Aug 9 Throne of Thunder Help So me and a few guildies have been trying for this achieve recently, and we keep getting stuck with lightning overload. The orb moves too quickly, and hits us before the next orb can get out, any ideas?Garayedà2 Aug 9
Aug 7 Achievement Point Vendor There should be a vendor who sells cosmetic items(e.g. unique hairstyles, transmog skins, battle pets) which all require varying levels of achievement points before they become available for purchase. So you have to complete a number of achievements before you can make a purchase them with gold. As of now if an achievement doesn't have its own reward it is literally useless to achieve such a thing, therefor so much effort for 0 reward. I have 7400 achievement points and I don't care even slightly about that number, because the devs did not engineer a reason for me to care.Archiliius11 Aug 7
Aug 7 Loremaster - quest completion? I finally got around to working on Loremaster achievement. I have 11 level 100s. I've never deleted a character. I know that I have done a ton of the Felwood quests but I checked all 11 characters and not a single one shows having done a single quest in Felwood. I know it won't take long to do the questions, but I'm just wondering is there anything that I could have done that would have made the quest completion to go away. It doesn't seem possible, but I'm really stumpted.Renz4 Aug 7
Aug 7 Master & Commander - please account wide Hi, To any devs that may read this... please make this an accoutn wide achievement, much like Bigger Bag and others. I have them done on different toons, but the chances of getting all 6 is an RnG on an RnG, on an RnG... Please consider this or increase the drop rate of the boss summoning items considerably.Crosshairs0 Aug 7
Aug 7 Guild Achievement for Mounts I'm sure this has been asked 100 times, but can someone please tell me how many guildies we need to complete the achievements for the dark phoenix and the serpent?Creampuffs1 Aug 7
Aug 6 WTB Ghastly Charger Looking to buy the Ghastly Charger on Wyrmrest Accord. So far I have saved up 640k on Horde, and another 80k on Alliance side. Add Jashlin#11508 if you are interested in selling, please.Plagueguts1 Aug 6
Aug 6 Double Agent Once Demon Hunters become available on Tuesday, will it be possible to get the Double Agent achieve with them, with only needing 2 levels to do so? For some reason I'm remembering in the past you had to level a toon from 1-cap... maybe I'm wrong though?Smokeshow3 Aug 6
Aug 6 [Suggestion] More transmog achievements? I'm fine with the Fabulous title staying where it is, but I logged in on prepatch and did not even have to grind for them. And I am only about 1/5 through collecting them all (4-5 pages out of 20 collected). I think they could continue the achievements for 250/500/1000 xmogs collected (obviously only for categories with that many available). Would give a boomkin some incentive to collect xmog since I don't really use xmog due to my form :) Seems like it would be pretty easy to implement as well.Casprizzle0 Aug 6
Aug 6 Legion Master of All How do you plan to get this achievement (all primary professions to 800)? Which classes will have which professions?Willeric0 Aug 6
Aug 6 Last of Us Achievement (Lady/Lord of War) Hello all! My team and I are selling the Last of Us achievement. The Last of Us The going rate is 100k gold for Kel-Thuzad users (Alliance Only), and 150k for any other server(Alliance only, due to transfer issues.) Prereqs Get "Gladiator‘s Sanctum“ building to level 3 Pick up "Fight Kill Salute!“ quest Have a few hundred Broken Bones (Easily farmed from Ashran & first attempt daily is free of bones and all attempts thereafter cost 100 per.)Please note: Bones used per attempts are NOT REFUNDABLE regardless of the outcome. Rewards Feat of Strength: "The Last of Us“ Title: Lady/Lord of War (Dependent on Character Gender) Toy: Warlord's Flag of Victory Quest: "Fight, Kill, Salute!“ completed (includes Alliance Flag of Victory) Chance to get PvP item Unleashed Mania (Low Droprate) Lexmuther1 Aug 6
Aug 6 Arena Master Re-worked for Legion Hello all, I just have a random opinion/request that i hope you all can give your opinions on without being mean I think blizzard should bring back the Arena Master title for Legion but re-work it so its updated based on the current WoW that we all play. If you'll let me explain better, with the Brawler's guild they removed all the MoP achievements and made them FoS but then added new WoD versions of the achievements and changed quite a few things with the brawlers guild. I was never able to do 5s due to lack of friends/players so removing the meta seems understandable but removing the achievement all together, forever, seems overkill imo. I think they should update the arena master achievement the same way they updated the brawlers guild but make some interesting changes such as remove the 5v5 requirement and add a few more like: "Against All Odds 2v2" : Win a ranked 2v2 match after having your team member(s) die and you are forced to face the enemy team alone (2v1) "Against All Odds 3v3": Win a ranked 3v3 match after having your team member(s) die and you are forced to face the enemy team alone (3v1) I also have an idea for a reworked "last man standing" achievement, "The Last Musketeer": win a ranked 3v3 match while being the last person alive in the whole match. They could also rename the updated arena master title to something like -name- "The Arena Master" or -name- "Master of the Arena or even -name- "Arena Junkie' so that ppl can differentiate between the two, though idk why they would do that since they kept the brawlers guild title the same but these are just ideas/my opinions in an attempt to strike some convos about this so that maybe we can give the blizzard team ideas to bring the achievement back. Thank you for reading this and have a great dayËmyko9 Aug 6
Aug 5 WTB Felsteel Annihilator I can pay 1.2 million on Undermine Alliance. If anyone is willing to sell for that price, contact me on Btag. JaredKorry#1232.Gabrielle1 Aug 5
Aug 5 Is there a list of "going away achieves?" Title says it all. Just getting back into the game. I can't seem to find a list. Happy grinding/ campingMemøry2 Aug 5
Aug 4 Suggested New Achievement I would like to submit a new achievement for your review. (This could also come with a new title). The achievement would be to visit all the memorials that are currently in game. I know that Blizzard has put a lot of time and energy into paying respects to those that have died and have been immortalized in the game of World of Warcraft. This would allow people to pay their own tribute to the fallen. Upon completion of this achievement you would earn the title of "Mourner" or "the Mourner" Thank you all for your consideration.Wolfenbane2 Aug 4
Aug 4 Master and Commander Hello all, figured I'd post here and give it a shot. I just have two more of these garrison invasion raid bosses left to go before finishing this achievement. Teluur (Botani) and Mage Lord Gogg'nathog (Ogre). I've been spamming Stonefury Cliffs and Everbloom Wilds missives to trigger the invasions but have yet to get the boss summoning items. If anyone happens across the items and is preparing to form a raid group to kill these two guys, would you be willing to shoot me an invite? Icemagic#11708 Edit: Got into a group for the ogre boss earlier. I'm just looking for Teluur now.Tadkins2 Aug 4
Aug 4 The appearance achievs are a disapointment Are these achievements just wave 1? Why didn't they add in specific sets? Go collect Tier 1...Tier 2...Tier 3...Pvp Set 1... Go collect the weapons of legend from old raids... Collect the armor set that looks like...a stormwind guard...this npc... So much potential. What do I get instead...go collect 100 of each...Illinorian3 Aug 4
Aug 4 Seige of Orgrimar Group Hello Everyone, For those in the raid... Please give it 15-Minutes for Servers, if not check back here and will decide what is happening. It looks like all of raid serves crashed. This could be quick fix, or could be long fix. There is also a thread on customer support forum. Defeating DDoS Attacks before Legion should be an achievement for blizzard! Let's all hope they can defeat the most difficult achievement of them all. And bring down the boss who is behind these crashes. *Waits Patiently for World Realms to Return* 132-Posts in 8-Minutes = Major Crash... Estimated Restart Time is now 8:00pm. Update: Raid has been post-poned until 8:30pm. Grab your Dinner and Drinks! Update: Servers are back up! Rejoin for your spot back in the raid!Wildroot0 Aug 4
Aug 3 Why don't Timewalking mounts count? I don't understand why the Timewalking mounts that cost 5000 Timewarped badges do not count toward the 300 mount achievement. I feel like I've wasted my time grinding out those badges. It really doesn't feel good to spend so much time and effort earning the mount, then learning it, only to see 282/300 unchanged.Zuegalak8 Aug 3
Aug 3 Xemirkol Timer Killed Xemirkol in the realm Nathrezim at 3:55 pm Eastern US time on August 1, 2016 if anyone is looking on that realm tomorrow.Totemofwrath2 Aug 3
Aug 3 Nerf Scrapbots Good morning everyone, so this achievement I have been trying to complete for a very long time now. It seems damn near impossible without leveling up a toon specifically for the purpose of doing this achievement. Anyone have any tips?Drmurloc2 Aug 3
Aug 3 Nemesis Quest [A] Sup people, Lately Ive been trying to farm up on my Nemesis Kill in Ashran and it works to some extent but at some point it gets dry. Whether theres none of that race in the instance or the team is just losing and cant get kills. Ive found that when roaming around Draenor it can be a bit faster to find those rarer races like goblin and panda, and being able to camp them for a bit can bring in a few kills, even more if I had a group. Currently, I am working on Tauren and have found that it can be a bit easier to do this Quest/Achievement when roaming through Draenor killing random horde. Im looking to mass together a group of 3-5 to go around ganking horde in Draenor no matter the level. I still have BE, Goblin, Troll and Panda to accomplish, but anyone is willing to come join and scout out the area, we can coordinate a raid setting into groups for the chosen races. Add me Undescribed#1988Manceymon0 Aug 3
Aug 3 Help please What a strange,Interdimensional I'm down to only having to kill Drov the Ruiner for the last 2 weeks, But everytime I go look Tarlna is only on up.Soulfighter1 Aug 3
Aug 3 WTB galakras run Do people still sell glory of the orgrimmar raider mount runs? I'm a competent player, returning to wow full time after not playing much since cata. So, I skipped out on most of MOP, dont really know the SoO raid well enough to put my own group together... I'd like to buy a galakras mount run if any groups still do that. send me a whisper cyanagosa#1235Kishkuman2 Aug 3
Aug 2 WTS Riding Turtle and Sea Turtle mounts! A large coalition of guild members have worked very hard to be able to offer this service, and feel the public of WoW would appreciate the chance to gain two exquisite mounts. The ORIGINAL Vanilla TCG Riding Turtle And the 100% Swim Speed Bonus Sea Turtle Come get your turtle mounts and be a proud owner of these one-of-a-kind legacy status mount! If you are interested in a 24 hour GUARANTEE of delivery, with booking ahead of time for one of or both of these mounts from our grouping of Turtle Tossers You can contact me to discuss pricing, potential service exchanges and just to question exactly how we can offer to you, the community at large this guaranteed service. Contact Chïckenpox-Zul'Jin @ Anonymous#1145 in-game to book your turtle appointment today :) Cheers, and remember; Ask For Turtles ;) Original thread: Photo:ïckenpox24 Aug 2
Aug 2 into the nether achievement i am wondering if there is a bug or something in the outland zone of netherstorm i am sitting in 112/120 quests completed in the zone i have circled around and wasted now at least 5 hours searching fro more quests and i have yet to find a single one even daily's not a one except for the turn in daily's that you have to farm certain items that are limited dropsDeathfiendz3 Aug 2
Aug 2 Achievements List - In Order Source Hello Warcrafters, I'm here today in the forums because I am in need of some help in regard to, you guessed it, achievements. Now I am really eager to start from Vanilla content achievements all the way to Legion. Obviously this is going to take me ages considering how casual I am. What I'm asking for is a website link or directions or some source of information that can tell me about every expansion specific achievements so I can knock out each expansion in order. If you can help in anyway, thank you! :)Kælem2 Aug 2
Aug 2 Achievement Guides - Top 20 by Community Hello Everyone, This thread will be a place that I can compile the best guide on internet (with some extra information) for the achievements that are asked most commonly on these forums. I will also add posts periodically whenever I see particular achievements beginning to appear more often from players asking for help or expressing their frustration at the mechanics. If you have an achievement that you have been struggling on and would like to know an alternative way of doing this, than please post a specific achievement name and a brief description of how you have been doing it. I will do my best to either provide more detail on the method that you are using, or provide an alternative method to make it far easier. Also – For those who are plain frustrated by an achievement and wish to move on. I do offer fast and efficient sales on pretty much any achievement in game (Non-Draenor). If you are interested than I do ask that sales be your last resort. This thread is designed to help you earn on your own, although, if you do need help than know that I am available. If you have questions or would like more detail on a guide, Selinace#1683Wildroot31 Aug 2
Aug 1 Strike! Can anybody verify as to whether the Strike! achievement in SoO is working properly because I definitely killed 18 guys with one star and it didn't pop. Pretty sure it's bugged.Rézah1 Aug 1
Aug 1 Heroic Archi after patch I did some of the Heroic bosses and Archi and got my mount but can't find even one achievement for killing arch or the other bosses for reg or heroic? The only place that shows it is my character profile when you look my character up. Everyone wants me to link that i have done him but cannot find it. This was all done after patch. I bet I'm SOL right?Wildbomb5 Aug 1
Jul 31 A list of removed achievements/items/content? I'd like to call upon the forces of someone out there to create a thread listing all the content, items and achievements becoming impossible at the release of the next expansion. This person can be anyone, I don't care. Blue, green or white. I just feel that an easily accessible thread of the removed content, items and achievements would be nice to make sure everyone has the chance to be completely warned of what is to come. Yes, i am aware that with proper research you can figure out all you need to know but regardless, an organized list on the forums would make the information much easier to find. Someone, anyone, please help create this list. With love, Sunny K P.S. if there is already one and I missed it. Please feel free to direct me there and flame me until this thread dies. Thank you =D P.P.S. It would be nice if this list also included any nerfs/buffs to rep gains and drop rates of certain items. Also removed reps.Sunkiller23 Jul 31
Jul 31 So how is realm hopping doing I thought realm hopping was mostly useless because you have to be close to the leader, or else you don't go to their realm. But whenever I make a custom group, lots of people join who are nowhere near me. Is there still some advantage to that?Thenia2 Jul 31
Jul 31 WTS Channeler's Staff Channeler's Staff One of the RAREST items in the game with only 8 on the US AH total. Located on US Gilneas Alliance, add me on and let's make a deal! Trey#1449Cailyn3 Jul 31
Jul 31 Defilers Rep increased?! Decided to finish this grind before Legion after taking a break from it. You now get 50 rep for every 100 resources gained though earlier in the year it was for every 150 resources. You also get an occasional extra 50 rep for reasons i could not determine. When did this happen? And while I'm on the pvp reps have there been any changes to Warsong?Narthexia3 Jul 31
Jul 31 [Finish Them] bugged? Okay, so this achievement is a Pandaria Quest achievement, but it seems to be bugged? To complete it, you accept the breadcrumb quest from August Celestials to the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit, and when you get there there are 2 "lists" of opponents you can fight. You simply need to get the right daily and fight List A one day, and List B on another day (it is random which List you get). It is not available everyday though, as it is also RNG which temple you get sent to that day (1/4 chance each day). However, the past 5 times I have done the daily, I have gotten list A and thus have not been able to complete the achievement. I have tried realm-hopping and every realm I go to has the same List active on it. I know RNG is RNG, but this seems to be incredibly poor luck if it is not bugged. Could anyone confirm that this is still working as intended? I know it was possible in MoP but would like confirmation it is still working in WoD and that I am indeed just wiping to the RNG boss. Specifically, the NPC's I am having trouble finding are Lun-Chi, Kang Bramblestaff, Master Boom Boom, and Master Windfur.Casprizzle15 Jul 31
Jul 31 Insane in the Membrane Hello! A few months back I had read a blue post that said that the achievement for the "Insane" title was being removed and it would become a feat of strength come Legion. That being said, I am left with a question. Are you still able to obtain the feat of strength and the title or has it been closed off to those only those who have completed their achievement before pre-patch was dropped?Lupis3 Jul 31
Jul 31 PSA: Finish Them! fixed! Finally got it done today after it has been bugged since like, mid MoP. Heads up if you're still missing the second set of challengers!Zenobia0 Jul 31
Jul 31 WTB Last of US / Lord of War Horde Area52 WTB Last of Us/Lord of War 70k Area52 gold. I have lvl 3 gladiator sanctum and lvl 3 garrison ready to go. Post w/ btag and I will add youZarlokk0 Jul 31
Jul 30 Random credit for Bloodmyst Isle Quests? This is puzzling me a bit. I was looking to start a new character, I realized that the only starting experience I never did was the Draenei one, so Draenei mage it was. I get up to to Bloodmyst Isle, and was curious about how many quests were involved, so I open the achievement tab and am a little puzzled to see that I actually already had the achievement (credit was given on 3/25/16) which I found odd. As I said, this is my first Draenei character, and before a couple of weeks ago, the last Alliance character I leveled was a Worgen back in Cata. Hell, to my knowledge, the only other previous time I even set foot on the island was for Explorer on one of my horde characters. Any Ideas?Chrishunt2 Jul 30
Jul 30 Mount Collection Credit? The dungeon master achievements (Glory of the Cataclysm Hero) awards a mount on completion. Do these mounts count towards the mount collection achievements? I have 199/200 mounts for my achievement and when I completed the dungeon achievement and I got the drake, it did not count towards my mount collection achievement to give me 200. How are we supposed to know what mounts count and what mounts don't? This is the only character I have completed these achievements on, I did not already have the mount. I even got confirmation that I added the mount to my collection.Tereasaa1 Jul 30
Jul 30 Herald of The Titans (A) tonight We need some people to show up fully geared and know what they're doing. This is not a casual group, watch videos on fight. Have correct gems/enchants with flasks/food. Raid time is at 8pm pst. add me dboy#1841Persuader1 Jul 30
Jul 30 Been waiting a long time for this - Broken? Been trying a long time for this one. Despite everyone's assurances that it's "so easy", never been able to complete it. It just seems like it's ultimately really random whether the stacks jump or not, or at east whether they count correctly when they do. Did this today on 10, no problems, going through the fight. stacks seemed to jump and count like they were supposed to, LK had 40 stacks of his buff, so we figured it was probably safe to finish it. Fight ends, no achiev. No nothing? All of the guides say to wait until he is at 32 -33 stacks before finish, because they don't correlate exactly, but at 40 we should have been covered.Frostine7 Jul 30
Jul 30 Looking for ToT/HFC/BRF GloryAchievement Runs I figure with this expansion coming to a close more people are doing achievements im looking for some achievement buddies to get these done so if you or someone you know runs these types of groups, reach out Frohdo#1316 I've got a few left in throne of thunder ive been trying to find a group for "A Complete Circuit" "Soft Hands" "you said crossing the streams was bad" and ritualist who Draenor raider "Stamp stamp revolution" ashes,ashes glory of hellfire nearly indestructible turning the tide get in my belly! pro-toss and of course the wod glory of the dungeon heroSchmuckateli2 Jul 30
Jul 29 only the penitent Hello looking for 5 people to help with this achievement. I have the dungeon cleared up to fan. Just need 5 others that need the achievement. Or a group of 5 i can pay gold for achievement add my battle tag sumone#1273Yhorm0 Jul 29
Jul 29 Herald of the Titans Question So I was poking around when this achievement came up for a guildie. Cool. I went to look to see who it was (newer guild) and it was a level 100. How is that possible? I thought you -had- to be level 80. Did I miss something where you can obtain this now as a level 100?Annable0 Jul 29
Jul 29 "Been waiting a long time for this" help I have been trying to complete "Glory of the Icecrown Raider" to get the mount and I only have one achievement left to complete for it. Im having problems with Been waiting a long time for this, I get to the point where I have a enough ghouls running after me, and I go to smack the lich king once and wait for the necrotic plague. But he never infects me with it, what am I doing wrong or missing? Im doing it on my 100 dkWhiteangel3 Jul 29
Jul 29 Been Waiting A Long Time For This I am trying to earn this achievement in ICC 10 Man Normal and I am a little confused. I understand that Neurotic Plague has to stack to 30, but does it count if I let Neurotic Plague stack 30 times on me or do I have to let it spread to the ghouls that Arthas spawns? Thanks.Yajairã1 Jul 29
Jul 29 Pet for an Exalted Rep Achievement. I was thinking of an idea for a Pet based off of the TCG Soul Trader pet. This pet would work in the same way where when its out you would earn the currency that's only used to purchase the items from the pet/vendor. The pet/vendor would sell Rep token items to increase the rep. The Rep tokens the pet sells could be locked until you get a Toon that has earned Exalted with the perspective Rep and there would be a Horde and Alliance version that way the Reps that are Horde only or Alliance only would not be sold on the same Vendor pet as the other factions and no one would be trying to LVL up an apposing factions rep. The Vnedor pet could even look like the TCG Soul Trader vendor pet but have the alliance one have the alliance symbol and colors and the jorde would have the Horde symbol and colors. I would like to see this even if Oposing reps like Aldor and Scryer didn't not have tokens able to be sold from the vendor, but maybe least the items needed to swap between them. For those unaware of what the soul trader is ill post a link of it from WOWhead Jul 29
Jul 29 Finish Them! Bugged? I saw some post on the EU forums for this achievement stating it was bugged over a year ago. I keep getting the same group of opponents. Is this achievement still bugged? If so when will a fix be available?Darthalas4 Jul 29
Jul 28 Herald of the titans Selling Herald of the titans for 100k come grab your title and achievement before pre-patch (will be harder to do in legion/pre-patch) and for additional fee we can power level you to 80 if need be add my b net for more info aussiem8#1207Moovemate6 Jul 28
Jul 28 Some Toys Not Showing Up - Help While browsing my toys to see what I need for the 300 achievement I noticed quite a few toys that were previous items not in my list. Now most of these I deleted since most were from WOD, for example that lunch tackle box in TALADOR was useless, deleted over 17x. Now it's a toy? But before you say "don't delete all your items" Blizzard said attained items from drops/quests were retroactive. For example my rainbow generator item I got back in like WOTLK, and it's my toy box, but items from WOD somehow can't? The issue now is most of those deleted items from Tanaan, and WOD have xpired for recovery, and it's one huge mess for me atm, around 8-10 toys I should have. So anyone know what's going on? Why some toys are retroactive and some are not? Do I have to level like a 20th 100 purely to get once-off items from WOD zones?Loginerror10 Jul 28