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Aug 30 Comparing bag items to worn items Hi all, new to the game (crazy, I know). I was watching some Let's Play on youtube, and I noticed that when he (Sambo - love his series) hovered over an item in the bag, it brought up a view of the comparable item that he was wearing at the time. This doesn't happen for me (only BC atm). I looked in the settings but could not find anything. Is this an add-on, or a feature of WotLK or Cata? It would make game play less tedious for me. Thanks in advance.Elyssar21 Aug 30
Aug 30 Garrison Ability - Taanan Jungle I recently went back to my garrison in Talador to change the outpost's building to give me the Artillery Strike capability. But I notice that now when I move over to Taanan Jungle, it doesn't follow me there. I'm given the basic ability to call up a group of my garrison soldiers instead. Is there something else I need to do? Or is this possibly some kind of bug?Dyrrin3 Aug 30
Aug 30 Fel shard vendors going away tomorrow? Hi just wondering if they are going away and if theres any point to saving some chests for later? ThanksHallucigenia2 Aug 30
Aug 29 Hmm Pretty Confusing stuff. Any advice for a level 100 fury warrior, former level 40 wow player? I recently pre purchased legion and now have this higher level character but no CLUE what i should do.Tardgorgles1 Aug 29
Aug 28 Get Invited To Good Groups Hello I'm Veelia! I've made a series of videos helping players to understand how to spot good pugs, where to go looking for groups, and how to get accepted into these groups once they've found one they like. I've been told they're very helpful to new players so I thought I'd put them here! Hope you enjoy :) Episode One - Where to Find Groups: Episode Two - How to Spot A Successful Group: Episode Three - How To Get Invited To A Group: Feedback is always welcome - hope you learned something!Veelia2 Aug 28
Aug 28 Help with Dungeoneer's training dummy How does it work ??? How can u know your score ?What is it compared to ?How long you have to hit it ?Nipls6 Aug 28
Aug 28 I want to fly I have several characters in Draenor and I see many characters lower than I with the ability to fly. What do I have to do and where do I have to go to be able to flyGradall2 Aug 28
Aug 28 when can i spend my nether shards? ive been taking advantage of the invasions and am leveling two new characters. all my character are horde. i have a orc hunter at lvl 87, and a warrior at level 63. Nether have the vendor to spend nethershard near the flight master and blimp in ogrimmar. my two level 100 character have the vendor. were or when will the other two character have the vendor?Trollstrollr4 Aug 28
Aug 28 Leveling through invasions? I have a level 57 paladin, I heard that invasions were a really good, fun way to level up. I'm currently only getting 20-60 exp for big monster kills. Did they decrease the amount of exp gain? Am I too low level? Thank you in advanceAuramaru13 Aug 28
Aug 28 Spellcasters i have a few 100's now and there all melee range types and im looking to level a spellcaster but idk which one to play and i have a high level priest so there out but how about anything else im looking for something i will enjoy leveling and to play end game withSawlen5 Aug 28
Aug 27 Appearances not saving? Hi, I'm fairly new and I'm not sure if this is a bug or not. I found his black forward facing pirate hat and thought I had added it to my wardrobe (since I wore it for a bit). After deleting it, I decided I wanted to wear it again, but the skin isn't showing in my collections tab. I went to the guy to have my appearance changed but it didn't show up there either. I think it could be a glitch since in my collections it says I have 2 skins unlocked but it only shows me one. Any ideas?Junaluu4 Aug 27
Aug 27 Me wants mechanostrider! ok. I'm kinda new to the game. i decided to give it a shot. and achieved more then i was expecting. my goal for the month was getting level 40 and getting the advance riders thing (allows fast ground speeds) and getting a mechanostrider. a 2.0 if i can afford it and it turns out. whiten a week i got level 40! i also have more then enough gold to buy both the high-speed AND the 2.0! however i came across a problem. it won't let me buy them. i researched where to buy them. i go to have a word with miss Milli Featherwhistle in Dun Morogh. but all she wants to do is replace ones i don't have. the white and icy blue ones. At first i thought. maybe its a fame thing. so i go get a Tabard for gnome-town or whatever. and build up to Revered and still i cannot buy one. anybody know why i can't? i don't see any other restrictions I'm not meeting.Danzero12 Aug 27
Aug 27 Moving to other realms Mr. Teashot was playing today, and got invited to group up with someone in another realm. When he got the message that he would be moving realms, he paniced and quit out (he's adorable that way). So, if we do end up grouping to another realm, do we stay there? I've seen characters with the asterisk and googled that they were from other realms, how would we travel to one (I assume upgrade to a full acct would be the number one step). Sorry for all the super newb questions, but now I'm super newbing for two.Teashot9 Aug 27
Aug 27 Realm/Faction Help Hey. I'm coming back to WoW, and I wanna start fresh on a brand new server. Here are my questions: 1) Is it worth to have both Ally and Horde characters in the same server? I heard that you can't trade gold and itens between factions. So maybe choosing 1 faction and playing it forever is the way to go? 2) Any server recommendations? If I choose Horde, for example, should I play on a server in which Horde completly dominates over Alliance? World PvP would be awesome, but I'm pretty sure it's dead nowadays, so should I even bother about the number of players on the other faction/playing on a PvP server? Also, the more people playing in the server, the better? Thanks :)Zeugren9 Aug 27
Aug 27 why can't i buy from the auction house i tried to buy a mount with one character and the buyout button wouldn't light up. i loaded another character on the same server same faction and same auction and i could buy the same mount with the other character. both had plenty of gold and both were much higher level than i needed and the icons were not red.Trollstrollr4 Aug 27
Aug 27 Reroll as Horde I have 10 toons(alliance) and want to come over to the Horde side and level one. What are some active servers(PVE) to play on and what class/race would be a good one to bring up. I have all the classes for alliance and like them all, so I really don't have a preference. Thanks.Lipscom2 Aug 27
Aug 27 How to show up message on screens ? How do I show up my message on the screens of the members in a raid or party ? I often see that when i play a raid or a dungeon. I know that a party or raid leader do that in order to indicate something to the members, but I don't know how to do that. Do they do it with a addon, for example Deadly Boss Mods ? If so, could you please tell me the way ?Shinyshooter2 Aug 27
Aug 26 How do i get better gear? I have just recently started playing WoW and i don't know how to get good gear. All the gear i have now is from beating the bosses in the current dungeons that are available to me. But, i see other players in the dungeons with much better gear. Is there any other way to get good gear other than from the dungeons at my current level?Optictrixter10 Aug 26
Aug 26 How do I prepare to raid? I am a new player currently leveling a Paladin as my main. I am mostly leveling through questing with the occasional invasion or dungeon. I know it's long way off as I'm only in my early level 30's but I would like to know what I should do to prepare to get into raiding. The dungeons I have been doing are basically an unorganized group smashing though mobs with ease for the most part but I know this is not what I should expect at endgame. Also, people have suggested that I don't start with melee dps but I'm having a blast on my Pally. So I guess I could sum all this up into the following questions: 1. What level should I start being on the lookout for raid gear and how do I go about getting it? 2. Is there a certain progression I should be following or a guide as to what I should do at each level/item level bracket? 2. Are there any addons I should start using that would be useful for raids (I currently use Elvui although I don't think I have it setup optimally so any advice on this would be appreciated too)? 3. Besides basic gear, is there anything else I should start acquiring/doing to start working my way towards raids (Professions, heirlooms, reputation, etc.)? Any other advice or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.Garhuuk7 Aug 26
Aug 26 Will nethershards be worth something later i've got all the gear i need from the invasions and have over 800 nethershards. should i keep doing the invasions to collect nethershard, or is it not worth it for that one reason.Trollstrollr6 Aug 26
Aug 26 Gold Guide 0 - 30000g in 20 mins plus you will also get about 600~ garrison resources so this is great if you just started a Demon Hunter and are looking to toss together a quick garrisonSaucery1 Aug 26
Aug 25 Do you mix in some DPS as Rdruid? Hey all, I'm working out my R Druid's UI and I had a couple of questions that I seem to be having troubles getting an answer to: Do you cycle in moonfire/solar wrath/sunfire spells in between heals? If so, which ones and usually at what frequency? Thanks for the helpKarpie5 Aug 25
Aug 25 Looking For Raid Drops? So I have been recently doing Heart of Fear on LFR difficulty and I have completed it around five times now and I have only gotten one satchel. Is this intended? I look at the calender and it doesn't say when it will reset. Is it the same as other raids where it resets once a week? Because it doesn't say. Anyone know the drop chance of the satchel as well? Thanks in advance! Kind Regards!Warrtorn6 Aug 25
Aug 25 how to get to eastern kingdom im leveling a new character. a draienei hunter. i'm already at level 20 but i don't know how or when i get to go to the eastern kingdom. do i need do finish more quest? The quests on the two islands are endless. How do i get to eastern kingdom? i'm and alliance but the flight masters let me fly to kalamidor. thats a little confusing. I thought you always start out in the capitol city after you character gets past a certain level. i've level three characters before and always ended up in the capitol city as soon as i finished off the race quests.Trollstrollr6 Aug 25
Aug 25 Heirloom Legs Missing According to the heirloom collection the legs pieces are for sale by the guild vendor. But I have checked both guild vendors in Org and the Undercity and neither of them have them for sale. Am I missing something?Pinkanimal25 Aug 25
Aug 25 Brand new Wow Player Just started playing WoW, Any starter tips i can get or any recommendations for me?Nigelthorn9 Aug 25
Aug 25 why do orcs say this? i do not mean to offend any horde players out there , but i was wondering why orcs say " fight for the land that is rightfully ours" and also " for azeroth!!" the alliance itself was itself formed to repel the horde invasion and prevent them claiming land on azeroth. this makes the orcs kinda uninvited guests. almost all the other races like humans , dwarves, night eleves, blood eleves, taurens ,etc(with the exeption of the draenei ) have the right to call azeroth "theirs" as this is their native planet. again, i have nothing against orcs ( they are pretty cool with people like rexxar, thrall , durotan ,draka ec) , but i was real curious why the fight " for azeroth" which is not exactly their planet as they still aren't welcome and continue to fight the native alliance any insight would be real helpfulHandanor6 Aug 25
Aug 25 what are raids for? i got no loot. i finally got up the nerve to do a raid and got nothing from it. i did the black gate and didn't die once and got no loot. how does someone get loot over 700?Trollstrollr4 Aug 25
Aug 25 how to not die in the invasions I've leveled a warrior from 20-61 just doing the invasions. i die about three times per boss, and have consistently. could someone tell me how to survive so i can get the xp. The bosses dump so much stuff i don't see how anyone survives. It almost seems ridiculous at times. It's total frustration, not fun at all. you just get wiped out no matter what and that is not fun. i even changed my warrior to a tank and still the bosses dump so much stuff every where. i see lines of people running from the grave yard to the boss and back again.Trollstrollr4 Aug 25
Aug 25 Is it "too late" for me to get legendary ring I came back to wow late in the xpac. Should I bother with the legendary ring quest? Would hate to fall short completing it. Also, how long does it take? A month or two?Enkogneto24 Aug 25
Aug 24 Save your Felpup and Pocket Fel Toys. Something that I can offer many of you is advice on the new Pocket Fel Toys that drop off of non-player dread lords, and the Felpup pets that can be bought off the AH for a couple hundred gold, or bought with Nethershards from the new Invasions. DO NOT SELL THEM! I understand It's very tempting to make a couple thousand, or hundred gold now, but if you save them now you'll make more money in the long run. Some of you newer players should toss them in your own personal bank, and keep them for years to come. Gather a few of them, and keep them in your bank. In a few years time they'll be sold for a higher price value since they'll no longer be obtainable. You see supply and demand. If there is a low supply of it, and a high demand, the price of the item will go up. Therefore you can save it for a few years, or whatever and resell it for a couple hundred thousand, if not millions of gold (Depending on your servers economy.) You can even level the pets to 25 for a higher price value on that really rare item. So if you're getting them now DO NOT SELL THEM! Kornbredkhan3 Aug 24
Aug 24 Easiest class for pve (rotation etc) I used to play an assassination rogue, but the rotations have became complex in the pre-patch. Besides a mage which class has a fairly simple dps rotation?Anti2 Aug 24
Aug 24 Add on on question Hi just wondering if anyone know of a Add on that helps you link things into chat without having to use the shift left click way. Asking as I have a guildie who is unable to use one of his arms and finds it hard to chat with people when wanting to link a quest or item into chat and I'd like to find away to help improve his gameplay experience Thanks for the help! DracoDracomage3 Aug 24
Aug 24 Transfering character/gold to another realm I went to transfer a character to another realm and found out i can't transfer the gold. the character is level 42 with 40k gold. i want to just buy somethings from the AH then resell them after the transfer. I don't mind losing a little. Is there items that sell regularly at a stable price. What AH item would be best to buy then sell after the transfer.Trollstrollr3 Aug 24
Aug 24 New player some questions/help? :) Hey everyone!:) So I wouldn't say I'm completely new to wow but pretty new I guess. Recently I've been server hopping like crazy trying to find a server I like with good people on it or just I guess you can say my "main" server. Do any of you have any advice as to what server would be most accepting or I guess accommodating of a newish player like me? :) Mostly thinking of pve or even rp but not sure at all. I definitely want to find one that I can make multiple characters on, not really looking forward to doing any server transfers. Anyway if any of you have any suggestions feel free to help me! I'm still looking for people to play too because sadly I'm riding solo sucks in a way. I guess if I had more friends that played this game the decision wouldn't be so hard LOL. I also hope to one day find a nice friendly guild that's willing to take in a noob like me and help me. (hopefully) Thanks in advance. :)Oreopuffs1 Aug 24
Aug 24 New to Horde. Need some fast travel advice. Hey all, I’m new to the Horde side and I’m currently leveling a Priest through Invasions by sitting in Northern Barrens (and sometimes Aszhara) and doing Stages 1, 2, 3 then logging out and repeating. The leveling is going pretty fast by doing this, however, my issues are that I’m making very little gold and I don’t have much gear since I only get one small and one large chest per reset. At some point (I’m thinking around lvl 90) I’m going to need to finish Stage 4 of all Invasions in order to collect more chests to be able to gear up at 100. What is the most efficient way to open up flights paths or fast travel routes to the other 4 Invasions sites (Tanaris, Hillsbrad, Dun Morough and Westfall)? I don’t have much cash to tip mages for portals so that will have to be minimized. Any other advice for Invasion leveling? I’d appreciate any help EDIT: My toon is currently at lvl 52 if that helpsMarsyas1 Aug 24
Aug 24 HELP!!!!! On the forums, my characters arent showing on the profile picture of the forums. Any help? I want to export the image of my character but I can't.Ifeedteemo2 Aug 24
Aug 24 New Player Looking for a Mentor Hello! I'm a fairly new WoW player who, after a month of playing the game during the summer, took a break for awhile but over the weekend picked it back up. I'm looking for a more experienced player to help guide me through some things that I have questions about and maybe give me some tips you would've liked to know at my level/point of experience. If you're interested in helping make me a better WoW player, message me on on my account Sgrub#1422. :) Extra info: Support priest for the Horde (obviously), currently just doing dungeons (PvE server), and my professions are enchanting and jewelcrafting.Homestuck4 Aug 24
Aug 23 Mailbox Gone I'm not sure if it's because I have boosted my character but I can't find any mailboxes on it, others I can.Koyotee3 Aug 23
Aug 23 Guide Series Focused on Pugging For those who are either new to the game (because of the exciting Legion HYPE!), or new to PVE, or just want to learn a little more about pugging, I've started a video series that's focused on pugging tips and helping people get into LFG raids. I'm only two videos in, but if this is something that you would find helpful, you can see the videos here: Episode 1 (Where to Find Pugs) Episode 2 (How to Spot Successful / Non-Toxic Pugs) Episode 3 will go over how to get into a pug once you've found one that looks successful. It might be common knowledge to most people here, but I know a lot of people are picking up the game for the first time because of Legion marketing and hype! Thanks for reading.Veelia1 Aug 23
Aug 23 legion invasion gear does it matter how much damage you do in those "legion envasions", when it comes to what loot you get? If you just sit there the whole time and do nothing you still get the two chests.Trollstrollr7 Aug 23
Aug 23 New Player Looking For Some Info/Help Hi, I am a new player looking to join the game and am trying to figure out what class I should play and thought I would ask the community. My experience in MMO comes from playing SWTOR for 4 years and am looking to try out this game. The characters I enjoyed in SWTOR were Tank Assassin, and a healer Operative. I was big into end game raiding and hope to do the same here if the game keeps my interest. I am a big fan of using heroes that have a lot of utility and mobility. Being able to move around the battlefield, stealthing, providing group buffs what made classes fun for me. I do like the idea of playing a Death Knight, but will probably hold off until I play the game till lvl 55+ at least on one character. Other than finding the right class, I also enjoy playing a character that has the right 'look' and badass. I also enjoy if the characters have flashy skills. What I would love to play is a melee mage/sorceror style character that is a combination of using a broadsword or one-handed sword but also casts spells/skills. Are there any such class/gameplay style? I will fill out this little questionair I found in the sticky. IF YOU'RE NEW TO THE GAME AND HAVE NEVER PLAYED: ---> OR HAVE NOT REACHED LEVEL 60 YET Do you want to have a permanent pet? Is a temporary one okay with you? Or does it not matter if you have a pet?I am okay either way. Are you partial to cloth wearers or do you want a little more bulk in your armor?I think I want a little more bulk in my armor. What have you played in other games before? Maybe you played a caster in another game and liked it, or have a fondness for barbarians/warriors. WoW might have a rough equivalent for you!I played SWTOR and enjoyed playing an Assassin, Operative and Juggernaut Do you want to be able to heal yourself and others, or are you okay with lacking those spells?Would be nice to be able to heal myself and help out healers if we fall behind, but I am okay either way. Which is your preference: attacking enemies from a distance or being up in their faces?I prefer to be melee Are you the sneaky type or do you take pleasure ripping out internal organs as a greeting right off the bat?I enjoy both. Do you want to be on the front lines with a shield or watching over your group to keep them safe?Probably in the front line. Will you be leveling with a friend or mostly on your own? If you're doing it with a friend, what are they planning to level, or have they not decided yet?For the moment, I will be playing solo. Have you read about classes at all yet? If so, what stands out as interesting to you? Have you tried any classes already?Classes that stand out are Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Hunter, Mage(?) Are you interested in the lore or story of Warcraft? Some classes have a lot of easily-absorbed lore while others are a little "less detailed" in their history.Yes, definitely want to play through the story and enjoy it. Would love it if my character fit in with the story. Interested in roleplaying at all? This goes with the previous question, but some races/classes are easier to roleplay as a newbie than others (with lots of history to adhere to).Not particularly. Do any of the races stick out to you as being attractive? Not every race can be every class, so if you have an early favorite (or if you really dislike one in particular) this can narrow things down.I like the Orc, Night Elf (although not fond of the huge ears), Undead, Izanagii13 Aug 23
Aug 23 Looking cool When should I start worrying about getting cool looking armor? Like what level? I'm leveling my first character and am currently at 85 with ugly armor.Silverwhisp2 Aug 23
Aug 23 New Player Class Help Hi Guys, So new to Wow completely (Apart from my lvl 4 priest..) and don't know which class to pick. I want to end up raiding. I like the look of Paladin, Warlock and maybe Warrior. Love any advice. Many ThanksJesterlicous2 Aug 23
Aug 22 ~Guide to choosing class/leveling!~ A few tips to get you started on your journey! I'll edit this as I think of some more. Don't feel like you need to rush to get to max level. You'll find much more enjoyment from the story- and your character through exploring, doing quests and a few dungeons. Also, WoW is a very social mmorpg. I'd suggest finding a guild with friendly people that are willing to help or are able to at least hold interesting conversations in guild chat. There's nothing more annoying than getting random guild invites pop up, joining the guild, and then have nobody talk for hours even though there's 40+ people online. But don't feel like you need to join a guild right away, either. The game is enjoyable no matter what approach you take. You can also PvP in battlegrounds while leveling if you'd like, but I wouldn't suggest it because many people have heirlooms, which is "top-tier" leveling gear that is strong and scales with their level. ~~~~~Venom5 Aug 22
Aug 22 I am returning after about a year long break. Are glyphs only cosmetic now? Do you have to replace them every so often or are they permanent once you apply them to your spell?Chaio3 Aug 22
Aug 22 Raider turned PvPer looking for advice I want to get into PvP, as I've been strictly an end tier raider for about 7 years now. I don't expect to be good right out of the gate, but I do have a few questions. 1. Are there any good add-ons for PvP? 2. How is Demon Hunter looking in live and in beta? I really like the mobility aspect and would love to give it a shot. 3. What's the number 1 tip you can give an old PvE'er like me for the transition into the life of a PvPer? 4. In terms of toons I have now, I'd like to try and PvP on either my enhancement shaman or my marksman hunter. Which one would you guys suggest?Alcyond2 Aug 22
Aug 22 Semi newbie player Hi, is it ok to start WoW as a level 100 Demon Hunter? Not reallly got that far in WoW 76 is the highest I think. Just doing quest and group finder. I still can replay every content right? Any specifics to do if I roll to the Demon Hunter class right away?Paowii2 Aug 22
Aug 22 Alt class, race recommendation Hey guys, I ran out of sub and was thinking of rolling an alt to have fun playing with it till level 20. Any fun race,class,starting zones y'all recommend? I have thought of worgen druid. Is it fun? Any feedback will be appreciated:) Thank youHandanor3 Aug 22
Aug 22 Druid Legendary Ring Quest Hello, I am new to WoW, and since I pre-ordered Legion, I got the lvl 100 character boost. Well, I used it to make a Druid for the fact that they seem to be so versatile. Anyways, after a little research, I found out that I need to get my legendary ring quest done before Legion rolls out because it won't be available after that, but I don't know where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!Evaerran3 Aug 22