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Crunchy Adventures – Barthilas Horde Crunchy Adventures Hello Barthilas !! Crunchy Adventures is now rapidly expanding but don't be afraid we have room for you too ! We will be running some HFC for the last stretch on the expac to help out any newbies but please note that raid times are in prep for legion ! We provide - Voice chat server - Website for keeping in touch - Current and old content runs - Arena and PvP Training - Raiding Training - WBSH skulls for your crushing pleasure - A community across multiple games - Multiple game servers Who we are looking for - We want relaxed and funny people. The Crunchy crew are all about having a laugh - Looking for any class as we now have two raid teams and can make room for anyone ! - Newbies to join in our Normal runs, learn the art of raiding - Competitive PvPers , this does not mean you have to be good. But you will be by the time we finish training you :D - World PvPers, there are too many Alliance and WBSH have hired me to cull their population Guild Times Raiding Raid Group One: MON,WED,THURS 6-8 Server Time ( ideal for new zealanders 8-10pm nz time ) Raid Group Two: FRI,SAT,SUN 8-10 Server time ( ideal for Australians 8-10pm ) PvP Mondays through Wednesday 6pm Server Time -Arenas -Battle grounds -World PvP Thursday - Ashran Domination from 6pm Server Time Friday - RBG teams followed by the weekend World PvP Romp Stomp Weekends are a mix of whatever people want to do !! ( Normally our fun events happen on a Saturday) Contact Add any of us below !! If you have any questions please get in touch ! Crunchy – Crunchy#1656 (Guild/Raid Leader) Ernapanda – Erna#6130 (Second in Charge) Zul – WallFlip#1799 (Raid Assistant) Crunchy1
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[A] <Conflict Resolution> 13/13M – LF RDPS <Conflict Resolution> is an Alliance guild on Khaz’goroth / Dath’remar About Us We have a solid team that raided together throughout Warlords of Draenor culminating in a realm 2nd, world 672nd Mythic Archimonde kill. We have restructured into a new guild to prepare for Legion progression and are seeking like-minded players to bolster our roster. We enjoy a fun atmosphere while raiding, but still expect raiders to be capable of performing at a high level, approaching both farm and progression with a degree of professionalism. Fun, efficient and effective are the buzzwords! Current Progression: 13/13M About You Our ideal raider is somebody who is always prepared, reading up on boss fights ahead of time. You’ll enjoy your class and be up to date on the best talent and spec (for pure DPS) choices, and be willing to adapt as necessary to meet the raid’s needs. You’ll enjoy joking around but will be capable of focussing on boss fights to keep wipes to a minimum. Bonus points if you’re active in game and on forums, and willing to contribute to strategy discussions. Classes we're seeking Our raid team is currently flexible with respect to classes/roles going into Legion. As such we are currently open to ALL classes as we bolster our roster. Raid Times We currently raid 3 nights a week, 9pm - midnight (Server Time, AEDT GMT +11) Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. During farm this can drop to 2 or even 1 night a week depending on how fast we clear content. How to Apply If all of the above appeals to you, please read below for information on how to apply! Head to our website, conflictres.enjin.com, and you'll find a link on the top bar entitled "Recruitment" which will take you to our application form. Want to have a chat before applying? Feel free to add an officer in-game with any questions you may have! Moski - Moski#1164 Fraggi - Fraggi#1472 Soralin - BAK#6204 Moski52
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<The Realms Last VB> Recruitment for Legion. Good afternoon Everybody! The Realms Last VB (Jubei-Thos HORDE) is a Mythic progression guild and we are currently 11/13M. We are currently recruiting for both group 1 and group 2. Group 2's position is 13/13H but lack the numbers to progress into mythic. Our raid schedule. (For Group 1) - Sunday 6:30 ST - 10:30 ST - Monday 7:30 ST - 10:30 ST Our raid schedule. (For Group 2) - Wednesday 7:30 ST - 10:30 ST - Friday 7:30 ST - 10:30 ST - Saturday 7:30 ST - 10:30 ST All times are based around ST / AEST. Recruitment (For Group 2) Classes currently of high priority are. - RDPS (Elemental Shaman, Balance Druid, Mage, Shadow Priest) - Heals (Restoration Shaman, Mist Weaver Monk, Holy Priest) Recruitment (For Group 1) -All exceptional players will be considered. If your class or role wasn't listed above please don't let that stop you from applying as we are always looking to recruit people that have a deep understanding of the game and their class. Whilst enjoying a laid back and fun environment while raiding. Requirements For Applications. For group 1 we require you to be able to attend 100% of the raids and have a 795 upgraded legendary ring, along with strong logs for at least 9/13M bosses. If applying to this group your ilvl should be around 735+ For group 2 we require you to be able to consistently make at least 2 of the 3 raid nights each week. Be at least 715 ilvl with your 4 set along with a basic 735 legendary ring. Applications & Trials. All applications can be directed to myself and i will post my Battle.net tag at the bottom of this post. The trial period lasts 1 week or 3 raid nights and loot priority whilst on trial will be below all core raiders. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post and i hope to hear from you guys very soon! :-) Stars#1465 Stàrs0
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[H] <Potato> Bathilas - Social Guild 12/13M Hey there! Looking for something new? -A a guild with awesome people, that you can get to know and play the game we all love with? Potato is NOW recruiting for our core team in legion! We are also after groups of friends and can accommodate any sized group! Although we have a full roster at the moment, we have plenty of spots to fill for legion for ALL CLASSES. Join us to see what we are all about and try casual raiding with a difference, where our guild members are put first. About us We aim to connect like minded individuals in a competitive yet positive environment to achieve raiding success as a team. Potato is a "social raiding" guild. What does that mean? We provide a 2-day raiding experience where we plan to clear every boss at every difficulty, while having a laugh doing it. We also engage in plenty of other activities both inside and outside of WOW and across many other games. Potato is a unique community with plenty of both current and past members (who keep coming back).The majority of our members have raided together for years and boast a wealth of experience. We have instilled a competitive environment that pushes our players to ensure we experience solid progression and don't shy away from a challenge. Potato is casual raiding at its finest, for those who want to raid 2 days per week with exceptional gamers. Socials We are also happy to take on new players and those who want to gear up and begin raiding. We pride ourselves on providing a great environment for players to learn and offer raiding opportunities in the future. We are a friendly bunch and always have a good time so if you are after something laid back or just a guild to hang out in let us know! Raid Times Monday: 7:30-10:30pm (AEST/ST) Thursday: 7:30-10:30pm (AEST/ST) Sunday: Optional/infrequent "Fun runs" Requirements -Some previous mythic experience or equivalent -Positive attitude -Committed to guild progression and good attendance -Prepared to listen/learn and be receptive to criticism -Stable internet / working mic + mumble - ERT, DBM, Angry Assignments Current progression: 13/13 Heroic HFC 12/13 Mythic Any questions, don't hesitate to contact one of our members in game! -We don't do app's, all raiders are interviewed over mumble. Recruitment Contacts Haoyy#1298 Skytro#1236 Shukey#1706 Purfect#1186 Purfect0
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