Oceanic Guild Recruitment

Dec 17, 2014 <Crimson> Dath'remar recruiting for mythic Crimson on Dath'Remar is a tight band of raiders that have been together since late Firelands in Cataclysm. As a group we have cleared: Dragon Soul: 8/8N and 8/8H prior to MoP prepatch Throne of Thunder: 9/13H before 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar: 14/14H before WoD prepatch Current Progression: Highmaul: 1/7 Mythic Current Raid Times: Friday: 6:30pm - 9:30pm Saturday: 7pm - 11pm Sunday: 5pm - 8pm We also are doing a normal run on Wednesday from 6:30pm to help with gearing raiders. All the above times are Dath'Remar server time (GMT+10) Currently we are recruiting two mainspec healers and two dps (pref MW monk and plate dps but all apps will be considered) for mythic progress starting ASAP. Casuals also accepted as we are constantly doing content outside of raids :)Lethér3 Dec 17, 2014
Dec 17, 2014 [H] <You Had One Job-Saurfang> LFM for WoD "You Had One Job" (Saurfang - Horde) is now recruiting for our raiding team in Warlords of Dreanor. The officer group are made up from former heroic level raiders that have migrated to Saurfang recently to take advantage of the new Oceanic servers. Our goals: Progression through normal and heroic raiding, with an aim towards gearing for mythic. Our requirements: Mature members with a passion for their class, and a desire to help the team as they can. Currently we have recruitment open for all dps specs, but we welcome applications from all classes and specs. Raid times: 8pm - 11pm Wednesday, Sunday, Monday (AEDT) Apply at http://onejob.enjin.com/Miztrz10 Dec 17, 2014
Dec 17, 2014 Arrogant Guild Frostmourne Basically this guild invites people as Trials to help them clear bosses, Master loots everything, and gives all loot to their raiders, and nothing to trials. Then kicks Trials from the group when they reach the boss they're having a hard time on because their gear is too " low " , If trials complain about getting no loot they gkick them, and keep the Sheep who don't bother. Basically, This is a guild full of toxic people who try and act as if when you get guild invited, you will be joining a reliable guild that wants to help eachother clear content, but in reality they're Pieces of !@#$ who steal loot from random people in Trade chat / Forum posts who want to join their guild.Evo1 Dec 17, 2014
Dec 17, 2014 Resto Sham & Ret Pally LF Guild Frostmourne 656 Resto Sham 14/14M SoO 648 Ret pally (14/14M SoO Feb 2014) Highmaul: 5/7H (attempts on ko'ragh), 7/7N (Mostly pugging) We are looking for a mature, friendly, semi hardcore raiding guild that is progressing through heroics. Prefer times would be evenings: weekends > weekday. bnet: Simplybitten#1211Obséssions7 Dec 17, 2014
Dec 17, 2014 Returning Ret Pally LF Late Night Raiding As the title states, I'm a raider looking to get back into the scene after quitting halfway through Dragonsoul and halfassing it the entirety of MoP. Mostly raided through Cata as a resto druid under the name Ellerlaile on the server Dath'remar, going through Firelands and half of DS, swapping guilds to Crimson Dath'remar only to quit the game a month or two later. 639 Ilvl, still rocking hellscreams decapitator. Raid times I'm looking for is a 9-10pm start, ending at 12-2am, need the late times due to work. Bnet: Valora#1372Àngelic3 Dec 17, 2014
Dec 17, 2014 LF GMT+8 Guild Hi All, Currently seeking a GMT+8 guild that has decent progression. I am looking to expand and commit to raiding as per how i was back in wotlk and cata. Preferably guilds in Singapore so that I can meet up with folks on Tuesday nights during maintenance and have a more interactive feel to it. Server transfers and faction swaps are not issues at all. Add me on battle tag id: Azyrine#6183 if you want to chat. =)Azyrine2 Dec 17, 2014
Dec 17, 2014 [H] DK Tank 644 LF Mythic Guild Solid progression focused tank looking for a new home. Have Warrior and Pally tanks also in the mid 630's ilvl. Cleared normal mode on DK. Add my btag Thesmack#1279 for a chat. RAID availability; wed, thurs, sun and mon 7:30PM till 1am AEST.Thesmack6 Dec 17, 2014
Dec 17, 2014 Looking for a late night guild I don't mind transferring, I am however an experienced player with over 9 years cumulative played. I'm only 650ilvl at the moment with raiding being intermittent with friends guilds hopping in and out due to my work times and living on the west coast of aus. I hit 8/14Mythic/heroic before the squish last expansion with only playing the trail end of pandaria. Anyway I'm main spec holy for now but enjoy dpsing just as much. Current experience with pugging is 5/7n 2/7h - This does not represent my ability. Thanks guys!Lyfe9 Dec 17, 2014
Dec 17, 2014 Newer player looking for a guild I have only been playing for a month or so and just made this character. So if anyone would want to invite me that would be awesomeAdrokor1 Dec 17, 2014
Dec 17, 2014 8/8 Gold CM hunter LF Evening/Weekend raid Currently looking for a crew to run preferably normal/heroic raids with in the evenings during the week or any time on the weekend. I am looking to do a trial run with any guild I would be applying to to make sure the fit is right for both of us before I commit to a server transfer. BT is Japunga#6193Japunga0 Dec 17, 2014
Dec 17, 2014 [A] <Flame> (6/7H) LF Casters Flame is an oceanic-based guild, playing on the Frostmourne server. Originally formed in Cataclysm, Flame has always been focused on 10 and after going on hiatus in early MoP are now back and focusing on WoD. We are looking to build our roster and are aiming to have 20 strong and competent players ready to move into Mythic raiding as soon as possible. Server: Frostmourne - Alliance Raid times (AEST): Wednesday - 7pm to 11pm Thursday - 7pm to 11pm Sunday - 7pm to 11pm Recruiting: - Casters - Exceptional players of ANY class We are looking for skilled and dedicated players who can commit to our raid times, won’t randomly AFK or DC and are happy to have a bit of a laugh while pushing through content. If you think you’re a good fit for our guild, please get in touch with one of our Officers through B-tag: Catrick - Kprobs#6562 Rikena - Rike#1126Catrick6 Dec 17, 2014
Dec 17, 2014 [A] Elemental Shaman LF Raid Guild Current looking to join a raiding guild, currently living in the Sydney Timezone GMT+11. Elemental Shaman, Current iLvl is 632, don't have a lot of experience but I am a fast learner. Available most nights, On Caelestrasz.Façade3 Dec 17, 2014
Dec 17, 2014 <Ether> Frostmourne(A) (7/7N 3/7H) LFM Hey. Tiny bit about who we are. <Ether> was a 40m Raiding guild here on Frostmourne all the way back in Vanilla/TBC. We progressed up to about Hu in AQ40 before Burning Crusade . Our core team is made up of players who cleared Sunwell in TBC, Heroic ICC and the like. We were spread out on different servers etc but are back now. We are easy going who like to have a joke but when it's time for a progression boss or something we really need to do everyone is expected to perform. We require that you have a Microphone for raiding. We are looking for any raiders who can fulfill a short but incredible important list of requirements. You make most if not all raid nights, You read up on fights and seek assistance when you think you may be wrong and are committed to putting progression before loot. We are 7/7 Normal & 3/7 Heroic ATM. Raid times will be: Wed, Fri, Sunday from 8PM Server time. What we are looking for: Still looking at anything exceptional but in dire need of a Healer, Feral Druid and any exceptional DPS Who to contact: Mixedkebab or Bandaids or post here and i will get back to you ASAP. Here is a bonus for those who got all the way to the bottom: Q: Why couldn't the pirates play cards? A: The captain was standing on the deck!!!Mixedkebab34 Dec 17, 2014
Dec 17, 2014 Five Experienced Raiders LF Guild Currently Horde - Barthilas LF New Home 1x Ret Pally 659 ilvl (Farashonee) 1x DK Dps 658 ilvl (Baltxo) 2x War DPS 656/651 ilvl (Ragoniaks/Warbringer) 1x Resto Druid 657 ilvl (Jitazz) Experience 7/7 Normal Highmaul 6/7 Heroic Highmaul Mythic Kargath experience. Logs All of us rank in top 20% (Up top top 1%/top 10 Ranks) For our respective roles. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/report/jhBmbG3vr2dyqP69/#boss=1706 https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/report/Abx7Kr48af9TcLjm/Ragoniaks5 Dec 17, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 [A] Wormwood - Saurfang - LF members Wormwood is an Alliance based guild on Saurfang. We have just started up and are already building a tight nit community of players looking to work together as a team to hit end game content, without the rush or seriousness of your full on raiding/pvp guilds that are out there. From helping each other level or get new mounts/pets etc, to gearing each other up and pushing through guild achievements to get our name out there, we'll be doing it all. If you have any interest or would like to know some more please feel free to reply here or message me ingame/on battlenet. Ingame - Jandrae Battlenet - James#12615 I am mostly online from midnight - 2am aest tuesday - saturday, sunday and monday i will be on most of the time (as of the 21st of December I will be regularly online most days whether its a quick login or a full day till the end of January - hurray for payed holidays) Hope to hear from some of you soon! :)Jandrae0 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 642 TANK/DPS WARRIOR LF ACTIVE RAIDING GUILD Heya all, Currently a 20 year old uni student looking for a raiding guild for heroic and mythic Highmaul progression. I have lead myself to a 5/7 N and 1/7 H Highmaul progression but it is the constant raiding experience that I am looking for from a guild. I have been playing WoW since late WOTLK through to Cataclysm more focusing on pvp than pve. With the introduction of MoP I saw myself being compelling to start raiding and successfully lead 14/14 normal and heroic clears of SoO and 2/14 M clear that was against lead myself. I have lead my current guild through 5/7 normal bosses in Highmaul. I am looking for an active guild that preferably raids weekends and certain weekdays for about 4 hours a night as a tank or I am happy to change to dps Gladiator or Fury. I am happy to server change but preferably looking for guilds on Frostmourne. I also bring a lot of utility in that I have a fair few alts that I played actively in MoP so I'm up for anything. Thanks. Look forward to your replies.Warriome5 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 656 Aliance Blood DK LF Raiding Guild Hey guys at the moment I'm 656 i lvl blood DK 6/7 normal and 5/7 heroic, looking for a good guild to come into mythic progression, I've only been running through premades at the moment and that is quite exhausting. Had a lot of experience raiding in Cata but not so much in MoP but I'm getting back into it now. Leave a response below if you're interested.Vanshnrecupe5 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 [A] 653 Guardian Druid LF Raiding Guild Hi There, As the title says, I am currently in search of an Alliance guild for WoD raiding in Heroic > Mythic content. I have an only preference for ALLIANCE on a PvE server. I am available Wed, Thurs & Mon between 1930 - 2400 +10 ADST or 1830 - 2300 +10 AEST (Brisbane). Weekends may be considered with the right guild. About Me I am a mature gamer since the age of Pac Man and Space Invaders. Joined WoW in mid TBC as a Resto/Balance druid into WotLK. Changed to Prot Paladin for Cata and MoP, and recently took a few months break since July 2014 and am now back into WoD as a Guardian Druid. I am married with no kids. I work for a living. I prefer Coke to Pepsi, Xbox to PS (yes, I said it) and enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset. Raid History I have cleared most end game content both on normal and heroic in 25m teams since Naxx, Ulduar, ToC and ICC during WothLK and 10m teams in Cata 7/7hm FL & 8/8 hm DS and MoP 11/13hm ToT & 11/14hm SoO prenerf. I am a prepared raider in strats, consumables and gear. I have all the needed addons for raiding and I ensure I am on time to raids and will inform if I cannot make it due to RL or work. I game on a Z97 mobo running a i7 4790K with 16gb and a GTX 780 HoF. I have a stable ADSL internet connect 8mb at 40-80ms & 120fps with load. Well, that's me in a nut shell. If I can be of any value to your guild and raid team, please contact me on TheVIK#1141 for a chat.Viktus4 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 <Planet Express> LF Ranged & Plate DPS Noon <Planet Express> is a 2.5 yr old guild with reliable leadership and a solid raid team pushing for full mythic clears of all current content. We are 6/7 normal and 1/7 heroic in Highmaul in the first week of raiding! We are mostly made up of ~30-yr old players who have played since Classic WoW and find progression during the week to be too pressing on our real life schedules, so we convene on weekend evenings to progress. Raid times: Sat & Sun 2pm - 6pm for Auckland 12noon - 4pm for Sydney 11am - 3pm for Brisbane 9am - 1pm for Perth The vast majority of our top raiders play multiple alts, multiple specs and play on non-raid days as well. We have "casual" hours, with a hardcore mentality. Our raid environment is positive and productive. Wipe recoveries are fast, and people are held accountable for their mistakes. We are looking for a few more like minded people to join our group. We expect you to be highly competent with your class and multiple specs. Your dedication is rewarded. Needed: 1 DK or Warrior DPS with tank OS; or Ret with Holy OS 2 Hunters 2 Mage/Lock/Balance/Ele 1 Spriest with Disc OS We use EPGP (epgpweb.com) for our loot system, as we feel that is the most fair method. Head over to our website for more information http://pewow.info Questions: Yubi#1101 Verisnia#1497 Ectrios3#1467Yubi21 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 [A] Paramount: Looking for players. Hi everyone, Paramount are new to Frostmourne and looking for members to fill it's ranks. We're a group of laid back people that want to have a laugh but want to take raiding semi-seriously. We want to have structure leading into things so we don't waste our time or yours. We are looking for people that want to progress in the game, have a sound understanding of the game mechanics/role and want a team-based environment. Our raiding days aren't set in stone yet, although we are currently leaning towards 8-11PM (AEST) Realm Time. We have a website: www.paramountwow.com and also have a team speak that is available for use. Should you be interested feel free to register on our forums or fill out the recruitment page on our website and I'll be in contact with you. Thanks!Hideandseek10 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 [A] Jubei'Thos/Gundrak Hunter LF Mythic guild Hi, I play on Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun, 9PM ST - 4AM ST. Am looking for a progression based guild to join. I do PvP as well. Raiding exp: Only WotLK and on a private server, cleared LK heroic. Skipped Cata and MoP PvE entirely, and am trying to get back to raiding in WoD. I may lack retail experience, but I supply myself with flasks/enchants/gems and can pull my own weight while raiding. I have all voice chat programs and am open to all types of loot council. Cheers.Valerie1 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 [A] <The Units> 4/7 LF Raiders Frostmourne <The Units> are an experienced group of progression Raiders newely transfered to Frostmourne from Saurfang. We are reforming the guild on a more populated server and are currently recruiting exceptional raiders to rebuild our raiding glory. On Saurfang our guild progression is 4/7 and our leaders are all very experienced with raiding and mechanics. We even managed to 1-shot Butcher on our first try. Our current raid times are Mon, Wed and Fridays starting 8PM server time. We currently need all roles and classes so please message Kaledain in game, add MoraLegacy#1842 to RealID or reply to this post if you are interested or have any questions. We have leadership positions available.Kaledain1 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 Gundrak I am searching for a helpful friendly guild on Gundrak server. Looking at making my character into a PvPer and Raider. Thanks, CupïdCupïd1 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 < Sereinty > 2/7 Heroic Recruiting < Serenity > has been a progression raiding guild for 2 years. We have recently transferred to Barthilas. Serenity's first and foremost focus in Mythic raiding 3 hours per night 3 nights a week on : Guild Website:http://serenityau.enjin.com We Raid: Wednesday 8-11 Thursday 8-11 Sunday 8-11 We expect our Raiders to be able to participate in at least 85% of our scheduled times . We welcome all players that fulfil the requirements listed below : 1. Skilled in playing the game and their class. 2. Have a strong sense of teamwork and are committed to raiding and our progression as a team. 3. Have a positive attitude. 4. Are willing to farm for the gear and enchants required for raiding. 5. Prepared for raids, researching encounters beforehand. 6. Have a reliable internet connection. 7. Conduct themselves in a mature and respectful manner. 8. Have a good sense of humor and want to have fun. ALL Quality applicants will be considered, regardless of class! We are currently recruiting the following for our Mythic raiding team: Healers:Pally,Druid,shaman Tank: Warrior,druid,monk pally Dps: May be considered Will consider any good raiders. If you are one of the above, please submit an application here: http://serenityau.enjin.com/recruitment Yes, if you show good performance and the other qualities above, you will have a consistent raiding spot. We are looking for members in search of a Home for their character, not just a Raiding Guild. If you think we might be the right guild for you, please head over to and ensure that you have read our guild rules before submitting your application. but reviewed by our membership. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us via the following battle tags: Doomer#1218Døømkîn1 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 [H] <Volt> (SG) Casual Raiding guild For WOD Contact: Benyip89#6199, cookiiex#6288,L0n3W0l4#1211 Server: Barthilas Raid Timing: TBC About the guild: Volt is a new guild that was created for Singaporeans we are looking for raid progression for WOD. About us: We are returning players from Singapore who has played since the start of World Of Warcraft who are looking to raid for WOD and we are looking for players from Singapore who wishes to raid for WOD. Roles we are looking for: Tanks and Heals (priority) and DPSers. Current Aim: To build a 10 man raid for WOD progression.Ibringpain3 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 [H] Minigame(6/7H) - Barthilas Minigame is now recruiting!! Minigame is a progression focused raiding guild on Barthilas with the aim to kill bosses while maintaining an enjoyable guild atmosphere. We try to keep focused during raid times though we are a very social guild and can normally be found on off days playing various other multiplayer games or generally just dicking around on mumble. We are a very social guild and can normally be found on off days playing various other multiplayer games or generally just dicking around on mumble. Anyone applying must be switched on with an ability to follow instructions. We use Mumble as a voip server and using it is a must in raids. We prefer applicants to have good raiding experience but if you can prove that you are switched on, committed and willing to learn we would be more than happy to train you up. Currently recruiting: Boomy (Medium) Mage (High) Hunter(Medium) Spreist(Medium) Feral (Low) WW Monk (Low) DPS DK(Medium) DPS Warrior(Medium) Ele Shaman(High) Resto Druid (Medium) Classes and players that are capable of playing multiple rolls are a bonus. Regardless of what we are recruiting we will always consider exceptional applicants, so if your class isn't on the list and you consider yourself a good player feel free to drop in an app anyway. Raid times: (All times are Barthilas server time GMT+10.) Monday: 7:00pm-11:00pm Wednesday: 7:00pm-11:00pm Thursday: 7:00pm-11:00pm Anyone interested in applying head over to http://minigame-barthilas.enjin.com/recruitment or contact me on my Battletag Bobby#1399Böbby24 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 Late night Are there any late night raiding guilds on these servers? i mean like midnight or 1 am server time?Shnoall2 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 Holy Paladin LFGuild. Currently Looking for a new home. Pretty proficient at most specs so don't mind changing. Mainly looking for a guild that would raid wednesday/thursday/monday at >7:30pm/8 +10gmt. I would prefer to stay alliance as I have some buddies I sometimes pvp with. I do have a fair amount of experience as all three roles in other expacs, but didn't raid during mop nor have I yet in this expac. Add me if you have a position you think I can fill; belae#1902Belae1 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 [A] <Dock On> raid progression recruiting Newly formed Guild on Frostmourne filled with experienced raiders and 2.2k+ PvPers. Active Daily. Looking for players who are committed to raid progression. Raid times are 8pm-11pm GMT +10 Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Currently 5/7 N and 1/7 H. Looking specifically for: 1x Healer - Resto Shaman 1x RDPS - Mage/ Shadow Priest 1x MDPS - 1x Warrior with tanking offspec Must be dedicated and mature! If you're interested add me and we can have a chat! bjp091#6890Bibbz0 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 [A] <Who Pulled> Frostmourne 6/7N 1/7H LFM [A] <Who Pulled> (Frostmourne-US) is currently recruit skilled, confident and, above all, devoted members to join the Core Raid team. We are currently powering through the content, gaining knowledge and awareness of the new fights and raids. Standing at 6/7 Normal Mode and 1/7 Heroic Mode, we are pushing through normal content and are beginning to clear content on Heroic and eventually Mythic. We are an Australian Based guild and run off server time (+11 GMT). Currently, we are raiding during Friday and Saturday nights, beginning at 8:00 pm and finishing at 12:00 pm. There is a high demand for the following classes to join our guild and be apart of our progression. DPS Mage (of any specialisation) Balance Druid Item level of 640 is required. Raid Times: Friday: 8:00 pm - 12:00 pm Saturday: 8:00 pm - 12:00 pm Other classes and specialisations will be considered also. For any more questions or inquiries please feel free to contact me via whisper in game, using the battletag: Starfalling#1164 Thank you.Eppzy5 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 Adorable 637 mage LF new home ^_^ Hi guys! I'm currently a 637 frost mage looking for a new raiding guild to call home! I'm happy to server transfer but I would prefer Horde side. Please give me a new home! I'm adorable, I promise. <3Tyrannia3 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 <Dark Resolve> 2/7M LF DPS <Dark Resolve> (www.darkresolvekj.enjin.com) is a US late-night 2/7 Mythic guild on Kil'jaeden Horde. We formed up in late Dragon Soul and have consistently been improving our rankings since then. We are currently: -2/7 Mythic Highmaul -14/14 Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar US#38, 14/14 Heroic 25 man(pre 6.0) and 14/14 Mythic. Raid Hours: Tue-Thu+Sun during progression, 4:30PM-8:30PM AEST. We are a strict 4 night/4 hour guild and will not extend or add raid days except to make up for a missed day during the week. Recruitment Needs: Windwalker Monk- High Unholy Death Knight- High Retribution Paladin- High Rogue- Medium Hunter - Medium Balance Druid- Medium Even if your class is not listed please apply if you feel that you would be a good fit. We accept all exceptional applicants! We are looking for players who fit our general guidelines: -Be respectful and tolerant of other players both in and out of guild. We have an extremely diverse playerbase with people from all over the world and it's important to respect everyone's different viewpoints. We are also not the type of guild that will troll chat channels or forums and we are not looking for people who do. -We don't raid a lot during progress so it's crucial that raid members are not only on time but also that they do not miss raid nights. Emergencies can and will happen, but if they prevent you from maintaining 90% attendance then we are probably not the guild for you. -As weird as it sounds, most of us do enjoy raiding and playing the game! People who only log on for raid, get frustrated on progression quickly, or are not interested in having a good time just bring a lot of negativity and we don't want you here! We are filled with players who think looking over logs, discussing class mechanics, and finding new ways to kill bosses can be a lot of fun! -For a guild at our level character optimization is simply a given. You have to know what's best for your class and apply it to your playstyle. Exceptional performance is expected from every one of our members. -Because we are in the middle of progression, we are unable to consider applicants who aren't immediately ready to step into Mythic. Please be reasonably geared and have current tier logs before applying! Loot is organized by a loot council consisting of the guild's officers. Loot is distributed in the manner that will benefit progression the most. Numerous factors are taken into account, such as personal performance, attendance, and potential future strategies. Trial periods will typically last between 1 and 3 weeks during which you will be expected to make every raid and actively take part in the guild. You will also be expected to answer questions about your gameplay which may come up once we've seen you in action. Sound like you fit? Great! Please visit our website www.darkresolvekj.enjin.com and fill out an application, contact any recruitment officer in game (Pandenz, Lexie or Selkat) or add my battletag Vanden#1251.Astyria2 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 [H] <Afterdark> Nagrand/Caelestrasz 5/7N 1/7H Recruiting skilled healers and dps for normal progression. We cleared 5/7 normal 1/7 heroic this week. Nagrand / Caelestrasz :) Raid nights are THURS FRI 7-10PMMaiwaifu1 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 15, 2014 H <PandaLand> Recruiting H <PandaLand> Is recruiting for our WoD raid team and are looking for very dedicated and serious players. The guild is a fun and laid back group of people but come raid progression we want people to be very serious. We are currently looking for: Dps: Mage, Rouge, Pally And a DPS that is willing to OS Tank If you are interested you can add me on Bnet or reply to this post. Btag is PirateNinja#6405Grakbrez0 Dec 15, 2014
Dec 15, 2014 637 Rogue and Warlock LF casual 10 man guild! Hello potential guildies, My friend and I are looking for a casual environment that raids 10-man content around 2-3 nights per week. Considering our ilevel, we're probably best suited for a small guild that has just started hitting Highmaul, or one that is willing to be patient with us while we gear up. We also don't mind a little PvP. In terms of our experience, we've both been around since around BC/Wrath with some raiding experience behind us. Msg me ingame should you be interested. Thanks!Yucatec0 Dec 15, 2014
Dec 15, 2014 645 Thaurissan UH DK LF GMT+8 Guild Raid Looking for a guild that could fit me into their raid spot or even just as a sub/ trial. I understand most guilds have too many DKs or melee running around and I know you have to earn your spot since that was they way it started for me. I can Raid 8:30pm- 12:30am. Days are flexible. I have raided since WOTLK and have always played my DK as my main. I try to get the best possible info regarding it to maximize gameplay. Can take direction and criticism to improve my play. Will inform as well if I cannot make it to raid but I will try to online when there is a raid. I also have a mage friend that looks to raid at these hours. Please contact me on Raiden011#1482. ThanksRamza0 Dec 15, 2014
Dec 15, 2014 N 5/7 H1/7 HEALER CORE SPOT NEEDED Hey all Eats Crayons is a brand new guild recruiting 1 core healer spot for raiding. We have had 2 pug a healer this week but managed to get 5/7 normal bosses on farm and 7/ 7 normal tonight! 1/7 heroic completed. We are moving to heroic with gear check and mythic from that. If your looking for a friendly fun guild that is new and happy for progression please let us know. We raid 7 pm till 10 pm Melbourne time wed, thur, Monday untill content is on farm. We are a seroiuse guild in regards to moving forward but having a laugh at the same time. This week we are starting at 4pm till 7 pm for server stability. Let me know if your interested and you can have a 100% core spot Need Holy paladin or Resto Druid! Spot available asap for tonight's raid. Reply here or add xzet#1948Villoz1 Dec 15, 2014
Dec 15, 2014 Ret Paladin LF late night raiding guild. 635 Ret Paladin/can OS any spec. Pretty much looking for a raiding guild that starts around 10:30/11pm - late (GMT +11). I've had a lot of raiding experience from Burning Crusade up to Cataclysm (didn't really raid in MOP). You can contact me here or on my Bnet - Rocky#1988Bane1 Dec 15, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 (A) 500g Fines, recruiting! (Khaz'Goroth) Who are we? We are Five Hundred G Fines, an Alliance Guild based on the server Khaz'Goroth / Dath'Remar. A newly formed guild (Commenced in early August 2014), our officers and GM have been raiding together previously for around a year and were the raid leaders and officers of the guild <Epic> on khaz'goroth alliance, where they achieved 14/14 normal progression and 5/14 heroic progression. We are now a Guild for the casual or progressive raider. We aim to have 2 raid teams going at most times. (more on this later!) Our History Before becoming the Guild we are now, as stated above we were Epic. Sadly this Guild went separate ways which led to us forming this new guild. Our GM, myself and my partner decided to get together a new Guild and start one our self. 500g Fines was originally called Una Ultionis which we name changed. The name 500g Fines comes from our Epic days when people would die to and or screw up a mechanic they would have to put 500g into the Guild Bank, as compensation. Since the Guild perk Cash Flow is no longer with us R.I.P, we feel this is a suitable method of keeping gold flowing into the bank. Our future as a Guild We want all members who join (for casual or heavy raid progression) to feel like they can happily call us home. We aim to have 2 raid teams going one of which will be running early, and one which will run later. The early team will be led by myself, of which I have quite a big history of raid leading experience. Our later team will be led by our GM Adelm and will most likely only raid twice a week, to suit a vast majority of the more casual players. It could be 3 but don't hold me to it as I wont be in it. Our current Raiding status We done our first run in Highmaul on release night. We accomplished 1/7H before the servers had a stroke and died for 2 hours. Bladefist went down after 3 shots, with only 3 deaths. We are pushing Heroics until we can't do it, then we will drop it to Normal for our few pieces of gear we need to succeed. Loot System We run EPGP as our loot system of choice. You will be informed on how we run ours as many Guilds have different variations on how to obtain EP. What do we expect? A good working mic. Ventrilo Exceptional Class knowledge. How to do the fights we are working on. A can do attitude. And most importantly, Reliability.Our raid schedule. Early team will be inviting at 6:45PM SVT (AEST(GMT+11) and clearing trash at 7PM SHARP on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. With a finish time of 10:30PM Late team will be inviting at 9:30PM SVT (AEST(GMT+11) and clearing trash at 9:45PM SHARP on Thursday, Sunday and Monday. With a finish time of 12:30AM Recruitment. Early team is currently recruiting the following, High priority, Windwalker Monk Warlock Medium Priority Mage Low Priority All other class / spec combo Please don't feel hesitant to apply if you are among the low priority group. As there could be room in the late team for you. We also accept exceptional players with a like mind to the team. Progression Late team Tanks (Full) Healers ( Need all) DPS (Need all) To contact us Speak to one of our Officers My self Divinationn Or our GM Adelm / Priestos You can also get me on B-Tag zNiqro#1275, or post a response here. We have a website as well, it hasn't been updated for a few months. http://www.500gfines.com/ We look forward to hearing from you, and raiding with you in VERY near future!Sgtvarla13 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 [A] Frostmourne <TTR> 5/7N | 1/7H - LF DPS The guild is currently populated by returning hardcore raiders who bring a lot of experience to the guild (previous server firsts). Raid nights are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday with monday as an extra night if needed from 8pm - 11pm or 12am (depending on the nights progress) Server Time. We use TS, have a website and forums. If you are interested please contact us either on here, or directly in game by messaging the recruitment officer with the details. We are currently recruiting to ensure consistent numbers for mythics long term. We are currently looking for more dps and classes with tank offspec as well. i635+ recommended. We have positions for any interested dps, we're especially looking for rogues and hunters. Don't make us keep DE'ing gear you could be using! (We currently have 0 raiding rogues. That could be your gear!) If you can't make all raid nights but some, that's fine. The only thing we ask is that you're consistent in your attendance (if you raid) and you have a good attitude. We have the tanks, we have the healers; if you're DPS sign up! Recruitment officer Battletag: squagill#1734 Guild website: ttrguild.enjinn.comDilandach0 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 [A]FM649 Fury Warrior LF Raiding guild! 1/7H Got butcher down to 1% a few times, 1.95/7H? Prev raiding experience - 12/14Mythic SoO (pre-nerf), 14/14Mythic SoO(after nerf) No logs, but able to deal between 20k-22.5k DPS on patchwerk fights(heroic butcher) LF guilds which raid late, any day from 10pm SVT onwards. (GMT+11) For more inquiries, you can add me at, Zyen#6912, FrostmourneZyenn0 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 642 rogue lf serious progression Currently 6/7 nm and 1/7 h wanting a serious progressing group. Been playing since vanilla and very competitive and friendly person. solid dps/ not standing in stupid/coming to raid prepared knowing the fights. Always raided in a top guild before nerfs come and wanting the same again. Plenty of experience being an officer in previous guilds. ssalvatore#1623 btag. if serious with offer will xfer asapCllem0 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 <Carried> Looking for Raiders <Carried> Is a guild in Khaz'goroth looking for raiders to join our team! We are a mythic raiding guild with extensive experience in high end content . We raid in a serious environment without the added pressure other guilds enforce as we like to kill !@#$ and have fun while doing it! We ask for 2 nights of progression with consistency attendance. In addition guild repairs and all items for raids are provided by the guild, such as; flasks,food,gems.enchants etc. Website: www.carriedkhazgoroth.enjin.com Raid times are as follows: Thursday 8pm server for progression Sunday 8pm server for progression Monday 8pm server optional raid to clear up normal We also do a casual alt run when there is enough in demand within the guild. Recruitment Needs High Priority: Healer - Priest/Pally/Monk Hybrid DPS with offspec Healing Medium Priority: Resto Shaman Hybrid class with O/DPS Low Priority: Tanks All exceptional/casual players welcome If you are interested in joining or would like to have any questions answered please contact 1: Lizele Real id - Lizele#1876 2: Hyrbidazard Real id - Agrojo#1644 3: Testdepth Real id - Subet757#1543Testdepth0 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 [A] NoDice Recruiting Mage/DK for Mythic After week 1 of raids we're 6/7 3/7HM. I consider this to be okay, however I saw the potential to get more than this from our guild. It is because of this I've opened recruitment again to trail some potential replacements. Who we are: No Dice originally made it's name on Barthilas for PvP and some light PvE. We cleared Cata heroic modes and got dragons. However I personally quit the game in MoP and in my absence the PvE side of the guild died away. With the declining population on the Alliance side of Barthilas we have moved to Frostmourne. Now that I've returned I want to reassemble our PvE team to take on the upcoming heroic and mythic content. I have managed to get back almost everyone from our squad and I've recruited a few more experienced people to help us get up to 20mans. However we need a few more to round out the group. We're an experienced group of raiders who have been together for some time. I personally know all the raiders on a first name basis. Because of this there is very low player turn over and no drama between raiders. It makes for a pleasant raiding environment. What we need: 1x Tank (Monk, Warrior, Paladin preferred) 1x Frost/Unholy DK 1x Mage When do we raid: Wed/Thus/Sun 7:30-11:00pm SVT What do we expect from you? We expect you to maintain as high an attendance as humanly possible, have a stable connection to the game and bring a positive attitude. We also expect you to be competent at your class and at worst require minimum coaching to achieve a high standard of play. I personally believe that a good attitude is more valuable then topping meters, however we do need to kill the bosses which places a pretty unavoidable minimum requirement on performance. If we're not killing bosses changes will be made - its pretty simple. Contact Contact me, Alokinn or Hamurabi, either in game on my character or via bnet fmm#1844. There is no formal application process via a website. If I like the cut of your jib then you're in. Please do not mistake my casual approach to running a guild as complacency. I like to keep it casual because it's the type of raid we are and it makes for low stress high fun raiding. However there is a standard that will be enforced in order to make sure that we as a group achieve our goals.Hamurabi3 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 Alliance WW/BREW MONK Dreadmaul LF RAID GUILD Hi Guys, Looking for an Alliance guild on Dreadmaul preferably for Casual progression. Based is QLD. Currently 629 ilvl. Feel free to add me Drifted#6554 CheersGuzzah1 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 633 MW Monk LF Mythic guild I am looking for a mythic focused guild that raids between 7pm-12 aest. Have raid experience dating back to TBC, clearing a large portion of content. I come prepared to raids, read up on fights, am reliable, etc. Am willing to server xfer if i find a suitable guild. Cheers, #rovar1898Rovar7 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 660 ilvl heroic HM hunter LF weekday raiding As above i am a 660 hunter who is looking for a weekday raiding guild ONLY. Will not raid Sunday or Saturday any times. any raid time on Monday-Friday is suitable. Also looking for a well orientated guild who is seeking realm firsts, or to at least competitively compete with realm firsts. Have alot of raiding experience dating all the way back to WOTLK, my raiding scene has been much more frequent at the end of MOP finalizing with a full then heroic now mythic clear or SoO a few months before 6.0 was released. Currently i am 7/7 Normal 6/7 heroic. As above is what i request, here is what i can offer. An ever evolving mind to deal with new mechanics in different ways, the adaptability to mold with changes made in ways we deal with bosses as a guild as i would expect when moving to a new guild. If you think i am the hunter for you or even if you would like to know anything more about me, feel free to find me at (Blackmumba#1564). I would much rather a run though with YOUR guild in heroic before i pay for a realm change for mythic so we can both understand each other better and see if we like each other.Rathnar0 Dec 14, 2014