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Updated Chronological order of WoW Novels. Alright after several hours of scouring the web I have tracked down what I am extremely confident is the full chronological order of the WoW Novels for anyone who may wish to catch up on their lore. I am not going to include the mangas,short stories, etc. on the list at the moment this is purely just the novels. (Most people including myself recommend reading them in this order as well) 1. Rise of the Horde by Christie Golden 2. The Last Guardian by Jeff Grubb 3. Tides of Darkness by Aaron Rosenburg 4. Beyond the Dark Portal by Christie Golden & Aaron Rosenburg 5. Day of the Dragon by Richard A. Knaak !! The War of the Ancients Trilogy takes place before Rise of the Horde but it is highly recommended that you read it after having read Day of the Dragon which is why I have the trilogy listed as 6,7,8 instead of 1,2,3. 6. War of the Ancients: The Well of Eternity by Richard A. Knaak 7. War of the Ancients: The Demon Soul by Richard A. Knaak 8. War of the Ancients: The Sundering by Richard A. Knaak 9. Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden 10. Of Blood and Honor by Chris Metzen 11. Arthas: Rise of the Lich King by Christie Golden 12. Illidan by William King 13. Cycle of Hatred by Keith DeCandido 14. Night of The Dragon by Richard A. Knaak 15. Stormrage by Richard A. Knaak 16. The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm by Christie Golden 17. Wolfheart by Richard A Knaak 18. Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects by Christie Golden 19. Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War by Christie Golden 20. Dawn of the Aspects by Richard A. Knaak 21. Vol'Jin: Shadows of the Horde by Michael A. Stackpole 22. War Crimes by Christie Golden Important if you plan to purchase: There are three books that will include 3-4 stories in one book I am adding them to this to help you save money so you can buy one of these rather than purchase each book individually. The name of these are: 1. World of Warcraft: Chronicles of War - Includes Rise of the Horde, The Last Guardian,Tides of Darkness, and lastly, Beyond the Dark portal 2. World of Warcraft: Archive - Day of the Dragon, Lord of the Clans, The Last Guardian, and lastly, Of Blood and Honor 3. WarCraft War of The Ancients Archive - Includes WotA(War of the Ancients): The Well of Eternity, WotA: The Demon Soul, WotA: The Sundering Extra things worth noting Several times throughout the books some of them will reference events in the other books that arent necessarily in the chronological order of which the book was published hence why this list was created to help clean that up a bit for your reading pleasure. However if anyone wants me to add the date published of the books happy to do so. If you have any other info you think I should add in that people should know please leave a comment and I will add it as soon as I can. Happy book hunting and enjoy the reading! :) **Will add the new Warcraft Chronicle series as I get more info on them but they will be added** **Rendford in the Story Forum made a post with this link and figured since this is a novel post afterall why not add it here for you guys to get a taste of the new book Illidan by William King which takes place after the events of Arthas: Rise of The Lich King and goes into detail Illidans plight in Outland. Its the prelude and chapter 1 of the new book enjoy! Microstealer23
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Doomsayer Pamphlet Prophecies (SPOILERS) Hello, I wanted to create this thread to discuss the doomsayer pamphlets and some of the prophecies they contain. SPOILERS AHEAD. Prophetic pamphlet “PROPHECY OF THE THREE SIGNS These are the three signs of our doom, as foretold by the sages. When all of these events have come to pass, we will know the Burning Legion has won and our oblivion is at hand. The King below will cast away his diamond crown. Day will break over the city of eternal night. The wolf cub will inherit a bloody pack.” The first one obviously refers to King Magni Bronzebeard, who has been stuck in crystal ever since the Cataclysm in Old Ironforge. The new Legion comic “Fault Lines” reveals that Magni wakes up and “casts aways his crown”, meaning he is off to duties greater than that of ruling Ironforge. The third one probably refers to Anduin Wrynn. Since his father’s alter ego was Lo’Gosh, another name for the wolf ancient Goldrinn, Anduin could be refered to as a “wolf’s cub”. What bloody pack could he inherit? The first thing that comes to mind is the Worgen that are part of the Alliance. They are or will be “bloodied” in their war against the Undead and Anduin might have to play a role in this. The second one is the most interesting. I thought of Darnassus, a “city of eternal night” besieged by an army of infernals raining down from the skies, thus making the “day break” over the city. The Legion must be getting pretty angry after the Night Elves and attacking their city firsthand could be what this prophecy means. Howeever it will already be attacked by Ysera and her forces, so I doubt Darnassus would get that much attention. There is also a possibility that this prophecy refers to the Nightborne and the Nightwell. Finally, if the “city of eternal night” was to be the Undercity, “day breaking over it” could mean, in a metaphorical way, that the Forsaken’s time to shine will finally come. That would make sense seeing as Sylvanas becomes a major character in Legion. Stained pamphlet “THE END OF ALL THINGS The crooked serpent with no eyes is watching from the endless sky. Forked tongues flicker through the black pits in dead stars. The veil between dream and dreamer slides away like skin from bone. And even the darkness howls for the light it once despised. <The rest of the not is illegible, covered in strange glyphs and scribbles.>” This is another very interesting pamphlet and it is not immediately obvious to me what we are refering to here. The first thing I thought of was Hakkar the Soulflayer, the Gurubashi Blood Loa. Visiting the Wowwiki page, I learned that Hakkar as a title: The Faceless One, which arguably ties in with the idea that this “crooked serpent” is “with no eyes”. Plus, Hakkar is a Winged Serpent and thus flies. I will now quote an excerpt of the “Speculation” section of Hakkar’s Wowwiki page: “It is implied by Itharius that Eranikus falling to the Emerald Nightmare was caused by Hakkar. […] This may mean that Hakker is at least partially behind the Emerald Nightmare, and thus in league with the Old Gods in some form (or is one himself), or that Hakker merely weakened Eranikus enough for the Nightmare to take hold. […] It is also stated by Itharius that the Atal’ai [Hakker’s priests] at the Temple of Atal’Hakkar are using Hakkar’s blood to make green dragons fall to the Emerald Nightmare.” Given that this pamphlet immediately talks about the “veil between the dream and dreamer”, I’d bet we are talking about Hakkar, here. Crumpled pamphlet “ EMBRACE THE LEGION The demons are not the enemy we have been led to believe. They seek only to purge the corruption that rots at the heart of the Horde and the Alliance. Our leaders want us to think otherwise. They want us to fight the demons so that they can keep their prcious thrones and lofty titles. Do not die for them. When the demons come, lay down your arms and they will show you compassion.” I just thought this reminded me of Cordana and her last words before getting away after her treason was revealed. “Your leaders will betray you.” If she is right, then maybe the way they “betray” us is simply by working too much for their own agenda, and not to save Azeroth. Maybe the Horde/Alliance or even more specifically Undead/Worgen bickerings, orchestraded by “our leaders” is a form of betrayal to Azeroth. Instead of fighting amongst ourselves, we ought to fight together against the Legion. Let me know if you think I’m wrong somewhere and if you have other interesting interpretations to contribute! Greedlock33
Warcraft II: Attack on Lordaeron This is a proposed storyline for the second Warcraft movie: Picking up where the previous movie left off, the Orcs realize they need a new Warchief, so Grommash Hellscream attempts to claim the position, only to be challenged by Ogrim Doomhammer. Doomhammer wins the duel between them, but spares Grommash's life, claiming he'd be more useful to the Horde alive than dead. Doomhammer then confronts Gul'dan, saying, "I rule the Horde, not you, not anyone without honor!" Meanwhile, the forces at Stormwind recieve a vast number of reinforcements from other human kingdoms, including Lordaeron, as well as from the Dwarves and High Elves. Plans are made to crush the Horde and the attack will be led by Lothar, the de facto new ruler of Stormwind. We are introduced to Prince Arthas of Lordaeron, who is a teenager, and his mentor, Uther the Lightbringer, along with General Turalyon and his Elven wife Alleria Windrunner. Doomhammer sends Garona Halforcen to spy on the humans and she reports that Stormwind is now too strong to be conquered. However, she also reports that Lordaeron, another Human city to the north, is without walls and should be easy to conquer instead. Doomhammer orders the Horde to march north, leaving Gul'dan and a few of his loyalists behind. Once the rest of the Horde is gone, Gul'dan orders his followers to reopen the Dark Portal briefly so he can return to Draenor. After this, he meets with his ally Cho'gall, a two-headed Ogre mage, and together they find a way to open it again from Draenor, enabling thousands more Orcs and Ogres to finally come through to Azeroth. Gul'dan and Cho'gall then recieve instructions from their demonic master, Sargeras (the one who also possessed Medivh in the first movie). Sargeras tells them to proceed to the Broken Isles to find the Tomb of Sargeras, where there is enough fel energy to make them able to conquer the whole world. Unknown to them, Garona is listening in and she then rushes to warn Ogrim Doomhammer. Back at Stormwind, the Alliance learn that the Horde is on the move and approaching Lordaeron instead of Stormwind. They rush to stop the Horde from taking the almost defenseless city. Just as the battle between the Alliance and Horde is starting near Lordaeron, Garona warns Ogrim Doomhammer of Gul'dan's plans. Then Lothar steps forward and directly challenges Doomhammer to a Mak'gora, believing he can defeat Doomhammer just as he did Blackhand. Doomhammer accepts the challenge but warns Lothar that according to Orcish custom, "If you lose, you die!" Lothar and Doomhammer duel and Lothar is killed by a crushing blow from the Doomhammer. The other Orcs start to celebrate, but then Ogrim says, "Today, I have killed an honorable warrior, that could have been a friend! I have truly betrayed myself!" He then walks up to Turalyon, who was Lothar's second-in-command, and throws down his weapon before him. "I now surrender!" Doomhammer then tells the others what Garona told him. "It is Gul'dan that is the true enemy of us all! If he is not stopped, we will all perish!" Khadgar confirms what Doomhammer said and urges everyone to go to the Broken Isles before it is too late. Later, Khadgar confronts Garona about her killing King Llane, and she explains that she had no choice. "If I had not done it, I would have died with him and I would not be here to help you now." Khadgar accepts that, but notes that King Llane's family might not. Gul'dan, Cho'gall, and their followers arrive at the Broken Isles and begin digging for the Tomb of Sargeras. They find it, but just as they are about to open it and unleash the fel within it, they are attacked by the combined forces of the Alliance and the Horde. Most of Gul'dan's followers, including Cho'gall, are killed in the bloody battle, but Gul'dan tries to escape though a portal he made leading back to Draenor, only to be caught by a very angry Sargeras. "You have failed me and I am very harsh in punishing failure! But I still have a use for you!" Sargeras says. He then destroys Gul'dan's original body and traps the warlock's spirit in a block of ice containing a black helmet and a black sword, then throws the ice block down to Azeroth, where it lands on a snow and ice covered continent called Northrend. Back at Stormwind, it is decreed by Queen Taria Wrynn that the Orcs be disarmed and reduced to slavery to atone for their past attacks on the humans, including the deaths of her own husband and brother. Several internment camps are built to house the Orc captives.....and among them is one with green skin and only a baby. Ogrim Doomhammer recognizes him as Go'el and proceeds to take care of him. Bichorak3
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Successor to Lordaeron It's final, everyone. Lordaeron is dead. With Calia renouncing her claim to throne, the Crown is without an heir and dies alongside the last remaining vestiges of Lordaeron's independence. Now where is an ethnic Lordaeronian to go? If one were to march on Undercity, theoretically, and crown Him or Herself King/Queen of Lordaeron, who possesses the greatest legitimacy? Well, my friends, that is what we are going to reason out. First off: Lordaeron itself. Who are the active players in the former Kingdom. This seems to be the best place to start: the people who actually control Lordaeron's territory. These would be: The Forsaken, the Argent Crusade, and the Scarlet Crusade. ((Syndicate is a glorified mafia really and if anything are the successors to Alterac)). Let's begin with the de-facto rulers of Lordaeron: THE FORSAKEN! However, de-facto doesn't make you the legitimate rulers. (now now ease up there my Hordie friends. The Forsaken are my second favorite race after the Trolls. Disregard my new Dwarf). The Forsaken has a couple problems associated with them. First off, the nobility issue. In all respects of the term, Sylvanas is an usurper. She has no royal or noble background from what I can tell. Her status in life was Ranger-General of Silvermoon, a entirely separate Nation run by a different species. United in undeath, she rallies the undead of Lordaeron against the Scourge (and Alliance) and yes, rules the largest amount of territory and the majority of its "surviving" sentient population. Second is the controversy. In order to survive, the Forsaken must constantly be raising new undead. This vampiric nature of the faction makes them eerily comparable to the Scourge. If left to their own devices, evidence suggests at least most will devolve into a mindless state (their form of going senile I guess?). This issue makes them even tenuous allies within the Horde (and one reason I love em!). Not to mention no LIVING Lordaeronian would ever join the Forsaken without becoming undead himself. Next up, the boys in red, the Scarlet Crusaders! The relevancy of this faction is, at best, disputable. Once the successors to the Knights of the Silver Hand, an order tied directly to Lordaeron, made up of its people, bearing its sigil (if not colors), and once ruling vast swathes of Lordaeron's territory to even be able to provide sanctuary for civilians has...fallen...flat...on it's face. Corrupted early on from within, the Scarlets' affiliation with the Alliance has been loose at best. It splintered off into the Scarlet Onslaught which was outright annihilated (and good, those guys were nuts and traitors) and back on the Home Front was slowly destroyed by the Scourge and Burning Legion. Joseph (the Insane) brought a glimmer of hope for renewed, purified crusade, was seemingly lost in the following expansion--and for good(?). It exists now only in the capacity of RPers who just love the color red and hate glowing blue eyes. Additionally, they can't crown Calia anymore since she ended the lineage, so this militant faction has little to work with. And here come the Argent Crusade! These guys got quite a case: They control vast swathes of Lordaeron's territory, fight for the Light (even if they align with Darkness), descend from the Knights of the Silver Hand (albeit by like 3 degrees or so depending on how you count) and are run by a former Lordaeron noble. But...that's the thing. Former. Tirion Fordring was proclaimed a traitor to the Kingdom and lost his lands of Hearthglen. He's since reclaimed this, and much more, but how awkward a position he'd be in to suddenly declare his military order into a state. He doesn't seem tempted yet, he's not even part of the Alliance, but conflict with the Forsaken seems inevitable, especially if he wants to maintain ideological consistency (Time isn't his friend here. The Scourge will be defeated eventually and the Forsaken will need their bodies). One would think what would have happened if he did don the Lich's crown that day. Like the Scarlets, unable to crown Calia, the Argents cannot rightfully be successors without Tirion being an usurper himself. So maybe nobody is controlling Lordaeron that could be the successor Kingdom. Maybe there's a spiritual successor? Now time for Part 2: The OTHER Human Kingdoms Heeghli86
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Sylvanas is the Horde's Anduin I've seen a bunch of players complaining about Anduin being nigh unkillable now as a result of the events in the comic he is associated with. All good points, but what about the Horde's equivalent that came into her own at the same time as he did? I'm speaking of course about Sylvanas Windrunner, now Warchief of the Horde after Vol'jin's rather convenient death after the events of the Broken Shore. We are now in the stark position of having a character who never stays dead no matter how ridiculous the circumstances leading an entire faction and, if the story direction holds true, looks set to be holding it until the very end of the series as Anduin seems to be. Considering that the Forsaken must find more Val'kyr or something similar if they are to survive as a species and the fact that this factor is a big part of the Forsaken story in Legion, I forsee Sylvanas either A) becoming some kind of demi-god of the Undead that remedies this solution personally, or B) obtaining a sustainable amount of Val'kyr or the ability to create more herself. Either way, each would essentially make her permanently unkillable with an endless supply of ressurections or simply by becoming so vital to the Forsaken means of sustainability that killing her would destroy the race lorewise and hence continually writing the story in such a way to ensure this never happens. I never fancied the idea of such permanence being ascribed to Anduin, and I like the idea of it being applied to Sylvanas too even less. Neither of them should be for all intents and purposes 'unkillable,' nor should established characters like Vol'jin be so unceremoniously cast aside to put them in that position. It cheapens their sacrifice and the story in general. Artarion5
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Expansion after Legion... For me, I have always enjoyed the content from the Caverns of Time. It was fun to "witness" the lore and fight to keep it correct. Dungeons such as Old Hillsbrad Foothills, Culling of Stratholme, Well of Eternity, and End Time... were among my favorites to play. Since we have already been time travelling / alternate reality hopping in Warlords and Legion... it would make sense (to me anyway) that we find out that from Mists to current has all been woven by the Infinite Dragonflight. As great as it would be have to go back through all old content as endgame dungeons and raids... that is not very likely (due to the daunting task to make that large of a game). However, similar to the timewalking system... "update" that system to incorporate the endgame story / lore / outcome. So, we have the timewalking system, as we have it now, and then the Infinite Timewalking system too. The pick whichever dungeons and raids best serve the story that they come up with... we run these new dungeons and raids with twists (i.e. new bosses with new mechanics, etc). This way, we get more content... it revolves weekly so we don't get burned out on the same few dungeons / raids... we get to go back into the prior content to take on new threats, etc. They can place Infinite Dragonflight world bosses where all the old world dragon bosses were, plus (similar to the Shaw and all of their world events pre-expansion...) there will be random weekly events in random locations (similar to the deathwing killing everybody event). Not only does this make older content viable, it also keeps it nostalgic and fresh. Thoughts? Yays or Nays? Stubhorn11
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Calia Menethil Help Info. Did a recent lookup of Calia Menethil. Wowwiki tells us that she shows up in Legion. But this is a fate worse than DEATH I say. The information provided is limited, but extremely gross. Turns out she's alive and well, yes, this is the HEIR TO LORDAERON, thought dead for so long. A rightful queen of a fallen Kingdom. Yet she apparently has zero serious story development, being involved only in the Priest Artifact Quest Line, and being present in the Priest Class Hall alongside an undead Alonsus Faol (weird and a little ironic but whatever he isn't nearly as important). What's worse is that she seemingly renounces her title. hgruhsdeladhfashhFDGUSDRUFGDHdusdfhdfkuhgCLSDFAUJEHGAFJKRHGFDNDCZLVDYOI WHAT?! This is just wasted opportunity. This should be a major character. She is Arthas' sister, last of the Royal House of Menethil. How little could you possibly care for your own storyline? Bear with me, but the Alliance kinda got its butt chewed in Cataclysm in regards to Lordaeron. Yeah Menethil Harbor got flooded, but Southshore was razed by plague, Theramore was nuked, and the Alliance failed in their attempt for Andorhal. This leaves out other losses like Pyrewood (which was always really cool in how they turned hostile worgen after dark) and the Dwarf Stronghold up there got pummeled to Ghosts. I mean, people are already speculating that Sylvanas will be a villain anyway and she will be a great one! But why is Calia NOT seemingly part of this story? Where's the big enthusiasm to find out the Crown of Lordaeron lives on? Maybe even the Forsaken themselves might find a somewhat strained loyalty. The Alliance would have legitimate claims for a full-on counterattack, especially if the Horde does finally turn on Sylvanas for her Scourgey ways. The fel, guys? This is just disappointing. Heeghli105
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Lorecrafting: Lich King as an Ally in Legion Before we jump into this (And I would call this a "Reluctant Ally but there's not enough space in the title), let's recap some history of the Lich King existence; 1. The Lich King is the soul of Ner'zhul that was created by Kil'Jaeden. This was done as a punishment as he attempted his escape from Draenor. 2. He was thrown down to Northrend in the ice throne to create the scourge to soften Azeroth up for a Burning Legion invasion. Tichondrius among other dread lords were jailors sent to keep him in line. 3. During these preparations, the LK was constantly looking for a way out. Recruiting Kel Thuzad along the way. 4. The LK lured Arthas to Northrend and gave him Frostmourne and used him to kill Mal'Ganis. 5. The LK made Arthas feed information about the Skull of Gul'Dan to Illidan, which enabled him to kill Tichondrius. (And by extension, helped save Azeroth by ridding Archimonde of his guard which made it easier for him to get stopped at Hyjal.) 6. Kil'Jaeden was pissssssssssed by this, and knew the LK was becoming a problem. Then tried to flip Illidan by offering him power within the Legion, which he agrees too. 7. Illidan's attack on the LK is thrwated by Malfurion, but not before the LK suffers extreme damage. The LK (still Ner'zhul) rightfully became paranoid that the end was near. He recalled Arthas to protect him. Fighting off Kael'thas and Illidan among others, Arthas frees Ner'zhul from he icy throne, dones the armor, and becomes 1 mobile entity no longer constricted by the frozen throne. NOW SO FAR: All of these above things happened in game (Warcraft III), so should be considered lore. This next point apparently is from a novel (I didn't read); 8. Arthas in a dream state uses Frostmourne to impale Ner'zhul and become the dominate personality of the LK. SO, that's an interesting point about "personalities" that the LK can have, which we will revisit later. Back to factual in game stuff; 9. The burning legion strike the LK again at the events at Angrathar the Wrath Gate, (AWESOME plot line in game btw). They engineered the revolt in the horde that led to the siege of the Undercity. *Bolvar is a victim of Burning Legion treachery directly now*. 10. Frostmourne is shattered by Tirion Fordring on top Icecrown Citadel. Arthas is defeated, and Bolvar assumes the LK's armor. A new ice throne seems to be created, and TF and various heroes are told to leave. SPECULATION AND REASONING TO FOLLOW; One of the things that we've seen about the LK is how much control the personality of the "soul" of the LK has over it's actions. It acted a certain way when it was just Ner'zhul, then as Ner'zhul/Arthas, then Arthas, then Bolvar. We see this from the very beginning as the LK was constantly plotting to rid itself of burning legion control. The LK was also directly responsible for the deaths of very powerful Burning Legion commanders and lieutenants. Ner'zhul and Arthas were both perverted and still evil, but their hatred of the burning legion was very very prominent. So now we have this situation where Bolvar is the new Lich King, and we're told frome Gamescon this year that the Burning Legion will undertake the "largest invasion of the Azeroth that we've ever seen". A couple of factors to think about; 1. If the Burning Legion is going balls to the walls on Azeroth, they certainly have a bone to pick with the Lich King as well as the Alliance and Horde. And the LK is just another faction that did damage to the Burning Legion and is something that is powerful and corruptible to take under control. This creates a certain "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" situation. I'm not saying that humans orcs and the undead scourge are going to be dancing on the streets together, but it very well could be like a Western Powers and Soviets vs. The !@#$s sort of thing. 2. The new LK has very strong ties to the Alliance. Bolvar was a very powerful paladin (as was Arthas, gratned) HOWEVER, if we enter some speculation, Bolvar was also tempered with the flames of the red dragon flight during the Wrathgate. This magic is clearly not to be taken lightly as we see at the end of WOTLK that fire has very much of an effect on him. We DO know that Alexstraza is the Life Binder, and that their dragon fire has very special properties to it. We don't know how that magic and the armor of the LK will react to one another. BUT Bolvar did allow us to leave without entering combat. 3. Another speculation has to do with the released information about the Death Knight's DW artifact weapons being created from the shards of Frostmourne. How do we acquire them? Does Bolvar let Tirion take them on the way out of ICC? Do DKs in Legion have to come back to ICC and retrieve them? That is speculation as well. However, if you think about it again, Bolvar the LK SHOULD let heroes recraft it if it's going to be used against the Burning Legion, the LK's enemy as well. (Imagine as a DK going to ICC to retrieve it, only to arrive during a Burning Legion siege of ICC? Fighting alongside the scourge against the BL HOW CRAZY would that be??) I've certainly speculated a TON based off of what I think is mostly lore and reliable information. I think it would be extremely interesting as well. Again, not saying the LK and Alliance and Horde will be buddy buddies, BUT there is a common enemy afoot on Azeroth. Strategically as well if the Alliance and Horde fall to the BL, Northrend and Pandaria would be next on the list (OR EVEN simultaneously, remember, "biggest BL invasion ever"). Well, like I said, this is purely Lorecrafting :-p, hope you enjoyed the read curious for feedback! Shadow38
No real reason to assume Void Lord > Titan They are good at corruption, yes. But it is never stated that they are more powerful than Titan. Yes, they made Sageras fear. But chronicle made it very clear that he is fearing the possibility of 'Void-Titans'. Because void-corrupted titan would be evil, and they would become much more powerful than normal titans. ... 'The universe is vast, there can be already a corrupted Titan! I will kill all of them!' ... Basically he's mad when he realized 'Even titan could be corrupted', and then he started to think 'the universe itself is flawed' ... That's why he want to destroy everything. Because it is the concept of 'corruption' itself that made he feared. He want to recreate the universe to be a 'corruption-immunity' universe. It's not that 'Oh the Void Lords are so powerful, I'm scared! I will kill all and suicide before they kill us!' And for the Void Lord side, they actually envy the power of the Titans. ... So basically they can't even corrupt a real titan, they had to do it before a titan birthed. The Void Lords could still be very powerful, but there is nowhere in the Chronicle hinted they are even more powerful than the Titans. Also the Pantheon believed Azeroth-Titan alone could defeat the Void. Plus, Dimensius the All-Devouring have to be one of the 'most powerful Void Lord'. Because the Chronicle stated: ‘’Only the most powerful of these entities can manifest in the physical universe, and only for limited amounts of time.' Of course when we saw him in BC, he must in a weakened state. But he should be originally a very powerful one in the Void Lords if he is in Twisted Nether. According to the Chronicle. Ionnadra23
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