Jul 21 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy -- (Warlords of Draenor changes guide) Blacksmithing -- (Warlords of Draenor changes guide) Enchanting -- (Warlords of Draenor changes guide) Engineering -- (Warlords of Draenor changes guide) Herbalism -- (Warlords of Draenor changes guide) Inscription -- (Warlords of Draenor changes guide) Jewelcrafting -- (Warlords of Draenor changes guide) Leatherworking -- (Warlords of Draenor changes guide) Mining -- (Warlords of Draenor changes guide) Skinning -- (Warlords of Draenor changes guide) Tailoring -- (Warlords of Draenor changes guide) ----- Archaeology -- (Warlords of Draenor changes guide) Cooking -- (Warlords of Draenor changes guide) First Aid Fishing -- (Warlords of Draenor changes guide) Now it's your turn!Kaivax24 Jul 21
Dec 13, 2014 Alchemy and Jewelcrafting Changes We’re giving a heads up on adjustments being made based on player feedback over the amount of herbs used in recipes by Alchemy and Jewelcrafting. The adjustment will increase the amount of herbs an Alchemist needs and decrease the herb costs for Jewelcrafters. Overview of Changes: Alchemy Combat potion recipes no longer requires Crescent Oil and meat/fish, and will require herbs instead. Flask recipes will use more herbs, increasing the number of herbs needed from one type of herb to two. Jewelcrafting Tier 1 gem recipes will require more ore and less herbs. Tier 2 gem recipes will no longer require herbs and instead require a tier 1 gem. In summary, these changes are not active yet. But once the change is active, Alchemists will need more herbs, and Jewelcrafting will need less. Update: We’ve been reading feedback and concerns that have been raised and wanted to provide clarification. Historically, Alchemy has greater synergy with Herbalism than Fishing and we wanted to restore that with this change. Crescent Oil still has a use for Alchemists and it will still be used for some Draenor Alchemy recipes. We’re removing Crescent Oil as a reagent from primary stat buff potions and mana potions, but keeping it for other potions.Rygarius500 Dec 13, 2014
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43m Covering all professions. Hi everyone, I am a returning player and haven't played in quite awhile. I know many things have changed and I skimmed through guides but figured it would be easier to get an answer directly. I have enough characters to have each profession without repeating. Now my question is, are there still categories for different types of a profession. Example: Alchemy you could do transmutes/potions/elixers and a tailor you had to choose a specific (Don't remember) Is this still something that people do or is that a long gone idea? And if it still does exist, what professions would be good to repeat to make sure all options are covered? Thanks in advance!Alcapwn3 43m
54m Can you disenchant without enchanting? In WoD you could use a building in your garrison to disenchant WoD items. Same thing in legion or will be it reserved to enchanters?Vicomte1 54m
1h Why level enchanting? I recently picked up enchanting so I can enchant some of my gear but I don't really know if I see the point in that since you can enchant your gear with a garrison. So I was wondering what is the benefit of learning the enchant profession? Are there recipes I will be able to learn that a garrison can't produce?Jessy7 1h
1h Equipping more than 3 WoD Craftables in 7.0 I thought the 3 piece cap was being removed? Did I misread that?Kagorg1 1h
1h Why bother with crafting in Legion? I've been trying to figure this out all week but it seems like from a gear perspective there is nearly no reason to be a crafter in Legion. All of the recipes I've seen create BoE items that you could give your friends the mats to make or buy with money you make from gathering. Am I missing something? In previous expansions there were more special BoP gear exclusive if you have that prof. but I've only seen the engi. helm, alch. trinket, and some cosmetic stuff for Legion. Edit: I wanted to clarify where I'm coming from on this. This is a purely trying to gear up perspective (not making money from crafting, or cool factor, which I totally get) I can make tons of money from gathering and give someone the mats I get from gathering to make my stuff.Kaddles2 1h
3h Double gathering in Legion viable? I was thinking of taking mining/herbalism on the character I plan to main in Legion. I know Bloods are BoP, but I can still use them for any crafted gear I buy off the AH or whatever. Is this viable?Qzu1 3h
3h Archaeology stinks I have been farming Draenor zones, getting crates and selling them for Tol'vir artifacts. ONLY to have me make something that sell for 100g at the vendor. I just wasted ours of my time farming these artifacts only to also get nada relics I can put in my garrison. I hope this changes in Legion. I don't mind a bit of a grind but by the 100th try it gets old REALLY fast.Sustolla1 3h
3h Frustrated... I am not sure WHO decided to make these changes to profs about re-collecting things we've already collected and ground out for but, they need to be dealt with harshly... In my case, being a player for 10yrs and an avid collector of all, I had / have every enchanting and tailoring pattern in game. This took much time and effort to make my toon the best it could be. With these changes... I now get to go a RE-COLLECT / grind / pick up the same things, but as "illusions"... This frustrates me to no end... I know "I don't HAVE to", the point is... I already did.... and SHOULDN'T have to, again... *Not even commenting about all the other things I'm already re-doing for the things I "had" and have been re-getting for all my other alts. It's these kinds of changes that are going to lose your long time players. <3Tantricks1 3h
3h Living Steel Just a noob wondering how I get the recipe, "Transmute: Living Steel" and I heard that you earn it by just making normal potions andd doing everyday alchemy things. If that is the case does anyone know a ball park of how long it could take to learn that? Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)Imjustawolf1 3h
3h Which professions for Rogue? Hey guys, just wondering if I should go skinning/LW on this rogue, or something else? I have skinning/LW on my DH, but if I only have time to focus on 1 main, I think I would spend too much farming time on another toon to get this one geared.Cirrus1 3h
3h Where to get trained for Profession on DH The trainers in SW won't train me =(. I'd like to learn Herbing and Mining, but when I go to those trainers in SW, I can't click on the "train" button. Where do I need to go to learn the professions on the DH? I was also wondering about First Aid as well. Help!! Thanks.Sceptecles1 3h
3h All Gathering Professions Should be Secondary I believe all gathering professions should be secondaries (including disenchanting, prospecting, etc) and global to your account. This means if you get up to 645 fishing or 725 first aid and you create a level 1 character, she starts out at 645 fishing. She might not be able to use level 100 bandages, but she could (in theory) make them. The drawback is you would only have 1 primary profession per character. If you have 2 primaries, you'll have to give one up before you continue using either of them... if this were implemented. The price for the mats will stabilize if too many (or too few) people are gathering.Kulgorre1 3h
4h 700 Inscription now what? I just hit 700 Inscription last night. Now trying to figure out what I can do with it and really what are my best money making items from it.Bluekushi5 4h
4h Underlight Is this going to be working? Still seems broken on beta.Djaguar0 4h
5h Prove me wrong. I've leveled blacksmithing to 700 and I'm leveling mining to there as well currently. But what's the point of actual crafting professions? They provide zero benefit like they used to. Everything is boe so it can just be bought on the AH. There's absolutely no exclusives to any profession. The only professions really worth taking seem to be is mining and herbalism for making money. Inscription may be worth it for the cards, but that's it. Please prove me wrong or inform me of something I'm not aware of. I miss the day when professions offered some sort of unique bonus.Johnnyspins1 5h
9h Double crafting in Legion? I'm sure this has been asked and discussed before but I recently came back to the game after a year + hiatus to get ready for Legion. One of my concerns was Blood of Sargeras and how it's soulbound. I watched some of the dev Q&A and he explained why they're soulbound which I understand and don't have a problem with. The only problem I do have is that they're easier to get if you have a gathering profession (I think) or at least you'll be able to get more of them? The dev said something about them dropping in dungeons and off of world quests and things like that but that's probably not going to be as reliable as just going out and gathering. Overall it seems like the game isn't as alt friendly as it was before which again I'm fine with. I don't mind putting in more time on alts to get them more powerful. But if you have double crafting professions it seems like you're boned at least if you want to put a lot of time in and craft yourself a bunch of gear. Are you going to be forced into sticking on the shoulder enchant and grinding mobs? Are you going to be forced to run dungeons over and over for a chance at them dropping off the boss? That seems really lame. In the Q&A he talked about wanting more ways for people to get the bloods and how he wanted there to be a "gatherer envy" but it kind of feels like if you don't have Gathering/Crafting you're going to be at a disadvantage and that's going to shoehorn people into having Gathering/Crafting. I've seen a couple of people saying just drop your 2nd crafting profession now and level a gathering prof for Legion or you'll regret it etc. I personally like having 2 crafting professions because it gives me more control over what I want to craft and be less dependent on having to buy things off the auction house. I personally don't want to have Gathering/Crafting forced on all of my alts to give myself an advantage. But if you are able to sell/trade the things you craft with Blood of Sargeras I feel like I'm going to have to do that. I know some people have thrown around the idea of making crafting professions secondary and stuff like that. I personally would like to see a 3rd profession slot added since the game is becoming more alt unfriendly and it would allow me to have my crafting professions with a gathering profession and focus on my main more. I feel like it would kind of coincide with them removing dual spec and just giving you access to all of your specs at a given time and give you more incentive to have your one big character which is nice. I know it's a beta and things are going to change, I know the dev talked about adding more ways for the Bloods to be easier to get but was just curious about people's thoughts and possible solutions they could think up to make double crafting professions in legion not seem so bad. The only thing I could really come up with was adding a 3rd profession slot. I wouldn't mind having gathering professions as secondary professions either but would be fine with them staying as primary. I haven't seen how hard it is to get Blood of Sargeras myself since I don't have a beta key but I know a lot of people aren't happy about it. I know for my main character having a third profession slot would make things a heck of a lot easier in the upcoming expansion and it wouldn't take away from the "fantasy" they're trying to create with professions. It would also allow me to put more time into my character while keeping double crafting professions and not have to make a bunch of alts for stuff. Anyway these were some of my thoughts I had while taking my morning dump, if I have to drop a crafting profession for gathering in Legion I'll do it it's whatever but I'd really like to keep my professions and not be gimped by not having gathering.Bracka10 9h
9h Level gathering professions for legion? Hey guys, so I've heard different things from so many people on whether you need level 700, level 300, level 100, some people saying you can be level 1. PLEASE, someone who knows what they are talking about. What is EVERY difference in a person who is lets say level 1 Herbalism, compared to someone who is level 700 Herbalism going into legion. I would really appreciate a clear answer since I know so many people are confused on this. Thank you.Cocacolazero6 9h
10h Is there a point to leveling professions? Let me explain what I mean. I remember that sometime during MoP they removed the minimum profession level requirement for Mining/Gathering. Instead, gathering resources that were ranked above your current level netted you a smaller yield. So for these professions at least, you can skip previous expansions and just go straight to the current one. Does that also apply to crafting professions? Can you start a new profession from scratch and just straight off the bat craft items on the highest end of the scale? If so, the Profession level seems like an arbitrary number that has no real effect.Khatos1 10h
11h where to level skinning from 650-700?? trying to level my skinning on my demon hunter. all the skinning gone gray in shadowmoon valley. where can i go to finish skinning the rest of the way?Captsicle2 11h
15h Portable Refrigerator Why can't the Portable Refrigerator hold flour and spices? As a professional chef, I realize that these items are not typically refrigerated, but if I had a tiny dry storage and a huge refrigerator, I would absolutely put flour and spices in there. Also, some restaurants do refrigerate spices as a matter of course, since it keeps them more potent for a longer period of time. As it relates to the game tho, Portable Refrigerator should be able to hold any cooking reagent, IMO. I like to keep large stacks of the aforementioned items on hand on my chef toon, and I also have a few Portable Refrigerators in my bank, so it would be nice if I could keep all my cooking reagents in there. If you agree with this, reply and bump it! Maybe we can affect some change.Capns1 15h
19h Most efficienct way to farm Zin'rokh? Is it faster to fly around Eastern Kingdoms, or to do Pandaria solves and convert them to troll fragments? Currently I'm doing Pandaria solves, since EK does nothing but spawn Dwarven sites for me, but I do wonder if I'm wasting time not just going for troll sites.Jurble1 19h
22h Legion profession swapping around Is it feasible to regularly swap between multiple professions? have skinning, farm that up, unlearn skinning and pick up leather working, make stuff, unlearn leather working and pick up skinning again, and repeat the swap while retaining legion recipes? I'm not going to play multiple characters, so that would be the only way to have a gathering profession.Moobearkitty6 22h
1d Lvl professions to 300 before legion? I heard profession world quests won't show for your character unless he has 300 points in the profession... Should I level my professions before legion launches? Or does the xpac has some sort of catch up mechanic to quickly lvl the professions up? The question includes first aid, fishing, archeology.... Thanks in advanceUrizen5 1d
1d Legion Professions Nearly Worthless? As I learn about legion professions and plan to maximize my gear and income, I keep coming to the same conclusions. The crafted gear levels are lower than what is easily obtainable from dungeons, world quests, and lfr. Upgrading crafting gear is incredibly time and resource consuming, and that gear still isnt very good. Although the RP factor is infinitely better than WOD, I fear it will be a complete waste of time to invest in crafting. I read that the additional world quests that you get are the only benefit. Anyone else agree or have a different understanding?Crossicus6 1d
1d Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds Does it still exist? I've done over 200 solves and I've never seen it. I want it so bad for transmog but it just never happens.Raltar3 1d
1d loot-r-rang Will a new version be brought back for legion? Honestly, its the best tool in the game, especially for healers, I'm considering engineering solely on the loot-r-rang's merits. Please tell me I wont have to.Weedeater2 1d
1d Best Professions for a Feral Druid? I'm fairly new to WoW, and as you can see by my character, I am level 61 in Hellfire Peninsula still totally confused on what professions I should learn. I've read several forums yet nothing has been made clear to me so far. I'm looking for professions that will give me stat gain while leveling. So far I've heard that leather working has good bonuses yet is a pain in the neck to level and doesn't offer much pay end game. Still, any advice is appreciated as I have no idea which professions to choose out of the many options.Flaskor3 1d
1d Fishing broken three days before launch. Trying to level fishing on a toon. I have many characters with topped out fishing. Never had this problem before. Fishing in the exact zones I should be in at proff level 310/700 only going up one skill point per 5-6 fish. It has never been like this before. Anyone else notice this?Tawari3 1d
1d Drop Vanilla profs [Y/N] bye rare recipes? I took Herb/Alch on my first toons. I laughed. I cried. I learned some uncommon and rare recipes from Vanilla WoW. When I start up a new clothie, I pick Tailoring/Enchanting (like it's 2004) and sometimes I think I'd like to drop Herb/Alch on my vanilla priest. Those old world recipes, though. Any advice, here? Is the grass just greener on the other side of the fence that lacks consumables? How will I ever fly on a carpet, otherwise?Broccoli6 1d
1d Legion Crafting worthwhile? Think I finally have my legion main narrowed down to a couple of choices. My question is whether crafting armor will be worthwhile in Legion? What I am wondering is where crafted armor will come out compared to gear you could get through pvp or dungeons. Is it as good as anything that will drop in regular dungeons, heroic, mythic etc? How long will it remain useful? Also I am thinking about leveling my lock who has herbalism inscription. I think I read somewhere that incription can make artifact relics...can't find anything on that now. Thanks much! Launch day coming, have to make up my mind!Gamalar2 1d
1d Piloted Reaves Module Being that legion is just around the corner i thought i would look though what each profession was getting to see which ones i would want to take this time around. I thought oh engineering is normaly a fun one to take so i had a look and i saw something that i kid you not made my mouth water. It was the Reaves Module: Piloted Combat Mode, I was like HELL'S YEAH a mode that lets me pilot a iron reaver lets see what we need to make it. Everything was fine until i saw one part you need and all of a sudden my joy because not only sadness but rage..... unending rage at blizzard because this is a sick joke. The Fel Piston Stabilizers, This one item only drops off one boss and that boss is Doom Walker that is a 4 day respawn lvl70 rare spawn that is still farmed and insta killed to this day because he has transmog items that only drop from him and someone at blizz thought it would be a fun idea to put a item needed to craft something on him and it's not even 100% chance you will get it on the kill. I just gotta ask you blizzard why did you do this, you put other items needed for it on other raid bosses inside of instances like the net we need from mimiron or the databanks from the iron juggernaut so why not put it on the void reaver outta The Raid with Kael'thas. Unless you are going to make Doom Walker respawn much faster next to noone is going to get this and you know people are just going to realm hop like made to kill Doom Walker on every server to try and get the part.Thrackerzod0 1d
1d Should I max same profession again? Hello there, I've played WoW for a while now and I've been confused on what professions to max out to make gold income and if I should max out same profession on another toon. I have mining, JC, and skinning. I want to know what profession should I max on druid? I've heard mining and herbalism since they can transform into a bird making it easier to gather nodes. But I already have the Sky Golem and leveling herbalism on another toon. Should I level herbalism twice? And is inscription and alchemy worth leveling twice?Morix4 1d
1d Alchemy Anyone thing it's going to be useful come Legion, or at least be profitable? HIghly considering dropping it before the expansion to PL something else.Calygos0 1d
2d Advice on profession for legion. Looking for a good combo for my shaman come Legion. Currently skin/lw but I want a node gathering based skill instead and then a crafting skill to tag along with it. I JUST came back to the game, so... my knowledge of what to expect out of any profession is skewed and out-of-date. My ideas currently are mining/JC and herb/inscrip. However, it seems there are far fewer jewel slots than before... so I dunno what to expect at all from this. And Inscription seems like it is only for (dmf) trinkets. I'd appreciate any insight you fine folks have for me based on these two combos. Thanks in advance.Crackerjackd9 2d
2d Professions require PvP? So on the general discussion forums, there's a few people saying it requires PvP in order to max out and get all your recipies. I looked through the blacksmithing quests and didn't see this. Maybe I missed it. Is that true? Cause I feel like it's not. I don't see why they would force PvP for something like professions.Zeìk8 2d
2d Plans: Dawn's Edge / Golden Scale Gauntlets I currently have the only available plans for both Dawn's Edge and Golden Scale Gauntlets in the world for sale (preferably on Frostmourne). If you would like to discuss prices, please add my bnet KseniaSolo#6991. I also have some other rare/unobtainable patterns and mats on Frostmourne, including: Formula: Enchant Shield - Lesser Parry Pattern: Shifting Cloak Plans: Searing Golden Blade Pattern: Deviate Scale Cloak Pattern: Deviate Scale Gloves Pattern: Star Belt Pattern: Robes of Arcana Recipe: Greater Arcane Protection Potion Recipe: Greater Frost Protection Potion Original Naxx 40 Frozen Runes x10 Again, if any of this interests you, feel free to add my bnet.Ksenjia0 2d
2d Any chance Engineer trinkets... Could get an upgrade item that allows players to upgrade trinkets to max level item levels in battlegrounds? Right now you cannot use them without a giant hit to your item level. With the new gear score leveled battlegrounds, ilevel 60 engineer trinkets give pvp them a huge hit in Item level. By comparison, alchemy trinkets are upgraded each expansion.Kiredil1 2d
2d Universal Profession Bags Normally, there are bags specific to each profession (enchanting, mining, etc). They usually only have maybe 4 more slots than the universal bags so the demand seems a bit low most of the time. I was wondering if it would be possible to change the profession bags to handle all the crafting stuff from all professions, not just one profession: cooking, first aid, enchanting, jewelcrafting, etc. It wouldn't store gear or quest stuff but mostly everything else.Beaumagnus1 2d
2d crafting advantage is there any advantage in legion having multiple crafters? like in wod, if you had multiple tailors you could churn out bags faster, because stuff was gatedZahruk14 2d
2d What's more efficient? (Archeology) Hi, i was just wondering if somebody could let me know on what's more efficient: Farming Eastern Kingdoms for troll dig sites, or farming pandaria for lost artifacts and turning those into troll fragments. What do you guys think?Morheim2 2d
2d Stag Flank Trying to level my cooking. Need stag flank at the moment, where can I buy some? Or kill animals to get it??Kaystorms7 2d
2d Max profession level for legion? Will you need max profession to craft legion stuff?Brengamingz3 2d
2d Got the sea turtle but it swims too slow I finally managed to get the sea turtle mount in a drop today (yaaaaay!), to the west of Nate Pagle's place in Panderia. But I must say that I expected it to swim faster. I think my druid has the fastest mount speed, but it feels like the sea turtle swims slower than my druid in Orca form. Does the other one, the riding turtle, swim faster?Bloodysnots4 2d
2d Profession that goes well with mining (lock)? I have mining on my 90 rogue, he has engineering. It was fun. I tried herbalism and alchemy on my 15 warlock (So i still have room to move around) with one goal in mind: Money. Mining seems to be the most profitable gathering profession (raw) but i already have a mining toon. But i like money. So im here to ask: What goes best with mining with only money in mind? I dont care about that bonus you get, its not important to me; it would be nice to have something that benefits my lock in some way. Here is what i've read so far: - JC is profitable, but has the tendency to drop very far if the market isnt asking for gems - Engineering is a money pit (I have a toon w/ Engi already, so it's irrelevant) - BS is okay, (But what benefits for a warlock?) Im honestly thinking about going for Mining and Tailoring. Tailoring is its own gathering profession (Kinda) and mining is where the money market is at. Lots of profs use mining (BS, Engi, JC, tailoring and alchemy to a small extent) Your thoughts? Edit: No dual gathering professions!Hablar8 2d
2d Skinning and multi tap issue ***A word of warning, I'm a bit salty about this so if you don't want to hear complaining please leave now*** So, I'm leveling Skinning and Leatherworking in preparation for Legion and I have a serious issue with the way multi tapping mobs work in regards to skinning. Countless times live and in beta I'd have a group of mobs on me and someone comes in, does a quick AoE, then moves on. Alternatively if something needs to be looted they'll just loot the quest item and leave the junk items on the corpse. In either case this leaves me, who more often than not did most of the work killing said mobs, unable to skin them since the corpse wasn't fully looted. I can understand another player killing a mob themselves and not looting the corpse, it's nothing but a bonus to me if they do loot them. But when I'm fighting the mobs and someone just mooches off it and does this it aggravates me. If I may make a suggestion: If a mob was multi tapped that means it has loot for every player on the aggro table. If I completely loot it and skin the mob, leave a pile of bones or something with the loot for everyone else.Akiza3 2d
2d Help picking a profession for legion I was gonna go into Legion as a skinner/leatherworker. I've come to realize there's gonna be a lot of DH following this path. I've decided I'd like to change it up. But I'm stuck, alchemy or enchanting. With alchemy I would go herb. With enchanting, I'm not sure yet. Both of these would help my guild so much more than LW. Also know, I don't plan on leveling an alt for a long time, so I would have no alternate source of mats. Just looking for a little guidance. I've also looked at wowhead, to see what's ahead in legionZythera8 2d
2d Drums of Fury I noticed on all of the older Drums of Fury there is a "Does not affect allies above xx" where xx = max level for the expansion where it was produced. I can't seem to find a Legion version so... When I look at the description of Drums of Fury there is no such statement. Does anyone know if these will work past level 100?Marilata2 2d