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I Just Killed Heroic Lich King 10! This is basically my reply to the "the future of wow raids?" thread that's been bumping around. There has always been this subsection of the community that has considered itself, "elite." I counted myself among them, a few years ago. I didn't like the direction the game was taking. Everything was too easy, blah blah blah. I and many others were saying this stuff in BC, people. This is not new. You're not pointing out anything that hasn't been endlessly rehashed on these forums over the past 5 years. I'd just like to make three points: A) This is a game. WoW only has an effect on your real life when you know someone both in-game and out-of-game. At the end of your life, are you really going to say, "Wow, I'm sure glad I got X item from Y boss!" No. You'll say, "Wow, I'm so glad I was fortunate enough to be apart of this world, and to know the people that I know." WoW's greatest strength was and is its community. There's no other place like an MMO, where the weight of your personality is the only measure of your character, and you can forge friendships from a single dungeon run. This is why I'm against the LFD and LFR tool, as it essentially lets people play the entire game without talking to anyone else. B) WoW was never about raiding. Oh? What's that? You're surprised? Well, it's the truth. What "end game" were people working towards when WoW first hit the scene? Scholomance? Stratholme? Did people start the game and immediately wonder which tier was the highest? Hell no. I didn't even know tiers existed until I hit level 60. WoW is about community, and the adventures they share in the world they inhabit. I could tell you a hundred stories. None of them involve raid bosses. I became fairly hardcore during BC, but I enjoyed raiding because of the people I raided with, the environments and dungeons we stepped through, and the hilarious random things that happened. C) You brought this upon yourself. And here's the coldest truth: this is your fault. You made the game what it is today. You think Blizzard added things like heirlooms for the casuals? Hell no. They added heirlooms because the hardcore elite who had 10 alts and wanted to raid the day they rerolled kept complaining. Then these casual players get into it, and you think it's their fault. No, it's not. You wanted endgame? Congratulations: the entire game is endgame. Just one large linear hallway to grind through. You want to know why this is your fault? Because the casual doesn't care. The casual doesn't give one crap about reaching endgame. The hardcore does care. The hardcore WANTED to see lvl60 Naxx. So, Blizzard made it easier; naturally, more and more players filed into these raids, and the self-proclaimed elite cried foul. You never wanted to share. You wanted it all for yourself. Unfortunately for you, it backfired. Now, "elite" and "casual" are so indistinguishable from one another that it's ludicrous. In the beginning, you fought for inclusion, and now you've achieved that. Be happy. This is your world. -------- Which brings me to the thread title. I never got to do Icecrown when Wrath was in its prime. BC made me sick of endgame. I wanted THE GAME. So, I quested. I read the story text. I looked up quest chains to finish. I did all the things I did leveling 1-60. I didn't want to "feel" endgame, if you catch my drift. When Naxx was sufficiently outdated, I created a guild for the specific purpose of killing KT. Because, at that point, it was just another dungeon. Today, I did a full clear of Ulduar and heroic Icecrown 10. Again, it felt like another dungeon. They were playgrounds. The people I raided with today--a random pug I put together and reshaped as the day went by--I'll never forget. We got stuck on LK for 2 hours. i can't even tell you how many times we wiped. Then, the final attempt, me and our main healer get punted off the Throne. I watched a screen full of clouds and lightning for 20 minutes while our druid solo healed the rest of the fight. THAT is what this game is about. The small miracles. The only thing I don't like about WoW are the dungeons. They are too linear. You can practically see them shape into an arrow that's pointed at endgame. I can finish Throne of Tides and 5 minutes later I won't be able to tell you anything about it. Again, this is your fault. This is my fault. Give me a Stratholme. Give me a Blackrock Depths. Just one per x-pac would satisfy me. I want a dungeon that can foster those moments. That's also why I wait for raid content to become outdated, so they can feel like vanilla dungeons of old. Anyway, those are my two cents. Have at it. Unsung29
Feb 14, 2012
Looking for general instance and raid guide Hi guys, I've been a casual player for some time but mainly focused on PVP. I wasn't the best healer so I created a mage in an effort to seriously try to PVE and enter heroics and hopefully raids. Made a mistake today entering a raid through the raid finder and got kicked for awful DPS, didn't even understand how awful it must have been. I need some guide of general guide whether it's on this forum or another web site, do you guys know of one? How to gear up (is it just grinding heroics for a long time?) and of course I can on my own, research my own gear and stats, I haven't been too focused on that. I'll get on it. I've been a bit confused on why I even want justice points, I think I have all the gear they can buy, I feel like I'm really not getting this. I suspect what I have to do and haven't been doing is to grind heroics, but if I do a random heroic I don't have enough time to read up on the fight and am a bit clueless. Wish I could retain that info from the journal. I've been fortunate to get into some good groups who don't mind giving boss hints, but obviously that doesn't happen all the time. Seriously would love to print out a packet of some sort with heroic bosses and raid boss tips and strategies. Again, would also love you all to tell me what to do next, i.e. grind heroics....and only go into a raid when I have a certain i level? Like I said...looking for some general guidance. Flame away if you want, just looking for some direction :0) Darkmajica1
Feb 14, 2012
Deathwing: Worst Tier End Boss Ever??? I'm talking from a mechanics and actual fight perspective here. Lorewise, appearance wise and for sheer power and potential terror inducement, Deathwing is right up there. However, in terms of the actual fight itself..I have to say it's about the most disappointing tier end boss we've had in all of WoW. Look at all the other raid tier final bosses and consider how they rated for their time: Tier 1: Ragnaros/Onyxia Tier 2: Nefarian Tier 2.5: C'thun Tier 3: Kel'thuzad Tier 4: Prince Malchezaar/Gruul/Magtheridon Tier 5: Lady Vashj/Prince Kael'thas Tier 6: Archimonde/Illidan Tier 6.5: Kil'jaeden Tier 7: Kel'thuzad/Sartharion/Malygos Tier 8: Yogg-Saron Tier 9: Anub'arak Tier 10: The Lich King Tier 11: Nefarian/Al'Akir/Cho'gall Tier 12: Ragnaros You could possibly argue Malygos and Magtheridon because of mechanics a lot of players found extremely annoying (phase 3 on Malygos, cube clicking on Magtheridon), though personally I enjoyed those fights, albeit they aren't my favourites. Al'Akir is another boss that a lot of people seemed to really hate the mechanics of. Far more than not of the above boss fights have involved fighting adds, but none of them was a complete add fight the entire duration the way Deathwing was. The reason I classify Deathwing as the worst Tier final boss we've ever had is because not only does the fight itself have annoying, repetitive mechanics, but to me the whole fight just *feels* wrong. The Deathwing fight should have been designed as the ultimate dragon fight, where we are joining the Aspects in battling the biggest baddest most insane dragon. Ultimately, to me at least, Deathwing doesn't feel like a dragon fight at all. It feels much more like you're fighting an Old God (or a powerful minion of an Old God). Aethenor76
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Loot left in the chest Tonight I decided to queue up on my Shadow Priest for the Fall of Deathwing raid with the LFR tool. This was my second time completing this raid and it was just a mess. Before Ultraxion the tanks did not know that they were supposed to tank the dragons and we wipe. Then once they were kicked and we got in some competent tanks, we go to start the encounter, Ultraxion one-shots us and we wipe. We got Ultraxion down and completed the Skybridge portion fine when a Rogue decides to pop another Hideous Amalgamation and we wipe. Finally we complete the Spine of Deathwing and are successful at bringing down Deathwing. Yay, loot time! Except it wasn't. Three weapons that I could use dropped and I was able to roll need on all of them. Unfortunately I didn't win any of them, and to top it all off - my best in slot item Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind dropped and the Warlock who won it left the raid before it was distributed to him. Imagine my disappointment to see the item that I could use, and was best for my class sitting in the chest stating that I did not meet the requirements to loot that item. One by one people left the raid and I sat by the Maelstrom longingly looking into the Elementium fragment at a perfectly good weapon that was now going to waste. I put in a ticket, hoping a GM could help me, and after a 4-hour wait I got the unfortunate, and not unexpected response that the person won it fair-and-square and that there was nothing that they could do. Surely there has to be a better way of making sure that loot gets distributed. It would of been nice if the system could have seen that the player dropped raid and distributed the loot to the person who was second highest on the roll and then go on down the list if they're not there. Letting loot go to waste like this when other people need it, and could use it, disheartens me. I wasn't even second on the roll but I'd of rather it go to someone who would use it then just become lost when the instance is torn down. Here's hoping that it drops again next week. Galaphad4
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Low level dungeon changes Dear Blizzard I am leveling this Tauren Paladin as a tank through the low level dungeons (vanilla, 1-60 dungeons) and I have encountered quite a few items of contention that creates a large amount of problems with these runs. 1: Being able to roll need on everything. As a veteran player, I have acquired all of the heirlooms that are available minus the ring from the fishing contest. This character has every one equipped that he can wear, so you may think my complaint is not valid, but read on. In later dungeons, you have restrictions on items a class can need roll on, so why not here? At 85 you never see mages rolling on plate gear because they can't use it, but in 1-60 instances this happens constantly. The player who needs the gear to improve their character loses out and the player who greedily rolls on things they can never use gets away with it. Many of the changes you made going into Cata was to improve the leveling experience for new players, so how do you think this "need on everything" system impacts new players? Not only does it punish players who are trying to get better gear for themselves, but it rewards greedy or griefing players with gear, and it sends a message that this sort of behavior is ok. Now I'm sure the first thing you are thinking is "well this is what the vote kick feature is for" but no, that doesn't really work. This leads me into #2... 2: Restrictions on the Vote Kick feature. At the point i am at right now, I chain-run about 6-7 runs a day, since as a tank I almost never have to wait in queue. Of those runs, I am lucky if I get one run where there is no players going AFK for the majority of the run, need rolling on everything, being disruptive/offensive or just doing whatever they can to grief the group, thus runing the experience for everyone else, not just me. I admit, I am a little slow to use the kick feature since sometimes bad things happen, like power outages, but when I use the vote kick, I expect it to work and serve the purpose it was designed for. Some of the restrictions on the vote kick feature really need to be thought out and changed. 2a: Time after combat. Disruptive players are well aware of how to get around this, and do so by continuously pulling, ensuring that the group stays in constant combat. This needs to be done away with...completely. 2b: Player cannot be kicked for X hours. Hours? Seriously? As I stated earlier with the many runs i have done each having a player that needs to be kicked, this is extremely frustrating when I can only kick one player out of say, 5 or so runs that I am doing. Blizzard, I understand completely that these restrictions were put in place to prevent the system from being abused but you must realize that there are players who simply need to be kicked. If the system doesn't work, then the group has no choice but to either suffer through this player, or completely disband. Either option results in a ruined and soiled gaming experience, something I know you try to avoid. With Mists coming out and the introduction of the Monk class, there will be hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of monks running through these instances on their way to max level. Unless you do something, these frustrations will remain and cause a whole new wave of anger and frustration to players who are just trying to play, and enjoy, a game. Warhauler5
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Need before Greed Loot system REVAMP! Here's an idea that I've spent some time thinking out. Let me know what you all think. It's a 4 button loot system. Buttons are as follows left to right: Need MS, Need OS, Greed for Gold, Greed (BoE) I call it the "Need before Green MS/OS Loot System" 1) IF you are a) Class that can use the said item/gear, AND b) Spec that uses the base primary stat on the item c) Don't already have the item in your bank, inventory, equipped slot ------->It becomes a Need MS roll. 2) If one of the following happens: a) None qualified for "Need MS" clicked the "Need Main Spec" button or no one qualified for (1) b) ONE of your talent trees are able to use the said item. c) Don't already have item in your bank, inventory, equipped slot -------> It becomes a Need OS roll. 3a) If No one qualifies for (1), (2), AND it's a Bind on Pickup item/gear -------> It becomes a Greed (for Gold) roll. 3b) If it's a Bind on EQUIP item/gear -------> It becomes a simple "Greed" NOTE 1: Everyone will have their respective buttons up to choose right away, but at the end, the roll will be a "Priority" bonus of: a) 200 to Need Main Spec b) 100 to Need Off Spec c) NO bonus to roll for Greed for Gold or Greed (if BoE) NOTE 2: Greed for Gold will be in a disabled state IF it's a BoE and a "Greed" button will simply become enabled. By utilizing this system, it would help to prevent the troublesome ninja looting not only in dungeons, but also in raiding, it would also help to ensure that those needing an item for Main Spec actually receive the said item, rather than someone just needing it so they can have it for the future or to prevent someone else from having it...i.e. Ninja Looting. Let me know what you guys and gals feel about this concept idea. ---------------------------------------------- 85 Paladin Karsone (bladefist) 85 Druid/Bear Shttalkin (bladefist) 85 Mage Deathbeware (bladefist) Deathbeware18
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