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Dec 21, 2011 Vanquisher Token and LFR Someone do something before I go insane - it certainly seems it won't be Blizzard. I've entered and left six LFR queues today and not one has had less than 10 vanquisher classes, with one of them having 19. This is ridiculous. 3 of the 4 most popular classes are on ONE token, the ONLY token with four... and the "unpopular" class on the token, Rogue, has a legendary this patch so we're probably seeing more of them than usual. One token literally has, what, 45% of the playing population on it. Stop this insanity. Meanwhile, on my hunter, I won 4 set and bow from Deathwing in one complete run because I was rolling against 2-3 people the entire time.Ändrömedä18 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Dear Blizzard: Add Bridges on Madness of DW Cause falling in the water while jumping isn't fun. :(Ave28 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Loot Ninjas Why would the looting rules be less stringent in lower level instances versus higher level. It's the same concept in both scenarios. If you have two leather wearers and two mail wearers, why should they be allowed to need a BoP cloth item that a cloth wearer is in need of? Can you see my frustration? The head piece, Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator, has a drop rate of 8% so chances of me getting that item or one better are slim in the near future. I realize the loot rules become more stringent as you progress, had you looked through my account youd find an 85 paladin, but my main issue is I fail to see why looting rules are less stringent in lower level instances, increasing the chances of loot ninjas taking away from those in need. As happened in my case.Dodgemoe0 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 ZA/ZG should be removed from the game Guys ZA/ZG are ridiculously hard. I have a pally stuck in that spot where he can do heroics but doesn't qualify for the 3 new instances. When I queue and get a ZG or ZA I've had to create a macro apologizing to the group for me baling. Sadly of course I get the deserter debuff but frankly they are even harder then the 3 new ones. Please remove them or give me the option to run heroics that exclude those zones so I can still get my VP's but not have to waste my and everyone else time on a failed run.Aimix50 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Why can melee take caster items & vice/versa? http://imgur.com/axWbZ The above is a link to a picture where a Feral Druid was given a bonus roll for caster items. This has been a problem since LFR was released. Is there going to be a Spec Smart loot system in the near future to prevent this?Krozal3 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 KIN Raiders Vs Spine of D. W. World FK video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZHeTNr7xzM KIN Raiders Vs Spine of Death Wing World First Kill (25man Heroic) just upload 2 hours ago.Thomask0 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 LFR Loot Suggestion. I was just thinking you could easily cut down on the "Ninjaing" In LFR by taking the role choosing 1 step further. Just add two dps roles...Add one Phyiscal role (Strength,Agi) and add a Spell caster role (Int) and keep the other two as is. Adding that to the restrictions already in place and boom No more boomkins rolling on Agility rings and other nonsense! Just my 2 cents.Thadeus0 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 LFR Loot Rules I KNOW this is just QQ, but along with countless DC's last night in LFR, we had a druid queue up for a healer position, but dps'd in feral gear and spec. He used the healer queue for the healer bonus to roll on one of the two maws that dropped, but left group before the rolls finished, and I bet you can't guess who won one of them. One actual druid who healed, and the jerk who queued as a healer to get the roll bonus for healing even though he was dpsing badly. I doubt there is a fix to this, other than people in the group kicking him. But perhaps something could be done about those that roll on loot, win it and leave the raid leaving loot behind when people could really benefit from it?Sarahstrasza3 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 maw of the dragonlord Maw of the Dragonlord should have its weapon speed changed it is way to slow to mana regenetion for Holy Paladin's please support me in this.Highlord8 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Guild transfer used to EXPLOIT to GetMoreLoot Everybody knows that bunch of top guilds got banned doing LFR exploits. Now US guild Exodus used guild transfer to gain extra reset on this week, which is clearly bug and they exploit the bug by clearing the instance. They are getting clean new run on heroic instance that they already looted this week. They also get valor point reset so that means more gear for them. This is what Bashiok posted on US forums: ... Now, will Blizzard actually enforce their policy by banning these exploiters OR was the previous ban wave just to calm down the public outcry. Now what i want to see is these people banned what they have done, clearly buying extra reset with real money is just bull!@#$. Here is the guild site and it says they got 8 days ban and they were only available to run 10 mans like other top guilds. Another link is on their MT's armory which shows that they'v cleared the Heroic instance 3 times, up to spine. They have cleared warmaster already 3 times in 2 weeks !! http://www.exo-guild.com/ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/chogall/Kaywarrior/advancedIseewhatudid11 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Is anything actually new in Dragon Soul? Just thinking as far as models/zones go. Every boss is a recolour of a previous model or just a previous model. You've got Dragonblight with some Twilight Highlands quest mouths thrown in, Eye of Eternity and the Maelstrom which were all in the game before the patch. I guess the sky in spine of deathwing? Makes Icecrown Citadel look like a model of creativity and imagination. Ianarion5 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 AFK/ auto attack through LFR Anything going to be done about it? Players minimizing game,doing white damage the whole fight, killing themselves, are intentionally not putting effort into raid still get gear. I dont know what could be done but can we agree its not fair to people who actually do the fight? This is not a post bashing on player skills, new players, people who dont have time to form raids for real life reasons ect. Its against abusing a system for loot, Probably gonna get flamed for this but i consider it similar to botting. Your not actually there, more like just along for the ride to steal loot.Jugganaut12 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Let's talk about World of Warcraft. First off, a lot of this is going to be me just writing what I feel. It’s not a rage post, or a quitting post, or anything else particularly interesting, I just wanted to write my opinions on the current iteration of WoW. It is long, it is rambling, but everything I post on the forums, I write up in Word beforehand, and since I decided to actually post this, I must be pretty adamant about it. I have played this game for, well, since classic, with breaks on and off, but pretty consistently for the last few years. I love the game, I enjoy and strive to excel in both PvP and PvE, and I play with some of the most wonderful people on the interwebs. I also played DAoC, which I’ll be using for various references. If you don’t want to read an essay, then don’t even start, lol, because I’ll be writing in detail. I want you to know who I am, and as much about my perspective as can be communicated through writing. So, when I started playing WoW, it was in classic, and I played a druid. A feral druid. You remember those in classic? Yeah, haha, me too. Not exactly the paragon of pvp classes, but that’s what I was into, and I couldn’t imagine playing anything else. I played during the ranked pvp ladder system, and since I didn’t have a guild or any associates in the game, I did it solo, and got to, I believe, Centurion, or one of those middle ranks, relatively easily, before I got to busy to play. It was ladder, which differed from DAoC, which was the game I had been playing previously, and to be honest, it felt wrong. I couldn’t understand why my hours of play were being compared to people who didn’t have jobs, or didn’t have school, or had friends to play with, or had whole guilds gaming the ladder system, or, one way or another, were able to play all the time! So I was really pleased when Blizzard removed the ladder system, and getting the epic PvP gear, which I should NOTE was the ONLY gear in the game at that point that was actually well itemized for feral druids (aside from a few random raid pieces, definitely no feral tier), was a wonderful feeling for me. I was no longer having a cookie held just out of reach. I played on through to burning crusade, where I switched servers and started a brand new druid, power leveled him to 70, and got into PvP and, for the first time, raiding. Now in BC, Ferals were still not worth much in raids or PvP, but I met some nice people, and ended up raiding in, believe it or not, one of the top guilds on the server. The thing is, the server was Gul’dan, and on Gul’dan, Sunwell didn’t happen. It just didn’t. We raided BT, and Hyjal, and did ZA runs, and all that fun stuff. But Sunwell required good raid comp, all the right dps classes, specs, and all sorts of meta-gaming that most people (on Gul’dan) didn’t do. And if you did want to raid Sunwell? Well, you transferred off to another server. That’s key. Let’s remember that. If you wanted to do the top tier of content, you left for a different server. Of course, I was also doing PvP during BC, and you know? I did ok! Not ok by a hardcore pvper’s standards, but ok for someone playing a feral druid in BC on a server where the serious PvP crowd consisted of, I kid you not, 6 people. I knew them all by name, talked with them all in vent, and who wouldn’t? I mean, they were 6 of the top raiders too. See, there’s actually a lot of servers like Gul’dan, full of perfectly nice people, who love the game, want to excel at it, and end up leaving for greener pastures because they want that cookie. So when Wrath came out, and I began taking the reigns as raid leader, people flocked to someone who was actually pushing to get through content. My significant other also began playing during this time, and raiding became an activity that brought she and I together, as well as forming a community of die hard raiders on a server that was in it’s death throes. We cleared Nax, cleared Maly, cleared Sarth 3D, and we were damn proud of it all, because as insignificant and trivial as all of that content was, it had made us the premiere raiding guild on the server. I was GM of a guild that was full of people who had lives, had accomplishments, and played WoW to decompress and get some loot. Haezriel12 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 LFR Fail looting System Just wanting to warn you all to look out for a rogue on Nazjatar Server, That need rolled on 2 of the chest pieces for Rogue, Deathknight, Mage and Druid all because he wanted to trade for the helm for t13 cus it was his 4 set bonus and when another rogue won the helm that dropped later in raid and wouldnt trade he wouldnt hand over the chests that he had no need for to people that needed them. Not flaming just stating the facts Blizz you guys needa make it somehow where you cant need roll when you already have the item that its used for cus i've seen this happening alot of people need rolling and winning 2 of the same thing also had a warrior need roll on Backbreaker Spaulders just for the graphic and win over someone who needed for an actual worn item upgradeToadloke26 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 LFR Raid Loot System Suggestion After issues with classes rolling on items they cant use or wouldnt be caught using because it does not benefit them, blizz hotfixed those items to be class specific... i.e rings, trinkets. I think the next step blizz needs to look into to improve the looting system is identify the characters spec entering into that raid or its primary stat (agi, int, str). Aside from tanks being guaranteed tank pieces they roll on over plate dps, this will guarantee melee getting melee piece over caster and caster over melee. I lost melee shoulders and a ring to a boomkin while I was on my feral druid. All this makes me want to do is screw over the casters and start rolling on there gear. But if a loot system can recognize the persons main stat as int and they roll need on a agi or str piece, they inturn would only roll 1-100, as where that melee class would get the +100 added to their roll. this will pretty much eliminate any ability to "ninja" gear other than rolling need on tier you already have for an OS. unless you have those people rolling for their buddy.Wtbalterboy2 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Suggestion: Optional LFD/LFR Rating I would like to see a rating system available in random dungeons, similar to that on Xbox Live which allows you to rate a player based on certain traits (Helpful, Skilled, Thief/Ninja, Griefer, and Bad are some examples). As these votes build up players should be placed in groups with similar rated players when queued in LFD. Certain rules should apply: Players cannot rate anyone they joined as a party with (to avoid exploits). After the run has ended players should be allowed to look at a list of those that were in the party to allow for ratings after the run has finished (so as not to slow down the dungeons). The voting should be entirely optional. No one should be forced to vote on other characters. Votes should not affect LFD/LFR groups until a certain number of votes are gained as a grace period. If players are not voted negatively for some time their score should be slowly normalized. People with low ratings should have a lower vote weight (to prevent griefing/abuse of the system by those who already have a negative reputation). Votes should be character specific with an slight weighting towards the overall b.net account possibly based on the number of characters on the account-------------------- Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. Try to keep it constructive.Remidy8 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 World first DC Hagara 10m. Jealous?Bored1 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Ahn'kahet: Ahn'kahar Spell Flinger Just hit me for 120k+ in heroic mode. Please tell me this is some kind of cruel cruel joke?Swissgaming7 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Another LFR Gripe. So I was just in LFR on this toon and, of course, after killing Hagara half the raid left without rolling.. making us wait for the timer to run out before the rolls could finish. Of course, a guy on my token rolled on the shoulders that dropped, got tired of waiting, and left the group. He ended up winning the roll, making the item completely useless to everyone else who stayed in the group. Why does Blizzard not eliminate the rolls of players who leave the group before the rolling finishes?Saccharine15 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Idea for future LFR loot systems There are so many threads about LFR loot, mostly saying how it's unfair, doesn't recognize skill or who "deserves it." The fact is that everyone thinks they should get loot. Another fact is that LFR loot is too powerful for the content that drops it. LFR is significantly easier than Firelands, but drops waaaaay better loot. Also, it is demoralizing to run LFR every week and never win anything, while others win often, and occasionally even 2 of the same thing. Here's my idea: Bosses should drop no loot at all, but upon completion of the raid, each player receives 1 Token. These tokens could be exchanged for many things; for example, 4 tokens could buy you raid gear, 5 tokens could buy you a tier piece of your choice, or some nice transmog gear, or 100 could buy you a pet or mount. The idea is similar to the gem tokens awarded in normal and heroic modes. The tokens would only be given at the end, which would give people incentive to stay and work together. And everyone would have equal opportunity to get the gear they wanted. Of course, there would be a limit of tokens per week. Or, oppositely, there could be no limit, meaning people who had the desire to grind everything all at once could do so. That way, the message is "play how you want to play." It also serves to further differentiate between LFR and normal/heroic modes. Normal/Heroic would still have the regular loot system. LFR on the other hand is designed to be fun and repeatable, but currently is overburdened by its massive and cumbersome loot system. Simplifying the loot into tokens that everyone would receive, and which could be traded in for a variety of items would make LFR friendlier and more appealing to many (especially if you could get vanity items with tokens too--that would increase the repeatability factor even after you get all the loot). One could argue that this system would penalize people who have to leave after only a short time--they couldn't get anything! But I'd say raids SHOULD take longer than 5-mans. The current LFR difficulty is almost pitifully easy, which makes it fun for a lot of people, and makes it fast. It's not too much to ask to expect people to stay for the whole duration. Each boss could even keep dropping Valor points, so that people could eventually upgrade to higher level loot than LFR tokens would give, and people who had to leave mid-raid would still have something to show for their time spent. What do y'all think?Torkår1 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 So, my guild d/c whats with the dc on hagara?Undeàth1 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 LFR loot system is great period! for all ppl complaininga bout the LFR loot system. long story made short: LFR loot system is just the best AUTOMATIC loot system that blizzard ever done. look back in TBC: you could need on everything. look back on Wrath: you could need everything you could use. look at LFR: you can only need the items that are for your role. can't you just see the improvement? Any computer software using the actual tecnology will NEVER be perfect when dealing with PERSONS. That's it, you can accept that now or just wait till you or somebody else create a perfect piece of software that can resolve the problems of HUMANITY.Robinho1 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 LFR Loot Left Unlooted I was in a LFR fall of deathwing and a person won a staff and left without looting it. I was wondering if that item ever becomes lootable and how long. I searched for blue topics on this but couldn't find anything so please answer if you can and if you know. Thank you in advance.Azreul2 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 LFR Loot Question Hey I was in a LFR Fall of Deathwing and the person that won an item left group without getting his loot. I was wondering if the item ever becomes lootable, and if so how long? Thank you in advance, I searched for this item but couldn't find the answer, maybe if there is an answer could u post the link here.Azreul1 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Raid Composition: Dragon Soul This thread is solely dedicated to different guilds and raid groups to tell others and to share their raid composition. For instance, How man Tanks/Healers/DPS Do you use for 10/25 man, as well as Regular or Heroic. Include the classes in your group and their specs. If you want to go even deeper, you could also post your dream raid group composition. Hope this helps.Hazzyn2 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Since this seems to be the only topic.... You lost raid finder loot, cry moar, go run regular.Amelyna4 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 you have entered too many instances recently is broken Tonight my raid was attempting to get the achievement Only the Penitent.. we reset the instance 3 times, trying to get the achievement, and somehow 3 of us got the lockout timer. I spoke with a GM and he blew me off, and told me it is to prevent exploiting, can't help me with it, if I got lockout, it was my own damn fault, etc etc. So basically, we sit there for an hour doing nothing, because 3 people get stuck outside the instance for an hour because of a game mechanic added 6 years ago to prevent farming of an instance. Maybe it is time to rethink this mechanic? maybe up the limit to say 10 an hour or REMOVE IT FORM THE GAME!? - very VERY frustrated player NebtNebt15 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Random LFG?? So I am leveling a druid. Made it to outland and started LFG for dungeons all of my weekly 7 runs were hellfire ramparts. Got to Northrend, guess what first 3 dungeons were all Utgarde keep. I have que'd 3 more times getting UK each que. I would suggest diminishing returns on the same dungeon to alleviate boredom. Also dropping the level eligibility for the dungeon to a 3-4 level spread would be nice and keep leveling alts running smoothly. (ex. Utgarde Keep would pop 'randomly' for levels 68-71 instead of the 10 or so levels it is now) Just some thoughts thanks. .Rakara1 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Serious lack of protector tokens So I run LFR on four toons every week. I also run DS on normal every week on my main. So I did 16 bosses first week and 32 bosses the next two on LFR for a grand total of 80 possible token drops and I've killed 16 bosses on normal (not counting LFR and normal for this week)and I havent seen more than 6 protector tokens. Has anyone else noticed this or am I just getting massively RNG screwed.Flexís2 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Dungeon Deserter for being kicked? How can a group kick within the first 10 seconds of a dungeon? I joined DPS queue for LFD. Got a group with a guild, one complained that they didn't queue for the dungeon, I get kicked and suddenly Deserter Debuff. Seriously?Androwe2 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Long Waiting. I que up for a dungeon and have to wait as a DPS at lest 18 to 24 min's. We need a better reward systems for Tank and Healer's due to lack of them.Rolarrana2 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Warrior Tanks & Heroic Morchok Does anyone have any success or advice with Heroic Morchok using a Warrior tank on one side? We are attempting it 25 man and we know that Warriors have a much harder time getting CTC capped, especially given some of our luck like only one Belt from H-Shannox, no VP currently for the Valor Trinkets, etc. We are constantly experiencing situations where his Stomp, properly divided with a feinting Rogue, is still smacking him for 200k+ leading to one-shots. We're actually currently swapping him out for a second Paladin tank (as the Paladin on the other side has had none of these problems) We are absolutely sure that everyone is getting hit by the Stomp, so it's not a dividing damage problem. Is this something that can be dealt with without an elaborate cooldown rotation over the course of the entire fight, something you just have to pucker up and pray works out fine, or is merely a case of Blizz hating on Warrior Tanks? Any actual advice is greatly appreciated.Zengar5 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Rogue Legendary Do you have to kill the first three bosses yourself on your rogue to pick pocket Hagara or could you just be pulled into a raid lock 3/8 and do it?Spices2 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 A suggestion for junkboxes. Could these please be taken the way of Chaos Orbs and made greed only? Saves those annoying moments in PuGs when most people roll greed then the one cheeky person rolls need.Knom0 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Dragon Seoul How the T13 raid instance shall henceforth be knownScum1 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Last Encounter of Dragon Soul = AMAZING. Possible SPOILERS incoming for those who haven't seen the final bosses of Dragon Soul yet, so be warned. Sorry for the brief breaking of the posting in caps rule. I really am, but I felt the need to express the fact that I was utterly blown away by the final Deathwing fight, and 'amazing' in normal-sized text didn't do it. I've gamed for a long time and I honestly can't think of a more epic 'last boss' in any game that I've ever seen. From the mechanics to the sheer scale (I literally /jawdropped when he came up out of the Maelstrom - holy hell, you don't realize just how HUGE Deathwing is until then) every aspect of the fight was just on a level all its own. I remember when I first saw Cataclysm announced, and that DW was the antagonist. I kind of shrugged, thinking it would end in a typical dragon boss-type fight. I saw the concept art that displayed how huge he was supposed to be, but I figured he'd be shrunken down for the game. In all honestly I just wasn't invested (which I've said elsewhere) in him and really this expansion. I didn't figure it would live up to Wrath lorewise (which it didn't, IMHO, until 4.2 really got the gears turning) and I just wasn't interested in a dragon having killed so many. 4.3 has been the patch that proved me wrong on many levels, and the last fight in DS exemplifies that. An absolutely incredible 'last boss' on any scale, in any genre of game. I'm sitting here around an hour after the kill and still feel the rush of it. The lore, the cinemas, the way that the Aspects spoke of us - guild chat was (and is) ablaze with discussion about the fight. People can talk about other MMOs all they want. So long as WoW is still capable of delivering this kind of incredible, epic experience (and it clearly still is) this will continue to be my game of choice. Bravo Blizzard!Jaecelynn92 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Crazy Ultraxion In-game lag My entire guild was lagging like crazy on the Ultraxion fight tonight (25 man). Wasn't doing it Thursday. What do?Stdk5 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Question for Blues: Raiding Statistics After following the race to world first in T13 heroics and reading some commentary by Ghostcrawler on the speed of progression, I have begun to wonder what the statistics are for average number of wipes prior to a kill for each level of progressed guilds. I gathered from Ghostcrawler's interview that internal analysis of progression speed is likely thought of by the devs in terms of vague brackets of "hardcore" to "casual" to "super casual" with other terms in between. Could we, the community, see some statistics on the trial and error process for types of guilds as they progress in new tiers? Thank you.Sangrey4 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 "But when we finally release the video" "But when we finally release the video of our kill, all of the suspicions will go away." It's like Paragon killing Heroic Lich King first all over again and I'm loving it Source is: http://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/nk8j9/kin_raiders_interview_after_heroic_madness_of/ http://wow.playforum.net/news/wowhot/id/1049407Turranmc3 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Can the LFR loot system be manipulated? I have noticed a few times while in a LFR raid that some people switch out their gear once they get inside the raid. I know there is a minimum ilevel to join the raid but what I have seen is that a few people will equip gear that lowers their ilevel once they are in. The gear also has no enchants, no gems, and are not reforged. This hurts the overall raid because the person doing it will not be able to perform as well as the other people of the same class. This leads me to only one conclusion: Those people are trying to manipulate the loot system. Does the loot system take into account the gear players have equipped at the time of the boss encounter? If so.. Why doesn't Blizzard impliment a warning to players who go below the minimum ilevel after zoning in, and remove them from the instance if the person dosen't return to the correct ilevel requirement. I go into the LFR to see end game content and have fun. It is no fun when people "Nerf" their own toon to try for the gear / tokens, while hurting the rest of the raid group.Superthad13 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 LFR Refined Loot Distribution I appreciate the work that has been done on some of the loot distributions in LFR. However... I just got out of a LFR where 3 caster weapons dropped - 2x [Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind] and 1x [Ti'tahk, the Steps of Time] - and melee won all 3. Me as well as all of the other casters were beyond disappointed. Also, if it's not already in the works, I think the LFR loot system needs to be in place for all dungeons as well since so many items get taken by people performing different roles. But as stated above, it still needs a little work. Thanks.Shaundi9 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Woah, What happened? So I'm pretty used to the kind of dungeons in vanilla wow. Easy, smooth flowing, and generally wipe free. Then I go into Outland and do Burning Crusade dungeons. Ka pow! Difficulty setting just got amped up by a huge amount. Healing is actually pretty hard with all the AoE that mobs toss at you. So yeah, I'm wondering, what the heck happened between the classic and the Burning Crusade dungeons.Crazzbirt12 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 "Cannot initiate any more party kicks" in LFR I realize that the limit is there to prevent abuse, but can Blizz *PLEASE* make an exception for players who are afk? Its annoying when anyone does it, but its especially bad when a tank ruins an entire group by going afk as soon as they join a group and theres nothing anyone can do about it.Grimbold0 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Blackhorn Normal Mode Phase 2 Question My raid group is currently stuck on getting through phase two of Blackhorn. I have been healing on my priest with one other resto druid in a 10 man group. I keep getting clipped by shockwave and am wondering if there are any addons anyone might suggest to help make the textures for the pattern Blackhorn puts down before using his attack to make it more obvious for me. I have BigWigs set up to give a count down before he actually uses the attack, but I am still having trouble identifying where shockwave is going to hit in time to actually move out of the way. This in combination with the purple aoe on the ground has made it a difficult mechanic for me, to the point where I have lost my healing spot in the raid. I have included a link to WOL below and am wondering if anyone might offer insight on what else else might be occurring that is causing the wipe. http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-zwshr3mpj2x5gpmz/ Any and all feedback is most appreciated. Greypoupon4 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 LFR wasn't supposed to be mandatory. Posting on an alt because I give some info about my irl situation that I'd rather not have associated with my main. My main is a protection warrior, the main tank and leader of a social raid that is currently working on normal mode Ultraxion. LFR was pitched as completely optional for normal-mode raiders; but because LFR provides superior gear to the Firelands normal gear I'm wearing in most slots, I feel like I'm letting my group down by not participating in it. Blues have acknowledged in the past that it's easy to accidentally make certain avenues of upgrade feel mandatory, and I'm definitely feeling that push this patch. The tanking tier 13 bonuses, especially the 4-piece, could be game-changers for my whole raid group; but with our flexible raid composition and bring-the-player-not-the-class attitude, we have 2-7 shaman/warriors/hunters in our 10-man raid at a time. Without running LFR, I don't think I'll see the 4-piece bonus any time this expansion. So why don't I just run LFR and get over it? Well, my computer is a crappy 4-year-old laptop; and even with as low of graphics settings as I can manage and still see mechanics (i.e. projected textures still enabled), a 25-man raid encounter slows my game down to 1-2 fps. I can't afford to upgrade my system right now: my entertainment budget is only big enough to cover my WoW subscription. When I tried running LFR in the week after the patch, I survived for just 2 bosses - I couldn't judge when to pop cooldowns on Yor'sahj because of the 25-man lag. After a res, we went on to Hagara, and of course she destroyed me. How am I supposed to run away at 1 fps? So I don't like LFR; I feel like I have a responsibility to my friends to run LFR; and I am computationally unable to run LFR. Today our warlock picked up Souldrinker on his prot paladin alt, and I realized that without the ability to run LFR, there was no way I could keep my gear competitive with this man's alt - an alt which has never set foot in normal mode Dragon Soul. I won't be asked to sit because I can't run LFR, both because my group doesn't work that way and because I'm the raid leader; but if we run up against a tank survival roadblock, I'm going to have to sit myself. Our lock's paladin will be more qualified to tank, especially if he has his 4-piece bonus by that time (he's already got the 2-piece from LFR, and I haven't won a tier token since heroic ICC). Suggested fix I suggest that in the future, the LFR tier of a raid should drop gear with an item level equal to normal mode of the previous raid. (Corollary: and any 5-mans associated with the new tier should drop gear slightly inferior to normal mode of the previous tier.) To illustrate what I'm asking for, I wish that the HoT 5-mans dropped 365s, Dragon Soul LFR dropped 378s, and Madness LFR dropped 384s. I know it's too late to change that for this tier, but I'd like to see this system in future patches. This system would still offer incentives for non-raiders to use the raid finder - it would give better loot than a 5-man, allow them to see the content, and prepare them for normal mode raiding - without punishing 10-man raiders who can't run 25s.Churchworgen107 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Why Can't I queue for Cata Normals? I have the required ilvl of 229 i think it is but it still says i can't do those yet, under, it says likelol doesn't have required ilvl of 229 then it says i only have an ilvl of 162 which isn't true at all can someone tell me what i need to do or what is wrong?Likelol1 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Does anyone else remember early Cata heroics? I can remember doing Heroic Halls of Origination, and just by seeing the loading screen i would just wanted to exit World of Warcraft and walk away...That place was a nightmare and bosses like Heroic Anraphet were hard and unforgivable you have to get out beam before 2 ticks or you were dead...Why are the new heroics just plain easy, I just do not understand and i don't see them as being Heroic as the early ones. BC heroics like Magister Terrance were more fun then what we have now and challenging. Are they going bring that challenge back again anytime soon?Mertesacker10 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 Gurthalak - an rng warning I just wanted to mention this as something to keep an eye out for. We were working on Spine the other evening with our unholy DK tanking and killing bloods. He had a good (bad) run of rng, and his Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps procc'd 3 tentacles, all of which proceeded to flay the nearest corruption tentacle which was around 40% from a few broken fiery grasps. Needless to say, 3 flaying tentacles at 8k dps a pop made quick work of the tentacle, a new amalgamation charged through the blood pile, and all a wipe quickly ensued. I suppose the only real caution is to try to find a clear area quite a bit away (like, a mile) from the spawned tentacle for tanking the bloods. The tentacle can spawn a good 6 yards or so from origin, and its reach is pretty wicked, too.Lunarnomadd12 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 WTT Chest for trinket, weapon or shoulders I noticed a disturbing new trend today in LFR. In the first half a hunter needed and won the helm tier he already had and the rest of the raid he announced that he wanted to trade for the shoulders. I don't know if he ever gave them to someone who could use them because I didn't really care since it didn't affect me. In the second half a mage needed and won the chest tier he already had and wanted to trade it for a trinket, weapon or another tier piece he didn't have. After we downed madness of deathwing he was still asking to trade it. This is just going to spread. I guess they see it as insurance to get the the pieces they want. But most of the time the pieces they wanted to trade for didn't drop or the people that won them really needed them so there was no reason for them to trade. So they just end up taking loot from people that can actually use it.Lovefox6 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 So0o lowest dps wins lfr token... ...then complains why he can't equip it. For the love of god blizzard... THIS... is YOUR FAILURE!!! Koally15 Dec 21, 2011