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<Has Left The Guild> is recruiting in prepera <Has Left The Guild> (Thaurissan) 14/14N 10 Recruiting for WoD HLTG is a progress focused raiding guild playing Horde on Thaurissan. We are recruiting for 20-man Mythic starting in patch 6.0 with Siege of Orgrimmar and moving in to Warlords of Draenor! Our guild environment can be described as casual but serious. We take our raiding seriously, but at the same time enjoy abit fun as much as the next. Prefer mature people so 18+ is almost a must. Raid Times Wednesday, Thursday & Sundays ( if required ) 8:00-10:00PM AEST or SVT (invites 15 minutes before) Currently in high demand are melee DPS however all exceptional players will be considered! Cross-realm BattleTag-based trials are an option! Healers: Resto Druid Holy Pally Mistweaver Monk RDPS: Warlock Balance Druid MDPS: Rogue Enhance Windwalker DK The ideal applicant will exhibit the following characteristics: - Ability to follow leadership and be a team player - Creativity to think outside the box - Skilled in the best specs of their class - Outstanding raid awareness - Exceptional attendance - Rudimentary understanding of log analysis (we use Warcraft Logs exclusively) - A thick skin (see second paragraph) If you'd like to talk about a position please add my Btag: zhou87#6233 Trial periods last 2 raid weeks and start on the immediate Wednesday following acceptance. Cross-realm BattleTag-based trials are an option but you will be required to transfer to Thaurissan upon passing their trial period. Zhõu1
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[A] Mischief Inc LF Heals/DPS, WoD & beyond! Good evening, potential mischief makers. This is a special broadcast brought to you by-- *static* -- brought -- *static* -- *taps microphone* Excuse me. Mischief Inc (Khaz'Goroth Alliance, 14/14N) is recruiting healers and DPS for Warlords of Draenor and we want you. You may be asking -- who are we? And that's an excellent question! We are a rag-tag bunch of resilient, fun-loving players that have traversed the fields of Nagrand, explored the frozen wastes of Northrend, braved the fires of the Cataclysm, and peered through the Mists of Pandaria, endured the worst that real-life and in-game can throw at us, and have rebuilt and are better than ever. Our aim, in Warlords, is to push into Mythic with a strong team of people who are dedicated and committed, but appreciate that the primary aim of the game is to have fun -- elitism? No thank-you! We are proud to be a guild that is welcoming to people from all stripes of life, that is family-friendly, and that is full of good company, but can achieve. Now, the technicalities. To join our company on its quests, you would be required to: - know your class & spec well -- a worthy adventurer knows their craft - be willing to research all fights, and show up to raids prepared, with flasks, all gear repaired, and food (we do have supplies we're more than willing to share -- but bring your own snacks just in case, kitchen closes early some nights) - have mumble, and preferably a working microphone, so that we can hear your dulcet tones - download required add-ons, such as DBM/VEM, ora3, weakauras, etc., and all the tools of your trade - have your gear fully enchanted and gemmed, with reasons for doing it the way you have -- robots can help, but do you really want to put your gear in the hands of one? - know how to hide away several dwarves and a hobbit in barrels so as to avoid detection - and above all, be willing to learn The times of our adventures are: - Wednesday 8PM -- 10:30PM, and - Monday 8PM -- 10:30PM However! These change depending on the schedules of our mischievous band, so don't be disheartened if you can't make it, but feel we would be a good fit -- let us know when your preferred times are! We are recruiting: Healers: - holy paladins - resto shamans RDPS: - mages - warlocks - elemental shamans MDPS: - DPS warriors - ret paladins - DPS death knights However, all exceptional applications will be considered, no matter your class! Please, do contact me (RiverSong#1105) if you feel that we could be your new home, or feel free to browse our website: http://www.mischiefinc.info/ (NB: Tapping microphones is a hazard and should not be attempted at home. Every time someone taps a microphone, a soundie dies a little inside. Click instead of tap, and join the campaign to #savesoundies2014.) Aellani5
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[A] Black Wolf Mercenaries is recruiting Black Wolf Mercenaries (A-US Proudmoore) is currently seeking dedicated raiders to bolster our ranks for Mythic. We are a tight knit guild of friends that have built a community together over the past ten years. We're looking for dedicated raiders, people who will want to down content fast and progress through WoD. We are an Australian and New Zealand guild, who conducts quick, efficient raids to get content done. We raid six hours a week over 3 mights, but in this time we push hard to progress. Currently Recruiting : Healers (2) - Any healing class and spec will be considered. Tank (1) - Any Tanking class and spec, DPS capable off-spec preferred. DPS (6+) - Any DPS class and spec will be considered, except for hunters, we have too many of you already :) Any other stand-out applications will be considered - we're looking for awesome people who want to call Black Wolf Mercenaries 'home'. Raid times : Please note, as we are an Australian & New Zealand guild, our raid times are centered on the AEST Time zone (Melbourne/Sydney UTC +10). Our time times are: - Sunday, Monday, Wednesday - 7.30 - 9.30pm AEST (Sydney/Melbourne time) / 9.30 - 11.30pm (New Zealand time) Current Progression :- 7/14H (10man SoO Heroic) What we expect : * We don't think gear makes the player, but expect you to be fully geared to the best you can (acquired by yourself), gemmed appropriately and have all your gear enchanted. * We want dedicated players who want to raid. While real life always takes priority, we want people who are (mostly) available for our raid times. * Until Warlords of Draenor, we will be pushing progression, but it is in a 10man setting. Due to this, new applicants need to be aware that we want geared, cloaked people in our raid for progression. If you want to apply for our Mythic raid (and flexible raids) in WoD, we welcome that as well - however securing a position in our current 10man may be difficult due to size constraints of the raid (sorry!) Contacts Guild Website: http://forums.bwmguild.com Characters (In Game): Minibars, Althorn, Rawrsome, Kaybs We look forward to hearing from you. Dantargon2
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Frostmourne - [A] Harakiri - LFM WoD Harakiri is a 10 man guild on the Frostmourne PvP server. PvE We were established pretty late into MoP for the purpose to get our retired characters geared up and steam roll through MoP's content in prep for WoD. We mainly appeal to old vets trying to get back into the game. In the few weeks we have been together, we are already 14/14N with some 2/14H. We offer relaxed progression through the content with laughs along the way. We are currently recruiting for our two 10man teams that will later merge into 20man for Mythic raiding. Group one is progressing through heroics and will recruit a Min ilvl of 560 to apply Group two is gearing up in normals to prog through heroics and will require a ilvl of 550 to apply What we provide All flasks and foods are provided on the raid night, aswell as guild repairs. Tense free raiding environment. Teamspeak 3 Much better then Vent Loot council rules Alt runs and carries Raids lead by up to 4 people giving us all aspects of the raid. What we want Constant raid Attendance, Early notice if you cannot attend Skilled players near mastered their class, open to critism Mature players looking for a good time and to get !@#$ done Raid times Wednesday 7.30 10.30 thursday 7.30 10.30 Sunday 7.30 10.30 Fun run. We usually over raid our times, but those are the only compulsory times. How to apply? Go to: Harakiri.guild.shivtr.com Just apply to website Within a couple of hours you will be accepted > Go to forums > applications > Copy Template > Make your own Thread and fill in the questions. PvP We are also looking to expand into the Rbg and Arena Scen, we currently have a few high ranking players willing to put a skilled team together while carrying and teaching others the ropes. All are welcome for PvP. Herôh16
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13/14H Paladin LF HOME FOR 6.0 AND WOD Hello! and thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am a 578 (13/14H) ret paladin . This is what i am looking for. I live in the USA, and have a weird work schedule. And that pretty much means that Its extremely hard for me to find a guild to raid with during normal times. Hence I am looking for an oceanic guild! PLS forgive me if my conversions are wrong! This are the times I can do start 5pm AEST, and end no later than 8pmAEST = 12:00an usa pacific time to 3am usa pacific time or start ar 10pm and it doed not really matter when we end. = 5am usa paficic time Again I am sorry if my times are wrong - I am looking for a long term home, where I can raid the entire next expansion (no new guilds, need something established that wont fall apart). -I am looking for a semi-hardcore guild. OTHER GUILDS WISHES. THIS ARE WISHES AND NOT MUST -Preferably you are Horde, I am willing to consider alliance for the right guild. - I prefer pvp servers (yes I dont mind being the underdog either) WHAT I CAN OFFER! I have raided on and off since WotLK in both casual, and hardcore environments. I have always raided on my paladin. I have raided in all diff specs. For WOD id like to be ret for ms and holy for offspec. currently ret/prot. For the right guild I will play a diff spec and can pickup a diff offspec as well. I am also willing to play a diff class entirely for the right guild. I currently have a level 90 druid, and a level 90 shamman. I also have not purchased wod (which means a free 90). (yes i will purchase wod) Drama free. I am the kinda guy that will pass on the heroic warforged weapon because its not bis for me, and it is for the warrior perhaps. Or when my main spec is holy (and I happen to never play my offspec for the guild, cus they just want me healing everyraid) I will pass on the dps offspec gear so the tanks can have it (yes cus some fights are 1 tankable and the other tank actually uses his dps set for the guild). I watch videos and try to learn strategies before raid. I am always prepared with plenty of pots and consumables. My gear is always raid ready (enchants, gems, you name it). While I am not perfect and I do make mistakes. I will acknowledge them, and take responsibility for my mistakes and will do the best that I can to correct them. PLS let me know if you have any questions. I do have logs and do not mind putting an application I do however prefer to talk to someone over vent, mumble,or ts. Tôdesengel3
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[A] Zen 8/14HM. Kiwi Based Raiding Guild Established in 2009 and based in New Zealand, Zen is always on the lookout for good solid raiders who are dedicated to raiding, can meet all time requirements and can perform great feats in the limited time we have allocated for raiding. We have always been a 25man guild, with a Heroic prog focus since ToGC, and had good success throughout WotLK and into the start of Cata. Unfortunately the 10man focus from blizzard forced us to focus on 10man raiding for Heroic DS onward, and as a result, a lot of our long timers took extensive leave. With steady 10man prog through the early stages of MoP, and the return of a lot of our old raiders, we started focusing on a 2nd team, and had 2 teams clearing ToT pre nerf, and that trend has continued through SoO with both teams clearing current norm content and focusing on Heroic prog. Since the unvieling of WoD we have turned our focus back to 20man raiding, and as such are looking to expand our numbers once again with like minded, friendly and helpful people, that are dedicated to pushing current tier heroic prog. We are currently 8/14 HM and are recruiting for; Elemental Shaman, Boomkin and Spriest. 560+ilvl and min 14/14 Norm xp. Heroic xp prefered. With the introduction of Mythic raiding in WoD and would encourage active, geared and experienced players looking for a solid spot in xpac to apply, regardless of class/spec, and we will take the next few months to trial you on Heroic farming and prog. Raid Times and Nights; Wednesday 6-9pm ST Thursday 6-9pm ST Monday 6-9pm ST application forms can be found on our website; www.zen-nagrand.enjin.com Or alternatively you can contact Erthas in game or via battle tag for a chat. btag ID: erthas#1300 Erthas44
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