16h Highmountain Archaeology Quest So this week is Highmountain. And the reward is Spear of Rethu, a BOA polearm that is item level 605 and requires level 100 to use. You can only get this if you have Legion, which means your alts have access to the 750 artifact weapons. So, at best, they'll use it for maybe 30 minutes. And it's not even a unique skin or model. This item seems to exist just to taunt people who were hoping for the ghost moose mount.Rankìn4 16h
16h Set Bonus on crafted gear please So its worth doing the obliterium upgrades.Zekaria0 16h
17h Archaeology : Echoes of my Ancestors Are you kidding me with this quest!? Complete 25 projects? If this profession wasn't already pointless and boring now its even more of a tedious grind for a bunch of worthless grey items.... And an artifact skin is locked behind completing 8 of these dumb quests that show up every 2 weeks and take an eternity. Archaeology needs a complete re-think.Tharrik98 17h
17h Wild Transmutation isn't giving Rank ups. When I was starting out, I used Wild Transmutation each day, and I either got a new Transmute, or a rank up. But since learning all the Transmutes, I haven't gotten anything other than materials from it. My Wild Transmute is still stuck at Rank 2.Bryr4 17h
17h New alchemists are locked out of the market I just unlocked the raiding potion and flask recipes on my alt, but I immediately realized there was no point since I don't have any rank 3's that others on my server already have. Why would anyone use my service when they can go to an Alchemist with rank 3. Why would I use myself to make potions and flasks with rank 1's? Rank 3 recipes needs to be obtainable in different ways than just through crafting.Sakaska6 17h
18h Mountain Puffer location? Trying to fish up the rares for the fishing artifact, but I can't get mountain puffer (from the swollen murloc egg). Is there a specific location to go for this catch? I'm 490 casts dry. 18h
18h Leystone & Demonsteel Armor: No Crit? I'm looking on wowhead at the blacksmithing recipes for Leystone and Demonsteel armor. It seems they only give strength and stamina. Is this for real? They give no crit chance or any other stats? Are they basically useless in this regard?Borgly2 18h
19h Fishing items disappearing Anyone having issues with catching something and it not showing up in bags?? Im not talking about bait i know you can only have one of each type at a time. However i just caught one of the caps, not sure which one it flashed very quickly and didnt show up in my bags. It was definatly a blue item and i saw the word cap.13 19h
19h Is the goblin skill super important for alch? My mage is currently my alch and a Goblin, not really liking the Goblin look so I was planning on doing a race change....however being a Goblin he gets a 15 point boost to his Alchemy skill. Since it sounds like the grind from 780 to 800 is as terrible for Alchemy as the other professions wouldn't this make that skill a HUGE deal since it cuts that down to just 5 levels of lvl 3 flasks needed? Just curious what everyone's thoughts are before I switch. Thanks!Invictae4 19h
19h Stop trying to save Inscription Edit: Posting in the correct forum I get it, it was a good idea at the time and you don't want to let it go. But inscription, outside of talent switching, is useless now really. Just make talent switching native to players by expanding it so that it can be done out of combat anywhere and phase out inscription altogether please. You're not fooling anybody. :P For the Glyph patterns you get from rewards, just make the glyphs themselves the reward.Dirosei1 19h
19h Can't skin because Ancient Mana maxed I can't seem to skin any Felhounds because my Ancient Mana is maxed. Is there a way you can make it so we can discard ancient mana? I've got multiple skins sitting on the ground because I'm maxed out. This is really frustrating as someone trying to level my leatherworking via skins I get while still doing the quests.Catoda16 19h
19h Is Archaeology in legion broken? I am asking this question because the only sites I have gotten in the last 9 days are just stormhiem demonic sites. I have been digging up things with 23 different sites so far and not another site in any other zone or culture.Darkbite8 19h
20h Intrepid Necklace of Prophecy? Here is the hunter version of the class necklaces - Your pet enrages when fighting creatures of the same family, increasing its damage by 60% for 10 sec. May only occur once every (150 / 60) min. Then I see abilities like the DK that get 20% run speed while below 50% health. Who the hell thought up that super niche hunter ability? My Spirit Beast enrages for 10 seconds once every 2.5m when fighting all those other spirit beasts! Oh the utility! C'mon guys...Wattson2 20h
20h Wild transmutation after all discoveries Worth to keep doing it after you learn everything? I guess rank 3 would be the only reason. If there is any other though let me know what you think. What about after rank 3? ThanksDaginz2 20h
21h Do you need Rank 2 Potions before Rank 3? I've looked everywhere and cannot find an answer for this... I know you get Rank 3 Potions/Flasks randomly by crafting each of them individually, however it is unclear whether you can jump straight from Rank 1 to Rank 3 or will their be no proc chance until Rank 2 is found first? Thank you.Neslin2 21h
21h Underlight Angler The traits for Underlight Angler allow you to have a chance to fish up the entire pool, causing it to despawn. The best way to level up your Legendary fishing pole would be to farm baits from Fish pools (yes i understand that open waters will get it to, but the drop rate isn't even worth it).. Don't you guys find this counter productive? I have my fishing pole sitting at ~3500 Artifact Power. I got the water walking and have absolutely no reason to get the other traits. While fishing to get the Achievement, i only saw about 2 - 4 per zone with what seemed like a very low spawn rate as well. Are you guys planning on adding more Pools in each zone? The amount of in each zone (excluding Suramar) is a joke.Nicordius5 21h
22h Alchemy: strong start, weak finish Let me start by saying I actually really liked the way that professions were originally set up. You have a story, with meaningful quests that required you to pace the development of your profession which ultimately leaves you with a sense of real accomplishment once you near the end. A real improvement over the craft-grind of professions past. And then we get to the end. I can appreciate that reaching the level cap of a profession should be a commitment, both in time and in resources. And of course crafting the top items should be costly, especially at the start of an expansion. But... There is NO excuse for the ridiculous RNG factor that caps the profession. Once you reach 780 (at least in Alchemy) you have no choice but to grind flask after flask after flask (at a MASSIVE per-unit cost) in the HOPE that you will proc the stupidly-low chance of getting a level 3 flask recipe. Only then can you continue to grind out the last few points that will let you craft cauldrons. On my server, flasks run about 2500 a pop to craft. I don't mind spending the gold. I don't mind traveling the world or taking on high-level dungeon / raid bosses to earn the recipe. I don't even mind having to be max-level to do those things. Time, effort, even gold... these are sacrifices you make to master your craft. But RNG is just a lazy design element. Especially when the RNG factor is a gate to completing the craft. And ESPECIALLY when the RNG factor requires you to expend a fantastic amount of gold just to roll the dice. I have made DOZENS of flasks at a cost of nearly 300k g, and have yet to proc a single level 3 recipe that will allow me to continue beyond 780. There is - NO - excuse for that. All it does is allow those who were lucky enough to score a proc early on to profit - and drive the cost of our end product down (since they can craft multiples once they get the level 3) while the rest of us toil at a loss hoping endlessly to be so blessed. It leaves a sour taste at the end of a project that started with such a sense of reward for your effort. The alchemy leveling experience from 700 - 780, I give 9/10. But the RNG component at the end is a huge disappointment and a slap in the face. I give it no points, and it forces me to rate the alchemy profession experience as one that started with such promise, then ended as a swing and a miss.Aranyszin0 22h
22h Prospecting is just not worth it. I've been a Jewelcrafter since it was released for BC. Prospecting was one of my favorite things about it. I was slightly gutted when it was removed for WoD, then really excited to see it coming back for Legion. Well, that excitement is now a disgusted disappointment. You farm up hundreds of ore, it takes hours. Potentially thousands of gold worth of ore. At the moment on my realm, it's 30g/60g A UNIT for Leystone Ore and Felslate respectively. So imagine the disappointment and frustration when you go through that much ore and don't even see a blue gem, and you end up with maybe 15 green gems that aren't worth anything, if you're lucky. Absolutely sick of seeing useless gem chips. I've been following the pattern of watching the chip colors and then switching to the Felslate when a gem is due, but it's pointless. It's just not worth it to prospect when you can sell the ore for thousands of gold. I went through 800-900 ore tonight (that I spent hours farming) and got just 4 blue gems. Please, PLEASE, improve it. More gems, less chips. It's just a huge waste of time at the moment. Don't even get me started on the Alchemy chain, that's for another post.Magneith12 22h
22h Questions about the fishing artifact... Alright, so I'm in the process of trying to get the fishing artifact, which requires the achievement "Bigger Fish to Fry". I've gotten all the fish except the coastal fish, which, according to some commenters on WoWhead, need to be fished in "open water", or the Great Sea. Since there's not really anything to stand on out there, they say that you need to get the Angler's Fishing Raft. This of course requires reputation with the Anglers from MoP. I'm trying to get the artifact on my DH, and my DH has never played MoP, so I have no rep with the Anglers, and it's going to be a nightmare to go back and do that grind. (None of my other characters have rep with the Anglers either.) So on to my questions. 1) Do the coastal fish really have to be fished out in the Great Sea? If not, where can I fish them? 2) If they do have to be fished out in the Great Sea, does anyone know of any locations where there might be some places to stand? Rocks, debris, etc. 3) If they have to be fished in the Great Sea and there's nowhere out there to stand, is there something else that will enable me to walk on water for a good period of time? 4) If ALL ELSE FAILS...what's the fastest way for me to get the Angler's Fishing Raft? Thanks for the help!Lilyx14 22h
23h Alchem vs Inscript? Gonna boost a new Shaman, with Herb and xxx. Should xxx be Alchemy or Inscription for Legion - the way things are going. ty.Selphius10 23h
23h Profession Gating Did you really have to go this far in the opposite direction with professions? Getting sent to a dungeon to get an item isn't such a big deal, but doing extra bosses and being required to do Suramar gated dungeons, which as you all know, are Mythic only, its a bit much. Just give alternatives for these profession quests. Do you really expect me to believe I can't a set of glass tubes elsewhere or can't use the bile of another demon? Legion has a bajillion (real number) demons, why is Grimoira special?? ...she doesn't even have a special character model.Samwell21 23h
23h Are Lv3 mining quests too rare? After farming at least an hour a day for weeks and not seeing a single one, I have to wonder if I'm missing something. All that the devs have said is that they're rare. I have level 2 unlocked for everything except Infernal Brimstone, and am at 796 skill. How many of you guys have unlocked a level 3? Does Herbalism and Skinning share similar issues?Clockwork2 23h
23h Does Anyone Actually Use Reaves? I didn't work on the modules due to the absurd about of materials required to make it and I have to spend 5 felslate per battery (one use) to summon it.Jixus6 23h
23h JC is broken The prospecting rate is not even close to what it should be. Also why did the gems get nerfed if they are this hard to come buyCambríaa1 23h
23h Disenchanting iLvl 725 I just disenchanted 5 crafted epic quality iLvl 725 Silkweave Epaulets and received a temporal crystal for each one, not chaos crystals. Is this the way it is supposed to be?Sangriä3 23h
1d Fishing Artifact catch bug? When equipping the fishing artifact, I noticed not all rares gives AP especially that Shark rare. Even I kill the shark using the fishing artifact, the seabottom squid don't give AP, it only give +5 to fishing.Salvager1 1d
1d Considering dropping Insc/Herb for Skin/LW Inscription has been dramatically underwhelming so far this expansion, and I want to wait to see what the market for Vantus runes looks like as it's looking fairly poor at the moment - but want to see if the pattern actually drops in Raid Finder to see if the market will be flooded with them or not. That said, everything else seems pitiful about Inscription. Glyphs are in the absolute worst state they've ever been in, the Unwritten Legends book was totally not what I thought it was going to be when they pitched it as a money maker. Tome of Tranquil Mind is a lost market, very few people actually buy them, and finally the darkmoon cards are extremely underwhelming this expansion (with +main stat/random bonus stat increase, randomly), far too expensive to craft, and not selling well as obliterum is so overpriced people do not see spending thousands and thousands of gold worth a trinket that will be replaced quickly. All that said, I've been inscription for years and now finally considering switching to Leatherworking/skinning. Here are my questions: 1) Is Leatherworking currently profitable? 2) Would the leatherworking/skinning grind by actually worth doing? 3) Is LWer the best choice in terms of profit/gearing? 4) How is skinning right now in terms of gathering? Are there decent locations to farm for materials, is competition dramatically higher than it should be, and does the fact that animal nodes aren't shared make it even higher in demand than say, Felslate? Finally, any thoughts on the current state of Inscription and if I am actually missing something here with this profession? Maybe I'm wrong and screwing up somewhere. If I am, please call me out on that and give some advice. Thanks.Lionhearte1 1d
1d Legion First Aid Do the notes and letters have an extremely low drop rate? I went out to Warden's Tower in Highmountain clearly the entire camp and tower, finished the world quest and proceeded to farm outside the tower for 30-40min. Anyone having a similar experience or am I doing this wrong?Suhli0 1d
1d Legion fertile soil Hello, I am having a hard time finding any fertile soil in legion to plant seeds in, I have a felwort seed, and was wanting to plant it but I am looking around lakes and rivers(including the grove of cenarius, a place that is incredibly fertile) but I am not seeing any soils anywhere. now I know of the flower ports around dalaran, but those are for the herb proper and not the seeds. can anyone give me more info so I can plant seeds(and maybe farm the herb).Kiriasky9 1d
1d Mark of the Heavy Hide Rank 2 What's the point of it being a world drop if you tie it in with being Exalted with Dreamweavers in the first place? It's just sitting useless in my bags.Jurasa5 1d
1d The removal of crafting on the go Probably my biggest complaint with crafting this expansion, and there are...well, a few (don't get me started on Archaeology, just don't) is that we can't craft things on the fly anymore. All recipes, even food, even consumable engineering items, and I'm sure other professional items like potions, require vendor-bought mats. Not just one material that you can easily port around a stack of, but a variety of materials that at times don't stack. I have OFTEN found myself needing to craft a pump-action bandage gun, a failure detection pylon, or even just some food on the go, but I can't without running back to town and buying the specific vendor materials that I need. It's that or carry around a few one-stack Chaos Blasters, Felgibber Shotguns, Surface to Infernal Rocket Launchers, a handful of Sniping Scopes, Oversized Blasting Caps, Loose Triggers, True Iron Barrels...why are there so many KINDS of vendor materials? Cooking is just as bad. Want to cook on the fly? Well, be prepared to carry around Dalapeno peppers, river onions, royal olives, muskenbutter, flaked sea salt, Stonedark snails, etc. This is just...a really bad idea. If it's suddenly necessary to make us combine vendor-bought reagents into our crafting, make it something we can more easily carry around with us in the field.Jalanili2 1d
1d Concerns over Module: Piloted Combat Mode Reaves Module: Piloted Combat Mode requires players to obtain a Fel Piston Stabilizer. The Fel Piston Stabilizer Drops off of Doomwalker, in BC Shadowmoon valley. Doomwalker is already camped by players looking to get their hands on its boe drops. Doomwalker also has a 3-5 day respawn time... That seems excessive. While it is the last upgrade we get for reaves, why am I being asked to camp in old content, waiting for a single spawn that is already being camped, just to progress my Legion engineering? The Combat Mode also requires you to kill Iron Jugg and mimiron, thats fine though, those are guaranteed spawns for us, so we know we for sure have a shot once a week at advancing. Doomwalker is not. I'm not looking forward to akfing on a spawnpoint for days on end, in old content just to do more Legion engineering. If you are going to have us sit and camp, why not at least do it in current content? The fel piston isnt even a 100% droprate, either. So even if you DO finally catch the spawn, RNG may just laugh at you.Fluhffy19 1d
1d Spirit Cauldron Question about making cauldrons in this new expac. Anyone know if you can double dip? Like grab a potion, drink it, and grab another one for later... Doing raid runs with less than 20 people at the moment, with flasks and mats getting more and more expensive, I'd like to know if its worth learning/making.Artzombie16 1d
1d [Fishing] Underlight Angler Artifact Guide For the most up to date version check my reddit post: This is all the info you need to get this Artifact. Requirements to start the quest... - Be level 110 - 800 level fishing skill - Catch all the rare fish in Legion completing the achievement "Bigger Fish to Fry" - Once all of these requirements are met you will be able to fish up the quest item called "Luminous Pearl". I'm guessing you can fish it up anywhere but I caught mine on the southern coast of Suramar within 20min of finishing the Bigger Fish to Fry achievement. A lot of the sites like wowhead and wowdb had information on the bait and fish for the achievement, but it was not totally complete. Here is a complete list I put together with all 18 of the rare fish, locations, and the baits you must catch to get them. A small tip that might help speed things up is using the item "Arcane Lure" available from Conjurer Margoss at the reputation of Buddy. This item stacks with your regular fishing lures like Worm Supreme and doubles your chance to catch bait in the Broken Isles. So if you want the extra little boost you can grind out this rep to Buddy which will require 331 Drowned Mana after his initial Drowned Mana Quest. Here is my overview on Conjurer Margoss: Now for the clips from my adventure towards earning the Underlight Angler. Its a two part video because the quest bugged on me for a couple days until Nat Pagle spawned. I don't know a thing about video editing so its from my streams which are recorded live so please excuse the rambling and some mature language etc :) Part 1 - Catching the Quest Item (Luminous Pearl) and starting the quest. - (This is part of a long stream so follow the annotations to skip to the important parts). Part 2 - The final part of the quest. A fun little scenario with Nat Pagle that earns you the Artifact. - Currently the Pole is incomplete: -The Undercurrent ability (porting to schools) is not yet implemented. -The Artifact power fish that you now catch with the pole do not work yet, so there is no way to put AP on the pole as of beta build 22124. -Because of the above issue you are unable to obtain any of the traits. (I'm guessing they are still finalizing the traits). -kruptTommbombadil29 1d
1d Thinking of dropping JC/mining for herb/alch I boosted my paladin over 60 and my professions at the time were JC and mining, I didn't really think about the profession boost (had those professions in WOTLK). Now I'm thinking I would like to go Alchemy and Herb but I feel like It's a bit of a waste to unlearn my 700 mining/JC? or is it not the case? What should I do?Kit1 1d
1d Who farms Obliterum here? I gotta say, farming for those 20-30 flakes each imbued silkweave spaulders has been far more profitable than I first thought. Ever since I got the Obliterum forge I made over 100k selling nuggets in stacks of 4-8. Paid for a fresh 30 days of WoW without touching my actual bank account, and have more than enough for a Mechano-hog and another wow token. At the rate this is going, I wont need to pay for WoW for a while.Magicbunz1 1d
1d Alch suggestion - mini spirit cauldron So there are a couple of problems towards the end of Alchemy. Problem one is that you get stuck at 780 until you get rank 3 for a flask, which based on reading this forum is super super low chance. Problem two is that the current spirit cauldron only is relevant for a very large raid - I believe it's 20 flask cost for 30 uses. Theoretically a decent deal here but only if you have a large raid. To solve these problems Blizz should put in a stopgap in the form of a mini cauldron. Something like it costs 8 flasks (2 of each), and you get 10 charges. These numbers seem fair enough to me...2 extra flask charges isn't nearly as good as 10 extras, but I think it's a fair trade off, and also it means it can be used in any size raid. Also, this could be used to solve the 780-800 this can give skill ups for this range. Thoughts?Fappy2 1d
1d Can we do something with Skinning? Right now, it doesn't seem like there's any point in skinning. Other than a couple pet items, skinning is used for literally nothing else in the game. The other gathering professions have multiple crafting professions for their mats to go towards. Mining has Jewelcrafting, Engineering, and Blacksmithing, Herbalism has Inscription and Alchemy. Skinning just has Leatherworking, which at the moment offers nothing worthwhile. I've been a Skinner/LW since Vanilla, and there's always been some little niche that stays competitive to make money with. Always 1-2 recipes everyone wants. This expansion, there's just 815 gear. And that's fine, the item crafting professions usually taper off after the release of an expansion/new content patches. But Herbalism/Mining mats are ALWAYS in demand. I think the route of going for cosmetic/pet/mount items would be a great thing to tailor for the LW/Skinning crowd. Or bring back LW leg enchants?Talanik1 1d
1d fix leveling professions legions Ok, what up with the leveling of professions. in wod it was vary easy to level them up now in legions it's almost impossible. this is a complete 180 how about getting in the middle of the 2 and make it fun. as it is now is just a pain and no fun im not even going to level mine till you guys fix it.Dezhuntz0 1d
1d Swapping professions 1 I have 700 JC right now I'd liked to switch to herbalism for my alchemy. In the old system I could unlearn for free. Now I have to pay 1000 gold to switch but I still start at level 1? Would be really nice if it swapped me to level 700 herbalism...Heartcrusher1 1d
1d Herbalism- How do I get rank 3? Hello, I have all my herbs sitting at rank 2 atm, I've farmed so much foxflower that I've made 95k gold so far from it, but the problem is I have yet to get the rank 3 quest yet. Do I need 800 herb in order for the quest to drop or is there something else I need to do?Gwýn49 1d
1d Smith, Leather & Tailor - is there a point? I have been lvl'ing up 3 characters, mining/smith, skinning/leatherwork, & <anything>/tailor. But in each character (with the possible exception of the tailor since the other 2 can funnel the cloth), by the time I am able to learn an armor piece natural questing and dungeon rewards have already given me much better gear. Am I missing something or is there really no point to them anymore?Gohjaera3 1d
1d Leatherworking & Sknning vs others Does Leather working level faster 700-800 than Blacksmithing? (I assume it must go faster than Tailoring with cloth droprates) I mean beasts are everywhere* so that means plenty of leather right? or did Blizz pull some sort of shenanigans? IE the recipes require more mats, skinning gives junk part of the time, etc *now that I think of it, I don't think I've seen large areas of beasts in the Broken Isles. Is that how they slow it?Jukhan2 1d
1d Go do dungeons or no professions So who was the genius that decided we can't level professions unless we do quests and dungeons? Jesus Blizzard, I'm sick of this pve shlt, I just wanna be able to make my own flasks and go run battlegrounds, is that too much to ask? Why is that we have to play the game you want and not the one we like?Râven15 1d
1d dungeon requirements for professions I'm sorry, but i don't know why blizzard decided to require dungeons to level professions (Alchemy in general). is there a lore reason for this? i mean does Azshara hold some great Alchemy secrets. if not, it doesn't make sense. at this rate, I can learn all the different alchemy recipes when i'm level 120. if this is what its going to be like going forward, i will always be 1 exp behind learning recipes and i'm sure i'm not the only one. sorry to rant, but just really frustrated....Shanreal1 1d
1d Skinning and multi tap issue ***A word of warning, I'm a bit salty about this so if you don't want to hear complaining please leave now*** So, I'm leveling Skinning and Leatherworking in preparation for Legion and I have a serious issue with the way multi tapping mobs work in regards to skinning. Countless times live and in beta I'd have a group of mobs on me and someone comes in, does a quick AoE, then moves on. Alternatively if something needs to be looted they'll just loot the quest item and leave the junk items on the corpse. In either case this leaves me, who more often than not did most of the work killing said mobs, unable to skin them since the corpse wasn't fully looted. I can understand another player killing a mob themselves and not looting the corpse, it's nothing but a bonus to me if they do loot them. But when I'm fighting the mobs and someone just mooches off it and does this it aggravates me. If I may make a suggestion: If a mob was multi tapped that means it has loot for every player on the aggro table. If I completely loot it and skin the mob, leave a pile of bones or something with the loot for everyone else.Akiza7 1d
1d Legion cooking recipes An oversight to possible returning players? I got my cooking to 700 a hour ago and then went looking for the NPC Nomi for the Legion recipes with no luck for I didnt do MoP expansion. Am I going to have to go back to to get this npc to appear in the inn for my cooking?Neseldë25 1d
1d Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder is Too Slow So, I finally received my Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder mount from Conjurer Margoss and I must say that I am extremely disappointed in its speed. It seems way too slow, and I'm beginning to believe that Aquatic Form for Druids is actually faster than the mount. It's a long time to fish for reputation and Drowned Mana, so why isn't it more rewarding? What do you guys think?Wildspirit16 1d
1d Fishing up baits Is sitting for over an hour with arcane lures normal to not fish up bait? I managed to get all three rare fish in Stormheim very quickly. However in Asuna, i've had not even one fish up.Klustaphûck4 1d
1d mass prospecting still worse I've done this multiple times with stacks of 200, mass prospecting loses every time, sometimes by a tremendous longshot EDIT: leystoneZahruk0 1d