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6m Classy Achievements The Classy guild achievements changed in patch 7.1 to require higher level for completion. I understand the change, however, all of our progress for the achievements was reset. We are a small guild and have worked very hard for the progress we had so far. Is it possible for Blizzard to keep the partial credit for characters that had already completed the requirement before the change?Carter3 6m
4h TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade Thread #36 Continuation from: I accept gold and I sell mounts on ALL servers and factions. Please keep in mind prices vary. Selling: Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger Reins of the Spectral Tiger Magic Rooster Egg Ghastly Charger's Skull Feldrake Big Battle Bear White Riding Camel Swift Shorestrider X-51 Nether-Rocket -------------------------------------------------------------- Additional services: Cross server or cross faction gold exchange Middleman services for those who want to make their trades as smooth and safe as possible-------------------------------------------------------------- Buying: Murloc Costume Big Blizzard Bear Tyrael's Hilt All TCG mounts/Toys Contact Info: Battletag: Fluffybunz#1816Fluffy395 4h
4h Mount Collector Support Group V 23 Last one capped - 4h
14h Strike! any news since 7.1? Anyone tryed this since patch release? I know some ppl say that "its not bugged, you have to use 24, etc", but no, I've done it with 36 and nothing, also no one ever confirmed (in foruns or such) that they got the achiev in the last 6 months or so, despite very few ppl saying that it is indeed working. The patch notes doesn't say anything about this, but there is usualy more notes than what they put in there. I wasted to much time in this, I dont few like trying again untill I'm sure it can be done. (sorry my bad english, not my first language)Necryd0 14h
18h New hidden toy in Dalaran New hidden toy in Dalaran check it out. 18h
1d Suggesting Corrections For Achievements I have 250 achievements left to get. However, I have become concerned because many of these are not obtainable. For example: 'High Five: 1550' 'High Five: 1750' 'High Five: 2000' 'High Five: 2200' 'Chapter IV: Darkness Incarnate' The way to get these achievements no longer exists. Why are they still in the game? 'King of the Monsters' Has been bugged since Draenor. The achievement is only difficult due to its bugged state, why is it still in the game? 10,000 World Quests Completed AND 10,000 Daily Quests Completed I have 254 days played. I have 2552/2802 achievements. Yet in this time I have completed only 6097 daily quests. Understand, that is multiple expansions and hundreds of hours and I am barely half way. Why has Blizzard added a second almost identical achievement but for world quests? World quests have basically replaced daily quests so why not combine these achievements? '10000 Daily or World Quests Completed'. 'Nemesis: 1 to 7' 'Warlord of Draenor' 'Literally every achievement associated with Ashran.' None of these achievements are obtainable through legitimate means. Ashran is locked (as in it required a 40 man queue), draenor is dead (as in its population is almost non-existent). These should either be made feats of strength or be altered to be obtainable in the current expansion. I am well aware Blizzard will likely not change anything and I will continue to be annoyed. But I did want to voice my annoyance on a forum. Thank you. Matt - DarkbaineDarkbaine6 1d
1d Glimmering Falanaar Treasure Chest toys? are these all from the withered training chest if you get to the end? the stuff like displacer meditation stone, ley spider eggs anyone got any of these yet? very little info about them cant find anything concreteFinesthour14 1d
1d Get that achievement XVI Just a continue from topic. Last one to post was Frytanya so as a reminder you need to [Remember to Share]you only got four more to go! (: I'll take a couple achieves to tackle. (:Winfree39 1d
1d Grol'dom Farm Candy Kor'kron base instead no candy bucket help :(Sindoreillia0 1d
1d Justicar/Conqueror title 2015 I'm making this post because it took me a while to find this information and I want it to be listed in the search engines. The Justicar/Conqueror title is an character title achievement that can be earned by gaining exalted with the following factions: Horde Hero of the Frostwolf Clan (Exalted) Warsong Outrider (Exalted) The Defiler (Exalted) Alliance Hero of the Stormpike Guard (Exalted) Silverwing Sentinel (Exalted) Knight of Arathor (Exalted) Timeframe to title Arathi Basin > 400 to 500 hours Warsong Gulch > 500 to 700 hours Altrec Valley > 10 to 20 hours As far as PvP titles are concerned it's pretty respectful as the title takes alot of time and effort and can not be bought unlike Arena Master, Warbound, Lord/Lady of War titles which can be. You can be sure if you see someone with this title.. they learned to play or suffered needlessly. As far as PvP titles are concerned the Justicar title is ranked in the following order by reputation. Gladiator titles > Hero of the Alliance > Vanquisher > Duelist > Rival > RBG 2100+ titles > Arena Master > 2000+ RBG titles == Battlemaster == Khan > Justicar/Conqueror == Knight-Champion/Centurion > Other PvP titles Justicar/Conqueror is essentially like having a 1900 rating via achievement and is equal to the Knight-Champion/Centurion title. Less than 0.9% of the population has earned the Justicar/Conqueror title. If you are going for this title you are looking at hundreds of hours of rep grinding. Somewhere in the area of 1200 hours of playing nothing but WSG and AB. If you see someone with the Justicar/Conqueror title they deserve the some of the highest WoW respect you can give related to PvP combat. Comparable to Knight-Champion/Centurion titles. It surely takes tons of effort to achieve this title and should not be mocked. The following PvP titles can NOT be purchased with gold or cash. Gladiator > Hero of the Alliance > Vanquisher > Duelist > Rival > RBG 2201+ titles > Battlemaster > Khan > Justicar Thus these deserve respect and admiration because they have been earned, not purchased.Smash19 1d
1d WTB SPECTRAL TIGER DARKSPEAR-ALLIANCE Hi, I would like to buy a swift spectral tiger on Darkspear-Allliance. Add me @ Dre4meR#1308 to discuss prices. Thank you, have a great day!Jimmy0 1d
2d You're Just Making It Worse achv So some guildies and I are having some trouble getting credit for this achievement. It's the one in VH to defeat Millificent Manastorm while someone uses the Millhouse toy. We've tried it a few ways. First attempt a dps used the toy and he was the only one who got the achievement. Second, tank used the toy no one got credit. Third, 2 people (tank and a dps) used the toy no one got credit. From what I read only one person needs to use the toy. We made sure we all had the 2 buffs every time before killing Millificent. We had both the Millhouse amused buff and the Millificent unamused one, just no credit for it. Are we missing something or is it RNG or bugged? We tried popping the toy both before and during the fight. Advice is appreciated.Malon2 2d
2d 'Last of us' still obtainable? Is 'The last of us' still obtainable from highmaul colesium?Nazadrin1 2d
2d Adventurer of Highmountain now completed? I noticed that I got this achievment immediatly after logging in, quickly realized that the 2 rares I had missing were no longer part of the achievment! (Those were snow...something and another one lul) Sooo Great news!!!Vaskein0 2d
2d Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part one is garbage. I just finished this achievement today and after all that hard work. I can't see a difference in mount speed. What is this point of this game? If you can't have nice things.Souloflex14 2d
2d Dropping Some Eaves Okay. So, I've done this dungeon 5 times now and I have done everything right and I'm still not getting the correct dialog for this achievement. I find it funny how most of my guildies have received this achievement without even trying to get. Yet, hereI am wasting my time trying to get it and I can't see to do so. This is the LAST achievement that I need until I get my Glory of the Legion Hero meta complete. Please, someone... HELP! This is so frustrating and I'm getting sick and tired of running Court of Stars.Omiee55 2d
3d Gold Cap Achievement I've been wondering for a while now why there isn't an achievement for hitting the gold cap. I worked the auction house for close to a year now and I finally acquired enough gold to hit the cap (that was raised to 1 million in 4.0.1). I think it would be nice to get an achievement for my hard work :) I understand that there are downfalls to the achievement though. For example lots of people don't want others knowing how much gold they have, and people could abuse the achievement by just mailing gold around within a guild or whatnot. I just propose the idea as something to think about.Kainay16 3d
3d Return to sender achievement help I'm looking for someone to help me with this achieve, and I prefer someone who is quick fingered to help me cause I keep misclicking. I'll contribute as much as possible. Ty. Need one last achievement for glory of the panadria hero.Kawaii1 3d
3d Laughing Skull Rep cant seem to get any rep from any mob i kill, anyone know what i might have to do?Swizop2 3d
3d Hallow's end: legion Dalaran Perhaps someone can answer this one. I know there are three pumpkins to loot in Dalaran. These are not available to loot for achievement in the legion Dalaran. Is there a way to go back to the old dalaran and complete this achievement?Huntacow2 3d
3d Hallows End The Masquerade Looking for someone to exchange all wand appearances with. I have all required wands, battletag is Legion#14169.Vibiana3 3d
3d anyone for Glory of the Ogrimmar? Does anyone want to start Glory of Ogrimmar raider>?Aíyana1 3d
4d Please fix Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare I've tried getting Glory of the Ulduar Raider forever now and I've attempted this achievement about 5 times... YOU DONT GET CREDIT FOR RAZORSCALE BREATH KILLING DARK RUNE GUARDIAN DWARFS!!!! I've gathered tons of them, all dead, 0 credit. Perhaps they need to be damaged? Redo - Each one tagged and hit to half and nope, no credit for ANY of them. This achieve is impossible.Poisonoaks12 4d
4d Candy Bucket Guide for Alliance I put this together to get the related achievements for my alts. These are all the buckets I found and the routes I took. If anyone has quicker paths please share! I wish I had time to do a horde one but I don't' have one leveled. Good luck! Eastern Kingdoms The Cape of Stranglethorn, Booty Bay AH Northern Stranglethorn, Fort Livingston A Blasted Lands, Surwich A Blasted Lands, Nethergarde Keep A Swamp of Sorrows, Bogpaddle AH Swamp of Sorrows, The Harborage A Reridge Mountains, Lakeshire A Duskwood, Darkshire A Westfall, Sentinel Hill A Stormwind A Elwynn Forest, Goldshire A Searing Gorge, Iron Summit AH Badlands, Dragon’s Mouth A Badlands, Fuselight AH Loch Modan, Farstrider Lodge A Loch Modan, Thelsamar A Dun Morogh, Khranos A Ironforge A Wetlands, Menethil Harbor A Wetlands, Swiftgear Station A Wetlands, Greenwarden’s Grove A Twilight Highlands, Thundermar A Twilight Highlands, Firebeard’s Patrol A Twilight Highlands, Victor’s Point A Twilight Highlands, Highbank A The Hinterlands, Stormfeather Outpost A The Hinterlands, Airie Peak A Western Plaguelands, Chillwind Camp A Eastern Plaguelands, Light’s Hope Chapel AH Kalimdor Uldum, Ramkahen AH Uldum, Oasis of Vir’sar AH Silithus, Cenarion Hold AH Un’Goro Crater, Marshal’s Stand AH Tanaris, Gadgetzan AH Tanaris, Bootlegger Outpost AH Feralas, Feathermoon Stronghold A Feralas, Dreamer’s Rest A Desolace, Karnum’s Glade AH Desolace, Nijel’s Point A Stonetalon Mountains, Farwatcher’s Glen A Stonetalon Mountains, Stonetalon Peak A Stonetalon Mountains, Thal’darah A Stonetalon Mountains, Windshear Hold A Stonetalon Mountains, Northwatch Expedition Base Camp A Southern Barrens, Honor’s Stand A Southern Barrens, Northwatch Hold A Southern Barrens, Fort Triumph A Dustwallow Marsh, Mudsprocket AH Dustwallow Marsh, Theramore Isle A Northern Barrens, Ratchet AH Ashenvale, Astranaar A Mount Hyjal, Nordrassil AH Mount Hyjal, Shrine of Aviana AH Mount Hyjal, Shrine of Aessina AH Winterspring, Everlook AH Felwood, Talonbranch Glade A Felwood, Whisperwind Grove A Darkshore, Lor’danel A Teldrassil, Dolanaar A Darnassus A The Exodar A Azuremyst isle, Azure Watch A Bloodmyst Isle, Bloodwatch A Cataclysm Deepholm, Temple of Earth Vashj’ir, Abyssal Depths, Darkbreak Cove Vashj’ir, Shimmering Expanse, Tranquil Wash Vashj’ir, Shimmering Expanse, Silver Tide Hollow Vashj’ir, Kelp’thar Forest, Deepmist Grotto Outland Hellfire Peninsula, Honor Hold A Hellfire Peninsula, Temple of Telhamat A Shadowmoon Valley, Wildhammer Stronghold A Shadowmoon Valley, Altar of Sha’tar AH Aldor Terokkar Forest, Allerian Stronghold A Shattrath City AH Nagrand, Telaar A Zangarmarsh, Telredor A Zangarmarsh, Cenarion Refuge AH Zangarmarsh, Orebor Harborage A Blade’s Edge Mountains, Sylvanaar A Blade’s Edge Mountains, Toshley’s Station A Blade’s Edge Mountains, Evergrove AH Netherstorm, Area 52 AH Netherstorm, The Stormspire AH Northrend Borean Tundra, Valiance Keep A Borean Tundra, Unu’pe AH Borean Tundra, Fizzcrank Airstrip A Sholazar Basin, Nesingwary Base Camp AH The Storm Peaks, Bouldercrag’s Refuge AH The Storm Peaks, Frosthold A The Storm Peaks, K3 AH Dalaran, Silver Enclave A Dalaran, The Legerdemain Lounge AH Dalaran, The Underbelly AH Dragonblight, Star’s Rest A Dragonblight, Moa’ki Harbor AH Dragonblight, Wyrmrest Temple AH Dragonblight, Wintergarde Keep A Zul’Drak, The Argent Stand AH Zul’Drak, Zim’Torga AH Grizzly Hills, Amberpine Lodge A Grizzly Hills, Westfall Brigade A Howling Fjord, Fort Wildervar A Howling Fjord, Westguard Keep A Howling Fjord, Kamagua AH Howling Fjord, Valgarde ADarkmeats2 4d
4d Remove share the love. Share the love really needs to get removed from glory of the hero. Most of the old mount achievements you can solo and it's becoming somewhat hard hard to get share the love. i made a group for it and it took almost 3 hours to fill with 5 people. many leaving after seeing how long it was taking. Then we got to the boss and someone killed him right away.... (a troll of course) for fun and to ruin the other four of us from getting it. I just got into a new group today and the same thing happened. i understand to do a heroic dungeon you need others at the time. Ive met at least 5 people over time saying they just gave up on it, and i really need my Red proto drake as others do and this one Achievement really gets in the way for a old mount.Monsters28 4d
4d Fading into Twilight-- Stuck Went to Stormwind Keep and did the quest where I meet up with Flint on the docks. He sent me to Twilight Highlands where I started my quests. I am stuck after only 12 completed quests. I am stuck at Lt. Emry on the beach. He is supposed to give me the quest "Bird down... bird down" but he only gives me a PvP quest. I am stuck. I was told to go back to Stormwind and talk to the Prince but the Prince is no longer at the Keep. I tried to submit a ticket but they told me I need to do more digging on WoWhead for this issue. I am still stuck and can't complete this achievement. I'm frustrated. Any help would be appreciated.Mirdeen0 4d
5d Insane title So I've been slowly working on the Insane title. I've been taking it slow so I don't go completely insane. I noticed now that Because on my DK I have an experience bar and my artifact power bar I cannot see the rep bar tracking my ravenholt rep. Is there an addon for tracking rep or just to track this title achievement?Dilynrae0 5d
5d Have... Have We Met? achievement thread THERE IS ACTUALLY TWO THREADS FOR THIS ACHIEVE. My friend I met doing this also has one, and both are the most popular threads for this so please check both! First thread capped If you want to share one of the following NPCs for this achievement (Thassarian, Nat Pagle, Chromie, Linken, Mankrik, Hemet Nesingwary) to others please post here with realm or BTag. Times when you're online for that day, saying you're done, other relevant information is appreciated! BTW I'll have you know since this thread and thanks to people here I've gotten this achievement done! Use Premade Groupfinder addon, this thread, make friends! It's still possible!Vivec149 5d
5d Have... Have We Met? The Sequel! Continuing from Thassarian is still hovering over Sethria's Roost, for as long as I can manage (will I keep him past rollover? Let's find out!) All Hordies especially welcome! Especially if you can bring Mankrik or Linken wth you! This is happening on Wyrmrest Accord. There's a Custom Group for Alliance realm-hoppers.Glaswen88 5d
6d spice of Life achievement stuck This achievement which is required for broken isles pathfinder, is stuck on my character at 99/100!Celexie3 6d
6d Tarlna the Ageless won't spawn I don't know whether it's because of a bug or just abysmal RNG, but Tarlna the Ageless (a world boss in Draenor) has been nowhere to be found for an unreasonable amount of time. This is getting stupid; it's the only thing I still need to kill for my Pepe whistle. I can't find very much reliable info on how Tarlna spawns. All I know for sure is that both Drov and Tarlna cannot both be up at the same time. That could mean any number of things. Could it mean they alternate every week? Nope. I killed Drov last Friday, and he's still the only one I've ever seen. Could it mean they alternate every day? Nope. I've checked several days in a row, and Drov is still the only one I've ever seen. Could it mean that one spawns after the other is killed? Nope. I killed Drov again today and he respawned fifteen minutes later. (and a 15-minute spawn timer is the only other thing I see a lot of sources agree on) Could it mean that a random one spawns every week, day, or kill? Who knows? That's theory A. Theory B is that the system is bugged because it's outdated. The ideal solution is to simply make them independent, and both spawn on their own regardless of the other. It's outdated content anyway, nobody's killing them for their loot. Failing that, at least tell us what we need to do to get this elusive genesaur to spawn.Manabender1 6d
6d Farting on Alliance/Horde Leaders 'Chieve? Anybody else think there should be an achievement for using /fart on Alliance/Horde leaders? It would be cool to get something like a fart toy where you can put it down and click it where upon you see everybody around (in about a 50 yard radius...for your heroic farting against enemies) you waving their hands around their nose. :D Also /fart is an emote if you didn't know already. XDOpshuns2 6d
6d Glory WoD/HFC Anyone? Why am I not seeing anyone doing this, I always facerolled older glory xpac with each new expansion with the help of openraid but now now that its dead, i see no one hosting them. I want my WoD glories!Herxheimer2 6d
6d Blood Infusion Buddies So I've been sitting on the Blood Infusion questline for, I don't even know how long. A few guildies and I were really close to completing it a year or so ago but failed it then WoD killed my guild and I've not really gotten around to making another serious attempt since then. I'd like to finally clean this up and complete the quest chain, if for nothing else, just to get it out of my log! I'm sure there are other folks around that need it as well, so I propose a handful of us (minimum of three preferably. I know it can technically be done with two, but it seems like a pain.) team up and everyone helps each other get their achievement finished. If we get three of four people we just take the 30-45 minutes each week it takes to cycle through until everyone completes their achievement. respond here or feel free to add me. I play Moon Guard and my btag is: Mechanizm#1133Alorianna1 6d
6d Vial of Green goo toy found! This Hidden boss in Gnomer was found and he drops the vial of the green goo toy, 6d
6d I need to know 4 Good Suramaritan Achiev Do these three quests count for it? 1) Beware the Fury of a Patient Elf: 2) Long Buried Knowledge: 3) Opening the Arcway: EDIT: I found my answer after an hour of searching on google. They are not required.Tilra0 6d
6d Need someone who got Shadowmourne. Anyone can help me to get Lich King's box, please? I have both Alliance and Horde characters. Just gotta wield it in order to open the quest chain.Hëathenreel3 6d
Oct 20 Securing Draenor Quick question before I submit a ticket. Do the group dailies have to be done in a group for Achievements? I can't seem to find anything related. I joined a group for Assault on Shattrah and for whatever reason was booted as quick as I joined so I decided to go solo on it. I finished up the daily, but still have not gotten credit in my Achievement log for it. Any help is appreciated thanks!Arrowlife2 Oct 20
Oct 19 Patron of War Title... (1 week later) I logged in and linked my twitch account to the North American regions.. watched both days of the tournament and still no title. I followed all the steps and yet never received the title, can i get something done about this?Rêload8 Oct 19
Oct 19 List of Solo-Farmable Mount Drops Was wondering if anyone knows where there's a list somewhere of mount drops from raid, dungeon, or world bosses that can be solo-farmed by a 540-ish ilvl character. ThanksHandofthrawn9 Oct 19
Oct 19 Patron of War title? I have my Twitch and Bizzard together and i did not get the title, its been a day or so and no one haves it, people have been saying its all a lie to get people watching, i was going to watch it anyway, i was saying to people that the title is not a lie its just taking a bit, but now i feel like it was a lie to get people watching, i don't know if you need Legion or something (it did not say you needed Legion), the way that we watch all of it and it SUCKED, its so not fun to watch but like i said i was going to watch it, the title "Patron of War" is like the best title in the world right now, and over 50,000 people said "Hey its the Patron of War title that i don't have i can get for free if i watch that Stream", Oops i'm sorry Bizzard Sucks and lied about it just so people can watch the stream, like who does that, Um HELLO BIZZARD, yeah so look at this ling Website right here: Oct 19
Oct 19 Guild Achievement - Stay Classy With Patch 7.1 releasing on Oct 25, does anyone know how it will affect the Stay Classy Guild Achievement? For example, my guild only has Troll Warlock left for the Classy Trolls achievement. When the patch hits, the level is being raised to 110. Do we only have to do Troll Warlock, or do we have to do all of the Trolls to 110 since we haven't completed the achievement?Bearrepairjr1 Oct 19
Oct 19 Adventurer of Highmountain Looking for The Snowbringer and Champion Chomper, anyone have co-ordinates of how to find these two?Yvonnel3 Oct 19
Oct 18 Is Strike! Achievement bugged after 7.0 pp? Been trying for days now, making sure we get more that 18 sometimes, they all die but the achievement does not get granted, even after we are sure that we got 18+ dead with the iron star and killed garrosh in the SoO fight. Has anyone gotten it after the prepatch???Lixybabe25 Oct 18
Oct 18 Prove Your Strength Good Morning im trying to achieve the Prove Your Strength Achv in Gorgrond. I have paid the 5k to change over to the sparring arean. Its asking me to use the ability but there is no directions on how to find the ability. if anyone could help it would be appreciatedKodekkz0 Oct 18
Oct 18 Anyone else have "A Legendary Campaign"? Proof for the skeptical: Also, there should be some reward for this, perhaps a title and/or mount. Preferably a passenger mount where the passengers are your other characters. (And yes, I'm bragging here, but this is the achievement forum. Isn't that what we do here? :P)Vasilli3 Oct 18
Oct 18 Naval Shipyard I'm slowly working on getting all the achievements from this, I started very late. I was wondering if someone had a guide or some such that will just tell me the best ships to have and the best equipment to give the entire fleet. So I can get the most out of it and get the achievements quick. like a guide that says: get these ships, give them this equipment. Win!Kitten1 Oct 18
Oct 18 The Loremaster: Level 1 or 100? Hello everyone, so I have decided to go after the loremaster and the seeker achievements and I have a question, I am not looking for any help on the questing itself I am just curious if it would be easier to start a new character at level 1 or should I start it with a boosted level 100? I have read that some quests require you to injure the target but not killing it which could prove to be a challenge with a level 100 in lower level areas, I am aware of the "toy sword" that can be used to attack but not kill but I was also worried that maybe it was a weapon that may not be available to classes such as the druid. I would only want to start this with a level 100 due to the fact I could fly from each quest, zone, etc allowing me to cut down on time but at the same time I am okay with locking XP and running through all like level zones until I complete them all, unlock to the next zone and repeat. Basically I would lock at level 20 and do ALL the areas 1-20, then level to 30, 40, etc and do the same. So I guess I am asking for the people that have already done this would it be a better idea to just start a fresh character or would I not experience much trouble with a higher level character. This toon will more than likely be Alliance although I am not entirely sure but maybe the faction will play a part in the ease of completing this?Moonauk2 Oct 18
Oct 17 Can't enter Ashran in Legion? I have spent 2 hours today in an Ashran queue and it never popped, i tired for about an hour on the weekend during peek playing hours for my realm and nothing. I don't want to go in there and pvp i just want the rep so i can get my mount. If there is no reason for 110 players to go into Ashran aside from Achievements or vanity items why would you lock it behind a queue that required other people to join, can you please just let in anyone who tries to run in that meets the requirements. If people mass farming honor is what you are afraid of why not just nerf the amount of honor rewarded like you did with Tol'barad and Wintergrasp?Evani1 Oct 17