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3d Why DK tanks aren't good & what dps to play Hi, Are Blood DK tanks not good anymore or do people just not like them for raiding? I am also going to be rolling dps, do MM hunters, Boomkins, or Unholy dk's do more dps? Thank youHackattack13 3d
3d ilvl826 BDK and I cant tank a mythic dungeon I just tried to tank a mythic dungeon and failed (it was my first mythic like a bdk tank) :( Is there is a minimun ilvl requirement? any tip or guide? Please, help me out!Motelo13 3d
3d Mythic Helya (Maw of Souls) is rubbish We attemped Helya after easily steamrolling the other first 2 bosses, and the mechanic is seriously frustrating. Firstly her Brackwater Barrage location doesn't seems to be consistent with the direction she is facing. It's very clear she can choose to attack the side of the boat where she's not facing. Moreover there's a point where the green stuff will appear when you're pushed back during phase 2, and since you're stunned you're taking too much damage unecessary. Lastly the camera view for this fight is just too unforgiving, especially given how crucial this fight is to have a clear view of the boss and the entire fight area. There's just too much RNG in this fight at the moment. Not cool.Ornityre30 3d
3d Looking to raidlead/maintank EN Normal Hey all, I've recently formed a new guild with a irl friend on mine (me a tank, he's a healer) and I've really got the raidleading itch again, having did a bit of pug/friendslist based raidteam raidleading back in Wrath, and I want tos tart running groups for Emerald Nightnare with a friend, we're getting a guildbank together for flasks/food/etc and we wanna create a friendly cross-realm raiding envoronment even if most of our raiders don't have our guildtag (using openraid or other means to get people raiding w/ us.) So I was wondering on some tips for whatkind of ground rules we should set, I and my friend are still working on gearing up for it, but we'll look into starting once we're both 830+. So, is the recommended ilvl of 830 a good baseline for normal mode? I know a lotta groups are asking for 840 though, when other sources say it's very doable at 830, especially if you can get together a group that's okay with learning together and wiping. My main thing as a raidleader is I don't want people causing drama, trashing each other's performance, yelling, or any of the nonsense some.... some of the raiding community inevitably does, so I want to make it clear that this is for learning fights and for the people who can't get into the higher end groups that want a smooth one-shot every boss run. SO I was looking for thoughs on that from say other people trying to make groups like that, especially if their guild is small etc. and have to rely on pugging ppl. So I was looking for some thoughts irt addressing performance problems politely without rude people telling us to kick players they see as bads or people getting angry that we're wiping or whatever. I just really miss trying to create a friendly, accepting environment like I was able to in Wrath. SO any tips are appreciated in getting us started. (Obviously we won't be starting right away, both I and my healer officer friend need some gear first.)Brewbender3 3d
3d Ressurection bug Is anyone else getting disconnected when receiving a battle Rez in dungeons? Sometimes I get disconnected from regular Rez too. But Everyone in my groups is experiencing this. It's costing us a lot of time when running m6+ challengesSouthkai3 3d
3d Just curious What do you think the top 5 dps are going into mythic+? I'm looking to push them but sub rogue isn't exactly working out so im looking for something a bit more viableTalentedk6 3d
3d Soloing old content... I was wondering if ToES and HoF would be soloable or at least easy to get through with 2-3 people... I want to farm the tier sets for this here priest because im tired of looking for at my old ones. Any answers would be awesome.Nagasis7 3d
3d The Problem with Mythics I'm writing this to say that there is in fact a PROBLEM with trying to get into mythics. Situation I have I have a iLvl of 837 on my druid and I have quests that take me into Mythic Eye of Azshara (Artifact quest), Court of Stars and Archway (Nightborne quests). I try to look for groups in the Premade list and find groups that want 830+, I've got that down so I que with my iLVL and get denied. I know clear well NOT stand in bad !@#$, kill adds and what not. This Premade group crap is bad. There needs to be a Mythic Dungeon finder for people who are trying to get stuff done. Yes I know clear well that I will get some Elitists going off on this very post either making fun of me or some %^-*. Well tough this is a problem that Blizzard needs to fix now. How can people get quests done that take them into these dungeons when NO ONE is willing to help anyone these days!Dawneknight20 3d
3d M+ Risk and Rewards for Hosting If you are not the host, there is no incentive to beat the timer (unless will be by a lot) of a M+ level you have already achieved as your reward is the same. The consequences for the host of missing the timer are pretty bad - a depleted keystone. If you are the host, you want to beat the timer but you also want to avoid skipping too many levels if you are in a strong group, because your order hall cache does not reward you for skipped levels. For example if you level your +2 key to +5 in one go and can't clear +5, you will only get a +2 order hall cache when you might have been able to get +4 by incrementally levelling your key with slower runs. Remember the bonus chests for skipping levels only provide a 2/5 chance of loot. The order hall cache is guaranteed loot from your highest clear. So the host might be motivated to slow down a group that is clearing too quickly. This is odd because shouldn't the rewards always incentive doing your best? Maybe I'm overthinking it. Maybe I'm missing something but people will always game any reward system.Sacremento5 3d
3d Tank for casual raid Hello heroes, im a halt after seeing the nerfs on dh, i keep playing with vengeance or change for dk blood? Only for normal and heroic raids. Tks allBeliash4 3d
3d Halls Of Valor +5 Nice work Blizzard! Honestly. Talk about a drastic upgrade in terms of difficulty over the old CMs. I love getting one shot for not interrupting a trash mob. Can't wait for +10 and above ;)>...Ivyrose16 3d
3d Mythic+ DPS So I've mained havoc since it came out, I love it and Ill continue to play it BUT, I'm pushing mythic+ with my friends and as it seems now those nerfs will just body the class SO, Im looking for some opinions. I'm looking at WW, Assass Rogue(If buffs go well), or outlaw rogue. Any suggestions?Talentedk2 3d
3d Dungeon Scaling: Average of Party? Hey! I was running some normal dungeons tonight with my husband. We are both 110. And we had a hell of a time in Neltharion's Lair, a dungeon that I've never had any issues with before. I was playing Holy, as opposed to Discipline that I normally run. Our party consisted of two 110's and a 103. We ran it again, this time me being Discipline only and ran with two 109's and a 101. It ran so much smoother it was like a completely different dungeon. We aren't sure if it was because of my spec switch, or if the dungeons scale to the average of your party or something as far as difficulty? My entire time I thought Discipline was sub-par and will be happy if it was just the spec switch, but I thought I'd see if it was something else first.Cherubi3 3d
3d How far did you get? Just like it says. State how far you got on the first day of raiding. How big you group was, and at what difficulty. I'll go first. My guild got first boss down and struggled with the heart boss for about an hour before we called it. Not the best, not the worst. 11ppl, 3 heals , on regAlfapride25 3d
4d Mythic Plus Weekly Guild Best suggestion The Mythic Dungeons tab where it shows your weekly best Mythic Plus run, and the list of "Guild Best" should require that it be an official "Guild Group" (what's that, 3 out of 5 people?). It's kinda of disheartening to see that your guild's best run is one random guildie who got carried by four people from another server. A guild best shoudl be just that - a GUILD best.Couchvortex0 4d
4d Emerald Nightmare trinkets I don't see this being discussed anywhere or even mentioned by the devs, but some of the trinkets in Emerald Nightmare are extremely poor, to the point of 815 ilvl world quest trinkets are far superior to these 865+ trinkets. Some examples would be: Ravaged Seed Pod - 15,834 shadow damage every second for 10 seconds on a 1 minute CD to all enemies in a puddle on the ground. - This may be an aoe trinket, but that damage is piss poor for a Legion trinket. In heroic, your average ADD in a fight has no lower than 7-8 million HP (these are AoE fodder adds!) this trinket does over 10 seconds what 3 auto attacks would accomplish to one target. Ursoc's Rending Paw - 1,418 strength, puts up a dot that does 9,996 damage OVER 8 seconds. Not every second for 8 seconds, OVER 8 seconds. This trinket is so useless for even Frost DKs, whom it does not even 1% of their damage for. The raw strength isn't making up for the loss of a proc or secondary stats, you could pick up a dungeon trinket with 200 less strength and gain more in secondaries. There are other trinkets like Twisting Wind, Swarming Plaguehive, or Spontaneous Appendages that are in a similar boat that do nothing in terms of procs; meanwhile there's trinkets like Unstable Horrorslime or Wriggling Sinew that are putting in over 7% of total damage for some caster classes. I'm not asking for nerfs on the caster trinkets, but acknowledgment that trinkets that are OVER 40 item levels higher than dungeon trinkets are being outclassed! The easiest fix would be implement AP/SP scaling to the dots/procs; it would fix everything wrong with some of these trinkets. It is particularly bad if you're a melee, in the sense that all our trinkets are so awful, we're better off using 825 trinkets from heroicsor fish for upgrades in Mythic/Mythic+ dungeons for those trinkets. It's understandable that Mythic+ is another form of progression for gear, but it's not being offered as a choice, rather a necessity for strength melee to get upgrades in their trinket slots.Neró7 4d
4d Ra-Den isn't soloable The insta-kill mechanic of Fatal Strikes cannot be avoided by my Blood DK tank. Is this currently intended or have they just borked with the Active Mitigation so badly that nothing I have will save me from it?Tiámat13 4d
4d New raid mode New raid mode become a raid boss vs raiding party if u when wipe the raid party they get debuff that stack up 5times if u wipe them and not die u get massive amount of gear and if raid kills u they get what a normal raid group would get this mode will be weekly, how u guys think about it!Kelldrago2 4d
4d Legion Raid Loot Are all Warlord's of Draenor raids locked to personal loot, I'd like to farm them weekly for transmog gear but clearing the entire thing with a friend and getting 1-2 pieces of loot really sucks. Sorry I meant WoD, not Legion lol my bad.Laina2 4d
4d 852 WW LF Mythic+ Farm/Progression Group Hey, Currently looking to join a Mythic+ Progression/Farm Group. I have Mythic Raid and CM Experience. I know my class well and can consistently play at a high level. As said in the title, 852 ilvl. Can consistently pull 250-300k+ on bosses. Please Reply to this thread with your Btag or with Questions. Or add me on Bnet SILVERFOX#1122 ThanksMistini0 4d
4d Mythic Keystone Depletion have you considered a change to how the depletion of a keystone works so that it only becomes a depleted keystone if you both dont meet the timer requirement and loot the chest at the end of a run. It becomes frustrating that a person can lose out on a mythic + run because someone else decided for them the run was over and just leave making your keystone worthless and near unpuggable because there is no longer loot attached to it. Or even change it such that the arcway/court doesnt require a rep gate for mythic+ so that more people could pug for these runs.Gnargernaut10 4d
4d Fortification affix at +10 is doubled When you scroll over the message on the side of the screen, it lists fortification as being 20% health, 40% damage. However, when you scroll over the buff on the mobs, it's 40% health, 80% damage. I dunno if it's a bug or what, but it made things pretty absurd. After 9 being surprisingly easy, and then getting the same dungeon for my 10, the difference was just insane. Like, as big as the difference between normal mythic 1 and mythic 9.Lailâ2 4d
4d Mythic+ and invisibility pots Certainly in lower level mythic+ this doesn't really matter but I'm confident that people are organizing their use in higher level mythic+. So I'm curious what people have determined is the best use of them in each dungeon. I'm sure others are curious about this and it could greatly help organized groups beat timers in high lvl mythic+ dungeons. Somewhat off-topic (A side question) There is something in place to keep a "stealth group" from skipping as much trash as possible, correct? I saw a blue post that mentioned killing a certain amount of trash but I'm curious how much that actually is or if there even is any that you must kill. Having done stealth groups for heroic spam I can say that it can be difficult to pull off successfully in certain dungeons with really clustered trash. It doesn't help that restoration and balance druid have inferior stealth compared to feral/guardian/rogue. So while they can practically brush up against mobs without notice as a resto druid within 5 yards I'm "noticed" and within 2 or so I am attacked. The difference is quite huge and I've literally spec swapped throughout a dungeon as restoration to feral just to bypass trash that would otherwise detect and kill me dead. Sometimes an all feral/rogue dps group can be be detrimental as well.Stratous2 4d
4d Are there still twink guilds? I really want to do some of the older content, like BC content and WOTLK content and raids. Are there any twink guilds still around that do them? I haven't played in years, is it still even possible to do them? If so, which servers have them?Bladestørm3 4d
4d Updating LFG/LFR for new M+ Systems. Hello there, was doing some LFG recently and a few things I've noticed about using this system is trying to sort through the tons of posts looking for exactly what you need, even using search this can be frustrating at times. A recommendation would be to update the system so that when you click on a dungeon's icon or select that dungeon in search that dungeon gives you a difficulty selector and slider and only shows groups that meet that criteria similar to Diablo's system for selecting difficulty modes. This general LFG is in dire need of tweaks to make it more user friendly. Something else that would help the group making process I think would be having a pool system for players looking for a group, instead of sending requests directly to a party leader you can select an option like Keystone +1(Neltharion's Lair, Eye of Azshara, etc..) or Keystone +5(Blackrook Hold, Halls of Valor etc...) and all the people that are searching for that difficulty are shown to party leaders and he/she can select the player most ideal for filling the party and when the invite goes out a system whisper saying "You've been invited to xdungeon + xdifficulty" would make inviting and forming groups so much easier and community friendly.Bâelmoral0 4d
4d Cenarius Treant not appearing? Guild just finished raiding and our strat was Dragon > Treant until the two dragon eggs spawn > then keep going treant. On some pulls, I could not see the treant but others could. I literally at one point just watched to see if a tree would spawn and I watched the withered tree disappear and nothing come out of it. Another issue we had that I'm sure is due to our low dps but I'll mention it here anyways is that Cenarius was NOT enraging at 30% like it says in the dungeon journal. He would enrage, for my guild, at around 40%-45% (the highest we saw him enrage was 45%). It seemed to get higher and higher with every attempt. Someone suggested it may be that after wave 6 he enrages anyways? I am unsure. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/WKnmqL26gHyhajGw/#type=healing&fight=2 Here are logs if they help, but I will give you a fair warning, THE DPS IS TERRIBLE AND HEALS AREN'T STRONG. Me and Gaus were pretty much carrying the healers and like 3-4 dps were carrying the others.Rockafeller1 4d
4d Trinkets in heroic dungeons Anyone else having horrible luck getting them to drop?Atheinia4 4d
4d WoD LFR still accessible? Haven't been able to find a definitive answer, but can I still do WoD LFR raids in legion? I am trying to get a transmog piece or two and of course the things I like are WOD LFR only. I googled it and all I could find was that there is a MoP LFR npc in pandaria, is there the same thing for WoD, or will it probably be added in a later patch?Caitha0 4d
4d 844 Demo Warlock Looking for raiding guild on stormrage.Ulqiiorra0 4d
4d Tank or DPS LF M+ Group Still looking for a steady mythic plus group. Hoping for a long term team that is ready to go with flasks, pots, food, etc. If the team keeps together for some time and is pushing higher level Mythics, I would be willing to provide the group with flask/pots to the best of my ability. Pm in game - GhostDragon#14336Shanalea0 4d
4d Need help. Guys I know this is not the place but i need help with a boss in Mogu Shan V, realm is Stormscale PVP. 110lvl.Enderprime0 4d
4d Mythic+ Gear Models Hello, I am not sure if this thread has been made before or if the topic has even been discussed. One thing that I have noticed is that the gear models are exactly the same just with increased item levels. I know challenge mode used to give cosmetic benefits and really blizzard you did an awesome job with those in the past! - but it looks like they are gone now? Is there any plan to add a scaling cosmetic reward bracket that will be unlocked? (e.g. One set unlocked at mythic+ 5 and an elite set at mythic+ 10 for instance and weapons at + 15 and so on). Mythic+ dungeons are awesome and so accessible but I begin to see them with the potential to loose flavour as the expansion continues into later patches much further down the track. I know Legion has taken learnings from other blizzard games to supplement content life spans (Diablo 3 greater rifts are my case in point) but at least in Diablo there are a multitude of different item skins and legendaries that you can collect along the way Would love to hear what everyone else thinks.Aiidenx3 4d
5d Anyone soloed heroic MSV lately? I've tried it two weeks in a row now and had zero issue of course for most of it, but when I get to will of the emperor the encounter just won't start. I click the console and it opens up for a few seconds then closes as if nothing happened. Anyone else experienced this or know what might be going wrong?Lozek1 5d
5d Darkheart thicket problems Is there any way to stop the cats at the start of the instance from nearly 1 shotting people? Or actually 1 shotting people at like +5.Venomfur3 5d
5d Il'gynoth, The Heart of Corruption Has anyone had issues of the boss just randomly resetting? We had our kill on heroic past second phase then all of a sudden everything disappeared and reset.Iordkerbin10 5d
5d Question on dps for Legion Raids Been looking around and can't find a recommended minimum numbers dps should pull for emerald nightmare. Can anyone help me out?Shriggs3 5d
5d Optimal Number of Flex Raids With personal loot is there a threshold for optimal gear/people ratio?Listerfeen3 5d
5d Question on keystone rewards Finished a keystone dungeon today making third run through and noticed at end that there were two chests (had 2 AP tokens in one and mythic 3 helm in other), so wanted to ask if this was due to some amount of time being left that you get the bonus thing or if this was just RNGesus giving his blessing.Vendrak1 5d
5d Bear Tank Threat Issues? Finally dipped a toe into the new raid with guild tonight. Did rather well, but one massive issue - my equally geared and decently skilled bear co tank had MASSIVE issues holding threat on the boss if I was attacking. I could creep up on her even with a substantial lead. Is this a thing? Or is there some skill issue in play?Lóst7 5d
5d Mythic lockouts and wasting time. Hey, was doing Eye of Aszhara mythic and got to the last boss, wiped constantly and everyone left. i tried to continue on and opened up lfg and got a group but now no one can seem to enter the instance and be at the point im at. when they enter all bosses are alive etc.. Am i going to be unable to bring in a group at the last boss or does the whole thing need to be recleared again?Mungaloid1 5d
5d Need help Arcway,CoS & EN I have had no luck in the last 3 days trying to get into a group to complete these quests: Beware the Fury of a Patient Elf, Long Buried Knowledge, Opening the Arcway, Essence of Power, In Nightmares, The Pestilential Hide of Nythendra Ilvl 844 WW Monk Looking for Group to squash these quests please(ง︡'-'︠)ง prefer a laid back chill group, I am online everyday Morning till night eastern time. write back here or pst,mail or just yell for me in dalaran lol which ever you choose just get in touch.Rollø5 5d
5d Dragon Soul Soloable? Hi all, I am currently flying to caverns to attempt to get the savior of azeroth title. Do I need to do it on 25 player heroic to get it or just 10 player heroic, and if so can I solo it still? Thanks :)Wymer4 5d
5d Consumable costs are ridiculous Based on current potion, food, and flask prices on my server, a 3 hour raid night is looking to cost roughly 20-50k gold PER RAIDER depending on how many pulls. This seems to be primarily due to the mechanics of starlight rose. I understand having to put in some effort (or gold) to get the top results, but the current situation is prohibitive. It is a shame that as a group we will have to grind mats or gold for literally hundreds of total man-hours in order to do the actual fun part of the game for 3 hours. This is the kind of grinding, turn the game into a job instead of fun that makes people burn out and quit. I did not play at the end of WoD and don't have a ton of gold to throw around. One raid week is going to cost me nearly all my gold or all my free time. Please adjust this.Avelica62 5d
5d mistweaver healer question Ok I"m going to lay out a few questions, then go watch some youtubes and guides i'm currently level 103 with typical quest gear 1. If I queue as heals for halls of valor (have the quest to get the pillar thing from there) will I be useful healing (with scaling etc) or will I both die and not be able to keep up a group? 2. Will I be queued with similer level toons or could I be the only 103 and 4 110's taking 110 scaled damage I cannot possibly heal through or will the heals I cast scale up to heal the higher levels. 3. Should I just finish leveling and then queue at 110 with what ever gear I have or unlock at least the world quests and go for at least 810 ilvl first. In short I"m looking for a plan that helps me not let the group down, but lets me get this instance out of the way in reasonable time. I tend to level slowly. I could switch to WW or BM but I don't feel comfortable tanking yet, and WW is not something I"M really solid at playing like my MW spec. Suggestions? Links to guides / youtubes? Anything I"m unaware of or missing? TIS BastadalookBastadalook0 5d
5d Legendaries and Mythic Raiding The whole rng aspect of this is complete crap, if you're in a guild with multiples of the same class even if you are more skilled than the other person of your class. You can't compete with someone with 2 legendaries. It's stupid, you could technically end up completely getting pushed aside for mythic progression unless you get lucky. Even if you are a very skilled and experienced player. I don't get it, I know more mount farmers/pet collectors with legendaries than people that raid. I don't see how blizzard can think its ok to add such an rng factor into the game with respect to competitive gameplay.Qodron0 5d
5d My guild's first night in EN (N) So, my guild just gone done with our first night in Emerald Nightmare, we killed the first boss after a few wipes, and then we had to spend the rest of the night progressing on Ursoc. I thought I'd link the logs to get some constructive criticism on how we're doing as a raid team and seeing how we can improve. just ask you please keep the critisism civil and non-inflammatory toward the people in the raid. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/RryvgA1q28JhBwft A bit more info: Our best Ursoc attempts were the last 2 pulls. the intial pulls, one of our tanks was still trying to get down how to handle the tank swap for Overwhelm/Rend Flesh, and we were still working out the soak for the charge. Eventually we spilit into 2 even groups with different colored markers on each side of ursoc, one purple and one moon, and a blue marker for the "run point" for the gaze target. When it was Group 1 and 2's turn to soak we would tell the purple team to go, and when 3 and 4 needed to soak we said "moon team go." On our closest attempt, Ursoc was..... at 12-16 percent I think when the damage from Cacophany stacks overwhelmed us. It could've just been a slight difference in DPS that costed us the kill (this was an exploratory run, so a lot of us didn't have Legion flasks or Legion pots as they're still expensive. I used a Legion Flask myself out of my own gold, but many of the other raiders popped Draenor flasks to save money since the guild had a stockpile of old Draenor flasks. We're looking to get the Legion herb situation sorted so our raiders don't have to spend 10k+ per raid week and can just have it provided by the guildbank.) Maybe it would have been a better idea to change bosses? since eye and renferal aren't as tight of dps checks, and could provide us with more gear to help get Ursoc down?Watson4 5d
5d Withered Training 0 chests So ive heard about this being buggy... And on my best run yet ending with a solid 50 i couldnt help but notice a extreme lack of chests... In saying there was literally nothing but small chests that gave 8 ancient mana, now i thought it was odd to see none but after clearing it and running back twice i gave up, even the room that requires 10 withered to unlock that usually always has a 10 withered chest.. Is anyone else getting this?? cause its really annoyingTenyu2 5d
5d Avoiding reset on mythic dungeons So if you have to replace someone in a mythic dungeon, and you don't want the bosses to reset, you have to leave at least one person in the dungeon at all times right? Does it have to be the leader, or will any one person do?Murdina0 5d
5d Mythic+ Overview This post will provide a general need-to-know about Mythic+ dungeons. Feel free to ask any questions you have, and I'll answer as best as I can, and find out if I don't know. Also, if any information wrong out outdated, lemme know and I'll fix it. Basics Mythic+ (M+) will unlock 3 weeks into Legion, at the same time Normal and Heroic Emerald Nightmare unlocks. To access M+, you will need to complete a regular Mythic dungeon, where you will obtain a Keystone from the final boss. Each keystone will be usable at only one dungeon, and is activated by placing it in a pedestal inside the instance, similar to challenge modes. All keystone drops are personal, and only one is used at a time. When you use the keystone, the dungeon will start and you will be given a timer, a completion bar, and boss list. Fill the bar by killing trash and kill all the bosses before the time expires, and you'll get a chest or three based on your time left. Upon completion of the M+ dungeon within the time limit, your keystone will be upgraded based on the time remaining at the end of the dungeon. Each level of a keystone has an increasing health and damage modifier applied, with additional combat "affixes" at keystone levels 3, 6, and 9. Increasing keystone levels will also award progressively higher gear, capping at M+10. In addition to the loot from completing M+ dungeons within the time limit, you will receive a reward from a chest at the start of each week with items based on the highest M+ dungeon you completed the previous week. This chest will also contain a keystone a few levels below where you stopped the previous week, so that you do not have to start from scratch. When you fail to meet the timer for a M+ dungeon, don't worry, you can still finish for loot. Once you've finished, you will receive a depleted keystone for the same dungeon you just finished. You can re-attempt this dungeon if you wish, and if you complete it on time, your keystone will be upgraded. Note that you will not receive loot when starting a run with a depleted stone. There are currently no lockouts associated with M+, and it is only limited by the available keystones; however, thanks to the weekly chest system, farming a ton of M+ isn't necessary, as the chest is the biggest reward, and only requires you to complete a M+10 once a week to receive the best reward, currently. After the initial gearing stage when you begin to pass 865 average ilvl, obtaining this chest each week will likely only take a similar amount of time as what you'd need to farm valor for upgrades now.Stormaker5 5d
5d Mythic + weekly Did darkheart+5 and failed the timer by a little bit. We finished and got our 1 chest. I also did maw of souls +4 and did beat the timer. Is my weekly chest going to be +4 or +5?Cquigley2 5d