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Oct 11 Kul Tiras coming soon? On a certain WoW facebook page, I came upon this link here, showing a bunch of untextured buildings that supposedly have "Kul Tiras" in their name. I've no idea if these are real or fake as the imgur post has no sources other than "WoW Model Viewer" which to my knowledge is still not working correctly as of 7.0. But I could be wrong. There is also no indication on which version of WoW this is datamined from, live or PTR. So basically.. these could very possibly be fake, but if they're not... ...KUL TIRAS COMING BACK HYPE!Madelynn95 Oct 11
Oct 11 Malfurion's True Intentions Most credit to Nixxiom and his Video. Is Malfurion corrupt, hungry for power, or simply clueless? This theory is based off of the events in Val'sharah. Malfurion's arch enemy has been Xavius for years and years, even before Xavius's spread of the nightmare in Val'sharah, and he has been fighting the Nightmare for hundreds of years, if not thousands. Yet during the quest line in Val'sharah, he acts as if he is completely clueless to what is corrupting his mentor, Cenarius. You would think since he has been an enemy to Xavius for such a time, he would have a clue. Later on in the questline, the dreamer Ysera is summoned, and Malfurion still acts completely clueless yet we the player had just informed him that Xavius was behind all of the issues in Val'sharah. We learn that Xavius is after the Tear of Elune, and Malfurion knew he would be after it. When we are sent after it, and Malfurion is "hindered by rage and mourning" over Cenarius. When he learned of Xavius and the Nightmare, why wouldn't he just instantly go to protect the Tear of Elune? Naturally, Xavius aquires the Tear of Elune, what happens next is completely out of character of Malfurion. Malfurion fly's off in rage after Xavius, which is completely reckless for a 10,000 year old druid who you would think have the temperament to contain himself and think clearly? We go after Malfurion, and learn he's been captured. Xavius then throws the corrupt Tear of Elune into Ysera, corrupting her as well. This is where the the theory comes into play. Malfurion has been 3rd in power over the dream, but now with Cenarius looking at almost certain "death", and Ysera corrupt, Malfurion is the only suitable person to take the lead. Of course, Malfurion couldn't kill off his two mentor's himself, or his followers would turn against him. When we go to save Malfurion, he is constantly taunting Xavius and acting like he isn't in any grave danger. You think if you were a captive on the verge of death, you'd keep your mouth shut right? Now Malfurion is the most powerful individual in The Dream, and his wife is still alive. Perfect life for him isn't it? Malfurion could also easily destroy Xavius, and yet after all this time, he has kept him alive? My questions to you are; Is Malfurion truely clueless and an unfortunate chain of events happend? Is Malfurion taking advantage of the Nightmare for self power? Or is Malfurion corrupt by the Nightmare/Legion and working from within?Teasy38 Oct 11
Oct 11 King Varian and Sylvanas?Are they connecting? After watching that trailer where Sylvanas Windrunner gets a little close to the king and seems to connect with him, I get the feeling they may be connecting? Is this possible? Would the king have interest in her? He has been alone for a long time and I think they would make great couple. It did make me suspicious seeing as how she would sneek around and just so happened to meet up with her sister.. But why was she in alliance territory aside from .... the king. I knew it!!Nosteponme107 Oct 11
Oct 11 Arcandor Background makes no sense So towards the end of the Suramar questline you find out a bit more about the Arcandor and the druid guy who takes care of it. He tells you that the arcandor was created by some special order when the elves first started "playing" with arcane magic, and was created together with the druids (who also joined the order). That obviously makes 0 sense, as the nightelves used arcane magic for centuries if not aoens before Malfurion became the first druid, and he only started teaching people are the sunderring.Korashy13 Oct 11
Oct 11 Well of Eternity: Kalimdor's Rift Greetings! Do we actually know where exactly is located in Kalimdor the fissure where Brox, etc get swallowed to the past age? It appears to be north of Durotar but I don't think it is specified. Thanks!Boogeycow0 Oct 11
Oct 11 Soulcage Anyone knows if there is any lore out there regarding the Soulcage? The whole "Viking Land" story arc is quite vague. Sylvanas goes to Helheim and makes a deal with Helya, she gaves her this magic lamp to subjugate Eyir, who created the Val'Kyr, however the attempt is frustrated by Genn. That's as much info you get, at least from the Ally POV, but there are a lot of unanswered questions: Where does the soulcage comes from? What did Sylvanas offered in return? If Sylvanas already commands the Val'Kyr, why did she needed Eyir too? I tried to look online but I can't find much info, by any chance anyone knows if there is any good in game or online source with more info?Kitfaid10 Oct 11
Oct 11 Illidan being Light's Ultimate Weapon Another issue that I thought of, that doesn't seem right at all, is the fact Illidan is basically a demon. He absorbed so much demonic energy, he became a demon himself and his soul is now bound to the twisting-nether. Now how does a demon become a being of light? I'm pretty sure the Light is as anti-demon as anti-undead since it seems to be quite effective against both. Doesn't make sense that Illidan can be imbued with the Light and still be part demon. I know there's some light-dreadlord thing, but that's part of a class hall and I have no idea what that's about. And I know undead can wield the Light, but undead attacked with the Light seem to take a lot more damage than a regular human. Difference between wielding and being imbued with it. I just don't get how a demon can be imbued with the Light when it's something that can hurt them pretty badly. I can see it wielding it however, just not being imbued. Also Xe'ra is a !@#$%, no one likes being told they need to redeem themselves for killing a morally-bankrupt douche.Mokthakh26 Oct 11
Oct 10 Court of Farondis Night Elves What is the nature of their curse? Is it simply a curse of undeath which will allow them to pass on once it is cured? Or is it a curse that leaves them in a spectral state, trapped in a bubble and unable to truly interact with the world that will return them to flesh once they are cured? Doing the world quests, it seems the latter is more likely.Aelothos4 Oct 10
Oct 10 What's stopping an Old God invasion? I'm a tad addled with a cold at the moment but with the Pantheon dead what systems are in place to prevent newly-manifested Old Gods from arriving on Azeroth? We've almost reached the "last" of the first four but how do we know more aren't coming? They don't really seem the type to just give up.Squatty37 Oct 10
Oct 10 Do you think Odyn was right? By now I'm sure everyone is pretty aware of Odyn and his history, generally. He is a titan watcher who objected to the empowerment of protodragons, being the creation of the Aspects and dragonflights. His reasoning was basically that they couldn't be trusted to protect the world. Hence why he went to create the Valkyr and Valajar. Now he's hardly a nice guy and doesn't always have the best judgment. But basically, was he right in objecting the creation of the Dragonflights? Sometimes it seems as though dragons have indirectly caused a lot of problems. Perhaps even more-so than they've fixed. Deathwing nearly destroyed the world, corrupting most of his children. Wrathion works towards the events that brought about the Iron Horde. Nozdormu spends the majority of time literally fighting himself and the machinations of the infinite dragonflight. Malygos and many of his flight worked to take total control of magic. And many of Ysera's flight, including her, are corrupted by the Nightmare. The red flight being the flight that hasn't really turned much at all. Now, the dragonflights have done good independent of their own failings. The biggest that come to mind are fighting in the War of the Ancients and the blessing of Nordrassil. There could be many other significant ones I'm missing. But, do you think things would have gone better had the watchers collectively worked towards Odyn's plan?Irenaus24 Oct 10
Oct 10 Legion Harpies This might be obvious and I missed it, but who is the witch mother they keep referencing? Is it just some unseen leader we'll probably never meet?Galenar25 Oct 10
Oct 10 Very confused by Stormheim intro (spoilers) So my character just finished the Broken Isles scenario, where the Alliance and Horde were working together against the Legion. Sylvanas was happily cooperating with Varian. With Varian's loss, Anduin is in charge. As far as I know he's all peace and love still, and Sylvanas doesn't seem to bear him any ill will. Then I fought off a bunch of demon invasions of Azeroth, working shoulder-to-shoulder with heroies of the Alliance. Then I set up my faction-neutral Order hall where all the focus was on defeating the Legion. Now I head to Stormheim, at the behest of the faction-neutral Kirin Tor who are also laser-focused on the Legion, and I'm immediately thrust into a naval battle with...the Alliance? Why am I here? Why are we fighting? Why does the Kirin Tor want me to go fight the Alliance? Where are the demons? This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.Kaels42 Oct 10
Oct 10 Xavius forms... Is there any explanation of why he looks different in Darkheart Thicket and the Emerald Nightmare?Dalric13 Oct 10
Oct 10 Crimson Pilgrim Not sure if this has been touched on yet, but I spotted this NPC in Dalaran: Could it be that the Scarlet Crusade are finally laying off the kool-aid?Madelynn23 Oct 10
Oct 10 Horde peeps, are U evil this expansion? I lack the time to play both factions now :( and Sylvannas is looking like a bad cookie. Is she going to be another Garrosh? B/C I think Green Jesus is just about gassed at this point.Rumbletøwn75 Oct 10
Oct 10 The Ebon Blade should be declared enemies After what we did in the ending of our class hall storyline? Don't you think so? We invaded the paladin class hall and attempted to raise Tirion Fordring as a death knight while murdering paladins in the process. What I want to know is how this could even be tolerated by other factions, specifically the Alliance going forward. What the Death Knight hero basically did would be the equivelent if a UN member state decided to send a unit of special forces to capture the UN head secretary during one of their sessions and during it killed many diplomats in the process. For all intents and purposes any rational story would consider the ebon blade a traitorous backstabbing faction and declared enemies of the Alliance (and maybe the horde). Thoughts on this?Kalomonk210 Oct 10
Oct 10 Regarding Sylvanas and the Forsaken After listening to the dialogue between Dark Ranger Velonara and Death Hunter Moorgoth at Trueshot Lodge a thought occurred to me. Are ALL members of the Forsaken doomed to an eternity of suffering when they die like Sylvanas? Velonara mentioned how only the abyss awaits her now which is why I thought about this.Yunalesca17 Oct 10
Oct 10 Ysera SPOILER Well good bye Dragon aspects. Now we just need to kill Alextraza and be done with it. Blizzard seems intent on doing that at least.Zerde140 Oct 10
Oct 10 Khadgar and Deathwing SO... why doesn't Khadgar come help beat up Deathwing again?Navii24 Oct 10
Oct 9 What IF Admiral Taylor was a 4 horsemen with Nazgrim instead of Mograine cool or no?Thôr18 Oct 9
Oct 9 Emerald Nightmare Finale. When you beat Xavius, the Nightmare is wiped out and you are taken to a nice finale area in the Emerald Dream. It's pretty and most people who died fighting the Nightmare are there in ghost form. Various druids, Ysera, and lots of named green dragons in the background. In the very back there is a small cave with an evil flower blooming in it's darkness. If you click it with Xal'atath (Old God Dagger) she warns you to prepare for the coming of N'zoth. Just wanted to say it's worth seeing if you are into lore. I actually got a little sad in my heart seeing the silent faded ghost of Ysera wandering around though.Threeslotbag28 Oct 9
Oct 9 Fate of Pandaren after SoO I only have limited time to play my Pandaren alt and I have no knowledge of the Monk Hall questline so bear with me here. What canonically happened to the Wandering Isle Pandaren who joined with the Alliance and Horde after the events of Siege of Orgrimmar? When you help Aysa rescue Ji, she says she wants to return to the Isle, essentially wishing she had never gotten involved with the Alliance. Now I know in Legion they are back at the Wandering Isle so does that mean they made good on their promise in MoP? Are Ji and Aysa only in SW/Org for gameplay purposes and have the Tushui and Huojin left in the context of in-game lore? In Vol'jin's death cinematic you don't see Ji anywhere, Aysa is at King Varian's funeral but you could just assume she traveled there to pay her respects. As for player controlled Pandaren characters, I'm guessing they were loyalists who on an individual level had reasons to stay with the Alliance or Horde. And then what about Mainland Pandarens? Do you think they went back into seclusion or did they establish relations with The Alliance and Horde? What does everyone think? The game offered any resolution to this?Wildcaller5 Oct 9
Oct 9 Questions about the lore of Howling Fjord? 1. What is the overall story of that Zone before and during Wrath? 2. I know that the Vry'kul are the ancestors to Humans, does questing in that zone reveal that fact? Like was it technically the alliance and horde's first contact with the Vry'kul? 2a. Does the explorer's league have quest related to that?Argronak3 Oct 9
Oct 9 We need more Worgen fighting Demons I'm severely disappointed that Blizzard hasn't had anything in the way of Worgen fighting the Legion. It all stopped right after the Broken Shore. To be honest, I think it's a waste of good potential because Worgen were made specifically as a weapon against Legion and we saw plenty enough how powerful they were against satyrs and felguards. Those types of demons are very active in the expansion too. I'm sure some would say Genn can't fight the Legion and Sylvanas at the same time but we have Sylvanas managing to fight Genn and the Legion at the same time by sending a token force of her Dark Rangers in the Hunter class hall to help against the Legion, so why can't Blizzard let Genn do the same? It would help him save so much more face. (Who am I kidding? It won't for certain people, but it would still be great to show he does care about the safety of the world as much as others do.)Rendford33 Oct 9
Oct 9 Helya's Current Form Helya is known to be Odyn's former right hand, she was his adoptive daughter. When he killed her to transform her into a Val'Kyr, there is no way that her current form is what Odyn transformed her into. Considering her size and tentacles could it be possible she either died again or was corrupted by the old gods? specifically N'zoth?Ellwyntara33 Oct 9
Oct 9 Su'esh future enemy? Since Su'esh regain health ability involves eating demons, I can't help but wonder if she'll end up corrupted. After all she's getting that demon blood into system and we've seen how demon blood changes races and corrupts them. So what do you will be Se'esh's future? Will she a be a quest target or raid or world boss?Gornur12 Oct 9
Oct 9 Neltharion's Lair & Deathwing... Spiritwalker Ebonhorn in Neltharion's Lair makes reference to the Drog'bar "using slaves to dig at the bones of [his] father" , and during the final boss, we see a large dragon skeleton seemingly to be the aforementioned bones. But, if Deathwing fell into the Maelstrom after his defeat in the Cataclysm, how is he buried here? This isn't explained anywhere even after research, and I'd really like to know.Nimbus19 Oct 9
Oct 9 Lore Tinfoil Hat: Titanium Something I do in my spare time is worldbuild the, at times, rather shallow Warcraft setting. Let's face it, a lot of everything we see and do goes unexplained beyond the immediate surface, and I enjoy trying to fill in the blanks just as a little thought experiment. Right now I'm really digging into Warcraft's fantasy metals. Warcraft has the standard, real metals like iron, copper, steels... then lots of magic permutations of iron... high fantasy metals like mithril, arcanite, elementium... then ores that share names with real ones but are clearly not normal, like thorium or cobalt. From my random brainstorming, I get headcanon ideas like, for example, elementium being otherwise normal metal charged with so much elemental force that it transmutes, and the reason it's so rare is because most of it on Azeroth has decayed back into mundane metals. Or like blackrock not being an actual metal at all, but instead the partly-organic and fossilized remains of Draenor's colossals. I don't expect any of this to end up canon, but it's fun to speculate. Then I got to titanium, a normal metal with a seemingly fantasy interpretation, and I came up with something that in my opinion makes a surprising amount of sense. First off, the name. Titanium. Yes, it's an actual name that has roots in the titans of Greek mythology, but in Warcraft there actually are creatures called titans. It's clear the metal is associated with titans in some way, at least by their use of it. Of the three areas where it spawns, two are titan-themed. It is the high-tier crafting metal in arguably the heaviest titan expansion in the game's history. The titan-forged Keeper Freya made Ursoc's Claws out of titansteel, a derivative of titanium. Second off, the location. This is where we decide that what appears in-game doesn't match up to logical lore, because ore node spawning zones are nonsense. There's no reason that lower level ores can only be found in lower level areas only, and higher level ores in higher level areas only, except to facilitate a mining progression parallel to your character's level progression. The only rhyme or reason for specific spawning zones is to follow the game mechanic of levelling up, which does not exist in the lore. Logically, there should be iron everywhere, or copper, or other basic metals, and also more general fantasy metals like mithril. The only exception that comes to mind is elementium, because it's associated with elementals and found in the Elemental Plane it doesn't have to naturally be everywhere. So titanium only appearing in later zones in Northrend can be disregarded as game mechanics. Third, what we can do with it. The most obvious option is to enhance it into the more powerful and useful titansteel. To do that, we combine it with eternal earth, fire and shadow into an ingot that glows and crackles with that power. So to make it more potent, we add elemental energy to it? Why is that? Logically that must mean that titanium is associated in some way with elemental forces. Those forces are the four elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air; as well as Spirit and Decay, the qualities that control the four. So we have a few inferences. Titanium is: - Associated with titans - Not necessarily found only in Northrend - Related to elements With those in mind, here is my hypothesis: The titans themselves are related to the elements. Besides being made of a bunch of minerals and fluids and gases, they eat Spirit while they gestate within planets. That's how they grow. Guess what Azeroth is? As well, that Spirit that it consumes cannot just vanish, much like what we eat. It may be transformed physically or chemically or magically, but the substance does not disappear. Something must happen to it once the titan has extracted what is useful to it. In order to make it most useful, we charge it with elemental energy, implying that it is somehow incomplete without that added energy... but everything is supposed to have elemental energy, which makes its inferred absence odd. In short, there is a non-zero possibility that titanium is a waste product of a gestating titan's metabolization of Spirit, emitted from the world-soul in the core of the planet and floated out to the crust, where tectonic pressures push it towards the surface. TL:DR Guardian druids are carrying around mitts of titan fetus poop, but that's just a theory... a GAME THEORY! That's for reading!Frosthawk0 Oct 9
Oct 9 warcraft lore me and a couple of guildies and also a few people on my stream were talking about a cool idea for a video game, we think it would be an awesome attachment to the game and also almost like a continuation of the lore in game as well as a continuation of the original Warcraft series. the subject was about a possible lore based world of Warcraft video game, in which you would take control of major players from the lore. such as grom hellscream, tirion fordring or maybe even some people that are not so widely mentioned. Then you would take on a more narrow storyline like that in Warcraft 3 but it would also be in a a graphic setting like that of skyrim or world of Warcraft.Asharian2 Oct 9
Oct 9 wrathion where is this guy? how come we haven't seen him since pandaland? I thought we would've seen him by now when his prediction came true.. is he stuck in limbo with neptulon or something?Sussíe22 Oct 9
Oct 9 Velen vs. Arthas - Who would win? Who would win in a war between Velen, Prophet of the Light, and Arthas, as Lich King, one-on-one, at the height of their respective powers?Belandas14 Oct 9
Oct 8 How can we Retcon this? Look at my weapons in the armory. Is there anyway to retcon this? Any sort of backstory that would make sense?Retrøgrade9 Oct 8
Oct 8 Demon Recovery in the Nether Just felt like saying that I don't think the 'recovery in the Nether' thing is quite as easy as Gul'dan tried to make it seem. None of the demons we kill on Azeroth seem particularly keen on their banishment back to the Nether, they almost always give some sort of lamentation. Maybe Sargeras just makes sure they get tortured before their bodies get fixed. Also you'd think demons killed on Outland, Marduum, Dreadscar and Xandros (and by 'demons' in that last one I mean one) would be gone for good. All those locations are technically in the Twisting Nether.Dathrel3 Oct 8
Oct 8 Dungeon storylines Hi everyone! I'm a new wow player and I've been having a little bit of a problem... So WOW has a veeery vast story and I know bits and pieces of it as I played the original Warcraft RTS games and read up on the lore. In the gsme itself, I really enjoy the quest stories, especially when notable character appear! However... For dungeons ppl always do "speed runs" understandably and I never get a chance to read the story and all that. Being a healer I also feel bad just letting everyone go while I read the quests the NPCs give etc, I feel like I'm really missing out on a lot! I just played the old hilsbrad hills thing where thrall escaped and it was so magical to see what I read actually happen. A pity it happened so quickly and I barely had time to take in the amazing sights. Is there any website that gives the story of the dungeons? The adventure journal gives rather surface value info which doesn't really add to the story hahaRexonology5 Oct 8
Oct 8 The Afterlife: Shadowlands? After much discussion and entertaining of other ideas, I've not be able to come to the conclusion of this in Warcraft lore: When a character dies, do they canonically go to the Light? What if they were a devout in it's teachings? And, what is the role of the Shadowlands in all this? Jail for all the 'damned' (A.K.A. undead)?Zirk40 Oct 8
Oct 8 The Crusade and Blizzard (Spoilers) So I just completed the raising of sally for the DK campaign and the way that blizzard has depicted the crusade and Whitemane have risen some concerns. 1) Insanity This started from cataclysm and really isn't rational. The scarlet have always been cautious and hostile, since they have enemies on all sides. Come cataclysm, they were simply painted as insane. There isn't a lick of sense in this. Balnazzar's influence fed their paranoia and come cataclysm his relationship with the crusade was limited, since he turned all the Crusaders in strath into risen, it's unlikely he had much contact with the Cathedral. And why would the Crusade fall into insanity? They have clarity of purpose. They have a divine right. 2) Sally Well this was just disappointing. Blizzard hype up the crusade as some zealot madmen and sally is stated to have a deep connection to the light, and when we raise her she essentially begs of forgiveness? Command of the light is based on intent, not necessarily morality. Conviction of will. Why does a woman who had such a strong connection to the light that she could raise companions effortlessly become a regretful puppet in death? When some guy in northrend was killed, a'dal came to usher him into warcraft heaven. I can't help but view this as the nu-blizzard writers being unable to understand why a bunch of humans would be willing to fight and die for their nation. Honestly, I feel it's leftist bias making the right seem "so crazy, so gross". tl;dr: the Crusade did nothing wrong (except balz)Baitlynjennr5 Oct 8
Oct 8 Halls of Origination watchers corrupted? In the Halls of Origination, one of the four watchers, Setesh, was clearly corrupted since he had void creatures and a mob called "Void Lord" around him, but what about the other three? I don't remember any of the other three showing signs of void corruption, but the fact that they weren't doing anything about Setesh suggests that they might have also been corrupted.Bankaltt6 Oct 8
Oct 8 Why Sylvanas? There may be something I'm missing, why hasn't Thrall tried to take the title of Warchief back? After Garrosh's fall in MoP I can understand why he appointed Vol'jin as Warchief, and I understand why he gave it to Garrosh in Cata in the first place, but why hasn't he received it now? Why would Vol'jin give it to Sylvanas over Thrall? Being a warchief used to be a show of power before the invasion of the horde into Azeroth, but since then, politics play a big part as well and I seem to recall not many of the other races trust Sylvanas. Can someone clear this up for me?Teasy47 Oct 8
Oct 8 Can som1 explain Helya Odyn etc Can someone explain to me everything that happened between Helya nd Odyn in great detail.Biraelenn6 Oct 8
Oct 8 Destiny Unfulfilled: "Redemption" Spoilers "when the time is right, I will call upon you to begin the hunt for Illidan's soul" "His Rebirth will be the story of your redemption." I'm sorry what? We are now redeeming ourselves for saving the !@#$ing world, just so Illidan can be whitewashed to the point he's not even remotely likable. Thank you blizzard. I'm getting really sick of Xe'ra and her body pillow telling me i'm a piece of %^-*.Borigrad129 Oct 8
Oct 8 Sylvanas and the Legion. Why has she not struck a bargain with kj for immortality? He really seems like her best bet he could probably even give her the ability to make her own Val'kyr as he gave Ner'zhul and make the forsaken more powerful than ever. She has already destroyed her fair share of Azeroth so it is not too far fetched to think she would have a problem destroying the world soul too. At the very least kj should have approached with an offer of immortality in exchange for "everything". Is there an actual reason she isn't in bed with the legion other than for the sake of plot?Variant43 Oct 8
Oct 7 War of the Ancient Change? Hello, I was looking at something earlier today, and wanted to get the thoughts of others. I recently watched a video of Blackrook Hold and I noticed something I hadn't seen before. In the room called Chamber of War, or something to that effect, there is a map full of little tokens. These are seemingly meant to represent war units. One of these tokens is one of the Burning Legion assault ships that have been all about in Legion so far. Now, there seem to be a few possible reasons why this token is here. Either one of the recent undead made a new tiny ship token or the Legion utilized these ships in the War of the Ancients. Given the presence of felbats (a previously unseen demon) in one of the Illidan flashback quest (and a portal that looks like much a ship's), is it safe to say the Legion had these assault ships back then as well? Just a minor developer error? Or more likely the undead recently made the token?Irenaus6 Oct 7
Oct 7 Confusion about the Emerald Nightmare Hiya, I'm looking for some answers to my questions regarding the EN. I have searched other posts and have gathered some information, but I am still left wondering about something... What exactly is going on here? Is the EN a type of "foreshadow" of what is to become if we don't stop Xavius? Although, everything that is happening- is actually happening? Like the corruption of Cenarius- that actually happened? How could the Nightmare ever become real? How do we even get there? (in terms of Lore- I don't think they just enter portals with summoning stones outside waiting?). Maybe I'm still stuck in the whole Alternate Dimension mindset from WoD, but I can't wrap my head around how the EN actually effects Azeroth. I always thought the Emerald Dream was Azeroth's "Pure Form", so why couldn't we make that the reality? How come the Emerald Nightmare could become Reality? I may be thinking way to much into this and it could easily be explained. I would love a simple clarifaction- if you may! If it's not that simple, then by all means I'm listening! I'm about to read the Stormrage novel. I am beyond excited due to playing in some of these zones. I love being able to say "Hey! I went there!" Still wishing Hasic was in the game. Idk. Something about Hillsbrad and Seaports and that whole side of the map really fascinates me! TY TY TY TYTreaos10 Oct 7
Oct 7 The Broken Isles: Why now, not then? So this might seem silly (best start to a thread- I know) but I was wondering something tonight as I farmed up herbs in Stormheim... Why didn't Garrosh paint the broken isles red? So Garrosh's push to 'conquer' Pandaria for the Horde is understandable given the character- but why had the Horde (or alliance?) forgotten that entire large island chain in their resource-war? Did Garrosh not know about the Broken Isles- was he not told? Is there some reason why he was not told- Why this entire region was ignored for the perhaps 'hottest' point in the Faction war? Azuna- Not naga infested at the time- nor had any 'demons' out and about. Val'sharah- perhaps access was barred by the druids? Though- probably not considering Gilneans are shacked up on the western shore. Highmountain- Really- no real reason to not at least make some contact here at the very least- an outpost or two? Stormheim- Granted- Most of the Vykrul are not super-interested in making friends or crafting that epic friendship braclet (plus five for love!) So I can understand why the appeal wasn't there. Suramar- The 'shield' doesn't cover the entire zone. Maybe I'm wrong and there were some other factors I haven't seen that prevented access to the 'zone' of Suramar?Zulsenwe12 Oct 7
Oct 7 Maybe not a good idea to save the World Soul From a logical standpoint, the planet of Azeroth is essentially a big egg. And eggs don't tend to survive the hatching process. So wouldn't be in our best interest to say screw the titans, screw the legion, screw the old gods, and take the planet for ourselves? I like my planet, there's hot women on it! Oh and food that isn't cooked by Nomi. EDIT: I'm glad this is getting a lot of replies, thought this discussion seemed like something that was easily brushed off.Mokthakh57 Oct 7
Oct 7 Moon Guard and arcane magic Have they been there since the sundering working on their neat arcane toys? Did they not get the memo that Malfurion banned it under pain of death? Are they even under his government? I was hoping for bit more story about these guys because they seem cool. Also are they the same moon guard as the ones in the Illidan Black Rook scenario?Eilanya77 Oct 7
Oct 7 Did the Titans survive Sargeras? So Sargeras did the WHOLE pantheon haha - I was reading though, possibly rumors, that Aman Thul was able to save the spirits of some of them by casting a spell at the last instant. Is that true? and if so, where did that information come from? I thought that I had made it through the story portion of Legion and am unaware of anything book related. Additonally, i have been scratching my head as to how Sargeras could take on the entire pantheon. Sure he was their champion, but there was that other guy that took up his position.Rumbletøwn12 Oct 7
Oct 7 High elf and demon in love Matron Mother Malevolence says: Do give Lan'dalock my love, <name>. Description Getting into the Black Temple is going to be tricky. Following the break-in by the Council of the Black Harvest, Akama had his Sha'tari priests erect a holy barrier. It prevents my teleportation. However, I might know a way to bypass those protections and take us directly to the Temple Summit. Long ago, I had a... liaison with a certain high elf wizard named Lan'dalock. He later joined the Kirin Tor. If you were to ask him very nicely, and drop my name, I am certain that he would help. Completion The matron mother? <The archmage's face goes red as he chokes out a cough and looks around surreptitiously.> Yes, of course. Anything for Malevolence. I think that if an elf has sex with a demon should have some influence felDaemonsunfel40 Oct 7
Oct 7 How do the artifacts rank in terms of power? I'm not talking about which class is most powerful, or in-game power. But in lore, which weapons are the most powerful ranked from top to bottom. The undisputed most powerful is the Scepter of Sargeras by leaps and bounds. And number two is possibly Apocalypse. How about the rest? How do they stack up in terms of power?Highwolf31 Oct 7
Oct 7 Something Nice about the RAS So its my third time questing through Stormheim when I started paying attention to the Initial Quests and my surroundings. Its Nice how the RAS (Royal Apothecary Society) is now more humanr and is involved in cleaning up and preventing ecological disasters. Basically the Alliance attacks the Forsaken fleet and destroys the RAS' ship. This gets chemicals all over the bay. The Forsaken then take time (Despite them being in a hurry because Sylvannas is missing) to clean up the bay and preventing the chemicals from spreading. Its not just the pc too, multiple npcs can be seen cleaning the bay. Just something nice i noticed about the Forsaken I missed twiceBiraelenn17 Oct 7