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Jun 7, 2013 [H] Mon/Wed 7-10cst: LFM for new raid group! Guild: Bad Example Realm: Stormreaver (PvP) Faction: Horde Progression: 16/16 N Tier 14 & 3/12 N Tier 15. <Bad Example> is recruiting! We are a casual raiding guild that's been around since the end of Wrath. We are currently accepting applications for our 10 man roster. Since we are in the process of rebuilding we aren't going to be looking for players who have already cleared ToT, but instead we will be looking for players who are ready to START ToT progression. If you've downed a few bosses already that's awesome! We will start off with 2 nights a week and once the roster is created we will discuss possibly adding a 3rd night. Looking for players with at least 495 ilvl with experience in Tier 14 raids & some knowledge of T15. (LFR for ToT is fine, at least you know some of the basics). We'd like to hop right into ToT progression if we can. ... ... If you have any questions or you are interested in raiding with us then please contact me or my Co GM (Wyldedream). Add us on Battletag for a quicker response: Lilith - Stellaluna#1682 Wyldedream - Riversong#1358 - for online applicationLilith0 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 516 D Priest & 514 Prot Pally LF Raid Team We are a 516 Discipline Priest (w/ 503 Shadow Offspec) and a 514 Protection Paladin (w/ Holy Offspec) looking for a consistent progression raid team. We were on a team that fell apart for various reasons at the beginning of the patch, so we have 1/12N in ToT. We are looking for a group that raids 2-3 nights a week. The only night we are not available is Tuesday night. Link to Pally's armory: Post here or contact Seldon#1256 if interestedRaamoth2 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 530 ilvl Hunter LF Heroic Progression Guild I am looking for a heroic progression guild that raids at or after 9:30 pm EST (cannot raid earlier i do not get off work until 9:00 pm EST) I am 2/13H killed and 5/13 H experienced (attempt wise), have watched and read up on all 13 Heroic encounters. I can come to any server/faction that needs me I am looking for a reliable guild that will be raiding together well into the future patches. I prefer 25 mans but will join either 10 or 25 man guilds. My logs can be seen here: (under the name wabbìtseason) I have gotten my meta, 4set, and have geared up a little in general since most of those logs so my dps has scaled accordingly Here are some more recent logs: My battletag is ultrawenger#1415. Feel free to contact me in game or on this forum if you feel your guild could use me and there are no conflicts with what i have posted regarding what i am looking for and my availability.Wabbìtseason12 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 <Tactics> [H] Seeking Spunky Raiders Tactics - Shadowsong US is looking for a couple core raiders for it's 10 man team. We're currently a more casual raiding guild engineering ourselves to a progression-oriented raiding guild. We're just a couple short before we start to pick up momentum. Currently 9/12 Normal, the group is currently looking for any of the following dps roles; DK Hunter Warrior Moonkin (healer offset is totally a bonus) Ele Shaman *Exceptional dps of any class are always welcome to apply Tactics raids 6:30pm PST to 9:00pm PST from Tues through Thurs, and Sundays has an alt run in the making that can sometimes change to an extra progression day depending on how the week went and how close to a kill we are. As far as players, we're not expecting the most geared, but do expect performance, knowledge and know-how. Being able to dps while dodging simple mechanics is pretty necessary, which means we want your game face when wild turkey bottles start getting thrown. We are an adult group and expect you to be so as well. This includes adult content, especially humor. Please come with a sense of sarcasm, the ability laugh at cruel jokes and well thought out hazing, but most importantly an all around great disposition. Feel free to contact Impure (Impure#1957) or Myself (Hooch#1560). *Make sure to ask us about our Military and Senior Discounts. Baconnaise and 'Night Rider' shirts given as welcome gifts while supplies last.Cakenstein3 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 3/13H Realm First Horde Guild LF DPS <Strife> Horde 10 man, Jaedenar - US We raid progression 3 nights a week ( Mon - Wed ) 8pm - midnight and if interest exists, we do older tier content Thursday nights @ 8pm Ended 5.2 with 13/16 Heroic Currently 3/13 Heroic ToT We hold realm firsts for every boss kill normal and heroic in MoP. The classes we would like the most are Hunter, Boomkin (preferably with Resto offspec), Rogue but any exceptional player will be given consideration. Also - we will consider rolls other than dps for exceptional players. We use a mumble server. Our website: Raiders get free repair bills, flasks, and feasts. Please fill out an app on the above website if you are interested. We'd like to get people in while the 50% discount exists! We are serious about pushing realm firsts, but consider ourselves a laid back guild and a close group willing to make new friends. We also have a large group of us going for Blizzcon, with many (15+) current and former members having gone for the past few years. For any more information, make a toon on Jaedenar and feel free to message Klausnomi or Naladu. Or add me to realid - Klausnomi#1483Hackers3 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 Now is the time to transfer. Join <One Shot> Blizzard is offering 50% off on character transfers and fraction change. One Shot is recruiting dedicated, competitive, and reliable raiders for our core 10 man team. Get off your dead server and get with a guild that is just as focused as you in progression. <One Shot> is an adult 10 man raiding guild located on the Stormrage server. We pride ourselves with our achievements and teamwork. We are currently looking for more competitive progression focus people to continue moving forward. One Shot is a guild built on some very strong values that is lost today. Values such as Honor, Respect, Loyalty, and Integrity. We are looking for people that share the same value as us to grow together into a wonderful place to raid and progress through end game content. One thing we want most of all are good people. We want people that take pride in what they do and how they perform. Big egos never killed a boss but pride and the desire to achieve have. Our Raid Schedule Mon-Thur 7-10:30 pm EST Our Current Progression 2/13 Heroic ToT Currently Recruiting Disc/Shadow Priest Balance Druid Hunter Mistweave Monk Mage We have 3 to 4 raids spots opening for talented, skilled and very knowledgeable people. We expect everyone to have knowledge of not only there character but of each encounter as well. We expect people to have a positive history of raiding with current experience in current tier. We are a no B/S guild and look for people that can push hard on progression. One Shot is dedicated in finding great people as well as great raiders for progression. Our raid team progression comes above all. We look for people that enjoy playing wow and has a good personality but can also work a raid encounter and work as a team in killing bosses. We are not interested in people looking to be carried or raid just for gear. We are interested in people looking to clear HEROIC raid content. Do not apply if you have no heroic experience. For more info about the guild please see our website or Battlenet ID: Krazy#1922Krazedin7 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 [H] Ex Inferis LF DPS/Heals US-Earthen Ring Guild name: Ex Inferis Server: Earthen Ring - RP-PVE Faction: Horde Size: 10 Man Group 1 Raid Days: Sunday & Monday Raid Times: 9:00 pm until 11:00 pm EST Group 2 Raid Days: Sunday & Monday Raid Times: 8:00 pm until 10:00pm EST Group 3 Raid Days: Sunday & Tuesday Raid Times: 9:00 pm until 11:00 pm EST Recruiting the following: Pally (Holy) with DPS OS Any Healer with DPS OS Ex Inferis is looking for some mature raiders to fill out our raid teams. We currently have 3 teams, we are progressing in ToT 11/12 normal soon to start heroics. We are laid back in our style and only raid 2 days a week. Being laid back does not mean that we do not take raiding serious, since we only raid 2 days for a total of 4 hours we are in need of people that we can depend on. We are a mature guild, we joke around but get serious when time to raid. If you are just looking for a place to hang out feel free to join us. We have a third group that has just started raiding. Currently they are searching for a healer with a DPS OS, they mostly want a Pally, but are willing to work with any. This team also raids on Sun/Tues 9pm-11pm server In Cata we had one of the top rated RBG teams on server and are looking to start up again. If you are interested in any of these you can contact me or apply at inferis.guildlaunch.comPastor2 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 525 ilvl Prot warrior LFG add me Jesse#1842 or reply to my postKriegier6 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 524 fury war w/prot OS LF 2 night horde guild Fury spec ilvl: 524, currently at 7/12 runestones for the legendary chain Prot offspec is something like a 515-520 ilvl, can't remember exactly Stuck on an extremely dead server with no economic activity or realm activity, no pugs, nothing. Looking to transfer to a more active server. Have 1/13 HM experience, would much prefer a 25 man guild but not opposed to doing a 10 man. Horde only please. Looking for a 2 night per week guild, not 100% opposed to 3 days, depends on raid hours. Long time raider since vanilla, have many realm firsts (h LK, death's demise, grand crusader, etc etc) and understand the game through and through. Leave a message here if interested and I'll get in touch. Thanks!Recab19 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 How is your guild working out for you? Do you want to raid? Did you work hard doing LFR's and dailies to get geared enough to be able to raid with a guild team so you don't have to do LFR's anymore? Do you like being part of a team that is accomplishing goals together rather than being just another name in the LFR crowd? Are you in a guild that has one or more 10 man raid teams but you aren't on one of them? Did you answer yes to any or all of these questions? If so, then perhaps <Heathen> is the place for you. The leadership is comprised of experienced raiders and team leaders that took an extensive break from WoW and came back a little too late in MoP to be an integral part of any currently active raiding guild. We did not want to continue sitting on the sidelines hoping we would get a 'fill-in' spot or that another raid group would form. While the folks in your present or past guild may be nice people, they just might not have the room on current teams or the time to devote to building a new team. We have decided to try and build a solid 10 man raid team and possibly a second if the demand is there. If you would like to be part of something like this, then please send a tell to anyone online in <Heathen> and maybe together we can form something that will meet all of our raiding desires. <Heathen> is a new Alliance Guild on the Azjol-Nerub server. A-N runs on MST We ask that potential team members already be level 90. You don't have to have the best gear in the game but at least be able to do the first LFR's. We will be happy to queue LFR's with you and help get you the gear needed to start raiding as a guild team-mate. Above all, we believe in teamwork. After all, isn't that what a guild is for? Currently recruiting all roles. Our Raid times: (subject to change since we are a new guild): 6:00pm - 9:00pm Friday- Saturday and SundayFushang0 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 [A] - Hellscream - Hand of Fate - Casual 10m About Us: Hand of Fate - Hellscream is a one night a week, adult only (18+ only), casual raiding guild. We are a working, professional group of tightly knit people that enjoys raiding and seeing the content in a timely manor. Most of us are ex hardcore raiders from the vanilla wow days that have family or jobs that will not allow us to play how we would like. This expansion, due to attendance problems, we have had difficulty with pushing as far into the content as we normally would. Goal: Our goal is to finish the normal content prior to the next tier patch release and possibly push into heroic content. We are looking for like minded skilled people that will show up to raids on time, geared and ready to take care of business to become part of our raid team and community. Raid: We raid on Sunday nights from 7:30 to 11:30 and occasionally run over to midnight. We understand that life comes before a video game. While we do not have a base attendance requirement, we ask our raiders to be considerate and respectful of their fellow raiders and guild members. Our raiding roster is small to allow the most number of raiders as possible to experience the content. This requires consistent attendance rates and communication when you do have a raid you are unable to make. There will be no favoritism in filling the raid spots however priority is given to those players that are prepared and show up on time consistently and are geared appropriately for the content that night. We will actively move people in and out of the raid on farm content to ensure those who need loot off certain encounters have the chance to do so. All Core Raid members are expected to come prepared to raids on time, with needed consumables, knowledge of fight strategies, and prepaired for the content we will be focusing on that night. Every member must have Vent to be able to listen, talking is not required. Recruitment: We are currently recruiting for the following classes and/or roles. Two tanks, any class accepted Mage or Elemental Shaman And one more RDPS As always, recruitment is not restricted only to classes listed above. We are always interested in new players for raiding or social membership. All are more than welcome to apply. If we have enough interest and the right raid composition a second raid team would be formed or converted to 25man. It may be cliche but, to us, the player comes before the class. Below is what classes and specs we value the highest currently for our raiding composition. Death Knight: Tank - High, Other specs - low Druid: Tank - High, Other Specs - Low Mage: All Specs - High Monk: Tank - High, others - medium Paladin: Tank - Very High others - Low Priest: Shadow - Medium Shaman: Elemental - High, Others - Medium Warlock: All specs - Medium Warrior: Prot - Very High, All other specs - low Hunter: All specs - Medium Rogue: All Specs - Low Please also note that the ability to play a secondary role for hybrid classes is particularly valued. We ask all potential raiders to have roughly a 500 ilevel minimum. While this is not an absolute requirement, it will help ensure that we're able to adequately gauge player skill, rather than simply observe what a difference in 30 ilevels of gear looks like. If our guild looks like it could be a good fit for you, we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave a message here or talk to any of our officers listed below in-game on the Hellscream realm, Real ID or on our website. Our officers' names, website info and real IDs are listed below. Thanks for your consideration! Guild Master: Puritain sam#1569 Officer: Braxton - Braxton#1247 Officer: Maxinne Officer: Pokeit Change Log: Original - 6/6/13Braxton2 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 [A] <Discord> Draenor- 2/12H Recruiting [A] Discord - Draenor 10m TU/WED/THUR 630p-930p PST We use Mondays for farm clean-up during progression, or if a holiday or something interferes with our normal raid week. Monday isn't required raiding but we do it if we can. Currently 2/13H, tho the guilds we compete with typically are 5-6/13H. Had a couple people decide they were done with wow the same week is all, but we're recovering and most everyone's still here. The guilds been going since Naxx 25 in wrath, a few of us have been raiding together since T4 in BC. Pretty casual social environment but we like to raid well. We try to stay under 2k world. -Needs- Healer - Druid , Priest, Shaman, Monk Tank - Dk or Paly, prefer dps with tanking offspec but could make a ms Tank work. Dps - Boomkin, Lock, Shaman ( enh or ele is fine), dk. Other classes feel free to apply we won't turn away a solid applicant if we have space, those are just the classes we prefer. Contact info: Angron#1155Angronus0 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 11/13HM ToT Hunter LF End Game Raiding Guild I am looking to continue raiding with a stable and well-established progression guild. I am not interested in guild hopping and want to join a progression minded guild. Will consider Horde or Alliance but must be 25man - I am not interested in 10's. I am available to raid any night starting at 6pm central and going as long as the raid runs. I have 7+ years of raiding experience - all on my hunter. Vanilla farm clears of Naxx40, AQ20/40, BWL, MC, ZG. BC farm clears of Kara, Gruuls, Mag, SSc, TK, Hyjal, BT, & Sunwell. WotLK - farm clears of Naxx, Ulduar, ToC, ICC. Cata - farm clears of BWD, BoT, 4W, 3/5 (incl Sinestra) H.Bot, 5/6 H.BWD (incl Nef), 6/7 H.FL and 8/8 H.DS MoP - 8/8 HM MV, 5/6 HM HoF, 1/4 HM ToES and 11/13 HM ToT. Not looking for a bench seat, I am looking to immediately contribute. Please reply to me here and we can set up further discussion or real ID Voltar#1194. Thank you. #1 4 days ago Login to rateVoltshot6 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 11/13H fire mage looking for guild Yeah lf guild broskis post me something good im tired of searching and writing apps and having people not reply.Nicholascage22 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 Horde Resto Shaman 11/12 ilvl521 I am looking for a new home Horde side, 25 man raid preferred. With my work schedule I cannot log on until 9:15est latest (sometimes it can be as early as 8:45) on Wed and Thursdays (other days I don't have this problem) so I am having a hard time finding a guild unless they start at 10 and raid till 1-2 which I don't want lol. Picky picky I know =) Been playing since vanilla, yada yada. My husband and I ran a guild for a few years so I get the in and outs of it all. I come prepared, vent, flask etc etc I hate bouncing around looking for guilds, just looking for a home IF you're organized, not a bunch of !@#-hats and like to have a good time while killing bosses! Do you fit this? lol Melok#1950Evs21 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 {H}25man 1/13H LF MAGE/E.SHAM/S+D.PRIEST Come get your Thunderforged gear! Progression: 1/13 heroic Throne of Thunder Raiding Info: Tues, Wed & Thurs 8:00-11:00 pm EST (ServerTime) Loot System: EPGP Currently Recruiting: DPS 1 Mage 1 Elemental Shaman 1 Shadowpriest HEALS 1x Disc priest (full time as disc) We are a 25man Semi- Casual Raiding Guild. To be considered you should have heroic raiding experience in previous tiers of content. A history lesson Audacity is a 25man guild (yes, 25 man guilds still do exist and thrive in WoW!) that originally formed in 2009, We believe that it's important to play with players we're comfortable with - in both skill and personality- so we recruit solid raiders that fit in well with our guild's unique atmosphere and work well together in whatever Blizz may throw our way. We raid 3 days a week. We feel this allows the balance between the ability to maintain progress and preventing burn out through constant raiding. Raid Progression: Current (TOT) - 1/13 - Heroic Throne Throne of Thunder - 12/12 normal Pandaria Raids - 5/16 Heroic Heroic DS- Cleared Heroic FL- Cleared Heroic ICC- Cleared DISCLAIMER: Audacity is an adult guild, and the atmosphere in vent can be of an adult nature and prefer our raiders to be 18+. Read what others think of their experience with Audacity. Interested? In-game Contact any officer: Kadath, Avocado, Pandasauced, Gunks or Afker. If none are online, please feel free to speak with any guildmember for assistance! Website: We respond to applications in a timely manner – please check back at our website for feedback.Avocado9 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 11/13HM Hunter LF End Game Raiding Guild I am looking to continue raiding with a stable and well-established progression guild. I am not interested in guild hopping and want to join a progression minded guild. Will consider Horde or Alliance but must be 25man - I am not interested in 10's. I am available to raid any night starting at 6pm central and going as long as the raid runs. I have 7+ years of raiding experience - all on my hunter. Vanilla farm clears of Naxx40, AQ20/40, BWL, MC, ZG. BC farm clears of Kara, Gruuls, Mag, SSc, TK, Hyjal, BT, & Sunwell. WotLK - farm clears of Naxx, Ulduar, ToC, ICC. Cata - farm clears of BWD, BoT, 4W, 3/5 (incl Sinestra) H.Bot, 5/6 H.BWD (incl Nef), 6/7 H.FL and 8/8 H.DS MoP - 8/8 HM MV, 5/6 HM HoF, 1/4 HM ToES and 11/13 HM ToT. Not looking for a bench seat, I am looking to immediately contribute. Please reply to me here and we can set up further discussion or real ID Voltar#1194. Thank you.Voltshot5 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 12/13H Fury Warr LF Hardcore Guild Guild just melted down. Need a new place to top meters and stuff. I'll list some things. Currently have a few offers, but I want to get a full spectrum of what's available to me before I make a decision, as I want to make sure it'll be right for me. (Should give you an idea of my UI/playstyle). I AM 12/13H. Ra-den to like 40% (so dead enough). Been in for every progression kill this tier. A top percentile fury warrior. I've had rank 1s on like half the fights this tier, multiple times on many. Top 5 parses at one point or another on every fight except maybe Tortos. Top 5 parse on pretty much every progression kill. Am mainly interested in 25, but will consider a 10m I deem an exceptional fit. Would prefer horde. Will consider alliance. Extremely competitive with other fury warriors. I can raid literally any time, any day.NOT INTERESTED IN Guilds who are not at least 12/13H, unless you're so close to a kill that it's a crime against nature that he's not dead yet. A fluff spot. I am not joining your guild so you can keep an Xth warrior around just in case you need a third double up on future progression. A guild already on the rocks looking to rebuild. I've had my share of that for this tier. A guild that values seniority over ability.Zulrann#1549 or find me in-game as Jalopy. Or just post here. If btag request, please add your guild name and/or progression.Jalopy55 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 525 Hunter needs new home Please read before posting: DO NOT POST if your guild hasn't been around for 2+ years with a stable raid environment. I'm tired of transferring and joining new guilds only for them to fall apart weeks to a couple months of me joining. With that being said... I've been playing a Hunter for almost 7 years now (Started in BC during the BT patch). I've played in only a couple guilds over the years with a few noteworthy accomplishments, including: Server 1st 25m Firefighter (Ulduar) Server 1st 10/25m H LK (ICC) Server 2nd H Ragnaros (Server 1st 10m) (Firelands) 5/6H 25m MSV I'm an exceptional player capable of putting out great DPS (Have logs to back it up) while avoiding mechanics. I just need a few guild to call my home. Geared for current content and ready to start heading into heroics. I prefer to stay Alliance, but will entertain all Horde offers. Leave a post here or contact me @ my battletag, MorpheusDV#1823Subjugation6 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 510 Guardian Druid LF Raiding Guild Currently looking for a raid group in need of an immediate tank. Available Sunday/Tuesday-Thursday. Willing to server transfer. Will faction transfer if spot is legit. I keep flasks and food available. Guild must be active and interactive. BT - BigQuil#1604. Contact ingame if interested. Recently returned a few months ago from a break to finish college finals. I'm a 19 yr old looking for a calm and collected raid group to fill in with. I request that the guild show consistency and depth. I learn fights quickly and rarely make mistakes that I can't fix so I will not be a hindrance to your progression. Also noticing a lack in need of tanks I would also be willing to respec to feral and go dps if no others offers show.Jetswept9 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 lf new home bronzebeard horde is dead! 506 disc priest 100% optimized per mrrobot lf a eastern time zone raiding guild. i am only home on saturday evening through monday morning and need a wekend raid schedule please. i have not attempted 10 man or 25 man content yet, i am a very good listener and follow orders very well. only serious responces please, need to transfer while its 50% off. i also have a frost mage, fury war, bm hunter, and a fresh pally i could also bring over.Fixaflat0 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 520 resto shaman lfg looking for a guild that raids 3 nights a week in the 8pm-12am est range. Wanting a guild that is starting heroic ToT but no far in. Willing to transfer servers and faction if need be. No pvp servers please.Hyecia43 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Fury Warrior/Rogue LF Progression Guild Hey looking for an adult driven raid group with players who are steady/on time/and are progression focused with some fun thrown in. I know groups need people that will be on time and prepared well you get that and more with me. I haven't been doing much this expansion due to real life and would love to start up and help guild push content like i did last expansion with heroic deathwing content. Been around since Vanilla so i know how the game has progressed over the years. Blizzard has 50% relam transfers so the time is now to grab not just my characters pref to play my warrior but me as a experienced Raider. Any Question post here and i will be happy to return with a answer.Calanni31 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Obsidian recruiting. Obsidian is a guild that is looking to progress very quickly. We have cleared MSV, HoF, and Terrace of Endless Spring all on normal difficulty, and hope to jump into Throne of Thunder very soon. We have gotten serious about raiding and we are looking for people to finish off our core 10 man raid team, people who can show up every week, on time, that looks up the fights, and is a respectable person and raider. We are on the realm Uldaman.Tythus0 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 524 Mage 12/12 xp LF guild I am 12/12 exp LF a raiding guild thats atleast 11/12 wanting to stay horde btag huffnstuff#1185Hûffnstuff30 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 lvl 520 BM/SV Hunter looking for guild. Hello guys I'm looking for a 25 man guild is working on normal modes to heroics. I only have 6/12 that is why I'm a looking for guild that is working progression. If you guys have any questions post them on here.Pb9 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 516 Hunter Looking for a new home I've posted twice on here in the last few days, but I was unaware of the 50% discount on transfers going on, so I decided to post again with some specifics on myself. Started playing my Hunter in Wrath and have stuck with him ever since. I currently play survival and am enjoying it. Just haven't found a fit on Runetotem which is a dead server. Had a family emergency toward the end of DS and was out for about a month. Came back to find my raid team scattered to the winds. Haven't been able to find a good fit since. Would like to raid 25's or just raid and be able to clear stuff period. I live in CST and can't generally get on before 9. I currently raid 9-12 CST and something right in there would be fantastic. Looking to get back to progressive raiding like I had in Cata. I have current logs I can share and screenshots of my UI whatever you need. Just looking to find a fun group to kill and progress with. Feel free to ad my battletag Jodaitddon#1235Jodaitddon4 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 521 Lock LF guild Howdy all, Currently sit at 11/12N progression with a 2 day/3hr a night guild. Long story short, I joined the guild late in progression and although I love the people to death, raiding each week is a never for sure thing as I'm usually a fill-in and I'm looking for some more consistency. Also some drama this past couple weeks that has made raiding less enjoyable. Looking for a guild that raids between 7pm est-12am est, Horde or Alliance. If you wanna talk in-game my B-tag is Ebil#1442. Thank youTuldok34 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Experienced 513 rogue LF raiding guild While most might say that the title summarizes the rest of this post, I feel that I should say a little more about myself. If you'd like to [Cut to The Chase], feel free to contact me via Battle-Tag @ Ghanksta#1998 I've been playing WoW since Vanilla. First as a Hunter, where I spend the first 3/4 of BC as a level 60 AV-Twink on Duskwood-Alliance (back when AVs were measured in hours, not minutes), and then as a Rogue on Elune, which has been my main since Wrath. In the interim, I've been an active raider in every tier, being one of the top DPS in various top Horde guilds on my realm. My guild of four years transferred off of Elune after a change in leadership, and I did not follow them due to a combination of financial difficulties and personal reasons. Using the popular cross-realm matchmaking site OpenRaid, I have been able to raid 16/16 normal t14, as well as 4/16 Heroic. I regularly finish near the top of meters on fights where melee isn't at a large disadvantage. I always come prepared with flasks and potions, and am more than willing to spend 5+ consecutive hours on progression, thanks to a hardcore background during BC :p When I'm not raiding, I enjoy the life of an achievement hunter (I should be hitting 15k by the end of the night) and occasional PvPer (I ended Cataclysm as a Blood Guard). I am primarily looking for a new raiding home for my main, but I also have a number of alts I play on a regular basis. 90 Blood/Unholy DK 90 Demo/Desto Lock 90 Frost/Fire Mage 80 Resto/Ele Shaman (currently a Herald/Arena twink)Ghanksta16 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 524 experienced mage send applications to Tupelo#1228Anomalism10 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 511 Mage and 506 Hunter LF 25man Guild My friend and I recently came back to wow, and we are looking for a progression oriented raiding guild. We have been raiding since vanilla. We were 6/6 msv and 2/6 hof before our guild ran into attendance issues and we ultimately decided to take a break back in October. We are looking into transferring, and would like to find a 25 man raiding guild. Horde or Alliance, we really just want to see what our options are. I'll be checking this thread, so just reply here or hit me up in game, battle tag is #Lafers1232Squee14 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 523 resto sham LF 25 man 523 resto shaman looking for a 25 man guild. not into the 10 man scene anymore. im looking for nothing less then 12/12. I ran my own 10 man hardcore guild for quite some time we fourmed back befor ds. im not a person who likes to sit for entire weeks i like to be part of the raid and could careless about the loot and just want to down bosses. i would like to stay alliance if possible but open to good offers 13/16H downs +exp 12/12 down 6/13H exp and all previous content pretty much Add my real id for more info War#1930Warångel39 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 No longer looking Found a new home - no longer looking. Thank you all for your interest, and best of luck to you all.Nizdan18 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 515 blood dk & 522 ele shaman Lfg My friend and I are looking for a 10/25 man raiding guild that could use both of us in their core group we are both 6/12 in tot and very raid aware with the ability to pick up new fights quickly. We are available for raids any day but Friday. My buddy also has a 518 Enh shaman and we are willing to transfer this week if we find a guild we think is a good fit.Ownyourbase12 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 [H]518 WW monk&517 spriest LF spots We're looking for a guild that is seeking to fill 2 core DPS spots for ToT. We're both 6/12 normal due to quitting WoW for SWTOR for a year and a half. We have extensive heroic 25 man raiding experience in Cata, having cleared T11&T12 with some T13 before we quit. Our ideal situation would be a guild that raids 3+ nights during the week with possible optional Sunday evenings. We're not looking for anything overly casual as we like to raid and raid often. We also come prepared with similarly geared alts for alt raids if available (hunter/mage & lock respectively). We also carry ourselves with high expectations and seek guilds accordingly. We will also consider any alliance offers.Rylis4 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Resto Druid LF Raiding Guild Hey all, I'm looking for a raiding guild that's in need of a resto druid. I'd prefer to stay on the horde side, but don't have a preference whether the raid is 10 or 25-man. I'm a little behind the gear curve, as I literally just purchased MoP 10 days ago. Regardless, I'm a good/smart player and I'll catch up soon enough. If you're interested, shoot me an in-game message. Darcarius#1293 (Willing to transfer to a new realm - currently on Horde Illidan)Darcarius5 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 522 Hunter LF 10m Progression Guild Greetings I'm currently looking to move to a stable 10m guild for progression, and a home for ToT and beyond. I would prefer a horde guild attached to the NY Datacentre with 2 or 3 raid days in the evenings, but I am willing to looking into all options. A server transfer is not a problem. I've been raiding on my hunter since 40m MC days. I'm a skilled and dedicated player, not looking to be recruited for bench. I am currently 1/13 ToT, despite not having a stable raiding roster in my current guild for over a month. Battletag is Zair#1883 if you have questions. Thanks all for your time!Temeryx5 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 525 unholy dk 2/13 hms 2/13 hms jinrohk and horridon. has gotten tortoise to 5% and maegara to 25% on the last head. looking for a reasonable raid home hoping to just find a solid spot. pst glorybear#1689 for more info.Glorybear17 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 wanna join a guild I just created a guy on Emerald Dream, as of right now level 1 and I am looking for a guild who talks and is helpful and has raid/bg groups and all the level 25 perksHölylight0 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 [H] Looking for Late Night Raiding Guild Hi, I'm a young adult seeking a late-night raiding guild, as my current schedule will 90% of the time leave me unable to participate in raids conducted during "normal" hours. I have several level 90s, each of them are ATLEAST pvp geared with full malevolent. I'm listing my characters below that I'd be willing to transfer. I'd only transfer one initially to test the waters though. Monk Warr Priest DK I'm fully open to changing specs of any of the characters above to meet your raid requirements, as well as gear up as quickly as I can for you. Can't wait to hear from you guys, thanks for taking time to read this.Orkrum6 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 [H] LF DPS/Tank, DPS/Healer and a Mage Forgotten Descendants Ravencrest US Horde 10 Man Raiding Guild We are currently recruiting multi-spec toons for raid members Any dps/healer combo (Primarily ranged but Melee might be ok to) Any Dps/tank besides Warrior and Monk And a Mage We Raid 7pm - 10pm CST Wednesday and Thursday. Currently 4/12 normal ToT however we would be farther if we had spare raiders for times where people cant show for work or family related issues that come up. You would likely be a spare to start with however we only currently have 10 raiders so you would still be required to show up both nights. 21+ Only (Swearing/Crude language in Mumble/chat channels) Mumble Required If you are interested head over to the forums and fill out an Guild Application and feel free to contact one of the officers in game. More about us: Application: Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 LF Rdps for Heroic ToT Team Baine (10/13hm): NEED-Disc Priest and Warlock Team Vol'jin (2/13hm): NEED- Discipline, Warlock, Elemental, Balance, Hunter Progression - 10/13(H) Shade of Arrows is Recruiting! We are open to all strong candidates and are always looking to deepen our roster. Team Baine's Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday (5-9pm) PST (7-11pm)CST (8-12pm)EST Wednesdays are used on occasion for up to 1 hour of raiding to test boss strategies or clean up farm bosses left over from Tuesday. It is common for us to go up to 30 minutes over raid time when we feel the extra time will get us a kill or we feel it essential to practice with a specific mechanic. Team Vol'jin's Raid Times: Monday-6:00pm-9:30pm (Pacific Time) Tuesday -6:00pm-9:30pm (Pacific Time) Wednesday- 6:00pm-9:30pm (Pacific Time) Thursday-6:00pm-9:30pm (Pacific Time) Why should you raid with Shade? Several members of our roster are former bleeding edge progression raiders and our goal in SoA is to continue that strive for excellence by competing for realm firsts and Cutting Edge Feats of Strength. Past Raiding Success: Shade finished T14 as 48th (0.42%) US 10 man and walked away with all three Cutting Edge and Realm First Feats of Strength. We only raid 12-14 hours a week, but are still highly competitive with 4+ day a week raiding guilds within that time frame. Stability: SoA has been a guild for 8 years. We are a mature guild with the average age of our raiding core being in their late 20’s. We conduct a respectful and productive raid environment, while still keeping it friendly. Competitiveness: Everyone in our raid core (DPS, healers, and tanks) parse among the best in their class and spec. All of our raiders are competitive on the world stage and strive to prove it every week. If you share this dedication to excellence <Shade of Arrows> may be the right place for you. What do we expect from you as a raider? Attendance: We are a 10 man guild and every raider is important. You are expected to fill a role, and we need you at raids to do that. We expect raiders to have an attendance rate of 87.5% over the course of the month. On an average month this means you are expected to miss no more than 1.5 raiding days. Preparation: The guild does provide feasts and potions to raiders during progression, but we expect you to do your preparation for the raid on your own and before raid time. If you need to research how a specific mechanic/fight works, how to improve your play, or if you like to PVP, we expect that to be done on your own time. Communication: Good communication between raiders is essential. If you cannot speak with other people, or are not prepared to use vent during the raid, you cannot adequately perform as a 10 man raider. Who you can contact about a trial with us: In-Game Officers: Cobane, Darka (Team Baine) Cobane BattleTag- Cobane#1358 (Team Vol'jin) Darka RID- Shaneconnolly35@yahoo.comDarka0 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 503 Assassination Rogue LFG I'm looking for a guild that raids typically Sunday evenings, understands that life happens, and shows respect for all of its members. Not everyone has the same kind of luck with drops as everyone else, and gearing hasn't been easy. Will transfer if your guild is both friendly, with multiple raiding groups. I've been playing off and on since 2006, but really got into playing august 2011, and have been playing ever since. More importantly, I'm not just looking for a straight edge guild. That defines my last one. I am looking for a family, a tight knit group of friends, who all have the same thoughts, likes, and interests. Myself, if I'm not playing wow, I'm either watching Supernatural or anything else that piques my interest on Netflix. Or I'm writing or playing my keyboard, two unnoteworthy hobbies of mine. If I am the right person for your guild, please, comment, message me, whatever works. Thank you.Cryomaniacal4 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 cherche guilde francophone qui raid en heroic looking for french guild that does heroic progressionHealmeup0 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Nothing to see Nothing to seeFatpad47 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 512 Lock, LF active raiding guild Experienced raider on a dead, low-pop server; willing to transfer and faction change as needed. Looking to raid any nights, preferably after 8 pm EST. Looking for groups progressing through current content, 10 or 25 man. Thanks in advance.Shuck20 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Looking for a BC raiding guild. Hey everyone, like the subject says, I'm just looking for a really cool laid back, old content raiding guild. Preferably Level 70 Burning Crusade content, it can either be alliance or horde, doesn't really matter. I just found myself not having fun anymore with current stuff and i'm looking for nostalgia like the good ol days. Any guilds that give me a holler will greatly be appreciated!Warmourne0 Jun 6, 2013