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Getting more Pissed about myself/damage! Honestly, I have been constantly checking my dps/dmg (my stats are good as well to have haste and mastery at good spot) to see if its good pace using Recount (my ilvl is 721 but my character armory haven't recently update but will soon)and I was able to hit normally 50k to 100k...but for many groups I have joined to kill Manny so I can go to Archimonde to finally, get Grove Warden so I can have a breather. Apparently, my dmg is so bad that I keep getting kicked despite that I did the mechanics very well and was mostly the few that survived to get wiped at Phase 4 when Manny is at about 10% health. I even risk myself to get other teammates to be safe from Manny's Gaze and kill Abyssal down quickly using Anti-Magic Shield. After that, I got kicked very quickly, mostly without any reason at all. That's was not the problem, the problem is that I was able to get few answers from multiples raid leaders, wanting to know why I was kicked specifically...all keep saying that my dps/dmg was low to be 31k (or lower)...lower than the tanks...I was pissed, confused, and shocked to hear it. It happens often...but I wondering, is it because of my Frost class itself that don't give enough dmg, or I should switch to unholy (problem is that I don't know very much about Unholy class) or Blood (never tank as blood in raid before) or need higher ilvl gear? Please if anyone who is smarter than me to tell me what is the problem with me? The more this is happening, the more I want to hurt myself being raging so much. Or if there is other reason why which is that the raid leader lied about my dmg so they can invite a higher ilvl so they can "easily" get what they want. If that is the case, then how can I find a good, smart, honest raid leader?! I apologize for my error on spelling and grammar. Dårius4
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Friendship Yeti 2.0 8/8 gold CMs Update: Horde winners are, Healer: Rielle DPS: Turumti, Fauxtempole and Dippindotts Ally Winners: Healer: Felyndril DPS: Artemissle, smasha, toxeyy. Had about 80 people apply for the horde group, and 70 for ally group, plenty of geared people, wish I had time to run with more of you! Thank you to everyone that applied and good luck with your CMs :) Hello friends, Coming here to bring you guys news of Friendship Yeti 2.0. If anyone remembers FY from a few months ago it was something carcetti and I ran through reddit to help people with little to no XP get 8/8. Sadly Carcetti is no longer playing so I will be running these on my own. This means two things, first we're going to have to make up for all that wonderful damage, AGing, and reflecting that she did, and second that I'm going to be able to take one more person through 8/8! My goal is to help a group of horde and a group of alliance players complete 8/8 this week. I am looking for people that have put some some time/effort into their gear and have just not been able to find a group either because of a lack of XP or a lack of competent people leading groups. This isn't some last minute "I waited till the last week oh god please carry me for free" group. You have to pull your own weight and you have to have put some effort into your gear. About me: I'm Traxie, a really nice hunter that likes to help people with CMs. I have completed about 800 CMs as a DK, and about 2k total. I have previous world/region best CM experience on both a hunter and a druid. I will be leading these groups and explaining all of the strats as we go. In part because there is only one week left and in part because Carcetti will not be running with me some of the requirements have changed. *I will be tanking so unfortunately this is not open to tanks :( * Applications are open to healers and viable dps specs (found in application) * Both dps and healers MUST have 2 viable trinkets (on use/ppm/icd) * Must have full enchants (no shattered hand/shadowmoon and no breath enchants) * You do NOT need to have any CM experience * You must bring your own dps pots and flasks, I will bring feasts * You should have correct talents/glyphs for CMs or be ready to change to them (e.g if you're a monk and aren't ready to chi torpedo this isn't for you) * If you have one or two CMs completed you may apply but we will be reclearing the ones you have done for a full 8/8 * Runs will take 3-4 hours minimum, so please be available for 4 hours * will be using mumble Trinket list (thanks carcetti): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10Ty6fGa80v5L2HltY9lzBNvRWKzwAFrVtpl9Ccd6eoA/edit#gid=0 Talent/glyph list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1txUDCbXgWDNY17qbs-L1gZ1sE-tHejaSQ0Ui7omooIw/edit#heading=h.w0fzmdcbbnwl *note* If you are concerned about your armory showing your CM gear feel free to take a screenshot of your advanced armory and attach it to the application via puush/imgur. Must be the advanced so I can see enchants/trinkets, and you must still attach an armory link in the armory link section. (thanks to whoever did that in a previous app I forget who it was) We have had ~50-200 applications in past runs, winners will be chosen from the qualified applications via random.org with oversight from myself to guarantee a viable comp. Because of the large number of applicants we have had in the past it is really important that when you get to the armory link portion of the application you only answer that question with an armory link. It saves me a lot of time, and following directions is part of the run so if you fail to do that part correctly you will be disqualified. Good luck to everyone applying and everyone trying to complete CMs this week! Traxie6
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