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Oct 26 Raptor Mount on Alliance? I've been searching for a while now, and up until recently I was under the impression that only the Skeletal Raptor was available for Alliance players. However I saw a player in Stormwind the other day riding one. So my question, where (if it's even still possible) can I get one. Google and forum searchs have come up empty for me.Fiirkan11 Oct 26
Oct 26 How likely is gear drop in LFR EN? Did my first ever raid last night in EN LFR as tank; I had a great time!. I saw that most other people in the raid got some gear but I didnt get any from the first three bosses. I'm not upset I'm just wondering if thats pretty normal. I tried asking the same question in the raid forums and they seemed very hostile.Garïmdor2 Oct 26
Oct 26 Mouse Hey guys Just got back into the game and when I hold my mouse botton down to look around it moves so fast I cant control it which makes mounting up and moving impossible. I dropped the sensitivity in game but nothing changes. Any ideas?Blythie5 Oct 26
Oct 26 Stat percentages Hi guys! Can anyone help me out as to why people always refer to stats in percentages? (Eg 30% haste, 20% mastery) so 30% of haste means 30% of what value?0.0 And intuitively I would think wouldnt the actual stat numbers rather than percentages be more useful as a reference?XD And specifically for Intel classes, is Intel always more important than all the other stats like haste and mastery? (Eg should I trade 400 haste for 50 Intel?)Rexonologist4 Oct 26
Oct 26 why cant i swim in nelthandrals lair? when i drop into the water i can't move forward. sometimes i can sometimes i just bounce up and down trying to move forwardTrollstrollr2 Oct 26
Oct 26 Invisible Leather Boots? Are there any so I can use as a monkWarlunhardt2 Oct 26
Oct 25 Raiding class for schizophrenia. Hi there! So, I'll try to be brief. To that end, I have schizoaffective disorder. In short, I have a mix of schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder. I'm on great medications and I'm doing pretty well, but meds aren't great at treating long-standing negative effects of schizophrenia. What that means is that I've always been a bit slower to react than others and need to try harder to think clearly. This means I struggle, greatly at times, with mechanics in fights. What I need is a ranged class, that has a fair amount of speed and defensive cooldowns. I also need it to be a pretty straight-forward rotation, i.e. not proc heavy or heavy on micro management, like fire mage (dem procs) or unholy dk (pet, disease, and wound management). What I've come up with is potentially frost mage and beast master hunter. Frost mage has very few procs and no micro-management, and a decent amount of mobility and a super nice mitigation talent for improved ice block. BM offers a very simple rotation, things like AotC and Exhiliration, but I actually feel those two are weaker than the utility offered to frosty ice mages, while frost is just a bit more difficult to play than BM, at least in terms of their offensive cooldowns. Does anyone know of something else in the ranged dps classes that offers more mobility and defensive utilities, while not using a proc heavy rotation or a lot of micro-management? Also, BM hunter currently puts out about 25k dps more on average than frost. Anyone know if that will change with the buffs to frost in 7.1? Thanks for reading and I appreciate any input. =)Glerin4 Oct 25
Oct 24 Monk or Shaman? Which one?Orekk3 Oct 24
Oct 24 How do i get to hinterlands On the warchief's command board it said go to hinterlands, so I made it almost through the eastern plaguelands but the bottom east part of it there was this castle i couldn't get through, how am I supposed to get to the hinterlands?Hellsjenga4 Oct 24
Oct 24 [Question] Daily Missions Hi, sorry if this is repost, i didnt find any post solving my question. I want to know when the Daily missions restart. Thanks!Maaiia2 Oct 24
Oct 24 A GREAT tip for new healers players Never spend your time in a holy priest for pvp This is a historic blizzard problem since 2004 You've never seen and never will see a Priest Sacred doing PVP competitive. If you love holy priest pvp ---> go to play another game. Avoid wasting time. im Playing with this specialization a long time, I hope to help others not to waste time. Thank you for blizzard disable a specialization. why you gave us pvp talent?Ðiaßolic6 Oct 24
Oct 23 Warlock, monk or priest? As a damage dealer, which class is the most fun to play and has cool !@# abilities?Orekk1 Oct 23
Oct 23 Trouble with motivation and story! Hello there kind WoW players! I am semi new to WoW, I have played in the past (about a year ago) and got to level 39 on a human. I started playing again a month ago, and for a while, I absolutely loved my human Rogue, and got to level 40, basically the same point I got to last year. I found though, that I got bored quickly around the eastern plaguelands section, where I would quest for a bit, get bored because there was no story (in my opinion / stupidity) and then do a dungeon, moving on once I eventually left the level range of that zone. I would get bored though as to me there seemed to be no "point" for the seemingly endless quests laid ahead. I then decided I might try and jump into WoTHK or BC as my friends said that the story was better. I rolled a worgen death night, and for the starting zone I thought it was the coolest thing ever, as I suddenly had something to aim towards, to fight back against the lich king. Instantly, leaving I get sent to hellfire peninsula, and BAM... Straight back into pointless questing with no reason as to why I am there (again I might be missing the point). I really want to play this game and enjoy it, but I find that if I do not have a reason / story to do things, I get bored quickly. I have tried to research the story behind BC but come up with nothing. What I am saying is, am I wasting my time looking for something that doesn't exist, or is there a story to follow, which I need? Thanks so much! I really want to love this game, so far the overall experience has been filled with fun. Much respect, SvallmishSvallwolf1 Oct 23
Oct 23 Why dont LFR raids appear at 110? How do I unlock legion LFRs ?XD I had hit 110 recently but somehow no LFRs are popping up in my raid finder, I always thought all the raids would appear when I hit 110. Am I supposed to complete the main questlines first to qeue for LFR haha? Thanks!:)Rexonologist3 Oct 23
Oct 23 Ayuda con monturas Hola, Hace poco llegue a lvl 60 y desbloquee las monturas voladoras. Tengo el pegasso por jugar hearthstone pero ya me canso un poco y quiero conseguir alguna mas especial que una que le den a todos por jugar al hearthstone. Cual montura puedo conseguir que no sea la que compras en orgrimmar? ( son muuuy feas) Estuve preguntando a un amigo y me dijo que no sabia muy bien pero que las mas faciles son la de los logros y estos se pueden hacer solo siendo lvl 90 o mas. Asi que por eso quiero saber si con mi nivel puedo conseguir alguna.Luccacech1 Oct 23
Oct 23 Coming back to WoW, choosing new main. I decided to come back to play WoW for 7.1 and I am having trouble finding out what I'm enjoying the most. That being said, I do have some idea of what I'm looking for so hopefully you guys can help me out! I have played all of the classes at some point or another during the years I've played. I have found that I enjoy melee classes the most. I personally enjoy tracking something (i.e. bleed, debuff, buff, etc.) but I dislike having to micromanage (pets) and track multiple things (like more than 2 or 3 things, i.e. savage roar, rip, rake, bloodtalons, lunar inspiration for feral). On the other hand, I dislike not having to track anything at all because then I just get bored button mashing whatever is priority. I also enjoy some mobility I would like to have the option to be at least one other role (tank / heal) but DPS will be my main focus. I also enjoy a rotation that isn't too simple but also isn't overly complicatedI mainly PvE raid and I'm planning on trying out mythic+ but I also dabble in PvP whenever I'm bored. Thanks in advance for the advice and I will post more if more information is needed to help you, help me Edit: I think I've narrowed down my choices to Death Knight, Shaman, Monk, and Demon Hunter.Sleeks1 Oct 23
Oct 23 How to get back to stormheim? I did the quests which led up to me going to stormheim from dalaran by that flying ship and parachuting down. I accidentally went back to dalaran by using the wrong hearthstone (I know I'm dumb). but what I'm trying to figure out is how to get back. I'm a noob btw so I'm sorry if this question is rather dumbAnsemcloud4 Oct 23
Oct 22 Can't do the WQ "Inquisitor: tivos" My cursor doesn't change when try to click on the teleport-er.Trollstrollr1 Oct 22
Oct 22 Passive Mitigation for tanks? So I'm curious, which tanks have the highest passive mitigation? IE don't have to be hitting a defense skill every 10 seconds to constantly keep a buff up? I don't mind hitting a defensive when needed, but having to keep a short duration buff up all the time sucks =(Lancë4 Oct 22
Oct 22 Dream Grove/Class hall equipment Is it worth it to use the dream grove equiment? Is there a specific purpose for it? ThxTrollstrollr2 Oct 22
Oct 22 Arms or Fury for PVE? .Orekk1 Oct 22
Oct 21 Deepmist Grotto? Trying to finish up my trick or treat acheivements and the only candy barel I cant find is in Deepmist Grotto in Vasjh'ir. I have been all over Vasjh'ir on all my 85s and cant locate the grotto. Can someone send me in the right direction?Snarel10 Oct 21
Oct 21 How do i remove hallows end mask All of the masks are gone out of my bag but i still can't remove the mask i have on. Is there something in particular i have to do to get it off?? Its really starting to annoy me hahaEvanseo5 Oct 21
Oct 21 Gems and enchantments How do i use a gem and echantmentes? I looked on UT and still it didn't work for the gems and i didn't try the enchantments. ICY viens says i should use a "quick dawnlight" so i bought one on the AH. Now what to i do with it? ThxTrollstrollr3 Oct 21
Oct 21 Shop mount speed Hi guys, what is the flying speed of the shop-mounts? is it your current riding level or automatically at maximum speed of 310%?Syrvana5 Oct 21
Oct 21 Mythic + DPS MM Hunter Hello, and yes I understand the importance of mechanics over DPS =) My DPS suffers during pretty much all boss encounters. Addons I use: Skada for dps meters, DBM, and Weak auras. My rotation is solid on trash pulls. I hit like 230k pretty easy. But on bosses I fall down to 130 to 150 -- not always, but on the bosses that have a lot of moving aoe, my dps is really poor. And so, is there some standardized method for calculating dps? Like should I should at target dummies for 30 seconds and report back? I want to improve. I want to be the best, the very best. Or sure, one of the best. Maybe its a ranged dps positioning that I'm messing up during boss encounters? Maybe my high dps is based on group damage and my single target lacks. I run lock and load, winders, and barrage, lone wolf, patient sniper so I'm not stacking vuln. I'll answer any question you have for me that might help you help me=p What is ranged dps appropriate for mythics +Thatdude2 Oct 21
Oct 21 Best way to target? I'm stumped on how to target enemies quickly. I tried click-targeting, but that was way too slow. Then I tried tab targeting, but that lacked the appropriate focus for the situation. Now I recently read someone's post to click on mouse-over to mouse scroll up but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Is that the best way to do it or are there other methods?Aayvia2 Oct 21
Oct 21 Quest Help I just started playing a few days ago and I spent a lot of time bouncing from server to server and class to class. I am now settled on class and server but I noticed I can no longer get the pet battle quests. How do I reacquire this quest line so I get quest to challenge the various NPCs?Weefists2 Oct 21
Oct 20 I have some questions Hello Everybody, I'm New to wow and have some questions, i have a lot of questions, maybe not a lot What does it mean when are gear turns red? is the Death Knight a good character? does the level 100 boost work on a Death Knight How many people do you need for the new raid? is legion wroth buying? because the Death Knight starts at level 55 can i ride a mount? and i think that's all my questions if you have a tip for me tell me, ThanksDeadfortune4 Oct 20
Oct 20 Semi-new Player Looking for RP Realm TL;DR Looking to get more immersed and involved in the game to enjoy levelling, lore/RP, and end-game content in the future. I've narrowed my choice realms to Emerald Dream, Wyrmrest Accord, and Moon Guard. So, any thoughts on these realms, considering everyday life, the community, and endgame experiences of people on these realms, PvE and PvP-wise? Also of particular importance to me is faction balance and activity– both in terms of guild progression/social life/RP and individual players. I am looking to roll Horde but a balanced/almost balanced ratio would be great, even if it slightly favours one faction or the other. Some background: I first got into WoW through a trial account in WotLK. Been playing WoW on and off since then starting Cata but never capped a character. Due to time constraints and other priorities I've never really levelled past 60 nor played for more than 2 or 3 months at a time. However, I've always been a huge lore geek and have perused Wowpedia et all since time immemorial and now have enough time and focus to know that I surely want to finally cap my first-ever character and enjoy endgame content. I plan on rolling a Troll, since I've found them to always be cool and Horde lore to be most compelling for me. I figured maybe getting into an RP realm this time around would allow me to invest myself into my character and the world more and also meet more people who are invested, friendly, and willing to help. That being said, I am an RP noob but would really like to get into it as well as try my hand at raiding and PvP when the time comes. I'm not averse to WPvP but I'm no expert in it either, so ganking/griefing concerns do arise on my end. Overall, I'm looking for a realm with a great community and great game experience based on my criterion above!Howzat3 Oct 20
Oct 20 artifact xmog my friend said you can xmog your artifact to anything you could equip normally so e.g. staff or off hand with dagger, wand, or sword is this true?Blâckwolf3 Oct 20
Oct 19 Damage Meter? How does everyone track their DPS?Gnym2 Oct 19
Oct 19 Whats call Boss hp bar appears minimap In dungeons when Boss HP bar appears below Minimap what does it called So I can move it with Moveanything addonIzkilorky0 Oct 19
Oct 19 Specific dungeon not in queue Noob question: Certain quests will tell me to do certain dungeons. Problem is, those dungeons aren't in my queue list. So...what do I do?Trinmak4 Oct 19
Oct 19 healer & dps spec with same gear? which class allows me to do this? I would like to main a healer at lv 110, but just want 1 set of gear so i can quest. elemental shaman/resto share the same gear and shadow/priest only? more information my main is a Mist Weaver Monk I can't kill mobs because i'm very weak in my dps spec cause my int gear i would like a class where i could just swap specs and use the same gear to quest as dps instead of getting a dps set.Anti3 Oct 19
Oct 18 Loot Specialization explained Can I please get a detailed explanation of what happens when I change loot specializations. What stats are affected? How does it affect my personal loot table? Does it affect Group loot tables?Holyhelper6 Oct 18
Oct 18 Timewarped badges Do your badges expire at the end of each timewalking event, or do you get to keep them indefinitely?Paopaohia2 Oct 18
Oct 18 how do i walk in wow?!? does anyone know what key to press to be able to walk? if someone could tell me how exactly i could do this please reply.Crideseatina3 Oct 18
Oct 18 Best place(s) to quest at if your level 66? What are the best place(s) to quest at if your level 66? Also which is better to do for XP, dungeons or quests?Zreg7 Oct 18
Oct 18 What i'm doing wrong?¿Que hago mal? You guys see... every time i get into a dungeon 2 things can happen 1) get kicked inmediatly if you do something "wrong" with some insults between it 2)same but without the kick SO. What i want to know is what i'm doing wrong, i'm going to be honest, i played a version of the game that was pirate only to see if the game was worth it til the last levels (starter edition only lets you play til level 20 so yeah, its too short) then i decided to buy the game with legion and a lvl100 character cause i already played the other pirate version til level 100 and i really liked it, so, when i first got in a dungeon, i was doing dps with the represion spec, just doing damage, letting the tank take damage, if someone was going to die i divine shield them, or making the mob hit me. What i want to know is what the hell i'm doing wrong to have people yelling at me. Thanks! Spanish/español version: Veran ... cada vez que entro en una Mazmorra, 2 cosas pueden suceder, 1)Me kickean de la estancia mientras que me dicen "eres malisimo pedazo de M!#RD$" 2) Lo mismo que el anterior solo que sin kickearme. ASI QUE. Lo que yo quiero saber es que estoy haciendo mal, voy a ser honesto, he jugado una versión del juego que era pirata sólo para ver si el juego valía la pena hasta los últimos niveles (starter edition sólo te permite jugar hasta el nivel 20 lo cual era poco), entonces me decidí a comprar el juego con la expansion de legión y una subida de personaje a LVL100 porque en la otra versión pirata llegue hasta el nivel 100 y que me gustó mucho, por lo que, cuando me meti en una estancia de mazmorra por primera vez , fui de dps dps con la especializacion represion, sólo haciendo daño, dejando que el tanque reciba primero el daño, si alguien se estaba por morir les tiraba escudo divino, o provocando al mob para que me pegue a mi. Lo que quiero saber es qué demonios estoy haciendo mal para que la gente me insulte tanto. ¡Gracias!Maaiia3 Oct 18
Oct 18 The Best Place to Farm Stormscale Made a quick video guide providing all the details needed for this. Oct 18
Oct 17 Need help sticking with a class for Legion I'm not a WoW noob per say, but I'm have some trouble finding a class to main in Legion. I've been maining a Warrior since Wrath, but I'm not really enjoying the class as much as I used to. I'm not as experienced with the other classes as much as the Warrior, so I'm hoping someone can help me out. Here's a couple of points I've been able to narrow down: I enjoy melee MUCH more than ranged. I really like having the option of tanking. A healing is a plus as well, but not really required. When playing dps, I don't really like having to manage debuffs or DoTs. I tend to like more "hack-and-slash" style melees. Also when playing dps, I like having some extra survivability. I think this makes world questing and soloing more fun. I've tried playing Druid, Rogue, and Deathknight but haven't really "clicked" with them. Does anybody have some suggestions?Sterra3 Oct 17
Oct 17 Which class is more PvE/PvP Friendly Hey guys, So I am leaning towards a demonic warlock over mage because I can summon demons. I am also thinking about going undead as opposed to Blood Elf, can anyone give me advice or point me in a right direction. Trying to do lots and lots of DPS.Dcolewizard2 Oct 17
Oct 17 Enhancement Shaman I have a enhancement shaman that has only one weapon slot the other is for shield, however, I have the melee attack "Stormstrike" which has the ability to "energize both your weapons". Where can the Enhancement Shaman learn dual weapon ability?Orcababe6 Oct 17
Oct 16 Raiding at level 60? My brother and I are having a debate about lvl 60 raiding and are counting on the wisdom of the forums to resolve it. He claims (he is about lvl 55) that he will be unable to do any raiding until he gets to level 85. My argument is that there are lvl 60 'raid dungeons' so he should be able to raid as soon as he hits 60. Example: He wants the Judgement armor from Molten Core and the Blackwing Lair. These are both lvl 60 raids. Can he do them once he hits 60? Keep in mind that we are both noobs (been playing less than 1 month), so any and all information will be a huge help.Jayrun9 Oct 16
Oct 16 Getting lost leveling after dungeons So i love leveling and questing and am a new healer learning dungeons. Only problem is i will do 4-5 dungeons back to back and when i get out i am not in a proper place to level due to my level is 5-6 levels higher then mobs or quest. Any suggestions as now i am walking around for the past 35 min and cant find out where i am to go for optimal questing. TYVM its been awhile since i played. Any way to fast travel to areas for your level of questing?Toxicity2 Oct 16
Oct 16 Leveling guide from 15-98 Enjoy your time leveling! It's very complex, invigorating, and rewarding! tl;dr WoW Devs need to update leveling, because the zones are too spread out to make leveling via quests worth the time because flightpaths.Aurelionsol1 Oct 16
Oct 16 Raiding and dungeons for new players Hi all! I just started wow half a month earlier, I have been questing and pug dungeoning since and I have found it to be quite fun! However, as I level further, I'm not sure if I should begin raiding/doing heroic dungeons? I'm definitely interested but the sensing I'm getting is that most people don't do the lvl 60ish dungeons anymore and I should wait till I'm lvl 110 to start doing these heroic/mythic dungeons and raids. But wouldn't that mean missing out on a lot of stories in the older raids?:( And I just feel like if I start doing them earlier I could get the grasp of this aspect of the game better when I do hit lvl 110! So when/how should I start doing these type of heroic/mythic dungeons and raids? (I m a casual player tho, just wanna have fun and chill! But also highly interested in trying to play well but don't always have the time to go hardcore XD )Rexonology12 Oct 16
Oct 16 A basic & effective control scheme So after thinking I was pretty far along in my WoW experience, I've wound right back at the beginning in figuring out just how to control my character. I posted about this on the Raids/Dungeons forum, but I figured it might be better suited to the new player help forum. My entire play-time from level 1 to 110 has primarily been mouse movement/turning. It's never been an issue on that journey since leveling content doesn't really require strafing or backpedaling. Enter high-level Legion content. This is the first time I've tangled with higher-difficulty content like Mythic dungeons and my lack of movement skills have sent me right back to stage 1. I've heard various recommendations from using a MMO mouse (not really an option for me; I've tried the G600 and found it too big). I just don't know how to get past this obstacle of managing my rotation (about 12 or so frequently used spells) while managing strafing/backpedaling. Perhaps it's just a muscle memory thing. Can anyone recommend me a control scheme that will have the left hand primarily in control of movement AND spells, with the mouse for turning? I admit this topic is a bit of me just venting frustration.Michaeon1 Oct 16
Oct 16 Can Guilds Span Multiple Realms? The modern WoW player can now for a group with their friends in other realms. They can run a dungeon and play PvP in multiple realms. They can have live chat across multiple realms. However, can in-game Guilds include members from multiple realms?Thrillkill2 Oct 16