Aug 20 WTB lady of war Looking for a good group or a carry on sargeras alliance side. Its really hard playing as a mage in highmaul and being relevant. Any assistance would be appreciated. WolfEatsGirl#1260Aquanthelyia11 Aug 20
Aug 20 All achievements shared I really wish all achievements were shared. I am switching to DH for legion and all of the progress ive made on certain achievements like pvp achievements will sit there incomplete unless I get back on my DK and finish them. I dont understand why all these achievements with the progress i have on them cant be shared. Its a very frustrating decision to main switch when it comes to achievements.Smokè0 Aug 20
Aug 20 Justicar/Conqueror title 2015 I'm making this post because it took me a while to find this information and I want it to be listed in the search engines. The Justicar/Conqueror title is an character title achievement that can be earned by gaining exalted with the following factions: Horde Hero of the Frostwolf Clan (Exalted) Warsong Outrider (Exalted) The Defiler (Exalted) Alliance Hero of the Stormpike Guard (Exalted) Silverwing Sentinel (Exalted) Knight of Arathor (Exalted) Timeframe to title Arathi Basin > 400 to 500 hours Warsong Gulch > 500 to 700 hours Altrec Valley > 10 to 20 hours As far as PvP titles are concerned it's pretty respectful as the title takes alot of time and effort and can not be bought unlike Arena Master, Warbound, Lord/Lady of War titles which can be. You can be sure if you see someone with this title.. they learned to play or suffered needlessly. As far as PvP titles are concerned the Justicar title is ranked in the following order by reputation. Gladiator titles > Hero of the Alliance > Vanquisher > Duelist > Rival > RBG 2100+ titles > Arena Master > 2000+ RBG titles == Battlemaster == Khan > Justicar/Conqueror == Knight-Champion/Centurion > Other PvP titles Justicar/Conqueror is essentially like having a 1900 rating via achievement and is equal to the Knight-Champion/Centurion title. Less than 0.9% of the population has earned the Justicar/Conqueror title. If you are going for this title you are looking at hundreds of hours of rep grinding. Somewhere in the area of 1200 hours of playing nothing but WSG and AB. If you see someone with the Justicar/Conqueror title they deserve the some of the highest WoW respect you can give related to PvP combat. Comparable to Knight-Champion/Centurion titles. It surely takes tons of effort to achieve this title and should not be mocked. The following PvP titles can NOT be purchased with gold or cash. Gladiator > Hero of the Alliance > Vanquisher > Duelist > Rival > RBG 2201+ titles > Battlemaster > Khan > Justicar Thus these deserve respect and admiration because they have been earned, not purchased.Smash18 Aug 20
Aug 20 WTS Lord/Lady of War (Ally Side) Erzanna and my crew are now selling the Lady/Lord of War title on Frostmourne US! We accept gold on all oceanic realms But if US realms must trade of equal value in terms of pets **Note that Oceanic/US realms are compatible for the coliseum. ** <> This is a link to our sales post on Frostmourne. Alliance side only, asking price is 75k per person We generally run Thursday/Saturday night AEST 8pm-12am. In PST time this is about 4am-7am of a start time and go for an additional 3-4 hours form start time (but double check yourself). easiest way is to check a oceanic realms time You will get the Feat of Strength achievement called: The Last of Us which can be found at - While completing this quest you will also complete: Fight, Kill, Salute! which can be found at - This quest gives you 500 Conquest Points, 1000 Apexis Crystals, Champion's Spoils. Requirements - It is important you have these: Level 3 Gladiator's Sanctum (Garrison building.) 500 to 700 Broken Bones. (Gained by killing the opposite faction in Draenor). Awards from winning the event: Lord/Lady of War Title Carries Alliance Flag of Victory Warlord's Flag of Victory Unleashed Mania (not 100% drop chance) 1,500 Conquest Points 1,000 Apexis Crystals Coliseum Champion's Spoils (Which contain flags and items listed above). Whisper me or send me an in-game mail with your battle tag to get put on the list, as these are ran throughout the week by us. I do accept gold on oceanic realms So if you're alliance on another US server and need the service, you're more than welcome to join us. You will be able to pay via pets of value. **Note - If you decide to use pets as payment for the sale, please ensure that the value of the pets are equal to 85-90k on Frostmourne as we need to recover the 80k from pet value minus the cut too. You can use this link to find out their current value <>. Please ensure when checking their value, you go off the MEAN value, as it is calculated over 12 days, not current, or median. If you are interested in buying this, add my battletag, Zync#1638 or zync#11439 Thanks once again, Erzanna and crew.Erzanna17 Aug 20
Aug 20 WTS Battleground Achievements Hello Everyone, I have finished performing all of the carries from the last few dozen of people who whispered, and I am re-opening up my services. I offer fast and efficient carries on any and all of standard battleground (non-rated) achievements in achievement tab. I do most of these solo (you and me) to keep cost lower. A Couple Popular Achievements: Resilient Victory (Arathi) Cloud Nine (Twin Peaks) Ironman (Warsong Gulch) Save the Day (Warsong Gulch) Stormtrooper (The Eye of Storm) Capping Spree (Deepwind Gorge) Standard Assassin (All Battlegrounds) Supreme Defender (All Battlegrounds) Payment is accepted after successful completion of achievement, and I accept the gold on any server and any faction. I can also do these for all factions and classes (Your gear and skill level does not make a difference for carries). Whisper for your inquiries, (I also offer Dungeon/Raid Achievements) Selinace#1683Wildroot22 Aug 20
Aug 20 Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions Has anyone been able to get this achievement yet? I have been playing for the past 3 days and I am missing the Dun Morogh and Azshara invasions. Yet, when I am playing, I only see the other 4 invasions and have yet to see the Dun Morogh or Azshara active at all. Just wondering if it is my bad luck or those 2 invasions havent been released yet.Bearrepairjr6 Aug 20
Aug 19 [A] WTS Lord/Lady of War Suntanis and crew are now selling the Lady/Lord of War title on Frostmourne US! **Note that Oceanic/US realms are compatible for the coliseum. **This is the link to our 'main' sales post on the Achievement forums <> Alliance side only, asking price is 80k per person We generally run Friday night AEST 9pm-12am. As a 'guide', NY is 14 hours behind AEST time. So a 9pm start for us on Friday night, will be a 7am start on a Friday morning in NY. Work out the appropriate time that suits you from that. Alternatively, use <> to work it out yourself. You will get the Feat of Strength achievement called: The Last of Us which can be found at - While completing this quest you will also complete: Fight, Kill, Salute! which can be found at - This quest gives you 500 Conquest Points, 1000 Apexis Crystals, Champion's Spoils. Requirements - It is important you have these: Level 3 Gladiator's Sanctum (Garrison building.) 300 to 700 Broken Bones. (Gained by killing the opposite faction in Draenor). Awards from winning the event: Lord/Lady of War Title Carries Alliance Flag of Victory Warlord's Flag of Victory Unleashed Mania (not 100% drop chance) 1,500 Conquest Points 1,000 Apexis Crystals Coliseum Champion's Spoils (Which contain flags and items listed above). Whisper me or send me an in-game mail with your battle tag to get put on the list, as these are ran one day a week currently (possibly more days depending on demand). If you're alliance on another server and need the service, you're more than welcome to join us. You will be able to pay via pets of value, or, if you have gold on an Oceanic server, we do accept gold on any Oceanic realm. **Note - If you decide to use pets as payment for the sale, please ensure that the value of the pets are equal to 85-90k on Frostmourne. You can use this link to find out their current value <>. Please ensure when checking their value, you go off the MEAN value, as it is calculated over 12 days, not current, or median. If you are interested in buying this, please add my battle tag Sun#13995. Thanks once again, Suntanis and crew.Suntanis16 Aug 19
Aug 19 Only the Penitent...Glory of the Firelands Looking to make a group. If anyone needs the achievement let me know !Todosai1 Aug 19
Aug 19 Please Remove "Only the Penitent" From Fireland Raider. You already removed the group ones from Dragonsoul and Pandaria Raider. While your at it, remove Schools Out Forever from Pandaria Hero.Warmason7 Aug 19
Aug 19 <Addiction>MHFC Sales, Arch+BHmounts,greatrep <Addiction> on Bleeding Hollow has been offering sales runs and carries for every tier for a long time now. We have a proven track record with lots of success. Our full clears are in 1 night and you never have to endure a night of wiping to get what you want. Clears are efficient and fun. We don't exude the elitist attitude most guilds will show you during your carry. Hang out on mumble, learn about the fights and your class, but above all enjoy your time with us. Player satisfaction and positive reputation are very important to us and we pride ourselves on 100% positive reviews and testimonials from past buyers. We offer the following: - Mythic, Heroic and Normal HFC Full Clears - Mythic Blackhand with mount included - Achievement runs including meta mounts for all tiers - Single bosses all of these include the loot obviously. We have some of the more competitive prices out there and a long list of satisfied customers. You can easily search forums to find testimonials from many of our previous buyers. We have never had a buyer who wasn't satisfied, we respond quickly, and we conduct ourselves very professionally. Don't bother wiping with those guilds all night who claim to have done this for a long time now. All pricing and procedures can be found on our website. You can ask any questions you'd like if you find me in game or through our email. Thanks and looking forward to getting to talk to some of you.Saraf57 Aug 19
Aug 19 Please Fix This Achievement Delay Blizzard, I love you, but I'm starting to feel unaccomplished. I am pretty sure I have completed way more achievements then what is marked, especially involving Battlepets and PvP. It'll still show up as a grey, but if it has something like a checklist it'll show fully completed, yet doesn't credit me from actually completing it and shows up a a gray. Also if I'm halfway through an achievement it will sometimes take away what I have already completed which is a part of it. Exp: I'm pretty sure I collected most of the battlepets that have shown up under the legacy etc/ vanity. Whether I sold some or not, I still caught them, and there is no fine print of "having it taken back". Please fix this problem, thank you Blizz. I also have a photo of what I was talking about, fully checked, yet is still in the gray. If you want proof, I advise checking under the support option so I can send you guys the photo/ proof I have already completed the achievement, yet it is still gray, not the normal yellow/gold. In fact my number of achievements under Battlepets says zero. When from what I remember in game I was 3-6 achievements from fully completing all the BP achievements in game, Pre-Legion.Mahthildis1 Aug 19
Aug 19 SW Legion Achievement idea The Stormwind Sewer Beast should be buffed up to level 110 or Higher its uncool Orgrimmar Gamon was buffed, and SW's Sewer Beast has been ignored :'( Thoughts ? suggestions? negative comments? * Chance to drop some Crocs ;) * Chance to drop A Mini sewer beast petWhysosérious0 Aug 19
Aug 18 The Keymaster gone? Was looking in my achievements to see what I still need for some things. I noticed one achievement was missing that I got a long time ago that imo should have been a FOS since all items to complete it where removed from the game years ago. Anyway, it was called The Keymaster. Basically you got it by collecting the various keys in the game you needed in the past to open heroic dungeons and enter certain raids. Just wondering if this will ever be put back for all those that earned it? I mean, you left all the other stuff in there for example the leveling of weapon skills and the leveling your unarmed skill and a lot of others. Why was this one removed once got?Dahca1 Aug 18
Aug 18 One last chance for Mythic Arch and BH Mounts <Addiction> on Bleeding Hollow [H] will be one of the last few guilds selling mythic arch and blackhand mounts next week. We raid late night and will be holding out 1 last spot for mythic arch and mythic blackhand for that one special procrastinator out there! This will be the last chance you have to obtain either mount from these bosses before the drop rate gets lowered to "I never want to do this levels." We have sold both mounts for over a year now. We do 2 clears a week so double mounts. Hundreds of happy people have received a mount from us, loot clears, you name it. We have a great reputation that can be seen from testimonials on both these forums and our realm forums. Feel free to contact us via email that is listed on our website. just google addictiontowow. Get them before it's too late!Saraf0 Aug 18
Aug 18 Lady Fleshsear Not sure if anyone has the item to summon her but i've been farming invasions with two of my friends this whole xpac and we never were able to find a group or get the item ourselves. It's the last one they need for the achievement and was wondering if anyone had it and wouldn't mind inviting us to do it sometime tomorrow? Kraig#1462 is my battletag and I would greatly appreciate it!Krèeg6 Aug 18
Aug 17 Only the Penitent... Did something change with this achievement? I've run into a lot of people lately claiming you only need 4 people to do it. I was just kicked from a group because I was the 5th person.Leigt3 Aug 17
Aug 17 Achi Suggestion: Mother/Father of Dragons. Hey, I think that would be a cool title, for having a certain amount of dragon pets. I have no ulterior motives in suggesting this, I think it will be a cool title for many people.Daenerys1 Aug 17
Aug 17 For The Horde! Impossible? A couple days ago I got a group together to attempt For The Horde! Achievement, The group did very well downing Tyrande, Velen and the council no problem. When we got to Anduin though that's when problems started to arise, luckily we had no problem from the alliance during the 20 minute attempt. I also had 4 tanks, 10 healers, and 26 DPS making it a 40man group. If I had known the difficulty of the fights probably less tanks and Healers cause Anduin tickles. Anyways to the problem, When we got Anduin down to 50% he casts greater heal, healing him back up to 75% HP this cast is uninterruptible and it is cast everytime he hits 50%. Making the fight technically impossible? even if I had 40 DPS. I made a ticket but didn't get me anywhere. Has anyone else completed this achievement with the pre patch out maybe there was something I am missing? Have others had this problem? Let me know! Thanks:)Beerlol2 Aug 17
Aug 17 Herald of the Titans Any horde groups looking for members? Got a level 80 Rogue that I'm working on gearing up.Jimo0 Aug 17
Aug 17 late toy additions NEED to stop There were items from MOP that were not listed as toys until half-way through WOD or later. I understand it takes time to figure out what should or shouldn't be a toy. Happened once, no big deal... I am fine grinding those toys again. Now, it happens a second time. but so much worse this time. Old MOP items like Censer of Eternal Agony are *just now* being added as toys? Items like Ever-Blooming Frond from WOD are now listed as toys? There is absolutely no reason Ever-Blooming Frond should be counted as a toy. I can't believe through the entire duration of WOD, this item was basically worthless. It was never so much as hinted it would be counted as a toy. I am certain many many people deleted items very similar to this. Some of them being much harder to grind than that stupid Frond one. The incredibly late implementation of making some items toys NEEDS to stop now. This is ridiculous. The examples I listed here are pretty easy to re-obtain, sure. Some items that have gone through similar cycles, where they were once almost worthless, but now actually counted as toys, are MUCH harder to obtain again (some even impossible if a person has only one toon!!!!) . These items are of course not able to be retrieved once your six month window passes. Once, fine. Twice, this is annoying as hell. Annoyed would be an incredibly epic understatement if it happens a third time.Rendosaur10 Aug 17
Aug 16 Master and Commander Achievement Does anyone have the items required to summon the following Garrison bosses: Mage Lord Gogg'nathog (Arcane Highmaul Relic) Annihilon (summoned by item Void Prison) If so, send me a reply here and we can try to organize something for those who don't have either of these bosses yet. ThanksSherrill0 Aug 16
Aug 16 [H] WTB/LFG Lord of War Title Title says it all. I'd much rather find four other people to do this with but will pay (in gold) if necessary. Ready to go as soon as you are. <3 Btag: Kilthias#1341 Realm: Emerald DreamSxi0 Aug 16
Aug 16 WTS CHEAP Mythic HFC Loot Runs *Titanforged* Hello potential buyers, Original Post: DNOgaming-Kil'Jaeden is opening up our sale spots for Mythic Hellfire Citadel. Gold is accepted on any US-Realm. Next Available Sale Week: Contact Me for Details. General Details for raid runs: - Horde Only - I don't bring classes that share tier tokens or an armor type with another buyer. - All raids are Master Loot. - Avg number of loot per buyer is 13-18. - Sales runs can be done cross-realm. - Mythic HFC runs take 2-3 hours to complete. - I do discounts for previous buyers when possible. - US runs include all North American Region servers, which are located under the lower tabs named United States, Oceanic, Latin America and Brazil. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price List 13/13M - 500k 7/13-->13/13M - 350k. (All the bosses past Gorefiend) First 6(Lower) - 200k Archimonde - 200K Archimonde - 1.5M (with mount) 7/13-->13/13M + Mount - 1.75M 13/13M + Mount - 2M Prices are subject to change, and there can be some discounts granted for larger purchases and long term buyers. Sale Details: 1. Information Required Please include the name, class and primary spec of your character in your PM, and be aware our Sale Times are 6PM to 10PM PST on Tuesday. 2. Deposits A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required to be payed when booking a sale. If an emergency situation arises, contact us and let us know, and we will do our best to work with you to reschedule. 3. Payment The remaining balance is due the start your scheduled raid. If you have not paid in full and/or have not made previous alternate arrangements by that time, your deposit will be forfeited. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BRF We also sell Mythic Blackhand mount for 250K on Tuesdays @ ~5:45PM PST, before HFC raid has started. - Add Dish#1411 if you are interested. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQs What are the loot rules? The loot rules will be Buyer > Raider. You will receive any items for you class/spec, including any warforged, titanforged, and sockets. BOEs from trash or bosses will be looted to you. This includes BOEs outside of your main stat & armor class. What time do you guys usually run HFC? DNOgaming's HFC farm nights are on Tuesday @ 6PM PST. We usually expect to finish around 9PM PST. How do I contact you in setting up a run? Whisper or mail me in-game. My b-tag is Dish#1411. Recommended that you only deal with me when organizing a sales run. I have more questions! Leave your question here in this thread, and I'll try to answer them as soon as possible. Alternatively add my btag Dish#1411 Thanks for reading.Jinzel7 Aug 16
Aug 15 LF Warlord of Draenor Delete this thread.Sxi0 Aug 15
Aug 15 Troll needed! Nemesis Looking for a troll and honestly any horde race for nemesis! I am willing to work anything out with you! we have an alliance group already started and just need a troll! pm me Epic#1876Sunderundies3 Aug 15
Aug 15 Do you want The Khan Achievement? Let's go! I would like to invite people to join me in my journey to do the Khan achievement. The only thing you need to do is reply with your battle tag :) and be from horde, haha. See you ;)Kabocla2 Aug 15
Aug 15 WTB: Nemesis Troll Hunter Hi guys I'm looking for someone to help me w/ troll hunter. Im willing to pay for someone who knows how to do the quest w/ a group. I've done research saying there are ways to do the acheivement in a half hour and could pay with a one month WoW token. I am on U.S. Proudmoore. Add my bnet: RedhotCP#1240 thanks.Codefail3 Aug 15
Aug 15 Nemisis. Epic#1876 I am down for farming this. I have all quests and i have 3 races on each side hume nelf dreanai. Blood elf, orc, trollSunderundies1 Aug 15
Aug 15 Nemesis I'm looking for an alliance willing to host a nemesis raid of all classes and i will host a horde raid. Using AVN to just farm nemesis kills. Post below and we can coordinate the details.Cuantro26 Aug 15
Aug 15 Nemesis Achievement Titles - Account Wide? As the title says, are the titles rewarded from the Nemesis achievements account wide? I want one of them on the Demon Hunter that I plan on making my main in Legion, but would like to start working on it now on another character. Thanks!Atrayl1 Aug 15
Aug 14 Will 80 exalted achieve be coming? With legion, it's possible to concurrently be exalted with 91 reps. Seems kind of silly that the highest achieve is at 70, and with no reward. Is this something on Blizzard's radar? They ever mention anything on Q&A?Veivv4 Aug 14
Aug 14 Bucket List achievement is broken So i been trying to get this last achievement for the glory of the firelands raider mount and it doesn't give me credit for each place i visit. i spent the enter enrage timer going back in forth to each zone about 4 times and still got no credit, tried it last week as well. Is this stupid achievement broken? i have also watched videos and looked on various sites for info. People kite him on mount or by running and have gotten credit i do the same thing and get no credit. i don't understand i got a response from my ticket saying nothing but bull!@#$, not really even answering it but saying go look on various sites for info. This is really irritating me.Lithårian11 Aug 14
Aug 14 Exalted with Bloodsail Buccaneers ??? Is this even possible? I was exalted with Bloodsail before 4.0 and in order to complete the Strangelthorn quest achievement I had to complete Booty bay quests which lowered my rep with bloodsail to 17000/21000 revered. The question is, how do I raise it back up to exalted? What do I need to kill and is that even a possibility?Grondis7 Aug 14
Aug 14 Vitreous Stone Drake This beautiful mount dropped on my first time ever running stonecore, but i lost the roll. The next day, ran the dungeon for my second time ever, dropped again, won it. Now I'm wondering, is this thing still as rare as it has always been?Clawharg3 Aug 14
Aug 14 Glory to the Ulduar Raider Suggestion GET RID OF IRON DWARF, MEDIUM RARE!! That was ONLY Decent to do back in Wrath. THREE GOING FOUR EXPANSIONS LATER, THIS IS WORST THAN EVER! The gear's too good and hurts the mobs too much. Can this get removed from the Meta Achievement or the boss's enrage time get dropped from 15/20 minutes to 7 or 8 minute enrage and the enrage buff doesn't run out? This is ridiculous, it's a bigger pain in the @$$ now more than ever. I also know it prevents a lot of people from getting the mount, PLEASE DROP THIS ACHIEVEMENT OR SHORTEN THE ENRAGE TIMERLotous14 Aug 14
Aug 14 I'm in your base, killing your dudes Is this achievement still possible with the changes to domination point? I can't find any information on this achievement.Lockteeno1 Aug 14
Aug 14 How about people selling the Bloody Coins? I see advertisements for 500 bloody coins in 12 minutes. What method are they using? They have a massive amount of people willing to stand out there and die? They have some instant revive method?Illinorian1 Aug 14
Aug 13 Elegon (et al.) Hey! Wondering if anyone can clear something up for me. With the end of the expansion wrapping up, I've been upping my weekly alt-induced madness of mount clears. Somehow got luckier than I've ever been in my life with Invincible, Fiery Warhorse and Mimiron's Head between my 8 alts today -- and I'm now moving most of my alts to Pandaria to park them for rotations. I'm just wondering if someone can clarify whether there is a difference in % drop of Elegon, Ji-Kun and Horridon based on 10m vs. 25m vs. H10m vs. H25m. Wowhead commenters are giving me conflicting reports and I can't seem to find a Blue post anywhere. Thanks guys!Nerdify2 Aug 13
Aug 13 strike! achievement completely broken the "strike!" achievement for "glory of the orgrimmar raider" is 100% completely non functional at the moment. No matter how many times you kill 18 warbringers with a single star, it doesn't mark the achievement as completed.Yomiel2 Aug 13
Aug 13 Treasures Not Adding Up I'm working on the last achieve I need, the most dreaded for me: Treasure-hunting. I'm at 59/100 And I've been noticing that my count (I'm following the achievement progress) is not really budging. Are some of the treasures not really "treasures" that go towards the achievement? I'd rather not waste time gathering them if they're not going to count (about every other one I pick up doesn't seem to contribute toward the achievement.) Anyone else notice this?Bellakarina6 Aug 13
Aug 13 Legion pre-patch achievements? Is there a simple list somewhere of all the achievements to be earned during the pre-patch / demonic invasions?Earthforge3 Aug 13
Aug 12 100k > 250k ? I've been wondering this for a while now, (and forgive me if this has been asked before), but how is it that I have long ago received the achievement for 100,000 HKs, but when looking at my progress to the 250,000 HK achievement, it shows that I only have 50,XXX HKs? Is the counter meant to start over like that? Seems odd...Lament5 Aug 12
Aug 12 Old Content: Use Quest Item Below %HP I'm trying to do old content zone quests and when the questline comes to a use-quest-item-when-target-is-below-x%-hp quest, i stuck and can't progress. At level 100, from Cataclysm content on, i can complete with ressurrection sickness and naked. This away i don't instant kill the target. But on Wrath of The Lich King and older content, even naked with ress sickness, I hit kill the mobs. Do you guys know a away to do this kind of quest on old content? Should Blizzard take a lovely look on this issue and rework the usage of this quest itens?Montilla2 Aug 12
Aug 12 Legion Invasion Achievments Hey, I'm just returning to the game, and so haven't really experienced any of the past invasion type events. So forgive me if this is a dumb question. 1. Are the feat of strength legion invasion achievements and other achievements associated with the invasion account wide? Thank you for your help.Kosef1 Aug 12
Aug 12 WTB Nemesis Titles Horde Title says it all let me know~ Add me at Nincompoop#1859 !Poppinoff0 Aug 12
Aug 12 WTB Lady of War - Alliance WTB Lady of War Alliance side, can pay on Spinebreaker, Whisperwind, Magtheridon, or Vashj. Also willing to pay via tcg pets, add me on btag; Gek#1278Kaityperry0 Aug 12
Aug 11 Removing the "Earned By:" Hello everyone, I was wondering if all you are with me for suggesting Blizzard to remove this "Earned by:" portion of achievements. I have submitted the suggestion in the suggestion box but I wanted to hear the communities take on it. My points for removing it: 1. They serve no real purpose. 2. They cause a lot of bugs associated with transfers, faction changes, and name changes. Not sure about you but as a noob achievement hunter this bug annoys me.Kregethus5 Aug 11
Aug 11 question about AT mounts im at 234 mounts, trying to get felfire hawk. should I just simply spend my seals on AT mounts on my horde monk, even though my main is on alliance? a bit confused because it says "On one character" my thought process behind it is implying I buy 5 mounts, that'll put me to 239horde/234 ally. though my DK always gets account wide mounts thus that should ding my monk 250 even though my dk is 245, meaning i'll be able to ride the 250 mount with only 245 mounts, correct? am i right in buying these or am i !@#$ing myself out of seals? I never paid any attention to the other achievement-mounts enough to realize if i could ride the armored dragonhawk with say, 195 mounts..Dinoe1 Aug 11
Aug 11 Pocket Fel Spreader Extras I've got a few extra, and I'll take enough gold for one WoW Token (~40k) on any server. Post your B-Tag in this thread if interested.Viralrush0 Aug 11
Aug 10 WTS Mythic Arch Mount. Take gold any server Hysteria 13/13m on Bleeding Hollow is currently selling Mythic Archimonde mount. We raid every Tuesday at 8:00pm est. Update 8/10/16: Spot for Archimonde tonight with the new price of 1m. Prices: Mythic Archimonde with loot and mount included: 1m Mythic Blackhand Mount with loot included: 250k (200k if the gold is on Bleeding Hollow) For Archimonde buyers not wanting the mount we will find a date for you on a week where the mount buyer does not share loot with you. As the title says we do take gold on any server as long as that server is connected to US realms for us to be able to transfer the gold. If you have any questions please add me on bnet: Gamble#1567Inters18 Aug 10