1d Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax34 1d
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55m No, I will not make [Trigger] I will not make a pet (4, actually) with no actual value, and that sells for 6-7 times less than the material price JUST to level my engineering to 800. I've ranted on the topic before, but this design is just plain dumb. Please, PLEASE give us a way to cap ourselves without just utterly wasting 200 Blood of Sargeras. I've heard the blingatron 6000 is underwhelming, but at least he does something.Chawana8 55m
1h @Bliz bloodtotem saddle blanket... seriously just let us know wtf it actually does :|! i understand hidden power on weapons and all..but this is flipping profession...i SHOULD know the usefulness of something I am investing my mats in.. What kind of craftsman makes soemthign they have no diea is worth the mats value? none. It's pure logic. So On behalf of all Tailors.....What in the name of Elune do this do!?Lockedheart0 1h
2h Legion rank for secondary profs? So, we get quests almost right off the bat to acquire Legion rank (701 to 800) in all primary professions. What about secondary-- cooking, fishing, first aid and archaeology? Are we forced to pay for it? I honestly thought that we'd get Legion cooking by turning in the six recipes to Idiot -- oops I mean Nomi-- and opening the Test Kitchen. But this toon is still at a maximum of 700 cooking and gets no skillups by making orange recipes like Faronar Fizz. I also went to Margoss' Island and got him his drowned mana, and my fishing is still at 700 max, so that's not how to get Legion fishing. This is an observation, not a complaint. I'd like to know what I need to do so I can get it done.Hulta2 2h
2h How to handle Rank 3 Flask? So after grinding this for a while I got super lucky and got a Rank 3. How do you do business with another player? Do you charge x per flask? Do you keep some of them? Or do you rely on their good graces and hope for a good tip? I want to do the fairest way for both parties.Tyrsian3 2h
5h Rank 3 for Mining Recipes? Well this is annoying. My BF's miner has been mining every node he can see for ages since he hit 110 and he has only got the recipes in mining to level 2 (except for Brimstone Destroyer, level 1). What does he need to do to get level three? He would have preferred a quest to get level three, like mine 250 nodes/seams, for level 3 Leystone/felslate. But relying on pure RNG to get it to pop is ridiculous.Bramstokes2 5h
6h Is Prospecting Ever Going to be Fixed? I just prospected 80 ore, got 2 green quality gems and a ton of gem chips. This is definitely not a "class fantasy" or "profession fantasy". Is this ever going to be fixed?Forums9 6h
7h Legion gems - can't be put into gem bags? So, is this for real? I've got gem chips, uncommon gems and rare gems. Try to put them into my Bag of Jewels, a bag specifically made for holding gems. "Only gems can be placed in that". Really? Well, silly me! I was under the impression that the items that come out of gem bags and prospecting must have been gems, but I guess I was wrong all along. How could I have been so stupid? /sSpecula0 7h
8h [Fishing] Underlight Angler Artifact Guide For the most up to date version check my reddit post: This is all the info you need to get this Artifact. Requirements to start the quest... - Be level 110 - 800 level fishing skill - Catch all the rare fish in Legion completing the achievement "Bigger Fish to Fry" - Once all of these requirements are met you will be able to fish up the quest item called "Luminous Pearl". I'm guessing you can fish it up anywhere but I caught mine on the southern coast of Suramar within 20min of finishing the Bigger Fish to Fry achievement. A lot of the sites like wowhead and wowdb had information on the bait and fish for the achievement, but it was not totally complete. Here is a complete list I put together with all 18 of the rare fish, locations, and the baits you must catch to get them. A small tip that might help speed things up is using the item "Arcane Lure" available from Conjurer Margoss at the reputation of Buddy. This item stacks with your regular fishing lures like Worm Supreme and doubles your chance to catch bait in the Broken Isles. So if you want the extra little boost you can grind out this rep to Buddy which will require 331 Drowned Mana after his initial Drowned Mana Quest. Here is my overview on Conjurer Margoss: Now for the clips from my adventure towards earning the Underlight Angler. Its a two part video because the quest bugged on me for a couple days until Nat Pagle spawned. I don't know a thing about video editing so its from my streams which are recorded live so please excuse the rambling and some mature language etc :) Part 1 - Catching the Quest Item (Luminous Pearl) and starting the quest. - (This is part of a long stream so follow the annotations to skip to the important parts). Part 2 - The final part of the quest. A fun little scenario with Nat Pagle that earns you the Artifact. - Currently the Pole is incomplete: -The Undercurrent ability (porting to schools) is not yet implemented. -The Artifact power fish that you now catch with the pole do not work yet, so there is no way to put AP on the pole as of beta build 22124. -Because of the above issue you are unable to obtain any of the traits. (I'm guessing they are still finalizing the traits). -kruptTommbombadil30 8h
8h no obliterium cap increase? while looking at the patch notes, i noticed there was no mention of this happening. i know Blizzard forgets to put certain lines in and this is a strange thing to keep out of the patch, unless they want to wait until the next raid comes out and increase crafted items another 5 ilvls.Cherche0 8h
8h Increased Herb Requirement? A couple of my guildies are saying that the amount of herbs needed to make flasks is going to go up with patch 7.1; does anyone have a source on this? Or is it not true?Healsforhire1 8h
8h Nomi - what's broken versus "QQ it sucks" Before composing this post, I did a Forum search for "Nomi"; THIRTY ONE threads. None of them happy. That's telling. So, the mountain of burnt food, the weird RNG, the confusion around what kind of fish/meat to put in to try to get certain recipes to pop (without the awesome addon) and so on. It's kind of a mess. But, thanks to Wowhead and these forums, a person *can* learn what's going on and then have reasonable expectations and some patience. Still, a lot of people just want things to be easier or faster. ALL THAT SAID...There is no way that it's not also actually broken. DUPLICATE RECIPES Most of us have probably gotten more than one of the exact same recipe at pickup. What needs to happen is if in the course of calculating the results a recipe is awarded, that recipe needs to be removed from the possible results list and the rest of the results are calculated on the remaining fish/meat inputs. If you have all one of kind input (say you put in 20 Salmon), then the only valid results will either be A) The next higher rank of the recipe currently already pending as a result, not a duplicate of same rank of the same recipe, or B) a different recipe from the same input at whatever rank is next for that recipe or C) bupkiss. But it's really upsetting to see a dupe; partly because it feels like a ripoff. "Oh, RNG gods smiled on me, and I should be getting nice shiny new recipes, but you're mocking me with clones!?!" So, either fix the reward code or at least HIDE the dupe from us, okay? EXISTING RECIPES I'm seeing recipes come back for things I ALREADY KNOW. That is a bug. That is a flaw. Period. I should either get a new recipe, an ungraded recipe or nothing.Rialany21 8h
8h Engineering worthless Really its never been this bad like the mats are insane and there isnt even much out of it...Zmora4 8h
8h Skinning Problems Rank 3 Stonehide Trying to get the quest for rank 3 stonehide skinning. Cant get Immaculate Stonehide Leather sample to start the quest I've completed the quest before it Highmountain Hides. I have skinned over a 500 beasts sense then and get get the sample to drop to take me to Ske'rit in Sumanar. I need help.Lurchtard28 8h
8h Do the blues even care about professions? I know there are so many things going on right now in legion that profs might be on the back burner, but I don't think we here on this forum are asking a lot. We just want to be heard and I feel most people taking part in any profession are overall upset or dissatisfied. The sheer number of materials for even a simple potion. The 1000 ore for one rare gem. Hours of crafting for no rank 3s Crafted gear being thrown aside for a quick drop on normal or even heroic dungeons Not only is it disheartening it's killing the market and blowing of huge inflation thanks to the need and due to world of garrison craft. I don't want a lot. I just want an update. Do the blues even know all the profs are horrible at the moment? Do they care? Do they have plans? I'd be happy with a "we are looking into it"Mcwilla44 8h
9h Starlight herb problem Hi, I can't believe how many times I have to try to pick his herb before i actually get one instead of dust. I tried everything like logging in and out of game but it doesn't work. I see stacks of 200 on the auction house and I am amazed at how many times these herbalists need to pick to get that many. In fact, i spent 400k gold on them just to level my other profession. One of my friends told me today while I was at work that the secret is to equip a fishing pole before you pick it. I haven't logged in to try that yet but it seems like a big PITA to keep equipping and unequipping a fishing rod, and the mobs around there can kill me if i forget to equip my weapon I would think. I'll try later tonight. My hat is off to you herbalists who get to 200 starlight! Thats a lot of herbing. Blizzard please fix the pick rate soon!!!!! I'm dying hereSandwhich14 9h
10h new super special super chocholate covered The following items now disable their effects rather than cancel the entire buff when leaving the Broken Isles: Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket Leystone Hoofplates Demonsteel Stirrups Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket does not even do anything, why is it included in this list?Noskulls0 10h
12h Herbalism- How do I get rank 3? Hello, I have all my herbs sitting at rank 2 atm, I've farmed so much foxflower that I've made 95k gold so far from it, but the problem is I have yet to get the rank 3 quest yet. Do I need 800 herb in order for the quest to drop or is there something else I need to do?Gwýn106 12h
13h Starting An Alt Who Has Leather. What to do? So I just started leveling an alt who maxed out skinning and leatherworking back in WoD. I'm really conflicted about what to do with his professions. I can carry on with the skinning and leather and do the dozens of leveling quests and skin a 1000 mobs. But looking at the list of things I can make I can't see anything that I will ever use except maybe a couple of 735 or 765 items that I'll wear for a day or two. Is there a market for the 815 items at 110? I can't see why there would be. Running world quests for a couple of weeks sounds like a lot better way to gear up than spending a small fortune to create obliterum and upgrade the crappy 815 items. Even the Moose you can make at skill 800 is depressingly plain and unexciting. It really irritates me to feel like the only reason to level my professions to 800/800 is in the hope that the next expansion will be better. Or I could drop them for something else, but I already have an herb/alchemy guy and everything else looks miserable too. Or I could just leave them at 700 and see what the future brings. What are the rest of you doing with professions on alts now that we can clearly see how bad Legion professions really are?Zarmao3 13h
13h 60k+ a week to raid if you r not an alchemist So if you don't roll an alchemist in the beginning of the expansion, you are royally F*****d until you figure out how to keep the payments rolling without spending more than half your day and evenings sitting in front of your computer farming and crap. Average flask price: 1600g each Average pot price: 500g each Average rune price: 500g each Average 300 food: 500g each Why don't other professions have some sort of raid consumable (alternate?)Hollywould16 13h
13h Is alchemy a study income? Herbs are crashing hard on my server, which is unfortunate, but that's okay! :) I am growing tired of farming, so I'm wondering if it's a good investment to save the herbs I have, but the cheap ones Tuesday and then switch to alchemy for a steady income throughout the expansion. Let me know what you guys think :). I've also thought about inscription, so let me know!Mysticall2 13h
13h Question about level boost and professions I thought about boosting a new hunter with my lv100 boost from legion so they can be my herbalist and miner. But I read you only get lv 700 professions if you are at least level 60. Anyone know if its quicker to level 1-60 with heirlooms use boost to get 700 professions, or go from lv 1 to 100 with boost then level herbalist and miner from 1-700.Azuremi4 13h
13h Gem bags not holding gems I've posted about this before but it seems to have been removed for some reason. Currently, gems are not able to be put into gem bags. What is the reason for this and when will this be corrected? Gems take up quite a few unnecessary slots in our bags and should be able to be placed in a gem bag.Moretwubble2 13h
13h What color is higher for profession training / and what is lower... eg green, yellow, brown.... (color code when you open up your profession for the purpose of leveling)Dragonsthief5 13h
14h Underlight Angler and Artifact Knowledge With my 3rd artifact research nearing completion I figured it was time to add to the daily posts asking about whether AK not applying to the pole is working as intended or a bug. I'd rather know I have a grind ahead of me than grind to max it and a month from now find out it's a bug. A simple "we are aware and are looking into it" or "it's working as intended" would be very helpful to all the fishers out there who put in the time to obtain this item and feel we've been given a half baked artifact.Zigg16 14h
15h Schematic: Goblin Glider Kit Been trying to find who teaches this Schematic. Its different then the one Engineers can only use themselves - Googled it but no real info on who teaches or drops it. Any help thanks!Hemroid6 15h
15h Inscription or jc Looking for what to use on my hunter which is my mainWindstalker2 15h
15h Rank 3 Cloak Enchant only reduces Arkhana? So, 2400g later and all I save on enchanting a cloak is 10 arkhana? That doesn't seem to make any sense to me. The enchant I'm talking about is the Binding of Intellect (so I assume the other 2 are in the same point). That seems like a lot of work (since this one is exalted with Nightfallen) and a decent chunk of change, just to save 10 arkhana.Crynic0 15h
16h Rank 3 For all my fellow herbalist that are thinking about giving up on trying to get your rank 3 in some areas don't give up. I finally got my last rank 3 today. On average I spend about 2-4 hours on the herb I was trying to get Rank 3. Keep trying and you will get it and you will also have a lot of herbs to sell or use.ärlørd2 16h
16h Sifting through the rubble 11 sites, 14 solves no jewels. /scream internallyErthan166 16h
17h First Aid Achevement not giving credit Hello all, I seem to be having a problem with the First Aid achievement called, " Is there a medic in the zone", which says to complete 10 of the wounded npc quests across the Broken Isles. I have 800 first aid skill from completing multiple quest's that drop off of random npc kills across all legion zones and the achievement will either not give me credit for doing the quest or will appear to turn green in the achievement and then later, I will go back and check it and its gray like I have not even done the quest. I have sent in a bug report. I really hope Blizzard will credit these quest's that have been completed to my achievement or at the very least fix this issue. Is there anyone else having this issue?Macdaddie2 17h
18h Professions are the worst part of Legion By the numbers; They are an unrewarding time-sink that is RNG frustrating, not alt friendly and are seemingly useless unless its gathering or alchemy. 6 of our raiders have now switched to herbing / alchemy just to keep up to the demand for raiding. And this according to the devs is working as intended. Making a system where flasks and pots are so expensive that you have to be careful when you use them rather than use for every pull is not how players think. We WILL use them for every pull regardless of whether they are NEEDED or not. Thats the fun part of having pots and flasks. All this is doing is encouraging player burn-out. Also, its like every game ive ever played that has limited health pots... you save them with the intent to only use them when you need them in the end to have a bag full of health pots because you didn't want to waste a limited resource. So why have the bloody things. Its not fun when using something is laden with guilt. One step forward, 2 leaps back. From engineering to cooking, i haven't talked to a single person who is enjoying crafting. No exaggeration - Not one. The only person i can imagine enjoying it is the gatherer gold farming losers who are inflating the false wow economy. Talk about creating the haves and have nots dilemma. Since all my efforts go toward making flask and pots for my raid, none are on the AH. So i am in the have not category. I cant afford anything on the AH. Further to that, i spend too many hours trying to keep up. I guess I am feeling the burnout myself.Darkbjorn41 18h
20h Engineering is broken I like engineering for the fun it brings, and it's never really been a gold making profession, and I don't treat it as such, but it seems incredibly pointless in legion. Everything of use is from other expansions: loot-a-rang, moll-e, jeeves, goblin glider, and more. Reeves is ridiculous. Costs 200 gold to summon for modes that really aren't worth crafting the modules for. Why is he even a consumable? How is jeeves not just better for practical use? I guess if you want to show off your money, you could summon him for fireworks all the time.Keinthdra0 20h
21h Predictive Combat Operations Databank Any get this to drop? It's the engineering item that drops off Iron Juggernaut in SoO. Only info from beta I can find is someone not being able to get it. It's the last item I need (by the way the piston stabilizer drops off mobs in Doomwalker's area now, got it off a felguard or something). Just killed Iron Juggernaut in LFR and it didn't drop. I'm fine farming it every week until it drops, but I want to make sure I'm at least doing it in a valid difficulty.Viridans6 21h
22h Saber's Eye Dupes? I've noticed the auction house being flooded with mass quantities of Saber's Eyes recently. I'm talking 100+gems at nearly a quarter of the cost of what they typically sell for. I did some research and it turns out its not just my server, its happening everywhere. Apparently someone somewhere found a way to duplicate the gems and gold farmers are flooding the market. It costs more for the mats to make one than it does to buy them off the auction house right now. It feels like a slap in the face especially considering how difficult and expensive it was to get to 800 Jewel Crafting. So I'm just wondering, should I drop JC for another profession or is something going to be done about this?Edgelordess31 22h
23h Mounting Made Easy is missing Contrary to the other threads I've seen tearing this quest apart and claiming it's the worst in the game, I'm actually trying to get it finished (albeit not looking forward to it after seeing some of these posts). I just finished all my leather working quests and double checked with wowhead to make sure they're all done. However the Dalaran quest giver who is supposed to give me MME doesn't have a quest for me. Do I need to have a certain leather working level for the quest to show up? Has anyone else had trouble finding the quest line after losing it? Any help appreciated!Jamasterjay4 23h
1d Professions NEED TO BE FIXED Ok here goes.. Before Legion came out everyone kept boasting how great the profession system was going to be at launch. Well, here we are a month+ into Legion and I hate it. I am a Death Knight so naturally I went Mining and Blacksmithing. Mining in Legion was cool at first, you're running around leveling hitting the nodes you find as per usual. When Legion hit I was making BANK mining felslate and leystone ore. Don't get me wrong, it was fun to randomly find the ranks and quest items while mining. After rank 2 is when it goes wrong. You're leveling up, that is, until you hit 750. At this point, both regular and rich nodes become grey and no longer give you levels. This requires you to mine seams, which are inside caves or deep under water and are extremely hard to find. I haven't seen a seam of leystone or felslate in probably a week. Why is it that herbalists are able to level to 795 off picking regular herbs and mining just gets nothing after 750? It doesn't make sense. As for Blacksmithing, the addition of the Artifact weapons was really cool. I enjoy finding my skins and appearances just like everyone else, however, this removed one key thing from Blacksmithing. Making weapons It's not satisfying to raid or run dungeons as a blacksmith because you don't get recipes anymore to make armor or weapons. There's no longer a way to make better gear for yourself, minus using obliterum which is completely NOT cost effective. Making a piece of felslate gear and just using 230 crafted bracers (or 17,500 gold depending on your server prices) to make it level 850 is honestly stupid. Is there any changes coming in the future for professions because, I don't think anyone enjoys primary professions anymore. Don't even get me started on the stupid Archaeology system. NO ONE likes finding trash 100% of the time and getting a quest in Dalaran for the rare items. The way the system is doesn't make me feel like I'm gaining anything by doing them the way they are. /Rant over. I know I'm not the only one.Bloodybuns29 1d
1d Starlight Rosedust??? Are... are you trolling us, Blizzard? Was this a joke? At first, when herb gathering, all you get from Starlight Rose is the dust, and it's GREY. So obviously you vender grey items right? If they were important, they'd be WHITE, right? So then, after gathering some more, you get this quest that *requires 20 of the dust.* After you've already vendored all that you found. But by now, your gathering is at Rank 2, and you almost always get the Herb and almost never get the Dust? Seriously?? How did this make it to live? How has this not been fixed yet?Abracadaver1 1d
1d Can Legendary's be Fished? I was reading somewhere that any mob can drop one, just small mobs have a SUPER low chance. Anyone know if one can be in the fishing loot?Lyco1 1d
1d Underlight Angler Question... Thesis, It is harmful to level up Underlight Angler artifact traits that allow you to fish up whole schools of fish as it decreases the chance of catching rare bait with an arcane lure in legion. Specifically Ooglifisk, and ghost queen fish as they are best ways of leveling this artifact. Prove me wrong... also whats the deal with the boot fishing trait???? Wat do?Âriadne4 1d
1d Tol'vir Mount Farming in Legion Is the Panda farming way of changing to restored artifact crates still the fastest way in Legion? Druids get Dreamwalk now which basically covers teleportation to the north and mid section of the Kalimdor continent. Place a HS to somewhere south and I think we have the whole continent covered. Would it be faster to farm with Kalimdor now using Dreamwalk's Kalimdor portals?Adelil1 1d
1d Need more Highmountain Salmon Schools The amount of schools in the Highmountain zone needs to be doubled. For example, the BIG body of water near Sylvan Falls has usually 1 school on it. It's the largest body of water in the entire zone and it has 1 school. That one should have at least 3-5 at a given time. Compared to the schools in Suramar this zone is a nightmare to fish in.Galaar8 1d
1d Alchemy 780-800 How are we supposed to do this? The cauldron recipe is listed as requiring 800 skill but everything is grey at 780Lilladin69 1d
1d Legion Food research-Doing Something wrong? Food research- Am I missing something...Doing Something wrong? Have 4 Characters 2-110 750 lvl/ 2-107 735 lvl have been doing full order count research now for 5 days on all 4 multiple items Koi, Mackeral, Eggs, Stormray, etc and every outcome is burnt food! This is a tremendous waste of currency if buying mats on AH! Any counsel on how to produce some results in new recipes much appreciated! Thanks, CallyCallandria8 1d
1d 110 for Rank 3'S??? Do you need to be 110 for Rank 3's? I use my Rogue just for Herbing and mining. Farmed thousands of Aethril and still no rank 3. only level 104.Dessire5 1d
1d Leystone Seam unlootable At coordinates (30, 53) in Suramar, there is a Leystone seam that is seemingly unlootable. I can mine it, and have the mining cast finish, but no loot box appears. This has been there for at least all of today, and will not despawn. I have also seen several other people attempt to loot it and fail. This limits leveling mining greatly as at 770 this type of node is the only way to increase mining level (outside of world quests and the Darkmoon Faire).Pyag1 1d
1d Where is the Vendor for Draenic Stones? Suggestion Post (After searching I found nothing specific on this topic) Draenic Seeds have a vendor that sells: Garden Hoe: 2,375g, 500 Draenic Seeds Garden Shovel: 4,750g, 1000 Draenic Seeds Garden Pitchfork: 4,750g, 1000 Draenic Seeds Garden Scythe: 4,750g, 1000 Draenic Seeds Garden Sickle: 2,375g, 500 Draenic Seeds Crazy Carrot: 1000 Draenic Seeds So we need a Murk Irontoes (Miner - Draneic Stone Vendor) that sells: Miner's Helm: 4,750g, 1000 Draenic Stones (Transmorg Helm with working Light!) Miner's Overalls: 4,750g, 2000 Draenic Stones (Transmorg Toy - 10 min buff - Look like a Goblin Miner - 1 hr CD) Miner's Pick: 4,750g, 1000 Draenic Stones (Transmorg Weapon 1H) Miner's Pickaxe: 4,750g, 1000 Draenic Stones (Transmorg Weapon 2H) Miner's Coffee: 300 Draenic Stones Preserved Mining Pick: 500 Draenic Stones Ore Muncher: 1000 Draenic Stones (Goren Lookalike Pet) Also since the Herb Garden while a follower is working, you can choose which herbs to plant.... So why cant we with the Mines, while a follower is working, choose to specifically mine either Blackrock Ore or True Iron Ore? Before the people start fussing, both are pretty much equal supply so doesnt matter on 'which one' but if you have a Blacksmith (more true iron) where as Engineer (more blackrock) its a give and take. Constructive Criticism is welcome. Keep it clean. Hopefully we can with enough effort we can get this to the attention of someone upstairs.Dreamweaver6 1d
1d Nat Pagle Do you have to have a level 3 garrison to find him and buy from him? If not where can i find him and what do i need to do to increase faction so i can buy the gear from him?Anorianna5 1d
1d Alchemy 780-800? What recipes give skill ups past 780??? Do I have to keep making endless flasks to get Rank 3??Aayah3 1d