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Jul 29 molten core cleared, extend lockout not used hello i was waiting for 0800 to start my raid runs and i enter molten core to find that it is empty. i did not extend the lock out or touch anything in raidinfo, aside to confirm that the raid timers had been reset. how would i file this ticket? i just boosted this paladin the other day and ran him for the first time in mc the night before last for some transmog, and was looking forward to running it again this morning but then this happened. the red extension button is still showing available to extend the lock out, the same is shown for bwl which has been properly reset.Swanson10 Jul 29
Jul 28 Cannon issues on 10man Galakras My friend and I are doing SoO on 10man normal and we are not able to enter the cannons once both towers are under our control. Just wondering if we are doing something wrong or if it is currently bugged.Lagface0 Jul 28
Jul 28 Personal Loot and Mythic Only Mounts With the new personal loot system and being able to trade pieces to other players in the raid my guild has decided to use personal loot. We are really looking forward to it since more loot will drop, and in theory the raid group will be geared up faster than ever. This loot system is so good for raiding guilds I almost can't believe it is going live. However, with mythic only mounts like Felsteel Annihilator what happens with the mount? When we use master loot, we can hand out the mount to whatever person is next on the list, what happens in personal loot? From doing searches on the forums the only thing I could see was that yes, you still get one mount per kill. With the new ability of trading loot that drops on personal loot will we be able to trade the mount as well? Or perhaps there is a system in place when gear is rewarded that sees you already have the mount and it will give it to someone that does not yet have it? Right now we only have one or two people left to get the mount from HFC, we would like to use personal loot when we kill the boss, but this week we went master loot since we were unsure if the mount would be tradeable and want to make sure the last couple get it.Quu5 Jul 28
Jul 28 Legion dungeons I've been looking at the Adventure Guide and I'm quite confused about what I'm seeing in the loot table. I've checked the loot tables for Normal Legion dungeons and appears that all of the loot is a flat ilevel 700. There is no '+' sign after the 700, like there is after the 825 heroic and 840 Mythic, so I can only assume there is no potential for an ilevel bump upon looting on normal. Is this correct? If so, I feel as if I must be missing something because 700 ilevel is less than someone wearing full baleful that was bumped up with valor. Would the only reason to run normal Legion dungeons be for relics?Marilata2 Jul 28
Jul 28 CMode Realm First Titles Was I supposed to get a title for having realm first titles at some point during the xpac now that cmodes are closed?Relámpago1 Jul 28
Jul 28 How do you get to the Lich King? Returning player from Wrath here, have fought Arthas before many years ago but have forgotten how to get back to him on my 100 warrior now. I've killed all the bosses in ICC 25 normal mode, and skipped Dreamwalker. But the teleporter at the center of the upper spire still does not give the option to port up to Arthas. Did I do something wrong?Hammurabi2 Jul 28
Jul 28 Pit of Saron bugged? The final boss fight is way to RNG dependent with the beams. I spent over 2 hours trying to kill him, (and i never dropped him.) It is INFINITELY harder now than it was in Wrath and I recorded this !@#$. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yY_-TP4Smo&feature=youtu.beSpanksz6 Jul 28
Jul 28 Raid & dungeon soloing list What can be soloed now (with new rules) at current level?Tridiak0 Jul 28
Jul 28 What To Know For Timewalking Dungeons Hi. I haven't played in almost 2 years. I love the MMO Rift and really like a lot of the things they've added. The way their "Timewalking" dungeons work and the way the transmog works especially. Coming back to WoW I see we can do old school dungeons scaled now. Sounds great! Is this the only info I need? http://wow.gamepedia.com/Timewalking The only other question at this time I have is can I queue for them all the time or are they on some sort of timer? The above link has confused me. Anything to add? Thanks.Arraxxiss3 Jul 28
Jul 28 Heroic Throne of the Tides glitch Not sure what is going on... I have tried to run this on my 90 hunter with another hunter to complete the Heroic Cata achieve. I get to Lady Naz'Jar in her sanctum, and go in and kill her. Before I can exit the room, the Hall that encircles her room is filled with a wind that knocks me back preventing me from leaving her room alive AND preventing me from accessing the Defense System from either side and turning it off, thus preventing me from finishing the instance. I can die and rez outside, re-enter and kill Commander Ulthok. But I can not reach Erunak Stonespeaker, Mindbender Ghur'sha, or Ozumat due to the tentacles of the defense system, and I can not get to the defense system to turn it off due to the winds. And you have to kill Lady Naz'Jar before the defense system becomes usable to turn it off. Any ideas?Olist11 Jul 28
Jul 28 Automatic CC triggers, and 3 man queue kicks. Hi, Today I was running a ton of Heroic Dungeons on my Resto Shammy, as my item level is below 660 I dont do as much healing as my other healers, but I love to have fun by challenging myself, so I get my brother to pull huge packs and try and heal through them... Im talking all the mobs from 1 boss to the next. During these pulls it is quite obvious I am going to have to pop cooldowns, but after doing this a lot of times ive noticed that the adds in dungeons have automatic CC triggers and when I pop ascendance every single time I get either Spam stunned, silenced for 10+seconds or feared for 5-15 seconds. Of course I should not pull so large, but the difficulty is already there when pulling a large pack, why CC healers during the most crucial times(IE:when I pop ascendance) it is literally every single time I get cced when I pop burst. It is quite annoying and it tends to cause the pull to fail and the group to wipe, the only problem I see is that even if I had better gear or got better at shaman, I literally could not heal through it either way, as I have made my way through these dungeons 1000s of times, Id like to be risky and not lose purely to CC. If we pull more I should have to play better and not have any time for a wasted GCD ect, not be forced to not do anything for upwards of 15 seconds. Ive been being spell locked a lot less than I was in say, BC Dungeons so maybe stuns can go too... right? CC is why I quit pvp as a healer and moved to doing dungeons, and here I am still getting spam CCed by bots... Doesnt seem like much has changed eh. P.S Fix how kicking a player works when people queue as a 3 man group for a dungeon, too many troll kicks at the end I lose my bonus at the end to this all the time to this, and no its not cause me and the tank pull big, we dont always do that. If you queue with 3 people in your party, if one person doenst like you there is a 100% chance you will be kicked if they tell the others to vote yes, and it is impossible for one of them to be kicked, even if one is literally doing nothing the whole time. High hopes for less CC in Legion dungeons, it just isnt a fun mechanic. TL;DR, I get auto CCed when I pop burst as a healer, that isnt fun, I hope that dungeons are harder in Legion due to high damage and team mechanics, not spam CCing the healer. Edit; Separated my TL;DR so it would be shorter and moved it to the bottom.Billashamwow28 Jul 28
Jul 28 Kharazhan is Creepy I was running Kharazhan earlier today trying to get the Headless Horseman's mount, when I heard an erie whistling. It was sort of tuneless, and for some reason, when I heard it, I was stuck in combat no matter who I killed. Is that part of the soundtrack there, or just insanely creepy?Miaoame2 Jul 28
Jul 27 Blood Legion what happened to them? I don't understand how you can be the best at what you do and then just stop.Lenthellann10 Jul 27
Jul 27 Loot Master Addon for 7.0? Does anyone suggest a loot council/loot master addon that works with the current pre-patch? I was using EPGP Lootmaster to distribute loot to our raid, but it has not been updated yet. Any good alternatives out there that work currently?Amabarix1 Jul 27
Jul 27 Tracking debuffs? Hello, I'm starting to get more serious about raiding. Doing research on the bosses and what not. I'm curious how do I tell if the Boss has put a debuff on me so I know when to get away from others? I have the dangerous boss mod, is there anything else that can help? As someone that has only been playing for a few months it gets a little confusing with everything going on in the raid and trying to do what I am supposed to do to help the group. Would Exorsus Raid Tool addon help? I'm trying to reduce the number of times I get called a "retard" :)Jardous5 Jul 27
Jul 27 Oh look another timewalking thread Pit of Saron is ridiculous. Garfrost permafrost is insane. Ick's pools arent being rendered. Tryranus moved the fight inside a snow globe. Blizzard plz.Runescaping3 Jul 27
Jul 27 Tomes of Chaos drops down this week? Blizz messed with tome drops ? I toon last week and week before got 1 tome at each boss...today when I went to get the last 13.....not every boss dropped....no chance at ring now. Only 2 tomes needed...punch in the face huh?Pantherra2 Jul 27
Jul 27 Tanking: Any Threat Plate Add-ons Working? Can't tank without enemy nameplates/threat plates (Blizzard UI really struggles in this area for tanking).Trailbound6 Jul 27
Jul 27 Master Loot Option Gone So apparently you have to be in a guild group to use it now. Guess those 1% of groups with ninjas are too many. Now we literally don't have the choice to use it.Natheirean30 Jul 27
Jul 27 Artifact Weapon Custimization I like the idea using special crystals to customize the weapon but there is a problem in the way it is done. Since you have both the talent customization and ilevel boost on the same crystal, it would require WoW to have many different crystals to have every combination of ilevel boost and effect. Right now only some effects have a high ilevel. There are two fixes to this problem 1) Make higher ilevel drops for more crystals 2) Allow the use of a higher ilevel crystal to raise the ilevel of a lower ilevel crystal.Exdragon1 Jul 27
Jul 27 Weekly dungeon lockouts per spec I understand we can't farm mythic dungeons.. Which is really lame imo. They have a weekly lockout. You can only do 1 mythic dungeon per week. But I was thinking - wouldn't it be cool if we could at least run the dungeon once per spec? if I roll a Druid or a monk or a priest for that matter I may want to learn different specs so I can be more viable in my groups and raids, I can switch to dps or heals for that group. But each week in mythic I have to decide which spec I will go and that's it. The other specs get pooped on and geared up some time in the distant future and honestly probably never with the titanforged system there's always a chance the gear will drop at a higher level than the current version so I'll basically farm one spec on mythic dungeon once a week forever to get the Highest item lvl and my off specs never get played. Once week seems really low. At least give option for off spec runs. Love you blizzAneity4 Jul 27
Jul 27 Iskar Fire Debuff Again this week, raid members are getting the fire debuff without standing in fire.Jellyshaman6 Jul 27
Jul 27 Ulduar Help For some reason I can't fight Thorim in Ulduar. From my understanding you don't need any fancy tricks to kill him solo now but whenever I pull the level and run down the hallway, the charge one shots me. Dying to get an XMOG from him and I can't kill him =/ Any ideas?Neymind4 Jul 27
Jul 27 Dragon Soul -- Spine of Deathwing Got rolled off, but now won't let me port back to the deck of the skyfire. Tried mounted, dismounted, stealthed, sandstone draked, everything. Nothing happens when you click.Tollyn3 Jul 27
Jul 27 I feel bad for all the Healers That have to endure tanks calling them out on "lack of healing" this week in timewalking. Has happened to me twice already, and it's triggering me to the core. I hope these fixes happen soon. It's really putting a sour taste in my mouth, but those extra 50 JP is still worth.Pitty11 Jul 27
Jul 27 Blast Furnace Mythic Issues 100 Blood Elf Warrior Sublime 0 I submitted a ticket about this day, though I feel like I'm not the only one with this issue. Raid was going smoothly more or less until we got to Blast Furnace. Turns out, due to the changes to mind control, we cannot complete the encounter because Dominate Mind, bribe, etc require the target to be 1 level higher and the Guards in the encounter are 2 levels higher currently. This posed a problem as not only could we not kill Blast Furnace, but couldn't attempt Blackhand there after... Any way we can reduce the mob's level by 1 so this at least doable? Very frustrating for some of us trying to get the quest done, or wanting xmog and running for the mount... ------- I was informed that we can still complete the encounter.. but besides beating at the Slag Elemental with a 99% damage reduction shield, I don't see another way and google isn't showing results?Oräkk14 Jul 27
Jul 27 Galleon and Oondasta Spawn Times I've posted this once and I'll post it again until we get a response from a Dev or Devs. The lack of attention to this issue despite how many people are pushing it is really disheartening. Currently 3/5 of the world bosses that drop mounts have a 15 minute respawn. Oondasta and Galleon continue to have a 1-2 hour respawn. With cross-realm this makes Galleon and Oondasta hard to find unless you want to sit camping for up to two hours. Camping would be completely viable and understandable if it wasn't for the fact these mounts are something like a 0.02% drop rate... Oh yeah, and no. Not all of us can just realm-hop until we find it. While US people and large regions have several instances to hop between, Oceanic has 2 and EU has about 4-6. We can't just hop to find something. People that have no interest in mounts probably couldn't care less about this, but mount collectors are getting extremely frustrated about this. Sha was changed to 15 minutes and Galleon was changed from a one-spawn-a-week to 1-2 hours. Both were changed because the loot became irrelevant so why have such huge spawn times? After the insane boss respawn times Blizzard have gone for more of a relaxed 15-minute respawn, so how about going back and fixing up Oondasta and Galleon as well? So why not change Galleon and Oondasta now? We have been pushing for this all through WoD and have not received any kind of response apart from one Dev telling us that their spawns "should already be like that" which they weren't, and we never got a further response from him. There is ZERO negatives that can come from making Oon and Galleon 15 minutes respawns like their brethren. No it won't mean people get the mounts easier, it doesn't actually make it any 'easier' at all. It's still a 0.02% drop rate. It just means mount collectors can get their weekly disappointment out of the way a little faster. As someone with 20 toons to tag Sha/Nalak/Galleon on (got Oon) it takes me about two days *if* I don't have work. I can't imagine how long it would take me if I still had to travel to Isle of Giants and wait for Oon... And before anyone says anything about 'profiting' off a shorter spawn time and comparing these to the BC world bosses, 1: You cannot kill these bosses more than once a week and, 2: The items that drop off the bosses are NOT BoE. They cannot be sold on the AH unless your loot box happens to contain one of the crappy BoE bracers that are better off vendored. The most you will get is gold out of the box and gold off a coin roll and it is a pitiful amount. So that's that. In short, if these are not changed before Legion there will be less chance of seeing Galleon and Oondasta at all which is a nightmare for mount collectors or anyone even thinking about starting to farm these drops. Both are currently soloable by certain classes or well-geared people. In Legion these will only become easier to solo meaning less people making groups, less people telling chat that Galleon and Oondasta is up and more people killing them in <30 seconds. In a region that has only two instances for these bosses to be up this is a daunting experience. Reducing the spawn time does not impact anyone negatively. All it can do it create positive outcomes, meaning less camping for a mount that is a 1/2000 chance to drop and being able to see the boss up more often. A 1-2 hour respawn for one Blood DK to come along and solo it because he hasn't told anyone else it spawned seems a tiny bit unfair. Here is my MMO Champ poll I started a while back. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1759335-Would-you-like-to-see-Galleon-and-Oondasta-made-15min-respawns As you can see the majority of people want to see this changed. It's a minor change that takes literally no time away from any other content Blizzard is working on. If you would like to see this changed please help bump posts like this and tweet @WarcraftDevs. I have been tweeting them asking about spawn time changes before Legion drops but have not yet had a response between the flood of class-related questions. More people asking = more of a chance to see a change!Lobotomise76 Jul 27
Jul 27 Gorefiend Demoralized debuff while inside I was doing mythic progression on gorefiend with my guild and we noticed that the adds inside of his stomach where not affected by his demoralized debuff. Once they came out of the stomach though they where then affected and had the debuff. We found that by bursting everyone out right away and dealing with the adds as they came out to be an effective strategy yet being totally backwards to how the fight should be. Not too concerned if it is suppose to be like that just seemed backwards to how the fight should be played out.Pide6 Jul 27
Jul 27 badge of the silver hand problem so i have the badge and im trying to turn it in inside icc but uther isnt spawning did they move where to turn it in ?Overninekay0 Jul 27
Jul 27 WTB Mythic dungeon carry Im looking to buy some dungeon carry to get the first BoA. Paying with gold on Bleeding Hollow, just whisper me with the price. I dont have any PvE gear so I just get kicked out in Dungeon Finder... IIIPowerIII#1694 ThanksMarylia2 Jul 27
Jul 27 Dragon Soul LFR Loot Why is it that Dragon Soul LFR has personal loot like MoP LFR raids, instead of how it used to be where items would actually drop and be rolled on? This makes it so many classes that aren't eligible for certain things like a shaman wanting a strength shield or a rogue wanting a 1 handed strength axe impossible to get. It also makes the process of getting these items WAY longer than needed as you can only receive 1 item per boss max, that is, unless you get a bag of gold. The loot system should be reverted to how it actually was during Dragon Soul LFR.Wisp25 Jul 27
Jul 26 So glad PL exists! Ran Heroic HFC w/ 10 reroll tokens. Got 2 pieces of loot, 1 through reroll. I'm so triggered. Why Blizzard, why did you remove my option for ML and not to be scamazzed like this?Pitty19 Jul 26
Jul 26 Camera Distance and Game Theory I normally stay off the forums, there have been decisions in the past that I've been upset by but I typically just swallow my opinions and keep on going. I thought I would be able to do this with the new camera distance change, but after last night's raid I had to say something. Raiding with a closer Camera Zoom I've raid led since Burning Crusade. I've built and helped build several guilds from almost nothing to top contenders. I mention this because I've spent the better part of 8 years understanding that people have different UI preferences, play styles, skill levels, game interest, and even zoom levels. I really tried to reason with myself that this change would not hurt on live as much as me or everyone else wanted to believe it would. After raiding HFC last night it was clear that I was kidding myself. I couldn't see the rest of the raid's positioning, I couldn't see our tanks positions, I couldn't see where imp's spawned on Mannoroth to determine whether we should use our 1 grip. I couldn't locate black holes on Xhul'horac, couldn't find rogue bombs on Iron Reaver, and I couldn't see what in the hell was going on under my own feet. If I can't see these things, how are my raiders going to? Not only was my broader view lessened, but the only way that I can describe what was happening in the world around me at max view distance was motion sickness. I had developed a severe headache within an hour of our raid, something that I can honestly say has never happened to me before. My ability to do my job in the raid was incredibly limited. Camera Distance as an Art Style This is something that always puzzled me about Watcher's original post. You're artist's aren't all designing the game for this zoom level. I feel like this must have been a debate that arose when the art team took upon the large task of recreating all character models. I can hear people bewail "Why even bother with this detail, everyone is so zoomed out they won't even see it!" And there right, but we all zoom in often to see things closer, to inspect our characters (in the game world and UI), and to view the details of the world that help make it so beautiful. But the only thing that the rest of your art team designs and places with a camera distance that close is... foilage. For everything else, they are making grand buildings, huge pathways, overhanging trees, and terrain that feels organic and leads you through a zone. The ladder you completely miss out on with this view distance. I find myself playing my UI instead of the game far more than ever before. Your motto used to be ... Nothing about being zoomed in and missing all the grandeur of the game's largest monuments and creatures feel epic. I don't find anything epic about my camera being clipped into boss models and viewing their low poly count crotch. Camera Distance as a Choice and Advantage I firmly believe that the biggest reason WoW has remained at the top of the totem pole of MMO's is it's level of customization and choice. You let us choose everything from the game world to our UI. And us creating our own tailored experience is what keeps us attached to WoW, and averse to forced change in the newer MMO's. I develop LUA interfaces and addons for the game and the first thing I ask about any new MMO is "do they let you program your own interface?" And yet - having a UI is a huge advantage. Having addons like BigWigs, DBM, or WeakAuras is a huge advantage. Advantages are where the game theory comes into play here, and I get that you make careful choices over what advantage you allow to remain. The camera distance has been used in the game for nearly a decade. You could argue that newer players don't have access to this very easily, but they don't know about a lot of what makes this game competitive. They don't know about wowhead, guide sites, or how to unzip and find the location for the wow addons. A lot of addons do the camera distance CVAR change for you, and it's included in some of the most popular UI compilations. This change paired with the numerous changes to help with motion sickness seems about as intuitive as removing a knife from one leg, only to sink it into the other. Conclusion The in game slider still starts with a camera distance factor of about .8. If you want that parity, then put the max somewhere in the middle. I understand the sentiment behind reducing max camera distance, but not this much. You went from 3.4 to 1.9, that's almost half distance. And it is painful, actually very painful. Can you put the max value on the in-game slider to a factor of at least 2.5? I will keep playing the game, I'm not going to threaten with quitting over a flawed change. But I've never seen so many people say they'll quit over totally legitimate problems with this change.Nodis13 Jul 26
Jul 26 Why personal is bad for gearing up Not only does it prevent people from ninja looting others (Which never happened to me). It also denies the choice for players to roll on the items that they actually want. Need Before Greed is even better than personal loot. With personal loot, on a boss with three items. It's going to be hard to get the item that you actually want. It's like the time I tried to bonus roll an item for like 10 kills.Keedorin18 Jul 26
Jul 26 PVE system needs to be like PVP Hopefully they do the same with a new PVE system. I don't want to grind for gear to be able to do raids. I'd like it if all players had the exact same stats and gear so no one is above anyone else. We need to get rid of gear, stats, and levels so we're all on the same playing field and we can all do raids no matter what.Fizzlistix10 Jul 26
Jul 26 Mythic+ Question Anyone that has tested the Mythic+ dungeons, are you able to Swap Specs or Talents mid dungeon? What items are usable? Pretty much just like WoD CModes, only potions/food?Bloodfoo9 Jul 26
Jul 26 Personal loot on M arch mount Will it, like Alani and Posiedues and the guy in the garrison, drop mounts for everyone? Since it's 100%Keedorin1 Jul 26
Jul 26 Locked out of dungeons So, I've been queuing as a tank since level 15 and dungeons are completing so fast most of the time, I'm getting locked out for doing too many in one hour. So, I go to spend some time questing while I wait for the time to elapse to start queuing again, but there's always some hordies killing all the npc's in the base so I can't pick up quests or turn them in, and I eventually get 1 shot... Can we have this arbitrary block on dungeons removed? It's very silly, especially when your own dungeon design is able to be completed in about 4-5 minutes. Not to mention, the block isn't even known until you queue, get into a group and then you're not able to enter the dungeon because "you've entered too many instances recently." Could we at least have something in place that informs us of this block PRIOR to queuing? That way, we can at least not be given the deserter debuff from leaving or being kicked?Spankmachine2 Jul 26
Jul 26 Heirloom Trinkets So let me tell ya, I've ran around 60 mythics thus far and have seen countless amounts of trinkets drop for my friends. Some get multiple in just one mythic and I have never gotten mine yet. Do I just have really bad luck or something?? I was hoping to get them before legion launches but it's starting to seem more like a wish. Anyone else have a similar issue?Surizarin2 Jul 26
Jul 26 Tuned for 110 So I keep hearing that every class is "broken" or "feels weak" because everything is tuned for lvl 110 and having artifact power and all that. So today is July 23rd, and Legion comes out on 8/30. So I'm basically stuck with a bunch of characters that are "broken" and that "feel weak" by intentional design for OVER A MONTH? Mythic bosses hit like a truck, even old raid bosses hit me like a truck (Looking at you 10H TOES) and I DPS like a wet noodle. I wasn't aware I was going to be paying for a month of gameplay that's broken. Just frustrating.Ragerider15 Jul 26
Jul 26 any of you guys using addons to restore the damage numbers display to the way it was before the pre patch? or are you all just playing with either no numbers or a scrolling text addon?Atzelas1 Jul 26
Jul 26 Warcraft Logs vs Mr. Robot I'm taking a look at my avoidable damage on a fight but I'm seeing different things on these two sites. According to Warcraft logs, on Assault, I had the following damage: - Cower -Felfire Volley According to Mr. Robot, I had: - Howling Axe - Capsule Impact - Bore - Burn - Boom - Metamorphosis - Shock Pulse Can anyone give their thoughts on the matter? Am I perhaps using one of these sites wrong? Update: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/13000423/latest#boss=1778 http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog/08135852-6299-4f66-934a-b9d08e1f0c98/report/9#v=0,d=0Nalyna7 Jul 26
Jul 26 123 123Purealpha1 Jul 26
Jul 25 current performance levels Hello fellow mythic raiders! (Ok, i'm not really a mythic raider, but i pretend) I wonder if anyone can give me a VERY rough ballpark of where you expect dps to be with the new patch; assuming ilvl 725-740 players. (I do realize that's a wide range, but that's what I've got to work with.) Are there any particular specs that are noticeably under or over performing from that general ballpark? Basically, before the patch, I knew enough about most of the specs that I could look at a fight and know what kind of dps all my raiders should be putting out. However, I don't have that knowledge now AND there are guilds out there that are just decimating the mythic bosses, so even looking at percentiles on logs isn't nearly as helpful as it was in the past. I'm trying to guestimate where problems are for our current raid team, and who really hasn't stepped up their learning. Feel free to look up logs, BUT I do ask you - do NOT provide harsh criticisms of individuals in this thread. At the moment I'm just looking for general information, not specific to my raiders information. (If you want to criticize my play, feel free. If you notice overall raid strats that are just terrible, feel free to mention that, since I'm the one in charge of strats.)Weleroth22 Jul 25
Jul 25 Dungeon Journal and Active Mitigation The Dungeon Journal doesn't provide the spec specific call outs for Active Mitigation abilites on the pre-Legion content. With the removal of the tooltip and spellbook labelling of AM abilities there is no way for a tank to know what ability will fulfill the mechanic without the Journal telling them. Which it doesn't. ( for pre-legion content...and Neltharion's Lair for some reasonMistuhbull0 Jul 25
Jul 25 Fix Holy Paladin "Fantasy" its friggin sad This game was never meant to have melee healers, now you've gone and ruined my personnal favourite spec for the last decade and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that sees Legion as a gigantic Nerf to my beloved spec. Toss that crap as a third DH spec I don't care but take that 10 meter !@#$ out of my class and while you're at it put sacred shield back in, its more part of the "theme" than any of that crap you're trying to cram in there. /ventLute8 Jul 25
Jul 25 Tank for Legion Hey guys, I hope you are all well. Currently trying to decide between Veng DH and Prot Pally for Legion tanking. Plan to go heroic and mythic content with my group. My co-tank will be a guardian druid. Any thoughts or insights on the two options I've laid out here? What I love about prot right now is how it plays in general. It feels active and feels engaging. I also like ret, and really enjoy the paladin class fantasy. But the DH... the DH feels amazing, and has everything I enjoy about a tanking class in terms of mitigation, self healing, activity, etc. They are also incredibly awesome and badA looking. But I don't see myself playing one in the long-run in terms of class lore/fantasy, and I'm also worried about tuning issues and changes that will come as the "new" class. Thoughts and opinions appreciated.Sapperoth2 Jul 25
Jul 25 Timewalking dungeons award no XP ? Seems I'm getting 0 xp from mobs in timewalking dungeons wtf ?Gransfor1 Jul 25
Jul 25 Blackrock Door Opener Gear-BRD I'm really sad about this being disabled. I'm sure it caused plenty of confusion. But interactive items like this are priceless to feeling at home in World of Warcraft.Larken0 Jul 25
Jul 25 Looking for A Moose Run Hello, Is there any group, or guild out there that is willing to tag me along to kill Arch to start the quest without extorting or wanting you to be max iLevel? It's really sickening to see this many people being this greedy and, and to a point where it's virtually impossible for me to get into a heroic raid. I've done the fights before, but have never had the luck of getting all the way to Archi on heroic, if there's anyone out there generous enough to help me, I would appreciate it more than you would know.Thesorah2 Jul 25