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Oct 26, 2010
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Herald of the Titans ALLIANCE I've got my lvl 80 ready. I'm still recruiting more people for it. I have two people in my guild I"m gearing up on my Shaman. I also have a Druid I can solo this on. My ID is Sedaiv#1539 add me, I can start running toons though Ulduar and ICC 5 mans for gear. I also stock up on enchantment mats from Wrath to give FREE Wrath enchants, I have almost EVERY SINGLE Enchantment so don't worry, I KNOW I got all the Wrath Enchantments. I can do Red & Blue rare enchants, no epics yet. But I'm not worry about +2. PLEASE, if you WANT this title AND are the Alliance, add me and we'll talk about getting you in. The roster so far is... TANKS: Johnywalker (me) - Azuremyst - Death Knight Tank/DPS Titansherald - Barthias - Death Knight - Tank/DPS DPS Keshira - Staghelm: Hunter Beast Master Vorilarys - Scarlet Crusade: Death Knight DPS/Tank Xarch - Uther - Paladin - DPS Zebatheond - Sargeras - Warlock - DPS Mcshennegans - Galakrond - Death Knight - DPS Heals Xiodra - Mediavh - Monk - Heal/DPS Junkerino - Ysondre - Priest - Heal/DPS Maybe (gotta talk to on Battle.Net and see if they're still able to do this) Shames - Skullcrusher - Shaman - DPS/Resto Katis Alt - Terrokar - Priest - Heal/DPS Lunasella - Staghelm - Druid - Balance/Resto Komyo - Winterhoof - Paladin - Heal/DPS Rampage - Elune - Hunter I'm going through my Battle.Net ID Friends list, I'm going to contact who I can and ask "hey are you doing Herald?" So I can remove people who are not doing Herald. Saturday, July 30th, at 12:00 PM/Noon EST (ask me if you need to know what time YOU need to be on) I'll be starting my group for Herald. From Tuesday to Friday, I'll GLADLY gear up people. I already got a few who need gear still, we'll do Heroic Naxx, Heroic OS3D Zerg, Heroid EoE, TOC10 and every day I'll run 4 people (hopefully) through ICC 5 mans for gear to help you gear up faster. CONTACT ME ASAP if you are geared, which includes Enchantments & Gems. I'm PRETTY SURE I can enchant cross server if we're in the same dungeon. If you need to know what enchants you need for shoulders & legs, ask. I'm not sure what potions are needed BUT if I can make Great Feasts, I'll make some and send them to my DK. Lotous18
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Find-a-friend Nemesis farm trading edit: ****I AM NOW GIVING FREE TAUREN, BELF, UNDEAD, AND PANDA QUICKFARMS TO ANY ALLIANCE WHO CAN PHASE ONTO JUBEI/GUNDRAK (minimum group of 3 so it doesnt take hours). add me maximize#11621 find your own group of panda/belf/undea/tauren hunters, then i'll Die for you AND i have a RaF trial account to resurrect myself with. ****** After trial and error with my other free nemesis help group, I think this is the best solution for those who still really want nemesis quests done, but farming ashran for months isn't an option. HOW IT WORKS: Post your realm, faction, and currently active nemesis quest, as a comment. Look for others on your realm doing the same quest, AND others on your realm in the opposite faction. Group up! edit your posts to include people on the same quest as you once you find them. have a group of 3-5 people? Find a group of the opposite faction, and offer to trade kills with them!. out of the 3-5 people, you're bound to cover most of the required races. Contact the group members and organise a time to meet. Including your Btag can assist in group members contacting you, and i found voice services like to help alot when communicating with the enemy faction. Exams will be starting soon for me so i will be less active to recruit for this one for a few weeks, but will still try stay active and will be back on lots once exams are over, i'm still determined to get the nem quests before legion, and i think this is the best way for us all to do it!. (why groups of 3-5? being in a group of the same quest, gives duplicate progression for each kill. so if you have 2 group members, instead of 500, you need 250. with 3, you need 166, 4 =125, etc. cuts down farming time greatly.) I'm jubei'thos/gundrak (linked realms). Have not picked a quest yet, can do ANY alliance kill quest. Battletag: Maximize#11621 PS: your realm isn't to populated/ having a hard time finding friends? try join a different realms group. as long as the majority of members are on the same realm, you should be phased in with them (Though OCE only phase with OCE, US only phase with US). Móuldylocks51
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<DNOgaming> Mythic HFC + Blackhand Sales Hello potential buyers, Original Post: DNOgaming-Kil'Jaeden is opening up our sale spots for Mythic Hellfire Citadel. Gold is accepted on any US-Realm. Next Available Sale Week: Contact Me for Details. Please Read 2nd Post for Current Bookings. General Details for raid runs: - Horde Only - I don't bring classes that share tier tokens or an armor type with another buyer. - All raids are Master Loot. - Avg number of loot per buyer is 13-18. - Sales runs can be done cross-realm. - Mythic HFC runs take 2-3 hours to complete. - I do discounts for previous buyers when possible. - US runs include all North American Region servers, which are located under the lower tabs named United States, Oceanic, Latin America and Brazil. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price List Archimonde - 1.5M (with mount) Archimonde - 250K (no mount) PACKAGES 13/13M + Mount - 2M 7/13-->13/13M + Mount - 1.75M (Most Popular one) 13/13M - 750k 7/13-->13/13M - 500k. (All the bosses past Gorefiend + Archimonde) Prices are subject to change, and there can be some discounts granted for larger purchases and long term buyers. Sale Details: 1. Information Required Please include the name, class and primary spec of your character in your PM, and be aware our Sale Times are 6PM to 10PM PST on Tuesday. 2. Deposits A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required to be payed when booking a sale. If an emergency situation arises, contact us and let us know, and we will do our best to work with you to reschedule. 3. Payment The remaining balance is due the start your scheduled raid. If you have not paid in full and/or have not made previous alternate arrangements by that time, your deposit will be forfeited. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BRF We also sell Mythic Blackhand mount for 250K on Tuesdays @ ~5:45PM PST, before HFC raid has started. - Add Dish#1411 if you are interested. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQs What are the loot rules? The loot rules will be Raider > Buyer. You will receive any items that are not wanted by Raiders in the group. Our main raid's average iLevel is 744, so there are a large number of mythic items (ilvl720-735) currently being disenchanted. BOEs from trash or bosses will be looted to you if they are not an upgrade for a raider in the instance. This includes BOEs outside of your main stat & armor class. If you are interested in a specific piece of loot, please let me know and I can look into its availability. What time do you guys usually run HFC? DNOgaming's HFC farm nights are on Tuesday @ 6PM PST. We usually expect to finish around 9PM PST. How do I contact you in setting up a run? Whisper or mail me in-game. My b-tag is Dish#1411. Recommended that you only deal with me when organizing a sales run. I have more questions! Leave your question here in this thread, and I'll try to answer them as soon as possible. Alternatively add my btag Dish#1411 Thanks for reading. Jinzel5
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Fluffy's Cross - Realm Gold Exchange Currently there is only one way to definitively move your gold and that's to purchase a guild master transfer (explained below). Since being introduced in 2011 this has been a great feature that I occasionally still use today. However, sometimes transferring gold is extremely time sensitive (buying BMAH items) and it gets very expensive if you have to purchase multiple transfers to multiple servers. For the past year I have been offering a cross server gold exchange service to accommodate people that can't afford or can't wait the 7 days to transfer a guild bank. What my service provides: A hassle free, quick and most importantly secure way to transfer funds from one server to another** Helpful for quickly buying BMAH items, carries from other players on other servers, alts on different servers, etc... Middleman service between you and another party** Free consultation/advice as to if you're making a smart and fair purchase* I always type up formal in-game agreements that detail exactly what deal you're agreeing to: Example: * Anyone is welcome to add me to ask questions -- you are not obliged to do business with me to receive advice ** Varying fee is applied which is payable on the origin server The most conventional method to move your gold: Blizzard's official guild master transfer service (found on your account management page) Your guild bank can carry 9,999,999 gold and your character if level 100 can carry 250,000 You must be level 10+ Must have been the guild master for 7+ days Must have an authenticator on your account active for 7+ days Must have another member in your guild Costs $35.00 = Server, $40.00 = Faction, and $65.00 = Both Typically takes a few hours to fully process, however depending on how busy the service is it may take up to 72 hours All of the above information and more can be found here: Post below if you have any questions or add me up on battletag! Contact: Fluffybunz#1816 Fluffy133
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Arena Master Re-worked for Legion Hello all, I just have a random opinion/request that i hope you all can give your opinions on without being mean I think blizzard should bring back the Arena Master title for Legion but re-work it so its updated based on the current WoW that we all play. If you'll let me explain better, with the Brawler's guild they removed all the MoP achievements and made them FoS but then added new WoD versions of the achievements and changed quite a few things with the brawlers guild. I was never able to do 5s due to lack of friends/players so removing the meta seems understandable but removing the achievement all together, forever, seems overkill imo. I think they should update the arena master achievement the same way they updated the brawlers guild but make some interesting changes such as remove the 5v5 requirement and add a few more like: "Against All Odds 2v2" : Win a ranked 2v2 match after having your team member(s) die and you are forced to face the enemy team alone (2v1) "Against All Odds 3v3": Win a ranked 3v3 match after having your team member(s) die and you are forced to face the enemy team alone (3v1) I also have an idea for a reworked "last man standing" achievement, "The Last Musketeer": win a ranked 3v3 match while being the last person alive in the whole match. They could also rename the updated arena master title to something like -name- "The Arena Master" or -name- "Master of the Arena or even -name- "Arena Junkie' so that ppl can differentiate between the two, though idk why they would do that since they kept the brawlers guild title the same but these are just ideas/my opinions in an attempt to strike some convos about this so that maybe we can give the blizzard team ideas to bring the achievement back. Thank you for reading this and have a great day Ëmyko6
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WTS Lord/Lady of War (Ally Side) Erzanna and my crew are now selling the Lady/Lord of War title on Frostmourne US! We accept gold on all oceanic realms But if US realms must trade of equal value in terms of pets **Note that Oceanic/US realms are compatible for the coliseum. ** <> This is a link to our sales post on Frostmourne. Alliance side only, asking price is 75k per person We generally run Thursday/Saturday night AEST 8pm-12am. In PST time this is about 4am-7am of a start time and go for an additional 3-4 hours form start time (but double check yourself). easiest way is to check a oceanic realms time You will get the Feat of Strength achievement called: The Last of Us which can be found at - While completing this quest you will also complete: Fight, Kill, Salute! which can be found at - This quest gives you 500 Conquest Points, 1000 Apexis Crystals, Champion's Spoils. Requirements - It is important you have these: Level 3 Gladiator's Sanctum (Garrison building.) 500 to 700 Broken Bones. (Gained by killing the opposite faction in Draenor). Awards from winning the event: Lord/Lady of War Title Carries Alliance Flag of Victory Warlord's Flag of Victory Unleashed Mania (not 100% drop chance) 1,500 Conquest Points 1,000 Apexis Crystals Coliseum Champion's Spoils (Which contain flags and items listed above). Whisper me or send me an in-game mail with your battle tag to get put on the list, as these are ran throughout the week by us. I do accept gold on oceanic realms So if you're alliance on another US server and need the service, you're more than welcome to join us. You will be able to pay via pets of value. **Note - If you decide to use pets as payment for the sale, please ensure that the value of the pets are equal to 85-90k on Frostmourne as we need to recover the 80k from pet value minus the cut too. You can use this link to find out their current value <>. Please ensure when checking their value, you go off the MEAN value, as it is calculated over 12 days, not current, or median. If you are interested in buying this, add my battletag, Zync#1638 or zync#11439 Thanks once again, Erzanna and crew. Erzanna16
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