Nov 24 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax35 Nov 24
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5m RBG win for rank 3 shoulders Llolol. what the actual !@#$Chosenmourne5 5m
30m Anyone happy with Legion Profs? Title pretty much says it all: Anyone other than Herbalists happy with Legion Professions? I've managed to get most of my enchanting recipes to 3 stars, but the normal bigger ticket items, the weapon enchants we usually get, are not available in Legion. For Alchemy, I can say I'm downright angry. I have 1x 3 star recipe for Healing Potions, and despite the immense number of herbs I've blown to create potions and flasks, still have nothing else to show for it. The discovery RNG amount on the damn recipes is awful, pure abysmal. I've probably made a few hundred flasks and still can't get 3 star recipes. And without the chance to proc multiples, at this point the herbs are worth more than the single flask you create with them. And I'm stuck at 785 (and only there because of the Darkmoon Faire), because i can't get a bloody 3 star flask recipe to proc. So much ridiculous RNG. So little return for any time we put into the professions. Except herbalism, which apparently makes gold hand over fist because of how they set things up. I'd drop alchemy entirely and pick up Herbalism - IF - I could relearn all my recipes with the Legion "Forgotten Formulas of the Broken Isles" item, instead of just Legion recipes. But I'm not going to drop my profession if all the older rare recipes I have go away forever. I've been doing Enchanting / Alchemy on this character since Wrath, I'm not going to just drop it if I can't get back to where I am. So, instead, I have an alt that I need to run for herbalism, because its the only thing worth a damn. How in the world is this supposed to be fun?Lorsaire21 30m
2h What's the point of Inscription in Legion? I've loved this profession since it's inception in Wrath. My friends and guildies could always count on me to have the latest glyphs ready for everyone when they were released. Without glyphs really being a thing in Legion, what's the point of the profession? We lost shoulder inscriptions last go, and now the whole point of this profession seems unnecessary. It's almost as if they added the couple of things (runes for weekly raid bosses and the tome for easy talent swaps) just to give them something to do. I worry that Inscription is becoming super obsolete. What does everyone else here think? I'm hoping I've just overlooked the changes.Nissalee34 2h
3h Are dungeons required to level professions I keep picking up and abandoning quests which appear to be required for leveling professions. Some players are saying that we must do dungeons in order to get the recipes patterns and formulas for crafting. Others say it is not so . I have done some forum searches but rather than give a direct answer people seem to hedge as if they do not understand how doing a dungeon is a 35 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being unacceptable. THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE If someone was to ask is it true that players must to do a minimum of 25 quests for each dungeon that they want to run and 50 quests for each raid, there would be some very direct yes or no answers with some explanationsMykinglion1 3h
5h Rank 3 Fjarnskaggl I mount without the buff its 1.5 seconds i mount with the buff still 1.5 seconds. rank 3 says "Mount quickly after gathering any herb in the Broken Isles. i have reported this for the last 3 patches and still haven't seen anything on it.Zyxst0 5h
7h Rank 3 jewelcrafting neck? Hey guys, I've been trying to get my JCing up to 800, but for the love of god, i can't seem to get the rank 3 for this recipe to drop: [Jewelcrafting: Tranquil Necklace of Prophecy] It tells me that it drops from shade of xavius on heroic. I've done the dungeon at least 15 times on heroic and still no drop. Is it just bad luck or is the drop rate that !@#$ty. The reason I want this one specifically is because it's by far the least expensive to craft. There is another one with the same mats, but I have to be exalted with Highmountain. Does this drop only from heroic or mythic DHT too? Thanks!Mcpenco6 7h
8h Artifact FishingPole completed Title: Surprised Congratulations! You completed the fishing pole! Have another fish! Included was: [Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish] Use: Restores 436 health over 21 sec. Must remain seated while eating. Requires Level 15 Crafting Reagent Vendor 2 copper Auction unknown. While it wasn't an achieve it was at least something though I'm oddly reminded of the South Park Guitar Hero episode where the boys finally beat the game and at the end they get: "You've just beaten the game. Congratulations, you are a douche!" 163K fish thrown back for the last trait level at 50ap per fish. No achievement. No special, no transmog or appearance unlocked. I feel like the biggest fool in WoW right now. I just don't know but right now I'm just stunned by the utter disrespect that mail came across as. "Congrats, you just wasted hours and hours of your life, hahaha." I'm going to bed.Shadowsouled9 8h
9h JC questions I am seing on some armory pages that people are having +375 mastery gems...How and where are those recipes?Hsgames1 9h
9h Mining - a lil help plz Hi folks - returning. Apologies if this is a common ask. So I'm 101, a few days in after a boost with a new char (returning player, many years away). I'm selling raw ore, should I be refining it in some way? I'm really just interested in raising cabbage (gold), not so much getting a crafting skill later but I might. If I recall in years past, it wasn't worth the time to refine it up, the AH prices were about the same (after taking in consolidation/merging of materials etc.) Now, my skill is suxor, I have the gnome profession tool and the proffession panel says: "30 +10 - 800", and I don't really intend to do anything but collect raw materials. Should I be refining the raw ore up as much as I can to get the skill up? Not clear reason for skill, I can mine any level now ya? thx for input/thoughts. Do I risk something later if I don't focus on advancing the skill? I guess I'm missing what the point of advancing the skill would be -Kaizersozay0 9h
10h How are people earning gold in Legion? Topic says it all. Anyone got the keys to riches? I am just curious to see how folks are making their mints?Motors13 10h
10h Is Nomi busted? I realize Nomi works on RNG, but I thought our "favorite" little panda was supposed to become a better chef, not worse. Since the 7.1 path and Nomi started handing out "slightly burnt foods" as opposed to "badly burnt foods", I have gotten approx. 1 recipe drop; 2 absolute maximum. Compare those to the 20+ I got prior to 7.1. And it's not like I'm giving my little slave any time off. It just seems crazy considering the fact his skills are supposed to be "improving;" I'd barely trust Nomi with a bowl of cereal atm. Was I just extremely lucky before the patch and got an abundance of recipes, resulting in now looking bad? Can an NPC be bugged? Do I just <> and wait the RNG out? P.S. at least im not beaching about the legendary drop rate (blizz plz)Huntin6 10h
11h Goblin Glider Nerf The fact I can't use my goblin glider in dungeons & raids anymore is absolutely depressing. It's an integral part of my SoO solo runs and frankly the fact Engineering is being continually beat over the head with the nerfbat this expansion is getting -reaaaaally- old. Please reconsider this unnecessary change; it's getting hard to keep up with all the stealth nerfs going on. EDIT: I swapped to the Flexweave Underlay for the time being... which is still usable in instances apparently. I guess this will do for now.Royce30 11h
11h Archaeology - what next? So archaeology has not exactly had a smooth progression.... and I'm now wondering what they'll do next expansion to make it even more painful. Let's have a look: -Cataclysm: Archaeology introduced. Massive time sink, but doable. Massive RNG on getting rares, some of which were great, but that was the whole system. -MoP: Pristine artifact system introduced. Now you have massive RNG on your commons too! -WoD: Let's keep the massive RNG of the previous expansion, but for most of the expansion you can't fly so you have massive timesinks while riding on the ground and clearing out mobs that do nothing but waste your time. -Legion: You only get to try once every three weeks, so it's as much of a time sink, but you can't do it all at once. Oh, and we love massive RNG, but decided we didn't like the mobs being trivial, so have some elites! Oh, and we've locked an artifact appearance behind doing these, hope you weren't thinking about skipping them... So for the future, what will they do to make it more painful? Having mobs spawn from dig sites that require a 5-man group to take down and don't de-spawn after they kill you? Pristine Rare artifacts, along with re-enabling rares you've already solved so you'll never get the ones you want? Special currency for turning in pristine artifacts that's required to progress your character in other parts of the game? The possibilities are endless!Dajakisubo2 11h
11h Archaeology Rare solves at lvl 1 now? I just got Archaeology on one of my characters. I hadn't trained it at all til level 98 but I was able to train all the way to Draenor skillmax. I went and did a Fossil digsite, then opened its profession pane to see what I could solve.. and its a Rare find! Summary: My first artifact to solve, at archaeology skill level 6 out of 700, was a rare one! When did this become possible? I had heard rare solves were not possible until skill level 150. Or did a bug happen?Atenstein1 11h
11h Alchemy Rank 3 Flasks, anyone got them yet? Simple question, has anyone gotten any flask to rank 3? so far i've made well over 100 flasks of the same type trying to unlock rank 3, chances are if you play frostmourne you've been buying mine, thats how many ive made compared to the rest of my server. I honestly feel like im chasing a carrot on a stick here, the shear amount of time im suck into it trying to get rank 3 in a flask so i can then get 800 alch is taking longer than anything else in the game. So with my rant over, has anyone actually gotten rank 3 and if so how many flasks did you make roughly?Masika75 11h
12h Can't pick up Legion Archaeology quests? So I just trained up on archaeology in Daralan, but the trainer there won't give me a quest! She's got the '!' above her head, but its grayed out. And when I look in my logs I don't see any archaeology quests to speak of (at least I don't think). Am I missing something that would further allow me to use this profession? ((Also, it says on the sites that its a 'second profession' but it doesn't show up in my second profession spot. This is starting to frustrate me!))Nehymia0 12h
16h How do i get new recipes for tailoring?? hOW DO I GET NEW RECIPES TO LVL Tailoring??? Iv asked this in trade chat and gotten the rude response of Use google newb.... I cant find any information online. Iv run well over 2 dozen mythics and lfr raids and havent gotten any drops??? My tailoring has maybe 2 yellows and the rest greys,, HELP!!!Lilflockar6 16h
16h Unlearn Profession How do I unlearn a primary profession? Spellbook and Abilities. Professions tab. Or bringing up the menu for that profession. I don't see an unlearn button or a symbol with a line through it. I tried to go to the prof trainer and pick up the one I want instead, thinking that would give me the option to unlearn the other but that didn't work.Mizaka6 16h
19h nomi broken? Is anyone else not getting anything from him now? It went from getting a recipe every once and a while to getting nothing now. Untill today ive kept work orders stacked sometimes mixing mats sometimes stacking just one, either way im getting nothing but junk back. im all done giving him anything and would like to hear someone from blizz admit that he is broken.Stoutt8 19h
21h Legion Archeology Do you need to ding 800 Archeology before other zones besides Azsuna show digsites? Did I miss something?Bellywood1 21h
22h Fishing Sea Turtle mount Random question: Does anyone know if you can still get that while fishing in Legion content? We've been working on the Bigger Fish to Fry achievement and was just hoping to use this time to grind for that too! Thank you for all help. :)Lannaria1 22h
1d Blue Dragonscale Shoulders Looking for LW to craft Blue Dragonscale Shoulders on Ysera-USKaleic0 1d
1d Nat Pagel's rare fish MIA after restart. Uhhh last 3 weeks I've been farming these 3 up every day, working on these old reps. Today I have already spent 2 hours on ONE. Not a hint of any of these fish, and there's a dozen people around me fishing and all are saying similar things. None of them have seen this fish since the restart. It usually takes me 20 minutes to get all 3. Blizz please look into can this many people be having this bad of a streak of luck?Sanctûm1 1d
1d Mounting Made "Easy" I just want to rant about how AWFUL this quest is. It's not just the worst quest in Stormheim. It's not just the worst quest in Legion. It is the worst quest IN THE ENTIRE GAME! There is a difference between challenging and frustrating. As someone else on a different page said, "I cannot think of a quest that has made me want to cancel my subscription, until this one." Yes, I'm super salty. There is not enough water on Earth to get rid of this salt. Also, it seems I'm not alone with this feeling/sentiment. "Mounting Made Easy" my !@#. I needed to vent my frustrations. (Edited to include that this is a leatherworking quest, in case anyone sees this and gets confused/curious)Alymorel50 1d
1d Was Legion shipped with unfinished Fishing? With numerous amounts of bugs, RNG bordering on unfair, broken Angler traits, open water fishing essentially useless, and only 2-3 pools per zone(minus Suramar), I feel like fishing needs to be looked at. Fishing is one of my favorite professions in the game, and while the Angler is one of my favorite items (not just rods), I feel like it's been massively overlooked once the idea was integrated. Left to rot like the stinky fish bones it is. (I only assume they're stinky. Maybe Marcia bleached them.) I've attempted to compile a list of everything that I've noticed, as well as some other complains that I've seen around the forum. Lets start with fishing in general. Fishing skill(or lack there of) is pointless past 800. According to various guides there is negligible effect on world fishing to catch "real" fish (Not a Mackerel). There is a constant 20% chance to catch a real fish. Higher fishing skill doesn't even increase the chance you'll catch rare baits, only Arcane Lures do. The only reason to level up to 800 is to get the angler. -World fishing. Pool spawn rates are atrocious in certain areas such a Highmountain, Azsuna, and Stormheim. And with how difficult it is to navigate Highmountain and Stormheim to find currently spawned pools, it almost seems like world fishing would be "faster" than trying to navigate the treacherous terrain that these zones offer in search of one pool. But baits and real fish have such a low drop rate in open waters, even with an Arcane Lune, that it almost seems like there's no benefit in searching for pools. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that either zone is badly designed, they're both visually stunning, but they're also extremely unfriendly to fishermen/women. As for Azsuna, it seems to have the same problem that Stormheim and Highmountain have in regards to pool spawns, and considering most of it's waters is ocean waters, I hardly see any Queensfish pools. I don't think that these zones should be a feeding frenzy of pools, but numerous times I've made rounds through the various zones only to find a single pool. It's highly possible that crossrealm to to blame for all of this, but then why wouldn't fishing pools have the same mechanics as other gathering professions? If there are more people in a zone, shouldn't fish pools linger like herbs and veins? I've also noticed that there are a few pools that spawn inside unfishable territory (inside of walls, line of sight, water too shallow.) Also, I don't know if this is intentional, but the Moosehorn Hook is dispelled as soon as you catch a single rare bait. -Margoss, I honestly don't have a problem with him, mostly because I'm uninterested in the mount. That being said, I think that the amount of effort (or the amount of clicks) required to obtain the mount warrants something equal to what the Angler has to offer. It's a large fish, not a turtle. Shouldn't it swim faster than one? Mana drops seem fine, with a reported 25-30% drop rate, and joining a raid group results in 100% uptime on the Mark of Aquaos. -Underlight Angler. First off, I'd like to point out that this is one of my favorite items in the entire game. Turning into a fish, water walking, reducing aggro radius, increased lure time, and most importantly, instantly fishing up pools are all fantastic. However, I've noticed numerous amounts of bugs directly and indirectly related to it. -Luminous Pearl continues to drop even after the quest has been completed -Undercurrent triggers its cooldown when the button is pressed, instead of when it is cast -There have been reports of the trait Black Barracuda Angling procs only rewarding 2-3 Mackerels and no Barracudas -Arcane Lures are not effected by the passive lure trait (Intended?) -People without the Angler are receiving the benefit of the Better Luck Next Time trait (I've personally experienced this one. I noticed it happened a lot more with an Arcane Lure equipped, but that's probably pure coincidence) -Artifact Research bonuses are not being applied to the Angler and rare fish -The Underlight Pearl is sometimes unclickable, even while the Angler is equipped -If you have the Angler open in the Pearl, you can open a Artifact Weapon's page and make upgrades at the Pearl instead of your Hall's forge -Throwing rare fish back while the Angler is not equipped wastes the fish, and no power is gained I really enjoy the Angler, but at the moment I'm not sure it's working as intended. Some suggestions I have for it is that maybe there could be a passive increase to catching rare bait, or making it so increasing a trait for a certain fish also increases the and chance to catch the real fish and bait in open waters instead of Mackerel. The Underlight Angler, I feel, is supposed to be the ultimate fishing rod, but it mainly only benefits from fishing in pools. I would love to see more functionality with open water fishing, because as it stands there is a severe lack of pools to utilize it to its full effectPythagorean44 1d
1d noob question but how do I get started(alch) So I cannot afford old war pots for too much longer, they are driving me to go broke. I have never ever done professions in all my time of playing WoW(on and off), and this is kind of the 1st expansion where I have really raided. Please advise me how I can go about all this in a detailed fashion... Should I pick up alch and enchaning? alch and herb? not sure what to doAorticartery0 1d
1d Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza Its seriously been like 8 years I've tried to win this event. When are you bringing it back? This is the best time to have it active as people are busy with new content. Its almost December. Can we just turn off Cross Realm Zoning in stranglethorn? Youre klling me blizzard. Im 2 achievements away.Snitch1 1d
1d Professions were better pre-WoD At least then I could level to max without getting lucky. Pretty much all the professions suck now. At least we don't need them for the perks anymore.Bankenstein0 1d
1d Mass Prospecting BROKEN AF Buy 1400 felslate @ 68g each. Total investment: About 95,000 gold 70 mass prospects later, I'm sitting there with my jaw on the floor as I watched as the entire 1400 were consumed with TIME AND AGAIN, no gems being found. [Gem Chip]x4 [Gem Chip]x4 [Gem Chip]x4 Interspersed throughout are UNCOMMON quality gems... care to know how many actual gems OF ANY REAL VALUE I got from this 95k gold investment? 3 Shadowruby 5 Dawnlight 5 Maelstrom Saphire 5 Eye of Prophecy 0 Pandemonite 8 Furystone That's 26 total RARE quality gems, from 70 prospects. The total market value of ALL of these gems on my realm: ~25k. I literally got ONE PROC of each color except the Furystone. (5 in one, 3 in another there). This means that out of 70 attempts, ONLY SIX prospects got me ANY rare quality gems! WTF Blizzard?!?Falconeyes1 1d
1d Throwing in the Archaeology Towel Ok, I've totally had it with archaeology in Legion. Why did they decide to have us try to do anything constructive in areas with packs of elite mobs that run around all over the place? This is a lesson in futility. I go out to try to do it and get mobbed. Way too frustrating. I know it's somehow necessary to put the dig sites in bad areas but there's got to be a limit! Either that or give us a topic in LFG for it!Tizzie6 1d
1d Balanced Trillium Ingot i am trying to craft Crafted Malevolent Gladiator's Dreadplate Helm as a blacksmith that was boosted But the recipe is unlearned and i need Balanced Trillium Ingot but how do i get this? apparently it is a world drop from pandaria expansion, is there any other way to get this?Bouncxi1 1d
1d Transmutagens Please give us a recipe that uses these in a useful/timely manner or perhaps increase the stack size? I use my Wild Transmute every day and Cloth to Herbs transmute. The pet sac is unique and can only be done once a week. Considering the "amazing" rare pets you have to wait 7 days for it seems like a loss of profit to not pick one of the better transmutes for the cooldown. They currently stack to 20 and it is slowly eating up my Reagent bank space. If it could stack higher that would be a nice quality of life boost. Thank you for reading.Tyrsian0 1d
1d Good reasons to level LW in legion? Is there really good crafted gear to warrant going through leveling LW in legion? I googled it but xant find anything about it. I'm currently working on leveling it from 1-800 and I'm curious .Beazyroos7 1d
1d Best 2nd Gathering Prof for Gold Making? So, I just came to the realization that blacksmithing, although a cool and immersive questline, is essentially useless. I am looking for a the best 2nd gathering profession worth the most gold. I have mining in the high 700's so I'm keeping that and selling the ore. Should I get: (dis)enchanting, skinning, or herbalism for best gold making by selling on the AH? Thanks!Isaaic2 1d
1d How are you supposed to level Tailoring now?? All the farming spots for cloth have been nerfed into oblivion. None of the dungeons I tried to farm dropped any coth, and I mean NONE, 0 cloth. So how are you supposed to raise tailoring without spending months farming single mobs and only getting at best 100 or so cloth an hour. You need 1000's of cloth to raise tailoring and almost all of it is useless untill you get to wod. Even then its only bags that are still viable.Goozle3 1d
1d 800 mining im stuck on 789 mining. I cant figure out how to finish to lvl 800. even felslate seams are greyed out. tyKalel4 1d
1d Tailoring 'Queen's Grace Loom' problem Hello, I've finished the quest 'queens grace looms' and unlocked imbued silk weave and braces. But when I try craft the braces it says "requires queens grace looms quest". I'm pretty new to this game so it might be something simple I'm missing. Anything that could help would be appreciated.Zareliaeda7 1d
1d Idea: Professional Repairs I think it would be cool if Blacksmiths, Tailors, and Leatherworkers could offer repairs for equipment types that they make. Blacksmiths = Plate Leatherworkers = Mail/Leather Tailor = Cloth In addition to repairing the equipment, the bonus would be that the repaired player would get some kind of a 1-2 hour buff. "Polished Armor" could offer a 3-5% boost to stats for the duration, or another meaningful buff. Depending on the damage it would cost a certain amount of the current xpac's material for that profession. (i.e. Skins, ore, cloth) I think it would give those three professions a shot in the arm and give them ongoing usefulness. Plus it seems a little silly that we can make the armor from scratch but we can't figure out how to repair it ourselves when it gets a little dent.Ferratus0 1d
1d Am I wrong in thinking... That the only 2 main professions worth having are Alchemy and Enchanting? All the gear professions are useless by the time you can actually make them and are not worth the upgrading. Engineering used to be useful for PvP, but now you can't use anything except in wpvp. I feel sorry for inscription. The class was basically put in for the glyph system and then they axed it.Cat1 1d
1d Mythic plus items needed I would love to see - an alchemy pot for 5 people - a good feast for 5 people I find that these key items are missing to help the flow of mythic plus. cross realm i cant give flasks and some players are poor or lazy. if i could set up a feast and a pot it would be great. feasts will go down in price and i already set many out but i feel like i am wasting it for only 5 people.Summerginger0 1d
1d crafted relic crafted relics are always ilvl 805 and provide +31 itemlevels to your weapon. they can not be upgraded with obliterum 805 is also the same ilvl of normal mode dungeon drops on level 110 - which can already even on normal mode surpass the crafted options with a simple upgrade roll luck As a result - crafted relics may just not exist at all. Especially considering that they require some of the rarest crafting materials for most professionsEuvoice3 1d
2d 700 to 800 LW ?? How do I raise LW from 700 to 800?Rumbrew0 2d
2d Skinning Worldquests I've only really just noticed of this, but for perhaps around a month or 2 I haven't gotten a single world quest that rewards stormscale , whereas I get one nearly everyday for stonehide leather. Im just wondering if this is only happening to me, or if other people are getting the same thing?Vickass1 2d
2d First Aid: Treat Fever Not Creating First Aid problem: I wanted to make the treat fever kits. I bought the field pack reagents from the first aid trainer. However it won't let me create the packs. I guess I did something wrong. Can anyone advise?Ahnknu19 2d
2d Profitable Fish ? Which fish is most profitable in legion ?Acnapyx0 2d
2d Stop Profession Grinding Now Stop Now. Don't read all these posts hoping for the secret that you must be missing. Profs are pain. Level whatever is easy...up to 740 or so. Get 5points/month from Darkmoon faire. Wait for Blizz to fix profs(or not). Every other strategy will just fail and make you sad and poor. You're Welcome.Malmedula6 2d
2d Archaeology - Miffed I get it Blizz, you like to change things up. Keep it fresh so to speak. And there's so many things you've changed that I love. The little icon over your head when you find a new artifact fragment? Brilliant! More packed, tightly woven sites? To die for! But two complaints. As of 7.1, you seem to have thought that taking away the border indicator was somehow a good thing. As though by now we as a collective have memorized the edge of the digsite, which I assure you is not the case. So without walking directly into the damn shovel indicated on the large map, I'll constantly get "You cannot use this here." Or something similar. This "little" change has been a huge source of frustration. Not only because I really can't be bothered to find my way to the approximate center, but usually the approximate center is in the middle of a pack of elite mobs on some remote island that is particularly annoying to fight through to get a couple fragments out of. It has also, knowingly or not, caused basically all archaeology addons to break. Super job! And I suppose there is no definitive second complain, I've summed them all up in there. Just a frustration, but hoping that venting here at least gives all the archaeology enthusiasts out there a place to commiserate together.Sprinklesv11 2d
2d sex change potion Has this ever been considered? Permanent would be nice but if it was temporary that wouldn't be bad either.Clooie14 2d