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Jan 10, 2013 [A]The Haunted of Fizzcrank The Haunted is recruiting new active & mature players with a positive fun attitude to join us on our adventures throughout all of Azeroth. If you are looking for a fun, outgoing guild that raids, skills, quests, pet battles, pvps, and pretty much does it all, we might be the everything guild for you! The Haunted is an all levels, casual, fun spirited guild made of both singles and couples that is built upon teamwork and co-operation. We provide a supportive, relaxed and fun environment, so not only do we look for a positive attitude, but our members have a sense of humor and enjoy fun and good times! Our members include pet collectors, pet battlers, mount collectors, skillers, pvp addicts and achievers, achievement hounds, casual raiders and teams of those striving to one day become more hardcore raiders & pvpers. The Haunted being an all lvls social casual raiding & PvP guild gives us the opportunity to participate in guild events (yay Prizes!), guild parties, dailies, heroics, weekly heroic raids, grouping up for battlegrounds, rated bgs, PvP events, and raiding to the levels that we all desire to achieve plus more. We have a guild website, our own active forum, instant chat, guild facebook group and vent server. We are currently looking for back up/fill in raiders for our two raid teams: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday - 9 pm until midnight server time - contact Dirke or Plantman for more information. Wednesday & Thursday - 8 pm until 11:00 pm server time - contact Bigab or Odi for more information. We are also looking for those interested in PvP, whether it be Rated Bgs, reg Bgs or Arenas - contact Falormir or Slygankster Check out our website at to find out more about us. ¤´¨) ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨) (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤...Skylä...¤ Founder / GM of The Haunted TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More "It's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many times you get back up." - Col. GA CusterSkylä1 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 489 ele/resto sham 2/6 H MSV killed 5/6 MSV hm Exp 6/6 clear HoF and 1/4 Terrace 4/4 killed in Beta LF DPS Core spot for HM progression in all instances. Available sunday-thursday 6pm PST-11pm PST extensive raiding exp from Cata FL 7/7HM DS 8/8HM (no nerf) Battletag DeAmp#1544 Willing to server xfer and/or faction change. Has mumble, Ventrilo and teamspeak. PST for more infoDespark36 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 Sisters of Elune Specific: DMP! That stands for Dead Man's Party! One of the faster growing guilds and in need of a dedicated raid team! I have four fitful but wonderful tanks and the greatest GM/Druid healer on the server (in my opinion) - three cheers for Kalbaras!! I have one of the server's top mages and am flirting with a very good heals in another guild to throw in with Speedemon! However - I WANT MORE!! I need dedicated DPS - at least four of them and one more healer. Now, I am not a bad - ahem - warlock! Just a greedy, greedy lil' lady lock, and I want my guild to be best in realm. Too much to ask for? Nah!! I just need you to move your toons to Sisters of Elune and join the Party! Promotions for a strong raid leader who can be there when I can't! This lock has to work to stay alive you know! So come join Dead Man's Party today!Droxine0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 (H) Arthas: 25 Man Recruiting DPS Hello, Pull n Pray of Arthas has just switched to 25 man raiding. We have been able to fill our raid with guild members but are looking for higher parsing dps that matches our former core 10 man. Raid Days are Wed, Sunday, Monday. 8-11pm EST. We provide flask, enchants, etc. The loot system is DKP. Transfer today and come join our Sunday raid! Since the 25 man is new I'm not shooting for high end Item Levels. I just want competent DPS. logs: Bnet me Salvations#1472Salvations1 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 494 Mistweaver LF raiding guild Hello mistweaver monk here looking for semi-hardcore 10man raiding guild. Looking for 3-4 nights a week 7-11:30cst. Looking for a full-time healer spot not at all interested in tanking or dpsing. Im looking for a 10man group where every person in the group pulls their own weight, and is able to have a good time at the same time. Have any questions/concerns feel free to add me. ONLY HORDE GUILDS PLZ Pinkndamidle#1952Kushnfopushn35 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 [H] Icon, Feathermoon Recruiting 10/16N, looking to fill out our ranks. Looking to fill up a second raid, and for people to take leadership roles in said raid. Accepting all classes/levels, for all activities pvp and pve. Casual to hardcore all accepted. If you act like an immature moron you will be booted. If u r teh type 2 use letters in place of words, keep lookin.Kucer0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 [H] <Valhalla> [Shandris] Casual/Social Guild Hello folks! I am the recruitment officer for Valhalla, a social/casual guild located on the Shandris server. We can be defined as a play-for-fun, social and no pressure guild. We enjoy the occasional challenge, as well as working together to gain achievements. We are a group of like-minded adults who realize that there are responsibilities outside of the game. We enjoy the game for what it is: a distraction and form of relaxation after a long day of work. However, we also realize that the game can be lonely if there aren't interesting people to talk to -- so that is why we were created! We formed in 2008 and returned in 2012, in order to begin establishing ourselves on the server once more. We are currently a level 8 guild with several bank tabs to help those who need it. We're working hard to gain achievements, but that's where you come in! If you're interested in joining our little community, please send us a message in-game. Just /who Valhalla and if one of us is online, just ask for an invite. We don't have level requirements or specifications to join! Hopefully we'll hear from you and look forward to making your acquaintance! :) Karemi Valkyrie of Valhalla Shandris US Server Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 480 Ele shammy LF raiding guild. title says it. looking for a good progression guild normal or heroics is ok with me. im open fri-sun. and can raid late night (9 pst) during weekdays or mornings. preffer to stay horde but if a good offer from ally side comes i'd consider it. add me in game to talk more about things or post on here. will be looking for either. hope to hear from some good guilds.Yohdah5 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 Looking for Tank and DPS Colorful Metaphor - Malfurion currently runs 10man and is focused on downing content before its replaced. Eventually we would like to run heroics. We are currently recruiting a tank and dps. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Monday 8-11pm CST. Contact Mauddib or Parbear in game to set up an interview.Mauddib0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 Crossrealm RBG forming. Signup here. [H] Crossrealm RBGs team: Recruiting mature, skilled, friendly players that are looking to reach 2.2k to get elite gear/weapon. Need to be able to communicate (vent/mic), follow orders and be reliable. RBGs start promptly and you are expected to be on 10min prior to start for invites. We have a good time, drink a beer and hit 2.2k and farm some sweet gear. 1.Rated Battle Grounds: Thur/Mon 7-10/11 Central time. 2. Horde 3. US/Central time Gear Requirements: 6k resil If interested Battle Tag: Valance#1660 and I will shoot you a whisper in game. Also, reply here so we can get a look at what we have: Char name/Class/Spec Certainly need some quality healers. Classes so far: 1.Guardian/FC 2.Warrior/DPS 3.Frost DK/DPS 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.Nyghtfang0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 487 Disc Priest 16/16 + 4/16 Heroic LFG Hey there! I am currently in the market for a guild for my Priest! Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday @ 7:30 PM EST - 11:30 PM EST or 9:30AM EST to 4:30 PM EST or. I will server xfer if needed but I am not looking to faction change unless it is paid for me don't have the money for it. This character is my ALT. I put emphasis on alt because I know he has some things that need to be worked on. - That is my main. NO I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A GUILD ON MY DRUID I AM GM AND RAID LEADER OF MY 16/16 + 3/16 HEROIC GUILD My priest has killed 14/16 Normal and 2/16 Heroic, I Personally am 16/16 and 4/16 Killed. I know the fights and have plenty XP healing on my priest not only in MoP I healed and DPS'd in Cata on my priest through 8/8 HM DS A little bit of information about me, I am 23 Years old, I have been playing the game since I got an invite to Closed beta November 2005 via Fileplanet Premium membership. I have taken breaks here and there but have been playing WoW for the majority of its existence. I have always been in end-game raiding guilds; Vanilla: <Fervor>/<Dark Supremacy> - Frostwolf Alliance - Amaven Rogue/Dega Hunter BC: <We goto DVC> - (College Guild) Burning Legion Alliance - Amaven Rogue/Maryjaen Paladin/Imavan Mage WotLK: <Forsaken Bloodlines> - Joined a couple days before WotLK on Imavan Druid. Spent a lot of time in this guild became an officer and help run it until GM ninja left. <Prominence> - Finished WotLK with them until they stopped raiding before cata where i left and formed my current guild with friends. Cata: <The Corpologists/Hostile Work Environment> - Formed this guild 3 weeks before cataclysm was released on burning legion alliance, in March 2012 we moved the guild to Illidan Horde and became Hostile Work Environment. MoP: Same as Cata If interested feel free to add my battletag Imavan#1275 or leave your post here. I am looking for a guild at least 14/16 Normal, Prefer one starting/working on heroics. Will have my professions finished by the end of the week just changed them.Imavan21 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 Empyrean - Thorium Brotherhood LF... ...quality, active players. We are a small guild looking to grow. We've got some smart players who know their roles and play their toons well. We have a dedicated core of about 8 players who play most every night with others whose schedules are more sporadic. We're a level 7 guild and with this X-pac we're all over the place. We have a core doing heroics and are working on a second and possibly third team for 5-mans, with a few stragglers closing the gap to 85. Our intention at this stage of the game is to get a group of 10-12 Heroic/JP Geared, so that we can enter into the land of raiding once more. We are a mature guild. You'll find that our G-Chat and general communication leans toward the pg-rated side. We're not prudes, and occasionally things slip out but for the most part we are comprised of families of people(husbands/wives) ranging in age from 20-40 interested in enjoying the game with like-minded people. We aren't the #1 guild on the server, but we do well enough to have achieved a top 20 server ranking on wowranked. You'll find no 'leet' people here, but kind folks that like to help each other. That said, we've never met a boss we couldn't kill. Most of our guild plays from 8server until about 11 server, with a few that are on at any given time. We offer all the basics: vent, big g-bank, etc. and all the usual stuff. If this sounds like you, and you want to hang out with people who aren't puffed up, but still get it done, then look us up. You can whisper or write to BYTTS in-game or go to our forum and fill out an application. Healers are always welcome, and ranged DPS, but we'll consider anyone. http://empyreanguild1.guildlaunch.comTëmplär2 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 485 ilvl hpally ex DS top 50 US LF late night raiding guild! As it say 380ish ilvl pve. The reason I'm just starting to raid this expak now is because I started a job and didn't know my hours so left top 50 US guild to casually pvp/pve. But knowing my hours now I'm able to commit. anyday 8:30 PM EST+ 10% 8/8 heroic DS prenerf 6/7 Heroic 5% wipe on ragnaros 6/13H T11 prenerf! 3/6 DS first week pug! I'm aware and able to learn any fight fast. I also do know all the fights on regular for MSV reg which ive attempted all first 1-3 weeks. HoF and the new raid im not sure about the fights but am going to read up on them and learn these fights within next 2-3 days. My battletag is Sephiriya#1549 or Thanks and apreciate you looking at this!Sephiriya14 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 The Final Episode is looking for more! The Final Episode is a fun casual guild. We have a have team for Fridays and Saturdays 7-11pm. We also do some PvP and looking for more people to do rbgs with and just have fun. If you're a low level and need help leveling, we will help you and run you through the dungeons you need to get max level. We currently need a healer and mdps for our core group. If you're just a casual player you can join too. We have people in all levels and classes. So if you're interested add me at my RL ID fonsecajay55@yahoo.comLycanss0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 <A> Unchained of stormrage (10m) LF1M heals ! Good day Stormrage, Unchained newly formed 10 man guild is looking for 1 healer with adequate OS dps or straight heals. Prefer priest or shaman.  We are a core of friends that been raiding together since vanilla. We have met a few good people that have since then been sticking with us and became part of our tight group. We started on this server and went 6/6 vaults first night and 2/6 HoF second night going through pug after pug. We then went in Tuesday and went 3/6 HoF with a pug healer and got 4th boss to 30% 2 heals. We are looking for a permanent healer. Heroics are in the near future.  Website in maintenance ATM but you can reply here or whisper Níghtmare (alt + 0237 for the i) Raefon or Huntersixx if interested in a core spot for us.  Must have a 100% raid attendance, good attitude, make your own schedule, vent with a working mic, follow direction, learn from your mistakes, and the most popular.. Don't stand in stuff!  Raid days are Tuesday and Wednesday 9-1 est server time. Option to change wednesday to Thursday is possible for the right person.  Thank you very much again and have a great day. Níghtmare3 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 [A] 10m 10/16HM <Cry Moar> Rec a Leather Tank Recruiting a Guardian Druid or a Brewmaster Monk! Raid Times: 8-11pm EST Tues, Weds, Thurs. Progression: 6/6 HMSV, 4/6 HHoF, 4/4 NToES. <Cry Moar> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Blackhand-US. We are a group of older raiders on a light raiding schedule. During our limited raid schedule we focus hardcore but still maintain a light-hearted atmosphere. Contact me Glowstix#1315 or apply at crymoar.enjin.comGlowstix0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 <Revitalization> Late night! <Revitalization> We are a newly established guild on Area-52. The Guild leaders are well experienced in all aspects of the game. Raid Leader Exp: I succesfully started a Semi-Hardcore raiding guild (Kharma) from scratch in Cata on area 52 ( we were a well known and respected Guild) and progressed to top 20 before real life got in the way and people were forced to stop raiding. I have cleared, as a raid leader, T11, T12, T13 including Sinestra all on heroic 10/25, and also cleared all content on the Beta for Mop. ________________________________ Raid Times: Tues/Thurs/Sun 11pm-2:am server time. (8pm-11pm PST, 11pm-2am EST) Current Recruitment Needs: Tank: 1 *Guardian Druid, Blood Dk or Brewmaster. Heales:3 *Disc priest, Mistweaver monk, Resto shaman, Resto druid or a Holy pally. RDPS: 2 *Hunter, Fire Mage, Ele shaman, Shadow priest or a Balance druid MDPS:1 *Unholy/Frost Deathknight, Arms/Furry Warrior. Requierments/Expectations: *Extensive knowledge of your class. *Willingness to learn and learn quickly. *Must have proper raid awareness. *Must be able to handle constructive criticism. *Basic knowledge of fights/mechanics (from videos, LFR or practice on the PTR if possible). *Prepared for raids (food/flasks/pots/enchants ready at raid entrance 5 min before raid time). *Near 100% raid attendance required to keep our progression going. *Age 18+. ELITIST ATTITUDE NOT ALLOWED. _________________________________ Loot System: Master looter MS>OS>D/E. Held by a loot council of leaders within the raid group. If you have any questions or are interested in joining please contact me. Aftérlifé Real ID Info: ID Name is Josh Or Aceydubs Real ID info: ID Name is MatthewAftérlifé0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 [A] 16/16N 4/16H LF Heal, DPS <Echelón> is now recruiting experienced raiders for core spots. We are a 10 man alliance guild on the Kil'jaeden server (high pop, pvp). Raid times are Tues/Wed/Thurs 6:00pm-9:00pm server time (PST). We are looking to fill a couple core spots on one of our 10 mans. The group is 16/16N, 4/16H. Looking to fill these spots IMMEDIATELY, keep pushing into heroics, and get ready to rock come 5.2! Our core group of players has played together through several tiers and expansions and is made up of skilled players that have the desire to push new content while keeping a friendly and constructive environment. Our raiders are dedicated, friendly, respectful, and skilled. Raiding 9 hours/week, we don't have time for drama. What we offer: <Echelón> is a long-standing, stable guild that offers players a guild that focuses not only on raiding but on its people. Our primary focus is heroic mode raiding, but our raiders and community participate in many different guild events, including PVP. We believe that a positive, constructive and inclusive environment is critical in building a successful raiding team. If you have been looking for a mature guild that enjoys their community as much as downing bosses, we are the guild for you! We are looking for the type of player who: -knows the intricacies of his/her class and can play it well, -has great raid awareness and a quick learning curve, -enjoys pushing progression and learning fights, -and is excited to be part of a successful team environment. Currently, we have dps spots for the following: (1) - Resto Sham (DPS OS a plus) or Mistweaver (DPS OS req) (1) - Other DPS (Fury War or Frost DK with tank OS pref, but will consider exceptional DPS from any class) Feel free to contact an officer in game if you need any more information: Vinodolce, Oryin (Xotl#1172), Donnieyenn.Oryin0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 [A] 10/16N LF DPS to push heroics <Echelón> is now recruiting experienced raiders for core spots. Raid times are Tues/Wed/Thurs 6:00pm-9:00pm server time (PST). We are looking to fill a couple core spots on one of our 10 mans. The group is 10/16N, and half of the members are already 16/16N. Just need to fill these last spots to get really rolling strong. Looking to fill these spots IMMEDIATELY, keep pushing into heroics, and get ready to rock come 5.2! Our core group of players has played together through several tiers and expansions and is made up of skilled players that have the desire to push new content while keeping a friendly and constructive environment. Our raiders are dedicated, friendly, respectful, and skilled. Raiding 9 hours/week, we don't have time for drama. What we offer: <Echelón> is a long-standing, stable guild that offers players a guild that focuses not only on raiding but on its people. Our primary focus is heroic mode raiding, but our raiders and community participate in many different guild events, including PVP. We believe that a positive, constructive and inclusive environment is critical in building a successful raiding team. If you have been looking for a mature guild that enjoys their community as much as downing bosses, we are the guild for you! We are looking for the type of player who: -knows the intricacies of his/her class and can play it well, -has great raid awareness and a quick learning curve, -enjoys pushing progression and learning fights, -and is excited to be part of a successful team environment. Currently, we have dps spots for the following: (2 from) Fury warrior; Ranged caster (boomkin, spriest, mage) Feel free to contact an officer in game if you need any more information: Vinodolce, Oryin (Xotl#1172), Donnieyenn.Oryin9 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 10/16H 10 man LF ranged DPS and more Biblical Proportions is a reform of a Cataclysm guild that was top US100 and server first. People had to take a RL break between downing H Madness and MoP's release, and we are just now getting back at it. We've been raiding 8 weeks, are 6/6H MSV and 4/6H HoF, And all Normals cleared. We raid Tues-Thursday 9pm-12am server time (CST) and an occasional monday during progression. BP needs Elemental Shaman Warlock Shadow Priest Fury Warrior Any healer with a decent off spec Only 1-2 spots are available App at or add our battletag Pshift#1790 Dealface#1277Gummybeaar12 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 488lock LF raid progression home Lock looking to progress thru mop raids. 10m - 25m dont matter, have done both. Just want some consistant attendance with a bunch of tryhards who enjoy the experience! ;-p Currently Alliance on Durotan but if group is right willing to jump realms or fraction.Optimo44 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 Unknown Soldiers is Recruiting I just created a new guild on Kil'jaeden (Unknown Soldiers) and it's currently level 7. We plan on doing RBGs and Arena's. PST if you are interested in joining. Kokko (aka Skarred/Kiato)Kokko0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 HEROIC RAIDING GUILD LF players to go 16/16HM <Triquetra> of Stormrage is currently recruiting for our 10 man, in hopes of roflstomping through some heroics, then going 25 man. Our core is made up of raiders that already have a better-than-average amount of heroic experience, some coming from top US 15 guilds. We're looking to push through all of MSV heroic and part of HOF in our first week, and go 16/16hm by 5.2. We raid 5 days a week (Sunday-Thursday, 8-12) and although we are new as a raid team, we are not looking to spend a lot of time progressing through the tier. Our most immediate needs are: RESTO SHAMAN WARLOCK BEAR TANK Although we encourage ALL PLAYERS with the experience and skill we need to get through this tier quickly to apply, as we'll be moving to 25 man ASAP Please apply at You can contact Anxth, Gala, or Krakerz online or add Gala#1100 to BNET for any questions.Gala1 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 [A-10] <Iniquity> 6/16H LF Skilled Heals/DPS Times: Thursday: 5:00PM - 9:00PM PST Sunday: 5:00PM - 9:00PM PST Monday: 5:00PM - 9:00PM PST Raid: 10 Man About us: Iniquity is a newly formed raid group from friends and like minded players from various different guilds, our atmosphere is absolutely like no other. We all have a mindset of progressing through content as fast as possible in the few days a week that we raid while keeping the most laid back raid environment you could ever be apart of. Most of our members have known each other since the days before WoW and in real life and we all get along very well which keeps our chemistry bar none in getting new bosses down in a timely manner. Lately our raid has taken a few spills from people moving on to do new things or leaving for various reasons and were looking to get back on track to push through as much progression before 5.2. Before our mishaps we managed to break 6/6 Heroic MV in just 2 days of raiding. Our players all come from various world top guilds and have very strong skills in raiding. We're looking to refill our roster with like-minded players who have 2 very strong goals: - Progression - Kicking back and having fun without being burnt out from a boring guild! Our current recruitment needs are as follows: DPS: Warrior Healers: Holy Paladin Disc/Holy Priest If this sounds like a raid group you would like to be apart of we would love to hear from you and would look forward into raiding with you. Contact one of our officers in game or contact our recruiter via RealID below. Edp Fail Fayte RealID: f4yt3x@live.comFail1 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 [H] (7/16H) 10M LF Tank/Ranged Core Spot Hi all, Gonna keep this short. Happy to talk with you more in person. Subtle Insanity Looking for a tank and hunter/warlock to finish off our 10 man raid group. We have a dedicated group that is focused on progression and our core raiders rank frequently. Raid Times are: Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sund 8:30-11:30 Central Time If interested send me a message anti#1943Dybby0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 (H) LF Friendly Progressive 10M Guild 3 of my friends and I are planning to transfer to Arthas in a week or so and are looking for a good guild with a good atmosphere and looking for 10 man raid progression. 3 of the 4 of us are experienced raiders, being 6/6 MV 5/6 HoF. The 4th is a druid who would like to get into casual raiding but isn't entirely raid ready yet. Our raiders consist of; Priest: Disc 485 ilv - Druid: Boomkin 498ilv - Shaman: Elemental 489ilv Looking for raid times Mon thru Thurs, 9pm-12am EST. Feel free to contact us; Pinochino#1912 or Pigeonator#1384Alyciasolace0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 Late Night 10 man LFM Core Raiders hey guys let me start off by telling you about our group. We are a solid group of 6 people lfm to add to our group. We are 6/6 MSV and 1/4 HOF. We would like to push more and create a solid group for TES, and 5.2 Raid. Our raid times are Tues Wed 12-3 am EST. LF Tank, 2 Melee (1 Rogue), and 1 RDPS If you are interested then please comment here and i will get back to you ASAP.ßenafflock5 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 <Srs Bzns> 6/6 3/6 2/6 LF Pally or Druid Heal Raid times: Tues-Thurs 9Pm-12pmish EST. (Server) We are currently looking for a healer of pally or druid class to accompany us and perform exceptionally in raid. We would like a player who will be ready to raid gear wise and time wise. Being prepared an punctual isnt an option, its a must. If you cannot commit 3 days a week and 3 hours a day please dont not apply. We know that the progression could be better, however we have struggled with participation. The server is huge and alot is going on. We understand that. On the other hand we want consistency. Folks that do not perform up to par are unsat. We would very much just like some norm to go along with out functionality. Previous experience is important, but i primarily desire this xpac's experience. I wish to only interview players healers that can go at least 10/16. If you cannot kite pheramones or at the very least wish to attempt it you can also just not apply. I have a very particular healer set in mind and require you to meet all expectations. If interested please contact: DIZZLE#2957 thank youOrelhasgrand3 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 484 Lock looking for daytime group Hi there. I need to change from my nighttime raid team to spend more time with my wife while she's home from work. This means I need to find a team that runs sometime Tues-Saturday, between something like 9:30AM - 4:00PM EST. I also have a mage that I could bring with a slightly higher item lvl, but honestly the Lock is more fun so I'd rather use him. My teams current progression is 5/6 MSV and 3/6 HoF (Garalon down last week). I've been running some LFR logs recently so you can check epeen for this guy or you can find logs from the normal runs on my mage if you prefer (Turnkeymage). Anyone who sounds like I might work for them please respond. :-)Turnkeylock1 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 Satans Minions is now recruiting! We are a level 25 adult casual guild. We are looking for healers to help in completeling weekly challenages and to begin challenge mode dungeons. We are hoping to eventually build up a raid team once we have everyone geared and ready to go.Couponista1 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 8/16H Emerald Dream Horde LF Mage and Paladin <After Hours> US Emerald Dream Horde is recruiting We are currently looking for a Mage and a Holy Paladin with a ret offspec Raid days will be Mon-Thurs(During progression) 9 pm to 1 am st. Our Current progression is 8/16 Heroic. We have the server first Heroic Will of the Emperor For more information, please PST Aventadorr, Conmoo or Stallion in game. Or Apply online. Thanks!! After Hours is a late night 10man guild made up of a core of friends who have been raiding together since BC. The guild is drama free, no cliques, everyone gets along with each other, and we love to joke around(good clean fun). The age group for our raids are mid to upper 20s, we aren't bros or brahs, just a group of people who want to raid after a long days work. Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 ele/resto shammy LF raiding guild! title says it. looking for a good progression guild normal or heroics is ok with me. im open fri-sun. and can raid late night (9 pst) during weekdays or mornings. preffer to stay horde but if a good offer from ally side comes i'd consider it. add me in game to talk more about things or post on here. will be looking for either. hope to hear from some good guildsYohdah10 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 THE HATED-Bloodhoof Needs healer! We are looking for a non-priest healer for our core 10 man. We raid 8p-10p server time Wednesday and Thursday! We do scenarios, challenge modes, and heroics; we are also interested in rated BG's. We would love to have another person join us each week as we play, laugh, and kill bosses! We don't care if you've never raided before we just ask that you know your toon, want to have fun and get loots! Whisper me in game or leave a message here. :) Thanks for reading!Vênus0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 14/16H MW Monk w/ alt Spriest option I am looking for a new place to raid unfortunately I have very odd hours of availability I can raid any times on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday but Thursday through Sunday I am only able to raid at 10:30pm (CST) or later because I work untell 10:00 and do not get home untell about 10:10. With that being said I understand that most high progression guilds or at least guilds with similar progression to my own usually raid earlier and raid on Thursday/Sunday, I would love to find a place for my Monk but I have a Spriest alt I would be willing to play in a less progressed guild obviously the gear is no where near my Monk but it is Raid ready and Heroic Raid ready for Mogu'Shan and the early parts of HoF. If I choose to play my Spriest it would then become my main I am currently not raiding so please do not misunderstand that I am trying to pawn my alt off in a raiding guild it would be my primary focus. I am not looking for much less then a 14/16H for my Monk I really do not want to progress through alot of these fights again doing the same thing. Spriest Armory: Contact: Real ID Btag Raw#1926Ra9 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 [H] Silent 4/16 HM-LF Warlock Weekend Raider Silent is a 10man guild, currently 4/6(H), 6/6, 4/4 on the Horde of Turalyon (PVE). Our group fills a niche for high-expectation raiders who either cannot raid during “normal” raiding hours, or wish to have an additional competitive raiding group on the weekend apart from their normal weekday activities. RED team is currently running 11am-3pm EST (8am-12pm PST) Saturday and Sunday for a total of 8 hours weekly. We have an immediate opening for a Warlock! We also accept exceptional applicants regardless of their class. If you feel you are an exceptional player we would love to hear from you! 16/16 experience and 480 ilvl is MANDATORY With such a light raiding schedule, we will comb very carefully through each application to ensure the creation a top-200 caliber raiding climate. Any questions can be answered by real id, otherwise please follow the link to our page (provided below) and click on “About Us” for more information about who we are and what we aim to do. Don't hesitate to fill out the app on our website if you feel this group might be a match for you! We are looking for mature and reliable raiders only. real id: rekover#1925 LaLarosa#1991 stephling#1722 In game please contact Rekover, Phengzwei, LaLarosa, or Stephling The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can't are both right. Which one are you?Lalarosa3 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 DD wife/husband team looking to raid DD (Double druid) :) looking for a chance to raid on Monday's and Wednesday evenings. Wife is long time resto, and wants to do nothing but and I am flexible in whatever roll needs filling. Feel free to shoot me a message anytime.Tarl7 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 Tank with dps spec & Healer Needed For Core =====Lv25 Guild==== ================ ~What we are looking for~ Tank- with a dps off spec- 470+ i level and raiding experince in current content (mind set of progression)( willing to take any class Tank!) Heals- With Or With Out A dps spec. Non Priest Healer!. (mind set of progression and experince in Healing Current Raids ================== About Us. Currently 7/16 Bosses Killed + progression .We are fun friendly enjoy Progression raiding together and also enjoy grouping up and doing things other then raiding,dungeons scenarios,old content raids, transmog,pvp,acheves, social vent topics. we are very active guild and theres always some one online. Our guild is located on cho''gall hode usa server ================== Raid Times Wed 9pm -midnight (central time zone) Thrus 9pm -midnight ===================== Contact me Real Id pst in game sinzfulSinzful0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 LF Tank/DPS/Heals 10m Hey, We're currently recruiting a few spots to fill our 8/16 10man raid grp. No apps or any of that crap needed, all you'll need is a cool personality and have no problem socializing. We're also willing to pay for a Transfer to our server Arygos. Pst for more details Philly#1685 If your looking to Raid and hang with some normal (I think) ppl that has no guild drama don't be shy and come and say hi.Phinest0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 Fury/Prot LF morning raiding guild Due to recent job/school changes, I am looking for a new morning raiding guild that aligns with my schedule. I would be available to raid: (EST time) Mon - 0900 - 1330 Tue - cannot raid Wed - cannot raid Thur - 0900 - 1330 Fri - 0900 - 1330 Sat -any time Sun - cannot raid I've searched forums for fits that suite my schedule, but haven't really found any compatible. Due to many reasons; no warriors needed/too many warriors on roster, non-availability on certain days, etc. I hate to leave my guild, which I do enjoy membership in (the people are great), but I want to continue raiding. I come prepared, have flasks, food and do research prior to fights, and am open to constructive criticism. I'm looking for a mature, and respectful group who is currently making progress in first few heroic encounters, or possibly progress in finishing normal modes. I am main prot spec'ed, but can hold my own on dps. Either role would suite me. Please let me know if anyone out there is interested. Thank you much.Rexxiq2 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 [A] ilvl 483 Fr. Mage LF LATE NIGHT prog. I'm looking to transfer my mage to another server for a late night (12 EST 9 PST) progression guild. I also have a shaman that may make the transfer, and I plan on making a healer on whichever realm I make my new home. Have not expereinced any heroic content for MoP yet, but I'm a very fast learning and I get fights very quickly. Varalia#1694 or message here to chat :)Varalia9 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 13/16 H10 Looking for TANK Anomaly on Skullcrusher is currently recruiting 1 tank for an immediate raid spot. Our 2nd tank is quitting the game due to having a baby. Our progression is 13/16 HM with enough attempts to realistically be 14/16 this week (though we are pushing for 15/16 this week) Our raid times are 8pm-12 server time Monday-Thursday. As needed an occasional Sunday will be added if we feel that the extra time will yield a meaningful kill. We are a 10 man guild with a tight roster so please note that it is important that you can have as close to 100% raid attendance should we use all of our raid days. All raiding expenses and consumables are covered by the guild bank for a cost free raiding experience. We're a stable guild that has been around since the beginning of Wotlk. We did transition from 25 man 10 man during cataclysm, which is why there is an absence in progression. Most of our raiders have been together for almost 3 years, and several of us have been in top 10 us raiding guilds. We are looking for someone who is knowledgeable and skillful with their class and role. It is not necessary that you have the experience, but it's certainly a plus. We expect that you min/max your gear, research boss fights prior to raid for new content, and are able communicate in raid. You must be able to take criticism well. We are friends here, we like to joke around, and we don't want someone to waste their time here if vulgarity will upset them. You must be able to communicate on mumble. This means that you have a working microphone and will use it when needed during raid. We're sick of raiding with mutes; be able and willing to communicate or you're wasting your time. Raiding should be fun and serious at the same time; that's what we like to do. Please add myself at Tergrukah#1305 on battletag if you'd like to speak more or apply, or whisper Zerodahero, Mahalath, or Bearlol in game. (real id is the most efficient way to contact someone) Please be ready to provide logs should you be willing to apply as it will be near impossible for us to make an informed decision without them.Mahalath2 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 Siege US 17 10m 6/6H - 6/6H - 3/4H LF rdps Siege is recruiting a very skilled ranged dps for heroic Sha of Fear progression. Players under a 495 ilvl or without a minimum of 10/16 heroic experience need not apply (appropriate logs can negate the ilvl requirement). We are looking to fill a slot in our roster just to bolster our core for the remaining bosses in the tier, as well as start out even stronger going in to 5.2 (instead of currently bringing in alts for progression). An elemental shaman and/or mage is our preferred candidate for the dps, though other exceptional players of other classes should not be discouraged from applying. Siege raids M-T 7-11 EST. We are an alliance guild on Shadowmoon. So far this tier we have realm first on all heroic bosses other than amber-shaper. We run a social and constructive raid environment here. Every raider is expected to be self sufficient and not dependent on a raid leader to know what they are expected to do (other than specific assignments in a rotation). We encourage our raiders to do their own research and present fresh ideas and strategies for killing bosses. Lots of times bosses we are progressing on do not yet have an "accepted" strategy, so we build our own. If you feel you can play at the level we require of our raiders, contribute to the raid environment more than just pretty numbers (though we do expect that too) and have the desire to push progression 4 nights a week (and occasionally an extra day if the raid can make it) then contact one of us in game or leave a message on here and I will get back to you. Realid's: Metzlli - Metzli#1393 Dvn - #Devon1175Metzlli9 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 I am a Lvl 22 rogue looking a guild Looking for a guild that is helpfull and understanding , i am very new to wow but know some stuff , i am a very great person that wont disrespect anyone and i will be glad to help anyone that is also new or newer then me lol im in the server darkul or something like thatNitroll1 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 Exodus Is Recruiting DPS Server: US - Silver Hand 25-Man Progress: 5/6 Mogu'shan Vaults NM 1/6 Heart of Fear NM Exodus is currently looking for dps for our 25 man raid. Raid times: 9 PM - 12 AM PST (12 PM - 3 AM EST) on Thursdays and Sundays Website: For all raiders food and flasks are provided and for main raiders enchants and gems are provided for gear for main spec. Loot:Exodus uses the EPGP loot system. Information regarding how it works can be found and explained here: Applicant information:Applicants should be geared enough to contribute to the current raiding content. Applicants must have a understanding of what to expect from encounters in the content we are working on. While not mandatory, successful applicants should have experience and or knowledge of all progression fights. In addition, a thorough understanding of your class and spec, as well as knowledge of how to maximize your character is highly desirable. Applicants should be able to fully commit to our raid schedule and be able to maintain at least 90% attendance. While we may not have a high need for your particular class, we are always recruiting good players, and players who know their class and perform well will always earn a raid spot, regardless of whether we are recruiting that class or not. <Exodus> has been raiding since BC focusing on 25-mans. We're a laid back guild that still puts focus into making progress. Outside of our main raid we do a few 10-mans and run old content for transmog and fun. If you are interested, feel free to contact me by Real-ID/Battletag: Jen1031#1122 Email: or check out our guild site. Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 [A]<Bloodspiral> LF adults for raiding <Bloodspiral> (lvl 25) is made up of mature adults who play the game for friends, fun, and to blow off steam at the end of a long work day. We aren't -- nor do we want to be -- on the cutting edge of progression, but we do get things done on a two night (~6 hours/week) schedule and have fun doing it. We formed a little over 5 years ago on Lightninghoof, but transferred to Stormrage in April when our old server more or less died. We are looking for like-minded players to help us build and maintain the types of in-game relationships that make this game so enjoyable for us all. We want people who play the game for social interaction and to have fun. A love of slaying internet dragons is certainly a plus, but we welcome questers, crafters, and PVPers of all types and levels, along with anyone else who shares our core values of Family, Fun, and Friendship. If you are applying for a raid spot, our only expectation is that you work to improve yourself. You don't need the best gear or to have years of heroic experience. But, if you are someone who continually underperforms, dies to the same mechanics repeatedly without taking steps to fix whatever isn't working, can't handle constructive criticism, rages after a wipe or two, or are generally a tool, you might consider looking elsewhere. Pertinent Info: Server: Stormrage (EST, top US Alliance PVE server) Guild: <Bloodspiral> Guild Focus: Social/Semi-Casual Raiding Current Needs: Non-pally healer Warlock Plate tank with DPS OS Casuals, crafters, and questers of all shapes and sizes!Progression: 6/6 MSV 2/6 HoF Haven't started TOESRaid Times: Tues/Thurs, 8-11ESTWebsite: Feel free to have a look around our site. If you like what you see, you can submit an app, or hit me up in-game using my battletag: Sorphius#1440. Hope to hear from you!Finbarr5 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 Mists Of Azeroth currently recruiteing Server: Moongaurd Mists of Azeroth are currently recruiting. We are a level 1 casual RP/social guild currently looking for new members. While RP is not compulsory it is encouraged. If interested please whisper. If interested please mailSoongda1 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 Mage LF raiding guild on tuesday and thursday I am looking for a guild that is progression oriented and raids on tuesday and thursday only i would prefer to do 25 man, but 10 man works. Willing to play horde or alliance. Plz be at least 6/6 MV and 2/6 Hof.Gambìt3 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 [A]7/16HM LF heals and a tank Server First is a 10 man guild on Sargeras US Alliance specializing in pve raids. We currently host 1 10 man raid group.Our current progression is 6/6H MGV, 1/6H HOF and 4/4 Tos. Server first is a fairly new guild that transferred here from US Aggramar in Cataclysm. Mid DS we formed a 10 man raid group which quickly progressed through 8/8H. In MOP we upgraded from 1 10 man raid to 2 10 man raids consisting of a mixture of several old members as well as several new players. Looking to join our team? We raid tue-thurs 7pm-11:30pm pst Currently looking for any tank and preferably a priest or druid healer. Apply here!Ulikedit1 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 Knight life Recruiting entry level raiding Guild looking for new raiders for 10 and 25 on exodar h server. Starting on mogu and working our way up... looking for all classes and roles if interested get ahold of me.. Raid times are Friday and Saturday 7-11pm estDlemon2 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 493 Enhance Shaman LF Top 100 US 25M Guild Hello, my name is Bruno Tucci I am a 20 year old male residing in Toronto, Ontario (EST) I was formerly a member of a US122 25M guild and am searching for a new home on my Shaman. I play Enhancement and have been since Burning Crusade. I am looking to relaunch my return to the raiding scene as I have been out since December 6th. I left my Previous guild for many reasons such as: lack of serious leadership, guild drama and arguing, and just a clash of goals and negative attitudes in the guild. I am seeking a Top 100 25m US Guild (No exceptions) that fits the following criteria: - Raids anytime from 9:00 p.m EST to 4 a.m. Est and anything in between - Raids 25 mans - Has a solid and established set of guild leaders / officers with organization - Does not "baby" players - Does not tolerate players continuously failing to execute the same mechanic - Has a backbone as to which they will remove a player from the raid team if their performance is under par and holding the raid back - Does not tolerate drama unrelated to the raid itself and finally - Has a great group of players and members all wanting to achieve greatness whether it be: Server Firsts, Higher Guild Rankings, Faster Progression or anything else that correlates to the betterment of the guild as a whole. Due to my time off from World of Warcraft I am still only at 493 Item Level but I can assure that my knowledge, skill and performance are solid and ready to raid again. I would love to chat with any interested guilds that have questions for me or that I would have questions for preferably through a voice chat server such as: Mumble, Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Skype or through Real ID @ s0akZ#1781 I look forward to hearing from your guilds and finding myself a great raiding environment pushing to progress and be the best that is possible. Thank you for your time and interest; Soakz : Bruno TucciSoakz18 Jan 10, 2013