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Feb 28, 2012 Request for a blog about LFR I'd like to see a blog or post about LFR, and if it's having the intended effect. (i.e. Fun!) LFR is an amazing piece of technology. It's easy to use, successful at getting more people into raiding, and good for filling item gaps. However, the people in LFR are rude, impatient, and feel entitled to the world's fastest clear. I dread running it. When the smallest things go wrong, raid chat explodes with trash as foul as Patchwerk. Even on smooth runs I'm irritated at the end and glad it's over. I'm an experienced raider and put up with the irritation to help progression. However, if I was new to raiding, I would get a very negative impression of what raiding was like in Warcraft. In summary, LFR is convenient but not fun. Carlrov2 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 LFR tank/healer fish for a 3/4 complete? I always try and fish and hope for a group on the final boss for an easy 250 points. Anyone else? I usually know that means the group is kind of fail if they are breaking apart at the end, but i roll the dice.Baene0 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 LFR + Malygos = ???? So I'm in this LFR right now on my hunter, and this guy summons the raid to the "Eye of Eternity." I canceled since I was already there (hur dur running is hard), but the people that took the summon proceed to click the Focusing Iris, start Malygos, and then wipe in Phase 3. Many lulz were had. Just had to share this since it's probably going to get fixed eventually.Thecheatt9 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 LF cross realm 25man FL raid Looking for someone cross realm to help set up a cross realm 25man FL raid. If anyone is interested and think they can get people from their server to go as well reply back or send me in game mail to either Vladimir or Twystedfate.Twystedfate0 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Technical issues with LFR So I don't know if i'm the only one but to me LFR is unfriendly to us players who can't afford the better computers. My issue is that I want to start gearing my tank set since I have need for only 1 or 2 items from LFR that would benefit my DPS set. Problem is I can't tank LFR because it is only a 25m option. To tank you have to be aware of everything going on (I know LFR is easier but still need your raid awareness) and that isn't possible in a 25m for me seeing as, even with my graphics set to low, it lags to hard for me to really realize what is going on. This becomes a problem when people in LFR take it seriously. I don't blame them who wants to wipe over and over? Anyway my idea is to open an option to do a 10m. Make less loot drop, everything stays the same just easier on the computer and doable for us who don't have the better system and can't afford it (tuition + books dry me up x.x). Does anyone else think this would be a good fix?Semiaj11 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Crusader Aura in LFR: Did I miss something? Last night I did my first Fall of Deathwing LFR run. It went really smoothly, but something weird happened before the first pull. While everyone was getting ready, I looked at our buffs and noticed that we had a 'Crusader Aura' on. As we got closer to the pull, the buff wasn't being changed to something else. I posted "Crusader Aura" in raid chat. A couple seconds later someone replied 'for spell haste'. A second person agreed with him and a third said 'yeah 20% haste is huge in this fight, bro'. One or two more concurred. All of these people were from different servers. No one argued against having Crusader Aura so I didn't say anything else. I didn't want to start a chat war since I have not raided in a very long time and I've never raided as a Pally. I was just weirded out by how many thought CA was a benefit. If everyone arguing for CA was from the same guild or server then I could explain it as a group of misinformed friends grouping together. The fact that they were all from different servers made me worry that either I was wrong about a pretty basic buff mechanic or that I was running with a larger group of people who didn't know how their buffs worked. The raid progressed without any problems so in the end it was a non-issue. My first question to the forum is: Am I right in my understanding that Crusader Aura offers no benefit in a LFR (or any) raid? (Assuming the answer is yes) My second question is: Has something like this ever happened to you?Furstuun8 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Addon/macro for Ultra (H) + Yorsahj (H) 10 Hello! I'm in a very small somewhat casual guild (1 night a week, but that's mostly because everything is cleared in 2 hours lol) of veteran players that have just started Heroic modes in Dragon Soul. This past Tuesday was our first attempt at Morchok and we two shot it. We also tried 1 attempt at Heroic Ultra and almost 1 shot it as well (40% healer wipe due to a miscalculation of CDs). Tomorrow we're going to kill H Ultra and H Yorsahj (10 man), so today is homework day for me, taking notes in my notebook for tomorrow. I downloaded a very handy addon that many people have mentioned for H Yorsahj, that lets me pick what slime to kill and a little text of what to do after. I'll probably go through about 20 videos taking note of which ooze people are killing. If you have anything helpful tips on that I would appreciate it. (Yellow or Green??????) We have a DK tank/ Prot pally, DK is offspec dps, pally is offspec heals. Which way do you think would make it easiest? 2 tank/2heal, 1 tank/3 heal, 1 tank/2heal? Paladin is a bit more geared, however the DK of course has the magic CDs. Our dps is on point, but we may be bringing a new member (dps) that is somewhat undergeared. I was wondering if there was something similar for Ultraxion in the addon department, so I don't have to have our poor mage, whos one of our top dps, keeping track of whos turn it is next. I remember in wrath I used a stopwatch macro for one of the achievements. Does anyone have one for Ultra that I could kindly borrow? I'm hoping to down him before rotation even gets ingrained in our minds, and it would help a lot in future weeks incase someone switches out. Also with things getting even easier tomorrow with the nerf (sad about this), assuming we do everything quickly my raiders might like a wipe or two on a 4th boss or maybe even work on it. Hargara or Zon'ozz?Koristusgg15 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 How I gamed the Raid Finder loot system... ...and everyone was OK with it. I wanted the Wrath of Unchaining. Really wanted it. A DPS simulator (femaledwarf.com) showed that it was a huge upgrade over my Starcatcher Compass. However, it simply never drops in my normal mode (10-man) runs. In the raid finder, every single bear, kitty, boomkin, rogue, elemental shaman, enhancement shaman, and hunter gets a need+100 roll, and there are always plenty of those guys. I ran out of patience. Clearly, doing things the normal way, I was never going to get it. The pandas would come first. So, I decided to game the system. Having worked out the usual ways to make gold, I have a lot of it, and can get more easily enough. So, I started a PuG Raid Finder run, with the following rules: If you trade the trinket to me, you get 15,000G. If I finish the raid with the trinket, everyone in the raid gets 1000G. If the raid ends and I don't have it, everyone gets 500G. Anyone eligible for the Raid Finder can join, even if they're already saved. I gathered 17 damage-dealers, a bear, and a few healers. There were some mages and warriors ineligible for the trinket. However, filling up the raid like that completely eliminated the possibility that anyone from another server could roll against anyone in my partial raid (well...unless we got another bear). The healers made the queue shorter. We ran the raid. The trinket dropped. A rogue traded it to me for 15,000G. Once the raid was over, we met in Orgrimmar, and I paid everyone 1000G each. I was happy I finally got my trinket (even though I know I paid too much). The rest of the raid was happy they got gold and the usual loot. Nobody felt cheated afterwards. I highly recommend this procedure for folks who have more gold than they can use, but want gear, especially those last few hard-to-get items. There was one possible problem: The rogue could have refused to pass it to me, but said he did. Or, I could have taken the item but claimed he didn't give it to me. If this comes up, you can look at the armory. It shows that I obtained the item, so there's the evidence over whether it happened or not. The other possibility it to not pay people different amounts depending on whether I got anything or not.... Of course, I'm doing Spine on Normal mode tomorrow morning, and I'm sure to win the 397 version of it. That's just how it goes.Kathucka30 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Lol, things sure have changed (alt gearing) I hit 85 last tuesday at around 2am and spent the next few days playing my main. Two days ago I picked up where I left off and tried tanking my first dungeon at 85. I had something like an ilvl of 310, just over 140k hp, and barely any idea what buttons to push. It was an intimidating experience to say the least :P Fast forward 2 days, I have almost 200k hp (with blood presence) and I'm tanking LFR and getting ready for normal DS this week... I'm not saying it's any amazing achievement or anything. As someone who's been a hardcore player since launch and doesn't have many alts, it's just a weird experience going from a fresh max level character with no idea what I'm doing to tanking a raid boss for the first time, all in the span of 2 days. (and not being half bad at it :P) The game sure has changed in the past 7.5 years. Not sure if it's for the better but I guess I'm having fun.Gorlaktuk5 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 LFR Loot Tables 3 caster daggers and a healing mace dropped on Madness. Can a DEV actually look into LFR and maybe I dont know fix some of the issues. Its been out how long now??? I am sure it would have been cool if the entire raid were casters. Crap like that makes LFR seem like a waiste of time with your role bonuses being applied to the wrong Spec items and allowing people to just get carried by wearing AH blue pvp gear......Amoktsu30 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Yor'sauj Anyone got !!@#d on that fight after patch by Maw of the Dragonlord? >_>Avermra33 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 How many other people raid with game sound? I ask this because, one of the things I noticed the other day when I was doing a 10-man DS PuG on an alt that I wasn't playing as well when I had the game sound muted so I could listen to music. I'm not dogging anyone who does listen to music or TV or whatever works for them while they raid, but I have always felt that the boss itself makes the best raid leader as their emotes will tell you nearly everything you need to know. I find it visibly harder to keep 100% focused without the game sound. Do other people feel this way? Are there a lot of people out there who play without game sound at all? And would they be better at pushing the button while fighting Ultraxion and what not?Zukov9 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Ultraxion 10 achieve + heroic questions I was going to ask some heroic questions, but doing basic math answered that. So instead.... nobody can get hit by Hour of Twilight more than once for the achieve. Hour of Twilight is cast every ~45 sec. The last raid for which I had logs, the fight on Normal lasted 4:08. I remember last week's fight being closer to something like 3:48. So, presuming we can do it in 3:45 (nice round number), that means we'd need to survive 4-5 Hours of Twilight. We'll say 5 for the sake of argument, not to mention likely deaths. So there's 2 tanks. So that's 2 out of the way. It's 300,000 irresistable damage. Raid group will be: Prot Paladin Prot Warrior Arms Warrior Hunter Boomkin Rogue Mage Holy Paladin Holy Paladin Me (as Elemental for this fight, normally Resto) So from the remaining 8, we need 3 more hits. Both Paladins could theoretically use Divine Shield and the Mage could use Ice Block and the Hunter could use Deterrence? I suppose the Rogue could feint....so yeah....lots of potential options. What do you folks think would be best? And any tips on heroic mode, which I know we'll be attempting? He does more damage, has more health, an extra person has to deal with Fading Light. How would you deal with needing 2 folks out per Hour of Twilight with the above comp? Icy Veins says 3 groups of 2 people will be needed to rotate. ThanksAdun14 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Stock thread complaining about losing loot I lost a piece of loot in LFR. I'm angry. I'm here to lodge a formal complaint and explain why I'm more deserving or the person who won that piece of loot was less deserving than me. I think the people on this forum will care about me and my plight. I think that Blizzard might actually read my thread and give me the item I lost, or at least take this long suggestion of a "fix" I have proposed for the LFR loot system and implement it in the next patch, because I am a genius game designer. I need to get fully geared out in LFR loot so that I can sit around Stormwind/Orgrimmar with it. You must understand that my sit around town epeen needs to be large. In closing I'd like to say thank you DnR forum. If you reply to my thread disagreeing with me, I will counter reply with angry retorts about how you're trolling elitists.Fogrum16 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Raid Lock out question If my raid leader is saving a lock out for Heroic Madness tomorrow, can I do 7/8 normal before the raid without it making me so I can't get into that lock out? Tòrquemada8 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Ultraxion bug? I notice every time I fight Ultraxion that when he gets below 20%, my volume starts going all over the place. Half a second, it sounds like someone turned the volume way up, the next second, way down, and it continues to go all over the place until the end, when it goes back to normal. Anyone else experience this?Argole3 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 LFR - How High can you roll ? Minidude1 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Heroic Spine Tanking Guide - L2T - 12th US http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPz43ccp_-M&feature=youtu.be A tanking guide for the encounter Heroic Spine in Dragon Soul. GUILD's WOWPROGRESS LINK - http://wowprogress.com/guild/us/burning-blade/Unholy+Trinity/rating.tier13_25 GUILD WEBSITE - http://ut-guild.wowstead.com/ EMAIL - tyrotankhard@gmail.com A tanking guide for the encounter Heroic Spine in Dragon Soul. MACRO - All in One #showtooltip /castsequence [harm] reset=15 Charge, Intercept; [help] InterveneTyroune0 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 LFM (H) Cross Realm Sinestra kill. Hey as stated above I am looking for a few people for a cross realm sinestra kill, I may have someone on my realm with a 4/5 HM lockout so we might not have to do a full clear first. I'm really only looking for people with experience on sinestra so it would be a quick hour or two. If you obviously are very geared and know your !@#$ you may be considered, please post your toons name and your real id and ill get back to you ASAP. I'd like to do this sometime tonight. Feb 27th.Araaj3 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Blackened Defias Armor First of all, my backstory. I had the chestpiece on my rogue last year. Took an extended break, heard about transmog, came back and...boom. Blackened Defias Armor is no longer on my toon, in my bags, or in my bank. Put in a restoration request and it turns out, they don't keep logs back that far (to the time when I stopped playing) and so they can't do anything. Oh, and then, "by the way," you can't get it in game anymore. Ahhhh! Very sad rogue:( Gripes and complaints out of the way....can we bring this back?:) Seeing as it isn't actually Vanessa's armor, maybe have it randomly drop from a chest or something within the cabin after the fight? That would make sense lore-wise, imho. "Old Sea Chest" or something:)Evalicious0 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Please Remove Item Trade Function in LFR Every week, every boss, people roll need on gear for other people in the raid, or take items they already have(or better) then attempt to sell it to same server raiders. The system is broken. If you removed the ability to trade LFR items it would remove both of these issues. You should also make all of the non dual wield-able items unique, so people that already have them cant take them again to be rude. The LFR system is a great idea. It gives casual players a way to experience the game without time commitments. But losing every item I'd like to people that already have it, or are just passing it along to a friend, is really ruining the experience. And whats up with prot paladins/warriors being able to get a +100 bump to the 2h sword? Broken, broken, broken.Tunguepunch35 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 LFG design change Hello, Can a design change be made to the IF/Layout for the LFG feature in regards toward queuing for specific dungeons. There are so many heroics that it takes up the whole menu making it easy to overlook unchecking the non heroics; forgetting to scroll way down to the bottom. This causes confusion when queuing for a specific heroic to find oneself entering other dungeons, then getting hit with the 30-minute deserter debuff when leaving those dungeons.Kreyll1 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 25 Man Acheivment Ulduar Runs Hey my friends, recently i have decided to help the wow community by doing once a week Ulduar 25man acheiv runs for free. No payments of gold necessary. Ive been looking for a way to make friends in the wow community and really help players out. If anybody would like to sign up simply contact me by whisper or by mail if i am not online by making a character on my server and sending a mail letter or a whisper if i am online. All my runs we have gotten every achievement for the drake. My run for this week will be on Saturday from 8-12PM Central. Thanks :DZentrox3 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Other Raid Finder Mechanic Question For some reason when I go through the Other Raids finder and I check all of the raids, I seem to get this weird thing happening where it unchecks all the raids and then ques me up for only one raid. Is that normal and I'm just being an idiot or is something wrong?Dakenon0 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Wailing Caverns: Mutanus Trying to get the achieve. I killed all 4 fanglord bosses and the verdanus dude but the stupid tauren won't let me escort him.Rolla3 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 WTB Heroic Deathwing kill + Mount. [Horde] I am looking to purchase a heroic Deathwing kill and the mount since I've given up on raiding for this expansion. Feel free to add me to RealID (and post in this thread) so we can work out the price and such: kilerkan007@hotmail.com (This is not my main account's email, so I will only check it once or twice a day) To be clear: This is a purchase made by gold.Forumdwarf0 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Loot Distribution: LFR (THE FIX) take this as a QQ thread, don't matter to me, i'm speaking on behalf of anyone who has ghetto luck. Roll Bonus: one time effect on each tiered piece, per character (until you win that piece) Plain and Simple. People who win the tokens are going to put them towards their main spec, this gives other people's main specs a chance to gear them. Too many people win the same token multiple times, have 3 different pieces of it, and win more to "trade" with other's in the run. Guildies/Friends share rolls. This simple, simple solution will give everyone a REASONABLE chance to get gear for their MAIN SPEC. And say you are actually in a run where some one doesn't need the upgrade... It's fair game again!!! This is all. (this is directed to Blizzard Entertainment) I expect Ninja Enthusiasts to thrash this fully. For the RNG hippies, RNG will still fully apply to this method.Åtma1 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Monday PuGs and quitters...grrr. Ok, I'm going to complain about Monday PuGs and quitters. So, I've finished 6/8 in Dragon Soul for the week on two different toons. Time for a PuG to finish up before reset. I could use the trinkets and weapons. But, they're a huge headache. First, even on a high-population server, it takes ages to the the PuG together. Healers are particularly rough to find. It's Monday. Most of the really good players are done for the week, so you take what you can get, remove the terrible ones with missing gems, etc., and replace them. Then you have to get everyone in Vent. For some reason this takes forever. Then, wait for them to change the kid's diaper, walk the dogs, peel some potatoes, etc. Then, summon them. Bad news if nobody can summon, since the Stone is so damn far. Explain the fight (Spine) for some people who don't know it on Normal difficulty. Assign roles for breaking Grip, make sure the healers know why Searing Plasma is so bad, etc. Distribute food and flasks. FINALLY, it's time to pull. Naturally, because it's a Monday PuG and this is an execution fight, you'll wipe. Usually, it's due to someone going flying during a roll, or an extra amalgamation. That's normal. People have to learn the fight, and, on Monday, the only way to fill a PuG is to take someone and train him. They need to practice. But THEN, the really annoying part happens. People leave without a word. After one wipe. POOF! GONE! What the Hell? Of course we wiped on the first attempt. It's MONDAY. Why stick around so long only to leave after ONE WIPE? Then, you have to replace the wimps who left, and run through the whole Vent, Flask, Food, Summon, Roles, Training thing again. So, since you have new people, of course you wipe again. Then people leave again, usually the ones who just joined. Occasionally, they'll say something insulting before they go, but they usually just vanish. At that point, you'll often get people quitting because other people are quitting, in a chain reaction. Then it gets even harder to rebuild the raid. Then, you get to start again. Next time, I think that, once I get a raid together, I'll just tell everyone, "If you're going to leave after a wipe or two, please do it now, so we don't have to replace you in the middle of a raid." Today, I spent more time hunting for replacements than I did fighting, and I didn't like it.Kathuckae4 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Doing Wrath 5 man heroic achieves right now! Want to come? Add me to realid mz985@netzero.net thanks Will be starting with Utgarde KeepMbz0 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Heroic Morchok Starting on heroic morchok and just wondering how people would divide this group composition up tanks: druid, pally dps: arms warrior, arcane mage, boomkin, destro lock, hunter heals: pally shaman druid the boomkin can go heals for this fight if we need to 4 heal it. Our first night of attempts our boomie went resto and we 4 healed it. He used barkskin to soak stomps on the side with the feral tank (morchok side) but we were having problems with him staying in position to soak and heal at the same time. He was undergeared for both specs (just transferred from horde side and was primarily pvp before this was his first raid since toc) but performed well enough that he'll be fine. I think I'm fine for soaking, but can be better. I'm horrible with macros. Does anybody have a good macro to swap a 2-hander out for 1 hander/shield, switch stances and activate something like shield wall? Then switch back? Is all that even needed or is just flipping to defensive stance for the 10% reduction enough? thinking groups will be: feral tank, arms warrior, druid/pally healer,mage on morchok pally tank, shaman healer, boomie, hunter/lock on korchom. This gives us a soaker (boomie w/ barksin and me) on either side and a hero effect on each side.Khahan15 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 42684xp for Stonecore normal?? I queued as random normal on a level 84 tank. Zoned into Stonecore at last big trash pull before final boss because the last tank was bad (so they told me). Fine... We clear trash, kill final boss. One person gets the achievement for the instance, and I get... 42,684 total xp for the partial-run. That seems broken: shouldn't I get the xp bonus for running a random even if it was partial? Only thing I can think is maybe they skipped some other boss so it doesn't count as completed?! (But the other player got his achievement!) Oh, and I couldn't queue for another 8mins after this because I was on random cooldown. Anyway, this is minor compared to the massively-broken stuff still in the game, but seems like it should be fixed: if you kill final boss, give the random-instance XP bonus and don't put players on CD.Kinelope6 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 28, 2012 Please Blizz this needs to be fixed I just took my main into LFR, the caster staff dropped, an enhan shammie rolls need, needs with a roll bonus and wins it over all the casters. This does not make sense!!! Roll bonus??? enhan shammies need agil not intel and they get a roll bonus for an intel weapon??? This needs to be fixed asap. People are in their trading, please tell me blizz, this is not how it was meant to work is it??? to be forced to roll again for an item because that person couldn't trade with something that they wanted. They either leave with that item they already have or make the people roll for it again. THAT IS NOT ON!! I saw someone win a weapon they were already using??? How can someone win something they already have???? when some others need it so badly for their toons. Before anyone tells me to go join a raiding guild. I have been there done that over many years, not going back!! I really like LFR, It just needs to be fixed. Something needs to be done. Please Blizz, you guys can fix this. Please listen to all the people that it's affecting. Thank youRaine2 Feb 28, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 Cannot complete Zul'Farrak I've killed and looted every sub boss and mob. There is a door that blocks my progress to the final boss. How do I open that door?Muppetbabies3 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 Dear Blizz, please release more raid content I miss the old days when more than 1 raid instance would release per content patch. I mean, honestly...with as many alts as people have now, it's incredibly dull to only have 1 raid to go to week after week for multiple toons, etc... You started the expansion off pretty diverse, giving us 3 different raids to go to each week. Then Firelands came out and we grinded that for 6 months. Now it's DS we're grinding until the end of this xpac, not only on either normal or hard modes but also LFR as well. /bore I'm pretty disappointed with this expansion as far as raid content diversity goes. Give us more than just ONE raid to grind out for 6+ months, your content is boring after about a month or two!Çaptplanet31 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 question regarding heroic raid locks Hello! One of my alts joined a PUG Blackwing Descent a couple weeks ago and the leader of the group wanted to try H-Nef, so he switched the difficulty to heroic 10 man. We did not get it down, and called it for the night after multiple close attempts. I still have this raid lock on my alt, 5/6H 10 man. Is it possible to continue the raid lockout on H-Nef, or would I need to find someone with 5/6H? Please keep in my this alt of mine doesn't even have the normal mode BWD clear achievement. Thanks for the help!Balzar2 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 My Birthday Is next tuesday. Since I've cleared DS every week since the release of the instance, I just had gloves until last week where I finally won leggings. I would LOVE to have my 4pc before the DS installment is old hat. I haven't even had much luck in LFR, but I don't have the mental/emotional energy to discuss the woe's surrounding LFR. Honestly though, the drop rate for conq in my raids (both norm/heroic) has been around 8%... now thats just MY raids. I see peoples warlock alts running around with 4 or even 5 pieces all the time. Vanq and Prots have offspecs and alts geared up too at this stage in the DS installment. I just feel its my time to have mine as well.. its been long enough, and I've always put forth strong, consistant efforts. If this system of tier loot stays into effect, you should consider putting in some back up system that allows players to gather points to go toward normal tier pieces, or heroic for that matter. Its just too much of a drag to be forsaken by luck to this degree.Hellicon2 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 180 average item level for heroics? What? I just noticed that on the LFG when you go to queue up for any heroic or even regular ToC/ICC 5mans there's a new message that states you need an average of 180 item level to access them. I just hit 80 on this alt today and at first this didn't bother me. I knew that I'd have to at least replace my quest greens to get in there. But after buying every Rare I could get my hands on and even sticking a pvp piece and that terrible, terrible tanking gun that I found for cheap on the AH I'm still only at 178 avg ilevel and I can't run a single measly heroic or ToC. I hate to have to use Gearscore but for comparison's sake I'm sitting at 3.6k right now and it's still not enough. However when I hit 80 on my mage a couple of months ago I clearly remember running ToC after replacing just a few pieces of gear and I was well under that. What's the deal Blizzard? I understand that this content's gonna be worthless in a couple of weeks but it seems like an unnecessary amount of work to force people to replace so much gear before they can run instances that we've been running for years now.Krosstoff39 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 Heroic Yor'sahj 25m Hi, I was hoping to get some of the "finer points" on the H Yor'sahj fight. I am not talking about general strategy and mechanics. I mean some of the tricks of the trade, if you will, from some of the people who have cleared this content. Dealing with the Mana Void (and consequently dealing with mana issues) and the Deep Corruption debuff seems to be our biggest problem atm. We use the strategy from icy-veins, if that helps to clarify how we do this and what tips might help. Anyways, if anyone could please help share their experiences and knowledge it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.Sevin19 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 Heroic Ultraxion I have read quite a few posts stating that Ultraxion is recommended to be 2nd or 3rd in Heroic progression. I am a little confused by that, seeing as how that fight requires a bare minimum of 40k DPS (276 mil HP / 18 DPS +2 tanks doing 20k). That is bare bare minimum. My question is that our best geared players (397-400'ish) are not even doing 40k yet, is it reasonable to expect that much DPS so early on in a progression? I ask because, I assume people do know what they are talking about since there are smart people on here who have done this stuff. Which means I must be missing something. At what gear level is it reasonable to assume that someone should be able to pull off 40k? Does anyone have some logs for Normal Ultraxion that I could compare? I am asking for logs of groups that are similarily geared, 390-400, since I can compare heavily geared people through the rankings on my own. Thank you for any input you can provide as it will help immensely.Sevin41 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 How about adding 8-pieces to all old Sets? Even though there may be "Tier-matching" pieces, why not just make it simple, and allow us to collect full, matching 8-piece Sets for the old Class Set-Armors? Frankly, many of us struggle to find these items, and you've obviously made every single Class-Sets in the game with the intention of having 8-Pieces to match. In fact, *most* sets of Armor in the game *don't* have Matching-items, even those they exist in the game's files. Why not just do us all a favor, and add these items to the game?Terin14 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 Murozond critting a tank Just got out of a LFD End Times in which everything seemed normal right until Murozond. I (the healer) noticed the tank taking TREMENDOUS spike damage at points - at first I thought it was from a breath which I'd somehow failed to notice, but then I saw it happen again in between breaths. Turns out Murozond crit the tank. Three times. I quickly checked him out to make sure he had Improved Blood Presence, and it was all okay (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Crimsonbull/talent/primary <--- this guy). I then went through my Recount log and lo and behold there's crits on Murozond's melee table. To make sure, I also checked to see who he was meleeing, and the tank was the only person who took a melee hit in the fight (not even pets or minions). http://imgur.com/BtQu3 <---- Murozond's melee target http://imgur.com/i9FeL <--- the Recount logCojache5 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 What r we missing: Hagara 25 H The guild has started working on Hagara 25 man heroic. The lighting part is not really and issue, using the form an X function. Still some positioning and having a few people not die, but getting there on that. The frost phase is another issue. We have tried a variety of ways and either it takes to long or the healing load ends up being to much for that long We have figured out when frost phase starts to not stand in the middle at first. It takes a few seconds for the ice walls to form and move out and in that time we can either DPS down on of the frost pillar or get all four down about 25 percent. After that when we stack healers and ranged in the middle, the healing gets rough and we can't maintain it while working on getting rest of the frost pillars down. We also tried having everyone run around the outside, but that was taking too much time. Another try or two we had people in four groups out by the four pillars and just step inside the bubble when the frost wall was coming and then back out when it passed, but that is more time and still plenty of healing. We tried a number of combinations of these things and nothing really worked super great for us, but I admit we were trying different things enough people did not have time to get any of those way down well. Here is the link to the WoL http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-mc5ptkw29g3ztjsp/ Any tips or things we are not considering or issues you see in WoL?Nert20 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 New to Raiding So. I am new to the whole PvE and I just was wondering yesterday I got into a random raid against deathwing a cool wand and like all these weapons popped up for greed but I couldn't need and everyone else was roll in 195 and stuff. Please can y'all explain to me the raiding system also I want to know how to get cool mounts from raiding.Cløüð3 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 RAIDS!!! I can't find anyone to do a raid with. Almost everybody on my realm is 85 this is so frustrating. No I will not get a server change either all my friends are on this server.Zyrux5 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 Suggestion: Language Barrier Groups I don't know about everyone else, but, I continue to get grouped up in random heroics with spanish-speaking only folks. I'd rather wait in a longer queue than to be in a group I can't communicate with. This really frustrates me and would appreciate it if Blizzard would group English clients with English clients. Spanish clients with Spanish clients, and so on. Not a lot of people that know every language. Thanks.Balthezor2 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 Spine of Deathwing roll in LFR? How many people does it take cause Deathwing to roll in the LFR version of the fight? Just curious.Thistller17 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 Getting tired of people ninjaing in... dungeons and then try to sell it to someone who needs it. I think classic dungeons loot system should be the same as the other dungeons. Only get to need what your class is. I lost a wand to a druid and a priest and a warlock lost a chest piece to a hunter who tried to sell it for 30 gold to the priest. I really don't care what people say that it's just low level dungeons but some people doesn't have Heirlooms. While trying to tank or heal without them is hard when you don't have that boost.Riidra14 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 Dungeon Finder CTA Suggestion. Hi, I use the dungeon finder a lot, and have a suggestion (obviously) for the CTA bonus: 1. Stop the cheat mechanism: The game hides the bonus if you have recently changed characters, finished a dungeon, or changed specs.... Often times I change characters to fill the role that is needed, and it hides the bonus for about 45 seconds. Also, often times I change specs to fill the needed role, and it hides the bonus for about 45 seconds (this has a simple work around of queuing then changing specs). I can tell it is hiding it even though it is available, because for a split second it'll show as having the bonus, but will nearly immediately disappear, and wont show again for about 45 seconds. 2. Allow group Qing with bonus: Many times, I see that both Heal and Tank are needed, so I grab a friend that fills the role I'm not going to and it gets rid of the bonus. If both roles in group are needed at the time, it should give the bonus, just as it would Queuing separate, we would probably end up in the same group anyway if we Queued separately. 3. Improve the chances at getting something decent: 40 to 80 gold is nothing in Cataclysm. It would have been a good reward in Burning Crusade, but is not worth the time anymore. The mounts that drop are incredibly nice, but have way too low of a chance at dropping... Earthen potions and flasks are useless to people that don't raid (the flasks sometimes sell decent, but that isn't something that anyone can count on). I don't expect #3 to ever happen, but #1 and #2 would be nice, they can be summed up by saying: Don't make people feel cheated.Carnian28 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 Heroic Hagara the Stormbinder (10m) I'd like to start off saying that this is by far one of the worst fights in the entire game. Secondly, the amount of times latency has genuinely been the sole cause a wipe is simply ludicrous. Twice tonight, the lightning would not chain from myself to the next node, despite the lightning being active on me, and me standing within' 5yds of the node and 3yds of the node. Thirdly, the pure and simple fact that if one of your players with some kind of passive mitigation dies to whatever, and the raid comp simply doesn't have a spare player with decent mitigation, the next lightning phase is going to be a wipe. Players getting one or two shot by the chain lightning is plain stupid. So, what sorts of things do my fellow raiders do on Hagara to compensate for whatever short comings they have? Any tips for a frustrated raid? Is this fight really a fight dependent upon perfect execution by the raid team? How does your raid handle Ice Lance? Our way isn't perfect but it works most of the time. I would prefer something that works all of the time.Brolan6 Feb 27, 2012
Feb 27, 2012 Would This Help Lfr Loot Helpfull Make everything unique and make it so you dont get roll bonus if u have a tier piece for tokensEucliwood2 Feb 27, 2012