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So You Want To Learn To Raid? This Is For The Players Who Want To Raid But Cant Because Reasons If you are someone who wants to try this raiding thing but gets turned off by the vocal minority of Raiders in this game, then this thread is for you. If you are someone who just wants to raid in a low-pressure group that cares more about killing bosses and having a good time, then this thread is for you. If you are someone who wants to LEARN to raid without being berated for low dps, low awareness, etc., then this thread is for you. If you have Autism or any other disability that would keep you out of PuGs in LFG do not be afraid of joining this group. My story: I have Developmental Dyspraxia and other developmental disabilities and I'm not ashamed of who I am. I have difficulties others take very light, especially when it comes to learning new things. I know for a fact, everyone learns differently. Every group I lead is different. I don't lead carry runs, I can't promise kills but what I can promise is you will experience a judgement-free raiding environment and you will learn how to do many things in Raids. I'm not perfect at how to lead but I do my best at helping people overcome barriers. Raiding Guide and my Raiding Schedule on Both Factions (Note: if my schedule is unavailable to you, there are ton more to be found on Openraid. A place for Organized Raiding. This is for beginners, players with disabilities, and anyone else who wants to help people get into raiding and move past LFR. How to Sign up Template Character name and Server Class Spec Ilvl ( i dont regard this) Horde or Alliance event Date of Event Who to Contact in Game to get an invite to Raid? If you are signing up for an Horde event, whisper Mordecaí-eitrigg for an invite. If you are signing up for an Alliance event, whisper Meirá-eitrigg or Mordecaíî-eitrigg for an invite. Community Event Schedule: Horde Events: July 18th 5:00-9:00 PM PDT Heroic Hellfire Citadel (contact: Mordecaí-Eitrigg, alt 0237) July 25th 5:00-9:00 PM PDT Heroic Hellfire Citadel "" August 1st 5:00-9:00 PM PDT Heroic Hellfire Citadel "" August 8th 5:00-9:00 PM PDT Heroic Hellfire Citadel "" August 15h 5:00-9:00 PM PDT Heroic Hellfire Citadel "" Alliance Events: July 19th 5:00-9:00 PM PDT Heroic Hellfire Citadel Contact: Meirá-eitrigg or Mordecaíí-eitrigg July 26th 4:00-7:00 PM PDT Heroic Hellfire Citadel August 2nd 4:00-7:00 PM PDT Heroic Hellfire Citadel August 9th 4:00-7:00 PM PDT Heroic Hellfire Citadel August 16th 4:00-7:00 PM PDT Heroic Hellfire Citadel Food for Thought: "The more you give, the more you will get back." "People think about the Past and they throw their power into the Past, but there is no Past. It's gone, when you think about the Past, you think about it in this Moment. This Moment is all there is, and you can be happy in this Moment. When you are, everything is taken care of. All is well." Inspirational Words from a Good Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE5-iFKBMIo ----------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- Other Openraid Raid Leaders: 1.) Brutalstatic https://www.twitch.tv/brutallstatic and https://twitter.com/BrutallStatic 2.) Nealle, https://twitter.com/TheNealls 3.) Morganna, Learn2raid leader 4.) Slootbag does "Viewer" runs for EU/US on both factions. Sign up via his website: www.Slootbag.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ This thread is for Openraid because the people on Openraid represent the last bastion of any good left in this community. If I ever stop running these, you can still find good groups to join. There will always be Openraid though, so if I dont have an events running currently, sign up for other leader's events. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: If anyone wants to be added to this list, simply post in this thread or message me on Openraid.org and I'll add you. Mordecaí1137
Raid Lockout Systems Lockouts at a Glance Raid lockouts limit the number of times a character can kill a boss in a week for a chance at obtaining loot from that boss. Throughout the years, different raid lockout systems have been used, and multiple systems exist in the game depending on the system used at the time a raid was introduced. To check your current raid lockouts press your ‘O’ key in-game, select the Raid tab, and click on Raid Info in the upper right. This will display your current lockouts, and time left until they reset. There are three types of raid lockouts used in the game. Loot-based Lockout Used for: All Raid Finder raids, Siege of Orgrimmar Normal/Heroic, Warlords raids Normal/Heroic. You can kill a boss as many times per week as you like, but only loot it once per difficulty. Anyone can join anyone’s instance. Bosses are never locked to you, and you can always go back and kill them later even if you’ve skipped them by joining a group that had progressed further. Raid sizes can be anywhere from 10 to 30 players, and difficulty automatically scales to match. Flexible Boss-based Lockout Used for: Normal difficulty raids from Wrath of the Lich King through Throne of Thunder. You can only kill a boss once per week, and you may not enter an instance where a boss is alive that you have already defeated that week. You can move from group to group during a week as long as you’re joining instances that don’t have bosses alive you’ve already killed. If you enter an instance that is more progressed than your own and get saved to it, you will be locked to all prior bosses. You can move between 10 and 25 raid size, given these constraints. Strict Instance-based Lockout Used for: All classic raids (Molten Core through Sunwell), Heroic difficulty of Wrath of the Lich King raids through Throne of Thunder, and all Mythic difficulty raids. Progress is tied to a fixed instance ID. Once tied to an instance ID, you may not enter any other versions of that raid of that difficulty until your raid lock resets. If other players complete that instance while you are absent, the instance will be empty for you as well, because progress is tied to the instance, and not your character. You may not switch between 10-player and 25-player raid size once locked to one size or the other (does not apply to Mythic which is 20-player only). Bashiok0
Nov 19, 2014
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Oct 26, 2010
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Where is Need/Greed? Was it stealth-removed? I can't switch to it no matter what. Jazzcore21
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Let the tank, tank I really enjoy tanking in this game, but one thing I despise about it (especially when dungeon leveling) is that everyone seems to want to be the tank. Even if the tank is tanking "diablo-style" and going very quickly, there's always a hunter or rogue or some class with go-faster abilities going ahead (or to the side) of the tank and pulling groups, rather than just kill the group(s) that the tank has just pulled. There's only so many abilities tanks have to grab aggro on everything. There's also mechanics some mobs have that stun/fear/incapacitate the tank, which can cause for some group chaos (which ends up causing the healer to suffer the most, I think). It's also just a very irritating thing to have happen in a group, and while in most scenarios I'm able to grab all the extra stuff someone else has pulled, it's pretty inconvenient and annoying. A few people in the dungeons I've been tanking lately have mentioned this is a large reason as to why they have stopped tanking. There's always been somewhat of a shortage of tanks in this game and I think this is probably why. Now if a tank is sitting there, thinking about every pull before pulling, that's one thing...but I'm someone who goes pretty much as fast as my class can possibly go, but it's still not "fast" enough for some people. Even though, they're not using GCD's or any abilities to even bother with the group (or two) the tank has already pulled. Sorry to rant about this, but it's happening in almost every group, and I'd just like people to understand the mechanics of tanking and venturing through a dungeon and it would really make tanking life much easier and more people will want to tank, thus shorter queues and less time looking around for a tank. Thanks! :) Spankmachine7
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Master Loot & Guild Master Loot II I just wanted to continue the conversation going on in this thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747394750 Please, let's keep the comments constructive, but critical, and if you've been raiding at all any time this week give your thoughts about how the loot system has been working (or not) for your raid. The more critically constructive feedback we give, the more likely we are to have changes made that we can all agree on. If you have any ideas about how to fix the current loot system beyond "don't fix what ain't broke" or "because reasons," please post them here. My Raid Update Last night was the first night I've been able to raid since the pre-patch launch and things went moderately well. We got bosses down and we got loot from the personal loot vendor like I figured we would as we had to bring in pugs due to absences and lack of guild members in general. I did manage to get some gear that was useful for someone else and I was able to give it away, but it wasn't in a way I'm particularly happy with. We all stood around the boss (as most of us who got gear don't need the gear) talking over each other in vent and linking the items we got in chat asking if anyone needed it. Took us ten whole minutes while people compared the gear they were looking at to what they had. Ten minutes we could have been on our way to another boss to get them down. I know that doesn't sound like a lot of time, but ten minutes can mean the difference between downing one or two bosses at the end of a raid night for us. If we were still pre-pre-patch, our master looter would have been the only one to remain behind, while the rest of the raid headed to the next boss. Instant movement and progress rather than milling around waiting for people to speak up or not about the gear that dropped. I still propose we either have the threshold for a "guild group" dropped to 50% (only for the Master Loot if that's what you want), or we get a way to mark people as "honorary guild members" so we can have a full "guild group." What say all of you? Again, please keep your comments constructive but critical. The less bickering and back biting we have in the forums, the quicker this will get resolved. Lohao113
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REMOVE Silver Proving Grounds in Legion PLEASE REMOVE the requirement of passing Silver Proving Grounds when you release Legion. Speaking as someone who is a good raider--someone who delivers the dps, who doesn't stand in the fire, who is often one of the last people standing even on a bad mass wipe--I personally found the Proving Grounds requirement to be total trollshhh, horrific, and discriminatory against those who don't have perfect gaming consoles, etc. A LOT of people--good players, good raiders--nearly quit this game because we couldn't complete the Silver Proving Grounds "requirement" in order to do heroic dungeons. Many more actually did quit it. I understand you devs thought it would be a good way to get the completely new, boosted-to-90 players to learn how to play before entering a heroic, but as I've been in this game since before patch 2.2 back in BC content, as a good, competent raider...I found the Proving Grounds scenarios to be extremely frustrating. I haven't tanked AT ALL this expansion. AT. ALL. Most of my friends ALSO have not tanked. Not even for raids. GETTING a tank while sitting in the heroic queue has been an excercise in frustratingly long wait times because most players DID NOT clear the Silver level Proving Grounds for tanking. After discussing this problem with other frustrated and otherwise good tanks, here's a huge hint as to why: Tanks are there to grab aggro and survive damage, NOT provide damage-per-second like a DPS. That's why they're a tank. Most tanking specs could not easily complete the requirements. Silver Proving Grounds level required tanks to produce amounts of DPS which our gear--SCALED DOWN GEAR--could not supply. And that's just tanking. When you make not just a few, but MANY grown adults CRY, full blown tears of frustration, rage, and feeling like shhh, then there is something wrong with what the game is doing at that point. When you bottleneck a COMMON goal for a lot of players--not even raids, but mere DUNGEONS--and make it excessively difficult to even get INTO those dungeons...then you're doing something exceptonally wrong. Please Remove Silver Proving Grounds requirements from Legion. It did not have the result you purportedly wanted in Warlords of Draenor. It will not have any results you wanted for Legion, either. Unless you wanted a lot fo players to quit the game in tears. And if that's what you wanted, O Devs, if that's what you still want for this game, for these player to go through...? Respectfully, DIAF. But if that isn't what you want (and I hope it is not), please remove it. Masq185
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FriendshipMoose Update-Free H Archimonde Good Morning Everyone, Total US-Alliance Runs Completed: 442 Total US-Horde Runs Completed: 300 Total EU-Alliance Runs Completed: 40 Total EU-Horde Runs Completed: Unknown Total Runs Between US/EU Alliance & Horde: 782 Moose Mounts Obtained US-Alliance: 4544 Moose Mounts Obtained US-Horde: 3393 Moose Mounts Obtained EU-Alliance: 200 Moose Mounts Obtained EU-Horde: 207 Total Moose Mounts Obtained Between US/EU Alliance & Horde: 8304 There will be 1 last 12 hour and 24 hour run sometime in August My name is Zelse and I am someone who enjoys to helping online gaming communities. Some of you might know me from OpenRaid. I helped 1000's of people through OpenRaid get their achievements, experience content, and/or got them a mount. Some may know me for Diablo Season 4, where I power leveled people to 70 for the HOTS mount. I have returned to WoW recently and have decided to extend my hand at helping again by helping the US-Alliance community in getting their Heroic Archimonde kill for the moose mount. With that being said, I will be assisting the US-Alliance side with their mount runs, with at least one run a week. I will probably do an average of 2-3 a week; however, this will be dependent on how many helpers I have. These will not always be a 1 shot type of raid and may require some progression. The run will consist of a few carry's (1-3 under the ilvl), raiders that have the ilvl/experience. but maybe not a kill, and carriers (Those of us that are overgeared). People just need to be aware that it might take a couple of pulls to get everything to click together. Let's be there for one another and help everyone out that would like a moose! And of course... FOR THE ALLIANCE :). friendshipmoose.com has been updated to show when the next run will be along with US-Horde runs and even both EU-Alliance & Horde!. If you need to message me, please do so on Twitter instead of Twitch. It is much easier for me - @Zelse007. Offering me gold or money for a spot is frowned upon. Please do not act entitled that you should go because of x, y, or z. These are free runs and I will do my best to get people in as I can. Yes Mumble is required :) Yes the runs are free! :) You're not required to follow me on twitch.tv/zelse007 to get into the runs. Followers are definitely appreciated if you enjoy the stream and what I do. I randomly select people on the stream to get into these runs Zelse153
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camera view "unfair", addons fine? So the reasoning for eliminating the camera view macro was it gave some players an "unfair advantage" because it wasn't in main game settings and required a macro, meaning not all players knew about it (even though they all could use it, whether they knew it or not) So if that's not kosher, how in the world do they justify raid addons? Not everyone knows about raid addons, and they are not baked in the game for the most part, and I would say they absolutely give those who have them installed an advantage... One might say, without them, some heroic and especially mythic raids would be excruciating (if not impossible). I would also safely assume there are players out there who have pc's who meet the min requirments blizz has for running WoW, but if they install dbm or bigwigs it makes their game unplayable, or at least puts them at another huge disadvantage. (I know they don't take up too much memory, but I'm sure its a problem for someone) My point is, if blizzard allows addons and even encourages them (the devs openly use them when they play the game) but don't take the time to incorporate a stock version of it (even if they were somewhat inferior) how can they justify a wider camera angle being taken out. and even more so, not let us have an addon that allows the zoom out!? honestly I'm starting to think they were sitting around trying to think of new raid mechanics to make the game harder/more interesting, and when they finally gave up they decided taking away the wider view would substitute a good raid mechanic. wrong. I love addons and absolutely don't want them taken out of the game, this is just my train of thought following what was said, and what is actually done Casketblastr4
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