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8m [A] - Omen - @ Aman’Thul 1/7M W/Th/M 9-12 Omen, is looking for new members to join our raid team as we head into Mythic Emerald Nightmare Raid Schedule: Wed , Thurs & Mon 9pm-12am Server time (Server time = AEST = GMT + 10) Current Progress 7/7H 1/7M Who we are: Omen has been around and raiding together since BC. We have survived as long as we have because our culture is laid back, there are plenty of giggles between pulls on raid night but we are focused when needed and have the skills to get the job done. The things we are looking for in a recruit: - Someone who will get as much out of the team progressing as they do out of seeing the content themselves - Players who are not e-peeners but still are hungry to be at the top of the charts each run - Be the team member who looks at the raid logs to see how they can improve, seeks support form and give it to other guildies - Players that enjoy the class/role they have chosen and love to raid with a team - Actually watch/read about boss fights ahead of time - People who enjoy a giggle on Discord but can focus when it's needed - Have the resilience to throw themselves at a raid boss, wiping while the team learns a fight The team is at the stage of 1 night Heroic clears so ready to head into Myhtics. Just need 2-3 strong DPS on the roster to cover Real Life driven absences. Classes/Specs we are looking for Strong, experienced &skilled DPS of any type will be considered. Currently we are most interested in. - Ranged DPS, especially Mage and Lock - Rogue - Retadin For further questions, please contact one of the Guild Officers below for a chat or head over to our guild site http://omenites.guildnow.com to check us out and apply. Guild officers to contact Vid (BTag: Vid#1333) Del (Delorne#6666)Vidaar6 8m
9m 852 Balance Druid 5/7H Hey guys, I'm looking for a solid prog guild that raids 2 or 3 nights a week. So far I've cleared 5/7H. I cleared 11/13M last expansion with my guild before having to drop out of our team due to not being able to make times. I can no longer make my guilds raids due to them being to late for me. Preferably looking for a guild that raids until about 10 or 11 pm AEDT. I try and maintain my Resto offspec when possible. Happy to transfer if need be. My btag is PhoenixDown#11179Phoenìxdown10 9m
12m [H] <Ascension> - Barthilas | Recruiting Since Hellfire Citadel, Ascension has undergone some structural changes and is looking to make a return to the raiding scene. We are a progression oriented guild looking to recruit some new members for Nighthold and upcoming tiers to come. Farm Schedule: (AEST) Wednesday - 7PM to 12AM Thursday - 7PM to 12AM Sunday - 7PM to 12AM Monday - 7PM to 12AM *During Progression we raid extended hours and extra days depending on full rosters availability *The following should give you an idea of our intended raid schedule for the first few weeks of Nighthold raid progression Monday: 7PM to 12AM Tuesday: Off Wednesday: 7PM till Late Thursday: 7PM till Late Friday: 7:00 - Late Saturday: Afternoon - Late Sunday: When available - 12:00am Website: http://ascensionwow.com/forums/ WoW Progress: www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/barthilas/Ascension Server: Barthilas Horde Notable Achievements: • Mythic Archimonde - US 5th | World 27th • Mythic Blackhand - US 3rd | World 25th • Mythic Imperator Margok - US 1st | World 5th • Heroic Garrosh - US 9th | Oceanic 1st • Heroic Lei Shen - US 13th | Oceanic 1st • Heroic Sha of Fear – US 12th | Oceanic 2nd • Heroic Madness of Deathwing - US 43rd | Oceanic 2nd • Heroic Ragnaros - US 26th | Oceanic 2nd • Heroic Nefarian - US 22nd | Oceanic 3rd • Heroic Lich King - US 62nd | Oceanic 6th Ascension is currently interested in picking up a few players listed below. If you are another class not listed here, but feel you're the type of player we are looking for, there's still a good chance we will consider you for recruitment. Note: We are not recruiting for the bench, these are raid spots. Healers (High Demand - Holy Paladin, Shaman and Holy Priest) Melee DPS (Death Knight, Warrior) Ranged DPS (Hunters, Mages, Shadow Priests, Warlocks) Hunter Ability to play all 3 specs, must be comfortable with changing depending on which is most viable for Mythic progression, Mainly MM and BM as Survival is a melee spec. Death Knight Ability to play both Frost and Unholy, willing to swap depending on which is the more viable raiding spec. The Death Knight position will be more of a DPS role with some potential tanking, it is not a MT or a Primary OT role, however applicants should have gear and knowledge to step in and contribute when needed. Mage Ability to play all 3 specs, must be comfortable with changing depending on which is most viable for Mythic progression. Paladin Looking mainly for a Holy Paladin, but ability to play Retribution and Prot is a bonus. Shaman Looking for Enhance or Elemental Shamans capable of playing both specs and willing to swap depending on the most viable raiding spec. Also looking for a Resto shaman with the ability to play either Enhance or Elemental. Shadow/Holy Priest Ability to play all 3 specs is highly beneficial, but not required. Shadow/Holy would be the most useful. Warrior Ability to play both Arms and Fury, willing to swap depending on which is the more viable raiding spec. The Warrior position will be more of a DPS role with some potential tanking, it is not a MT or a Primary OT role, however applicants should have gear and knowledge to step in and contribute when needed. Warlock Must be exceptional. In all cases, you are expected to know the ins and outs of your class, and keep up to date on all of the changes and proposed changes that your class sees on PTR's and the like. If you have alternate characters that are appropriately geared that you can also play competently, this will only help your case, even if it's not a case we're particularly "looking for". During progression it is required that all raiders maintain 4 characters (Main, Co-Main and two alts). Applications without alts will be considered, however it is required for all trials and raiders to maintain these four characters at a minimum. The rest of the relevant application information and more can be seen at: http://ascensionwow.com/forums/ You can contact any officer for more details, Ascension names of the officers are: Lowgares Chub Ahrellion Zevoa Please do not contact other members about your application status or questions.Chubbyshaman11 12m
18m [A] <ENVS> Frostmourne 2/7M <ENVS> We are 2/7M. We are looking for more range dps. Lead by experienced raiders that have been in top end oce guilds. We need boomy/lock/mage/hunter and 1 healer are what we are mostly looking for but all applications are welcomed. raid times are Wednesday Thursday Sunday 7-11pm ST We are a chill group of players that want to use the 12 hours a week to down as many bosses as we can. we expect u come to raid knowing bosses and having flask/pots/food. If your keen add aokie#1278 on btag.Aokiie10 18m
20m HPriest/RSham LF Raid Team Hey all, As the title states i am currently seeking a new home to continue raiding with for legion and beyond. Unfortunately i was forced to step down from my raid team for a few weeks due to IRL stuff happening that was taking a lot of my time and making me resent sitting playing WoW, however that for the most part has passed at this point. In that time my team has disbanded and therefore i need to find a new one. I have cleared 7/7H EN with *some* experience on 2 mythic bosses (i was not in for the kill of either). This experience was as shadow however i would prefer to return to healing in raids rather than dpsing as i don't feel as comfortable Dpsing. At the moment i'm considering both holy priest (and probably disc too once i dabble with it a bit more) or resto shaman to be the spec and class that i wish to raid on, however that also depends a bit upon what the demand is for both of these classes. Ideally looking for a progression team, however not really sure that at this point in time i can commit to a team seeking to be server first and such. I may be wrong, but it is not what i am explicitly looking to join right now. My Btag: Stale#1310 If you have any questions feel free to add my btag and send me a whisper or reply to this thread. I will check back frequently. I am not fussed faction wise.Acolight2 20m
23m [A] 869 Holy Priest LFG Willing to start later. Just checking where this goes.Xyreel2 23m
28m (H) <Strong Shoulders> Barthilas - 3/7M [R] Currently 2/7M Emerald Nightmare seeking skilled players to push Mythic in the upcoming weeks. Raid Times Wednesday, Sunday, Monday 8:00pm-11:00pm AEST (Server Time) Looking for Tanks: Closed Healers: Holy Priest Melee DPS: Closed Range DPS: MM Hunter, Priest Minimum ilvl 860. What we expect - Consistent attendance to raid nights - Knowledge of class that you are playing in Legion - Prior research to raid encounters - Able to accept and learn from criticism (if justified) - Not create drama - Listen and demonstrate what is asked of - Be prepared for raid eg. food, flasks, potions, etc. Add me for a chit chat @ Mybo#1157Icejjfish23 28m
40m [A] Frostmourne <Beats> GMT+8 Raiding Guild Beats are a brand new guild building a raid team for Legion. Our goal is to complete all Mythic raids while still remaining on our work friendly 3 day raid week. The current officer core are all friends in real-life who have come together to create a fun yet rewarding raiding experience. Due to the nature of our guild chat & relaxed rules on banter while raiding you must currently be over 18 to join. Mythic raiding experience is preferred, however players will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Information: Realm/Faction: Frostmourne Alliance Timezone: GMT+8 Loot System: EPGP Voice Communication: Teamspeak Progression: 6/7H Raid Times: Wednesday: 7:30pm - 11:00pm GMT+8 Thursday: 7:30pm - 11:00pm GMT+8 Sunday: 7:30pm - 11:00pm GMT+8 Monday (Optional): 7:30pm-11:00pm GMT+8 Recruitment: Open to all roles/classes. High Priority for a Shadow Priest & Hunter. Contact: Ixz (GM) - Vallis#1237 Acepa (Recruitment Officer) - Speca#1522 Moxie (Melee DPS Officer) - Moxie#2666Ixzelement20 40m
1h [A] Epic Gaming 3/7M. Recruiting Healer Epic Gaming [A], Frostmourne. Epic Gaming is a 2-night a week raiding guild that’s been around since late 2014 based in the +8GMT Timezone. Our current progression Hellfire Citadel(Mythic) - 13/13 Schedule Thursday and Friday (Progression) - 8.30PM to 11.30PM (+8GMT) 10.30PM to 1.30AM Server Time Monday (Non Compulsory) - 8.30PM to 11.30PM (+8GMT) 10.30PM to 1.30AM Server Time [We do not observe Daylight Savings] - So always do time calculations off +8GMT timezone (Perth/Singapore/Malaysia/HongKong Time) Expectations Team members are expected to be punctual, reliable, prepared and be willing to ask for help when necessary. A friendly personality (we don’t tolerate drama queens/kings) Voice communication (Discord) and a working microphone Recruitment To express further interest please head over to our guild website http://epicgaming.shivtr.com/site_applications/new and fill out an application. For further information or questions please add one of the battle tags listed below. All applications will be considered and responded to. Leong#1902 / Mii#1892 / Jkhan#1689 / Sanzy#1406Sanzy9 1h
1h [H] Exit Wound - 2/7M - LFM camaraderie; mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together. Exit Wound is a horde guild based on Barthilas. We have been a raiding guild since Cata and have been consistently raiding since with very minimal breaks/downtime. Our roster is made of all different levels of experiences with people from back in Vanilla to people who have only started playing in WoD. Our guild prides itself on the camaraderie on people who are in our guild. The base of our guild consists of loyal, genuine and dedicated people who share the same passion for raiding as our leadership team who are also very strong and resilient, especially with all the curveballs the game can give to guilds regarding make or break situations in a raiding environment. We've had them all but we're still standing and going strong. We're looking for raiders who; > Know their class and keep improving themselves > Able to take direction and constructive criticism > Have a decent internet connection/PC > Loyal to guilds > Non-elitists Raid Days; Wednesday, Thursday and Monday Raid Times; 8pm - 11pm EST Voice Comms; Discord Looting; Master Looter = CURRENTLY RECRUITING = Tanks; None. Healers; Disc Priest/Resto Shaman Melee DPS; WW Monk. Ranged DPS; Hunters, Mages and any other exceptional RDPS. ALL EXCEPTIONAL APPLICANTS WILL BE LOOKED AT If interested and think you'll be a great fit for our guild, please add; MissRenface#1693 or lyc#11918Rensocaramel13 1h
1h [H][Nagrand/Caelestrasz] Vagabonds 7/7H About Us We are a recently formed guild of 7/7 Heroic players located on Nagrand/Caelestrasz who are looking for exceptional players to fill our ranks and move into Mythic progression, as well as farming high level mythic+ dungeons for gear. Raid Times All raid times are based off server time Thursday 7:30pm - 11:30pm Sunday 7:30pm - 11:30pm Monday 7:30pm - 11:30pm Additional alt raids are also a possibility if enough people are interested. What we're looking for If you are 860+ ilvl and have Heroic EN experience, don't hesitate to contact us. We are currently recruiting ranged/melee DPS, a tank and a Holy Priest/Resto Shaman. If you believe you are an exceptional player, don't hesitate to contact us even if you are lacking EN experience or not meeting the ilvl. Contacting us Does this interest you? If so, you can contact us in game: Vux#1664 MrSoxs#6915 Oneblade#1965 Riverdan4#1534 Kibin#11555Vuxacha4 1h
2h [A] Shake and Bake - Frostmourne - Mythic Hello, Shake and Bake, Alliance on Frostmourne is recruiting DPS and Healer for our core Mythic EN raid group. We are currently 7/7 Heroic and require two reliable DPS and a Healer to progress into Mythic. We have multiple former best on server raiders that have been raiding together since TBC including two top 10 NA players. If you are experienced, reliable and dedicated we are happy to gear you. Raid Times: Wednesday & Sunday 7 to 10pm server time What We Need: - DPS(Prefer range however if your experienced and reliable we will take melee) - Monk/Shaman Healer Contact: You can contact me via ID: Destero#1421Praynmantis1 2h
2h Blood dk of mythic + plus 867 blood dk looking for a serious mythic + group. I've complete up to + 10. Looking to push several +10 a week.Biggestdkoce0 2h
2h <Immerse> Weekend Raiding! 4/7M <Immerse> is weekend raiding guild comprised of veteran oceanic raiders looking to progress through legion content in a different light. Our goal is to progress as a successful raiding guild, just in half the time! We are looking for exceptional players who believe in quality over quantity to join our team of seasoned raiders. Ideally you will have extensive raiding experience combined with a great attitude to really help us achieve our goal of proving you don't have to raid 4 days a week to see good progression. Heroic 7/7 Mythic: 4/7 Currently we are seeking these classes; However we always recruit all exceptional players regardless of class. ALL CLASSES/SPECS Raids times are as below; All times are in server time. Saturday 7pm - late Sunday 7pm - 11pm If you feel that you can contribute to the team please get in contact with the below team members via battletag; Zlx#6764 Cambrie#1488 Swampdonkk#1766Loafkat124 2h
2h <Steamed Hams> - Horde - Cael-Nagrand <Steamed Hams> is a Casual Progression raiding guild comprised of a group of friends & friends of friends looking to progress through legion content. Our goal is to progress through the content at a reasonable and enjoyable pace whilst having fun! We are looking for exceptional players who have had previous raiding experience and are seeking to push themselves within the right environment. Ideally you will have a great attitude and be prepared to contribute to achieving both the Guilds and Personal raiding goals. Current Progression – Emerald Nightmare: Normal: 7/7 Heroic 7/7 Currently we are seeking the below classes; However, we are always open to any other casual players of any class or any players looking for a social environment to play in. Shad Priest / Mage / Ele Sham Raids times are as below; All times are in QLD time. Wednesday: 8pm – 10.30pm Thursday: 8pm – 10.30pm Sunday: 8pm – 10.30 If you feel that you can contribute to the team please get in contact with me below via battletag or by posting here; Scarecrizzle#1939Undaddy8 2h
3h 861 MW Monk LF Semi Serious Raid Guild As title states, currently 7/7 from just pugging as my current guild raids on US times so I'm willing to transfer across to OCE realms if I can find a good guild. Battle Tag is Tor#6960 if you want to talk.Vitalyze8 3h
3h [A] FM 859 Resto Shaman Hi there, im 859 resto looking for a heroic/mythic raid team. Im currently 5/7H. Can raid most days but times close to 6-30 - No later than 10PM Server . Cheers. Prefer on FM or Alliance. Can contact me on Blazer#6563.Goblinmaster10 3h
3h [A] Holy Priest LF casual(ish) raiding guild Hey guys, Long time WoW player here but I haven't done any non-LFR raiding since Burning Crusade when I was leading my guild through Karazhan. Looking to ease myself back into it for this expansion. Currently ilvl 844 and already bored of LFR, so I'm hoping to find a guild where I can engage in some of the 'proper' raiding content, as well as doing mythic+ dungeon runs. I'm based in NZ, so ideally you will be too but Australian hours suit me pretty well, so if you can handle my accent I'll try to adjust to yours! Main nights I'm always available are Wednesdays and Sundays, but I'm on after 7pm server time most other nights as well. I'm on Dath'Remar, Talonz#6892, if you want to chat :)Luterin1 3h
3h (A) <Grubs Tavern> Caelestrasz 2 Night 7/7H If you meet me, by Grubs Tavern, I'll show you where the treasure is hidden. Grubs Tavern is a 18+ guild on the Caelestrasz/Nagrand server. We are a fairly laid back guild who like to talk a bit of banter whilst still taking raiding seriously. Currently we are recruiting players to bolster our roster with like minded players leading into the Mythic Legion raids. 7/7 on normal mode, 6/7 Heroic. We require raiders to: -Have Discord and good communication -Have good awareness of surroundings -Be on time with flasks, food etc -To be proactive about raiding We offer: -High end raid knowledge -Capable and willing players -A good social atmosphere -Help outside of raiding (i.e. gearing, questing etc) -Flexibility Raid times: Wednesday & Friday 9-12+ AEST, with optional Monday clean up runs. Currently Recruiting: -Range DPS -Non-druid healers High need of: -Mage/Warlock -Priests (any spec) -Elemental Shamans -Range Hunters Although we are still recruiting any class that is a suitable fit. Any other questions feel free to send a message to add me on B.net Mojoalo#2133 or leave a question here.Mojoàlo36 3h
3h Priest look for raiding guild (Disregard) Hi all, I’m a returning player and started play legion a few weeks ago. With patch 7.1 released, I was hoping to join a guild that can accept me as part of the raid team. My current item level is 847. I want to main healer (disc prefer) but willing to play DPS if required. I started play wow since the game released, but on Chinese server. My previous experience in raid are mostly MC, BWL and The Burning Crusade based (as priest). My most recent raid experience is guardian druid in 10H Dragon Soul. Although raid format has been significantly changed now, I have no problem in completing tasks assigned to me during combat. Now I’m living in Melbourne and time difference is painful if I want to raid on Chinese server. My availability is 7:00PM – 10:30PM Australian EST on work days and weekends. I prefer two and no more than 3 nights of raid per week. Outside raid nights, I do WQ and mythic plus. Speaking of which, I do hope to join a guild that has lots of mythic plus contents. I'm looking for both horde and alliance guild. If you think I can contribute to your guild please talk to me. Battle tag is Ezindustry#1164. Thank youNoubu5 3h
3h Frostmourne NZ 2nights p/w 7/7H. We are currently 7/7N 7/7H aiming to get into Mythic asap. Looking to recruit a couple decent DPS for progression raids. We start early and raid two nights a week Wed/Thurs 6pm-9pm server time, with a third optional/alt night on Sunday for farming normal. We are pretty relaxed, however we take raiding seriously and we are focused on progression. Only raiding 6 hours per week we are looking for players that can make most if not all raids, show up on time with the appropriate spec/enchants/consumables, and demonstrate a good understanding of their class and the fight mechanics. Feel free to contact any of the following people in-game: Gerbosaurus Ninazu Westerly Spankstar Mysteree StarquakeStarquake4 3h
4h [A] Euphoric - LF Oce's Finest 2/7M! <Euphoric> is a Hardcore raiding guild on Frostmourne which has been formed by top tier raiders from some of the best guilds on the server. Our key focus is fast, consistent and clear progression. This means that all raiders are required to know their class inside and out. Have knowledge of all encounters and be able to maintain 90% attendance during progression. As we are a brand new guild, with quite a few new talented faces - we are not to concerned with this tier of raiding but will be aiming to be a top three Oceanic guild come Nighthold. Our raiding schedule is: 7:00pm to 11:00am AEST on Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon. (Which will be dropped back once content is on farm). We smashed out 7/7H in the first week smoothly, and cleared Nythendra / Ele on our first night of progression - however several of our core roster have had to take an unfortunate hiatus which has thrown a spanner in the works of progression. So we are looking to pull in some exceptional players, who are committed to being a part of a competitive oceanic raiding guild. Current Progression - Emerald Nightmare (Normal) - 7/7 (Heroic) - 7/7 (Mythic) - 2/7 We are currently recruiting: -Ranged DPS x 2 (Hunters/ Mage/ Spriest/Warlock) -Melee DPS x 1 (Anything but rogues!) HOWEVER the age old adage applies if you are an exceptional player then please put in an application. We are of the mentality that if you are better than one of our existing raiders - you WILL have a raid spot, we firmly believe that players who are above and beyond should be rewarded for their efforts and this is why we have this policy. If you require more information feel free to contact me - Pwn (x322#6983).Pwnqtxoxo26 4h
4h (H) Undramatic 7/7H LFM Hello everyone, Undramatic is currently 7/7N 7/7H EN. We are a well established guild forming in the middle of HFC and progressed effectively. Clearing all current content Without much stress, We are currently seeking an experienced EN ranged player (none hunter class) to join us and progress through Mythic and onto other content such as Karahzan etc. If you are 850+ ilvl and have atleast some Heroic EN experience Please whisper our leader Muliks (Muliks#1569 ) or our raid leader Alikazam (existence#1495). Raid nights are Sunday-Monday 7:30-10:30pm ST. Cheers RotRòt2 4h
5h 871 2/7M Spriest LF late night guild Hey everyone looking for a guild around 11:30pm PST-Whenever into the AM. OR Something EARLY in the AM for PST Time zone would also work because i work 2nd shift maybe even something Sat or Sunday. Been a solid raider for yrs and hoping to find that new home to keep owning for you! any info below is appreciated. I Am From the US and the ping is not awful. ThanksYoungthot4 5h
5h 4/7M Recruting Ranged/Healer <Cthulhu Family Christmas> is an Alliance guild on Khazgoroth/Dathremar comprised of a core of former Oceanic 1st raiders from WoW, Rift and Wildstar who no longer wish to raid at the super hardcore level and instead want to clear all Mythic content at a quick pace while having a good laugh and not stressing too much. We take progression seriously and when it's time to get down to serious business we get things done. But we know when to relax and make fun of the guy who ate the cleave/breath/fell off the platform. We're aiming for constant, and swift improvement from our members and it shows in our performance, every night we see a noticeable increase in the quality of play from the team. We want excellent people to raid with, both in execution/skill and as quality people to spend our time with. If you're looking for a guild who will get things done quickly in a fun environment and is always striving to improve then Cthulhu's loving embrace is the place for you. Recruiting: 1X Healer Shaman or Priest 2x Ranged DPS High Priority - All Ranged Raid Times Sunday/Monday/Wednesday 7:30-10:30 Server Time Contact http://cthulhuchristmas.enjin.com/index Primal@ Primalthirst#1570 Killua@ Bard#6852Primaldh3 5h
6h [A] INFINIUM <1/7M> LFM FOR MYTHIC Time Zone: GMT+10 (AEST) Realm: Dath'Remar (connected to Khaz'goroth) Faction: Alliance In World of Warcraft, we believe there is no greater feeling than playing your best, smashing bosses and excelling as a team. Infinium was founded because we wanted to chase this feeling by building on personal and guild success to create a raid team. To achieve our goals, we need skilled players with dedication and a taste for victory to join us in the fight. Hopefully, this means you! Raid Times (Server time / AEST / +10 GMT): Wednesday: 8:00pm - 11:00pm Thursday: 8:00pm - 11:00pm Sunday: 8:00pm - 11:00pmProgression: EN: 7/7N 7/7H 1/7MRecruiting : Healer (x1) Shaman MonkRange (x2) Hunter Druid Shaman MageMelee (x1) Warrior Demon Hunter Rouge PallyWebsite: infiniumguild.weebly.com My Btag: dreamiix#1746Jaay14 6h
8h [A] Last Prodigies 2/7M is recruiting! G'day future 69'er(s), I would really appreciate it if you could read through our whole post to get a grasp on what our guild is about before applying. Guild info: Server: Frostmourne Faction: Alliance Schedule: M W Th Su, 8:30-11pm AEST Current recruitment needs: 1. Windwalker Monk. 2. Ret Paladin. 3. DPS with a fairly invested offspec. 4. Mistweaver Monk. What makes Last Prodigies unique? We take raiding with a larger-than-life attitude, raiding environment is very laid back, and yet, bosses seem to fall one after another. Our team is best described as cohesive and respectful, and if you would invest the time to get to know us, you'll understand that our chemistry is based on teamwork. Other activities: 1. Daily mythic+ runs, we have multiple groups. 2. Weekend rated battlegrounds, bring booze :) 3. Weekend normal Emerald Nightmare, bring more booze. Contacts: Decadence#1598, our beloved and dedicated GM. Robert#6541, the most fabulous person in the guild.Robulous10 8h
10h Tank/DPS LF EN-Mythic Progression Hi all, Looking to migrate to an oceanic realm. LFGuild with Mythic progression, Mythic+ dungeons is a bonus 2-3 nights a week, less is more approach. Have both tanked and dps-ed the entire 7/7H-EN Fury (26A.Lvl) 869 optimized Prot (21A.Lvl) 867 optimized Hoping to see you soon.Ellenoire4 10h
10h [A][Aman'thul]Utopia 2/7M! Weekend AM L>HEALS Hi Raiders! Utopia is a new guild formed in Patch 6.0. Previously known as Infusion in the Horde side, we've been consistently clearing end-game content competitively with our 6(ish)-hour raid schedule. Our guild consists of working professionals mainly from Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, the Philippines , Korea and Japan. As such, we understand the importance of RL commitments like work and family. The timing that worked best for us, and will be our timing for Legion is Saturday and Sunday, 0800AM-1100AM GMT+8. Previous Tier Progress: 11/13M Hellfire Citadel 2/7H Emerald Nightmare What you can expect from us: Progression at a steady pace Guild sponsored repairs and consumables A fair loot system A friendly and sociable atmosphere (We do not tolerate any form of hate speech) A possibly spammy Whatsapp and Discord (/g on the go!) Alarm Clock services to help you wake up on time for raid...and lots of other fun stuff like dying together in Overwatch or carrying one another in Diablo 3! Who we are looking for: Wants to raid on weekend mornings Mature players who are ok with critiques and are willing to learn Players who take the time to understand their class as well as the basic knowledge of mechanicsInterested new raiders are also welcome to join! Classes we're recruiting: Discipline Priests Mistweaver Monks Holy Paladins Exceptional RDPSIf you don't see your class listed but are still interested, please apply regardless! How to Apply You may apply through: Our guild site at http://utopia.wowlaunch.com PMing Strawbeary, Faeline, Notes, or Roads in gameHope to see you raiding with us soon!Strawbeary46 10h
10h [A] Sigil 2/7M LF Heals+DPS (GMT+8) <Sigil> is a late-night raiding guild on Aman'Thul alliance, with members from SG/MY/HK/AU. We are a long-standing guild, having been raiding consistently for the last 5 years (since start of Cata), and are looking for more skilled raiders to join our Mythic roster! We are looking for competent raiders of all roles. We raid Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 9pm to 12mn (GMT+8 Singapore time), with the occasional alt / casual run on weekends. Contact If you're interested in joining us, get in touch! Application Form: http://tinyurl.com/sigillegionapp Officer Btags: Ophea#1302, samtham#1521, Criss#11291, Learn more about us at our website http://sigil-guild.enjin.com CheersOphea330 10h
11h [H-Frostmourne] <Build Trumps Wall> Hello party people! Build Trumps Wall is recruiting for mythic EN. We raid 7:30-10:30 pm Server Time, Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday. We have optional raids at 2:30 Server time Sunday, and 7:30pm Monday, for casuals/trials/alts. We are in the market for a tank to fill a core tanking position! This is a vital position with near perfect attendance required. Other than this tank position we are always in the market for great players, so please apply! add dmac16#1960 to enquire furtherDmaac0 11h
12h [A]<Handle It> Fri/Sat late night raiding LFM [A]<Handle It> guild based in Australia, Handle It moved back to Aman'thul recently with two of the original members to build up a raiding core group in our own time zone. Recruitment is currently open for ranged DPS a healer and possibly a tank.. We will accept other roles also in case we need to make cuts to the raid team. We will also start a second raid team when we have the numbers. We welcome all players from the casual to the raider. We are currently doing Mythics and plan to hit the raids when they release. Laid back friendly guild who just wants to clear content with some friends and have a good time doing it. Mythics we run pretty much a few a night throughout the week clearing each one every week. Raid schedule: All times are server time: Friday - 9:30pm to 12am Saturday- 9:30pm to 12am During progression we may extend raids and/or raid additional nights when possible. We are looking for people dedicated to clearing content, people that will show up to raids on time and prepared and that will stay the duration of the raid. We expect players to: Research the fights ahead of time. Know how to play their class and keep up on any changes blizzard makes to the class. Come prepared to raid Show up early for raids and stay for the whole raid. Represent the guild in a good light when in pugs or trade chat. If you are interested in joining us please contact Apervert or Velissaro in game.Apervert5 12h
12h [A] Saurfang <Ominous> 4/7M LF DPS 17135 298 posts May 31 Ominous is a Mythic progression guild on Saurfang. We are seeking like-minded dedicated raiders, who can raid at a high level. Our goal is to kill all bosses the game has to offer in a timely manner with mature and reliable people. To achieve this all our raiders are expected to research and play to the highest standards. Currently: 7/7H 3/7M Emerald Nightmare Recruiting: any dps with higher priority on range dps. No healers or tanks Raid Times: (Server Time) Wednesday-7.30pm to 11pm AEST Thursday-7.30pm to 11pm AEST Sunday-7.30pm to 11pm AEST Please message Nubstep - Nubstep#6220 or the RL Evov - EvoV#1446 if you any questions or apply on the guild website www.ominousguild.com/apply for an application ThanksNub10 12h
13h <WLTF> Weekends Raid 1/7M EN Re for mythic <We Live To Fight> / Us-frostmourne alliance. Hardcore late night raiding as well as casual pvp's (7/7H EN) -We raid on Friday, Saturday from 11:15PM - 04:30AM (+10GMT/UTC) Server/ Sydney timezone. -Using discord as Voice/Text chat with many friendly guildies helping each other. Current guild experience: 7/7H 1/7 MYTHIC Looking to recruit: 1. Ranged DPS: Fire & Arcane Mage / Shadow Priest / MM Hunter . 2. Melee DPS: Arms Warrior / Ret Pally. To fill our core raid roster for (mythic 20) progress. Requirement: 1. Must be or above 865 ilvl 2. Must cleared 7/7 Heroic 3. Must have logs on heroic clear and be ready to trailed ASAP. Note: Other classes are welcome as long as they meet the requirement and happy to sit on bench when needed. If you are keen to join please comment bellow or You can add me on battlenet Admonlog#2417 Thank you.Come28 13h
13h [H] <Lithium - Jubei'Thos LFM Lithium is a fun guild full of friendly and mature players. We have enjoyed raiding together for many years and are looking for more people to join the team. Core raiders can enjoy a fun raiding environment. We are seeking to recruit for our roster as players are always moving on from the game. Current raid hours: Wednesday: 7:00PM ST to 10.00PM ST Thursday: 7:00PM ST to 10.00PM ST Some Times We Raid Mondays: 7:00PM ST to 10.00PM ST Currently need: Tanks: Ranged DPS: High Priority Shadow Priest, Balance Druid, Fire Mage, Hunter Melee DPS: Low Priority Rogue Healer: Resto Druid, Mistweaver Monk Other classes/specs will be considered! Expectations: We expect you to have great knowledge of your class, a positive and open attitude and be able to have amazing attendance. If you fit the above conditions please message in game, Melann, Aenimma in game. Alternatively feel free to contact anyone in Lithium who can contact an officer for you :) Realid; Aenima#1759Aenimma3 13h
14h [A] Novium 2/7 Mythic Recruiting <Novium> is a 2/7 Mythic progression raiding guild comprised of experienced and skilled raiders, situated on Frostmourne Alliance Our guild leader is [REDACTED]. He has issues with [REDACTED]. He once even [REDACTED] with a schoolgirl and a hairless goat. To continue our progression into Emerald Nightmare we are seeking healers/dps for our core team. Raid times Wednesday 8pm-11pm Thursday 8pm – 11pm Monday 8pm-11pm Invites go out at 7:45 pm We are currently recruiting healers and dps, with a strong desire for a Spriest with disc off spec and a resto shammy. All other exceptional applicants are welcome. Feel free to apply at http://novium.gamerlaunch.com/ Or add us BattleTag for more of a chat Novium#11385 Blackwald#11579 bubbleoseven#11339Stormale4 14h
14h [A] <Gaytime> 1/7M 7/7H Latenight <Gaytime> on Frostmourne (Alliance) is currently recruiting for mythic EN Progression. We have currently completed Heroic EN and are starting Mythic. Our guild focuses on progressing through current content with a positive attitude and having fun. Our raid nights are Thursday, Sunday and Monday 9:00pm - 12:30am server time. Our raid leadership has extensive mythic raiding experience. Emerald Nightmare: (7/7H) (1/7M) Please contact me in-game or add my battle tag Marsha#11318 or Flottz#1131 for more information!Tronsie4 14h
14h [A] <Night Owls> Late night 2 night guild <Night Owls> is a newly formed late night raiding guild on Frostmourne looking to fill out our roster to push progression. Currently guild is 7/7N, 2/7 H EN. We are a fairly relaxed guild of players that understand RL comes first wanting to push content with a good group of players and have fun doing it. Raid Times: Thursday: 11:00PM - 2:00AM (Sever Time) Friday: 11:00PM - 2:00AM (Sever Time) Currently Recruiting: 1 X OT/DPS (will be 3rd Tank for needed encounters / other Tank not available) 4 X DPS Contact details: Message me on Bnet: Psyk#1375 Or post here with your details and i will contact you when I can.Anárky9 14h
14h <Set to Mystic> 5/7M Recruiting <Set to Mystic> is a mythic progression guild formed in November 2015 by remaining members of Slice of Paradise as well as new additions along the way. We are a group of players who aim to achieve a steady pace of progression without the cutthroat environment of a completely hardcore guild. Current Progression: 7/7M Raiding times: 7:30-11pm ST Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday with Monday as a 4th day for the first few weeks of a new raid. (We do not stay 4 nights and will only do the 4th night as long as the raid wishes to play that much). The 4th night is usually to accommodate doing heroic split runs with alts for the first few weeks. Guild Website: http://set2mystic.enjin.com/ Classes we're currently looking for: Monk: Mistweaver Priest Shadow Holy However we consider all exceptional applications should you feel you are: -An adaptive player -An expert at your class/spec and the game and its mechanics -A raider with previously high end guild history with evidence of such Feel free to apply even if your class is not listed if you feel you fall under that category ;). Apply at our website listed above or contact myself on Allukaa#1693, Jmp on Jmp#1672 or any officer of ours in-game.Reidaraa2 14h
15h [A][Frostmourne] 7/7H LFM Mythic Raiding! <Kino> is currently recruiting chilled out and capable players to expand our team into Mythic raiding! We are a mix of New Zealand and Australian based players who many of us have been raiding since BC. Basic Info: Server: Frostmourne Faction: Alliance Raid times: 6PM - 9PM ST Wednesday/Thursday with optional raids on Sunday Progession: 7/7 H Currently seeking: Holy Paladin Resto Druid Death Knight Rogue Ranged DPS Note, these are core roles! All other non-tank classes/roles will be considered. Requirements: Have a mic Show up to raids on time with the appropriate consumables (food, pots, flasks) Be able to put up with banter Contact info: Add Slernald#6865 or Racetrack#11294 to battle.net or ask on our discord channel: https://discord.gg/by5Bhv7Slerr4 15h
15h [A] <Perception>7/7H EN LFM <Perception> on Khaz'goroth/Dath'remar are looking for a few more raiders for our mythic raid team. Raid Schedule: We raid 3 nights per week on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday at 8 - 10.30 pm server time (Sydney/Melbourne time); for time zone conversion see this thread: http://perception-khazgoroth.enjin.com/forum/m/26048758/viewthread/19957659-time-zone-conversion-for-201617-raid-times Open for recruitment: ! = high priority DPS !!Mage (Any) !!Druid (Balance) Hunter(BM or Marks) Shaman(Elemental) Warlock (Any) Priest (Shadow) ----- History and Goals: <Perception> formed as a 10-man raid team during Mists of Pandaria in June of 2014 and cleared 10/14H SoO pre-nerf. In WoD we completed 7/7H HM, 10/10H BRF and 12/13 HFC pre-nerf. Our goal in Legion is to continue to clear the hardest content we can while providing a fun, safe and inclusive place for all of our members (social members are always welcome!). What we are looking for: - a positive attitude - a willingness to learn and improve - raid awareness (can you get out of fire?) - past experience in progression raiding is highly desirable - strong meme appreciation ;) Extra Activities: In addition to raiding, we do achievement runs and other activities. Anything organised by the guild leaders will normally be held on the weekends. All members (new and old) are encouraged to organise their own events if nothing else has been scheduled and they wish to see a particular event happen. Many of our members also play other games together such as Overwatch and LoL; if you are looking for somewhere to hang out outside of raid you would be welcome to join in. Additional Information: Further information on our guild and how we run things can be found on our website in the ‘about’ section of the forums which is open to non-members. If you have any questions please contact Arhkos. If you are interested in joining us please visit: http://perception-khazgoroth.enjin.com/recruitment Contact: Arhkos' battletag: Arhkos#6116 Tamuriils' battletag: Tamuriil#6286 Our website: http://perception-khazgoroth.enjin.com/Arhkos39 15h
15h [H] Against the Odds - Barth 2 Night Raids Against the Odds, Barthilas Against the Odds is an Aussie guild on the Barthilas server with a view of Mythic raiding come Legion on a fairly minimalist time-frame. We’re looking to recruit mature players that want to make raid progression while balancing real life commitments. About Us Most of our group is made up of older ex-hardcore players with families/full time work who still want to lock in some solid progression every tier without committing to the long hours required for hardcore progression raiding. In order to accomplish this we take on a work smarter not harder attitude in order to push our progression every week. How we accomplish this is by putting together customized boss strats, Warcraft Logs analysis which we do almost weekly and a loot system that uses portions of EPGP and ye olde DKP to reduce time on loot allocation when we raid. This essentially translates to most of us doing our prep outside of the game or on our own time so that when we do come together as a group for our two raid nights we've got everything in place to lock in prog kills. Outside of the 4-5 hours we raid most of us are on every evening after work or over the weekend kicking back with the guild either with Mythic+ runs, WQ's or engaging in pointless debates about how much we hate Fjarnskaggl & Nomi this expansion. What we're looking for Our ideal raider is someone who understands whats required for progression both in a Heroic & Mythic environment who happens to be time poor. This means having a thorough understanding of your class, likely in multiple specs, being gemmed/chanted and bringing sufficient raid supplies (prepots/flasks/food) on the raid night. Because of our limited time frame we don't have the luxury of learning a fight once we walk in the door or putting together strategies on the fly, so we expect every raider in the group to be fully versed for a fight. The kind of raider we're looking for is someone who has limited time to play WoW but wants to maximize the use of that time. They are prepared, punctual and mature in attitude. They desire progress over farming loot and are committed to being the best they can be at their class. We want players who have that progression itch but due to real life are unable to commit to the regular hardcore guilds out there. Current Progression - 7/7N 7/7H - 23/10/2016 (20 Hours of raids since EN launched) Raid Days – Thursday/Sunday Raid Times – 7.30pm to 9.30pm AEST (ST) Classes/Specs Needed Tank - Core spots filled however searching for a 3rd Tank with DPS OS. Heals - Core spots filled DPS - Ret Pally, Demo lock, Spriest, Unholy DK, Ele Shaman, Arms/Fury War, WW Monk - High Priority We are accepting applications from all DPS classes as we look to round out our numbers for Mythic raids where we will be incorporating a rotation-based roster to make sure we never stall on progression due to availability or absences. If your class/spec isn't listed but you feel we're exactly the kind of guild you're looking for then definitely add me on Bnet for a chat - Chyrone#1100Showertime16 15h
15h [H] <OMEGA> 2/7 M EN Jubei'thos LF Healers Omega is a guild that has been around since 2010 under the same leadership. We all have real lives in the outside world and understand that this is just a game, by structuring our raids for Sunday and Monday nights 9pm SVT till 12am, we can focus on killing bosses while still maintaining a normal life. Our aim as a guild is to clear all Mythic content while it is current and do that on a limited raid schedule. We are currently searching for those few special raiders, to compliment our raid group as we work through legion. If you've been searching for a group where you can still see the final boss of the tier drop and you think you've got what it takes to help us get the job done then Omega might just be for you. Recruitment: Currently looking for 1-2 healers to bolster our core team. Healers: Mistweaver Monk Resto Shaman Holy Priest Resto Druid Ranged DPS: Shadow Priest Raid Times (AEDST): Sunday: 9:00pm-12:00am Monday: 9:00pm-12:00am Wednesday: 9:00pm-12:00am (only for 1st 4 weeks of the new expansion) Contact any of the below: Triarchi - Triarchi#1812 (GM) Meltheone - Meltheone#1892 (Raid Leader) HolyJayden - Niios#1127 (Officer) Alazza - Alazza#1572 (Officer) Zurshots - Zurt#11511 (Officer) In game or apply via the guild site below. Guild Site http://www.omega-guild.netMeltheone28 15h
15h [H] Severity - 7/7H - LF Ranged and Heals We at Severity aim to maintain end game content at a semi hardcore level, whilst enjoying the game for what it is. We raid 2 nights a week (Wednesday and Sunday 7-10 server time, 6 hours total), our current guild members have 13/13 mythic HFC experience as well as previous experience in top 100 guilds from vanilla all the way to WoD Current Progression: EM[H] - 7/7 EM[N] - 7/7 Previous Progression: ToT[H] – 8/13 Pre 5.4 SoO[M] – 13/14 Pre 6.0 - 14/14 Post 6.0 HM[M] - 3/7 We are currently recruiting: Tanks Closed Range 2-3 - Shadow priest, warlock, mage, elemental sham or boomy Melee 1-2 - Arms warrior, frost/unholy DK, feral druid, enhance shaman or Ret paladin Heals 1-2 - druid, monk,priest or pally If your class is listed as closed and you think you are mythic ready/exceptional please dont be shy to app as we look at all apps What you can expect from us <Severity> prides itself on being a friendly and well-rounded guild with players from Australia, New Zealand and the US. We hold regular meet ups in both Australia and New Zealand where players can meet up with fellow guildies as well as special events for expansion release days and other notable in game dates. We aim to have a drama free environment with good leadership, management and raid progression. We all enjoy each other’s company and consider ourselves to be as a solid team of like-minded individuals with the goal of having fun and killing bosses. We also enjoy playing other games together such as the Battlefield Series, Dota 2, Overwatch, SWTOR and many more We maintain that players wishing to join show good raiding qualities, these include: • Good people skills • Ability to take constructive criticism and advice • Good knowledge of the game, your class, your spec and a good history of raiding. • A Stable internet connection, computer and good UI • Ability to identify mistakes, learn from them and accept responsibility for them. • Always looking to improve on your skills • We are a close-knit team and none of us tolerate bull!@#$ drama, Arseholes need not apply • A good sense of teamwork and working as a team. If you feel that severity would be a good fit for you please head over to http://www.severity-guild.com/recruitment/ and fill out the application form Contact information: If you have any questions that can’t be answered by this forum post or our website please feel free to add one of our Officers. Smoda - Arrith#1533 Bulldozer - M1dGeT#1466 Darmy - Darmy#1145 Raiynne - Raiynne#1442Smoda9 15h
15h [A]FM<Vindicated> 1/7M -LF Spriest/Hpally Realm: Frostmourne Raid Times: Wednesday: 7:30 - 10:30pm EST Thursday: 7:30 - 10:30pm EST <Vindicated> - Chill two night a week raiding guild with (optional/alt friendly) heroic farm runs on Wednesday. Looking to fill that void that only a shadow priest can fill. Though our priority is a spriest, all great players are considered. *EDIT* Also looking for a HPally, since nothing makes me more moist than a plate healer. Message Surrak on Frostmourne, or contact me on my real ID Gubba#1294 to inquire about a trial or any other questions you have. Hope to hear from you soon.Surrak5 15h
16h [H] Clash | 7/7M | Recruiting for 7.1 <Clash>, formerly known as <A Clash of Kings>, is a relaxed Mythic raiding progression guild on Jubei'Thos. We are looking for more exceptional raiders to strengthen our roster going into Legion and onwards. Progression: • T16 - Garrosh - 10 Man World 248 US 39 OC 4, 25 Man World 364 US 116 OC 10 • T17 - Imperator - World 266 US 53 OC 7 • T17 - Blackhand - World 292 US 80 OC 11 • T18 - Archimonde - World 228 US 54 OC 9 • T19 - Xavius - World 192 US 59 OC 7 Legion Recruitment: Tanks > Any spec (pref Guardian/Prot Warr/Prot Pally); Only looking for someone with a long history of raiding and 100% reliability. Also looking for Mythic + only tanks*. DPS > Looking for all ranged dps; High priority on hunters, mages, boomkins and spriests. Looking for top tier melee dps only. Healers > Looking for all healers. Bonus points for anyone who plays dps and heals. Even if your class/spec isn't listed here, exceptional players are still encouraged to apply. *Currently recruiting tanks to just do Mythic + dungeons with raiders due to availability issues. Raid Times: All times are +11 GMT: Wednesday: 7pm SVT to 11pm Thursday: 7pm SVT to 11pm Monday: 7pm SVT to 11pm An extra Sunday raid may be added during progression to accommodate split clears etc. Contact: http://aclashofkings.enjin.com/ Quick painless app page. Alternatively, get in contact with Acro or Highkingkek. If not online, please add battle tag (Acro#11875 or DJLavaBurst#1823).Acro51 16h
16h [H] Angels of Twilight - Thaurissan SG 7/7H Angels of Twilight is a chill semi-HC guild on Thaurissan. We're mainly a core group of Singaporean friends who decided to raid together in a relaxed and mature environment taking things at our own pace. We're aiming for N/H raid progression as of now with raid slots mainly remaining for: RDPS, Tank and Heals. However, all are welcome as casual members to hang out and do non-raid content together including PVP. Progression: 7/7 H Guild Timezone: GMT +8 Raid Times: 2030 - 2300, GMT+8 Raid Schedule: Wednesday, Thursday and Monday Contact/PM info: Synerage#6897 Psylien#6722 Krazykris#1768Synerage8 16h