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Nov 17, 2011 Dungeon Journal - Update for Past Content? I haven't heard anything about this, so I was just wondering if blizzard will ever update the dungeon journal to include the older dungeons and raids. I started playing in wrath, so I missed running the dungeons and raids from the earlier x-pacs. Personally, I love the lore, and I love going back and experiencing stuff from earlier in the game. I even have some alts whose experience gain I halted so that they could see the content at the desired level. With that said, I think it would be a good idea to put all the dungeons and raids in the dungeon journal. Yeah, when I try to solo something from past content, I usually look it up on wowhead or wowpedia so I have some idea of what I'm doing. But since blizzard made the dungeon journal, and put all the stuff you need to know for a specific 85 dungeon/raid in it for convenience so that you don't have to look it up on outside sources, I don't know why they only put in the new dungeons/raids in the first place. Sure, that's what most people are doing now, but people do still run old content, and the information is out there, it would just be nice if it was in game so alt-tabbing out to look something up wasn't needed. TL;DR: Blizzard, please put the info for all the dungeons and raids in the dungeon journal :)Kiraday0 Nov 17, 2011
Nov 17, 2011 Do you miss resistance fights and DPS blocks? Title says it all, i do miss having to get a certain level of resistance for one fight in a raid, I also wouldnt mind to see a token boss added in each raid dungeon where you can plant your feet and go nuts. To test healing and dps, see where everyone is at as a raid team...just plant and go hard. So everything gets tested, dps, healing and tanking. I do not want any more than one per tier. But a good testing boss would be nice. Raid needs a certain level of dps to get boss down to move on, which at the same time tests healers/tanks. Yes you can come up with examples from the past.Grogo41 Nov 17, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 No Valor when joining a guild/friends LFG I just wanted to bring up a problem we've seen when doing LFG dungeons. If we have 3-4 guildies join the LFG ZA/ZG que. Then later have a guildy or non-guildy drop from the group. We've noticed that if you invite a guild member into that group and finish the isntance. They DON'T GET ANY VALOR. And GM's won't correct the problem. This problem is realy starting to get under my skin. Anyone else feel this way, or have any advice or tricks to continue the instance while allowing the manually invited guild member to get Valor?Katrisa9 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 A real Vote kick fix Create a LFG system that will let you chose to join one with a kick option or one without a kick option. Problem solved!!Vohdka9 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 WoW's Decline WoW's Decline While I have frequently been of the opinion that most of these "WoW dooms day" posts have little weight to them it appears the game is in fact on a decline. Subs are down, even browsing this forum it is not nearly as active as it was even 6 months ago. I believe there are a number factors contributing to this problem. In this post I will voice my opinions on what I believe some of the underlying problems with today's WoW are. I would love to hear if people agree or disagree with my statements. 1) The Leveling experience sets people up to fail There has never been a time where it has been as easy to reach the max level as now. For seasoned vets like myself who have been here since vanilla this is very refreshing because leveling alts is quick and relatively painless (this being spoken by a person who DESPISES leveling). While newer players may also enjoy the ease of the leveling experience it in fact does them a great disservice. When I leveled this rogue over 6 years ago I jumped into MC more or less ready to go. Yes, i needed a new spec and I needed gear but I had become accustomed to the way the games mechanics operate. I was aware that just like in real life if I stood in a fire I would die. I was used to mechanics being something I had to obey as opposed to be healed through. Many leveling dungeons where not the easy facerolls they are today. Todays new WoW player is not challenged until they are jumping into raid content. It seems most dungeons pre-wrath probably shouldn't even require a tank or healer anymore. This puts players at a great disadvantage as they try to jump into encounters where if you screw up you will die and your entire group may fail because of it. Players should be learning how to play the game as they progress through it, not just rolling through levels blindly until they reach 85 and have to learn how to play from a guide. 2) The game lacks clear direction We have had countless debates on these forums about how things are "intended to be" on these forums. The fact of the matter is the reason there is so much debate about this is because the game lacks a clear direction. Blizzard has become notorious for saying one thing and doing the complete opposite (hello hardmodes are challenges for the top players!). WoW has 10.3 remaining subscribers and it is trying to appeal to all of them. This is impossible and the end result becomes a sea of compromise in which no one is actually happy. The top notch players think the game is too easy, the bottom of the barrel players think its too hard and the middle of the pack finds themselves stuck in between finding some of the content too easy and some of the content a joke. A game needs to try to appeal to its target audience and its target audience cannot be anyone. What do you think the makers of Dark Souls say when they get complaints the game is too hard? They say sorry you didn't like it, try harder. This is because all of your money is spent up front and they do not make money off you playing it. I get that this is WHY blizzard is trying to appeal to everyone but they are ignoring the fact that it's actually impossible. With such a large skill gap between the top and the bottom there is actually nothing blizzard can do that will make all of us happy. They need to figure out what their target audience is and try to appeal to them so at least 1 group of players is happy and doesn't consider leaving.Blazekronic237 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 Vote Kick System Just a couple of issues with the vote kick system I think should be addressed. 1: Kicking should be available directly after combat to prevent bad tanks or dps from chain pulling. 2:People tend to not read the reason or even take notice of the person who is being kicked but rather they just click out of habbit. 3: When a person is kicked a reason should be given to the person being kicked. To be removed from a dungeon group without knowing why is no help. If a person's dps is too low or if they simply weren't pulling their weight they should be informed so that they can possibly work on the issue. A guildy of mine was in a ZG group just today when she was suddenly and without apparent reason removed from the group. I know her to be an excellent healer and a very polite person so when she said in vent that she'd been removed from a group after asking the tank not to tank the mob on the stairs because of LOS issues I have no reason to disbelieve her. The group had just wiped for that very reason and because the tank wasn't using interrupts yet they kicked the healer who did nothing wrong. The others in the group even agreed with her when she pointed out the problem, so we can only assume that when the kick window popped up the others "auto-clicked" possibly thinking it was a vote kick on the tank. Since no reason was given the world may never know....Doozer9 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 Raid bosses in MoP how many raid bosses are you expecting to see in 5.0?(including world bosses and bh-like bosses)Dravelar0 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 Suggestion - Dungeon Finder revamp Many people in the forums complain about the dungeon finder: how it makes heroics just another grind for points; how it encourages groups to be unforgiving with beginners and casuals; how anonymity and ease of just queuing up again - especially for tanks - bring out the worst in people. The issue of anonymity and lack of options for choosing group members with agreeable goals stems from the dungeon finder's very purpose of finding a group at any cost. While it solved the issue of "LFG..." for hours on end, it did much to break the sense of voluntary social circles and also funneled its users - essentially, everyone who runs dungeons, because of its practicality - into a "let's get this done as quickly as possible, I just want my valor" mentality. Does it need to be so? I ran across this thread: us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3595339876. In short, it argues for adding the following options: Fast Run, Learning, and Teaching, in addition to the player's role and "willing to lead". I would argue for even more customization, including things as: which bosses in each instance a person is willing to do (including a "bare minimum" option for the daily valor grinders), whether you want a certain piece of loot reserved, and other such conveniences. It could work with the current anonymous version of the dungeon finder, but another thing I would like to see is a "player/group search" with filters for the criteria mentioned above, plus some kind of cross-server friends/ignore list that would only be accessible when they are plugged into the dungeon finder. Groups could assemble in a "lounge" similar to Starcraft's. And if you just want your valor, there could be a "put me in a fast group" option similar to today's DF. Making cross-server group finding more personal would only help server communities (for what they're worth nowadays) by making server transfers less of a shot in the dark. Do you have some people you've come to like and trust in your dungeon finder runs? Bring them over to your server, or go to theirs. Real ID is too personal and a lot of people don't like sharing it freely; friends that you can only talk to when they're in the dungeon finder are much more manageable.Platedslícer1 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 4 players, 5 characters, this ok? Four players, five characters (me, my alt, my best friend, my best friend's husband, and my outta-state friend) queue up some dungeons to earn Guild Challenges. Me is tank, my best friend is healer, but my alt is AFK (a DPS).The whole party knows, and wants my alt to be there. This way, some random stranger cannot get into our happy 4-player (5 character) dungeon group. Even though the whole party agrees to my alt being there, I do not know if it's okay with Blizzard. So here's my question: Is what I described against rules? (I'm not sure if this is the place to ask)Lynntug13 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 Suggestion for Vote Kick Heres a simple change I came up to in hopes to deal with the complaints about the kicking system in random groups. Just throwing this out there, I have never been kicked from a group and I'm also never the one doing the kicking. When you go to select someone for vote kicking, a menu comes up with a list of reasons to select, for example: Other (important thats the default one, type in a reason like you do now already) Afk Offline Ninja Being That guy (offical reason names my vary) Using 3rd party program Low Performance (bad healer/tank or low dps) etc. This could lead to a whole new world of weeding out the unwanted players over time. For example, say if Player X has been kicked 8 times from 8 different groups for reason:Afk. The game will realize this and be more faithfull to people trying to kick him in the future for Afk even if vote kicking features would normally be disabled (to soon after the start of the instance, to many kicks before of other people)Raegin3 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 Guild Groups and AFK'ers in Random Dungeons This is certainly not directed at all guild groups, most of them are perfectly reasonable but, I've encountered this problem numerous times in Random Dungeons and Heroics where a guild group will have a member go afk or d/c often at the very start of an instance. The guild group will refuse to vote kick the member even after a reasonable amount of waiting, the sentiment is usually "we'll wait all day so leave if you don't like it." That really bugs me, you're forced into the position of either waiting however long the group feels like (which could be anywhere from 5 more minutes to forever), leave and wait 20-30 minutes in another queue or leave and potentially eat a 30 minute deserter debuff plus a 20-30 minute queue. All things considered it can end up wasting 30 minutes to over an hour of peoples time. Does anyone else encounter groups like this? does it bother you? I understand the type of behaviour is likely not against any rules but it really causes grief, wastes time and ruins the experience of the unfortunate odd player out by intentionally stalling the progress of an instance. So is there anyway to make it less of a pain when you encounter bad groups like this, maybe you don't need to vote kick to remove a player who has been away or d/c'd for over a certain amount of time. That would ensure the afk player can actually be replaced the problem would be that the remaining group might simply refuse to co operate out of spite. Another idea would be that if you leave a guild group in progress you can maybe be bumped up in the queue for the next time you use the dungeon finder thereby allowing a person continue on without a penalty for leaving a group, there is probably a way a system like that could be abused but I can't think of one right now. Hurtfeelings1 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 State of 10m vs 25m raiding I am posting this to get an idea of what Blizzard was hoping for with regards to the balance of 10m vs 25 m raiding across all the servers. Firstly I am an officer in a 25m raiding guild on Dath, who are currently 5/7H in Firelands. We love the 25 man format due to the greater complexity in managing player cool downs, and enjoy the social aspect of raiding with 24 other people. What we have noticed this expansion is a slow decline in 25 man raiding, that has lead to the death of several raiding guilds on our server. In WotLK Dath'Remar was home to 7-10 competitive 25 man raiding guilds. We are not cutting edge in terms of progression, but we hold our own for an oceanic server (cursed with horrible latency). Currently on our server there is 2 serious 25 man raiding guilds - of which one has swapped to 10 man to work on H Ragnaros. The dramatic drop in 25 man raiding guilds is primarily due to the difficulty in recruiting. We have had guilds transfer servers to the busiest oceanic server, we have had others drop down to ten man raiding. Also there has been a large increase in 10 man raiding guilds. The pool of available raiders hasn't increased, and if anything has declined in line with WoW subscriptions. These raiders are now tied up with their ten man raiding guilds. Currently a great deal of the officers time and energy is spent Recruiting, and trying to maintain a stable raiding roster. The difficulty in organizing a 25 man raiding team is a LOT more than that of a 10 man raiding team. In WotLK the difference in item level was enough to ensure that there was a steady supply of raiders. With the same loot dropping on both 10 and 25 man this incentive isn't there. The higher drop rate of loot may be important at the start of each content cycle - but diminishes in value later in the tier. If Blizzard is interested in keepig both 10 and 25 man raiding, then something needs to be done to improve participation in 25 man raiding. You just need to look at the logs that are up loaded to worldoflogs to see a huge disparity in the raids being done.Sidieon42 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 LFR heroes speak up!!!! I will be running LFR a lot because i like to raid and i like to help people. If you see me in you LFR i will gladly help lead it w/ or w/o mumble(free vent). I have server, (i might open up to other LFR heroes to use. Benefits: more people will listen if they hear that we lead good groups more people will be willing to use vent/mumble smoother runs full clear or not will help new/unskilled raiders get better- which make normal pugs better tons more but you get the idea. if you are going to be a LFR hero post here so people will know whats up and will be glad to be in a group with you :D. we can maybe get a sticky forum later with list of good rl's using the LFR :D. if RealID works for LFR i will gladly accept new friends to LFR with aswell. best to be able to invite people in a partial clear than possibly reset every time :D the more you guys use /ignore on cross realm only people the less trolls we will get in our LFR raidsLaharl18 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 Bypassing the Achieve wall in raiding Many of us who have raided or love raiding, or even love to raid know that sometimes when we are trying to join a raid we often see this: LFM for raid pst achieve and item level. Getting a good enough item level is not hard, but many of you I know are frustrated when you want to do a raid, but you dont have a completed achieve yet, here are some helpful tricks for getting into groups. 1)when asked for the achieve, say your gonna log onto your "main" character to link achieve, then ask one of your in game friends who has that achieve to link that person pretending its you. 2)Ask guilds if they need a spot in their raid group and are willing to take and train you to raid. preferably during a time of the day when you are most available. 3) Coming soon: LFR tool, just like the looking for dungeon queuing, this will allow you to enter a queued raid, its basically going to be an "easy" mode of that same raid with the gear drops slightly scaled down, plus theres no lockouts, do them as many times as you like, just be aware only the latest patch raid will be useable with this method. Most importantly: ensure to study up on any new raids you are looking to do as this will help you greatly amd prevent you from being marked as a baddie. If I can think of any other tips I will post them. good luck and have fun.Magebourn9 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 Item level for gear your wearing!!?? So there was a priest on my server asking for people for fresh firelands run and then beginner bosses in FL for heroics...... so i decided to join. The "Item Level" under my "General" tab of the "Character Info" button on the bar states that i have an Item level of 378...... he said there was no way my item level was that high and wouldn't let me join so i left and started asking people if i was looking in the wrong place for my ilvl. There's literally like no one on my server at the moment so i only got one person and he looked at my gear and said it looked fine and didn't understand why he said no. Now i understand that the item level is the Average of you characters "Best" Gear and considering i am like 2 pieces from full conquest (i don't do PvP much) that the PvP gear is affecting that average. So how the hell do i tell my characters average ilvl based on the gear he is wearing at the moment?? Use a calculator?? ....................hmmmmmmm........... nvm thats too much work lol. No but seriously am i looking at this all wrong or what? Any response is greatly appreciated.Nightshayd6 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 Streaming Heroic Firelands Streaming Heroic 10 man. All bosses going down. Shannox dead. www.own3d.tv/live/155588 Holy pally perspective, come on in and check it out!Sindanda1 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 Raid strat podcasts I was curious if anyone knows of reliable podcasts for boss strats. I wouldn't be using them as a substitute to other help sites/guides like tank spot, but just as a supplement. Something gI can listen to and absorb while I'm running or driving. Thanks!Wichasha2 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 Getting kicked and getting a 30m que time If you get kicked from a group, you get the 30 minute penalty before you can queue again. The vote-to-kick system is entirely too vulnerable to abuse as it stands. There's no reason why anybody who was kicked should get the 30 minute deserter buff off the bat. If they are kicked twice from a group within a certain amount of time, they should get that debuff. Personally, I think if they're kicked entirely too often, the debuff should reflect it in escalating time.But there is no reason why anybody should get the deserter debuff just for being kicked once from a group. It came to my attention there is a reason for the debuff -- to prevent people from abusing the VTK system so they can get out of the dungeon they don't want without a deserter debuff. But that's forcing people to run places they dont like. I thought we pay for this game to have fun ( not to do stuff you dont like). Sounds like if bliz is having a problem with people not wanting to run a place, they need to fix (the place) or change it, Not say deal with it. If you paid someone to paint your wall red and they paint it green are you going to pay them? Help by TauralyonCoorslight24 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 Alysrazor: Bug/Clever use/luck? So we were fighting Alysrazor last night and we were having a little trouble getting her down (we are still progressing). After 3 or 4 wipes we manage to get to the last phase with only one dps dead, she's at about 55% health left. We are slowly working her down, and the damage starts to overtake the healers, one tank down, couple dps down, and then the second tank dies. At this point, it's just the three healers (Paladin, Druid, Priest) and a Hunter with her wolf pet. Expecting the worst, and all of us being out of mana, I start using little heals, and everyone's health is slowly going up. I finally start to look around at what is happening, and our Hunter's pet was tanking the boss, taking no damage at all! The pulse AoE was easy to heal through with less then half the raid team, we were gaining mana at that point. We managed to whittle down the last 16% of her health and get a kill! I'm assuming the Wolf wasn't taking any damage because of -AoE damage stuff, but is this a bug or clever use of game mechanics? Pic or it didn't happen, http://tinypic.com/r/fe2ijt/5Moosader20 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 16, 2011 Dragonwrath Question We are just starting to collect the 250 Smoldering Essences in 10 man Normal with 3 heroic bosses down. (normally we only have time for 2 of em) How many more weeks until our mage can get the staff? It seems like we have been working on this thing forever Akool1 Nov 16, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 Molten Core Every time I try to assemble a raid group for Molten Core, people tend to shoot me down. I really just want a few drops and the achievement for doing it. So, anyone willing to help me run it, I would be very much appreciated. I don't have any expansions, so I'm just a level 70 Blood Elf Paladin haha Kinda lame, know. But, anyone that reads this, just in game message me. I'm rarely on this so a reply to this post may be a bad idea. I'm bad a checking things like this. So, just add Boboods and message me OR you can ask for my e-mail that way you can message me whenever I am on a different character. Choice is yours. That you for taking time to read this and I would be very thankful if anyone is willing to help me run Molten Core :) Sincerely, BoboodsBoboods15 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 [H] Ragnaros 10m: Dreadflame advice. Edited to reflect I'm asking about Dreadflame management in a 10 man environment. Hey all, I have another question to ask, but this time aimed at those who are on Dreadflame duty during Heroic Ragnaros. We've been starting to get some really beautiful attempts in, and last night we got as far as bringing him down to 15% (Which is a huge step for us..so close!), but I'm in charge of Dreadflame, but I'm just not sure if I'm prioritizing which patches I decide to extinguish first, or if I just keep getting screwed over by RNG. I'm spending my time in Ghost Wolf form. Most of the time, I try to get ahead, until a patch spawns near the Breadth my group is currently at (Most of the time it spawns next to it, which is fine, however on some occasions it goes through the breadth). But everything goes to hell when I'm working on clearing one patch, a bunch of the other room is on fire cause I was working on keeping the breadth of frost clear of flame. And I only get to use my Nitro boosts once, but I mainly use them to get to the other side of the room quickly, or if the Cloudburst decides to spawn in the opposite direction of where I am, and worst of all, opposite of the Dreadflame. Is there anything I can do better to be more efficient at being ahead of it? Or am I just getting really awful Dreadflame RNG? I feel that there has to be something I can do to be better at it. Any input is greatly appreciated.Rhyylia4 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 More VTK Problems. The limit on # of kicks in a single dungeon has got to go. I can deal with the timer crap I don't kick often enough for it to ever be an issue but when a Tank can hold a group hostage (I was on my mage) For over 35minutes on the last boss because his friend gets kicked for being unable to stand on chains and wiping us repeatedly there's a problem. He refuses to Re-que, Pull Leave or Release we can't boot him because of the maximum VTK per run so He gets to screw over 3 other people how is that even remotely acceptable?Beldèn10 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 Having Problems with Ragnaros- Need Advice! Hello avid forum readers. I'm coming here in hopes to get some advice about the Ragnaros fight. My guild has been working on him for a few weeks (all post nerf) and we STILL cannot seem to get him down. We usually get him to the last transition phase, where the scions come out and we wipe due to the adds getting to the hammer. There is two things I wanted to ask about. Firstly, I wasn't sure if it was our group makeup, since we have nearly all ranged dps and no melee, with literally no one to stun except our w tanks and our holy pallys. Our dps can differ from week to week but its usually something along the lines of Warrior/Dk tank, 2 holy pallys, me a resto shaman, hunter, boomkin, 2 mages, and the last dps spot is usually up in the air because the same people dont show up consistently each week. This past week I was dpsing as ele and someone else was healing. So as you can see nearly all ranged. The second thing, there has been some discussion about wether or not we need to assign numbers/spots for the transitions when the sons of flame come out. Typically we have just been doing group 1 on the left side and group 2 on the right side and then when they come out we all just get on our side and take an add thats closest to us, get them down to 50 percent health and move onto another one. None of us are really in an assigned spot just on certain sides of the room. A few members that have killed him on alts have said they have always had been assigned numbers but our RL is uncertain about doing this since the last time we tried numbers it tended to confuse people more. So what is your take on this? I really would like our group to kill him before he gets nerfed again, and since the patch is probably coming up here pretty soon we don't have much time to do this in. It has been getting to everyone increasingly so over the past few weeks. So much so that last night we called it an hour early because no one wanted to wipe in the same spot anymore. If anyone can give us tips/pointers/advice, whatever, Id really appreciate it!:) TL;DR - wiping on rag a lot, dunno if group makeup is bad (all ranged) or if not assigning numbers on sons of flame during transitions is responsible!Amby14 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 WOTLK Retro Raiding Guild I searched far and wide for a active WOTLK raiding guild on and off throughout CATA. I finally found one who is more then just a promise. On Thrall there is a guild horde side named <Not So Obsolete> They are doing the impossible, creating a guild that can take down Heroic Lich King... No 85's... No CATA gear. This of course interested me so i contacted one of their officers Meatxshield and asked him what was needed. You need to have the skill to raid the hardest encounters of Wrath, a level 80 character, and the vision of the guild to do content at the appropriate level so that it will progress and grow on a set path. This is one of the only true level 80 retro guilds out there. Who knows how long it will stay able and active with players? Just something a little off topic for all those people constantly bringing up the same problems their guilds are having in Firelands.Chair9 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 Raids (Raid Brouser not good.) Hi I am a lv 85 noob just been playing for 3 months. I have never entered a Raid using a raid brouses and i waited for hours. Is their a better way to find people to do raids. The guild i do dont do them and it wont be me to leave them just for myself so I am wainting to know if any of you can help. Just need advice......Thanks.... Can there be a reward for using the raid brouser or joining random raids like we do for BG and Dungeons.Urdàddy10 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 Welcome to the Dungeon/Raid Redux!!! Forgive me if this idea has already been put forward... As I was sitting there on the armory page night before last reviewing all the earlier raids that show in Raid progression slider, it really struck me just how much older content Blizzard has built into WoW - content already "bought and paid for", both by Blizzard in the development sense and the player who has bought the game - content that I, and most other players who have started WoW within the last 1 to 3 years or so - will likely never see. Epic battles that I am quite certain were every bit as grand as those in the current content for their time, but because the game has leveled past the point where that content was current and because the leveling player passes those levels in the blink of an eye now are virtually unavailable to anyone who wasn't playing Wow at the time that that content was king. And then it hit me - what if Blizzard offered not just the current dungeons and heroic dungeons and raids for your current level via the dungeon finder and soon the new raid finder, but also offered the players the ability to queue for a Dungeon and Raid (as well as Heroic Dungeon and Raid) Redux's? Imagine a system where you'd be able to play through the older (and lower level) content that you missed (or are nostalgic over), but not as most newer players do now (if they ever do) by face-rolling it at 85 with perhaps a buddy or two, but by playing it through at some approximation of its actual difficulty level? What if Blizzard added that content to the queue system, but such that when you entered the instance they applied a non-dispellable debuff, not too unlike the rez sickness debuff, that would cause your character to be set to an approximation of the gear stat ratio between a "target" level 85 player (say for example, roughly 318 Ilevel) and the gear level for which the content was originally designed that lasted for the duration of the raid or dungeon? (For example, The Molten Front debuff might be something like "Armor is reduced by 85%, and all other stats are reduced by 90%.) In short, a debuff that's set up such that the difficulty of doing the content would be a rough approximation of what it was when the content was new. Would it perfectly mimic the days of yore? No, because classes have changed, talents changed, and because I wouldn't expect Blizzard to try to "disable" talents and spells that a level 85 learned as they leveled about that contents level - but just by decreasing the capability of the player, it should be possible to get within spitting distance. And while much of the reward would be being able to group up and play through a significant amount of satisfying content that would otherwise be impossible to ever really play through, Blizzard could easily work the Dungeon/Raid Redux's into the current tiered reward system, such that the older content provides a reasonable reward - enough to be attractive, but not so much as to "rob" the current content of it's attraction. For example. successfully completing a Random Dungeon Redux might generate 100 JP as compared to the current 140 for a Cata Normal. And since any gear drops are going to be worthless other than perhaps for transmogrification, Blizzard could up the gold drops by a suitable factor via a mechanism similar to the guild buff. Raids could likewise generate appropriate rewards. I would suggest that the Armory slider bar track Redux seperately from the "non" Redux - ie, Normal, Heroic, Normal Redux, Heroic Redux - but it wouldn't necessarily have to. As it is now, a handful of level 85's can faceroll the older content and still get the same achievements as those who did it "the hard way". And the beauty of it all would be that it would be - to many players - a whole bunch of new content that Blizzard already has, sitting, waiting to go - that they wouldn't (be likely to) have to do much of anything to enable. So, what am I missing with the concept? <S> Sylth14 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 Deserter in Dungeons Blizz can you stop deserter from leaving group while in combat please. It annoying for people in group and the person who drop-in the middle of combat. Also can you do something about getting sheep, root, cyclone endlessly in arena. Shorten the time limit in arena please... for example, blood dk vs blood dk it a tie situation no reason to take it to the limit 45min long. And give each team split points for tied matches.Elvy1 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 LFD etiquette question The other day I queued in LFD for an old cata heroic. Being a dps, the queue was like 20 mins or so. Upon being place in grim batol, I found myself in a group with 4 people from the same realm and guild. They told me that I had to either leave or queue with them for ZA/ZG because they did not want to do grim batol. I did not really want to queue for ZA/ZG, hence why I did not queue for them in the first place, so I told them that I had just waited in a long queue, and they should leave since they were the ones who queued for a dungeon they did not want to do. Obviously, they refused since they did not want to get deserter. A bit discouraged, I just switched windows and checked my email and stuff for a few minutes. Returning about 10 minutes later, they were mocking me and calling me rude and immature and all the usual crap, but they couldn't queue for their damn dungeon. At the fifteen minute mark, I promptly wished them well with their ZA/ZG (knowing they were going to kick me anyway) and left the group. I was wondering, who was in the right or wrong here? At the time, I was just trying to be difficult since I knew I was probably not going to be on long enough to wait through another queue anyway, but I assume there is some sort of standard etiquette for this kind of thing in the future. Your thoughts?Krentist8 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 Rag - Bring the Player, Not the Class? Ok, maybe my raid group just can't figure it out, but holy poo, what ever happened to "Bring the Player, Not the Class" when it comes to dealing with Rag's Magma Traps? Why does it seem as if it's practically mandatory to have either a Mage or Shadow Priest in the group?Gadsden45 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 Ideas for Improvement on Raid Icon SYSTEM These are just some thoughts and ideas i have for Blizzard Im wondering If you can Improve the Raid Icon System: - I think it would be awesome to have a Icon System for Partys.... if me and 4 other friends join a BG we could put "Party Icons" on people only in are party to help us know where each other is and other allies in are BG Group wouldn't see the Party icons.... Each time i Join BG's i want to mark Healers so others can help protect them but the Raid Leader is always picked randomly... and only the Raid Leader can set Icons... now i can understand the problems from allowing the entire group to set icons... people may not want icons on their heads and some Trollers could just sit there putting icons on people... i think "Party Icons" can allow a group of friends/guildys to better plan their time together in BG's - Perhaps Have "Class Specific" Colored Icons.... Raidleader could make all healers with Blue Icons. Some possiblitys are.. If you have 5 Healers in a 25man raid All druid healers could have Moon, Shamans heals with Square... when haveing a single color for a group of healers... you could use the same icon more then once. And if only 1 Tank healer Pally... could put a Star on his head, mabey Class Specific Color (Pink). Doing this can allow players to be more aware during a fight...All healer AOE heals are more effective the closer you are... seeing someone with a blue icon means they heal... blue Star Means Tank Heals so they probably won't help u much... blue Moon means they are Raid Heals and get near them!! Currently on my server the most popular icons for Main tank is STAR... Offtank is CIRCLE... but for healers ive seen many differn't kinds... my point is if you could designate all healers with the same color it could make the proccess better and we might see DPS icons... the option could be in the Raid Window to apply color/icons to specific rolls.... classes... "Putting More control into the Players hands can have more successful outcomes" - Could Designate DPS to a Color and Icon.... " RDPS - Green Diamond...." "MDPS Purple Square" and when a Fight Calls for All Healers and Ranged to Stack... everyone can see where Mechanics aren't followed and what needs improvement... From a RDPS Point of View... seeing a more experience RDPS, they could catch onto the fight quicker.... if the raid leader isn't good at explaining things it can help to see what playes with the same instructions are doing I guess what im saying is all raid groups have more then one heal/tank/dps... why not have same icon and color on more then one toon?? or at least have the option available Or if useing the same icon doesn't help perhaps even some sort of colored glow on a designated group of chars so they are more noticeable Kahel0 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 New to Raids, Need Help I'm pretty new to this game, so excuse me for not knowing a lot of stuff. I got to Lv. 66 entirely through questing, hardly ever touched a dungeon. When I was levelling my Undead, however, I become really transfixed with dungeons and did them more frequently. However, I have never done a Raid. Simply because I don't know how. When I heard Patch 4.3, I was really excited there was going to be a Raid Finder, but then I learned you needed to be Lv. 85, which was really aggravating. I already missed my chance for Classic raids on this character and now that my Undead is Lv. 60, I want to make sure I experience as many Raids as possible. However, I'm not part of a Guild and I don't plan to join one. So how do you do Raids without being part of a professional Raiding Guild? There has to be a way...Hazeel16 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 Stonecore solo for mount and challenge Hey guys just made a commentary on how to solo Stonecore for the mount and for the fun of it on my youtube channel. Im also starting to solo many more dungeons for mounts/campanions and for fun so hope you can check me out here link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZP1Nb-F-Fk :) hope you enjoy!Kymic8 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 I got kicked from a ZG heroic Today I queued for a Troll heroic. Got dropped in on the second boss. We do the second and third boss fine. We do a Trash pull going to the 2nd to last boss and a Gurubashi Punisher drops. As I am looking at the stats I see the tank in the group announce "if you need i kick you". I then ask him why would anyone get kicked for needing an item they need. He then says "no one needs world drops". Then I ask him what if I need the mace for 1H fury spec. He then says "so. what if i need the mace for gold?" I end up needing the item. I am a class that can use it. I am aware that upon needing the item and winning it that it is bound to me. After I need the item I am automatically kicked. I ended up putting a ticket in knowing that the tank that I know initiated the kick won't get punished at all. And while he gets to finish his dungeon and get his valor points I get to wait in a 30 minute queue. Yeah I could tank it myself, get a instant queue and do the group my way but frankly I don't want to tank ZG heroics. What if another mace drops? What if there's another guy who thinks needing on world drops is wrong and I get kicked again? I think maybe next expansion that the kick feature gets a revamp. I can probably guess that the people in the group just auto clicked OK and didn't think twice. But maybe there needs to be something more flashy to get the voters attention. If someone is going to initiate a kick maybe you need to put a little more information. Especially with the new LF Raid I think this would help out a lot more. At this time people just abuse the kick system. Even with the 4 yes vote to kick you could have a guild run of 4 people. You could just have a name that one person doesn't like and get auto kicked from the group since he tells all his friends to vote yes on it. The vote kick system needs to change some or else people like me get kicked for needing on items you actually need. People get kicked from dungeons for reasons that are even more less than this one.Gamuza63 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 10N Rag easier than Northrend Beasts/Magmaw I was a bit bemused by the threads on the tuning in FL, and some of the commentary about LFR difficulty in DragonSoul. I DPS once in a blue moon, but usually, I heal. The difficulty isn't static or dependent directly on tuning, though that certainly is an element of it, but the raid awareness, gearing, and skill of the group members matters a lot more. For example, on the Panther boss in ZG, I can do 8K HPS with one group, and 28k HPS a half hour later with a different group, no deaths either time. The tuning is identical, the boss hits just as hard and has the same mechanics, but the first group was better at avoiding it or the tank was more effective, or whatever. Back in WotLK, I had a lot more groups that failed and fell apart on Northrend Beasts than on LK. Even post-nerf, some groups just cannot manage adds on Magmaw, and I had to abandon ship after a half dozen attempts. On the PTR, I'd definitely say that the average 25-LFR group is more challenging to heal for than the average 10-H group is, on the same boss.Hallany31 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 Low level dungeon Need/Greed system I just ran Blackrock on my lowbie where a hunter was needing on anything that dropped from a boss. One boss dropped a polearm, he needed. Absolutely, great, a hunter can use a polearm so no duh, he needed. Next boss, a 2h mace/axe? with strength stam and crit. He needed. This made me curious, questioning my knowledge if a hunter can even use a 2h weapon other than a polearm, I didn't say anything. Same boss dropped a pair of plate legs. He needed... Against a warrior. And won. Finally I asked "Hey hunter, why are you needing on plate??" His reply? "gold ^^" Yeah. Blizz, please fix this! Make it so that you can't roll on stuff you have no possibility of using, ya know, like you did with the high lvl dungeons...Zombabe5 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 25m raid settings I have been able to 10m raids for as long as I've known but recently I started doing 25m's. While downing Shannox as a melee, I ran into a problem. For a while I could not see anything and according the the logs I had hit a trap. Does anyone have any recommendations for settings? I would try and mess around with the settings during a raid but I don't want to waste everyone's time and the only time I do 25m's is the FL bosses. I also play on ultra settings with everything enabled.Hiddenkitty13 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 Heroic Shanox Question Is it ever melee's fault for dying to rage face jumping on them and attacking them to death?Raynethas3 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 rag10 2nd transition we have pally tank druid tank arms warrior fire mage arcane mage MM hunter destro lock resto druid disc priest resto shaman Right now we're asking each tank to grab 1 scion and stun/slow an add. We have assignments so that all adds are accounted for except 1. But we're having issues picking up the scions and getting each add down. Any suggestions on how to give the tanks their assignments?Khahan8 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 15, 2011 Healer & Tank bonus loot...... Ok so i can understand the bonus loot for Healers & Tanks in Cata LFG Dungeons. The idea, is to make Healers & Tanks queue up. Heres my suggestion. Make Healer/Tank gear, less expensive then DPS gear for JP and Valor? The problem i see, most Healers/Tanks have to gear up pretty good, to do these dungeons. I see alot of DPS rolling on Healing/Tank gear, saying Offspec, even though their current Group Healer/Tank is rolling Need as well. (And even Visa Versa.) As a druid, Rep Rewards for Leather wearing healers, is a no go. Unlike my Pally and Priest, have more options in Rep Rewards. There is nothing special about the Bonus Loot. I do not see that being the lure for Healers or Tanks. If you give them more JP or Valor points instead of bonus loots, then you end up with Non-Healers/Non-Tanks queuing in group for that. Its bad enough. So...making the gear for Healers/Tanks less expensive at the JP/Valor Vendor would only attract the actual Healer and Tank. Discuss....Moarcowbell21 Nov 15, 2011
Nov 14, 2011 Am I ready? Lately I've been wanting to raid but I don't know if I'm ready gear wise. Is my gear good enough for raiding. I have never raided before.Unlèashed2 Nov 14, 2011
Nov 14, 2011 Sunwell Plateau Guild Run How many people would this take to complete? I know it is 75% of a raid group, but if 5 of my guildies including myself were to go in there on our own, would we still get credit for it? Basically, is there a set amount of people needed in the raid to get this achievement, or is it just the 75% baseline?Doople11 Nov 14, 2011
Nov 14, 2011 Combine some dead servers already! OK, so you guys don't want to spend more than you have to updating this giant world you have created. You don't want to waste your time updating the graphics of most of the world. Or updating the character models. (This one bothers me a lot...most games have full customization of your players, and it wouldn't take a huge amount of time to fix this issue) You are bringing silly additions to the game, like fighting pets, but you still let the older part of the game just sit. Like SW is gonna be better if we have pet tournaments? I can see you do want to add new things to the game, but its not enough if you want the game to get better. Fix the old content already! I know a lot of players love the old content, but updating it, and not just moving some quests around, but actually fixing the graphics in the entire game, and adding in more of the old story to the old quests, would make it more fun to level. Toss in more of the outland story in the outland quests, or remake some of the less impressive EK/Kal zones, then maybe leveling to 80 for the tenth time may not feel like a chore done to get to the good part. Wrath is fine, as you guys put a lot of lore into the quests, they were all related in some way. It was put together very well. If more of the game was like that, you would keep more players. You guys cannot pull in new players like a new game, so you should be making older players happy, so they stay. But I guess that putting all that work into the parts of the game people already bought isn't worth it to you. You could have an ever changing game that people may not quit in droves. But that is not what you are deciding to do. Fine. But for those of us who have paid you to play, and have six to eight toons on a server that has died due to unhappy players quitting, and the overall number of players on every server dropping, either combine some servers together, or let us transfer for free. I really don't want to pay $250 dollars just to get back on to a server that has enough people on it to make the only part of the game you put any effort in to enjoyable. You have a ton of people who love this game, why not make the whole game better each expansion, instead of putting on band-aids here and there and focusing on the big payout. It will keep people playing, and constant money coming in.Putriixxynn17 Nov 14, 2011
Nov 14, 2011 10 mans and the lack of Reward I'm extremely frustrated at the lack of reward for raiding your content. There's not enough loot, not enough loot diversity, and the disenfranchised attitudes your loot distribution system is perpetuating is causing a steady decline in participation. Don't you see a trend in posts over the last 4 months? 90% of the gear this toon is wearing is from a vendor. That's not raiding, that's shopping. Im so tired of raiding in ruthless PVP shoulders and helm. With 25 boss kills in FL total, this toon has yet to replace PVP shoulders, helm and weapon. Broken system is broken. Firelands loot table is terrible. It's too late to fix it, so fix it in 4.3. /unhappy camper.Zeus48 Nov 14, 2011
Nov 14, 2011 Res Sickness I feel that it is crap that a player is allow to que for a dungeon with res sickness...we should not have to wait for 10 mins for it to expire and we should not have to pick up their slack. Can not kick someone that has res sickness because of the 15 min waiting time to kick someone from the group... and if you leave the group then you have a 30 min dungeon abandonment. Damned if you do and damned if you dont!!! Just Crap!Jabalix11 Nov 14, 2011
Nov 14, 2011 Heroics save you even if you don't kill? We were doing a heroic 25m to test out everyone's latency not realizing they lock you even on attempts so we kinda screwed ourselves in our main 10m team. Not complaining about it, but why did they make heroics lockout on attempt rather than a kill?Galook9 Nov 14, 2011
Nov 14, 2011 Drop rate (Gear/Chaos Orbs) Just an idea for the developers... in dungeons like Cata H's and the Zandalari's It'd be ideal of use to make for chaos orbs to drop on every boss.. or give everyone with a proffesion one per dungeon.. to make it more fare and so you don't have to spend ages in the hope of getting one and for gear use should make drop rates of them higher or make it so bosses dont drop 1 piece but 2 or 3 cause i mean you can do 1 run and get ur 2 pieces of armor or hundreds... and it gets very annoying like for weeks ive been trying to get my Shoulders and Helmet from ZA the Bear boss and the Hex Lord but they still will not drop... the same thing each boss every single run!Stoick5 Nov 14, 2011
Nov 14, 2011 Why some boss encounters very easy for some? So as I look at heroic Firelands 25 man...first comes heroic shannox. You have mages dpsing the Rageface and if mages fail to get him buys, he just goes and eats healers and then tanks die... On heroic domo, melee don't give a crap about heroic leaps, locks can port out of them and mages blink, yet healers have to strive back and forth without a warning other than energy bar, heal and then find an orb and soak 4-8 seeds until they die because dps fails to find them....who gets the blame? Healer of course! "Wth you do so much overhealing?" "wth you die so much to leaping flames?" "wth your partner isn't with you?" "wth you ate so many stacks of burning orb and couldn't heal yourself through" /blame the healer /rage quit gameWasheck7 Nov 14, 2011
Nov 14, 2011 When should i start healing zandoms? Title pretty much says it all. My ilvl is 356, but i sit at 88k mana unbuffed. I went in today but we all died and i felt bad, i didnt know if it was because i didnt have the gear for it (though to get in zandoms you have to have 346 ilvl) or i just didnt know what i was doing. Thank youRenobftw11 Nov 14, 2011
Nov 14, 2011 What do you listen to on Ragnaros? Psyman - Impact Hammer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sp3KbWvUk7gGnostic30 Nov 14, 2011