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Mar 23, 2011
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Mar 23, 2011
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Oct 26, 2010
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[A] 11/13 Mythic Daytime Raiding Guild <Eighty Six> Tanaris - US - PVE - EST Mythic 20 Man Semi-Hardcore Monday, Wednesday, Thursday - AM Raiding 0800-1100 PST Current progression: 11/13 Mythic ====Time Zones for Raiding==== GMT-5 US Eastern - Starts at 11:00AM GMT-6 US Centrail - Starts at 10:00AM GMT-7 US Mountain - Starts at 9:00AM GMT-8 US Pacific - Starts at 8:00AM GMT Starts at 4:00PM GMT+1 - Starts at 5:00PM GMT+2 - Starts at 6:00PM GMT+3 - Starts at 7:00PM India Standard Time - Starts at 8:30PM JST (GMT+9) - Tokyo - Starts at Midnight Australian Eastern Daylight Time - Starts at 2:00AM (next day, so Thursday Friday Tuesday raid cycle) ====A Little Information==== We are a Morning Heroic Raiding Guild! Our officers are located all over the world-we have members located in a dozen different countries. Our time-slot fills a niche that just isn't available on US servers for many players. Many of our players work in the restaurant industry as well (those based in the USA), hence the name, Eighty Six, which is what people say when they delete something from a menu, or cancel an order. ====Loot Rules==== Eighty Six is run by an Officer Loot Council. Our raids distribute loot using a Loot Council system. If you are raiding with us as a trial raider, you will be subject to this loot system. Naturalized raiders are given priority over recruits and raiders with better attendance are prioritized over those who don't show up as often. ====How to be Recruited==== Fill out an app on our website and read our about post regarding guild policy eightysix-guild.com/recruitment eightysix-guild.com/forum/m/12354985/viewthread/13114055-visitors-86-guild-policies/page/1 If you're serious about raiding and want or need to play during our times, this is the guild for you. Our raiders are treated well, with all the perks that come with a mythic progression guild. We provide all potions, gems, flasks and enchants, including repair costs for progression. We enjoy learning fights and applying our own strategies to them and work together as a team to down them. If you're the ideal candidate you're raid aware, competitive, experienced with end-game content, patient, mature, able to follow directions, willing and able to learn, friendly and generous. Everyone who makes it past recruit status in this guild demonstrates those character traits. We want to cultivate the best experience possible when raiding, and that means no yelling, no stress, no drama. We are not hardcore, but we do dedicate ourselves to being skilled players who help each other try and beat the hard bosses of this game. ====The Must Haves==== - Access to Mumble/have a working mic - 80%+ Raid Attendance. We're recruiting for raid spots, not bench spots. Absences communicated in advance are 100% excused, no questions asked. - The ability to stay focused. We don't need people who tunnel vision. - The ability to communicate when something is wrong, either with guild policy, raid strategy, or a squabble with another raider. All drama will be dealt with using an open communication policy, so as to be alleviated immediately. - The ability to communicate when you will be tardy or absent in advance on the guild forums. - Be able to transfer to Tanaris - USA - Raiding Experience - Appropriate Gear Level, Build, and ... - An obsession with improving your character ====Current Needs==== - Heals - Ranged DPS Our recruitment officer may be reached at Oups#1377 Good luck Oups7
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(H) <Mortal Wombats> Khaz'goroth/Dath'remar 13/13H Wanna be a Wombat?!?!!?1!! *the following paragraph is to be yelled in a high-pitched 80s Glam-rock style* Are you looking for a new guild, but can't find one that fits your particular personality? Are you strange and unusual in undefinable yet tangable ways? Do you like to play WoW pantsless? Are you looking to raid Hogger* 2-3 times a week? If your answer to any or all of these questions was "yes" then I have good news for you, because... <Mortal Wombats> are recruiting!! *queue KISS guitar slide* /sing I was made for the Wombats baby! You should get your app to us! and I can't get enough of 'Bats baby! can you get out of the fire!? *incredibly dangerous but rad pyrotechnics* /Gene Simmons tongue I know, I know, this is exciting stuff, but please make sure you change your undergarments before submitting your application. The 'Bats are 13/13H after running with a 10-12 man team, and we are looking to swell the ranks to go into Legion with a strong team. We are currently looking for raiders of all roles. If you have any questions you can /who any wombat and they can direct you to an online officer, or you can throw us an in game app and we will get back to you. We will also be organizing weekly mythic and mythic+ dungeons to go along with raiding Lastly: While this advert might come across as light hearted, we are serious about raiding. We have, and will continue to throw out apps that have no effort put in them. You're not just joining a guild; you're coming into our burrow. Give us some effort in your app and we'll make you feel welcome. Lazy out on the application and we will throw potatoes at you.** Raid times are 7:30pm ST - 9:30pm ST Mondays and Wednesdays. (times may be subject to change by 30 mins) *Due to untimely boss deaths, targets change regularly. **No medical bills will be paid resulting from potato injuries ***Footnotes are awesome Druishh6
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<MAMM> New Zealand Guild LFM Legion Kia Ora Murloc Ate My Mount is a laidback, New Zealand-based raiding guild made up of players from all raiding walks of life, ranging from ex-hardcore raiders, to ex-officers, all the way to casual players looking to break into heroic raiding. We look to knock off as many bosses as we can in the time we have but keeping things fun and exciting while we do them is paramount to us. Formed in 2007 and run by a group of former heroic raiders, things are looking good but we would love to add you to the team as we make our way through the Warcraft universe. Our raid times are extremely friendly to NZ players but those from all corners of the globe are welcome. If you love raiding but also appreciate the importance of life outside of Azeroth, we may just be the guild for you. Like you, we appreciate this balance, so while we don’t enforce 100% attendance, we do expect you to turn up as often as you can and let us know if you can’t make it in advance. During raids, we expect your toon to be fully raid ready with gems, enchants and consumables. We also expect a raid friendly attitude, including a tolerance for wiping. You may be required to play a spec other than your main, so the knowledge and ability to do so is a plus. Sounds sweet as right? Take a look at our recruitment needs. Current Progression 13/13 Heroic HFC Achieved 6.1 10/10 Heroic BRF 7/7 Heroic HM We are specifically recruiting certain classes, but all players and specs will be considered. We are also recruiting for Legion, and appreciate the expansion may cause some of our core raiders to change class/spec, so if you’re interested but don’t see your spec below, feel free to contact us anyway. Actively Recruiting: DPS with Off spec Tank (monk) DPS with Off spec Heals (shaman, monk, druid) Boomkin Warlock Hunter Our General Recruiting Follows: Warrior: DPS Druid: Open Death Knight: Tentative Rogue: Tentative Paladin: Open Shaman: Open Priest: Shadow Warlock: Open Hunter: Open Monk: Open Mage: Tentative Schedule: Monday - 7PM to 10PM (GMT + 12) Wednesday - 7PM to 10PM Thursday - 7PM to 10PM Intrigued and want to know more or get in touch with an officer? We don't have an application process currently but cross-realm means we can trial you without needing to drop cash on a transfer, so: Make a toon on Aman'thul and come have a chat with either Nevjmac, Rahvine or Danneris or add nevjmac#1391, danneris#1602 or Rahvine#1513. The MAMM team Nevjmac85
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[H][Saurfang]<Cauterize> Forming for Legion Cauterize is a newly formed guild aiming to provide a home for any returnees, new players and anyone else seeking to experience Legion content. We are built on a small foundation of members who have had various levels of raid experience ranging right back to Vanilla. We aim to provide a means for players to experience Legions' raiding and dungeon content in an environment where we seek to progress, but not at the expense of enjoying the game. We will be focusing on progression through Normal and Heroic raiding. Raid times Sunday: 8pm-11pm Monday: 8pm-11pm Tuesday: 8pm-11pm The current aim is to provide two core raiding nights, being Sunday/Monday with Tuesday being primarily focused on progressing on what Mythic+ has to offer. Recruitment We are looking for players who are looking for progression in an environment where enjoyment is still a key factor We are actively seeking all roles, with fine tuning taking place some time into Legion. Qualities that we are after in order to maintain a healthy raiding environment include; The ability to show initiative in a raid environment Satisfaction through teamwork Active interest in having knowledge on your class, role, and raids The ability to identify mistakes, learning from and accepting responsibilty for them The ability to take advice and constructive criticismAs we are a newly forming Guild we encourage any members to put forth ideas and suggestions on what they would like to see from us. Contact If you feel Cauterize fills what you're after in a Guild, or have any further questions that haven't been addressed in this post, feel free to contact the following; Endrah - Lyth#1325 Tyrillius - Prez#1117 Endrah0
[A]◄Epic Gaming► 13/13M Thur/Fri - Recruiting Epic Gaming is a 2-night raiding guild that’s been around since late 2014 based in the +8GMT Timezone. We pledge ourselves to keeping raids organised and fun while we progress. Our current progression: Hellfire Citadel(Mythic) - 13/13 ▄▀ We raid on ▀▄ + THURSDAY and FRIDAY (Progression) - 8.30PM to 11.30PM (+8GMT) + MONDAY ( Non Compulsory Farm/Push team) - 8.30PM to 11.30PM (+8GMT) + + + For MONDAYnon compulsory runs during progression before final difficulty (Mythic) we gather a team of whoever's interested in pushing further, and we do just that. During Mythic Prog. it'll be used for farming bosses of current OR previous difficulty. ▄▀ What we expect ▀▄ + Be here 10-15 mins before raid while invites go out + Have necessary Consumables (Pots/Flasks/Food) and Enchants/Gems + Self-reading and adequate understanding of the fight (especially for progression bosses) + Learn from mistakes and ask when unsure + Fun-loving friendly personality (we don’t tolerate drama queens/kings) + Always on (Voice comms)Discord for fights (Be great if you’re vocal but its not a requirement) We do not observe Daylight Savings. So always do time calculations off +8GMT timezone (Perth/Singapore/Malaysia/HongKong Time) RCLootcouncil (addon name) is used for loot distribution, where loot distribution type is Loot Council where gears are given based on decision from the team of officers. Keeping in mind the following factors while we distribute loot: Attendance, Upgrade Difference, Player Attitude, Player Reliability and Punctuality on top of the usual BIS>MS>OS>WF/Socket We're currently looking for anyone who's interested in being part raiding team. Finalizing raid team wont happen until heroic starts but we're looking at about 5 confirmed spots come legion when we reach heroic and up. Interested parties please head over to our guild website http://epicgaming.shivtr.com/site_applications/new and drop in an application, do add any of our Battletag once you have done so or just drop in a post here at this thread and we’ll get back to you the soonest! Leong#1902 / Mii#1892 / Scurwee#1669 / jkhan#1689 Venthez172
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[A] <Hunting For Witches> Legion Raiding Quick Overview Raid times: Wed/Firday 8-11:30pm svt Sever: Frostmourne Alliance (Previously from Jubei'thos Horde). Loot: TBD Voice: TS3 Primary voice Official Reform Date: Legion Prepatch. Currently Recruiting: Any exceptional ranged dps Atmosphere:Lax super chill atmosphere but skilled players so we get !@#$ done. All around 18+ Except some mature exceptions but mostly all around 20-30s. While we are open to helping individuals prep for raids, the general expectation is for you to ensure you are ready yourself. Min/maxing/glyphs etc we expect raiders to be using 100% of their characters potential. Due to our limited raid time, we can't afford to waste time with people who put no effort in. There is also a positive PVP vibe if you also enjoy that, you will find that some of our raiders are also 2k+ in pvp. A little more about us: Our guild was formerly 3/4th on server with some kills top 20 OCE. A lot of core members are coming back and are currently gearing slowly. The Vision of the guild is primarily that of experiencing the current raiding content without having to fully commit to hardcore raiding schedules. We will be reforming officially before Legion Prepatch around 2 months from now and will be looking to sell carry runs for gbank gold in prep for expansion release. Plenty of time to get acquainted with the group who have come back in the meantime while we recruit. Currently we're clearing mythics 8/8 on mains and alts weekly and are doing normal/heroic HFC. Reply to this post / Contact Rush#6870 / Or apply on huntingforwitches.enjin.com Sprightly35
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[H] [Barthilas] Divergent - 13/13M <Divergent> A guild that strives for success, while maintaining a highly active community We are a predominantly Australian guild located on Barthilas (Oceanic) and are currently 13/13M and 13/13H. Our current raid times for the core progression group stand as Wednesday/Sunday/Monday, 9pm-12am Server Time (AEST), as well as a non compulsory alt run on Saturday nights, 9pm-12am Server Time (AEST). While our raid environment is serious on progression, We have a relatively fun and friendly raid and out-of-raid environment, especially on farm bosses. We love some good banter and don't hesitate to bring your arsenal of dad jokes! Expectations As a raiding guild, you can probably imagine we require a few commitments from you. That being said, While we are not an elite guild, we do however still have the expectation of every player that they can follow the few simple requirements as follows: Attendance and Punctuality People have lives (The outside!??! *shudders*). Not everyone can follow a 3 day schedule and that is okay, this does not mean you can't join this guild and can't raid with us casually, as life can pull mean and cruel stunts on people all the time and we may need someone to fill in. However, if you have the intention of maintaining a core position within this guild, we do expect you to be able to meet this schedule. Failure to notify an Officer about lateness/inability to raid could jeopardize your position. Preparation This one speaks for itself. Make sure you arrive on time with all your consumables and specializations required for the raid/fights you have ahead of you. Core players generally have consumables available to them from the guild, however trials will not have this benefit. This topic also relates to classes - while we are not an elite guild we still expect you to be able to perform on your class. ATTITUDE Please notice the capitalization of this. We don't need players with egos higher than a ceiling let alone a roof, we don't need players who can't accept responsibility for their own mistakes and we NEED players who have a passion for the game, a drive for progression, a want to learn and players with the ability to take constructive criticism. There's no I in Team and the last thing anybody wants is a player who can't handle an Officer or Raid Leader trying to help fix the way someone deals with a mechanic to further progress the group. Legion Recruitment has now commenced! Classes we are recruiting for Legion: Tanks: Closed Healers: Shaman Melee: Death Knight, Rogue Ranged: Hunter Providing us logs that reflect your performance in fights from Warlords of Draenor is a massive factor in our selection process. Not having logs will hinder your chances. If you are interested in knowing more about the guild, please don't hesitate to contact me on Battle tag, Ainta#1334, or find me in game! If you like what you see, head to our forums, Divergenthorde.com, and apply now! Ârrøwsøng104
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[H]&lt;Against the Odds&gt; - Recruiting for Legion Against the Odds, Barthilas Against the Odds is a newly formed Aussie guild on the Barthilas server with a view of progression raiding come Legion on a fairly minimalist time-frame. We’re looking to recruit mature players looking to make raid progression while balancing real life commitments. As such our raid times are to be Thurs/Sun 7.30-9.30 PM ST. Given we’ll only be looking to raid 4-5 hours a week, raiders are expected to approach PvE with a serious desire to progress and utilizing the time as best as possible. As such even though this is a game a degree of professionalism is expected of all prospective raiders. The kind of raider we're looking for is someone who has limited time to play WoW but wants to maximize the use of that time. They are prepared, punctual and mature in attitude. They desire progress over farming loot and are committed to being the best they can be at their class. This is essentially pre-recruitment for Legion as such DPS spots are presently open with a view of running heroic Legion dungeons in the expected two weeks leading up to raid release. There are no minimum requirements for the moment and all levels of experience are welcome as long as the attitude matches the goals of the guild. If this sounds like the kind of way you’d like to tackle end-game content in WoW add Chyrone#1100 for a chat. Raid Days – Thursday/Sunday Raid Times – 7.30pm to 9.30pm AEST (ST) Classes/Specs Needed Heals - All spots filled DPS - Warlock (all other exceptional DPS will be considered upon application) If your class/spec isn't listed but you feel we'd be a good fit for how you were looking to raid come Legion hit me up for a chat. Showertime15
[A] Chataclysm - Mon/Thurs 13/13H Who are we? We're a social guild that'll be six years old in November and have been raiding consistently in various forms since Dragon Soul. What are we like for raiding? We raid every Monday and Thursday night from 8pm to 11pm server time (AEST). We are currently 13/13 normal and 13/13 heroic. We have had a slow start to Hellfire Citadel but are making up for lost ground well. We are not mythic contenders. What are we looking for? Any like-minded player to come join our team! We are mostly set for tanks and healers but if either of those roles is your absolute jam and you still think we might be a good option, contact us and we might just be able to shimmy things around. We are almost always recruiting DPS, though currently favour anyone who isn't a druid. ;) What's the guild like? We're turning SIX in November, which means we've been in school a year soon! Consistent leadership has worked well over the years and built a relaxed place for mature people of all ages and walks of life to enjoy their downtime. Guild chat is frequently a flurry of green with active text-based communication and vent used for guild events like raiding and any PvP. Sounds good, but what's your server like? If I could make this font any smaller I would. We come from Gundrak which was connected to Jubei'Thos in early 2014. We are a PvP realm. Gundrak is relatively balanced with almost a 1:1 ratio of horde and alliance. Jubei'Thos is horde heavy with almost 5 horde to every 1 alliance. However, don't let this scare you away straight away! It isn't a complete gankfest and most of the horde is pretty respectful. Plus, the old addage of 'safety in numbers' rings true and if you are having issues people will usually come help you out. Any last words? We're a laid back group of people, but we prefer social members that'll join in with the community over someone who only ever logs in to raid. Life happens and we respect that - we understand that not everybody can make every raid, all we ask is a little notice via one of the many available mediums. Plus, one of our druids has offered to make cookies for new people! Yaay, cookies! You've sold me! Who can I contact? You can either contact me in-game by whispering this character (or any of my others in the guild.. Trust me, you'll be able to tell which ones are me!) or by adding my battletag Llammy#6189. Llamms80
[H] Severity is Back [Barthilas] Legion We at Severity aim to maintain end game content at a semi hardcore level, whilst enjoying the game for what it is. We raid 2 nights a week (Wednesday and Sunday 7-10 server time, 6 hours total) and look forward to progressing through the upcoming content. Previous Progression: ToT[H] – 8/13 Pre 5.4 SoO[M] – 13/14 Pre 6.0 - 14/14 Post 6.0 HM[M] - 3/7 We are currently recruiting: Tanks Closed Range All Melee Closed Heals Closed If your class is listed as closed and you think you are mythic ready/exceptional please dont be shy to app as we look at all apps What you can expect from us <Severity> prides itself on being a friendly and well-rounded guild with players from Australia, New Zealand and the US. We hold regular meet ups in both Australia and New Zealand where players can meet up with fellow guildies as well as special events for expansion release days and other notable in game dates. We aim to have a drama free environment with good leadership, management and raid progression. We all enjoy each other’s company and consider ourselves to be as a solid team of like-minded individuals with the goal of having fun and killing bosses. We also enjoy playing other games together such as the Battlefield Series, Dota 2, Overwatch, SWTOR and many more We maintain that players wishing to join show good raiding qualities, these include: • Good people skills • Ability to take constructive criticism and advice • Good knowledge of the game, your class, your spec and a good history of raiding. • A Stable internet connection, computer and good UI • Ability to identify mistakes, learn from them and accept responsibility for them. • Always looking to improve on your skills • We are a close-knit team and none of us tolerate bull!@#$ drama, Arseholes need not apply • A good sense of teamwork and working as a team. If you feel that severity would be a good fit for you please head over to http://www.severity-guild.com/recruitment/ and fill out the application form Contact information: If you have any questions that can’t be answered by this forum post or our website please feel free to add one of our Officers. Arritth - Arrith#1533 Bulldozer - M1dGeT#1466 Darmy - Darmy#1145 Zero - Zero#12929 Bulldozerü4
[A] Malediction - 13/13M - Two Night Raiding Malediction is a fresh two night a week Alliance guild on Aman'Thul. We launched early in 2016 and killed Mythic Archimonde four months later on the 8th of May. Raid Times Thursday (8pm to 11pm) Sunday (8pm to 11pm) Casual/alt runs on Wednesdays (8pm onward) Current Recruitment DPS: 2 Ranged DPS, specifically Warlock and Balance Druid. Check out or website (http://malediction-guild.com) or add us on Battle Tag: Anarcki - Anarcki#1382 Grakthanar - Grim#1848 Voli (Recruitment) – Voli#6115 Ylaéna – Ylaena#1306 Yuqii (Guild Master) – Yuqii#1942 Why consider joining us? Our guild master and raid leader, Yuqii, is a veteran raider with years of officer experience and the following Cutting Edge achievements: Ra-den, Garrosh Hellscream (25 player), Imperator's Fall, Blackhand's Crucible, and The Black Gate. ('Cutting Edge' means that you've killed the boss on mythic before the next tier of content comes out) We know there are veteran raiders who are reaching the point where a two night schedule is much more appealing to them but are worried about taking a huge step backwards in progression. Yuqii created this guild with the goal of making two night raiding work without sacrificing progression. We may be a boss or two behind the 3 night guilds but we're always going to be progressing at a steady pace. We'll continue getting 'Cutting Edge' achievements into Legion and do so while only raiding 6 hours per week. Requirements Potential raiders should be highly skilled at their class and have at least 10 bosses down on mythic. Your gear should be around the 730-740 level and you should have the legendary ring quest completed. At the moment, cross realm mythic is enabled and we are happy to conduct trials as such. You still need to be on Alliance, have Mumble and a working microphone. If you don't meet any of these requirements but are still enthusiastic, you should get in contact anyway. Depending on your circumstances we may be able to work you into some casual runs to get gear and mythic exposure. Thanks for your consideration, Volì Volì26
[A] Recurrence : Recruiting for Legion Cael / Nagrand Connected Server Recurrence is a relatively new guild of friends that have been gaming together since The Burning Crusade, a number of us having been raiding since Vanilla. Having raided top end content since Vanilla from Naxx40, to Black Temple and Sunwell, though Ulduar and ICC, burning through Heroic Deathwing and clubbing Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar. We're confident in our ability and looking for like-minded members. We're a community based guild with focus on progressing as a group, where participation and effort is valued over past merit. Expectations of members and raiders are only what leadership expect from themselves. We're looking to recruit additional members for a Mythic Raid team for Legion. Positions are limited to Damage Dealers at this point, but all applications will be considered. Raiding Times: (GMT+10 AEDT - Cael/Nag Server Time) Wed : 07:30pm - 10:30pm Sun : 07:30pm - 10:30pm Mon : 07:30pm - 10:30pm Demon Hunter : CLOSED Death Knight : HIGH Druid : CLOSED Hunter : LOW Mage : LOW Monk : LOW Paladin : LOW Priest : LOW Rogue : LOW Shaman : HIGH Warlock : HIGH Warrior : CLOSED We're after members that can assist in an online community, being active and participating in activities outside of raid times as well as maintaining a high attendance for raiding. If you cannot make 3 days a week consistently, or only show up 10mins before raid only on raid days this is not the guild for you. Any further questions feel free to add my btag, post here or visit our website. shadowplex#1707 http://recurrence.shivtr.com Fathom0