Sep 23 The Captain's Booty Bugged Hey everyone. So it appears that the achievement "The Captain's Booty" will not trigger after drinking with Dread Captain DeMeza. Anyone have any idea what's going on with that?Masharmor7 Sep 23
Sep 23 Variety is the spice of life Achievement Any one know if this is working correctly? I started out with 67 and did 3 quests that I have never done before. like the one where you ride a blue saber and collect lay energy. it never counted. There a way to track which world quests you have and have not done. so I can not repete the ones i have done pls like he /run addtracker thing? ThanksDamastes1 Sep 23
Sep 22 Issues with achievements I've had terrible inconsistencies with achievements for years and I'm just curious if any of these have explanations. I game my achievement window shows 17,320 points. In the forum it shows 17,185. When I join a guild it shows 15,980. Do we know the issue here? I understand that perhaps the guild window is showing just this character and I might have some characters that have achievements that my main does not. But even then there's no way any of my other characters have 1,200+ worth of achievements that my main doesn't have. Perhaps I lost some achievements or some things got bugged during a faction change? I've considered switching back to Horde to see how that effects my achievement score. Additionally since legion my achievement menu does not correctly display my incomplete achievements. When I filter to show only incomplete it shows I have no incomplete achievements in some categories. When I change the filter to show all, all of a sudden it shows incomplete at the bottom. Achievements are one of the only reasons I play this game. Is like my character to be properly representing and displaying my achievement in.... Collecting achievements. Is there a filter or website or any tool I can use to see out of my total achievements, which are from this character and which were collecting from other characters on my account?Hellvus5 Sep 22
Sep 22 Highmaul Coliseum in Legion Hi I was just wondering what will happen to the coliseum in legion? will it become 110 to enter or still 100, are they going to get rid of it? just wondering.Bakedazz6 Sep 22
Sep 22 LF Who'sAfraidoftheDark, PoorUnfortunateSouls Hi, 853 Holy Priest (Alliance) looking to find a group to bang out these 2 achievements with, as they are the biggest part of what I am missing for the Meta achievement. Battletag me at: No1kn0wz#1886 and we can work out a day and a time! Would be more than willing to help with a few achievements that I already have to pay back the favor.Vyndrianne0 Sep 22
Sep 21 Artifact power tracking achieve? There's no way I can tell to track total artifact power in-game. Since a piece of our class hall gear unlocks at 100k artifact power, this seems like an oversight. Also, according to wowhead and a calculator, I should be just over 100k total AP earned (level 19 artifact + 9,700 artifact power toward level 20) - but the class hall belt hasn't unlocked for me. Am I doing math wrong, or something?Tankbot2 Sep 21
Sep 20 Class Order Hall Campaign Completion During my campaign, I negelected to see a quest while in Deepholm for my Shaman. I was able to continue, so there was no immediate 'you've missed something' moment for me, until I hit 110 and thought I'd finished everything for the campaign, except everything that should of happend at such a point wasn't happening. After a couple of days at 110, I started to wonder if maybe I had a bug, or if I had missed something. I went to wowhead, which was too much information to work through easily. I asked some guildies if they had any issues, and searched out some of the suggestions they made. Then I thought I'd look at the achievement as I'd most liekly be able to track through that what has been done and what hasn't been completed, except it had zero to contribute. Eventually I wondered through my world maps (Deepholm was the last place I looked), and found the error I had made. I feel it took much more time than was necessary to resolve, and that probably a number of players would committ such a simple error. To me, this could have been so easily alleviated by the achievement for completing the Class Order Hall being more meaningful, than it's current 'no real information here.' The progression through the campaign is already grouped into blocks. Wouldn't it be fairly straight forward then to tie that into the achievement? That way, such an important milestone can be effectively managed.Mootown0 Sep 20
Sep 20 Old achievements overwritten by new dates For those that have completed achievements back when they first went live in 2008-2009 etc, are now having their achievement dates overwritten by newer dates, or when a new character on the account gets them. This is pretty frustrating due to the fact that its a nostalgia type of thing, plus why have dates at all if there is a flaw in the system that just overwrites new dates whenever. Please fix this bug or change it so it doesn't overwrite the achievements anymore please.Xcal0 Sep 20
Sep 20 Legendary Achievement I recently got my legendary belt but there was no achievement given nore was it displayed in guild chat. Im wondering what the name of these achievements are so I can see if it was given or if I need to create a ticketSlavemaster1 Sep 20
Sep 20 King of the Monsters At this point, I'm begging to have this achievement completely removed from the game. It is now, as of 2 weeks into legion, even MORE BROKEN. It has never been polished or revisited in any way, and now with sharding it seems impossible to even become transformed. For returning achievement hunters, don't try this one. Just avoid it. I know it's disappointing to see a grey achievement in your list, but this one has never gotten the attention it deserves and now it's beyond hopeless. Nobody will ever fix it, it seems, since after 2 years it's STILL completely broken.Gabreaal4 Sep 20
Sep 19 Helheim Hath No Fury Achiev advice Hey all, I've been looking to do the achievement "helheim hath no fury" in maw of souls. It's the one where you must race to save the valkye within the boat on timer of around 4 mins Any advice for how to do this, the window feels excessively tight. I've tried using invisibility pots, but one of the first few mobs can actually see through invis.Hexxs0 Sep 19
Sep 19 Rock Lover I know its old content, etc., etc. But is there a way that we can up the daily spawn rate on Lost in the Deeps? I started this achievement the same time I started doing The Glop Family Line. It took me 13 days to complete that achievement, I only have 4 days completions of Lost in the Deeps, 3 of which were from CRZ (unfortunately I only have one person on CRZ on battletag,). But in a month and a half, the daily has been up once on my server. Please fix =OAbeblinkin2 Sep 19
Sep 19 Once Bitten, Twice Shy solo - Bite avoidance? Using both a Barov Servant Caller ring and Force of Nature along with DBM to make sure I put trees out in time and she still bites me. I can't burn her down fast enough to beat the timer. Other than dragging someone in with me (tough because I'm interrupted very often) what else can I do? My last attempt, I tried jumping into cat form & prowl but either missed it or it didn't matter.Dudeabides3 Sep 19
Sep 18 Black Prince rep unobtainable? Ok so I know that they've removed the legendary questline, and the "Gaze of the Black Prince" rep buff, but is grinding rep with Black Prince now a thing that you just can't do? I took a break from Wow through Mists of Pandaria, and have only recently come back in the last couple of months. Having lots of content in Mists, I haven't felt the need to get WoD yet, although that might change soon. I'm trying to finish as many rep grinds and whatever else I can in Mists before I get WoD, and this one seems to be stumping me. I've tried wowhead and googling to figure out how I'm supposed to get Black Prince rep, and near as I can tell one is supposed to just grind it out by killing mogu and other mobs in different zones in Pandaria (Townlong, Vale, Krasarang, Isle of Thunder), but none of them seem to give me any rep. Am I just out of luck on this one, or am I missing something here? I'm stuck at 2800/3000 neutral, not having any idea how I even got that amount. Is there a quest I'm supposed to do to unlock the mogu mobs for grinding?Aymara12 Sep 18
Sep 18 Achievement for unlocking flight Could someone direct me to where the requirements to enable flight are listed. Want to try and have most done when it's unlocked. Thanks.Hartric1 Sep 18
Sep 18 Only the Penitent looking for more people to do this achievement we need 4 more people.Sockarms1 Sep 18
Sep 17 Hidden: Apocalypse Ghouls Summoned So I have been tracking this achievement in game and have been farming it with at least 5k ghouls summoned now and this achievement still shows as in progress. I have spoke to two different Gm's about this achieve and one stated that he could not tell me the amount needed (obviously) but it is up to the community to figure it out. The other gm I spoke to stated this is simply a statistic tracking achievement and will not actually complete after X amount of ghouls are summoned but he was not completely sure on that fact. This gm suggested that I post here hoping that a blue post can confirm whether or not this achievement can actually be completed in game. I am respectfully asking that a gm please reply to this thread at least telling us if this achievement can actually be completed after a certain number of ghouls have been completed. I am not asking for the number required, just simply want to know if I am wasting time attempting to complete an achievement that will never actually complete. Thank you for your time and I hope a blue will respond to this post.Lichreaver0 Sep 17
Sep 17 No Gladiator achievement for TBC? As someone who got Gladiator and have the mount on one of my characters.. is there a reason that we never got the achievement for this? I understand it was before the achievement system went up but a lot of achievements seem to be retroactive on PvE side. Thanks!Hexunext3 Sep 17
Sep 15 My Vanilla achievements are all gone "Heya, Thank you for contacting us here at Blizzard! I am Game Master Thryennys and I am here to help anyway I can! I apologize for any wait you experienced, and thank you for letting me help you out! I understand that you have a lot of 100s and believe you completed more quests then are showing, your time is very valuable, so lets get right to it. Depending on when you quested for these characters, if it was pre Cataclysm, when Deathwing, came through and wrecked shop, a LOT of quests removed, and new ones put in their place.As such the progress to each achievement for the zones, was reset. To get credit for these now, you will need to go back through the zones, as those new quests replaced the old. " Blizzard, i feel strongly that i should be rewarded for levelling all my characters through level 1-60 before cataclysm. You are treating me negatively because ive been around a long time. If i did that to my regular long time customers, i would no longer have a business. Give me feat of strength atleast for doing them Im going to scour through the rest of my achievements and let you know what others im missing that i should have.. im sure theres tonsDarkpheonixx9 Sep 15
Sep 15 Gnomeozurich's Cross-Realm Trade Service The Gnome of Zurich's not ready for prime time cross server trading service. Introducing a new cross server trading service. Offering funds to or from any US realm. Unfortunately, I am not going to be a fluffy replacement just yet. I'm launching early because fluffy has taken a break, but I have a limited number of realms with a large gold supply. Prices will vary by realms to and from. Hit me up to get a quote. Services offered: Pets on any realm, pay on any realm Gold for Gold on another realm Trade for mounts or high end BOE xmog listed on another realm Middleman services to facilitate cross realm or other unsupported deals I am Gnomeozurich on reddit and stormspire. I have the all time top rated post in's history, am a Wind Trader on the Consortium and have a top reputation on my primary business servers (Stormrage and Argent Dawn) for scrupulous fair dealing. All transactions will involve in game specific contracts for both our protection. Prices will vary depending on the realms involved. Add my btag and chat me for a quote. btag is Mi3chael#1531Gnomeozurich12 Sep 15
Sep 15 Bigger fish to fry So I have been trying to finish this off to start work on the artifact fishing pole and it's been relatively smooth. One of the last ones I needed was in Highmountain and has eluded me for hours. I finally managed to get the "Funky snail lure" and got the debuff. 2 minutes later the Fishbrul spawns and a passing demon hunter hit it before me and somehow got the lure and I just got a "Large leg bone" and "Hardened molars." I don't see how something like this went through beta. I am now forced to spend hours more of my time to get this lure that I should already have. And I know that it's tradeable, but I like to do these things myself. It feels more rewarding. What doesn't feel rewarding is some random spastic Demon Hunter gliding around can just drop in and take what's mine, setting me back hours.Separo2 Sep 15
Sep 15 Going to Need a Bigger Bag - Timeless Isle Going to Need a Bigger Bag requires a ridiculous time commitment. After a few years of working on it here and there, I am finally on the last item (crab of course) and am hoping to have it done before legion. I would say this achievement required more time than both my 100,000 HKs and Insane title achievements COMBINED. On top of that (and here's the kicker), The only reward is 10 ach. points lol. So what is my point? I would like to propose that they never nerf the droprates or anything about this achievement, and instead add a title reward: the Timeless. I think it would be pretty rare but cool and be at least a lil nice (but totally fitting) reward for completing this crazy achievement.Devylknyght5 Sep 15
Sep 14 guild glory of the pandaria raider solo Is it possible to get a bunch of people in my guild to log on to their alts, get into a raid with me, and them log out while still being in the raid, and then me go solo these achievements?, or do they have to be present for the achievement to count?Knockerz1 Sep 14
Sep 14 US Alliance Herald of the Titans Need 2 prot warrior tanks, and maybe a healer. Will take warrior dps with tank offspec since we might try to 1 tank the fight initially. Please add me at Hazukashii#1309. It is very important that you add me because i'm drawing in people from several places and getting them together in one place might prove to be a challenge. DATE - Right now it's schedule for Friday at 8pm EST. This date may be subject to change. I currently have about 8 people but you know how these things go. I need some reliable tanks.. if you're interested in doing this in the future and are not a tank please feel free to add me, too. I'm maining a holy priest... so as a tank, we will be going into uld prematurely in order to test just the damage/healing dynamics of the fight so be ready for that. Thank you! Edit: Reason i'm so adamant about warrior tanks is cause ignore pain is broken as all hell and they take virtually no damage which then allows us to play around with the team comp quite a bit and substitute things for dps to get the fight done really fast.Teire1 Sep 14
Sep 13 Underbelly Tycoon - account wide Not sure why blizzard don't make sightless eye farming for this one account wide, if you want to get all the recipes you need over 8000 of them , that's a lot of wasted effortAliasibah0 Sep 13
Sep 13 LFM Show Me Your Moves 25M Looking for people crazy enough to do this. I've led 19 groups successfully on 10m. I'm able to dodge 10 attacks on heroic difficulty, so I'm able to teach very easily. There is a reason I'd like to do 25m normal and maybe heroic one day, but will share that later. I really do want to do this and am not trying to make a troll post. Can add me Succesinmind#1797 You don't "gain" anything from the achieve (anymore, as it used to be part of GLory of Pandaria Raider), but you will have my respect (as well as from your peers), a sense of true accomplishment and pride. It's fun seeing 10 opportunistic strikes going off at the same time and seeing the "RA: [Show Me Your Moves] Requirements Complete, kill boss now!" message. Think of seeing 25 of them....and of course having 25 people who don't have slow reflexes.Peqvals3 Sep 13
Sep 12 LF Share The Love looking for some people to help get the Share The Love achievement for Glory Of The Hero Btag: Gupaloriz#1621Poroprincess2 Sep 12
Sep 12 Lion Heart Replica After seeing the Legion content I recently reactivated my Acct to get back into the game. While perusing some transmog looks I came accros the Lion's heart Sword and Shield replicas and was dismayed at the fact that I had missed the window to unlock them. As a huge lore fan I would really love another attempt to obtain these items for my Prot Paladin's transmog. Is there any plans to have it unlockable with a DVD purchase of the film or some other marketing tie in? Or a straight up gold purchase? Although a friendly GM gracing me with the shield at least would be greatly appreciated! :)Sarkasm0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Eternity's End Written by my achievement crazy friend, who dragged me through about 10-25% of his hunting adventures :-) .......... =================================================================== WARNING: This is a very long post, with no TLDR version. You’re better off looking for the Time Lost Proto Drake in the same time. I do not expect anyone to read this, although I hope its intended audience does. I am not here to change or shape anyone’s opinion, nor am I here to ask anyone to agree with me. I would just like to state my thoughts. Also, because my sub expired, a friend is posting this for me. My son, the very day you were born, the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name Arthas. I love World of Warcraft. I picked up the game in December 2008, and what a Merry Christmas it was. Never before had I experienced a world so detailed despite its vastness, a world bursting with immersive lore at every turn, possessing wonders unlike any other. I read every line of quest text (and continued to do so for as long as I played the game), explored every room of every little Dwarven home I found modestly carved into the hillside, and spoke with every NPC my character laid its glassy eyes upon. Every place that I wanted to see from Warcraft III, I was able to appreciate. Every new location that I had heard about only in story, I was able to go. I have always been blessed with good friends in real life, and I am happy to say that I have also managed to make many good friends in WoW, who never failed to help me in my adventures. To me, this game was the definition of joy. WoW was there for me whenever I was down. Growing up in a household where I was beat up bloody on a regular basis despite coming home with straight A’s and never getting into any sort of trouble was tough for me and my sibling(s) to say the least. WoW always gave me an escape from that, and let me enter an existence so real that it kept the dark thoughts away, for as long as I was playing it. This game allowed me to know what it was like to be a hero, an alternative to living in a world that would not let me be one. WoW may very well have saved my life. To me, all this was and still is very real, and that makes walking away from the game far more difficult than it should be. But it is as it should be. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my goodbye to World of Warcraft. This post or letter is mostly for the Devs to read (my hope is that Jeremy Feasel a.k.a. Muffinus gets to read this since he seems to be the most likely to value feedback, or the least likely to dismiss it). It is my hope that perhaps through my experiences with the game, the Devs can look at what a player like me enjoyed and didn’t enjoy, and possibly gain some insights about the game. A player like me is one that has over 26,000 Achievement Points (good for top 300 in the world), nearly 300 mounts collected, over 600 unique pets, and close to 300 toys acquired. Two of my five closest friends in WoW are also achievement hunters (one being the top guy on the server, with me being second, and the other being third or fourth on Alliance) and serial collectors, and they generally share the opinions that will soon follow. Therefore, these thoughts reflect the perspective of such a player, or at least just me, and in no way am I purporting that my opinions are representative of what players believe is good or bad for the game in general. The Devs have always said that they prefer feedback in this format – “this was good or bad because X, and affected my experience in X way”, so I will try my best to convey my feedback in this manner. And now, on with the show!Avalent9 Sep 12
Sep 12 Bloody Coin farming service Do you want the Ashhide Mushan Beast mount or the Firewatcher title but don't want to spend weeks/months farming blood coins in PVP? Hit me up on JaredKorry#1232 and you can get both in less than 90 minutes. I accept gold on all servers and am ready to start right away.Gabriellë1 Sep 12
Sep 11 Remove share the love. Share the love really needs to get removed from glory of the hero. Most of the old mount achievements you can solo and it's becoming somewhat hard hard to get share the love. i made a group for it and it took almost 3 hours to fill with 5 people. many leaving after seeing how long it was taking. Then we got to the boss and someone killed him right away.... (a troll of course) for fun and to ruin the other four of us from getting it. I just got into a new group today and the same thing happened. i understand to do a heroic dungeon you need others at the time. Ive met at least 5 people over time saying they just gave up on it, and i really need my Red proto drake as others do and this one Achievement really gets in the way for a old mount.Monsters27 Sep 11
Sep 11 Field Photography since 7.0? Is the field photography garrison mission able to pop up since 7.0? I quit before patch 6.1 and just came back to the game a month ago and have yet to see it. I have my main with all level 100 followers and took out my inn to stop those missions from appearing. I also have 4 alts at level 91 with now level 100 followers, and I've been doing missions a couple times a day hoping to see it. I know it's RNG whether it shows up but I'm just looking for confirmation that someone has seen it lately, as all the info I've found is several months old now. Thanks.Bendriana1 Sep 11
Sep 11 WTB Reins Of Poseidus I'm looking to buy reins of poseidus. Looking at spending around 600k for the mount. I am happy to transfer a few toons to whatever server you may be on horde or allianceJango0 Sep 11
Sep 11 That's Val'sharah Folks! ... bug? hey all. i've been trying to get this achieve, and that last part i have left is "All Nightmare Long" criteria for it. I've ran around Val'sharah looking for anymore quests and haven't found a single one. I even got the "Explore Val'sharah" quest while doing so. Please help :'( . Thank you!Scowty2 Sep 11
Sep 11 500k Honorable Kills Achieve My humble request for the upcoming expansion is that an Achievement be created for obtaining 500,000 Honorable Kills. Over the years I've seen more and more people reach 100,000 and 250,000. I imagine that at the creation of the 100k and 250k achieves that it was pretty unthinkable that so many people would actually get that many and far more. So consideration for an achievement for double, triple, even quadruple the final one was probably never even given. Totally understandable. So please consider it now. It would be totally awesome and would be a perfect present to those of us who enjoy spending most of our time out in the fields of battle. Thank you. :) hOwLiNgMoOn P.S. Not sure what title would be the perfect fit, but I really like the word used for the 1 million HK guild achieve. So "Creepjack" would be my choice. Would L O V E and be Proud to fly that title. I would enjoy seeing what names for the title other people can come up with. Please, if you have a good one list it below. Thanks Y'all.Howlingmoon20 Sep 11
Sep 10 TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade Thread #35 *I occasionally make exceptions with payments and may take your gold on your server granted you supply a guild and learn the mount on Illidan - Horde, Stormrage - Alliance or Sargeras - Alliance. Selling: Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger Reins of the Spectral Tiger Magic Rooster Egg Ghastly Charger's Skull Feldrake Big Battle Bear White Riding Camel* Additional services: Middleman services for those who want to make their trades as smooth and safe as possible Cross server or cross faction gold exchange -------------------------------------------------------------- Buying: Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger* Reins of the Spectral Tiger* Magic Rooster Egg* X-51 Nether-Rocket* White Riding Camel* Big Battle Bear* Swift Shorestrider* All TCG mounts but mostly the ones listed above Miscellaneous loot: Rare items TCG Toys Contact Info: Battletag: Fluffybunz#1816Fluffy500 Sep 10
Sep 10 Need help, Schools out achievement Hello, I was hoping i could get 4 people that may be working on their glory to the Pandora meta achievement for the cloud serpent mount to help me with the only part that is not solo-able, The Schools out achievement. Please post here if you will be available to do this between 6pm and 10 pm central time. Thanks.Knockerz0 Sep 10
Sep 10 ICC broken? Hello, I recently started playing WoW again and had some catching up to do, I have been running solos through ICC to gain the achievement Glory of the Icecrown raider (25 man heroic) I have gained all of the achievements in the raid with the exception of a handful.. basically they are simple to gain, just defeat the bosses.. Which I have done, I even had a friend join me to complete a non-solo portion due to my classes lack of healing.. However I have earned certain achievements such as once bitten, twice shy.. Only gained by defeating a boss under certain conditions multiple times, but still these victories go unrecognized by the game and the achievement is doomed to never be mine. Sorry for the long story, I just wanna know if there is something I'm missing about all this.. I just want my frostbrood vanquisher, lol. Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear an answer/solutionAgreas3 Sep 10
Sep 10 Reputation Achievements/Titles in Legion Hey Blizzard, I'm sitting at 80 exalted reps with at least two more on the way, maybe four if I have the will to do WSG and AB. The last Raise X reputations to Exalted was added in 5.1.0 if I recall correctly which was actually a nerf from 70 exalted reps to 60 exalted reps for "The Beloved." Can we get a few more reputation achievements for Raise X reputations to Exalted in Legion? Can the Agents of the Shen'dralar get their well deserved title as well? This should be a super easy request to put in Legions. Thanks!Joker2 Sep 10
Sep 10 Treasures of Suramar I am at 42/45 and there are no more treasures in the zone that I can find, I have handynotes and the treasure map from the reputation. Does anyone know where I might find the 3 I'm missing? I have collected treasures that don't give credit and have the same things inside them as the ones that give credit. not sure if its a bug or what.Painkillêr2 Sep 10
Sep 8 Harbinger - Cursed tome Does anyone know a workaround for this? Apparently Shaz'gul is phased and all the building are on fire and the tome is nowhere to be found.Dalx0 Sep 8
Sep 8 elder charm of good fortune Bonus rolls for galleon seem to need these but I can't figure out where to get them now. Timeless isle you can buy the mogu runes which you need for nalak and one website said to kill rares on thunder isle but I kill four of them and only lesser charms. Anyone know ?Roxette2 Sep 8
Sep 6 Once Bitten, Twice Shy question. Hi, so i'm curious if i can solo the second half of the achievement, i just did the first half, where i need to defeat the Blood-Queen without becoming a Vampire, now i need to do the other half, is it soloable? I'm not sure exactly what i need to do, thanks.Ravaging5 Sep 6
Sep 5 Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls - Soloable I posted this on Wowhead just recently. It combines a few elements from a few posts on there about soloing this achievement since it has finally been properly fixed. The basic concept on soloing this achievement is very simple: Get naked! Timing is the most important factor, but you won't be spawning those Angered Earth elementals without registering hits from Quake unless you're naked. It may take you some time, so have patience and give yourself ample time to go at it. Only took me about 15 minutes and 3 tries to get it down. I believe this strat will work for every class. If this works for you, please upvote my comment on Wowhead and share, share, share! Let guildies, friends and whoever that may be struggling know how to nail this achievement and show Blizz player resilience and strategy beats lop-sided policies and canned responses in tickets from GM's. "Unfortunately, there isn't anything we can do..." Well there's plenty we can do if you fix bugs instead of create them. xD Edit: Forgot to link the comment - Edit 2: Adding screenshot for credibility - Sep 5
Sep 5 "Orbit-uary" missing? Heya! I've looked around quite a bit and haven't gotten an answer to this.. Is the Orbit-uary achievement (both the 10- and 25-man version) supposed to be missing? It's one of the two achievements I'm lacking for Glory of the Ulduar Raider, and clicking on it in the achievement log just takes me to Orbital Bombardment. Is this a bug, or was it just removed from the game entirely?Coarse0 Sep 5
Sep 4 Ashes, Ashes.... The Ashes, Ashes... achievement on Blackhand is incredibly difficult to do without spamming specific classes and having a large group. If you weren't aware of the criteria for he achievement, it is to collect 20 falling ashes during phase 3 of Blackhand. The falling ashes are little glowing orbs that fall from the ceiling off the side of the crucible platform. Basically, unless you have a large amount of people who can teleport (or disengage) back onto the platform, the achievement is extremely difficult to complete. You have to get 20 of these falling ashes in around 2 minutes (the ashes stop spawning). I feel it would be a lot more reasonable for the achievement to require 10 falling ashes, instead of 20, to help smaller (less than 30) groups.Carnitas4 Sep 4
Sep 4 wtb "ive been waiting a long time for this" Wtb "ive been waiting a long time for this" 25player hit me up if you can helpKrovsdeath2 Sep 4
Sep 4 Legendary Ring Achievements Was going through Achievements today to see what I had to do in Legion and some of the ones I missed while not really playing in WoD and noticed the Legendary Ring Achievements are still listed in the quest tab. Unless I'm mistaken the quest itself was completely removed with 7.0, making the achievements impossible to get now. Shouldn't they be moved over to Legacy/FoS?Sabrescene0 Sep 4
Sep 3 ICC achievements can anyone explain to me EXACTLY how getting the i've been waiting a long time for this achievement from the lich king is supposed to go down? every single guide on youtube explains it so poorly its ridiculousZaptres3 Sep 3
Sep 2 [H]Glory of the Thundering Raider help! Hello everyone! I am looking for some people who would be willing to help me finish off this achievement as it is hard to find help. Crossing the streams, Soft- hands and orbs collide ( I think that's the name) are the ones I need the most help with please add my battletag if you would be willing to help this week Cage#1406Jankykong5 Sep 2