermoon Gelbin Mekkatorque Velen Nobundo Genn Greymane Darius Crowley Lorna Crowley Ivar Bloodfang Aysa Cloudsinger Vereesa Windrunner Gryan Stoutmantle Admiral Taylor Danath Trollbane Broll Bearmantle Arator the Redeemer Jojo Ironbrew Sky Admiral Rogers Khadgar Mordent Evenshade Mathias Shaw leader of SI:7 Vindicator Maraad John J Keeshan General Vanndar Stormpike Velog Icebellow Ansirem Runeweaver Karlain ModeraDeceased Anduin Lothar Arthas Menethil Terenas Menethil Uther the Lightbringer Daelin Proudmoore Anastarian Sunstrider Kael'thas Sunstrider Antonidas Fandral Staghelm Pained General Marcus Johnathan Sky'ree (Kurdran's Gryphon) Alexandros Mograine Saidan Dathrohan Thoras Trollbane Othmar Garithos Gavinrad the DireOther Magni Bronzebeard (Unknown) Alleria Windrunner (Unknown) Turalyon (Unkown) Thassarian (Unknown) Kel'thuzad (Villain/Unknown) Tirion Fordring (Neutral) Malfurion Stormrage (Neutral) Bolvar Fordragon (Neutral) Darion Mograine (Neutral) Bran Bronzebeard (Neutral) Galen Trollbane (Undead) Nathanos Blightcaller (Undead) Sylvanas Windrunner (Undead)____________________________________________________________________________ -Horde- Alive Vol'jin Baine Bloodhoof Sylvanas Windrunner Nathanos Blightcaller Lor'themer Theron Aethas Sunreaver Grand Magister Rommath Lady Liadrin Jastor Gallywix Ji Firepaw General Drek'thar Varok Saurfang Jorin Deadeye Hamuul Runetotem Eitrigg Nazgrel Rehgar Earthfury Garona Halforcen Rexxar & Misha Leoroxx Sunwalker Dezco Halduron Brightwing Roanauk Icemist Tae'thelan BloodwatcherDeceased Ogrim Doomhammer Cairne Bloodhoof Grom Hellscream Sen'jin Zul'jin Dranosh Saurfang Gul'dan Ner'zhul Broxigar Durotan Killrogg Deadeye Kargath Bladefist Teron Gorefiend Den'Targ Zuluhed the Whacked Nekros Skullcrusher Cho'gall Rend Blackhand Maim Blackhand Blackhand the DestroyerOther Thrall (Neutral) Kotira Deathweaver (Unknown) Teron Gorefiend (Unknown/Villain) Garrosh Hellscream (Villain) General Nazgrim (Villain) Warlord Zaela (Villain) Malkorok (Villain) Unholyfear55 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 The Dark Below Guewergues2 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 When does a land become a home? A point I sometimes see expressed here is the idea that the Orcish Horde are alien invaders. Not just that they once were but that they are still to be considered alien invaders. At what point does that change? Does it ever change? The orcs certainly aren't the only ones who have moved into territory others were living in. Humans did so to an extent with the old kingdom of Arathor and the former highborn certainly did when they settled Quel'thalas, resulting in millenia of war with the Amani who were already there. For me (and this is actually my real-world standard) if someone was born and raised into adulthood in a place, that place is their home. It's the place they've always known as home and their claim to that place is the strongest claim it is possible for a person to make. And while it's not as strong a claim, bearing a child and raising it to adulthood in a place pretty firmly establishes it as a home to the parents too. That's not to say either of those claims is exclusive, a place can definitely be (and usually is) home to multiple people, multiple groups of people, nor do I mean to say that it's not possible to make another place home, but I see little rationale to deny that there is a legitimate claim.Scryll39 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 Caer Darrow anyone know how this place fell? look at it it seems like an almost impenetrable fortress if properly defended did it fall from treachery from the inside? or was it just overwhelmed by number?Shadowbreakr20 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 Role of Amber What role does amber play in the power and magic of the mantid? There are some mantid who are entirely devoted to the study of amber (Amber Shaper Un'sok, Vizier Jin'bak etc.). In some situations it appears that amber is all that's keeping some creatures alive such as the amber mushan in HoF. Now this may sound completely insane and crazy, but could it be related to the flesh-shaping substance used in the Dark Animus and the creation of the Saurok? Some sort of corruption of the trees of Pandaria during the Thunder King's rule might allow the amber to obtain these properties. Just thinking out loud here.Eiz4 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 Dark Below...D&D's Underdark? Just throwing the idea out there. WoW's version of the "underdark" is Azjol-Nerub in Northrend. In fact, it was supposed to be an entire zone that went underneath Northrend. But it was scrapped due to time constraints....which is something some of the game developers lament. For those who don't know what the Underdark is, it's basically a massive underworld of caves in D&D. It have their own ecosystems, monsters and races. Notably, it's home to the Drow: Something notable about the Drow is that they are the closest thing to a "source inspiration" for the Night Elves. The Night Elves were originally described as Dark Elves, even....except along in the development they were changed drastically. Drow are evil. They live in giant underground cities filled with ruling houses that plot and betray each other often for political power. They worship their spider goddess, Lolth(who is like an evil Elune). Though women tend to be the dominant gender, they often become priestesses while the men move on to become mages or warriors(Somewhat familiar?). Other than Drow, the Underdark has races such as Deepgnomes: Who to my knowledge aren't necessarily evil at all, but are basically just regular gnomes that venerate the stone. And other crazy things like the Illithid, who are much like the Faceless ones in Warcraft but highly civilized. If you've never exposed yourself to D&D, I highly invite you to do a google image search on the Underdark. And ask yourself: If this new trademark is indeed a WoW expansion, is this the kind of thing you could look forward to if this is what it is?Draile9 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 Our Leader King Varian Wyrnn I support You. I seriously find it funny how King Varian get's bashed alot in the forums. But I guess none of You have been reading the books, and none have really read Wolfheart. If none of You didn't know Wolfheart the novel really exposed King Varian in a good way showing how powerful of a leader he is. Not to mention he damn near defeated Garrosh in the battle of ashenvale yes that's right Garrosh had to retreat, and go by that motto "live to fight another day." Alliance leaders cry about Varian but he's one of the strongest leaders, and without him I honestly think the Alliance would crumble. Before You guys post these threads bashing King Varian do your research lore wise, we have a great and strong leader who actually cares for his people and the Alliance as a whole. You guys are very unappreciative and it saddens me as a member of the Alliance.Kurzdan87 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 Rise of the (Azerothian) Horde In general I'm not a fan of hypothetical questions, but reading Rise of the Horde made me think of one that could be interesting. If the Draenei had landed on Azeroth pre-sundering, pre-war of the Ancients, pre-corruption of Azshara, basically before the Well of Eternity got over used, and Kil'jaeden tried to use an Azerothian race to create a Horde or Horde equivalent to go after Velen, which race would he have chosen? The book made me think of the Tauren because of its comparison of them to pre-corruption orcs, but were they even around yet? I suppose Vrykul, Trolls and Dwarfs may have been possibilities too. The dwarfs may have seen through the manipulation given their experience with the Titans and thus Sargeras, though. Again, its hypothetical and I think I might have goofed with my understanding of the timeline. Not sure which races were even around during that time period, so any lore corrections welcome!Mingas6 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 Timeless Isle/Destroyed Stormwind SPOILER Sigh, I'm actually abit sadder knowing SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **** dying than what happened to Stormwind itself in the vision.Zerde24 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 When wrathion ate the heart(gross) He saw what the Titans saw. He saw the myriad of worlds they'd shaped and said one stood out. That's obviously Azeroth. Anyway, after his trance was over he said he couldn't remember anything he saw and that they couldn't remember either. Are "they" the titans? Have they forgotten about all the worlds they've shaped? Are they that absent minded??? They sound more and more reckless to me and the warning from the Klaxxi is beginning to seem more and more legitimate.Hantheion7 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 Books to read? Since I admit that I am a lore geek I would love to start reading the books, comics, manga, etc, about the history of Warcraft but as I look at the immense list of books that blizzard has I get quite intimidated. I don't know where to start. So is there a certain I should read all of it in? I would like to understand a lot more about everything and I think these will help. Thanks (:Fishmaster6 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 Antonidas We have to thank him for stopping jaina from destroying orgrimmarEliysa23 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 wow storyline and rp'ers does player RP contribute to a lot of the quests in game or no?Cryonics12 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 The Nations of Azeroth What areas are under the auspices of each of azeroth's many nations? Stormwind was orginally described as a city-state (I think), but the zones of Westfall, Darkshire and Redridge all seem to be part of its holdings in addition to Elwyn forest. But what about the other nations, such as the Forsaken Empire(?), the Tauren and Orc lands, Night Elf holdings or the Kingdom of Ironforge? The largest nations seem to be Stormwind, the Forsake and the Kingdom of Ironforge (if you include the dark irons and wildhammer lands)Dallan8 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 I had a story idea... That solves every single one of the Night Elves' leadership problems. So, in the beginning, Malfurion and Tyrande are killed. Some kind of dark being creeps out of the Emerald Dream and attacks Darnassus, or Azshara attacks it or something like that. Anyways, Tyrande and Malfurion die. Elune realizes that Tyrande suddenly became ineffective, and seeks someone to be her champions to defeat all of the evil. Maiev comes back and proves her wisdom to Elune somehow. And then Shandris and Maeiv get married and become the avatars of Elune, and go to war with Azshara, thus setting up an expansion based on her. What do you think?Kaorin13 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 15, 2013 We can haz evil-powers? Do the old gods want to destroy azeroth or just control it? I think it would be fun if we joined with one to defend both of our homes against some other threat, like Algalon. The more self righteous and "good" the threat the better.Crybaby12 Aug 15, 2013
Aug 14, 2013 We haven't seen the last of Hellscream... Two words: Warlord. Zaela. It's already been speculated that Garrosh had a thing for her when he first met her in Twilight Highlands with her articulating certain admiration for him as well. If that's true, it's not outside the range of possibility that they became closer in between then and the Siege. What especially cements this idea in my mind is that during the Siege, Warlord Zaela escapes after her Protodrake goes down... Calling it now, she's carrying his child or worse children.Andarin18 Aug 14, 2013
Aug 14, 2013 The Dark Below? Please no. I'm running off of the assumption that this is not a Diablo expansion already. So I don't need to be reminded that it may be, thank you. But I'm going off the worst case, which for Blizzard is the usual case, so assuming that someone up there IS listening, TURN BACK NOW! A naga themed expansion means a Night Elf themed expansion, something that you have proven time and again that you are not ready for. We don't need another A Little Patience, we don't need the religion marginalized even further, we don't need Malfurion to wag his fingers at the playable faction for existing, and we don't need Tyrande in any capacity. Writers and developers, there have to be better uses for your time. Stop shoving out pile after steaming pile of garbage Night Elf lore. Signed, -One VERY concerned Night Elf fan.Kyalin112 Aug 14, 2013
Aug 14, 2013 Anyone else hoping for more on the afterlife? It seems terribly relevant to a lot of what goes on in the WoW universe. Why do heroes always get resurrected? Who decided that it isn't our time to die? What is that black void that Arthas and Sylvanas seem doomed to meet, and why are they doomed to it? How come the undead and resurrection are possible at all? Why are the Naaru, or at least A'dal, capable of ascending other beings like Bridenbrad to the afterlife? So many questions . . .Valistae13 Aug 14, 2013
Aug 14, 2013 Alleria will be for the horde. Turalyon will be for the alliance, and they will unite the factions to fight the legion... plus having all 3 Windrunner Sisters be with "different" point of views will be unique... and Alleria has green eyes anyways.Darmonic153 Aug 14, 2013
Aug 14, 2013 Last Bastion of Humanity After playing a little bit of Guild Wars 2 I've started noticing this "last of our kind" trope pops up here and there. And I have to ask, does anyone feel that it makes Human characters anymore interesting or compelling? I just don’t see it. I give Warcraft a pass because if the Northern Kingdoms were still standing then the New Horde wouldn't have a prayer (plus we would have never gotten Arthas and zombies). But I've always felt that Humans are at their best when there are more kingdoms to interact with and see them work off each other. Part of the reason I want Kul Tiras and Stromgarde to come back is because of that. However I also think the last bastion shtick could work if anyone actually bothered to utilize it. Too often I see them acting as your common everyman when their not so common anymore. At least in the many kingdoms scenario it actually makes sense for them to be in that role.Weasy20 Aug 14, 2013
Aug 14, 2013 INÜ's Insights - The Timeless Isle We read the patch notes. I get it. Yeah, there's a new zone apparently named "The Timeless Isle". But there's a reason this post is called INÜ's Insights - through my wild imagination and thorough intell on WoW lore, I will predict what may happen next. During Cataclysm, or during the pre-final raid Dragon Soul trilogy of dungeon heroics as I may be more specific, we traveled into a distant future and experienced the tragic fate of Nozdormu the Timeless One. Do you see where I'm leading you here? That's when all of us knew that one day we would have to face Murozond, the twisted version of Nozdormu. I'm trying to say that the Timeless Isle and all of its clues may lead us to possibly the next expansion. Wrathion and the August Celestials have found the area interesting themselves. Maybe the Infinite Dragonflight has something to do with the unusual temporal displacement involved with the isle. If you examine at Murozond's information/backstory in the dungeon journal, however, it says that Nozdormu was tricked by the Old Gods when showing the Timeless One his demise. Could Nozdormu already be falling into madness?Inü1 Aug 14, 2013
Aug 14, 2013 Theories on Azshara Sargeras and the Old Gods After seeing some of the new lore throughout mop, I started to make a great theory on how I think wow might play out in the near to late future. It all starts Azshara. Azshara, was oddly one of the very few characters to have a tie to bot the old gods and the burning legion. She is though, only a pawn. She wasn't noticed by the old gods when she plumaged into the sea, she was noticed because she was one of the first mortals to EVER come in contact with a familiar foe to the old gods, Sargeras. She carried something that showed enough power to actually talk to one of their greatest enemies, who is better than her to make as one of their strongest? But, there is no possible way that Azshara didn't try and contact Sargeras as a naga, but with the eye of an old god always watching her, there was also no way that N'zoth also didn't see the "new" Sargeras, and began plotting his mastermind plan of ultimate control. Now on the other side of the coin, we have Sargeras, who has roamed the universe, looking for chaotic entities within it. Now back up a bit in time and we have the war between the titans and the old gods on Azeroth. It was stated that one titan and one old god fell at the war. We know the old god but what if this "fallen titan" wasn't really dead? What if it was in fact sargeras that was fallen and started to fall deeper and deeper into mad from then on? Then the interesting question comes that Azeroth is one of the very few ( maybe even the only) that Sargeras has come back time after time to try and take over, but why? Because he and the old gods both want the same thing, chaos, and if he could recruit the old gods to his army, who could stop him? Now this is the part of where it all plays out. Azshara tried to summon Sargeras through the Well of Eternity, which was stated had the same substance as the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. What if Azshara repeated this same process with the Vale's hidden powers, to actually summon Sargeras? I hope you find this interesting and if you find any sort of lore problem then post and let me know! Thanks for reading!Grandbow1 Aug 14, 2013
Aug 14, 2013 Wrathion Conspiracy Theory Ok so basically after hearing 5.4 sound files I just had a random theory pop into head which is most likely not true at all but I was bored so I decided to post it anyway. With his 5.4 sound files, he's all angry at events and what not after things don't go the way he wants, but underneath all of his rage and frustration, he wants Tong to get him a drink, and Wrathion is on the timeless isle so I guess he brought Tong too. Through every single Wrathion encounter he generally always gets a drink from Tong. So my brain being completely random and illogical as it is, sprouted the theory that there might be more to Wrathion's drink, as it might contain some anti-corruption thing and he is having to fight off the black-dragonflight corruption despite being born without it. It's completely random and illogical, but I just think Wrathion has way too much obsession with his drinks. But hey, maybe he's just an alcoholic.Cronthius16 Aug 14, 2013
Aug 14, 2013 Azeroth's back side Really what's over there? I've been having the thought pop into my head for past few months, mainly when I open my map. You can see there are two different oceans on either side; The Veiled Sea to the West and the Forbidding Sea to the East. Now there are 3 possibilities: This is a globe and the respective coasts of kalimdor and The Eastern Kingdoms named the sea to the west and east, respectively based on local populace. This is a globe, and there's just more unknown landmass on the other side, which should be explored. We're simply playing on a flat of massive land with an endless sea, which is silly (lore-wise, not game-wise.)I'm just curious if anyone has any input on this?Gelinor48 Aug 14, 2013
Aug 14, 2013 How far would Varian go... I am saying hes going off the deep end only putting forth the idea... Would Varian choose the Alliance as a whole over humanity? It's no secret that Varian is...out of touch. He's always away on military campaigns and resources that should go to filling in that huge hole in the city in a continent at the bottom of the world. Would he however give humanity the short end of the stick on purpose? or would stand behind his people?Vyerra3 Aug 14, 2013
Aug 14, 2013 What are Genn's thoughts on the siege? Just as the topic implies what do you think Genn Greymane thinks about the siege of orgrimmar and Varian's decision to hand the city back over to the horde with essentially no justice for Gilneas whatsoever. I'd imagine he would be quite pissed with Varian considering the horde got away with trashing his homeland and murdering his son. Can't imagine the Worgen are too happy either for that matter.Mandalore75 Aug 14, 2013
Aug 13, 2013 Queen Azshara and Neptulon I'm just curious to know if we ever found out what happened to Neptulon after the questing in Cataclysm. I speculate that next expansion (or possibly in the future) Azshara will come back with some massive plan, hence why she needed Neptulon. I was always wondering where he went but Blizzard so far hasn't given any clues as to where he's gone....I for one would love an underwater raid which unfortunately they scrapped in Cataclysm. I think they were going to use him for something in Cataclysm or had something planned at least (hence why they planned on making the underwater raid) but just didn't end up doing. I hope they don't forget about him, he seemed like an interesting character. It's fascinating to think of all the possibilities.... Anyways, just my 2 cents! What are your thoughts on the situation?Fizzeus7 Aug 13, 2013
Aug 13, 2013 Can Alliance citizens revolt? Not really a question of philosophy, but rather a question of IF: Alliance citizenship should be furious at this point in story, and instigate a formal dismantling of the High King position, and replace it with a council, for 1. Failure of King Varian to defend the lands that the Horde encroached. 2. Failure to wipe the horde out as he promised, and once Alliance forces took over Orgrimar, gave them back with NO CONCESSIONS, and with Stormwind (possibly) damaged more. A war he waged and supposedly "won for a fist pumping moment", that didnt' materialized. 3. Set up a council of Alliance representatives instead of a High King. Which actually consults the NEUTRALS for opinions instead of "they're neutral, we're Alliance, ignore them". Did we not stand for "THE GREATER GOOD"? Where's the Greater good. 4. Multiple heads are BETTER than 1. And thus the well-being of every members of the Alliance nations be taken care of FIRST, and the HORDE second (meaning to say the welfare and the progress of the Alliance nations should come first, not "KILL THE ORCS!" agenda that Varian is pushing for" (even despite the fact that I'm all in for a pure genocidal 'cleansing' of the greenskins for their failure and refusal to learn to be civilized) 5. Enough of centralization of power under 1 man who continually abuse the resources for personal benefits. I mean, look at the opening of 5.0. Really? Fetching the entire 7th legion just to look for one prince? If I'm an unarmed citizen with no knowledge of combat, I would have LOVED to have at least some soldiers looking for my missing son! But no, we have to rescue the prince! Over issues such as the revived Defias, the state of near anarchy in Lakeshire, the naga threats in badlands, etc. Does that mean we ignore the Horde? No. They encroached and the lands must be re-taken. But we don't go into theirs. And we need to talk about Lordaeron, to recognize it as a nation of undead, or talk MORE to figure out how to solve that. But no, we are going for the merry ride just because the Horde pushes around. I mean, can we? can we few citizens who are upset demand for the dismantling of the monarchy?Spiritbullet123 Aug 13, 2013
Aug 13, 2013 Your favorite places in Azeroth! I like the road in Hellfire peninsula made from the bones of all the weak draenei the orcs killed.Darmonic23 Aug 13, 2013
Aug 13, 2013 Why do YOU Fight? The White Tiger asks, the Pandarians have asked. How will you answer?Marrius67 Aug 13, 2013
Aug 13, 2013 Basis for hearthstone cell phones? So I'm going to harp about something completely different today. In the Alliance introduction to Pandaria, we see Varian communicating to Admiral Taylor with the use of some magic device. Rell does so later as Admiral Rogers commands him to kill those Orcs as they were trying to stage a landing at the docks. These appear to be hearthstones, which RPers had been using as wow-style cell phones well before the event (within reason of course... I'm pretty sure they're not 4G). So, my question today is: was there any actual previous basis for this crap, or are we looking at ascended fanon?Kyalin15 Aug 13, 2013
Aug 13, 2013 Next xpac: "The Dark Below" Lore! Blizzard just trademarked something called "The Dark Below." It is a couple weeks before Gamescom, where Blizzard teased something about "heaven and hell" which could simply be them saying that D3 will officially be on the PS4 and XBoxOne, or they could be announcing the next D3 expansion. But what's more likely is that this trademark is the name of the next WoW expansion. Blizzard trademarked "Mists of Pandaria" around the same time 2 years ago, and no one thought it would be the next WoW expansion, but this sounds much more appropriate. Now, what is "The Dark Below?" We have a few clues. States that the Dark Below is a place where demons, devils, and infernals are summoned from. The last "boss" of the Throne of the Tides instance in Cataclysm has the title, <Fiend of the Dark Below>. It is known that he was being controlled as a puppet by Azshara in order to kill Neputlon. It is also thought that Ozumat has some relation to the Old Gods, based on it's appearance. Azshara, and her people, were transformed into Naga by the Old Gods after the Sundering, which was caused because Azshara summoned the Burning Legion (demons, devils, and infernals, etc.) to Azeroth. And here's where it gets crazy and awesome. N'Zoth has been confirmed. It is rumored that he was the Old God that transformed Azshara and her highborne into Nagas, and whispered to Azshara to summon the Burning Legion to Azeroth. N'Zoth is believed to be alive (but probably asleep) underneath Vashj'ir (the leveling zone in Cataclysm). N'Zoth is also known to have been the origin of the Emerald Nightmare, and assumed to be the one that caused Deathwing to try to destroy Azeroth. The Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron (another Old God, and speculated as being in an alliance with N'Zoth) mentions the "Drowned God," a "Sunken City," the bottom of the ocean, and fish (probably Naga). And it also mentions one more thing, and whisper it slowly and calmly... "Ny'alotha"; where there is "only sleep" (sound like the Emerald Dream?). A horrible place, a place of the Old Gods. A black forest, an old terrible city, a place where there is only sleep. Even Y'Shaarj (the Old God that is basically the big bad guy of the entire Mists of Pandaria expansion) references Ny'alotha ('Shaarj), where he says "You will rest in Ny'alotha." Another clue is from Ra-Den, the final boss of Throne of Thunder, who states "But there is a yawning chasm of darkness beneath you mortals, vast, endless, and all consuming." And one more nugget, although not directly related, is the "teasers" that Wrathion has been giving us all the way through the Legendary quest line. Wrathion states pretty bluntly and clearly that the Burning Legion is going to come to Azeroth soon (as depicted by multiple green meteors colliding with the planet), and by his multiple statements that a great darkness is coming to Azeroth and it is his prerogative to unify the races of Azeroth in order for us all to survive. Now while this is certainly coming (I seriously doubt Blizzard would make it this painfully obvious without following through), Wrathion himself states in the 5.4 legendary quest line (SKIP THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS) SPOILERS*that he would be ok if it took a year to siege Thunderbluff*SPOILERS which means that it could be some time before the Burning Legion arrives. So there you have it, a big trail of breadcrumbs that I believe solidly describes the next WoW expansion. We will have Old Gods, Naga, Queen Azshara, the city of Ny'alotha, maybe a little bit of the Emerald Dream, and probably some demon goodies in there as well (at least based on the name of the expansion). I don't think the Burning Legion will be here in full force, simply because that would be a HUGE expansion, but I'm sure they'll mix it in pretty well. My guess is that the best way they can incorporate the Burning Legion is with the Tomb of Sargaras, which is in the middle of the south seas, where the corpse of the avatar of Sargaras rests, which I'm sure is a great target for the Burning Legion. So my guesses for the big bosses are Azshara, N'Zoth, and possibly Kil'jaeden, but we'll have to see! What do you guys think? Think it'll be a good expansion? See you all in Ny'alotha....Kurojushi24 Aug 13, 2013
Aug 13, 2013 South seas expansion (What if) If it did happen who do you feel would be the big baddie? Queen Azshara or N'zoth?Kungpaocow24 Aug 13, 2013
Aug 13, 2013 Lei Shen. Well-Intentioned Extremist? We all know the story of Thunder King Lei Shen: Was once a regular mogu during a war between other mogu clans. Ventured into then Isle of Thunder and defeated Ra-Den, absorbing his power. Became the Thunder King. United mogu. Enslaved other races. Fought. Led. Died. Revived by Zandalari Trolls. United splintered mogu again. Fought. Led. Died again. My question is this: would you consider Lei Shen to being a well-intentioned extremist? Don't get me wrong, he's brutal and cruel for everything he has done, including (but not limited to) enslaving the Pandaren and other races, forcing them to do slave labor, taking away their culture, and do Titan knows what else. And yet, it's not like he did all this for his own amusement and to abuse his power (the mogu emperors after him probably did just that). His death quote... "I sought only to finish the work of the Gods." ... seems to indicate he was only doing what he believed was right. He did have the Pandaren create the Serpent Spine in order to protect everyone from the Old Gods' minions, the Mantid - who would have destroyed everything without hesitation (even if Lei Shen merely meant to have the wall protect his own kind). Without his intervention, Panderia could have fallen to the Mantids' assault. What are you thoughts?Daranne26 Aug 13, 2013
Aug 13, 2013 Regarding the new Hellscream's weapons What are your thoughts on it ? Here are some of the things we know about it 1. The heirloom weapons that drop from Garrosh are personal loot in Flex, Normal, and Heroic difficulty. 2. The first heirloom weapon that drops for you will be for your current loot spec, but after that you will get one at random. 3. The heirloom weapons are also intended to make Mists of Pandaria a little more alt friendly. 4. The heirloom weapons share a similiar/upgraded model of the old Vanilla HWL PvP Weapons/off-hands. (For example the bow features the recently more popular Horde symbol than the old one, the 2H axe has a different color theme) 5. Available to both factions. 6. They are not upgradable but they are higher ilvl than other normal weapons ( 6 ilvls) Of Course, as it always has been, PTR is PTR and things can change.Thalapathi3 Aug 13, 2013
Aug 13, 2013 Can mogu care? Basically, can mogu care about each other? For example, if two mogu were patrolling a forest and one of them was shot by a Shado-Pan (who vanished into the forest), would it be possible for the remaining mogu to mourn the death of his comrade, or would he simply trample his ally's corpse?Delurk3 Aug 13, 2013