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58m Achivement Can I still do the Higher Learning achievement after I go into the expansion, or do I need to finish it first? In Deadwind Pass the bookshelf I needed isn't even there.Skeletor4 58m
10h [H]Glory of the Thundering Raider help! Hello everyone! I am looking for some people who would be willing to help me finish off this achievement as it is hard to find help. Crossing the streams, Soft- hands and orbs collide ( I think that's the name) are the ones I need the most help with please add my battletag if you would be willing to help this week Cage#1406Jankykong2 10h
18h Guild XP bonus stack with Heirloom/ rested? Sorry if this has been posted/ addressed somewhere. If it has, could someone please link? I searched and didn't find what I was looking for. My question is if the new Guild XP bonuses Level 2: "Fast Track"- Experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased by 5%. etc stacks with Heirloom items (BoA) gear Rested XP (200% of XP gained from killing monsters)Grusom20 18h
1d Once Bitten, Twice Shy question. Hi, so i'm curious if i can solo the second half of the achievement, i just did the first half, where i need to defeat the Blood-Queen without becoming a Vampire, now i need to do the other half, is it soloable? I'm not sure exactly what i need to do, thanks.Ravaging3 1d
1d TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade Thread #36 Continuation from: I accept gold and I sell mounts on ALL servers and factions. Please keep in mind prices vary. Selling: Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger Reins of the Spectral Tiger Magic Rooster Egg Ghastly Charger's Skull Feldrake Big Battle Bear White Riding Camel Swift Shorestrider X-51 Nether-Rocket -------------------------------------------------------------- Additional services: Cross server or cross faction gold exchange Middleman services for those who want to make their trades as smooth and safe as possible-------------------------------------------------------------- Buying: Murloc Costume Big Blizzard Bear Tyrael's Hilt All TCG mounts/Toys Contact Info: Battletag: Fluffybunz#1816Fluffy302 1d
1d Khan of Khans Title Sup Blizzard, So I'm coming in hot for the Khan title, expecting to get it the night before Legion drops. When I get it I would like to request two things: 1. Since I already achieved Battlemaster back in 2k12, I need to be recognized for having both Khan and Battlemaster. Therefore, I require a Feat of Strength which shall be be granted upon achieving both Khan and Battlemaster. The achievement shall grant the title "Khan of Khans". 2. I require one (1) Viscous Saddle upon completion of the Feat of Strength "Khan of Khans" since I have achieved a PvP achievement greater in "zomg" then winning 100 3v3 matches or 40 RBGs. K thx! AstrylianAstrylian8 1d
1d Farting on Alliance/Horde Leaders 'Chieve? Anybody else think there should be an achievement for using /fart on Alliance/Horde leaders? It would be cool to get something like a fart toy where you can put it down and click it where upon you see everybody around (in about a 50 yard radius...for your heroic farting against enemies) you waving their hands around their nose. :D Also /fart is an emote if you didn't know already. XDOpshuns0 1d
1d LF Share The Love looking for some people to help get the Share The Love achievement for Glory Of The Hero Btag: Gupaloriz#1621Poroprincess1 1d
1d Gnomeozurich's Cross-Realm Trade Service The Gnome of Zurich's not ready for prime time cross server trading service. Introducing a new cross server trading service. Offering funds to or from any US realm. Unfortunately, I am not going to be a fluffy replacement just yet. I'm launching early because fluffy has taken a break, but I have a limited number of realms with a large gold supply. Prices will vary by realms to and from. Hit me up to get a quote. Services offered: Pets on any realm, pay on any realm Gold for Gold on another realm Trade for mounts or high end BOE xmog listed on another realm Middleman services to facilitate cross realm or other unsupported deals I am Gnomeozurich on reddit and stormspire. I have the all time top rated post in's history, am a Wind Trader on the Consortium and have a top reputation on my primary business servers (Stormrage and Argent Dawn) for scrupulous fair dealing. All transactions will involve in game specific contracts for both our protection. Prices will vary depending on the realms involved. Add my btag and chat me for a quote. btag is Mi3chael#1531Gnomeozurich6 1d
1d WTB Lady of War (Horde or Ally) Looking to buy lady of war, either horde or alliance. Can pay on any realm if need be or via pets. Add me on btag! want to get this done asap: Gek#1278Kaityperry2 1d
1d Have... Have We Met? achievement thread THERE IS ACTUALLY TWO THREADS FOR THIS ACHIEVE. My friend I met doing this also has one, and both are the most popular threads for this so please check both! First thread capped If you want to share one of the following NPCs for this achievement (Thassarian, Nat Pagle, Chromie, Linken, Mankrik, Hemet Nesingwary) to others please post here with realm or BTag. Times when you're online for that day, saying you're done, other relevant information is appreciated! BTW I'll have you know since this thread and thanks to people here I've gotten this achievement done! Use Premade Groupfinder addon, this thread, make friends! It's still possible!Vivec141 1d
1d Outland Raider Ach No Longer Achievable? The Outland Raider Ach requires doing the old Matheridon's Lair raid, but this raid seems unavailable post-WOD. The HFC zone is now a WOD raid, and taking the old entrance to Magtheridon's Lair puts you in a zone with elites too high even for a level 100 toon. This raid used to have level 70ish NPCs. Is Magtheridon still available somehow? Is it still required for the Outland raider achievement?Patawomeck5 1d
2d ICC achievements can anyone explain to me EXACTLY how getting the i've been waiting a long time for this achievement from the lich king is supposed to go down? every single guide on youtube explains it so poorly its ridiculousZaptres2 2d
2d Suggestion for the Achievement UI Changes to Summary: - Show six Recent Achievements. - Show three Suggested Unearned Achievements. Progress Overview: - Achievements Earned Bar; Move to top. - Achievements; Merge Green percent bars with Left navigation Panel. General: - Legacy: Becomes Blue Achievements (Battle.Net account Bound): Promoting Alts and freedom to change characters. = Current Expansion: None-Blue achievements. Quests: - Legacy: Becomes Blue Achievements (Battle.Net account Bound): Promoting Alts and freedom to change characters. = Current Expansion: None-Blue achievements. Exploration: - Legacy: Becomes Blue Achievements (Battle.Net account Bound): Promoting Alts and freedom to change characters. = Current Expansion: None-Blue achievements. PVP: - Master of … Meta Achievements unlocks Blue stats for all sub achievements. = World PVP; such as … Winters Grasp, Tol Barad, Ashran, and The Timeless Isle all become Blue achievements, moved to a tab called Legacy PVP. Dungeons & Raids: - Break into a sub tab for Dungeons. = Legacy: Becomes Blue Achievements (Battle.Net account Bound): Promoting Alts and freedom to change characters. = Meta Achievements unlocks Blue stats for all sub achievements. - Break into a sub tab for Raids. = Legacy: Becomes Blue Achievements (Battle.Net account Bound): Promoting Alts and freedom to change characters. = Meta Achievements unlocks Blue stats for all sub achievements. Professions: - Legacy: Becomes Blue Achievements (Battle.Net account Bound): Promoting Alts and freedom to change characters. = Current Expansion: None-Blue achievements. Reputations: - Earning exalted status Unlocks Blue Achievements (Battle.Net account Bound): Promoting Alts and freedom to change characters. World Events: - Legacy: Becomes Blue Achievements (Battle.Net account Bound): Promoting Alts and freedom to change characters. = Current Expansion: None-Blue achievements. Pet Battles: - No Change Collections: - No Change Class Halls: - No Change Garrison: - Legacy: Becomes Blue Achievements (Battle.Net account Bound): Promoting Alts and freedom to change characters. = Current Expansion: None-Blue achievements. Scenarios: - Legacy: Becomes Blue Achievements (Battle.Net account Bound): Promoting Alts and freedom to change characters. = Current Expansion: None-Blue achievements.Foxdie0 2d
2d Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare I'm trying to do the Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare achievement but at lvl 100 with all ilvl 700 gear from the invasion I one shot the adds instead of getting them down to a health % that the boss can kill off easily. I've tried on my 100 DK (main), DH, Pally, Hunter and Shammy. Anyone have any tips for what ilvl gear would be more useful for this achievement or any other tips to not kill the adds when trying to pre-damage them for the boss?Dréden4 2d
2d Got my money on my mind This may seem weird to some but one of my favorite achievements to work on was (got my money on my mind) something about gettting out there and grinding dungeons or old content for gold. It's been a couple of expansions since this was updated I would love to see this updated with Legion maybe a 500k with a pet and 1mil gold looted with a title and/or mount. Scrooge title seems appropriate XD. Anyway i've made similar requests before but would love to see this updated or at least a blue post as to why it has not.Aylaqt2 2d
2d LFM Show Me Your Moves 25M Looking for people crazy enough to do this. I've led 19 groups successfully on 10m. I'm able to dodge 10 attacks on heroic difficulty, so I'm able to teach very easily. There is a reason I'd like to do 25m normal and maybe heroic one day, but will share that later. I really do want to do this and am not trying to make a troll post. Can add me Succesinmind#1797 You don't "gain" anything from the achieve (anymore, as it used to be part of GLory of Pandaria Raider), but you will have my respect (as well as from your peers), a sense of true accomplishment and pride. It's fun seeing 10 opportunistic strikes going off at the same time and seeing the "RA: [Show Me Your Moves] Requirements Complete, kill boss now!" message. Think of seeing 25 of them....and of course having 25 people who don't have slow reflexes.Peqvals0 2d
2d What A Strange, Interdimensional Trip... LFM I'm looking for people that need to kill the world bosses for this achievement, in particular, Tarnla. However I'm happy to do them all! Nag your friends to help, too! If you're interested please add me on realid - Ishkah#1291Aivah2 2d
2d LF SoO & ToT Achievement Run groups ADD ME LF SoO and ToT achievement run groups! Add me!! I have multiple classes/specs I can run either of the raids on. Looking for a group to run with to get these mount raid achievements knocked out. ADD MY BTAG Tyler#1929Faqueue3 2d
2d Experienced Drake Rider Trying to finish up some old achieves and only need the above for Glory of the Hero. Drakes only have 30k health and not sure if that's normal or not? Having trouble with Emerald drake without dismounting before I'm able to kill Ley Guardian. Is the only way at this point to bring a friend and have them burn him down from the platform while I'm mounted?Magnius0 2d
2d 500k Honorable Kills Achieve My humble request for the upcoming expansion is that an Achievement be created for obtaining 500,000 Honorable Kills. Over the years I've seen more and more people reach 100,000 and 250,000. I imagine that at the creation of the 100k and 250k achieves that it was pretty unthinkable that so many people would actually get that many and far more. So consideration for an achievement for double, triple, even quadruple the final one was probably never even given. Totally understandable. So please consider it now. It would be totally awesome and would be a perfect present to those of us who enjoy spending most of our time out in the fields of battle. Thank you. :) hOwLiNgMoOn P.S. Not sure what title would be the perfect fit, but I really like the word used for the 1 million HK guild achieve. So "Creepjack" would be my choice. Would L O V E and be Proud to fly that title. I would enjoy seeing what names for the title other people can come up with. Please, if you have a good one list it below. Thanks Y'all.Howlingmoon19 2d
3d (A) Herald of the Titans Geared Resto/Balance druid (working on tank set) if interested in starting a group add me daileydebra@1539Twobluntz9 3d
3d of the black harvest i have the fos can i get it on my new warlock?Mandea1 3d
3d Fluffy's Cross - Realm Gold Exchange Currently there is only one way to definitively move your gold and that's to purchase a guild master transfer (explained below). Since being introduced in 2011 this has been a great feature that I occasionally still use today. However, sometimes transferring gold is extremely time sensitive (buying BMAH items) and it gets very expensive if you have to purchase multiple transfers to multiple servers. For the past year I have been offering a cross server gold exchange service to accommodate people that can't afford or can't wait the 7 days to transfer a guild bank. What my service provides: A hassle free, quick and most importantly secure way to transfer funds from one server to another** Helpful for quickly buying BMAH items, carries from other players on other servers, alts on different servers, etc... Middleman service between you and another party** Free consultation/advice as to if you're making a smart and fair purchase* I always type up formal in-game agreements that detail exactly what deal you're agreeing to: Example: * Anyone is welcome to add me to ask questions -- you are not obliged to do business with me to receive advice ** Varying fee is applied which is payable on the origin server The most conventional method to move your gold: Blizzard's official guild master transfer service (found on your account management page) Your guild bank can carry 9,999,999 gold and your character if level 100 can carry 250,000 You must be level 10+ Must have been the guild master for 7+ days Must have an authenticator on your account active for 7+ days Must have another member in your guild Costs $35.00 = Server, $40.00 = Faction, and $65.00 = Both Typically takes a few hours to fully process, however depending on how busy the service is it may take up to 72 hours All of the above information and more can be found here: Post below if you have any questions or add me up on battletag! Contact: Fluffybunz#1816Fluffy146 3d
3d Mount Collector Support Group V 23 Last one capped - 3d
3d WTS Smourne Items Just finished Shadowmourne on Magtheridon horde, willing to accept gold on most realms or trade for tcg pets! Reply here or add me Gek#1278Kaityperry0 3d
4d What's Your Sign? How does one do this achievement? Are you supposed to clear the purple runes before every Dark Eclipse, as well as before killing her?Treegrower5 4d
4d Herald of the Titans hunter looking for a group for this achievement - noobiekins#1773 is my battle tag!Swëetcheeks1 4d
4d Ulduar 25man Iron Dwarf Nvm.Jmadoree0 4d
4d WoLK Bloody Rare and Frostbitten This is my fifth circuit of Northrend zones. I am sure there are others that have invested more time then I have on these achievements. However, I have found zero Northrend rares, not even corpses. Nothing is ever up in these zones. Many spots like the Storm Peaks and Sholazar Basin are heavily camped by mount farmers and pet tamers. Now with the changes to CRZ and zones, I am thinking that these achievements are unachievable. I am not sure if they need to adjust the spawn timers, or sort out this CRZ nonsense. In the mean time looks like another thing I can cross off my "to do list".Rainbowcake1 4d
4d Easy Missing Achievements Hey guys, Is there a tool that scans your achievements and suggests some quick and easy achievements that are missing? I actually created such tool for myself and a few friends, because I couldn't find it as a addon or a website. I haven't created a nice looking UI, because I'm not sure if it will be worth the trouble. I want to see if there is enough interest here first. So in this thread, you can ask me to scan your toon and give you a short list of easy achieves. Thanks! NeoNeowar5 4d
4d Lord of War So I have procrastinated this dumb achievement and want to knock it out before Legion drops. I have no desire to waste my time queuing into groups trying to do it solo. I also have no desire to pay some random people 30k+ just to get it done. I'm looking for anyone still missing this achievement that wants to group and get it done one person at a time. Stevie#1402Stevie2 4d
4d Mutagen in Everbloom Wilds? Hi everyone! Not quite sure if this is a bug or intended change, so I thought I'd post here first before taking it to the bug forums. Right now, the Mutagen stacking debuff in the Everbloom Wilds isn't granting a stat bonus anymore. The text now reads: ... and then the rest of the debuff. No matter the stacks, it's not giving any bonus to damage at all. Granted, we don't need it much anymore since we're quite a bit more powerful than we used to be, especially with Legion coming, but it did make the grind a bit more fun. I was just curious if Blizzard had given any word about this change.Stonetail0 4d
5d Realm First Question I know that there's a restriction on being able to obtain Realm First achievements on a newly transferred character, but I wanted to know if there was any kind of restriction on a newly created character. Decided to try for Realm First 110 on my new server but figured I'd see if anyone knew if it was a waste of time because I wouldn't be eligible on the new server or not.Tyralini1 5d
5d Nemesis Almost at the end would be amazing if we can coordinate something just to knock these out quickly. If anyone needs them or simply wants to help out. I would appreciate it alot. Many thanks. US-Zul'jin Need: Human, Draenai, Nelf Can trade: Orc, Tauren, Panda, Troll, Belf Machitos#1409Machitos0 5d
5d Nemesis! So, I've come back recently to find a really cool title set that is available to those who complete these specific achievements! However, due to the upcoming release and most people gearing up to leave Draenor, for what most seem to be saying, forever... I was curious if anyone had heard if these achievements will be moved to legacy or if they might broaden the requirements for them? I know I know, early bird gets the worm and all that jazz. I'm not saying I won't attempt to continue working on these achievements, Just wondering if anything has been said to change them around?Chekov3 5d
5d Remove share the love. Share the love really needs to get removed from glory of the hero. Most of the old mount achievements you can solo and it's becoming somewhat hard hard to get share the love. i made a group for it and it took almost 3 hours to fill with 5 people. many leaving after seeing how long it was taking. Then we got to the boss and someone killed him right away.... (a troll of course) for fun and to ruin the other four of us from getting it. I just got into a new group today and the same thing happened. i understand to do a heroic dungeon you need others at the time. Ive met at least 5 people over time saying they just gave up on it, and i really need my Red proto drake as others do and this one Achievement really gets in the way for a old mount.Monsters25 5d
5d Nemesis Achievements Evening folks, i'm currently looking for completing the rest of the Nemesis achievements. Just needing Tauren, Panda, Troll and Goblin. Im willing to pay in game gold but not absurd amounts of it.Æthëlwülf17 5d
5d Find-a-friend Nemesis farm trading edit: ****I AM NOW GIVING FREE TAUREN, BELF, UNDEAD, AND PANDA QUICKFARMS TO ANY ALLIANCE WHO CAN PHASE ONTO JUBEI/GUNDRAK (minimum group of 3 so it doesnt take hours). add me maximize#11621 find your own group of panda/belf/undea/tauren hunters, then i'll Die for you AND i have a RaF trial account to resurrect myself with. ****** After trial and error with my other free nemesis help group, I think this is the best solution for those who still really want nemesis quests done, but farming ashran for months isn't an option. HOW IT WORKS: Post your realm, faction, and currently active nemesis quest, as a comment. Look for others on your realm doing the same quest, AND others on your realm in the opposite faction. Group up! edit your posts to include people on the same quest as you once you find them. have a group of 3-5 people? Find a group of the opposite faction, and offer to trade kills with them!. out of the 3-5 people, you're bound to cover most of the required races. Contact the group members and organise a time to meet. Including your Btag can assist in group members contacting you, and i found voice services like to help alot when communicating with the enemy faction. Exams will be starting soon for me so i will be less active to recruit for this one for a few weeks, but will still try stay active and will be back on lots once exams are over, i'm still determined to get the nem quests before legion, and i think this is the best way for us all to do it!. (why groups of 3-5? being in a group of the same quest, gives duplicate progression for each kill. so if you have 2 group members, instead of 500, you need 250. with 3, you need 166, 4 =125, etc. cuts down farming time greatly.) I'm jubei'thos/gundrak (linked realms). Have not picked a quest yet, can do ANY alliance kill quest. Battletag: Maximize#11621 PS: your realm isn't to populated/ having a hard time finding friends? try join a different realms group. as long as the majority of members are on the same realm, you should be phased in with them (Though OCE only phase with OCE, US only phase with US).Móuldylocks60 5d
5d Stamp Stamp Revolution Writing today about the wide range of responses I'm hearing about regarding Stamp Stamp Revolution not popping in my most recent Blackrock Foundry Achievement Run (Saturday, August 20 - starting at 4:30 Central time). We successfully completed the pull with no one in the raid group being hit by stampers. We know this because stampers did not come out / down. The achievement did not pop for those who still needed it. I suggested they submit a ticket because customer support has been good to me over the years on these types of things. Those needing the achievement submitted tickets. I'm surprised at the wide range of responses they are getting from Blizzard. At least 1 person was awarded the achievement without hassle. At least 1 person was told, there was nothing that could be done because Customer Support can not review the logs for the encounter. At least 1 person was told, logs were reviewed and the stampers must come out for the achievement to be awarded. This last response is completely untrue as I have led, idk, 30 runs since we could have at least a 710 ilevel minimum and earned the achievement without stampers ever coming out - including the previous run on August 6 (post pre-patch) without issue. It is frustrating to see an inconsistent response from Customer Support to people in the same raid with the same issue. I appreciate your consideration of the issue. Video of the successful pull: and initial thread in Customer Support Forum: Thanks, Neall on MedivhNeall16 5d
5d WTB Last of us achievement on Mal'Ganis Add me and let me know price Nieght#1640Nieght1 5d
5d Primal Eggs (Isle of Giants) since Patch? Not sure where to post this topic but I figure there are some like-minded people in this forum: Has anyone had a Primal Egg (Isle of Giants/Pandaria/Raptor Mounts) drop since the Legion pre-patch? Been farming every day and haven't picked one up. I only have the black raptor left and I'm trying to get it before Legion. Lots of pet drops, blues, etc. but no eggs--it just seems unusual.Celerie2 5d
6d LF Herald of the Titans group I have a level 80 MW monk with 220 ilvl. Would like to do within the week.Restomaster3 6d
6d LF Share the Love Achievement Group Looking to put together a group to get the Share the Love Achievement on alliance. taix#1265Taiix0 6d
6d Old Crafty? Has anyone fished up Old Crafty since 7.0 dropped? I've got over 4000 casts in Orgrimmar without success. While that's not impossible, I would like to think it is highly unusual unless there is an issue since 7.0.Bomberon6 6d
6d Doing Troll Nemesis - NOW stevie#1402Stevie0 6d
6d Maybe He'll Get Dizzy bug Tried doing the Maybe He'll Get Dizzy Acheev but every time I go in the raid and track the acheev, it shows as red and I try to reset instance but it stays red. Bug perhaps? I contacted a gm already if anyone asks.Jëcht1 6d
6d WTS - Mythic Archimonde Mount ****EDIT: Closed and all sales are done! Grats Everyone who have got a mount from us and see you all in Legion!***** (Original post kept below for future reference) Hey all, Tyranny-Shattered Hand 13/13M Wanting to Sell on Tuesday - August 23rd, 2016 @ 8:00 PM EST (This will be our FINAL Sale) Mythic Archimonde Kill + Felsteel Annihilator Mount -AND- Mythic Blackhand Kill + Ironhoof Destroyer Mount Our Website: We are a horde guild. So main requirement is having a lvl 100 Horde toon to be in raid and collect the loot. We mainly prefer/accept gold on: - Shattered Hand and linked servers (Coilfang, Dark Iron, Dalvyngyr) all Horde - Mal'ganis-Horde - Ragnaros-Horde Archimonde Price on these Servers is 3 Mil Gold or Best Offer Blackhand Price on these Servers is 500k Gold or Best Offer We can accept gold on any server though. Alliance or Horde. This will be our final sale, so definitely don't miss out on this awesome mount before it drops to 1% on August 30th. If any interest or other questions, please add me to battle tag: xiLe#1696 Also, If can't get in contact with me, our GMs Battletag is: Strife#1977 Thanks! ;) Edit: We will be accepting offers until tomorrow, couple hours before raid time. Dont miss out!Synsei25 6d
6d Get that achievement XV The last thread capped so I'll be starting it up again! People new to the game, here are the rules: Whenever you post, take a look at the armory page of the last poster, find an achievement they haven't gotten yet, and tell them to go get it in your post! Then the next time someone posts, they'll find an achievement for you to do. Once you've achieved that, come back and post about it if you'd like, but make sure to give out an achievement! That's it, just rinse and repeat. As long as you do that, everything else is up to you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was given [Here, kitty, kitty], [Three Faced], and [The Twilight Destroyer(25player)] all complete! Almas you were next on the list, go finish up [Glory of the Raider(25player)] and [Glory of the Firelands Raider] get that mount! (no pvp for me pls or bigger bag)Mosingbel490 6d