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2h Stratholme Deathcharger - How many runs? Title says it all: To those who have Rivendar'e Deathcharger, how many runs did it take you? I'm on run #86 at the moment, so just wondering how much more of this I have to look forward to, on average. :P (Yes, I'm aware RNG is RNG and I could, technically, be doing this for thousands of runs.) The drop rate is 1%, right? Someone was trying to tell me it was 0.02%. O_oLethyl24 2h
4h Reputation Achievements Credit & Tracking So for the longest time I had 1 main and did EVERYTHING on him, especially achievements and nothing really of note any other characters. So most of my achievements and achievement credit were concentrated on the one character. In recent years, however, I've changed servers and mains pretty much once per expansion, and have since branched and have a more even distribution of play time between quite a few characters. So my question is two fold, as the subject line suggests. Do reputation achievements such as Guardian of Cenarius, requires you to get exalted with two specific factions, and the big meta achieve like X exalted reputations share credit between characters, or must it be done on a single character? And 2, if the big X exalted reps achievement is in fact account based, is there a way to track your actual progress toward it? (perhaps an addon you know of) On my current main, it reflects only the reps he has exalted.Zokath1 4h
5h Stay classy progress wiped completely Me and my family love working on getting this achievement we would race to get our toons to 85. I was scrolling through the forums yesterday and I came upon a topic that the same problem happened their guild stay classy achievement has been wiped. I was rather confused so I went and checked my guilds own stay classy achievements and what do I find. I find it all wiped off and the requirements changed. Before all we had to do was get a toon to level 85 now we have to get everything to max. So I put in a ticket and waited about 12 hours hoping that they could restored something of all our hard work and nothing. They could not restore [b]any[b] of our progress. My family instantly flipped out. We couldn't restore any of our progress, so now we have to level all of our toons to max (which we are having a hard time leveling toons through legion at the moment) and there is nothing we can do to get our progress back . Please i'll advise you to check your guilds progress on this to see what you lost and hope that there's someway they can restore the progress for those who were almost do it.Smartone2 5h
8h Get that achievement XVI Just a continue from topic. Last one to post was Frytanya so as a reminder you need to [Remember to Share]you only got four more to go! (: I'll take a couple achieves to tackle. (:Winfree68 8h
10h Mount Collector Support Group V 23 Last one capped - 10h
17h Loremaster title without Legion Hello, I'm working on Loremaster achiev/title and have a question. I have Legion but did not activated the serial key yet. Is it possible to gain LM completing Draenor, Pandaria, Outland, Northrend, Cataclysm and EK/Kalimdor quests due to thd fact my account is not upgraded? I hear Legion LM requires raiding. Thanks!Boogeycow1 17h
20h Withered training Are we required to complete this as part of the Good Sumeritan achievement ? Thanks.Hartric3 20h
1d Artifact Appearances, Achieves, and RNG Where to start.... Most people have recently achieved "Unleashed Monstrosities" and realized that the entire row of artifact appearances are locked behind raid content. Blizzard has responded that this is intended and most people are not happy about it. Blizzard has also said that the ability to unlock hidden appearances on an weapon you don't have the root for by using a different spec's hidden appearance is a "bug" and they intend to "fix it". This is also very disliked by the player base. Let's state clearly here why the intended way is wrong and why the "bug" is reasonable. 1. Artifact weapons are the centerpiece - Artifact weapons are the centerpiece of this expansion. Players spend an enormous amount of time improving their artifact weapons by farming AP. Having any aspect of these weapons unreasonably denied to players is going to piss off a lot of people. 2. Multiplayer is the focus, not raiding - Legion has revived the multiplayer aspect of WoW in many ways. There are world quests, class halls, new raid content and Mythic+. This expansion has brought content for many different types of player groups and interests. There is challenging content for small groups of friends and large raid groups. This is absolutely a good thing. Many of the root artifact appearances are held by rng, raid content, or BOTH. I'll be the first to say that raid content isn't that difficult but no one should be forced to do it in order to see their artifact weapon content. 3. If you do the work you should get the credit - Many of the appearances locked behind RNG and raid content are actually more challenging to obtain than the root appearance (For example: "Glory of the Legion Hero"). Not being able to see a reward after so much work just because you don't know enough people to raid or simply weren't lucky enough to get that root appearance drop is really really disheartening. 4. RNG is not game design - (This issue is not specific to the artifact appearance issue. It is found throughout the game.) A game has rules, strategies, and aspects of practiced skill. Elements of chance may appear but mostly to cause the player to develop strategies to combat difficult situations. Doing the same thing over and over; pressing the same button over and over in hopes that your hidden appearance item will show up based on RNG does not require skill. It cannot be strategized around. It's not game design. It's simple gambling. WoW is not a slot machine. It's a mmorpg. 5. Why is WoW fun anyway? - Games are fun because they allow players to engage in pretend or competition in a reasonably fair environment. The rules are laid out and it's up to the player to reach their goals. So much of life is unfair. You can do everything you can to succeed and still lose. Games are a nice and engaging leisure activity because they are -not- subject to the whims of unfair/unreasonable chance. Also, friggin dragons. You get to pretend to be a powerful entity in a magical story line. The story and environment are what keep people engaged, not artificial gating of various shinies. Mmorpg's are especially engaging because you create that unique story with your friends. I'm not talking about rp. The story can simply be your experience hanging out with other people. tl;dnr = Please reconsider the way artifact appearances are locked by a "root" appearance and please do not fix the "bug" which allows us to put in work to compensate for terrible rng (because rng is not game design).Moonclaw0 1d
1d Is Strike! Achievement bugged after 7.0 pp? Been trying for days now, making sure we get more that 18 sometimes, they all die but the achievement does not get granted, even after we are sure that we got 18+ dead with the iron star and killed garrosh in the SoO fight. Has anyone gotten it after the prepatch???Lixybabe27 1d
1d Stormbreaker So I've been trying to get this achievement for a while (mainly for its kickass title) but the pre-req achieve "It was Worth Every Ritual Stone" is pretty hard to get considering how hard it is to obtain Shan'ze Ritual Stones. However I heard doing it in groups makes it a lot faster by sharing summons. I was wondering if anyone would like to group up and complete this achievement with me :)Calori0 1d
2d Go long achievement. Hello I recently went to try to get this achievement with 5 people (me and 4 more) we did /range 40 we passed the mark as it should but got NO credit for it. Maybe we did something wrong? or is the achievement actually bugged? I'm trying to seek some answers tried google but they are from patch 5.4.. it's the last achievement I need for the mount..Xyona0 2d
2d Unleashed Monstrosities I completed the achievement "Unleashed Monstrosities" and I have an artifact appearance I can unlock for completing said achievement. Yet, when I looked to see if could equip this appearance, I found that I was unable to. Can someone enlighten me as to why this is please?Medrae5 2d
2d Long-Forgotten Hippogryph Mount Guide Greetings All! Before I begin, I would like to wish everyone here mega luck on getting this rare and pink mount. I'm not a fan of buying/selling something that can actually be easily obtained. So I give this information to you. I highly recommend the website from Worldofpunks, as much of their information assisted me in getting this rarity. I am not sure if I'm allowed to link it, but if you google Worldofpunks Long-Forgotten, it should come up. I also highly recommend Wowhead. Get addons, such as TomTom and Paste. Paste is helpful as it removes the limit in characters you can type. Also, please take note of the Discord channel These folks are dedicated to come assist you to help you find your crystals. (Many themselves have already found it, so don't worry about them stealing.) They range from US-EU, Horde to Alliance. But please advised, they don't tolerate spam or inconsiderate people. To start off: The clickable items are called Ephemeral Crystals and they are bright pinkish-purple. They are ONLY found in the ASZUNA zone in Broken Isles. They are noticeable from a distance. You can see them from flightpaths - flying by, or literally just noticing them. Please be aware, they can be anywhere, even in caves. Keeps your eyes peeled. There are a total of 5 crystals you need to click before obtaining the mount. It does not matter what order you do it in, but once you click the crystal, it doesn't disappear, you simply cannot click it again. This is a great indicator to let you know if anyone else has found all 5. How so? If you're not sure if they have all been found, you can run by one you did find and see if it's still there. If it is, the event is still active. After clicking one, you receive a hidden buff that lasts for 8 hours - meaning, you have 8 hours to find the next. Once all 5 have been found, a zone wide message of "You hear a faint caw in the distance, then silence". Someone got it then; hopefully you. Your level does not matter. You can be level 1 and still click these. Be aware you cannot trade this mount. Once you get it, you own it. Below is a current list of waypoints to search. I wish you the best in hunting.Jaduen4 2d
2d You're just making it worse! Is this achievement currently bugged? I poped the toy, and got her Ire, and Millhouses amusement debuffs and no one got the achievment. Is there something i'm missing?Swiftmends0 2d
2d Unleashed Monstrosities - Artifact Skin So, I completed Unleashed Monstrosities achievement today. But, I cant get the artifact skin to unlock until I have completed Balance of Power. And Balance of Power cant be completed until Nighthold releases in the next few months. Am I missing something or is this totally bas-ackwards. Edit - Looks like there is another thread on this. Oops.Bearrepairjr0 2d
2d TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade Thread #36 Continuation from: I accept gold and I sell mounts on ALL servers and factions. Please keep in mind prices vary. Selling: Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger Reins of the Spectral Tiger Magic Rooster Egg Ghastly Charger's Skull Feldrake Big Battle Bear White Riding Camel Swift Shorestrider X-51 Nether-Rocket -------------------------------------------------------------- Additional services: Cross server or cross faction gold exchange Middleman services for those who want to make their trades as smooth and safe as possible-------------------------------------------------------------- Buying: Murloc Costume Big Blizzard Bear Tyrael's Hilt All TCG mounts/Toys Contact Info: Battletag: Fluffybunz#1816Fluffy430 2d
2d Avast Ye, Admiral! Avast Ye, Admiral! looking for a groupDuztee0 2d
3d Herald of the Titans NOW Group of 5 looking for a tank, healer, and 3 DPS for Herald of the Titans. We have a group together now if people are available. This is US Horde. Add Asics#1473 to be added to the group.Asics2 3d
3d Seeking guild with Glory Achievements I'm looking to purchase a guild with the following achievements (preferably on Illidan - Horde): Guild Glory of the Pandaria Raider --> Rewards Reins of the Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent Guild Glory of the Draenor Raider--> Rewards Blacksteel Battleboar --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The intent of this purchase is to provide a guild with the above mentioned rewards to those in the mount collecting community who have yet to acquire them. People from any server/faction are welcome to make a level 55 Death Knight and join the guild free of charge. Obtaining an exalted reputation with the guild and having 3,000 and 4,000 gold respectively for each mount mentioned above will also be required to purchase and learn each mount. Furthermore, I will provide a monthly allowance from my pocket, so that those who cannot afford to purchase the mount(s) may be able to do so. This will be limited to 50,000 to 100,000 gold a month from. However, those who are capable are encouraged to simply sell pets on the auction house in order to obtain the needed gold necessary for buying the mount(s). Additionally, it would be encouraged and appreciated if people donated pets/gold into the bank. Think of it like a "take a penny, leave a penny" type of thing. I'm doing this because over the last couple of months I've been discreetly helping people on the Mount Support Thread acquire the above mentioned mounts. And there seems to be a lot of new and upcoming mount collectors. This is all still on the drawing board so any suggestions or ideas are highly appreciated. This will not be possible to do if I can't purchase a guild with the above mentioned achievements. So if you or someone you know has one rotting away please let me know and we can work something out. I will continue using this thread once a guild has been acquired so I will reserve the next two posts. Please let your voice be heard if you think this is an awful idea. I'm going to being looking to do other types of similar things throughout this year, so some constructive criticism will be appreciated. Thank you!Fluffy4 3d
3d class order hall achiev Any plans for an achiev for completing 7/9/11 order hall campaigns? Maybe sometime special for completing all of them?Gefaustet1 3d
3d Can I run Throne of Thunder twice? I'm trying to get the Thundering Raider achievement, and I just need the achievement from the last boss which requires multiple runs. When I was doing the Siege of Ogrimmar meta I was able to join other groups and finish it, but I don't seem to be able to do this with Throne of Thunder? Is there some sort of trick to this, perhaps kill all but one boss so I can zone into someone elses lockout or something? It's frustrating to wait an entire week to re-run legacy content after all these years. ThanksJimo3 3d
3d Toy Collector's Support Group v1 Hello, And welcome to the Toy Collector's Support Group. In this group we can share what toys we are seeking still or obtained. :-) I'm also encouraging others that post in this here-thread to help others find toys they may be seeking if possible. The more help everyone gets is the merrier as I'm certain many players want the mount for obtaining 300 toys! Anyway, To start this group off, I got my 310th toy earlier today. It was from the achievement No Shellfish Endeavor. Looking for the Mount Collector's Support Group? Click the link below! :-) Xanlorash [The Insane]Xanlorash1 3d
4d Why is Loremaster only worth 10 seriously why? I don't get it. Its the hardest achievement cmon.Littlemanthe1 4d
4d Heavy Jonkboxes & Rogues I had an idea blizzard could do that as you may of guessed pertains to Heavy Junkboxes and Rogues. My idea is for those rogues who may of gone and done the Legendary Daggers (even those who will do it in future) should get some kind of budd that lets them get double the amount of Heavy lockboxes as they normally would. Reasoning for my idea is this (and yes I know its suppose to be hard other words it wouldn't be part of the insane achievement ) back when in wrath which is when they implemented achievments I assume each server had a number of rogues farming up the lockboxes or least was easier to find them or have a friend do it to get the achievement. I feel 4-5 expansions later theres been a drop in rogues farming the lockboxes making it harder to get for a person to get them even if one is trying to do it on there rogue. not everyone who has a rogue has the patience to farm up the 1405 Heavy lockboxes needed for the rep.Celticlore3 4d
4d WTS Feldrake - Mal'ganis US I have a TCG feldrake mount I'd like to sell, 1.5mil or best offerGabe0 4d
4d A Daily Routine (guild achievement) World Quests do not count toward the "A Daily Routine" guild achievement (link: As it stands now, you have an entire xpac that prevents us from working toward completing this achievement and obtaining its rewards through current content. Please fix this and grant credit for all World Quests already completed in Legion respectively.Emisia5 4d
4d A Daily Routine (guild achievement) World Quests do not count toward the "A Daily Routine" guild achievement (link: As it stands now, you have an entire xpac that prevents us from working toward completing this achievement and obtaining its rewards through current content. Because World Quests are the replacement for "daily" quests in Legion, it only seems right that they should count toward this achievement. True, there are hundreds of old daily quests still available in the game, however, as Legion is very time-consuming, it's not a viable principle to have to grind 15,000 daily quests from previous xpacs in order to complete this achievement. Please fix this and grant credit for all World Quests already completed in Legion respectively.Emisia0 4d
5d Guild Achievement - Stay Classy With Patch 7.1 releasing on Oct 25, does anyone know how it will affect the Stay Classy Guild Achievement? For example, my guild only has Troll Warlock left for the Classy Trolls achievement. When the patch hits, the level is being raised to 110. Do we only have to do Troll Warlock, or do we have to do all of the Trolls to 110 since we haven't completed the achievement?Bearrepairjr21 5d
5d [Wintergrasp Veteran] I am stuck on [Wintergrasp Veteran] because you need 100 victories for this one. I remember the [Tol Barad Veteran] used to be 100, and then they brought it down to 25. I would love to see if we could lower the # of Wintergrasp victories down too. It's such a pain in the butt now that it's not an active PVP zone like back in WOTLK.Xuja0 5d
5d Raiding with leashes 4 How poor is drop rate? Only started running last week and now I have 2 runs on all three raids and I have pets. I have done past 3 pet achievements and I have never seen drop rate this..poor.Sisterspite0 5d
5d Raiding with leashes 4 How poor is drop rate? Only started running last week and now I have 2 runs on all three raids and I have pets. I have done past 3 pet achievements and I have never seen drop rate this..poor.Sisterspite0 5d
5d Turkey Lurkey, Looking for help Done! Thanks.Hoan1 5d
5d Resilient Victory - Anyone? Need a few people to try to get this last achievement for battlemaster. I imagine we'll get it after 5 or so tries so be patient.Xilian2 5d
5d ~Herald of the Titans~ Herald of the Titans Tank & Healer OR Tank & DPS duo looking to fill out the group. We're level 80 & Geared. Add my Battle Net which is SpacePope20K#1320. We will probably do it on a saturday evening like 8pm Eastern time. We are on the Tichondrius Realm. P.S. I DO NOT NEED MIMI'S HEAD -> the rest of the group will be rolling on it.Lactard0 5d
6d LFM Glory of the Firelands LFM Glory of the Firelands hero. need more for only the penitentGrimleaper1 6d
6d [Mine Cart Courier] Bugged? Just did this Achievement in a BG and got no credit do i personally have to escort the cargo or is a team based Achievement? really annoyed since this is an annoying one to get done :SEvani1 6d
6d PVP Achievements account wide? Are the pvp achievements that unlock the artifact appearance account bound? i.e if I get The Prestige on my druid, will I unlock the first pvp appearance on my paladin? Kinda sucks if not, that grind is painful :<Pawful1 6d
Nov 26 Selling Long-Forgotten Hippogryph Mount! Hey guys! I'm baaaaaack! You might remember my services in the past with either the Uldum (Grey Riding Camel) Mount or maybe you've done Gold Exchanges with me before. Well many friends I've helped so far suggested I do the same for the *ULTRA RARE* Long-Forgotten Hippogryph Mount! So here I am! I've been studying this mount since it was first known and have invested lots of time and farming to figure out the kinks and I'm here to help you get it. I'm currently working with a small team to make this happen! THE PROCESS: We have multiple toons on multiple accounts parked at spawn locations on certain servers waiting for these crystals to come up. Once it is found, we go through clicking the crystals and finding all 5. Once the fifth is found, we go through and invite the next person in line to group (highest bid offer) to come click the rest of the crystals and obtain their mount. And that's it! You've got the simple and easy part! HOW MUCH?: Well, just like Camels, we are on a private bidding system. People message us with their offers and we categorize them into our sheet from highest to lowest. When a crystal is found, the highest offer is contacted and invited to group. If they are not online at the time, it moves to the next person on the list (this happens pretty often). So when referring to how much, you ask yourself, how much is the mount worth to you? Sometimes this spawns once a week, sometimes none at all (that we know of). Who know's what changes they will make to CRZ and sharding so we are taking advantage of this now before any changes are made. P.S. (WE ACCEPT GOLD ONLY) :P WHEN DO I PAY? For us to avoid getting scammed by "bidders", I will only accept full payment once a crystal is found. You will be contacted and payment will be made on the spot before invite is sent out to you or locations are revealed to you. So please be ready as this is a timed event and anyone is able to go click the crystals and unlock the mount. If you take too long to answer or pay gold, the next person in line will be invited to group! Just like with camels, we accept gold on all (US - OCEANIC - LATIN) Servers, either faction. Unfortunately in order to actually receive the mount, you will need to be on an alliance character to be grouped with us (minimum level 100 - to survive any damage that might come from mobs). But we will accept payment on horde toons (our horde alts from different servers).  WHY SHOULD I TRUST YOU? I have offered similar services in the past and have gotten only awesome reviews. You can view them all from our Grey Riding Camel sales at I wouldn't do anything to risk my rep or account. I've been playing since Vanilla and continue to keep good terms with everyone! If that's not enough for you then sorry! :) If you're interested feel free to contact me in game (Worldofpunks-Proudmoore) or invite me on battlenet (Geekygreek7#1439). You can also check out the site I've made ( for any further information. Like before, we offer a referral system. You will get 10% of the payment that was made if transaction is completed. So tell your friends and guildies! Good luck everyone! And thank you!Worldofpunks50 Nov 26
Nov 26 How does a horde member get to azuremyst isle Trying to do the exploration Achievments, can't figure out how a horde members gets to the dranei zone? Can't fly, fatigued out and I don't see a boat ride there. Obviously I'm missing something, please help, thank you !Chopsie13 Nov 26
Nov 25 Make Talon's Vengeance TITLE PLEASE Why isn't there an achievement named Talon's Vengeance that gives the title "Talon's Vengeance". The mount is actually terrible, and cost 10k. I got this rep exalted because I thought the title would be given as well. I don't see why it's not in the game, and I think it would be a great addition.Svenge4 Nov 25
Nov 24 Achievement Confusion: Questions 1. Why don't account-wide achievements show up on your Guild Roster when sorted by Achievement Points? ...or on new characters/alts? 2. If an alt re-completes an account wide achievement will they: a. Get credit for it? b. Get the points to show up in Guild Roster when sorted by Achievement Points? 3. Why does my achievement points on Armory say 19370 and my forum posts say 19220? 4. Any recommendations or is there even a mod out there that handles achievements for alts better? Achievements are a big factor in how I play the game...a journal and guide of sorts. They allow me to see what I have and haven't done and help measure my that checklist like sense of accomplishment. Trying to figure out how achievements work with alts has been a frustrating feels like the intention is to please both account-wide and individual achievement parties but to me it has been a messy hybrid of confusion.Wrath7 Nov 24
Nov 24 Guild classy achievement This is my bank alt in my bank guild. I've slowly been leveling alts to 85 (and honored with the guild) to work on the classy achievements (Just 'cuz). I logged on today to check my progress and I see that it's been wiped clean. I no longer have any progress on any classy achievement. For example I used the Legion invasion to finish leveling my Night elf druid and Draenei paladin to 85. I made sure they were in their respective race classy achievements before deleting them but now I have nothing in Classy Night elf or Classy Draenei. Is this a bug? Will my progress eventually come back? Is anyone else having this problem?Rokki8 Nov 24
Nov 24 lf Help- Steel has been brought Looking for help getting this achievement for a level 100 horde hunter. I've joined a few pugs and while the leader is usually willing to try, some random lowlife inevitably zergs Aknor down like it's his job, screwing the whole raid over. Help me orcify my garrison! daveh1701#1832Sineval0 Nov 24
Nov 23 Classy Achievements The Classy guild achievements changed in patch 7.1 to require higher level for completion. I understand the change, however, all of our progress for the achievements was reset. We are a small guild and have worked very hard for the progress we had so far. Is it possible for Blizzard to keep the partial credit for characters that had already completed the requirement before the change?Carter6 Nov 23
Nov 23 Achievements should be account wide Make achievements account wide in all seriousness we are but 1 person with say 10 characters they all do a part but achievements should be account wide. It would make more sense if they were.Drakuul3 Nov 23
Nov 23 Unleashed Monstrosities How often do these mobs spawn? I am keen for this achieve :P~Fozzi9 Nov 23
Nov 23 "Unleashed Monstrosities" achievement So this achieve requires you kill the listed weekly bosses in order to get credit for it. It unlocks a skin you can get for your artifact weapon. I've been tracking this achiev cuz i really want that skin. after i killed the new world boss for this week i checked the list again to see how many more i had to go and noticed withered jim is now on the list when before he wasnt. Also noticed i had not been given credit for killing him, twice.., when he was released two weeks i a row by accident. so i put in a ticket and this is the response i got.. "Withered J'im was indeed added later to that achievement, with the 7.1 patch. However, this one's not meant to be retoractive, so any kills prior to the patch wouldn't count towards the achievement. As it isn't retoractive, I'm afraid that there's not a way we can provide credit for it, but the next time you kill it it should give you credit without any trouble =)" there's no reason this shouldnt be retroactive... especially given that these bosses are released once a week and at randomSloshedfury19 Nov 23
Nov 23 Legion Pathfinder: Part 2 When is this dropping?!Zenmarion13 Nov 23
Nov 23 Magi Focusing Crystal(withered training) Hey, has anyone here managed to loot the magi focusing crystal toy from withered training? I have all of the toys from the scenario except this one, and it is not listed in the toy box currently. Wowhead comments does not have any pictures of people using or looting the toy, so I figured I'd search here. Thanks.Mowdown0 Nov 23